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Wooldridge and Wickenhagen at the Hippie Vintage Shop near the Federal Building in Wenatchee. From Page 37

transforming an old pair of jeans purchased from a thrift store into a cute pair of shorts with the help of scissors. She was a secondhand store enthusiast before her friends started blasting Macklemore’s song in their cars. It’s no surprise that Morgan is as good at handling money as she is at managing her time. She balances cheerleading, a student leadership position, two jobs and school. Unlike many girls her age, Morgan doesn’t like wearing yoga pants. “I wore them for half a day, and I was like, this is not for me,” she says. “I like dressing up for school.” Many girls Morgan’s age have no interest in thrift shopping. Some have difficulty comprehending the value of money — they don’t have to work or pay for things with their own money like Morgan does. She doesn’t mind that some of her peers don’t share her enthusiasm for secondhand stores — she’s finding all the great deals. After spending about two hours shopping at the Goodwills in Wenatchee and East Wenatchee, Morgan found an outfit for $14.97. She had some difficulty finding her size and pieces that went together, but these obstacles were nothing her will and creativity couldn’t overcome. “Don’t be afraid to just go in there and dig because you’re bound to come upon something good,” she says. “Never underestimate what could be in there.” F

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