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DJ Stevie D (The Dick Clark of Hip-Hop) & DJ Maseo of...

Not your everyday Irish Pub


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The Story Behind The Bonus Red Dot

The staff here at WeMerge Magazine would like to take this opportunity to share with you the story of the Bonus Red Dot. The famed mark of benevolence (created by Dwayne Adams) that has appeared on the covers of our last four issues made its public debut back in 2005, when it appeared on the panel underneath the disc in the packaging for the independent release, “The Odds Results of Inner Conflicts,” by alternative folk/rock/hip-hop artist Pilot Rai (www.myspace. com/pilotraimusic). Since its historic first public appearance, the Bonus Red Dot found its way onto many show flyers before landing its current position as the full time symbol of wit, optimism, and generosity on the cover of every new WeMerge Magazine release. We bow and tip our hats to you, the Bonus Red Dot. We thank you for your commitment to the community and for humbly carrying the torch of originality with you for the past four years. As if giving people a free magazine wasn’t enough, we are proud to also provide a free red dot as a bonus – every time. Myspace/BonusRedDot

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Pg. 17 - No Hard Feelings Tattoo Pg. 18 - Photography/Make Up Pg. 19 - Acoustic Rock & Beyond Pg. 22 - Q&A With a DJ Pg. 23 - Slip and the Spinouts Pg. 24 - Lauderhill Arts Incubator Pg. 25 - Highlights Hair Studio Pg. 26 & 27 - Corkboard Pg. 28 - What will she say...? Pg. 29 - Bostons’ on the Beach Pg. 30 - Graffiti Page Please turn over and start again

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Believe in nothing but yourself. If ever there is doubt look around for encouragement. The life around you will show you direction. A person who is lost will only need to look to find their way. Creation will lead to existence, existence will lead to truth, and truth will be told to all those around them. Believe in’s the only thing that is real. - Dwayne Adams


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Letter from the Editor


ith the release of our fourth issue, we are proud to witness our goals coming to fruition. This is our fourth time tangibly fulfilling our mission statement – to Merge together various cultures, subcultures, and genres and introduce them to the public, giving the artists in our magazine the publicity and exposure they so rightfully deserve. It wasn’t easy – but we did it, and we look forward to continuing to play our role as a print representation of the local South Florida scene. We couldn’t have done it without the help of our advertisers. So please patronize them and keep the cycle of support intact. You support them. They support us. We support the artists. Everyone’s happy. We are very proud of the growth we’ve experienced between each of our four issues, and we would like to continue this upward trend into the future, but we need your help. So if you would like to aid in sales, distribution, or promotion, please send us an e-mail – if you are serious, motivated, and ambitious. I would personally like to thank Dwayne Adams for being the best graphic designer a South Florida magazine has ever seen. The explosive nature of our layout has become our signature, and it’s what sets us apart from all other magazines. Please take a moment to really read about the artists in this issue. Send them e-mails or friend requests on MySpace. Go to their shows. Buy their photographs, paintings, and CDs. Get to know them. Get involved. These are real people that are really out there living the dream. Being an artist is one of the hardest lifestyle choices that a person could make. However, with the support of fans, friends, family, media, and local venues - that lifestyle becomes a lot easier and enables local artists to turn their passions into careers. It’s you – the reader – that keeps these artists going. Everyone plays a role in everyone else’s life. On a final note, I’d like to get a little inspirational on you for a minute, if you don’t mind. Take a look at this magazine. Read it and really get into it, and when you do that, you’ll see that anything is possible. If you want to achieve something with your art, your music, your business, or just your life - you can do it. The people in this issue did it. And they’re still doing it. They are the proof, and so is the issue itself. What started as an idea become a reality. You’re holding it in the palm of your hands - in more ways than one. One more thing: If you’d like to help me reach my goal of performing one of my poems on The Ellen Degeneres Show, please go to and sign my petition. “Support the scene, or there will be no scene to support.” Peace,

Renda Writer Chief Editor


We Can’t Change the World, but We Can Change Our Ways

Leonid Afremov

Born in Israel, and currently residing in Boca Raton, FL, Leonid Afremov is one of the world’s foremost contemporary painters, and he doesn’t even use a paintbrush. He uses only a palette knife to create some very original landscapes, cityscapes, and figures. He says that every painting is the result of a process, a process that can be seen by searching “Leonid Afremov” on

Ricardo Namias


n business, the term “elevator pitch” refers to your most basic and brief synopsis story of what you do. It’s how you sell yourself when time is limited. The term gets its name from the hypothetical scenario of running into someone important on an elevator and only having a few seconds to pitch yourself before one of you has to get off the elevator. If Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale graduate Ricardo Namias were ever in an elevator with a wealthy art collector or arts investor, we hope that he would have time to whip out an iPhone and show the 16 second time lapse footage of him creating a piece of art from scratch. You can see it yourself by visiting his MySpace page:

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JR Linton Does Tattoos

he images on the previous page more than adequately show that JR Linton has proven talent and individuality. Additionally, his keen understanding of how to monetize his talents has enabled him to become a professional artist, and one with a great degree of success. But what should be emphasized here is that JR uses his position to help others. He is the owner and curator of, an online art gallery where he features and sells his own art and represents some of the hottest painters and tattoo artists, including Pooch, Jaime Burton, Scott Fisk, Wes Core, Janette Valentine, and Trick One. Unity and collective progress through helping artists in their careers - it’s an approach utilized by JR Linton and a reminder of how much he has in common with the mission of WeMerge Magazine, which is why having his work on our cover made so much sense. JR Linton is married and lives in West Palm Beach. His hobbies include welding, playing bass and drums, and tinkering with his classic cars. In addition to tattooing, JR is one of the photographers for Atomic Bettie Productions, a pin-up production company specializing in vintage and high-fashion photo shoots. Stop in sometime to see JR at Hellcat Tattoo in West Palm Beach (4007 S. Dixie Highway).

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Dharmata is:

ant to read a band bio that doesn’t sound like every other band bio out there? Go to DharmataMusic & also read the compelling, original, and perhaps partially fabled tale of how these 5 guys came together. It’s a detailed story that also includes planetary alignments, space exploration, cold February mornings, and imaginary clay fields.

Jay Slim – Vocals Greg Diamond Phillips – Guitar Chris Turbo – Guitar Kevin Sanchez – Bass JC Rommel – Drums

Influences Include: Pantera Jeff Buckley Guns N’ Roses Radiohead

Shared Stages With: Nonpoint Seven Mary Three 10 Years

Airplay on: 103.1 The Buzz

Signed to: Hellaphant Records “Cut Creators” Fans of Radiohead, The Pixies, Soul Asylum, and Nada Surf now have a local singer/ songwriter to add to their list of favorites: Alex Nelson. Describing himself as being a member of the “Alternapop” genre, his songs are as alternative as they are pop, which has him sitting comfortably in a spot where his commercial success is not far away but his integrity is guaranteed to stay intact. Many of his songs sound like they belong on movie soundtracks, and his catalog is filled with enough quality material that listeners can pick their own personal favorite song, rather than wait for the obvious hit like an overtly pop artist would have. Be on the lookout for his CD, “Everything You Wanted to Say, But Didn’t,” which follows his debut EP, “How Did We End Up Here?,” recorded under his moniker as an electric artist - “Frenjen.” Beyond the facts and credits, what else makes Alex Nelson so special? Well, in addition to his obvious talent as a musician, Alex’s live shows are very entertaining. Alex is able to capture the audience’s attention with humor that encourages laughter, dialogue, and participation. Go see him live and chuckle your stress away wtih his signature in-between-song humor.


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Never before have a DJ and an MC come together on a track for such an impeccably fluid combination of their respective talents the way that Jabrjaw and DJ Dee Dubbs did on their 12inch vinyl single, “Cut Creators.” Without a flaw or fault, DJ Dee Dubbs scratches in vocal samples that enhance, match, and coincide with Jabrjaw’s every lyric. Dee Dubbs does more than just create the cuts on this one; he creates the vibe, a vibe reminiscent of the early days of hip-hop culture. Woven skillfully in between scratched in samples are Jabrjaw’s cunning lines and verbal jabs and punches. He rocks great on top of his DJ’s chopped drum breaks and spits with a clear and understandable flow. Real hip-hop heads will have fun trying to trace the origins of all the samples, and people across the board will be entertained by “Cut Creators,” a noble example of a hip-hop duo putting their best foot forward. Listen to the track at


he digital revolution has reinvented the normal promotional practices of the music industry. Back about 10-15 years ago, the major record labels promoted their artists by releasing singles. And whether you bought the single on vinyl, cassette, or CD, there was always a b-side song, and sometimes the b-side was the sleeper hit. If local rap artist Dino Ferrari were to release his popular track, “See Your Soul” as a single, its b-side sleeper hit would have to be “Break Off,” which almost plays the same role as “Unbelievable,” the b-side to Notorious BIG’s single for “Juicy.” DJ Fono of Roundabout Records ( threw together the perfect recipe for making heads nod when he made the beat for “Break Off,” and Dino stepped right in with the ego and wit necessary to give the beat the words it needed. The chorus reminds us of the value of freedom and escape and readies us for the song’s breakdown, which can only be described as empowering. “See Your Soul” is a fast paced future dance hit for the hip-hop clubs that integrates Dino’s flow with a catchy chorus, some old school scratching and cutting, and some old school b-boy breaks. Both tracks are worth checking out, as are the other four songs on Dino Ferrari’s MySpace page and the full line up of songs featured on his soon-to-be released CD, “See Your Soul.”

“A versatile comedian who is mastering the art of exaggerated observational humor.”


Love Shoes

Find out more about Dino and hear his musc @ DinoFerrariInfo

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ithin our past three issues, we made sure to devote some space on our pages to covering the local stand up comedy scene, as it is often overlooked as an art form. In this issue, we are proud to continue our devotion to the comedic arts, but this time around We Merge you with someone a little bit outside of the box of traditional stand up comedy. Wonderfool is a practitioner of what he calls, “death defying comedy,” a blend of stunts, tricks, humor, costumes, and magic. His vaudevillian flavor is an entertaining break from the norm and a unique addition to the mix of talent our state has to offer. You can catch him performing at all of the major festivals, including this year’s Renaissance Fair at Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach. Or maybe you’d like to book him for your own event. If so, contact him through the info below:


Support the scene or there will be no scene to support

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What is Spoken Word Poetry? What is Spoken Word Poetry? Spoken Word Poetry is Performance Poetry. It’s a genre of performance art where the poet recites and performs a memorized original poem, allowing the poem to be heard and expressed in a animated and articulate manner, much like an actor’s monologue. It is nothing like the stuffy, academic or literary poetry that you may have been forced to study in a high school English class. It is entertaining, engaging, and inspiring, and there are scores of spoken word poets in South Florida that perform their original works on a nightly basis at venues on the local Spoken Word Poetry scene. What is a Poetry Slam? A poetry slam is a competition for spoken word poets in which the host of the slam randomly picks members of the audience to serve as judges, and then those judges rate the poems that they hear on a 0 to 10 scale. The slam consists of a few rounds of competition, where the poets with the highest scores advance through the rounds until a winner is determined. Most slams

enforce a time limit of three minutes (and a grace period of 10 seconds), after which the poet’s score may be docked according to how long the poem exceeds the time limit. Where can I see live Spoken Word Poetry? If you are in the West Palm Beach area, Wilkine Brutus hosts a weekly event every Wednesday night called “The Stage” at The C&N Café on Okeechobee Blvd. It not only attracts some of the best local and national spoken word poets, but it is also open for musicians and comedians. For more information about this event, please visit or e-mail Wilkine Brutus at WilkineBrutus@ For those in Miami, one of the premier spots to witness performance poetry is The Literary Café & Poetry Lounge, which is owned by 2x HBO Def Poet Will Da Real One. For more info, visit MySpace. com/LiteraryCafePoetryLounge. If you are looking to see an official poetry slam, and maybe even act as a judge for the night, then stop by Dada in Delray Beach on a Tuesday night for their weekly poetry slam,

hosted by Chris Imperial (grassroots3000@ “Voicez and Vibez,” on the first Thursday of the Month at Troy’s Lounge (2990 W. Sunrise Blvd.) in Ft. Lauderdale, is hosted by Terri Meredith, who is the nicest host you will ever meet. E-mail her for more info at Spoken word poets also comprise a good portion of the varied roster of performers that come out to Renda Writer’s four weekly Open Mics: Mondays at Atmosphere Coffee Lounge in Fort Lauderdale, Tuesdays at Kevro’s Art Bar in Delray Beach, Thursdays at The Red Bar Gallery in Ft. Lauderdale, and Fridays at Mega Bite Cyber Café in Hollywood. More info on his events can be found at RendaThePoet. Also, tune in to “Poetry Is...” – a weekly poetry talk radio show hosted by Lizz Straight on ( PoetryIs). Another great spot for poetry is “Mello Mondays” @ Blusters in Hollywood. For more info on that go to MelloMondays. And finally, Ray Dominguez of The Write Side Poets recently opened up The Write Side Poets Cafe in Lauderhill. (, 954-531-6266).

I am the hair that won’t lie flat! I tried to be happy With my husband the doctor Who told me After reading his medical books Again That my spiritual experiences Were the first signs of madness Religious mania That I badly needed therapy


Support the scene or there will be no scene to support

I said I badly needed to be Rid of him And so I did! I am the hair that won’t lie flat For the deniers of life There is safety in a net I’d rather be the fish In the open sea And risk Being swallowed by a shark And also risk The greatness I was born to be.

3035 S. Federal Hwy. Delray Beach 33483

(561) 455-2333



Merge you with one of Delray Beach’s newest restaurant/lounge hot spots – The Blu Palm Lounge. The owner, Phil DeFrancisco, is a musician/ entrepreneur who says, “I made a Mona Lisa out of a somewhat soiled canvas when I took the place over.” Spoken like a true artist, he is referring (without much exaggeration) to how he took an old bar in a shopping center on Federal Highway, just south of Linton Blvd., and turned it into a hip new spot with “reasonably priced American dishes with a trendy flair.” Also boasting a full liquor bar and 5,000 square feet of cool blue atmosphere, the venue has a stage that might soon make it one of Palm Beach County’s new favorite destinations for live music. The doo wop night they have on Fridays already attracts almost 150 people, and they also do Karaoke

on Wednesdays. But behind the lounge’s credits and promise for longevity is an owner who says, “Next time you’re in, ask to speak to Phil or Elida. We like to meet our customers.” He’s a musician like many of the artists in this magazine, and he nurtured his business sense in recent years and established a stable business to sustain his wife and business partner, Elida (also a musician), and their new baby. He serves as a perfect example to all artists out there who struggle with balancing income and their need to create.

- Plenty of parking all night long - Delray Beach’s newest restaurant/lounge hot spot - 5,000 sq. ft. of pure excitment - Reasonably priced American dishes with a trendy flair - Open every day at 4pm - Signature Drink: “The Blu Palm Martini” - Mention WeMerge for 10% off your total bill (not to be combined w/any other offer)


Located on the East side of Federal Highway (US-1) South of Linton Blvd. In the Level 5 Fitness shopping center

- Full liquor bar - Happy Hour 4pm-8pm, 2-4-1 Well Drinks, Wine, & Beer - Live Entertainment Tuesday-Saturday (WED. - Karaoke, FRI. - Doo Wop) -, (send us a friend request, tell us WeMerge sent you) - Our walls are adorned with work from artist Kristal Dawn (” Support the scene or there will be no scene to support

11 Most notably, the skilled work of Luis Diaz has been seen in Corel’s Painter X, ADAPT 2007-08, Ballistics, and Spectrum Fantastic Art Annuals. He also created over 40 paintings for the new Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages. Recently he was named one of “Six Artist You Need To Know” by City Link/ He’s part of the art studio ALT Space Miami, where he is focusing on exhibiting his art work in galleries.

A professor in college once told me while critiquing my artwork, ‘You make people feel sane.’ Since then I never questioned why I think the way I do and paint the things I do. In my latest works I create art that explores nostalgic childhood moments seen from my perspective today. This effect of looking back causes the scenes to have a chimerical quality and in some cases a cynical outlook of the once safe and pure world I lived in as a child. - Luis Diaz


Missle Head Cottentail The Killer Rabbit Leaky Robot

Propellar Bat

“Xavier Hawk’s Vision” By Renda Writer

Call it coincidence, call it irony, or call it fate. However you might label it, it sure is metaphorically convenient that hawks are known for their far reaching eyesight, and local artist Xavier Hawk is known for possessing unrelenting creative vision. His vision for the future includes plans to take his Thunderbirds Global Action Team around the world for an interactive, educational, and entertaining series of adventures. These plans stem from the fact that Xavier Hawk envisions a better tomorrow for all sentient beings. In his line of sight a better tomorrow is possible, but only through empowerment today. His motto is, “Salvation is right now.” This is where his music comes in. As the cornerstone of his whole movement, Hawk’s music serves as a motivational soundtrack that is closely aligned with the goal of having his Thunderbird Global Action Team serve as “the world’s first high profile research, rescue, and recovery corporation.” All of his live performances are prayers - musical and spiritual reflections of a “Salvation is man opening himself up right now” to a higher power and - Xavier Hawk channeling it through improvised song. Whether he’s chanting, singing, rapping, beat boxing, or playing a didgeridoo or guitar, he always captivates the crowd, which lasts long after

the show is over. A live Xavier Hawk show is a “Shamanic Experience.” People come away changed. After having galvanized the local South Florida scene, Hawk has recently kept a low profile while recording his next album and refining his plans to replicate his successful formula for community building and take it nationwide. The Thunderbird Global Action Team will carry out these plans in its adventures, visiting local communities and reminding people that they themselves are the real heroes. The belief is that regular people can become real life action heroes through right thinking, guided empowerment exercises, and service to humanity, all the while being entertained. People are introduced to the divinity within themselves and are taught how to be the best they can be. Always far ahead of the digital curve, Xavier Hawk’s penchant for staying on the cutting edge of technology has allowed him to integrate his overall vision with the technical tools needed to make it into reality. His vision for himself, for his Global Action Team, and for everyday people like you, is being materialized and updated daily with music, videos, e-mail newsletters, CDs, song downloads, and interactive adventures, that you can take part in at The reality show following the formation of the team is in production now, and a national tour - powered by two veggie diesel solar tour buses, both equipped with full service recording studios, is taking form for this summer. These plans may sound grandiose, but then again that is what vision is. Having vision means having goals and also having faith in your abilities and talents, seeing them as tools for reaching these goals. Some people have vision, and some people don’t. Xavier Hawk has far reaching vision, just as his name suggests.

a better tomorrow is possible, but only through empowerment today. Support the scene or there will be no scene to support



Dana “Lizard King” Craft -

O great creator of being grant us one more hour to perform our art and perfect our lives. ::: Jim Morrison ::: Klucar -

Robin White - If you would like to be one of the next artists to have their work showed in “The Who’s Next Gallery,” send your submissions to


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Who’s Next Gallery W

e are constantly receiving submissions and scouting for new artists to be featured in our magazine. Here, in the “Who’s Next Gallery,” we provide you with some samples from artists we are considering for the next issue. This is not a contest, and we are not tallying votes, but we would like for you to review the artists in this gallery and thier online portfolios, and e-mail us to let us know who you think should be next.

Mark Vose -

Kazilla - Kiki Valdes - Support the scene or there will be no scene to support

15 16


nothing is better than drawing. i feel great. thanks for looking.

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Featured Photographer for Our

this issue is Tracy Mendy, a photographer who inches her way closer to the top of the South Florida Fashion Photography scene every time her camera clicks. As active as she is talented, Tracy embodies all of the qualities needed to stand out amongst photographer submissions.  The best thing about talented photographers like Tracy Mendy is that their work speaks for itself, leaving little necessity for description, story, or pitch to be written alongside the images. Here are 5 of Tracy’s best shots. They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Here’s a 5,000 word essay on why you should know

Tracy Mendy.


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Acoustic Rock & Beyond A

fter a highly successful career in the financial services industry, Ken Gruneisen has now found the time to devote to his true passion, playing bass guitar. He currently plays in two local bands, “Box of Rocks” and “Circle of Trust,” both of which can be found gigging in a variety of South Florida bars and venues. Ken joined Circle of Trust after the band had already been together for almost 20 years. He speaks very highly of his band mates, Thom & Jeff, saying in a recent impromptu interview, “It’s an honor to play with those guys. That’s all they do for a living. Sometimes I feel like telling them,

‘thanks for not charging me for lessons,’ because I learn so much from them.” Ken also joined Box of Rocks in 2001, a band founded by Steve “Berlo” Berlowski in 1999 originally as an acoustic duo. Now, 10 years later, Box of Rocks is a full fledge band with a loyal fan base and a busy line up of gigs and recording sessions. They are finishing up their latest CD release, “Going for the Gun,” which is being produced by Thom Welte of “The Lovebrokers” and owner of Little Pink Studios in Oakland Park. Box of Rocks stands rightfully behind a tag line that describes their enthusiasm for their music, “The

American Dancesport Center Salsa No Partner Cha Cha Necessary! Foxtrot Swing Tango Hustle Waltz Rumba Special Routines and More!

Group Classes Every Wed.

Open to the Public


23076 Sandalfoot Plaza, Boca Raton

Best in Acoustic Rock & Beyond.” If you’re wondering how the band got its name, it dates back to when the band first started and Berlo and his original band mate used to say, “Who’s picking up the box of rocks?” When talking about buying a 12 pack of Rolling Rock beer to drink at band practice. So stop in at a show, and buy the band a round of Rolling Rocks.

Dance Like the Stars

R ecently, there has been a noticeable resurgence arising in ballroom dancing. Numerous television shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing with the Stars” have undoubtedly contributed to the overall 35% increase in enrollment at dance studios in the past few years. Competitive ballroom dancing will also be included in the 2012 Olympics in London. Just Google any dance style and you can review dance clips of Latin nightclub dancing and routines being performed at weddings or bar/bat mitzvahs. Add to that the research

Mention WeMerge


indicating that ballroom dancing teaches respect for the opposite sex, self discipline and focus, and now you’ve got a few reasons to stop by or call American Dancesport Center to inquire about their introductory program. American Dancesport Center is for people who want to be a part of this growing interest. Not only does dancing energize people, it is an activity that increases confidence, improves cognitive functioning, and aids in weight loss, stress reduction and social networking. And, if you really like a challenge, competitive ballroom dancing may be of interest to you. Whatever your reasons, American Dancesport Center is here for you. “Dancing is the poetry of the foot.” - John Dryden

Try our NEW Introductory Program


Private Lessons

only $40pp Support the scene or there will be no scene to support


We Offer Hefty Commissions to people who are: * Reliable * Personable * Organized * * Experienced * Self-Motivated * If interested, e-mail resume to Put “Sales” in subject line - We’ll contact you for an interview *Also, if you’re an artist interested in being featured, or interested in writing or designing for us, remember that bringing us a paid advertiser is the best way to get our attention.

Peace, WeMerge Staff


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DJ Stevie D & MASEO From De La Soul

Once a DJ fully masters his craft, recognition and fame are bound to follow. We’re here today with two DJs who have done more than just master their crafts and get recognized for it.  They have become iconic fixtures in both local and worldwide hip-hop culture.  First, we have DJ Stevie D, a local DJ with 20 years of experience and a name that has been branded to the point of omnipresence in South Florida.  Known for booking and bringing most of the real hip-hop acts to the area, especially during the heyday of Club Boca, DJ Stevie D is affectionately known as “The Dick Clark of Hip Hop” and is continually making new strides in his career as a DJ.  We’re also sitting down today with DJ Maseo of the world famous rap group, De La Soul.  As the backbone of one of the most ground breaking hip-hop groups of all time, Maseo is proof that the “American Dream” is alive and well and attainable through music. RW: To start, tell our readers how you guys know each other. Maseo: Myself and Stevie… we really first met in 2000, when I first came down here. I met him at Club Boca. He was a part of bringing us (De La Soul) to perform there… one of the most phenomenal shows in Palm Beach County. Then we were officially introduced through a mutual superficial friend. (The three of us laugh at the sound of that… ‘mutually superficial’). We’ve had a friendship since then. I was never an intricate part of his business, we just liked to share the craft together. Then he asked me to manage him, which I’m honored to do. I’ve also always aspired to be an executive. This gives me a chance to express my administrative skills with his talent. We’ve brainstormed a few things and opened up some new doors. I brought new perspective to him. It’s a manager’s job to always work in the best interest of the client. Stevie D: Right now I feel like our relationship is at a pinnacle, especially for me furthering my career outside of South Florida with some hard work and Maseo’s guidance. RW: What’s your take on De La Soul’s place in the context of hip-hop and its history? Maseo: My take is that we had always aspired to deliver the essence of what

By Renda Writer

we learned from real hip-hop like Zulu Nation and Rock Steady, so we took those elements and carried them with us. RW: Maseo, you moved down to South Florida almost eight years ago, but it definitely wasn’t to slow down or retire. With DJing gigs literally all over the world and some new projects in the works for De La Soul, you seem to have the same ambition now as you did 20 years ago, when De La Soul dropped “3 Feet High and Rising.” What pushes you forward every day? How do you not just sit back and rest on your laurels? And what are some of the things you’re working on? Maseo: I love what I do. Anybody who comes from the hip-hop culture… We never expected it to be so highly regarded by corporate infrastructure… and I appreciate still being a relevant part of it. This is my childhood dream. Being in the group lead to a lot of other things. And I’m still part of the same system and with the same people that allowed me to live my dream. I feel like I’m still young. I’ve got a lot more foundation to lay. I feel like there’s more work to be done. There are those artists of tomorrow that need guidance. With the impact I’ve delivered… it was really only in the last year though that I’ve really dug deep into that impact that I’ve had and seen it. A famous actor actually named his son after me. Stevie D: Yeah – When Michael Rappoport introduced De La Soul on VH1’s Hip-Hop Honors, he said, “I even named my son after the DJ in this group.” Maseo: Also, we’re doing this album with Nike in conjunction with the new “Nike Run.” We are the first artists to do this. It has songs that have good energy for people to work out to, but it’s still De La. It’s called “R.U.N. (aRe yoU iN?).” March 30th is the release date. We’re getting ready to shoot a video and do a tour with Nike in conjunction with the 20 year anniversary of our first album. And it’s going to have an art show along with it, with artists doing De La Soul related art… like a time capsule. The tour is called “20th High and Rising.” We’ve got an 11 piece band coming along with us too. I’ve also got Bear Mountain Entertainment, an entertainment company I’ve had for 10 years. We’ve got a new artist coming out named Bill Ray from Harlem.

RW: Could you both tell us a little bit more about the “De La Dugout” project? Stevie D: Oh De La Soul’s Dugout – it’s like legal pirate radio. I used to have a pirate radio station in West Boca called 88.7, “The Real FM.” So this is a perfect evolution, a logical progression. Go to, and type in “De La Soul’s Dugout. You’ll see it.” RW: (They are even broadcasting live while conducting this interview.) Maseo: We used to party at a place in our community called The Dugout. I DJ’ed there every weekend. It was a party until like 4 in the morning. Some of the best parties happened right there at the Dugout in Amiityville, Long Island. Sparking those old ideas with new interest – it helps us to keep it honest and true. Me and Stevie are very similar like that. We don’t want to be controlled. We don’t like the format of mainstream radio. Mainstream radio puts you in a box, and that’s a box that we refuse to go in.

2009: The 20 Year Anniversary of the release of

“3 Ft. High & Rising” De La Soul’s Debut Album (*the title was taken from the lyrics of a Johnny Cash Song) Stevie D: 20 Years of Experience DJing in South Florida Book him for your event


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Interview By: Renda Writer RW: So, how did you earn the moniker of... “DJ Make It Do What It Do?” DJ MIDWID: I earned the name DJ Make It Do What It Do from audience members filling out comment cards at the Literary Cafe & Poetry Lounge. RW: How exactly did you evolve to become “the go-to DJ” on the local spoken word poetry and neo-soul scene? DJ MIDWID: I started supporting all local poetry venues and managed to meet the majority of the promoters and it so happens that they liked the music that I was spinning. RW: How did you become the resident DJ at The Literary Cafe & Poetry Lounge? DJ MIDWID: I started DJing at the LCPL voluntarily one Saturday night and the rest is history. RW: Do you DJ regularly at any other venues?


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DJ MIDWID: Yes, Mellow Mondays @ Club Blusters in Hollywood. RW: Do you have any kind of a day job or a side hustle aside from DJing? DJ MIDWID: During the day I do tech support, and promote my monthly jazz event called “A Touch of Jazz.” RW: What projects are you currently working on? DJ MIDWID: Spoken Word Mixtapes & Neo Soul mixtapes RW: Where do you see yourself in one year? In five years? DJ MIDWID: I see myself still working the spoken word scene next year and hopefully within the next 5 years I could work at a syndicated radio station playing neo soul music and promoting spoken word artists. RW: To what would you attribute your success thus far in your career? DJ MIDWID: Trying to maintain humble at all times. RW: Any advice for up and coming DJs, or artists in general? DJ MIDWID: Never give up playing the music you want to spin. RW: What accomplishment are you most proud of in your professional career? DJ MIDWID: Becoming the operations manager/DJ @ the literary café and having a chance to expose a new genre of music to people.



by Renda Writer


e met up for coffee at The Coffee District in downtown Delray Beach. I got there a few minutes early, and he got there a few minutes Slip at late. So by the time Slip the Ve gas Ro from Slip and the Spinouts ckabil ly Wee walked in the door, I had alkend ready had plenty of time to quiet that piece of my brain that makes me turn everything around me into a pun. I had decided against having our graphic designer put “Sippin’ with Slip” in big letters above this article. Instead, we went with “Rockabilly Rock Star” because that’s exactly what Slip is. The frontman for the Yeehaw Junction based Rockabilly trio and I sat and talked a bit about the origins of his underpublicized genre, and when he handed me his CD, “Boom Chuck,” I asked him what the title meant and he said it referred to the sound of the drum. Then, aptly quiet and humble in the coffee shop setting, he said, “The CD is good, but we’re better live. We feed off the energy of the crowd. It’s all about the live show.” And so, I left The Coffee District with plans to see a Slip and The Spinouts live show a few days later at the The Back Room in Boca Raton, a venue known for its authentic dedication to good live music.


outs @ The ip & the Spin


Mai-Kai, Ft. La

The gig was nothing short of an experience. By the end of the night, I remember thinking that at some point in my article I should almost “bet the reader” that they can’t go to a Slip and the Spinouts show without dancing. So I guess I’ll do that now. I bet you can’t do it. Check out the band’s upcoming show dates at SlipAndTheSpinouts. The movement on the dance floor

rivaled the energy of the train that passed by on the other side of Dixie Highway that night. Beyond all the dancing, which even included an impromptu pole dance from a fan, the best way to describe the overall vibe of the night would be to point of some of the visuals and the highlights. So picture the deep red walls of the venue, covered in framed pictures of vintage pin up girls as the backdrop behind the stage, which has three dudes rockin’ out on it – rockabilly style. At the front of the stage is Slip, providing vocals and playing an electric guitar with a big sticker of the female silhouette we see on the mud flaps of 18wheeler trucks. Behind him are the upright bass player (inherently cool) and the drummer (going “boom chuck, boom chuck”). As much love as Slip was receiving from the crowd, it was also nice to see the upright bass player getting his fair share of attention from adoring, and sometimes overzealous fans. Case in point are the guy that randomly bought him a beer and the guy who reached out to touch the bass during a song and got his hand slapped down by a protective friend. And there was also the guy at the bar who kept shouting out weird requests in between songs and got put in his place when he shouted out “Thriller” and shrank almost three sizes smaller when the bass player followed suit with the funkiest rendition of the first 8 bars of the classic 80’s hit ever heard, played energetically to raised beer bottles and shouting middle aged weekend partiers. When slip switched from the electric to a 1959 Gretch 6120 Wester guitar and sang his cover of “Fulsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash, every seat in the place emptied and made the dance floor look like a fire hazard. The band’s origiLive a t The B nals, although less familiar, still ack Ro om, Bo resonated with everyone and ca Rat on kept the energy at high levels all night. My personal favorite was “Exit 39,” which you can also hear on the band’s MySpace page. But remember, it’s all about the live show, so go see The Spinouts live, and if you’re not too tired from all the dancing, stick around after the show and ask Slip about his plans to one day take the band on a European tour, because real Rockabilly Rock Stars take their lifestyle international.

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30 Years in Business Not long after my 30th birthday I stopped in at a music store in Fort Lauderdale called MAE Music ( Standing in front of their community bulletin board replete with flyers and business cards from people involved in the local music, art, and entertainment scenes, I found a flyer for The University Center for the Performing Arts in Davie. Being a natural networker, I called them to introduce myself and schedule a time to check the place out and learn more about it. When I met the school’s director, Vindhya Khare, she told me about how the school is this year celebrating its 30th year of being in business. With a landmark birthday as a coincidental commonality between us, I began to think about how a business in the field of performing arts instruction in South Florida has managed to stay in business for so long in such a traditionally transient state. How did they reach 30? And so I asked, and the school director’s answer centered mainly on the high professional level of the school’s staff

and its emphasis on teaching technique, rather than on competition or preparation for a recital. Thirty years of commitment to really teaching the arts, to making sure that the students thoroughly learn technique – that’s their secret to longevity, and it obviously works. So whether it’s dance, acting, or music that you are looking to learn, The University Center for the Performing Arts is here to teach it to you, with 75 weekly classes offered in the morning, afternoon, and night and a staff whose credentials speak for themselves. Go to, click on “Faculty” and read the bios of the highly qualified staff of instructors. And how does the school celebrate it’s 30th year in business? By expanding its space by 2,300 square feet, a renovation that will be complete by the time you read this. *Note – The University Center for the Performing Arts is currently looking for artists who would like to have their work exhibited at the school. Please contact the school if you are interested.

L The Lauderhill Incubator includes the TAO Gallery, which hosts regular events, giving the artists a forum to display and sell their work.

The Lauderhill Incubator artists participated in an art show at the Lyric Theater in downtown Miami during Art Basel, December 4-7, 2008.


auderhill Arts Incubator celebrates its first anniversary by inviting artists to apply for workspace at their complex in Renaissance Plaza. The Incubator currently hosts the TAO Gallery, two painters, a sculptor/digital artist, an engraver/print maker, the Write Side Poets, and the Jubilee Dance Theater. Additional space is available for individual artists in any discipline at a minimal rent of $75 per month for a 100 sq ft workspace, including all utilities, subject to approval by the resident artists. The Arts Incubator is owned and operated by the Lauderhill Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) and resides in a former strip shopping center at 5540 NW 19 Street. The CRA promotes the artists through the TAO Gallery on site, an online gallery on the CRA web page (LauderhillCRA. com), and by sponsoring Incubator booths at various art fairs, including two upcoming Jazz and Art Fests in Lauderhill and the Dania Beach Art and Antique Festival. Incubator artists recently showed and participated in the Universal Human Rights Collection art show at the Lyric Theater in Miami. The event was a satellite event to Art Basel Miami Beach, held from December 4-7, 2008. All of the Incubator artists had the opportunity to show their work and theWrite Side Poets performed during the event. (More information on the Write Side Poets

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My Everything Has there ever been someone in your life that has filled you with the great joy of knowing you are alive?

A person who makes you feel as if you can take over the world, to accomplish just about any goal you can imagine — How about someone who spends the time with you to understand your thoughts and has the patience to allow you to express them — Or maybe someone who can speak their mind and has the courage to stand their ground to do the right thing — Someone who can shower you with love at any given moment even at your lowest point — They type of person who will do anything in their power to help you in a time of need — We’re doing the WeMerge Wedding!


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Who is compassionate with the feelings of others — Who not only understands but has the intelligence to help you better your life — Maybe the type of person that just loves you for who you are. Someone to confide in — Someone to tell you everything is going to be OK. This is what I have in Michele Denise Barenfeld. Everything listed above is what this woman is to me. The women that completes me. This is why I will ask her to be my wife. Sometimes in lfe there is always that question of when should you get married or is it the right time. For the first time in my life I have never been more sure about anything. This is the women I want to spend the rest of my life with. I love you. — D.M.A.

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We thank you for all the support and great response we have been receiving. Support your local art by finding more walls to paint. These gray dull cities need more color to express the life within. Send any pictures and artwork to graffiti@



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