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ill be fired. research staff w st va y m on ne Someo t these days? you listen to mos do ic us m of What kind usician? Favorite band, m

Can you remember or gu ess the top grossing movie of 1985?

Kenny Love, love, love untry girl. co Chesney. I am a

Purple Rain? Or Risky Busin ess?

Nice effort, but Back to the Future. People are setting up chairs for the par ade earlier each year. Is it getting out of hand? Oh shoot. I so should hav e known that. As for the cha irs, I know the tradition annoys some, bu t I always tell people it’s on ly for a few weeks.

g to do? ival-related thin st fe nno e rit vo What’s your fa e boys out with my thre I enjoy hanging very a eir activities. I am and going to th ha to ve I am very lucky proud Mommy. school and d since middle friends I have ha love my together. I also I enjoy our times ok. yes, read the bo book club, and your kids an the births of ers Did you really pl r of my research ival or is anothe around the fest getting fired?

Fine, I’ll unload my sectio nal and ottomans today. If someone described you as bossy would you disagr ee or tell them to go pick up 100 more bag s of ice? My staff is laughing right

now! No. Go get the 100 bags of ice!

You allow them to laugh? Anyway, with the festival more family friendly these days, is there anything you miss abo ut the rowdier times? We laugh a lot! That’s what keeps us sane. I grew up with the rowdier times. Lots of gre at times. But it got out of han d in the ‘90s and I don’t miss that.

Hmm. So, Apple Blossom royalty are told to avoid Faceboo k and such. What was it in your day? Walkmans and leg warm ers? Actually they are able to hav e Facebook. I think about that often. I was on the phone constantly. I would fall asl eep talking on it. I wasn’t much of a Walkman girl, more boom

ey all Yep! Although th ey were arrived early! Th June supposed to be ay babies, M e babies but ar . They will May 2, 20 and 30 . be 16, 13 and 10

Apple Blossom Festival 2008

during s or so pregnant So, eight month dressed as . Have you ever the festival. Wow loween? a queen for Hal nant during the Yes, being preg the resting. Nope on festival was inte ’ kids dress ds en fri d I have ha Halloween, but the Youth loween and for al H r fo e m as up t. funny and swee Parade. Kind of . What’s akes you an icon That officially m ple Blossom? e thing about Ap rit vo fa e on ur yo


vorites. I have lots of fa of course. I love pageant, vorite But my most fa g of the in is the beginn hen the w Grand Parade nd goes first marching ba I cry every time. down the route.

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