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Pandas Hi zookeeper tell me about pandas well here goes first question! How old can they live for? They can live for 30 years in the wild and in the zoo. What do they eat? They eat Bamboo and occasionally I feed them special panda biscuits, and also apples and carrots. Well that’s interesting I thought they only eat bamboo well next question. where do they live? In a forest in china where the bamboo grows! Ok how many pandas are there in the world? About an average 20,000 pandas Are they endangered? Yes because the trees/bamboos has been getting cut down and they are getting slower and weaker from starvation. What do they look like? They are big bears white and black and have black patches around both eyes.

What do they look like? They are big bears white and black and have black patches around both eyes.        

Pandas  are  very  wonderful!  We  are  lucky  we   still  have  them!    But  soon  they  wont  be  there  anymore…      \\   Bye  zookeeper  thank  you  so  much     Bye  have  a  nice  time.   THE  END                        

Bye Bye  


FUR REAL  FRIENDS  FUR  YOU!   Fur  Real  friends  the  most  adorable   cutest  puppies  show  it  off  to  your   friends  look  at  there  jealous  faces  when   you  show  its  tricks  and  how  it  walks  its   only  for  $70.00  and  its  totally  worth  it   who  cares  about  those  other  rubbish   toys  that  you  cant  trust!      

Want some   tea?  

TOP 10 CUTEST GAMES 1. Moshi monsters   2. Puppy  needs  owner       3. Sami’s  tea       Restaurant       4. Twee     5. Hamster  kingdom     6. Penguin  diner     7. Winter  bells     8. Billy  the  pilot    

9. Animal shelter     10. Free  gear    

TOP GAME  OF  THE  2012!       ITS  FREE  GEAR!        

Suitable for  all  boys  and  girls.       Where  you  can  find  free  gear     Well  I  recommend  friv.     INSTRUCTIONS       You  will  start  with  the  menu  and  choose  quick  play  to   practise  on  the  bottom  left  you  will  find  your  car  it   will  possibly  be  a  bad  colour  so  click  the  car  to  change   it.    Now  press  start  race  press  the  up  button  to  go   press  the  right  and  left  to  turn  right  and  left  don’t   hit  the  signs!  When  you  have  had  enough  practise   click  back  to  menu  and  press  tournament  when   you  come  3rd  you  win  $50  when  2nd  you  win  $100   when  your  1st  you  win  $250  you  can  spend  it  on   nitro,  acceleration,  top  speed  and  handling.  

Moshi monsters  adopt  your  own  pet  monster   feed  the  lil  monster  play  mini  games  to  level  up   your  monster  feed  it  dress  it  and  decorate  its   room  make  friends  with  other  monster  owners   and  give  each  others  notes  get  rox  and  spend  it     on  clothes   or  decorations  for  your  house  

Interviewing Emily   Brown!      

Hi  Emily!    “Hi  umm  who  are  you?”  We  are   Alexandra  and  Anastasia  the  news   reporters  we  are  going  to  interview  you   about  your  build-­‐a-­‐bear!  “Am  I  going  to  be   on  TV?”    You  sure  are!  “Ok  start!”     Do  you  like  your  build-­‐a-­‐bear?     “Of  course  I  do  I  have  had  it  for  5  years  and   not  even  a  scratch!”  Well  I  can  see  that!     Next  question  out  of  ten  how  much  do  you   like  your  build-­‐a-­‐bear?”      1,000,000,000  (1  billion)  out  of  ten!  Wow   you  must  love  your  build-­‐a-­‐bear  a  lot!  Next   question.  What  have  you  called  your  bear?   Shortcake  like  strawberry  short  cake  except   strawberry  its  to  obvious  for  a  strawberry   teddy  bear.  Well  thank  you  and  the  next   time  you  will  see  us  we  will  be  on  TV!  Bye!  

Top 10  cute   build-­‐a-­‐bears!    

#6 Bloom  6.1/10  

#1 The  Cutest!   10/10!            #2  too  cute!  9.5/10                                                               #7  Bearriffic                                                                                       5.7/10         #3  icy  cute!  8.5/10     #8  WOOF!  5/10       #4  cutie  pie!  7/10           #5  Beautiful!   6.8/10  

                                                                  #9  peachy!   4.5/10   #10  cool  3/10  

Get the  Blip  Squinkies  Cupcake  Surprise   Bakeshop

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Monday: 18c and the rainfall is 5mm Tuesday: 16c and the rainfall is 6mm

Wednesday: 13c and the rainfall is 8mm 15c and the rainfall is 7mm

Thursday: 15c and the rainfall is 7mm Friday: 17c and the rainfall is 5mm

Saturday: 14c and the rainfall is 7mm Sunday: 16c and the rainfall is 6mm

Hello I recommend staying in your house and drinking hot cocoa at home!

Interviewing Miss  Tyburski  

Hi  Miss  Tyburski,  how  are  you?   “Hello,  I’m  good  thanks  how  are  you?”   I  am  good  thank  you.     Why  are  you  here?   Well  we  want  to  interview  you.   “Offcourse  you  can.”   Thank  you.  Now  for  the  question?   Would  you  prefer  to  be  rich  and  ugly  or   Poor  and  beautiful?   “I  think  there  are  many  forms  of  beauty;  the   most  important  is  on  the  inside.  As  far  as   rich  and  poor  go  I  don’t  like  to  see  anyone   poor  or  struggle  for  the  basics  in  life.  Over   beauty  being  rich  I  would  much  prefer  to  be   happy  and  healthy  a  there  are  two  things   you  can  not  buy.”  

If you  where  to  go  any  where  in  the  world   where  would  you  go?   “  In  humane  acts  against  others.   Temporarily  I  would  go  to  south  East  Asia   to  volunteer  in  schools  there  and  if  I  had  to   move  permanently  I  ‘ll  go  to  Europe.”   Great  answer!  Now  for  Question  #3:would   you  prefer  to  never  make  new  memories  or   forget  old  ones?     “That’s  a  really  hard  question,  umm,  I  can’t   think  of  what  I’d  rather  because,  to  be   honest  I’d  hate  to  lose  but  I  also  still  want   many  new  memories,  so  neither.”      

Thank you  so  much  for  answering  the   questions  we  appreciate  it!    

Strawberry 6,422 5th Banana 7,615 4th Coca-Cola 8,421 2nd Orange 100 8th Watermelon 1,928 7th Green apple 1,155 8th Raspberry 2,259 6th  Grape 8,234 3rd Chocolate 9,123 1st

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BUILD-­‐ A-­‐  BEAR!  

Take home  your  very  own  adorable  Build-­‐  a  -­‐ Bear!  You  will  love  it  forever.  When  you  make   your  build-­‐  a  -­‐bear  you  put  in  a  heart.  Whist   you  are  holding  the  heart  you  can  make  a   special  wish…  don’t  tell  anyone!     Once  you  have  your  build-­‐a-­‐bear  you  will  love   it  forever!  Only  $25-­‐$30!  At  your  local  build-­‐a   bear  store!    

How To  Make   Cute  Penguin   Cup  Cakes   Ingredients • Vanilla  cup  cakes   • Vanilla  icing/frosting   • Dry  apricots  (feet  and  beak)   • Chocolate  biscuits      (Cut  in  half  for  body  and  head)   • 2  brown  m&m’s  (for  eyes)       Instructions 1.make/buy the vanilla cupcakes 2.make/buy the vanilla icing 3.Decorate by, icing the cup cake with the frosting. Cut 2 cookies in half 1 half for the head and the other 2 halves for wings. Use the extra half for another cup cake. Then chop the dried apricots in little pieces. Ice one little piece one the head bisect with the icing, place 2 pieces for the feet. With icing ice the 2 m&m’s for eyes.


Jokes • Why did the boy fall off his bike? Because his mum threw a fridge at him. Why did he fall off the swing? Because his mum threw a fridge at him. Why was the boy frightened? Because his mum had an elephant in her hand Why did he suffer from injuries? Because his mum threw the elephant at him! • YES

• There was a man in in a car that had 8 penguins. A police officer came and said “Take those penguins to the zoo” The man agreed. The next day the police officer caught the same man with the same penguins. He said “ I thought I told you to take the penguins to the zoo!” The man said “I did, now I’m taking them to the movies!”

Strawberry 1,372  2nd   Chocolate  2,628  1st   Cookies  and  cream  1,028  4th   Coffee  1,119  3rd   Rocky  road  853  5th



Ingredients: • 12  frozen  rolls   • Pizza  sauce/Tomato   • Any  pizza  toppings  you  like  

Step #1   Pre  –heat  the  oven  to  200c   Step  #2   Thaw/un  freeze  the  dough  in  a  microwave.  (On   a  plate)   Then  microwave  them  for  90  seconds  more.   Then  roll  out  the  dough.   Step  #3  Spread  2+  tablespoons  of  tomato  sauce   all  around  the  pizza  base.   Step  #4  sprinkle  cheese  all  around  the  pizza.   Then  add  cheese  for  eyes,  olives  for  the  pupils,   salami  for  the  nose  and  if  you  cut  the  salami  in   half  you  can  use  it  for  the  ears!  Then  cut  a  slice   of  capsicum  for  the  smiley  mouth.   Step  #5  get  a  tray  and  put  baking  paper  on  the   tray.  Place  the  pizza  on  the  baking  paper  and   cook  for  20-­‐35  minutes  or  until  golden  brown.  

How to  Plant  a   Flower!     Materials:   • A  pot   • Soil/dirt   • Watering  can  (with  water  in  it)   • A  flower  seed   • Sun   • Shovel     • Gloves     • Your  garden    


Step #1:  Put  on  your  gardening  gloves.   Step  #2:  Using  your  shovel  get  some  dirt   and  fill  the  pot  ¾  of  the  way  to  the  top  with   dirt.   Step  #3:  Place  the  seed  in  the  middle  of  the   pot  then  gently  push  the  seed  in  the  pot.   (Cover  with  dirt  if  needed.)    

Step #4:  Water  your  seed  with  the  watering   can.  Remember  not  to  much  water!     Step  #5:  Keep  your  seed  in  a  sunny  spot.   Step  #6;Do  this  every  day.  (Not  too  much   water!)   Step#7:  Wait  for  you  flower  to  grow   Step#8:  Once  your  plant  has  grown  dig  a   hole  in  your  garden.  (In  a  sunny  spot)   Step  #9:    Carefully  take  the  flower  out  of   the  pot  and  gently  place  your  flower  in  the   hole.   Step  #10:  Using  your  shovel,  cover  the   roots  with  the  dirt.   Step  #11:  Keep  watering  it.     Now  you  have  your  beautiful  flower.  Now   that  you  can  make  one,  you  can  make  many   more!                                                                                                                Hooray!!            


This activity  is  so  fun!  You  can  make   anything  you  want.  Only  $20.95!    


cutie pie  
cutie pie  

NOT FOR BOYS! Cute stuff everywhere! :)