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Story By Pat Welch and Don Seabrook photos By don Seabrook

Is Your Game

Tough Enough? This course may have golfers second-guessing themselves Introduction by Gary Jasinek


are are the golfers who would like to see their game made more difficult. No one petitions to make the cups narrower, the greens steeper, the fairways longer or the rough deeper. Even so, every golfer likes to brag. And the rights to do so are often secured after the deeply satisfying experience of parring — or maybe even birdieing — any course’s most difficult hole. These are the holes where club 30


May / June 2012

Chris Day of Kennewick hits a shot from the sand that fronts the ninth green at Higlander Golf Club in East Wenatchee, one of the hardest holes in NCW. selection is like choosing Foothills asked 31-year your weapon for a duel, and golf pro Pat Welch to create stepping onto the tee calls for a this list of the hardest holes blindfold and a cigarette, and a in NCW (see map on Pages few last words. 32-33). Almost every course Every course has one, or in the region is represented, maybe two, of these holes. and Welch came up with a Which invites a what-if. standard par-72 track that plays What if there were a course a very long 7,371 yards. (For Pat Welch, consisting entirely of the most comparison, the U.S. Open golf pro difficult holes from every Torrey Pines South Course near nine or eighteen in North Central San Diego plays 7,628 yards from the Washington? We decided to make this black tees.) dream a reality, sort of. Every scorecard has a handicap

Foothills Magazine May-Jun 2012  
Foothills Magazine May-Jun 2012  

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