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Campbell’s began crafting handmade quality frames in 1966. Founded by Sir John Campbell Orde Bt., he established the first store on Walton Street in Knightsbridge. Campbell’s is now located in the heart of South Kensington. Our product range includes handmade, manufactured and speciality framing along with mirrors. We also offer services like frame and artwork restoration, framing consulting, project management, and collection and delivery. We also represent several artists in our gallery offering both original fine art and high quality limited edition prints. We also offer a gicleé print reproduction service using state of the art digital equipment. Our selection of frames is vast and varied. We endeavour to create the perfect setting for your work of art or decorative object. We continue to deliver master framing for museums, auction houses interior designers, galleries and prominent art collectors. Our framing ranges from classical period frames to the weird and wonderful. We will design and create anything that you can dream of.

A handmade frame at Campbell’s is an original work of art in itself. No two frames are completely identical. This slight hint of uniqueness is at the heart of our vast high quality range of handmade frames. Campbell’s of London S. Ken: Despite our very strict and uncompromising guidelines on the materials, techniques, and measurements that contribute to the creation of a Campbell’s handmade frame. Each frame is precisely crafted to your exact specification and taste using Victorian aged techniques by our team of skilled Master Craftsment at one of our owned and operated workshops. Frames can be made to cover any period including historical, classical and contemporary. In addition to our extensive range of frames we are renowned for recreating frames to match your existing designs as well as working with you on new creations.

Arabic Designs: A unique and exclusive range of highly burnished Middle Eastern designs. Perhaps the largest collection worldwide Classical: Traditional and period designs dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Ideal for paintings styled in relative periods Our frames are hand gilded using 23.7 carat yellow gold leaf and 15 carat white gold, silver, bronze or metal leaf. Other options include stains, colour pigments, piano, crackled and veneer finished. Most of our handmade frames are gessoed therefore the frame corner mitres are usually hidden. We also have a range of glass including UV Filtered, Non-reflective White Water, Museum and Denglass.

Our handmade frames are categorised as follows:

We also carry an extensive range of mount boards in hundered s of colours, textures and thickness. Our skilled craftsment can also ad that extra touch of class with washlines, gold bevels and a host of other mounting finishes.

Contemporary: Innovative designs inspired by the late 20th and 21st centuries. Usually suitable for modern paintings

What sets Campbell’s apart from the rest; is our experience and willingness to produce frames to your exact specifications.

Veeneer: Our special range of specially applied high quality original wood veneers. Ideal for maps and some classical period works Campbell use acid free materials and we only work with environmentally friendly woods, papers, adhesives and gilding materials.

We will go the extra mile to ensure that you get exactly what you like.

Our Classical range of frames makes us unique in the modern framing industry. We host over 80 styles. We have the ability to recreate any classical style that you desire. Here are a few examples. You can see the full range at our showroom or via our website.

Campbell’s has the largest collection of Handmade Arabic Frames in Europe and perhaps in the world. Many of these creations have been influenced by some of our major art collectors from the Middle East. Here are a few examples. You can see the full range at our showroom or via our website.

The creations are innovative and endless. Our Contemporary range has been inspired by many interior decors and paintings created within our lifetime. Here are a few examples. You can see the full range at our showroom or via our website.

Our Wood Veneer range consists of the worlds finest quality wood veneers. The creations are usually trimmed with gold or crackled finishings to provide that extra touch of class. Here are a few examples. You can see the full range at our showroom or via our website.

Campbell’s has a wide selection of contemporary and classicaly designed mirrors. Our resident craftsment and designers can handcarve new designs or make antique replica mirrors. Replicas are particularly useful for paired mirrors which can be very difficult to find and expensive. We also offer many choices of mirror glass including antique venetian, tinted, bevel edged and many more. We specialise in creating the perfect framed enclosure for any type of artwork and memorabilia using wood, Perspex, forged steel and light boxes. Some examples include sporting items signed jerseys, cricket bats, medals, Indian head dresses, rugs and jewellery and other collectable items.

GicleĂŠ Printing Giclee fine art printing service for self publishing artists, photographers and illustrators Many self publishing creative individuals use our giclee printing service to create fine art, canvas or photographic prints from their original digital files or artwork. We create prints on state of the art large format printers specially designed for fine art printing and using archival pigment inks for long life. The inks are UV stable and offer a lifespan of 100+ years. Printing at very high resolution we are able to provide you with superb colour accuracy, excellent colour graduation, expression and accuracy with the broadest colour gamut in its class. We print onto various media including canvas, textured fine art and photo-base papers from quality paper mills such as Hahnemuhle. It is usually very difficult to identify the print from the original.

Framing Advice and Consultation Your consultation process at Campbell’s is discrete, professional with the highest level of competence. By carefully listening to your requirements we can help you translate all of your framing ideas into a finished product. Consultants work very closely with our craftsmen to ensure that all your requests are carried out to your exact specifications. We are also able to guide you through the sometimes undoubting task of selecting frames and other framing elements to match your artwork, environment and personal taste. You can book an appointment to visit our showroom, or alternatively we can come to you.

At the core of each and every Campbell’s frame is a quality process steeped in tradition and master craftsmanship. We provide custom-made frames from our extensive range of handmade or manufactured styles and designs. Construction Our frames are constructed using quality wood sourced from reputable timber merchants who specialise in the framing industry. Corners are mitred exactly and locked into position with professional under pinning equipment as well as re-enforced with special screws where necessary. Compo and Gesso We apply 7 or more layers of gesso to our handmade frames with precision sanding at various stages of the application to ensure that all frames have a perfectly smooth and consistent surface to apply the final finishes. For antique frame reproduction styles we create a moulding solution by hand. The various patterns are applied to the frame by hand and left to harden. This is the same technique as used since the early 19th century. Hand Carving We also employ professional wood carvers to create ornate frames from raw wood. These carvings are etched out of the wooden frames and lend themselves to unlimited designs. Hand carved frames are at the top tier of the framing spectrum.

Gilding We use high quality gold leaf to finish our frames in either yellow, white or moon gold. The gold is laid by hand one left at a time using either water or oil gilding techniques. Gilded frames are then either distressed or burnished depending on the desired look. Mounting The presentation of your artwork within the framed enclosure is as important as the frame itself. At Campbell’s all of the materials that come into contact with your artwork are of conservation standard, thus ensuring that your artwork will never be affected by damaging elements such as acid. We carry an extensive range of mounts in a variety of colours and grades of thickness. We also have the ability to make specialty mounts with gold or coloured bevels, washes and lines. These are all done by hand in our workshops. Restoration Our expert conservationists will take any damaged frame or work of art and restore it to its original beauty and splendour. Lettering and Plaques Campbell’s also offers exceptional handlettering and gilded nameplates. A perfect touch of elegance to focus attention to your artwork. Glass Many pieces of artwork require picture glazing to protect from fading and other forms of detioriation. Glazing is also an absolutely essential element of modern museum quality framing. We carry numerous art glazing options including low reflective glass and ultra violet light protection. We will be able to assit you in selecting the best type of fine art picture glazing for your specific needs.

CAMPBELL’S FRAMING AND ART LIMITED 35 Thurloe Street London, SW7 2LQ Tel: +44 (0) 207 584 9268 Email: Web: Please call or email us to schedule an appointment with our Framing Consultants


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A synopsis of the products and services that we offer at Campbell's Framing and Art Limited

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