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Carmen Blanch Bueno Daniela Hurtado Reina

A diary of trips Once upon a time two teenagers, Carmen and Daniela, who were seventeen years old, had a diary where all their wishes may come true. When they were tired of their daily routine they travelled around the world. Firstly they did a list of the places they wanted to go before they were dead, as a case in point, France, Italy or New York. But they decided that the first one was Galicia, an autonomous region of Spain, situated to the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula and whose capital is Santiago de Compostela. Therefore the official languages are Spanish and Galician, and a famous party is “La noche de San Juan”. Daniela was looking for a package tour for Galicia where they could see everything, since the most beautiful places and museums to the most typical buildings there. Some hours later, when she was at home, Daniela phoned Carmen and told her about the idea. They went to Galicia in the spring of 2005, for five days approximately. When they arrived at the four-star hotel, at seven o’clock in the morning, they had breakfast, and after that, they did a guided tour to Santiago de Compostela. There they went around the Obradoiro Square and the Cathedral, which is visited by the pilgrims and where the Apostle’s tomb is located. In the afternoon, they went on a trip to Pontevedra, where they visited the Basilica of Santa Maria, Ferreira Square and the Chapel of the Pilgrim. Finally at night they ate a fabulous steamed vegetables dish with grilled sausages. The next day Carmen and Daniela visited Vigo’s port from the windowed balcony. They enjoyed the land, and the market in the castle, where they tasted the typical oyster dish. In addition, they bought a lot of souvenirs to their family at the market that was plenty of tourists. At night, in the hotel, they met Roberto, who was sixteen years old. He was a self-confident boy, whose parents got divorced two years ago. He explained them that the boy with whom he had began the Santiago’s Path had broken his leg and came home, so he didn’t want to be there alone. Both girls told him to go with them during the last days of this tour. The third day, they visited A Coruña, that was a wonderful place. Moreover, they found three free tickets and they went around the wax museum, they saw Michel Jackson, Miley Cyrus, and other famous people, as well as a big gallery where they could see the style of life in 1896’s of Galicia; for example the clothes that they wore, the types of houses where they lived and so on.

At the end of the day they visited Betanzos, a monumental town. They searched every nook and cranny of the town and they tasted the most typical food of Betanzos, such as spawn with lemon or smoked salmon with baked potatoes. The last day in Galicia they were at RĂ­as Bajas areas. Besides they went for a walk in a boat around La Toja Island and later they tasted the typical mussels in Camabarro. Finally, they came back to Valencia. The girls wrote in their diaries that the trip had been incredible, because they had never seen such a beautiful greenness in the countryside. This was due to the fact that at some places it was forbidden to go by car and you can only pass by bicycle, or on foot. The place they liked most was the capital, Santiago de Compostela, especially its cathedral, a place they recommend everybody to go in a future.

Anecdote During their trip to Galicia, Daniela and Carmen made an excursion to the wood. They decided they couldn't leave Galicia without seeing its wonderful landscapes. They were having a good time in a wood, they saw a lot of animals, plants... when they realised that it was already dark, they tried to return to the hotel but Daniela wanted to urinate, so she moved away. Immediately Carmen realised that her friend wasn't there and she got frightened. Carmen, who was a sensitive girl, listened a weird noise and she saw a monster with an awful face, but later it disappeared. Carmen was shouting when Daniela came back but she didn’t tell her the reason. When everything was fine they camped in the wood. In the middle of the night a horrible storm began. Suddenly the tent flew away and the teenagers started to walk around the wood, that was dark and flooded. Some hours later, it got light and Carmen realized that the monster was a scarecrow. Both girls came back to the hotel and there Carmen told Daniela what happened to her at the forest.