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TENNIS ELBOW ON A GOLFER??? By Wendy Weisflog Is there an annoying pain in your elbow getting in the way of your game? So, since you are a golfer it is automatically “Golfers Elbow”, right? What if it was possibly Tennis Elbow?” The main difference is merely the location of the inflammation, not the sport which you may perform, contrary to the terminology. Golfer’s elbow is otherwise called “medial epicondylitis”, which merely indicates the location of the inflammation, and the pain. If you hold your elbow straight out in front of you, with your palm facing down toward the ground, this would mean the elbow area closest to your body or the inside of the arm on the elbow. Tennis elbow is called “lateral epicondylitis”, which states that the problem is on the outside or lateral aspect of the elbow, and yes, this may impact even a golfer, despite the term “tennis elbow.” Elbow problems are most likely to occur where an action is performed repeatedly and pain gradually develops, without any prior determination of what your forearms and elbow area may be able to withstand at that given point of time. Meaning if any underlying problems are in that area already, you may be more prone to injuring the area, this should be evaluated if you have any concerns. You may feel a slight uncomfortable feeling at your elbow, or even soreness or a nagging pain at the end or even during 18 , but this should not be ignored. The pain might be only the tip of the iceberg for many underlying factors such as the inflammation and muscular tension and spasms located within your elbow region. Most of the time the pain may be eliminated with a proper treatment! I have found great success in treating elbow problems incorporating a minimal amount of rest, specific neuromuscular treatment to where the inflammation and the main problem is located, proper stretching and finally, an exercise regime to strengthen the area. After the appropriate treatment you will be well on your way to the handicap of your dreams! Dr. Wendy Weisflog is a sports rehabilitation specialist located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Wendy Weisflog - Tennis Elbow On A Golfer?