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Portraits of people

wendy wong

Hello These are collection of portraits of people with interesting faces. Most of which I know, some I’ve met briefly and a few, not at all. Put simply this is a project about people. I wanted to familiarise myself with them through drawing them. I like that they have no eyes, I wanted people to concerntrate on their expressions. I wanted there to be an feeling of eerie whimsy in the portraits. Ironically, however it is what people concertrate on the most. It facinates me how confused people’s reactions have been to see portraits without eyes.



Drawn from a photograph taken by my friend, Katie. When I asked Katie about her she said, “She’s scatty and crazy and got a mind that runs like lightening” I was also told that she can lick her elbows.

AMELIA Drawn from another photograph taken by Katie. “Your friend’s sketch is beautiful, the blank eyes make it look kind of eerie which I love, interestingly it kind of captures the weird space I was in during that time I was living in London last year.”

FRASER Fraser and I have been friends for over 2 years. For all that time, I have one distinct memory of him forcing to me to dance the Waltz to Robbie Williams’ songs in his kitchen on his 21st birthday.

maya I’ve known Maya since I was 17. Unfortunately there are very few sober memories I can share, apart from the fact she that she makes a mean chocolate and beatroot cake and teaches me French slang words.


KRIS Drawn from a photograph taken by my friend, Hollie. When I asked about him, if he had any quirks, she just said “His eyes watered when he was cold... like fully cried. Other than that he was super normal.�

Henry Drawn from a photograph taken by Katie. I don’t know very much at all about Henry, apart from the fact his name isn’t actually Henry. He used a completely different name when he started modeling again. So we haven’t been able to track him down.


The pose is a joke about her family and their unfortuate chins. When a double chin morphs into the neck, that is what we call a ‘Silvester chin’. Katie was demonstrating it for me, although the hands are just for comedic effect.

Rosie I met Rosie in the first year of university. When I told her about this project and asked her what she thought of her drawing, all she said was “ahh, amazing.” I’m not sure she got what I was asking her or maybe she was trying to keep it simple.


Nina as been my housemate for the last 2 years. Up until a year ago Nina had never heard of the phrase, “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.� She also thought her heart was located where the stomach is.

Fliss Fliss is my oldest friend, we went to primary & high school together. We also share the same birthday. She’s older than me by about three hours.

lu’ay I met Lu’ay through my best friend, Scarlett. She told me he doesn’t do anything, but watch skateboarding videos and that he once spent 2 weeks just eating chicken hotdogs.

Portraits of People  

Exactly what it says in the title.

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