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NPA News The Voice of Psychology in Nevada 2018 Spring Newsletter

Upcoming CE Events: • September 14th, 2018 HIPAA Compliance: 22 Yrs of Evolving Standards for Privacy & Security Nanci C. Klein, Ph.D. Las Vegas 6 CE Credits • October 11-12th, 2018 ACT I: An Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Steven C. Hayes, PhD Las Vegas 13 CE Credits • November 2nd, 2018 An Ethics Update: Managing Risk by Practicing Ethically Michael B. Donner, PhD Reno 6 Ethics CE Credits

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A Message from our President ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ As a native of Las Vegas, undergraduate alumni of UNLV, and member of Nevada Psychological Association (NPA) over the years, it is with great honor to have the opportunity to serve as President of NPA for 2018-2019. We have been thankful to have the leadership of so many of our esteemed colleagues including Dr. Adrianna WechslerZimring, Dr. Bree Mullin, and Dr. Robyn Donaldson. In the last few years on the NPA Executive Board, it has been inspiring to see the dedication and efforts of such members, to be true to our mission statement in assuring to advance and represent psychology as a science and a profession, as well as to serve the professional needs of its membership and the community. With our mission statement as guidance, we have continued to work on the Strategic Business Objective’s (SBO’s) and goals of our three-year Strategic Plan (2016-2019). This is our third and final year for this plan, which was discussed during our Annual Strategic Planning Meeting in May 2018. We were fortunate to have members from the board as well as additional members from our community, be present to collaborate and discuss the Translators (action items) to achieve for this year, so we are successfully working towards meeting our strategic objectives of: improving financial stability, providing high quality service to members, developing effective leaders, and advocating for psychology as a science and a profession. One of our strategic objectives is to improve financial stability by lowering the organizations costs and increasing revenue as well as to increase non-dues revenue. Generally, membership dues and Continuing Education (CE) events have been the main sources of NPA income. While we continue to maintain and increase our membership and attendance to CE events, NPA will also explore building community partnerships to share in costs of CE workshops. Additionally, there will be efforts to increase those non-dues revenue that are already in place, yet not as widely utilized. Specifically, having members use the Amazon link through the NPA website in order to receive a share of the total purchase to be returned to NPA. Our goal is to make this a more user friendly and accessible process to generate additional income from this already established partnership with Amazon.


Another objective is to continue to develop and support high quality leaders. In order to provide ample time for learning about different positions as well as provide leaders with the time needed to be effective in reaching their goals, current board members are continuously seeking NPA members to be actively involved with the organization. We are fortunate to have NPA represented with a diverse membership including multiple cultural backgrounds, and through our student positions, early career psychologists, and our established psychologists who have been practicing in our community and know our strengths and needs. We are committed to engaging all members in conversation and practice about the benefits of leadership positions in NPA and strive to re-engage previous members, so as to learn from their experience and encourage their involvement, participation, and leadership through our Committees (e.g., Continuing Education, Legislative) and involvement on our Executive Board. Furthermore, NPA looks to developing a pipeline for leaders and starting this process early so that NPA can become a part of your extended personal and professional family as it has for me. In efforts to do this, NPA will work towards developing a mentorship program for those seeking a career in the field of psychology. We also plan to provide high quality services to members by exploring ways to improve technological methods and increase quality access to members with use of possible online streaming options for CE’s and surveying our members to learn the types of CE topics they would most like to see be presented.

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2018 Awards Winners


2018/2019 Strategic Plan


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NPA is committed to advocating for psychology as a science and profession. This year we look forward to increasing our membership involvement with our Legislative Committee which has consistently been highlighted by our members as a benefit of membership. Learning about how to address mental health awareness and legislation can be done throughout the year and also enhanced during the State Leadership Conference held in DC which we encourage members to attend. We will also work towards increasing networking opportunities with other professional organization and coordinating advocacy efforts. The growth and constant evolving landscape of our profession requires diligence in maintaining a keen eye on the strengths and issues our community shares. I am thankful to be serving in this cause and invite all members to see where your interest lie and use NPA as a resource to address the areas that are important to you in our profession and in helping to work towards our mission statement. Looking forward to an exciting year that with the dedication of our NPA members is sure to be enriching and prosperous! ~ Sarah Ahmad Psy.D. 2018/2019 President, Nevada Psychological Association

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Nevada Psychological Association Nevada Psychological Association

2017-2018: A Year in Review by Adrianna Wechsler Zimring, Ph.D. When I started my year as NPA President last spring, I had no idea what was to come. Our community faced unspeakable heartbreak in 2017. I am so very proud of how NPA’s Executive Board, Regional Boards, and entire membership responded following October 1st. Thank you all for your amazing words and actions. I am so very proud that even after October 1st our organization was still able to follow through on our Strategic Business Objectives and Annual Translators. We have increased our use of new technologies, investigated new ways to provide high-quality and financially feasible continuing education events, and increased our communication with membership regarding our legislative and advocacy efforts and accomplishments. NPA leadership also responded to unanticipated member needs. We advocated for psychologists hit hard by the Nevada Medicaid reimbursement rate changes and recoupment threat. We have provided valuable feedback about the implementation of SB 162 (registering trainees with the board of examiners and getting Medicaid reimbursement for services provided by duly supervised and registered trainees). We will continue to follow these issues and many others in the upcoming year. Watch for our emails, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and stop by our website for information, updates, and action alerts as we follow the developments impacting behavioral health care and behavioral health care providers. As I may have mentioned before, I am very proud to work with, and for, each and every one of you. NPA could use your help. Speak up. Get involved. Do something. I can’t wait to see what we accomplish next! ~Adrianna Wechsler Zimring Ph.D. 2017/2018 President, Nevada Psychological Association

To the Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice (CAPP) for awarding an Organizational Development Grant of $13,000 to NPA.

This subsidy helps cover NPA’s central office operations, our lobbyist expenses & marketing efforts. CAPP continues to recognize the need of assistance by very small State Associations in maintaining central office operations, which is greatly appreciated by NPA. This grant, made possible from funds collected through the practice assessment of licensed psychologists, is awarded in the spirit of resource sharing to support projects aimed at promoting the practice of psychology.

2018 Spring Newsletter

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2018 Annual Business Meeting—NPA Award Winners James Mikawa Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Psychology: NPA recognized Dr. Noelle Lefforge for her involvement in increasing integrated health care opportunities and clinical training programs in Nevada for future healthcare professionals. In addition, the attention that Dr. Lefforge brings to the importance of increasing focus on diversity in training and overall in the field of psychology is crucial at this time and even more invaluable in the small state of Nevada. Dr. Lefforge incorporates aspects of diversity and training directly through her involvement in training and program development at UNLV, as well as through her research with outcome tracking. She is also committed to increasing access to care in underserved and marginalized populations in the Las Vegas area. Left to right: Dr. Sarah Ahmad and Dr. Noelle Lefforge Outstanding Advocacy Award: NPA awarded Dr. Adrianna Wechsler Zimring for her efforts related to the Medicare Reimbursement and Recoupment efforts that have, and continue to, threaten the system of care for Nevada’s most underserved and at-risk individuals and families. She has gone above and beyond in advocating for psychologists, and our community members, by bringing this issue to the attention of the Nevada Legislative Interim Health Care Committee, the NV Commission on Behavioral Health, the Medicaid Administrator, the Division of Health Care Financing and Policy, and the American Psychological Association. Additionally, her attention and contribution to the appropriate implementation of SB 162 is sure to increase psychologist’s ability to serve more of our community members, thus increasing access to healthcare for our residents. Furthermore, her willingness to fill multiple roles within our organization, including President, Legislative Committee Co-Chair, and Federal Advocacy Coordinator are to be applauded. Left to right: Dr. Sarah Ahmad and Dr. Adrianna Wechsler Zimring Outstanding Contribution to NPA Awards: NPA recognized Dr. Linning for her service to NPA for the last ten consecutive years and commitment to NPA for the past 16 years. She joined NPA as the UNLV Graduate Student Representative in 2002, served on several committees in 2003 and 2004 in addition to being the APAGS State Representative. Upon her return to Nevada after her internship, she was involved in the Southern Region Board, first as Secretary, then as President for three years. She then served as NPA President before being elected to APA Council Rep from 2014-2017. She also served as Legislative Committee Co-Chair for 6 years, where her passion and dedication to key issues related to psychology, both state wide and at the federal level, helped make certain that psychology has been represented at the table in Nevada. Left to right: Dr. Sarah Ahmad and Dr. Lisa Linning

Congratulations to our 2018 Student Poster Winners!

1st Place: Pathways to Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Violence, Rory Newlands, MA and Brendan Willis, BA 2nd Place: Psychoeducation Emphasizing Malleability Beliefs Increase Psychological Flexibility, Robert Kaya, Demiree Eberle, Martha Zimmerman 3rd Place: Impacts of the Route 91 Mass Shooting on Posttraumatic Stress, Depression, and Well-Being, Amanda Mraz, Gregory McIntire Jr, Else Urquilla 2018 Student Poster Presenters In Alphabetical Order: Nicholas Carfagno, Demiree Eberle, Mirae Fornander, Marina Gallante, Yulia Gavrilova, Sally Gomez, Susette Hernandez, Kymberlie Joy, Robert Kaya, Brianna Mann, Gregory McIntire Jr, Amanda Mraz, Rory Newlands, Jesse Scott, Else Urquilla, Valerie Velasco, Brendan Willis

NPA Recognized the Hard Work Of its Members at our 2018 Annual

Business Meeting!

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Nevada NevadaPsychological PsychologicalAssociation Association

2018 Spring Newsletter

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2018 NPA Strategic Planning Meeting—Saturday, May 5th, 2018, Las Vegas NV During this year’s Strategic Planning Meeting, the general membership was encouraged to attend the morning session during which the organizational structure of NPA was reviewed and the 2016-2019 Strategic Business Objectives (SBOs) were discussed. Members then separated into groups where they brainstormed specific methods and activities, called Translators, that would move NPA closer to achieving our SBOs. During the afternoon session, the Executive Board combined the new ideas generated from the morning session with the remaining translators and identified which ones required further action for 2018/2019. Each SBO and the corresponding translators are identified below: 1. Improve Financial Stability: • Lowering costs and increasing revenue • Increasing non-dues revenue 2. Provide High Quality Services to Members: • Improve technology and quality access to members 3. Develop and Support Leadership: • Increase pipeline into leadership • Investigate mentoring program

4. Advocate for Psychology as a Science and Profession: • Increasing membership involvement in Legislative Committee • Increasing networking with other organizations • Increasing coordinated advocacy efforts The following were selected by the Executive Board as our 2018-2019 Translators: SBO#1: Improve Financial Stability ✓ Lowering costs and increasing revenue ✓

Increasing non-dues revenue

SBO#2: Provide High Quality Services to Members ✓ Improve technology and quality access to members SBO#3: Develop and Support Leadership ✓ Increase pipeline into leadership SBO#4: Advocate for Psychology as a Science and Profession ✓ Increasing membership involvement in Legislative Committee

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Nevada NevadaPsychological PsychologicalAssociation Association

Nevada Psychological Association: 2018-2019 Executive Board Members President: Sarah Ahmad, Psy.D. is a native of Las Vegas and received her B.A. from UNLV. She earned her doctorate from the University of La Verne in California and returned to her hometown of Las Vegas for a postdoctoral fellowship. Dr Ahmad was licensed in 2013 and opened her own practice in 2016. She conducts assessments, testing, and provides evidenced based services to children, adolescents, and adults with a focus on trauma related cases. President-Elect, Treasurer, APA Council Rep: Noelle Lefforge, Ph.D.is an Assistant Professor-in-Residence in the Psychology Department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and the Assistant Director of Clinical Services and Research at The PRACTICE: A UNLV Community Mental Health Training Clinic. She is active in teaching, training, supervision, clinical service delivery, research, mentorship, advocacy, and interprofessional education and practice. Dr. Lefforge is a Certified Group Psychotherapist and integrates many of these roles into the development and dissemination of evidence-based group psychotherapy. Past-President: Adrianna Wechsler Zimring, Ed.M., Ph.D. worked in the field of education before earning her doctorate in psychology at UNLV. After her completing her internship at University of Washington School of Medicine and her postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Zimring returned to the greater Las Vegas area and established a private practice specializing on evidence-based practices with children and adolescents. Dr. Zimring has been a member of NPA since her time as a doctoral student at UNLV. Secretary: Jordan Soper, PhD. is a native of Southern Nevada and a licensed psychologist in Nevada and Washington. She is the owner of JNS Psychological Associates in Henderson, NV and specializes in evidence-based treatments with adults experiencing anxiety, trauma, and sexual health and functioning disorders. She has specialized experience working with military service members, Veterans, and their families, first responders & police officers, young professionals, members of the BDSM/Kink/Fetish community, and current and former sex workers. Diversity Chair: Sandra Gray, Ph.D. earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology, as well as dual masters in mental health counseling and in psychology. Her dissertation research, training, and experience has focused on racial and ethnic differences in the experience of trauma, specifically sexual abuse. As a bilingual, first generation Mexican-American individual, much of her work has involved working with Spanish-speaking populations and other minority groups. Dr. Gray's pre-doctoral and post-doctoral training focused on psychological and neuropsychological evaluations, respectively. ECP Co-Chair, North: position currently open ECP Co-Chair, South: Bree Mullin, Psy.D. was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2003, she earned her bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Arizona and in 2011, she earned her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Alliant International University in San Diego, California. She returned to Las Vegas to complete postdoctoral training and provide behavioral health services to the residents of Clark County. Dr. Mullin was licensed in 2013 and now operates a private practice dedicated to providing evidenced-based services to children, adolescents, adults, families, and veterans in clinical & forensic settings. Campus Representatives: Stacy Graves (UNLV) and Adrienne Chong (UNR)

Nevada Psychological Association: 2018-2019 Regional Board Members Northern Regional President: Alex Cramond, Ph.D. Worked in the Brain Imaging and Behavioral Laboratory, and completed his doctoral degree at Brigham Young University under the direction of Dr. Erin D. Bigler. Dr. Cramond’s private practice, Summit Neuropsychology, is located in Reno NV; he also has privileges at Renown Regional Medical Center. Dr. Cramond provides inpatient/outpatient neuropsychological examinations, forensic evaluation, concussion management, and cognitive rehabilitation services. He also performs pilot neuropsychology examinations for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Northern Regional Vice-President: Elysse Kompaniez, Ph.D. received her Ph.D. in Cognitive and Brain Sciences from the University of Nevada, Reno and she is currently respecializing in clinical neuropsychology. Elysse's interests as a psychologist include the neuropsychological assessment of children and adolescents. Northern Regional Secretary: Kelly Cramond, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist and Certified Brain Injury Specialist who provides Clinical Neuropsychology services. She graduated from Brigham Young University in 2010 and is currently employed by Rehab Without Walls and the VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System in Reno, NV. She and her husband (Dr. Alex Cramond) also manage Summit Neuropsychology, PLLC. Northern Region Treasurer: Elizabeth Mosco, Ph.D. earned her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno in 2007 and completed her internship at the VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System. Dr. Mosco remained with the VA for 10 years providing assessment and psychotherapy services to home-bound veterans across Northern Nevada and California. She left the VA in March 2017 to open a private practice in Reno. Southern Regional President: Rhiannon Rager, Ph.D. is dually licensed as a psychologist and school psychologist in Nevada. She earned her PhD in Educational Psychology with a specialization in School Psychology from UNLV in 2013. She has worked extensively in the public school system and maintains a private practice specializing in psychological and psycho-educational assessment of children, adolescents and adults. Southern Regional Vice-President and Treasurer: Tara Borsh Psy.D. is the Director of the Boys Town Behavioral Health Clinic located in Las Vegas. Dr. Borsh specializes in behavioral pediatrics (ages 2-22) and utilizes evidenced-based treatments (E/RP, PCIT, CBT, TF-CBT, ACT, etc). Dr. Borsh provides therapy (individual and family) and psychological evaluations, as well as parent training and education on behavioral health concerns. Dr. Borsh received her Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Midwestern University in Downers Grove, Illinois. Dr. Borsh enjoys working with parenting concerns, anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD, disruptive behaviors, and elimination disorders. Southern Region Secretary: Soseh Esmaeili, Ph.D. obtained her doctorate in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Multicultural Studies from CA School of Professional Psychology-San Francisco. She currently practices and is the CEO of Reflections Therapy, a mental health practice located in the Summerlin area of Nevada. Her area of focus includes individual and family psychotherapy with children, adolescents, and adults, as well as completion of psychological testing and assessment. Dr. Esmaeili is also the author if a recently published children's book called 'The Adventures of Smoosi' which focuses on helping children learn how they express their emotions.

2018 Spring Newsletter

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APA Council Update—Noelle Lefforge, Ph.D. Many of you may have seen my solicitations for input leading up to the March Council of Representatives meeting as well as my immediate debrief. Here’s an even briefer version, complete with my votes as per my commitment to transparency. •

Joint Membership Agreement – Council passed a motion to reorganize APA into a joint 501(c)3 and 501(c)6 organization. I voted in favor of this motion because it will allow APA, through the newly established APAIP, to engage more effectively in advocacy across all areas including science and education. It also allows the APAIP to advocate for psychologists (not just psychology). Under the reorganization, APA will be able to offer more benefit to members without increasing membership dues. I learned that membership dues account for less than 5% of APA’s revenue. Although the new APAIP cannot be funded by APA, a portion of all member dues will support the new organization and the APAIP can generate its own funding (e.g., advertising, sponsorship, donation). The reorganization has been needed for a long-time, but is of even greater importance given the current political climate for mental health, science, education, etc.

Master’s Level Training in Psychology – Council passed an amended motion to “support pursuing accreditation of master’s level programs in psychology in areas where APA already accredits.” I voted in favor of this motion for many reasons. Psychology, and therefore science-based practice, is decreasing in counseling programs and career paths for graduates from psychology master’s programs are becoming increasingly limited. Primarily, I think this causes two very important problems: 1) masters level practitioners are part of the solution to improving access to empirically-based healthcare, and 2) this is a social justice issue – we know that master’s programs have higher rates of diversity (e.g., rural, 1st gen college, low SES, race/ethnic minority) among their trainees compared to doctoral programs and master’s level graduates have the ability to serve diverse communities. Furthermore, many master’s programs in psychology contribute to doctoral programs through faculty lines, tuition allocation, and pathways of trainees into doctoral program, which is threatened by the decreased viability of them. By accrediting master’s level programs, APA will work to solidify and clearly communicate what the added value of doctoral level psychologists is compared to master’s level professions in related fields; I think this is important for us all as we increasingly have to justify our value. This is pressing issue that APA is already behind on. It is important to note that further discussion will occur regarding licensure and scope of practice for graduates of Master’s level psychology programs, and there was basically unanimous agreement that psychologists (doctoral level by APA definition) be distinguished from them.

Council passed motions to adopt: ~ Clinical Practice Guideline for Multicomponent Behavioral Treatment of Obesity and Overweight in Children and Adolescents: A Current State of the Evidence and Research Needs ~ The Multicultural Guidelines: An Ecological Approach to Context, Identity, and Intersectionali ty, 2017 - please utilize this publication (linked) and share widely. ~ Resolution on Pregnant and Postpartum Adolescent Girls and Women with Substance Abuse Related Disorders as APA policy.

The Council meets again August 7-10, corresponding to APA’s Annual Convention in San Francisco. As the meeting approaches and the agenda is formalized, I will be sending out a poll or two to solicit your input on the key issues. Please keep your eye out for it and weigh-in. You can also email your input anytime: Noelle.lefforge@unlv.edu; I am also happy to resend a full description of the meeting upon request. I’ll be posting my post-report to the listserv at the conclusion of the meeting, so watch for that as well. ~ Noelle Lefforge, Ph.D., APA Council Rep 2017-2019

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The View from Carson City—Bryan Gresh, NPA Lobbyist, The Gresh Group No more asking for contributions to the NPA Political Action Committee. Not for another two years! Thanks to the commitment and generosity of NPA members, we funded our NPA PAC to nearly $9,000—an impressive total! Thank you to each and every member who donated during our month-long 2018 March Madness. Some numbers: here in Nevada we have 63 lawmakers, with all 42 Assembly seats and 11 of 21 state Senate seats up for re-election. Nearly all has at least one opponent. That’s roughly 100 individuals seeking the endorsement of our organization along with a possible political contribution. With, on average, a $500 to $1,000 campaign check, NPA has to be extremely judicious on who is awarded our coveted endorsement and who gets the endorsement and a check. We obviously, don’t have money enough to contribute to many, let alone all candidates. Nor would we want to. Your Legislative Committee does a deep dive in vetting which candidates have demonstrated a pure passion and record of support for mental health care in Nevada. Now more than ever before, we need powerful legislative voices willing to demand more support, more services and yes, more money to be earmarked for our fellow Nevadans who are in desperate need of help. We want to support those Senators and Assembly members who understand the obstacles to effective, sustained mental health care in Nevada and those who will not accept the status quo. The conflict over money in Carson City is never pretty. A dollar taken from pile A and moved over to pile B leaves pile A one dollar short. And if pile A is state money designated for mental health, those lost dollars quickly add up, leaving psychology in a continuous downward spiral. No doubt pile B desperately needs that dollar of state money, but pile A should not serve as the ATM for all the other state piles searching for funding. But it’s more than that. It’s NPA supporting lawmakers who recognize the tremendous amount of education, training and work that goes into becoming a licensed psychologist in the state of Nevada. It means supporting lawmakers who don’t want to see our profession watered down out of existence while non-doctoral fields muscle in—and muscle us out. It means supporting lawmakers who stand with and defend psychology when our scope of practice is under fire. Do you know of a state Senator or Assembly member who is all of the above? If so, you’ll get your chance to tell us. After the June primary, we’ll be sending out an invitation, via email, to let us know whom YOU support, and why. Keep a lookout for that invitation. And thank you for taking part in YOUR Nevada Psychological Association.

2018 Spring Newsletter

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Nevada NevadaPsychological PsychologicalAssociation Association

2018 Spring Newsletter

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Commission on Behavioral Health Update—Noelle Lefforge, Ph.D. I was appointed by Governor Sandoval to serve as the Chair of the Commission on Behavioral Health on February 28, 2018. My term as chair is set to expire 6/30/2020. I am honored to serve in this capacity, increasing the visibility of psychologist leadership. There are several pieces of Commission business worth disseminating to NPA: •

Implementation of AB457 affecting the NV Board of Psychological Examiners – legislation passed during the last session to address issues with several of the mental/behavioral health boards which increases the Commission’s role in Board business. Specifically, AB457 requires the Commission to review policy changes made by the Boards and allows for applicants denied licensure to appeal to the Commission if certain requirements are met. Over the last six months, the Commission has been creating policy to implement this law in close collaboration with the Boards. As the psychologist representative on the Commission, I have been advocating for procedures that will not interfere with the Boards optimal functioning. For example, I am attending the workshops being held by the Board on AB162 (provisions allowing for Medicaid eligibility of services delivered by trainees) to facilitate the Commission review process. Creation of a Subcommittee on Duties, Limits, and Responsibilities – this subcommittee was created to formalize understanding of the evolving role of the Board. As Chair, I serve on this committee which has consolidated NRS and NAC definitions of the duties, limits, and responsibilities. Our hope is to increase effective functioning of the Commission with the hope of having more meaningful impact. There is general consensus that the Commission has yet to realize its full potential. For example, NRS allows the Commission to “request legislation” which has not been put into practice in recent history (or perhaps ever). Appointment of Dr. Pohl to serve as non-psychiatrist physician representative – I am pleased to welcome Dr. Pohl’s appointment to the Commission. Many of you may know Dr. Pohl’s influential work in addiction and chronic pain management. Prior to Dr. Pohl’s very recent appointment, this position had been unfilled despite repeated request to the NMSA to nominate candidates. I decided to take up the problem and was able to facilitate Dr. Pohl’s appropriate nomination and appointment to the Commission. Medicaid rate realignments – NPA representatives attended a commission meeting and were able to express their concerns to NV Medicaid. The Commission joined them in expressing concern regarding the impact of the recent Medicaid rate realignment on psychological assessment practices. While the outcome is disappointing, the Commission increased psychologists’ access to directly question Medicaid.

Commission meetings are conducted in accordance with NV Open Meeting Law, meaning that the public is welcome to attend during designated portions of the meeting; http://dpbh.nv.gov/Boards/CBH/ Meetings/Meetings/. I also welcome all your input, feel free to email me at noelle.lefforge@unlv.edu. The State of Nevada Commission on Behavioral Health is a 10-member, legislatively created body designed to provide policy guidance and oversight on behalf of Nevada’s public system of integrated care and treatment of adults and children with mental health, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities and related conditions. The Commission establishes policies to ensure adequate development and administration of services for persons with mental illnesses, reports to the Governor and Legislature on the quality of care and treatment provided for persons with mental illness, intellectual disabilities or co-occurring disorders in this State, and reports on any progress made towards improving the quality of that care and treatment. The Commission is also charged with sending the Governor a report in January of each year.

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Legislative: Advocates for psychology and psychologists by participating in the development of legislation and policies relating to mental and behavioral health services in Nevada. Continuing Education: Responsible for the planning and execution of 4-6 trainings each year, including the Annual Conference. Diversity: Seeks to promote diversity and diversity related issues in Nevada. Early Career Psychologists: Connects psychologists in the beginning stages of professional development monthly in order to collaborate, network, and discuss issues regarding the practice of psychology. Public Education: Utilizes APA created messages to promote mental health through public meetings, outreach, and in all forms of media.

NPA 2018 Continuing Education Calendar Coming to Las Vegas:

Coming to Reno:

HIPAA Compliance: 22 Years of Evolving Standards for Privacy & Security Nanci C. Klein, PhD, September 14th, 2018 John Goolsby Conference Center 6 CE Credits

“Last Chance Ethics�: An Ethical Update: Managing Risk by Practicing Clinically Michael B, Donner, Ph.D. November 2nd, 2018 University of Nevada, Reno, PME 12 6 Ethics CE credits

ACT I: An Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Steven C. Hayes, PhD October 11-12th, 2018 Embassy Suites Convention Center 13 CE Credits

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