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The Story Behind Celery

You can chop it up and put it in a tuna salad. You can have it with some bleu cheese to go with your chicken wings. You can put peanut butter on it, and then...then you throw some raisins on top of the peanut butter... and now you’ve got a signature snack, “ants on a log.” Oh, yeah and you can have a stalk of celery in your Bloody Mary, or you could chop up some celery and put it out with some carrots... and some brocolli... with some dips... like when you have company over to visit. What about a cold celery soup? You ever had that? We could go on and on about celery... really. But here at WeMerge Magazine, we would like to stop and just emphasize the fact that celery is versatile, healthy, chic, and current. It’s the best. We believe that celery is the one vegetable most worthy of promotion, which is why we are proud to rally behind it with our heads held high, and stand up as one of the leaders in celery activism. We promote celery as earnestly and as honestly as we do the businesses and the artists that grace our pages. Additionally, our recent allegiance with The Amercian Celery Association ( has cemented the fact that our magazine plays an exemplary role in the crusade for celery activism. We want our readers to remember that celery actually has negative calories. You burn more calories when you chew celery than the celery itself contains. How cool is that?

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Michael Marston

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Contributing Writers: Blake J. Reznik, Carol Ann Conover, Ashley Lombardo, Steve Rullman, & The Ghost Writer College Promotions: Andrew Ackerman, Nick Christos Club Promotions: Stephen D’Angelo, Mike Laney Photographers: Justin Rosenberg (Cover), Adam Malis Copyright©2009 WeMerge Talent, Inc. All rights reserved to WeMerge Talent, Inc. All content included in this magazine: text, graphics, logos, icons, & images, are the property of WeMerge Talent, Inc. and/or its content suppliers (writers, photographers, illustrators, and others) and protected by US and international copyright laws. Wemerge Talent Magazine contains the opinions and experiences of other people and the publishers do not necessarily approve, agree with, and/or condone those opinions or actions. WeMerge Talent, Inc. cannot be held responsible for these opinions or actions. We provide a community service to our readers. All collaboration or verification of event postings are the responsibility of the reader prior to relying on such information for any action that may be taken on their behalf or on the behalf of others. For all legal issues call a lawyer. Special Thanks to Michele for her patience, encouragement & passion for the success of the magazine. Lou, Bob, Joey, Carlos, and George for helping with production. MR for all her support & knowledge. Nicci “Bean” Loren for helping with imagination. All the haters for giving us motivation. Andrea for her wisdom. And last but not least, the Bonus Red Dot for always being a bonus.

I want to dedicate this issue to my uncle who just recently passed and anyone who has ever lost a loved one to cancer. It was a tough battle, but many great memories were made. Nothing will compare to the love that you shared. We will miss you and you will always be in our hearts. Life is short. Do with it what you can, while you still can. - Dwayne Adams “I do not want my house to be walled in on all sides and my windows to be stuffed. I want the cultures of all the lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible. But I refuse to be blown off my feet by any.” – M.K. Ghandi

Russell Simmons When you publish a magazine that you believe in 110%, you stop at nothing to promote it and get it into the right hands. Every day becomes an opportunity to meet someone new - until one day you meet Russell Simmons, one of the most influential and successfull people in the music industry. If you’d like to see hundreds more photos of people holding past issues of WeMerge Magazine, visit our MySpace page (

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Does this quote strike you as odd? Should it? Or does it make it you want to reach out and know more about who “they” are, so you know better who you are? What would happen if “We” Merge? - OB1


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1 W alen r eT

n@WeMer An g ol

Best Haunt for Designer


Toys and Local Art

hen you step into Pink Ghost’s boutique you feel the immediate stare of hundreds of eyeballs on you, drawing you to take a closer look at what seem to be menacing and ghoulish creatures… but don’t be afraid… The gallery is not haunted. Pink Ghost is the ultimate showcase for some of the most unique and imaginative designs of U.S. and European custom toy designers; a mini-gallery chock full of everything from “Custom Chucks” of original design [colorfully displayed on one wall], to Japanese anime inspired mini-figurines, artful T-shirts and apparel you won’t find anywhere else, countless accessories and gadgets, art books, prints, toys, toys and more toys. Gallery owner and longtime figurine collector Paola Mendez knows her Pink Ghost boutique from top to bottom. She left me to roam freely to take it all in and when I had questions, her enthusiasm about the artist’s lines she carries was contagious, especially the “Artists’ Series Limited Edition” Jansport backpacks designed by famed London illustrator Julie West. Paola’s knowledge about


ove Con r - Car nn

By: Carol en A itt

Support the scene or there will be no scene to support

every figurine and toy collection made me want to start a collection of my own and I instantly fell in love with the huge selection of cuddly Pinky-Punks. When asked how Paola and her co-owner/ sister Andrea decide on product lines to carry, she responds simply, “We want to support people who create new and interesting things.”

Pink Ghost

has Bumbles and Munnys and Gamma Mutant Space Friends, and if you don’t know what those are, you had better plug into this hipster-art subculture and educate yourself on this eclectic craze of funky art. Shopping at Pink Ghost will not only stock you up with fun toys and one-of-a-kind gadgets, it also

He’s Holding a Pink Ghost Keychain, YOU CAN TOO!!!

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supports the local art and design scene. They accept carefully chosen art, prints, posters and all manner of toys on consignment, which helps the artists stay in the creative zone where they belong. Pink Ghost also hosts “Open Call” art shows that showcase the works of artists from all over the world. According to Paola, Pink Ghost is just doing their part to support the arts by “trying to connect everyone.” For art lovers or big kids like me who love toys, Pink Ghost is a must-see.

Letter from the Editor


eMerge Magazine is pretty

much all I think about. It’s my passion, or maybe even

my obsession. Either way, it adds a sense of purpose to my daily life. I have never worked so hard and so whole heartedly on a project like this before in my life. I am determined to make the magazine into a vehicle to help me, and the growing WeMerge staff, to arrive at a place in the future where all of our personal and financial goals are actualized and we are looked at as an inspiring grass roots success story. That’s the goal. Why am I so optimistic about us reaching it? Well, because the numbers don’t lie. Think about it like this: When a business analyst looks at a company to predict its future success and make financial forecasts, he looks at the numbers. He looks for trends, for evidence of upward growth. What do you see when you look at our numbers? Our 1st issue was 16 pages and had a circulation of 5,000, and our 5th issue is 32 pages and has a circulation of 15,000. We doubled our page count

Pink Ghost loves you the most!

and tripled our circulation, in only 5 issues, all in the middle of a funky economy, in the extremely fickle South Florida market. How could you not be optimistic about something that is backed by impressive real numbers? At this point our success is almost more of a function of just continuing our current growth than it is hoping or wishing. And we’re going to continue until we are monthly, and until we are national. If you are SERIOUS about helping us do that, please contact us. The sea refuses no river. I have personally sacrificed a lot in my life to make these numbers into what they are, and I’m way too committed right now to ever back down. And it’s not just me steering this ship into the future. Dwayne Adams, my partner and close friend, has once again upheld his reputation as one of South Florida’s best graphic designers. When you see Dwayne, be sure to give him a pat on the back. This is his passion too. Oh, and one more thing: If you would like to help me reach my goal of appearing and performing one of my poems on The Ellen Degeneres Show, please go to and sign my petition. That’s the other goal I think about every day. “Support the scene, or there will be no scene to support.” Peace, Renda Writer

(954) 616-1304 21 West Las Olas Blvd. – Ft. Lauderdale 33301 (across from the Riverfront mall) WeMerge Magazine -

Chief Editor

We Can’t Change the World, but We Can Change Our Ways

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By: Renda Writer “When is this issue coming out?” That’s what Mark Caldwell, the bass player for Ghost of Gloria, asked me during the photo shoot for the cover. I answered him, and he said, “Oh, OK cause I’m posting something on Twitter about it right now.” You see, that’s how a DIY band does it – they do it themselves. They run their own Twitter page and their own MySpace page, and they handle their own promotions. It was a simple question, but it helped to spark a conversation with the lead singer, John D’Angelo, an exchange that reiterated just how hard it can be to do it all yourself, and also how rewarding it can be too, when everything starts coming together, and you reach the tipping point, that “critical mass” moment when the tides turn and results start pouring in. That’s when you actually begin to do less of it yourself, when other people start coming on board to help, because they feel the infectious influence of your passion, and they want to be a part of it. Probably the best example of this is having local well known rock promoter Judy Blem in their corner, showing her support through MySpace and Facebook bulletins and supportive e-mails and other internet promotions. Ghost of Gloria is there right now. They are right on the cusp of turning the “do-it-yourself” approach into the “do-it-with-us” approach. Just in the week since I had first met them for the photo shoot, they appeared on “South Florida Today” on NBC, performing in support of being in the top five running for the Ambassadors of Rock contest. They also got a half page write up in New Times and later in the week took off in their personally financed touring van for show dates in Gainesville and Atlanta. They also booked the a spot for Ecomania, a big multi-band show to take place in August at the Sunset Cove Amphitheatre in Boca Raton, and they performed as the headlining band for the 3-year anniversary of the current ownership at Cheers in Ft. Lauderdale, a bar known for helping to break some of the area’s best rock bands. They also did two benefit shows in one day and of course continued to promote their EP release, “Voices from the Red Room.” It contains the song, “The Evidence,” produced by accomplished music producer Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Good Charlotte, Eve 6, etc.) and


is currently available on iTunes. “Voices from the Red Room” was recorded at Bieler Bros Recording Studios in Pompano Beach (Nonpoint, Dashboard Confessional, Fiction Plane, etc.) Talking with John revealed to me how the band had turned down two previous offers for recording contracts from major labels, which he followed up by mentioning how it wasn’t that the band was holding out or anything like that, it was just that “the numbers weren’t really working in our favor,” as he puts it. We went on to talk more about how the record industry has changed to the point where the real power is in the hands of the actual bands themselves, making it all the more enticing to take a DIY approach to mapping out a plan for success in the music industry. Our conversation then took us to a discussion about how the band had recently pooled together their finances to buy a van for touring, a van that they were about to jump into for upcoming shows in Atlanta, Georgia and Gainesville, Florida. This part of the conversation in particular really solidified just how committed the band is to keeping its schedule busy. A real DIY band keeps their tour dates booked, and for Ghost of Gloria this is thanks in part to the efforts of the band’s manager, Brandon Young, whose professional updates about the band’s progress helped to land his band on the cover of our magazine. It’s always good to have supportive non-musician in your corner that can help steer a band in the direction. When I asked the lead singer what the main goal is for the band, he says that it is “to become a nationally touring act within the next year.” This is a goal that I know the band can reach by themselves, but in the end, it’s a goal that is much easier reached with the help of people like you, the reader, and the potential fan of Ghost of Gloria. Let’s do-it-together.

Support the scene or there will be no scene to support

Buy this album today on one of the many websites that offer great music. See sites to the right. WeMerge Magazine -

A Real DIY Band Johnny Lead Vocals

Mark Bassist

Jeff Lead Guitar ReverbNation/GhostOfGloria WeMerge Magazine -

Mark P. Drummer

Support Support thethe scene scene or there or there willwill be be no no scene scene to support to support 5

SeeThemLive Tell ’em WeMerge Sent Ya


e stick behind our slogan here at WeMerge Magazine, “Support the scene, or there will be no scene to support,” which is meant to remind people that the whole economy of live music is one that revolves around supply and demand. Therefore, if you don’t go to the live shows, then you are proving that there is not a demand for them, which then decreases the supply and makes less of a scene. So go out there. Demand it. Support the live music scene, and keep it alive. We’ve got four acts that are known for their amazing live shows, four acts you should go see live.

Marc Solomon Yes, the boy’s got talent. But more than that, Marc Solomon has drive. He’s got ambition and a fiery desire to push his music career as far as it can go. Having recently secured sponsorship from “Hats and Hats” in North Miami Beach, Marc obviously knows how to convince the business world of his value as a spokesperson. It’s this kind of intuitive business savvy that is bound to help Marc propel his talent forward and help him to reach all of his goals as a career musician. But even with all this forward momentum, Marc still keeps one foot in the present, remembering to always use his talent to educate, which is why he is a guitar instructor by day, helping students of all ages to hone their skills the way he has over the years.

Where to go to see live music: DADE: Kitchen 305 Tobacco Road Wallflower Gallery PS 14 Transit Lounge Bougainvillea’s Jazid Blue Martini Luna Star Cafe The Vagabond White Room Titanic Brewery

Joey Gilmore No South Florida resident is more blues than Joey Gilmore. He might as well be the region’s ambassador for blues music. Seemingly out of place in a state that rarely appreciates the less popular genres of American music and culture, Joey is one of very few local musicians helping to keep the blues alive in a world dominated by hip-hop, rock, and bubble gum pop. With a career that has spanned 40 years, Gilmore is still out there gigging constantly with the same vigor as someone half his age. To not go see him perform live would actually be doing you a disservice. You owe it to yourself to go explore a musical genre that speaks to you differently than any other, and we here at WeMerge Magazine recommend going to see him at Kitchen 305, located inside the Newport Beachside Resort in Sunny Isles, a venue that has recently developed quite an impressive lineup for live entertainment.

BROWARD: A1A Dive Bar O’Malley’s Alligator Alley Culture Room Cheers Solid Sound Studios Revoltion The Talent Farm The Poor House

Phat Munky Any band with a bass player named “Crazy Dave” is worth checking out. Right? Heck Yeah! Phat Munky combines funk, soul, and rock, and does it all in their own signature way. Not only do they gig aggressively throughout South Florida, but they also have one of the better looking websites among local music acts. Check out www. to see how well the band has packaged and presented themselves, and if you’re interested in booking them be sure to contact Ron G from NFA Entertainment ( One of the band’s biggest achievements is having opened for Sevendust last year, but an even bigger achievement would be if everyone reading this right now went out to their next show.

Web Three Web Three is synonymous with charisma. Whether he is labeling himself as an MC, a psychosodomizer, a one man mosh pit, or as a sideshow freak, the underlying similarity amongst all of this guy’s personas is his always charisma. A Web Three show is an experience unlike any other, a glimpse into what would happen if hip hop were passed down to someone who claims to be “a creature birthed from an unearthed vagina.” His highly energized live shows at some of the area’s hole-in-the wall pubs and small music venues are only a taste of what it will be like when the Web Three experience starts rockin’ out big arenas and stadiums.


Support the scene or there will be no scene to support

Dicey Riley’s The Downtowner PALM BEACH: Hurricane Bar & Grill Kevro’s Art Bar Dada Boardriders South Shores Tavern Lake Worth Rum Shack The Back Room Roxy’s Pub Respectable Street The Dubliner Propaganda Bull Bar Brogue’s

WeMerge Magazine -

Bands You Should Know:

ZOMBIES ORGANIZE A coversation with Steve Rullman of

The Honey Comb

It was one of those nights. I was walking with a pep in my step. My mood was good, and my momentum was forward, firm, and confident. I was in Lake Worth, checking out the downtown scene, when I walked south on J street and stepped in through the open door of Propaganda, a new live music venue that has been promoted to the point of ubiquity in just a few short months of being open for business. I ordered a $1 Pabst Blue Ribbon and sat down to talk with Steve Rullman, the man behind the venue’s promotions and band bookings. We traded words and ideas about music, business, and things happening around town, but when he told me about his idea for a new website I knew this would something I’d have to write about. The site is www.BandsYouShouldKnow. com, and so naturally I asked Steve, “Who would be the first band that we should know about, and why?” His answer was Zombies Organize, and here’s what he said about why we should know them... “They are fun. Their beats are true and their lyrics clever. They are currently my favorite band in South Florida, original and creative. They’re also super nice and intelligent. Z!!O!! is one of those bands where when you watch them you can’t help but smile. Kinda like EPP (Emergency Pizza Party). You know, much of the stuff I spin between bands is relatively unknown to most people, and I frequently play Z!!O!!, and I am constantly asked ‘Who is this?’ or ‘What was that last song?’ They may not be “technical wizards,” but in a band like this, perfection and musicianship are somewhat secondary. They capture the essence of what punk is supposed to be… what punk used to be about… creating something bizarre, original, and in your face… off the wall, thoughtful and experimental all at the same time. They embody the true punk aesthetic. They’re not like modern day “Hot Topic junk punk.” When they put on a show, they put on a show. Zombies just wanna have fun.”




Support your local art scene and visit one of these local galleries. Make sure to tell them that WeMerge sent you.

ArtServe 1350 E. Sunrise Blvd. Ft. Lauderdale – 33304 (954) 462-8190 * Home of the famed yearly exhibit, “The Red Eye”

Uncommon Gallery 2713 E. Commercial Blvd. Ft. Lauderdale - 33308 (954) 336-4305 UncommonGallery * Monthly gallery night – 2nd Friday of every month

Gallery 22 282 Via Naranjas #53 Royal Palm Place Boca Raton - 33432 (561) 347-1677 * Owned by world renowned sculptor Yaacov Heller

James Schott Gallery & Studio 2800 N. Federal Highway Ft. Lauderdale - 33306 (954) 564-1112 * Displays the visual art of photography exclusively Grace Café & Gallery 49 N. Federal Highway Dania Beach - 33004 (954) 816-3324 * Currently exhibiting Purvis Young

Art Fusion Gallery 1 NE 40th St., Suites 6 & 7 Miami - 33137 (305) 573-5730 *Monthly gallery night – 2nd Saturday of every month WeMerge Magazine -

The Artists’ Guild Gallery 512 E. Atlantic Ave. Delray Beach – 33483 (561) ART-7877 * Sponsors over 20 juried exhibitions of original fine art throughout the year

Craft Gallery 5911 S. Dixie Highway West Palm Beach - 33405 (561) 585-7744 * Offers pottery classes for adults & kids clay workshops

Hardcore Art Contemporary Space 3326 N. Miami Ave Miami - 33127 (305) 576-1645 * 6,250 square ft of art

Support Supportthe thescene sceneororthere therewill willbe beno noscene scenetotosupport support 7

Neil Ramsay - 561.302.6345


Luana t

Artists Available for Commissioned Work. Interested parties contact Neil at Art Mouth.

Katie Sottak


Support the scene or there will be no scene to support

WeMerge Magazine -

WeMerge Magazine -

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walked into Audacity Recording Studios in downtown Hollywood to meet with “Chaos Theory,” a four person performance poetry team practicing for their appearance at the upcoming Southern Fried Regional Competition, in Raleigh, North Carolina. One of the members of the team, Mr. Rigz, is an engineer at the studio and has offered up the space for practicing. I feel the team camaraderie as soon as I enter. After shaking hands and exchanging hugs with everyone, the team goes right back to

laughing, teasing each other, and inadvertently showing how genuine friendship is at the root of all successful team efforts. The word “family” soon replaces the word “team” in my head, and I can see that the love for poetry that unites these four people will ultimately be responsible for their predicted first place finishing at the upcoming competition. I tell them that I just want to be a fly on the wall, allowing them to go about their practice as usual while I sit and observe. The team convenes in the main room and begins practicing their newest group piece, “Broken,” which focuses on the idea that individuals feeling broken from tragic situations can become whole again by uniting with other broken people. Rachel “Flow Diva” Finley, Poetic Vybez, and Mr. Rigz run through the poem, each holding a printed copy like a script, making minor changes and edits along the way,


Nick Christos


while Raff Adams quietly sits at the computer, finalizing a piece called “Crooked Hearts,” which gives a sobering account of a young woman’s trip to the abortion clinic and will be performed as a duo piece with Raff and Poetic Vybez. I smile to myself as I sit back and notice that these four light hearted, happy people are able to pen poetry that speaks on such heavy and important topics. It reminds me of the job of a poet, to help wake people up and produce change. So wish these poets luck as they head out of state to change a few minds – and hopefully win.

More info about “Chaos Theory”


Self Portrait

hen a recent submission through our website ( came from the founder of The Miami Stuckists, which is an active chapter of Stuckism International, my curiosity had me doing a Google search on “Stuckism” to find out more about this peculiar sounding word and the art movement behind it. My search returned several results that educated me on the origins of this international art movement that was founded in Britain in 1999 by a group of 13 artists lead by Billy Childish. Childish was a wildly enigmatic artist, author, poet, and musician who formed the group to promote figurative painting over conceptual art. He’s got a crazy and controversial background and has been cited as an artistic influence by Kurt Cobain and The White Stripes. The group penned a manifesto to relay their mission, which contained the line, “artists who don’t paint aren’t artists.” Nick Christos, founder of The Miami Stuckists, has also created a 13point manifesto for his group that is reminiscent of Billy Childish’s earlier manifesto and serves as a fitting introduction to a local group that is part of an international legacy, one that you too might be curious about, or want to be a part of. Visit, and e-mail Nick if you would like to learn more about the group or attend an upcoming Miami Stuckists event.

10 Support the scene or there will be no scene to support


(Miami World Cinema Center)

A non-profit organization based in Miami, supported by the community and dedicated to local talent and film production. It aims to supplement, enhance, and expand film education by bringing top global film talent to South Florida’s educational institutions. The organization ensures the production of local projects through the procurement of financing and distribution through partnerships with production entities. WMCC connects filmmakers with the local industry by offering a membership program with incentives for the artists and businesses. Filmmakers are encouraged to submit their treatments, scripts and/or films to the WMCC to be chosen for development. 450 NW 28th St., Miami 33127, (305) 433-5848,

WeMerge Magazine -

Ballet t Pointe t Jazz t Lyrical t Salsa t Modern t Hip-Hop t Piano t Ballroom t Acting t Flamenco t Voice t Guitar t Belly Dancing t Afro-Cuban t Professional Instructors t Performing Opportunities t Beginner through professional levels t Technique Classes for Children & Adults

Mention WeMerge, Get Your First Dance Class Free

(954) 475-3000 t

2240 SW 70th Ave, Unit A Davie, FL 33317 WeMerge Magazine -

Support the scene or there will be no scene to support 11

In our last issue, we introduced “The Who’s Next Gallery,” where we presented the works of six talented local artists and gave our readers a chance to send in their opinions to help us pick one artist to be featured in the next issue. The artist we chose to feature is none other than Cassie “Kazilla” Williams, an imaginative and highly ambitious student at The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. As active in the community as she is on canvas, Kazilla can be found painting live at events all throughout Broward and Dade counties. She surrounds herself with other artists and has a tight group of friends that are all involved in one aspect or another of art or music, a pleasant reminder that talent is best recognized with the help of


a strong support group. WeMerge Magazine commends you, Kazilla, for your talent as an artist and for your commitment to the local arts scene.

Support the scene or there will be no scene to support

WeMerge Magazine - WeMerge Magazine -


Ed Hardy Sky Bejeweled Fender Rock Revival Roar English Laundry Rivet De Cru Toxic Waste Miss Me Couture Soul Revival Rebel Spirit Leather Rock True Religion Remedy Etreme Couture (Affliction) l





l l











OF 15%OFF 20%

w/this ad


$50 or mo rc u p hase

WeMerge Magazine -

Support the scene or there will be no scene to support 13



LUIS RIVERA - Check him out on FaceBook


If you would like to be one of the next artists to have their work showed in “The Who’s Next Gallery,” send your submissions to 14 Support the scene or there will be no scene to support

WeMerge Magazine -

Who’s Next Gallery W

e are constantly receiving submissions and scouting for new artists to be featured in our magazine. Here, in the “Who’s Next Gallery,” we provide you with some samples from artists we are considering for the next issue. This is not a contest, and we are not tallying votes, but we would like for you to review the artists in this gallery and thier online portfolios, and e-mail us to let us know who you think should be next.


The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place; from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web. - Pablo Picasso LUZ -

WeMerge Magazine -


ROBERT CAINE JEFFCOAT - Check him out on FaceBook

Support the scene or there will be no scene to support 15

Christa &Frank “So, you’re an animation major too?” That’s what Frank La Natra said to Christa Z on the first day of class at The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. From that simple conversation soon spawned a relationship, one rooted in a mutual love for art and a shared ambition to rise to the top. They are appropriately referred to by those that know them as a “power couple.” Christa’s position as an apprentice at Eternal Ink in Davie, where Frank works, allows them to spend time together while they work. Frank has been teaching Christa how to tattoo for 2 years, and they enjoy helping each other out and exchanging constructive criticism.

Prismacolor Marker Prismacolor Pencil

Oil on Canvas

Oil on Canvas

Prismacolor Marker

Beyond just being in love, what gives couples real staying power is a sharing of similar ideals and future plans, which is evident with these two art-loving lovers when they say things like, “I’m up and coming fast in the tattoo industry, and am hoping before long to be one of the heavy hitters out there.” (Frank) and “I want to spread art all over, so that it’s everywhere, from your kitchens, to your kids’ ceilings. I think it makes the world a much better place to live.” (Christa) Not only are they on the same page...they’re on the same canvas.

Coral Painter

Available for Commissioned Work - Contact: Frank: Christa:

16 Support the scene or there will be no scene to support

WeMerge Magazine -

WeMerge Magazine -

Support the scene or there will be no scene to support 17

Featured Photographers Danny Hammontree uses photography to express the universality of the human experience. Every photo makes a bold statement, and this is

not by accident. Danny’s photographic objective is clearly to wake people up and unite them. We encourage you to visit his website,, where you’ll find over 400 photographs with titles like: “Flags for Everyone,” “Love is Never Wrong,” “Hands Together,” “Everyone is Equal, “Take My Hand,” “I Love My Country,” “Smile,” “Courage,” “Stop the War,” and “Hope for the Future.” Additionally, Danny is one of those rare artists that have a firm grip on the business side of the art, being that he is the founder and president of The South Florida Camera Club. If ever there was a photographer to credit with unifying the South Florida photography scene, Danny is the one. -

Susan Alvarez

Susan Alvarez has one job, and that is… to make you look good. As one of the leaders in South Florida headshot photography, she does her job well. Her talent is in making people feel comfortable in front of the camera, so they can just be themselves, which makes the final headshot into what it should be: a representation, not an exaggeration. And nowadays everyone needs a great headshot. Whether you’re an actor, model, musician, entertainer, or just someone who wants a great photo for a dating site or social networking site, you’re going to have a reason to contact Susan Alvarez. Susan also has a passion for photo portraiture and using digitized imagery, creating personalized individual “pop art” for her clients. She is the recipient of two grant/fellowships for her “Celebrating Fifty” art series. 18 Support the scene or there will be no scene to support

WeMerge Magazine -

The South Florida Camera Club - Photo Gallery


hat you see before you are 15 photographs from 15 members of The South Florida Camera Club, a local club for photographers of all ages and levels of skill. The club meets twice a month, has monthly photo field trips, competitions, and guest speakers. If you are interested in joining the club and networking with like minded people then visit or contact the club’s president, Danny Hammontree (

Joe McBroom -

Jack Levy -

Frank Lee Roberts -

James McCallum -

Justin Rosenberg -

Jessica Savidge –

Juan Monino –

Marty Fuchs -

Tracey Ahrendt -

Vionette -

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Teens merge

Just cause you’re under the drinking age doesn’t mean you can’t party!

by Ashley Lombardo u Our Teen Correspondent

Describing their sound as “angry hardcore,” Solitude performs wild shows that are pulsating with sheer, intense energy. Their style is musically influenced by what they consider the real hardcore; including bands such as Down to Nothing, Trash Talk, Guns Up!, Ceremony, Champion, and Trapped Under Ice. Not to be confused with the mainstream bands like Chiodos, Bring Me the Horizon, and A Day to Remember, all of which shouldn’t even be included near the word hardcore.

When asked if they are seeking fame, the band responds by saying that that’s not what the hardcore scene is about. To elaborate, it’s about getting your message across and dealing with the problems in your life. Solitude has played at venues such as Solid Sound Studios, The Talent Farm, Goo, Backbone, The Dugout, and Rockstarz. At a Solitude show, you’ll never be bored. They are often so unpredictable that band members may end up in Speedos… it’s happened before. It’s loud, sweaty, your ears are beating, and the punches are thrown fast and hard. Prior to the show, the band drinks “Dragons Blood” to get the adrenaline pumping. Dragon’s Blood is crushed ice with a large amount of Gatorade powder poured in. It’s thick, sugary, sour and successful at getting things going. All members of the band are straightedge, meaning they don’t drink, smoke, do drugs or have promiscuous sex. Their level of commitment is evident; at the beginning of summer last year, they were scheduled to play a show at Laser Fun Zone. A kid was punched, a fight ensued, and the cops were called to shut it down. The band was pissed because they worked so hard, so they got in their cars and had everyone follow them back to the band house. A line of about 40 cars and 1 motorcycle followed them, and they executed a show with about 60 kids all packed into a single driveway. That’s dedication for you. Solitude has recorded 3 new songs with Fish Taco Studio, and they can be found @ If you like what you hear, also check out CENTURIES ( MONUMENT ( NOWBREATHERS (

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Now Available on iTunes

Mobile On Location Recording Studio Coral Springs, FL is home to a visionary entrepreneurial music producer and engineer named Alex De La Espriella. But you can just call him “Mr. Quicktrackz.” As the owner of the area’s only mobile recording studio, he stands out on the local music landscape for offering a unique, affordable, and convenient alternative to

driving out to a traditional studio to record your music. Able to service all of your on-location recording needs, Mr. Quicktrackz will gladly come to your house, your next gig, or whatever that place is that gets your creative juices flowing, allowing you to stay focused on just

being inspired and productive, while he handles the rest for you. This concept is truly at the forefront of new trends for the recording industry. It’s what most of the big stars on the major labels do. They record on the road, while they tour. Mr. Quicktrackz is here to bring you that level of major label recording wherever you are. Whether you’re a rap artist, a singer/songwriter, or a band, if you need a track done, and you need it done quick, call Mr. Quicktrackz (954-254-6677). He brings the studio to you. TOP STUDIO GEAR: Vocal Booth - Protools, Apogee A/D/A, Top Mic Preamps and huge microphone selection. Over 10 yrs sound reinforcement and recording experience! Worked with the likes of DMX and KRS-ONE and many of South Florida’s top talent. “Tired of paying high studio prices and still not feeling the vibe? Let me come to you and make your dreams come true!” DJ Services for all occasions! Nightclubs, House Parties, & Corporate Events!

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The owner of MUSIC ART LOVE and independent representative of FOR YOUR PLEASURE, Christine Alexander, hosts a variety of events in South Florida ranging from artistic showcases to ‘zensual’ workshops and parties.

Stop by her booth at TattooLaPalooza at the Miami Beach Convention Center July 10-12, 2009, featuring * Artwork by Shepard Fairey, Zilon, David DeRosa, Enki Bilal, ChrisAlex. Artwork/Sensual items available at this interactive display.

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DEVIOUS Poets t Painters t Rappers t Comedians t Bands Sculptors t Performance Artists t DJs t Actors t Tattoo Artists t Authors t Graffiti Artists t Producers t Dancers t Singer/Songwriters t Cartoonists t Martial Artists t Make-Up Artists t Magicians t What does WeMerge look for in an artist submission? 1. Talent 2. Commitment to their art (gigs, portfolios, credentials, etc.) 3. Professional packaging (high quality photos & logos) 4. A willingness to participate in promoting the issue you’re featured in WeMerge Magazine is always accepting artist submissions. We catalogue them all for possible inclusion in future issues. Our advertisers are very important to our survival. For this reason, artists who can provide advertising referrals will have thier sumbissions reviewed immediately. Visit our website and fill out our Talent Submission Form.

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BODY ART fully mobile face & body art company A talented crew of professional artists, providing you with custom body paint, face paint, henna, and artwork for fashion shows, children & adult themed parties, corporate fundraisers, and advertising & marketing events. Also specializing in full transformation and special effects makeup. Book now for Halloween! Also providing beautiful belly painting, mommy massage, and yoga We can organize your whole baby shower.

Georgette Pressler 561.329.8557 Support the scene or there will be no scene to support 25

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If you love graffiti, let’s face it, there’s nothing better than the internet, right? A trip to “Artcrimes” or the “12 oz. Prophet’”forums can take you from the streets of San Francisco off to Copenhagen and back to Miami (shout to, all within a matter of a few simple clicks. For photographers and artists alike, the net is where it’s at— its immediacy is bar-none. However, please indulge me, as I’d like to digress and ask you to allow me to take you on a journey back in time, before all the websites, blogs and forums, prior to the proliferation of graffiti ‘zines and amazing photo books on the craft. We’re gonna go back, way back… I first saw Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant’s seminal book “Subway Art” during the latter part of 1986, a mere few months after I’d been bitten in earnest by the graffiti bug. I purchased my own copy not too long after, and the rest, well the rest is pretty much history. I toted that book with me most everywhere I went for a better part of the next four years. Following its lead, I began dabbling in and photo-documenting graffiti while living in Los Angeles in 1987. And thus, a typographic love affair was born. I moved back to South Florida the following year and much to my teenage chagrin, North Broward County was certainly not the bastion of graffiti art,

not by a long shot. Yet, I kept hope alive, and it wouldn’t be long… From one end to the other, I toured the county by scooter, skateboard and bus, en route to the various malls—and the smoke signals began to appear. Marker tags began to adorn phone booths at the Sunrise Ice Skating Rink, dumpsters behind plazas along University Drive and electrical boxes in Coral Springs and Plantation—stylishly-scrawled communiqués were being disseminated—making their presence known to the handfuls of likeminded kids who kept their eyes peeled for such things. My ears were pricked, my interest piqued. In my travels I began to meet other writers, and once again it was “on.” Classes were being cut on the regular in the name of trips to ‘The Bakehouse,’ the’ Fountainbleau Penit’ and other makeshift galleries throughout South Broward and the County of Dade—now the “jones” was insatiable. There was nothing like it, the rush of shooting with film, and the mystery of not knowing whether you’d captured a roll of keepers, exposed your film or had some other unforeseen mishap. Because, of course, there was no guarantee you could go back to find a

pristine piece, it could be lined, gone over or buffed—forever lost in time. As we headed back on 95 North, cameras full, drowning in the sounds of Schoolly D, B.D.P. or Eric B. & Rakim, the anticipation mounted… Without fail, it’d be a beeline to the mall, directly to the One Hour photo spot to anxiously wait, and then watch and rejoice as those perfect flicks rolled off the conveyor one by one. Those adventures and images are indelibly etched in my mind’s eye, accompanied by a feeling that the internet could never replicate— a true Technicolor testament to the halcyon days. Enjoy…

Graffiti Sites To Check Out

Fountainbleau Penit The BakeHouse

On the right hand side of I-95 northbound just before the airport on a broken wall (no longer there)

Fountainbleau Penit

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The BakeHouse

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What is Stitch Rock?

Stitch Rock is an annual indie craft fair and bazaar bringing back old school crafting techniques with new school flare! With over 50 vendors it is full of handmade crafts and unique products like DIY fashion, funky home deco items, natural bath and body goodies, baby gear, vintage finds, hot rod paintings, pin up photography, and much more! We have door prizes, local music, food and drinks, and free swag bags for the first 100 people.

How can people get involved with Stitch Rock? Everyone is invited to become a vendor for the show. Vendor submissions usually start in May and all you need to do is fill out the form on the website. If you don’t have goods to sell but still want to be involved, you can also become a show sponsor.

Where did you first get the idea for Stitch Rock?

Amanda has always loved to shop cheesy craft fairs, and retirement community bazaars looking for the perfect unique and handmade treasure. Something awesome enough to leave everyone wondering “where did she buy that?” With the explosion of the DIY movement she thought there must be other people making newer, cooler crafts using the same old school techniques found at those retirement community bazaars. After doing a little research and attending some much hipper craft fairs she found that there were tons of people making and selling really cool handmade things! That’s when she decided it was time to organize a bazaar of her own, thus Stitch Rock was born! With much help and support from friends and family it has become South Florida’s largest annual indie craft fair!

WHEN:Sat October 3, 2009 12noon – 6pm WHERE: Old School Square - Vintage Gymnasium51 N. Swinton Ave Delray Beach , FL 33444 Downtown Delray Beach on the NE corner of Atlantic Ave. and Swinton

ADMISSION:$5 (kids 12 & under free w/adult)

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All photos on this page were taken at The South Florida Graffiti Expo, which took place on May 16th, 2009 at Kevro’s Art Bar in Delray Beach. 20 artists showed up and painted live, including the three featured artists: Krave (KraveArt. com), Crome (, and Dekal ( DJ Stevie D ( and DJ Teak provided the music for the night. If you would like info on the next graffiti expo, visit

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WeMerge Magazine Issue 5

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