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Dan Donohue brought his coffee expertise from Seattle to Twisp to start Blue Star Coffee Roasters in 2007. Donohue, left, and head roaster Sharmarke Yusuf use only certified organic, shade-grown beans from sustainable coffee farms around the world.

Molly Patterson prepares Asian salads at her Glover Street Market in Twisp. The lunch bar, food market, health food and fine wine store features many local products and is a hub for the Methow Valley community.

Jennifer Argraves and husband Joseph Sukovaty applied their engineering backgrounds in rethinking the family’s Crown S Ranch near Winthrop. The ranch produces and sells organic and sustainably-raised beef, pork, lamb, poultry and other farm products online and at their on-farm store. 80


September / October 2013

and Meg Donohue placed first in the America’s Best Espresso competition at the 2012 Seattle Coffee Fest. That was no accident. Dan was a roastmaster and green coffee bean buyer for several big coffee companies before the couple decided to start Blue Star in 2007. Meg had started a couple of successful theater management companies to give her the accounting and marketing skills required. Dan said Blue Star isn’t out to become the next Starbuck’s, but he does want to provide the best espresso coffee available in the region. I think he’s already there. Molly and Jeff Patterson bought Twisp’s natural food store three years ago and renovated it into the Glover Street Market. The store offers locally produced foods from growers who use sustainable practices as well as medicals, spices, fresh ice cream and great wines. The lunch counter and juice bar are a hub for the town’s alternative community. Molly cooks up an awesome menu of soups and stew, raw fruit and vegetable salads and spring rolls. Jeff said the store is an integral part of a new agri-tourism movement in the community, where visitors can come to the source of sustainably produced food and find out why it’s becoming more important to a growing number of families. Two local producers near Winthrop have dug deep to the roots of food production to come up with new ways to produce healthy and tasty food without a load of mysterious additives. Crown S Ranch raises cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry. Bluebird Grain Farms grows heirloom wheat for a line of low-gluten, low-sugar and high protein grains and flours. Joseph Sukovaty and Jennifer Argraves returned to Winthrop to take over the family ranch in 1999, incorporated as Crown S Ranch in 2006. Their engineering degrees helped them come up with ways to apply technology to sustainable animal husbandry. “We started researching and found out there wasn’t much pure science out there. Everything was paid for by big companies who could profit by it,”

The tenderest of tenderloin steaks with truffle butter, potato tart, chorizo, wild morels and locally produced vegetables is a menu mainstay at Sun Mountain Lodge’s AAA Four Diamond dining room. At right, Sun Mountain’s award winning, 52-page wine list includes more than 300 Washington wines. said Argraves. Solar-powered robots move poultry pens to new pasture each day. Gardens and pasture follow animals. Everything moves in rotation, Argraves said. The process creates a balance of natural fertilizers, feed and pesticides. The ranch produces all its own organic hay and grains. “We try to complete a cycle with everything we have,” she said. Argraves and Sukovaty sell their meats locally and offer training at the farm. They also give talks and hold classes around the state on sustainable farming. Sam and Brooke Lucy have taken grain growing back to the beginning of time at Bluebird Grain Farms. They grow a grain known as Emmer Farro. It’s full of the natural vitamins and minerals that have been taken out of today’s heavily processed white flour. “It’s the grain that’s been eaten by civilizations for 10,000 years,” said Sam Lucy. The couple grow, clean, mill and package the grain into several products on their 250-acre farm north of Winthrop. It’s getting late and I’m ready for dinner and a bed. After a day of riding and lots of stops, I’m up for plush treatment at Sun Mountain Lodge. The lodge is itself a destination for tourists from all over the world. It’s no wonder with its four-season activities, panoramic views and rustic luxury. Surrounding trails are used for hiking, horseback rides, mountain biking

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