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WEN ZHAO Apply For Admisson to MLA Major Bachelor of Agriculture CHINA AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY

NAME: Wen Zhao BIRTH: 08 / 08 / 1994 CONTACT: TEL: 86-15753180269

The price for survival, persistence and evolution was understanding and intelligent intervention. ——design with nature

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The work collection includes my following aspects as an agronomy major student during university: the process of landscape design contact from the very beginning, the greenhouse landscape reconstruction operation related to the undergraduate major, and the interest to the landscape architecture major as well as other relevant works.

Although I do not major in the landscape architecture, but my new perspectives used in the exploration and design process may be helpful in landscape architecture.

Thought of protected agriculture science major: The efficient, energy-saving, clean and economic plants and animals production activity are regarded as the learning core and purpose when learning the protected agriculture major, and the plants and animals yields are improved under the premise of learning the plant, soil, meteorology, biology and engineering. But its artistry and inspiring aren't considered in priority, which causes the agriculture facility commonly lacks the aesthetic perception and logical organization. Namely, the art design consideration is insufficient. Career discovery in landscape architecture in HKU Terrain analysis, installation, landscape bench

Relation with agronomy agriculture park planningďźŒimprovement of greenhouse

Special interest point Brownfield renovation

Other works painting, pottery , jewelry

Thought of preliminary exploring landscape architecture: The concordance of landscape aesthetic perception and surrounding are attempted to consider. Meanwhile, the experience of person is explored in landscape to enhance the relation of people and landscape. The work attempts to design the landscape which has illumination, conciliation and other functions to the usage subject of landscape, namely people. Prospect the thought to learn the landscape architecture major in the future: I hope I could learn the theoretical knowledge and specific implementation more systematically and deeply in the future learning of landscape architecture design, and understand the history, current situation and future development of landscape more profoundly.

Section 1 - Primary exploration DateďźšJuly/2015-August/2015 There are many basic elements of landscape architecture. Hereby the terrain, plant and landscape sketch are selected as the exploration object for the preliminary learning, and are attempted in the regional survey. As for the student who doesn't major in the landscape architecture, the preliminary knowing of basic elements of landscape architecture is helpful to basically understand the landscape architecture. During the summer course learning period of University of Hong Kong, the understanding of whole following design processes lays foundation to the future design: from basic learning of terrain, dimension, plant and model material, to the production of collage concept map, the drawing of plan, elevations and profile map, to the production of clay and cardboard model, to the final presentation and lecture.

Terrain Analysis

Installation Art

Landscape Bench

TERRACE ANALYSIS Introduction Field of strip stepped or wavy section built along the contour line direction on the hilly slope. Such terrain occurred at prehistoric age, because the human being sort out the forest or mountains to facilitate to planting activities and build the fortifications.Since ancient times, the terrace terrain has been the common form for artificial reconstruction of natural terrain and the effective measures to govern the water and soil loss at slope cropland, which has very obvious function for the water retention, soil conservation and increase production.Because the ventilation and light transmission conditions of terrace are good, which is conductive to the crop growth and the accumulation of nutrient substance.

Practice Select 200 m * 200 m range to make clay model of terraced terrain and bamboo stick terrain model, draw the floor plan and section. Through the analysis of the terrain, I could have a more profound understanding of the terrain changes.

Classification Distribution The terrace is field distribution system with important positions and mainly used to plant the rice in East Asia, Southeast Asia and other regions, such as South China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal, Japan, etc. Countless terrace groups with enormous scale not only construct the amazing and magnificent scenery, but also nourish a large number of population, even form a "Terrace Culture Circle around the Pacific" with distinct similarity. In Europe, famous terrace is often adjacent to the densely populated areas or tourist attractions in which people mainly plant the grape, olive tree, etc., and they are the hometown with high-quality wine. Most of terraces are adjacent to the river, lake or coast with particularly charming scenery and full-bodied wine culture, many terrace areas own laurel of world culture heritage. In the Andes Mountains of South America, the terrace site is the precious heritage left in the ancient Inca civilization.

Horizontal terrace Interval terrace Sloping terrace Back-slope terrace



Human activity - there are many human being activities on such terrain with rich dynamics. There are more frequent movement between the steps, people could have a rest, walk, jump, etc. The step could create the quiet atmosphere by combining the plants, and could create lively atmosphere by coordinating the water dropping. Many activities could be conducted on the continuous steps.


Landscape setting-many kinds of entertainment fitness equipment could be set, the waterscape could be designed alternately, and the leisure facilities and other facilities could be designed by coordinating the plants.

The terrace terrain is developed as the tour and sightseeing function due to its unique aesthetic perception in modern times. There are many references from the terrain in landscape architecture, because its stepped nature endows the diversity change of landscape. With the change of height and location, viewing angle of people in landscape also changes, meanwhile, the space is utilized to the utmost extent.

Plant Plant application-the high and lower level plants are planted in terrace terrain, and the whole picture of plants could be showed more comprehensively matching the high and low step.

Lythrun salicaria L.

Thalia dealbata Link

Lotus flower

Canna indica L

Eichhornia crassipes

Nymphoides peltatum

Hydrilla verticillata


Lythrun salicaria L.

Phragmites australis

Euryale ferox

Typha orientalis Presl

INSTALLATION ART This is a kind of plant device design, there are two lines of plants arranged as the road edge, people could walk, pass through or stop to watch and consider among the plants. The matching of plants with different forms is compared to each stage of life, people walk and pass through the plants just like life road and could feel the process from birth, growth, maturity to senility.





Water is the source of life. All living creatures evolve from the simplest life form. The relatively aquatic plant is used to show the initial term of life journey from innocent and naive birth to childhood period.

With the age increasing, person have slightly increasing experiences except for the own growth, know more abundant world and start to have complicated speculation to problems, therefore the gradually rich plant materials are used to show gradually full growth process of mind and experience in such period.

As the connection of growth stage, the mature period represents the middle-age period of person who have richer experiences, meanwhile, own more mature mind, summarize and classify problems, and start to treat problems from the difficulty to simplicity. The plant arrangement is the same as one in the last period with reverse arrangement position, and leads the next life stage.

Senility is the life stage that everyone cannot avoid and the end of the journey. Various functions of people slowly decline at this period. There is an interesting aspect, that is, people generally is in status that a man of great wisdom appears slow-witted. After experiencing the time and tide, people face various changes with more gentle mind, seem to show the simple appearance and cycle with the first three stages. Therefore, the plant materials gradually become dull and aquatic status, which expresses the return of innate mind in this stage.




650 600 550 500 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50

Section2 650 600 550 500 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50


Process Aquatic plant Te r re s t r i a l p l a n t

ro o t s

extend from the surface humus to soil structure such as clay, sand layer and the lithosphere, the nature of the upper surfaces of the played a key role.


formed in

the long-term evolution process appropriate to the morphological structure of the water environment and be able to survive the submerged, rooted in the soil with a fixed.

LANDSCAPE BENCH This is a sitting object, which is associated with the action verb twist.

Strategy According to the dictionary, twist means forming a bent, distorted shape or causing to rotate at a stationary point.

However, we wanted to make our design a little bit more meaningful, like how we twist an idea or the products of twisting.

We got the idea from a towel. When soaked, it becomes heavy, but when we twist the, the shape becomes distorted and it becomes lighter.

We can directly relate towels to our minds. When we remember so much troubles or incidents during our daily life, our soul becomes heavy and we become depressed.

Introduction We have to make our design a chair which must have two person capacity, so we also decided to twist a cuboid and finally applying it to our design due to the interesting distortion of space in the cuboid. In this design, we changed the geometry in order to make the cuboid a place for a person to sit, including a vigorous slope for people to lie on and an uneven slope for people to put their legs on. Also, this is one more seat for the second person. After calculating the average seating area of a person, we made the optional size for a person to sit and we have set the optimal angle range of leg bend to ensure the most comfortable experience. wanted to make people feel that they can sit safely and comfortably even on cardboard made chair.

So through this design, we hope people can twist their minds just like towels, forget all sadness and free their souls through reading books, due to the close positioning of the book store.


rotates and contorts the cuboid, then corner is extent and leveled to adapt the sitting posture of person.

The small cardboard model

Corrugated paper model: Corrugated board has very high mechanical strength, because its corrugated wave seems like many connecting arched doors which mutually appose in a row and mutually support to form triangle structure. The board could also bear certain pressure

Load bearing The corrugated paper densely arranges by intersection in vertical state to distribute the pressure downward along each vertical paperboard. In fact, the paper could bear lots of pressure. In the final presentation, the paper could bear the pressure that one adult man stands on it.

Location Field investigation: The final presentation site is at the library building hall of University of Hong Kong. Conduct the site survey to the hall, and analyze its unoccupied area, window lighting and surrounding facilities such as the stair, pool, front desk of building, etc., and conduct the accurate measurement to the presentation area, radiation scope, sight extension, etc. of project result to reasonably arrange the exhibition angle

Section 2 - Relation DateďźšSeptember/2015-December/2015 Relation between landscape architecture design and agronomy. When learning the Protected Agriculture major, I learned the agriculture meteorology, plant cultivation, soil experiment, agriculture science and technology park planningďźŒcad and other courses which also could be applied in landscape architecture design major. Meanwhile, when designing the sunlight greenhouse for the agriculture purpose, I further design and reconstruct the greenhouse, and preliminarily attempt to apply the landscape design knowledge learned in the greenhouse design.

Agriculture park




Fruit-Picking Area

Activities Zone

Amusement Zone

It provides the residents and tourists S o m e a c t i v i t i e s , l i k e There are recreation facility, fitness an area to picking fruit and derive the exhibitions and concerts, facilities and benches which often appeal to children. pleasure of harvest. could be hold in this area

Through investigating and mapping Yantai agricultural expo garden, I understand the basic elements and requirements of agriculture park planning. Meanwhile I improved the ability of drawing.

Scenic Area

Business Zone

Research Area

There are the lawns and the woods There are some stores, It provides an area to science researchers to do where tourists could relax. cafes and restaurants some botany experiment.

Landscape Analysis

Functional Analysis

Path Analysis

greenhouse Venlo Greenhouse


Floor plan

Roof plan

Foundation plan

greenhouse Transformation

Effect picture 2

Effect picture 1

Section 3 - Special interest point Date: November/2015-December/2015 I have special interest in certain aspect when learning the landscape architecture. As for the ecology aspect, I participated in the preliminary survey phase for the landscape reconstruction design in Beijing Nanyuan Airport when learning the architectural design course of senior class taught in November 2014 in Tsinghua University, and knew the concept of brownfield. Concept of brownfield: Brownfield The land which is usually polluted and dilapidated and inappropriately used due to risk when compared with the green land. Current situation: The quantity of brownfield is huge in the world. In developing countries such as China, they have just went through or are going through the big industry development, they pay more attention to the economy development instead of the environmental protection, so the quantity of brownfield is harder to calculate.

Brownfield Renovation

brownfield renovation The research and feelings Beijing Nanyuan Airport is a military airbase that also serves as the secondary airport of Beijing. Located in Fengtai District, 3 kilometres south of the Fourth Ring Road and 13 km from Tiananmen Square,Nanyuan Airport was first opened in 1910, making it the oldest airport in China.

master plan


entertainment residence

existing roads

the road plants

green space planning

green wedge

site Military District

Industrial District

Commercial District

Residential District

Commercial District

Green Area

green space distribution

axle wire

system of mountain and river

administration landscape

other green space

southern suburbs

ecological regime

brownfield renovation Application of bioventing technology

——case studies and

Bioventing is an in situ remediation technology that uses microorganisms to biodegrade organic constituents adsorbed on soils in the unsaturated zone.

Site cleaning and remediation Strategy: Establish a research centre to manage brownfield Benzene and PAHs are the main pollutants of the brownfield and are referred to as the academic potential pollution of "brown land parcel" . It inevitably requires scientific environmental pollution evaluation and start the repair process. At the same time, tourists can visit the governance area, understand the repair technology, experience the repair process, and receive the related environmental protection education.

At the end of 1998, aircraft engine fuel leak happened in one of the U.S. air force base in Utah.

Field Investigation Brownfield type:oil depot,repair factory,airplane discharge waste collection area,and some buildings which would remain organic pollutants like aviation fuel after being tear down. This area located in the north of the site. Although the influence of airport noise and atmospheric pollution is not lasting, the influence of the soil pollution is the most longstanding.

First the researchers drilled some wells in the polluted soil and installed the blower and vacuum suction machine, then poured the air (adding nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients to provide nutrients for the soil degradation bacteria) into the soil. And then they withdraws the air. Most of the low boiling point, volatile organic compounds directly were pumped out with air.And reorganization of high boiling points of organic compounds, thanks to water or microbe, are completely mineralized into carbon dioxide and water.

Section 4 - Other works DateďźšSeptember/2013-june/2016 In other aspects of design, I also attempt, and have some preliminary try in visual art and process design. Drawing is the basic skill of designers. It could more accurately express own design intention to learn the drawings, which plays an important role in the discussion and presentation with others. The attempt in process aspect is to improve my manual ability. Attempt of various material design is more complex than single drawing design, so more contents are considered. And you would have a deeper understanding to the design after actually practicing.

Terrain Analysis

Installation Art

Landscape Bench




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