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rating that assigns a numerical value to each hole, the most difficult with the lowest numbers. In building this course, Welch, who spent 19 years as the pro at Wenatchee Golf & Country Club, kept an eye on that factor, but added his own take based on the feel of each hole, the way they play. Asked whether he had birdied every one of the holes, Welch, who currently carries a 3 or 4 handicap, said, “If I’d birdied all of them, I’d be on the tour now.” Still, while these holes may be challenging, Welch likes them all. He was hard-pressed to select a favorite. “There are a half-dozen, maybe a dozen, that I really like. The par-5 at Desert Canyon, No. 18 at Bear Mountain. No. 14 at Rock Island. Leavenworth’s because of the tree lines … I could go on and on. Mostly, I just like the serenity of being on a golf course.” We wonder if he’d say that if he was playing the crazy-hard course his selections here describe.

Front Nine – Par 36 – 3,697 yards


Vic Meyer’s (Sun Lakes Resort) Hole 3, Par 4, 375 yards

Uphill hole that gets steeper as you get closer to the green. Placement on the green for your second shot is very important because there’s about a seven-foot elevation change on the green, with two levels front to back.


Lakewoods Golf Course (Bridgeport), Hole 9, Par 4, 378 yards

This is a nice dogleg left with the river on the left. What makes this unique is the rock outcroppings in the fairway. The green slopes to the left to the Columbia River. Fun hole.


Alta Lake Golf Resort (Pateros), Hole 1, Par 5, 543 yards

Straightaway hole with the last 130 yards up a large hill roughly 60 feet high. The driving area is tree lined on both sides but with enough room to fit your shot in the fairway. The fun begins with the second shot. You must move the ball around a small grove of trees in the right center of the 34


May / June 2012

It’s a long carry over water at the fifth hole at Rock Island Golf Course. fairway. The approach is uphill to a two-level green (pick the right club).


Colockum Ridge Golf Course (Quincy), Hole 15, Par 4, 438 yards

Dogleg right. In-course out of bounds to the right and out of bounds and the road to the left. You want to play your tee shot

toward the bull’s-eye in the fairway. The approach to the green is tricky. The green is very narrow, adding to the difficulty.


Rock Island Golf Course, Hole 14, Par 3, 225 yards

This is a solid three par over water. The encroachment on the right is something to

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