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Kathy and Scott Wright stand in the kitchen of their granary-turned-home in the town of Bridgeport. The kitchen floor is original planking that held grain. Scott used sawdust and epoxy to fill in the gaps between the planks. Countertops are made from lumber salvaged from the building. At right, Scott used forks and spoons for door handles on the kitchen cabinets. Scott first saw the property in 2006 on a trip to Bridgeport to visit a friend. According to historical records, it dates back to the 1890s when it was a flour mill. When the Wrights bought it, the property had been abandoned for at least three decades. “The flour mill was just majestic,” he said. “It called to me; it said, ‘I need your help.’ ” 22


September / October 2013

When Kathy heard that Scott wanted to turn the old building into a home, she was skeptical. “I thought he was a little crazy,” she says. “That building wasn’t talking to me like it was to Scott.” But she knew from experience that he is a “can-do” guy. When she met him, he was living aboard a schooner in Friday Harbor that he had renovated.

Foothills Magazine Sep-Oct 2013  
Foothills Magazine Sep-Oct 2013  

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