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Story By rick steigmeyer

Ancient Appeal Ancient Lakes, an uncut gem among AVAs in Washington 72


September / October 2013


t’s hard to imagine anything, save sagebrush, growing along the craggy, desolate and lunarlike landscape close to the rim of the Columbia River gorge, not far from Quincy. The land is so rocky — bubbling with frozen volcanic basalt, layers of cementlike caliche and nearly absent of soil in some places — it’s difficult to find firm footing for a casual walk. And yet this is where a handful of

Don Seabrook

As a sunrise illuminates a mechanical harvest operation of wine grapes at the Milbrandt Vineyards south of Quincy, workers near the end of their work day during last year’s harvest.

veteran growers have broken drills to plant grape vines, set posts and string wire for the state’s newest American Viticultural Area. The Ancient Lakes AVA actually got its start awhile ago. Geologists figure it was about 17 million years ago when volcanoes spewed lava through the area. Much more recently — a mere 15,000 years ago — the region was chiseled, channeled and scoured by raging torrents of water after ice age glaciers

Foothills Magazine Sep-Oct 2013  
Foothills Magazine Sep-Oct 2013  

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