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Flaming Plane of Death!....................,,..1 Clearasil………..…………………………3 Elle Macpherson………………………...4 Power Fume…………………….……….7 How to make pan cakes……..………….9 Best colour of heels…………………….10


This is a man called John Bair who had a plane fall on him and amazingly, continues to walk today. John was on his way to work and a plane smashed into him, injuring his left wrist and shoulder , breaking his spine and fracturing his neck with multiple blood wounds to the rest of his body. Shops around the a the crash were broken but it’s fair to say John was the most injured .John said ‘The first thing I had to do answer basic sums 3+7.’ He was in hospital for two years and it is still a living hell for him just for him to remember it. “ Got my coffee ,had a sip and BOOM!!! The next thing I know I’m in hospital three days later.”with pain shooting though my body .John looks back at the day and wonders “How do I stand today?” At first John didn’t believe in miracles but now he does! The driver of the plane was Tim Williams he died of to much blood loss. The plane wheel jammed and Tim had to wait till the plane was out of fuel ran out and ,crashed into the main street in Beverlon.

Clearasil Clearasil numbs and reduces the pimples size. It stops pimple germs from spreading. Clearasil takes a long time to work and only works for an hour ,

It decreases size for just a little bit. I think they think they should stop making air gaps in the bottles. That gets on my nerve . The cream does feel nice on my skin. I think they spend to much money on making it soft . But they don’t the money. Clearasil is rated two and a half. By Robert

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Elle Macpherson Before being a model did you want to be one ? “well I never thought of being so I Need to.” Do you mind if people ask for your autographs . “Well it’s a bit annoying but people are my fans and if I be mean they won’t like me , so it’s fine. Was it surprising when you were a super model ? “Well at first people called me the body.” So Elle do you like I your model

How rich are you ?

Life or being a business woman?

“I have a lot of money . HA HA HA .”

“… I was very good business woman

How many jobs did you have?

and I am the body so … I don’t know.

“One thousand?” Bye “Bye,”

Do you think being a super model held back your business career? “I did never dream of being a model and I couldn’t work, so yes I do think it did.”

By Robert.W


Once there was a time When smelling nice was Hard. There was a lady her name was Vicky. She was stinky. No one loved her because she was stinky. Vicky wanted a happy life , with a happy family.

She saw a man .she smelt him .He was the best smell ever. So she followed him to a shop He bought some power Fume so she did too. That night she put it on . The next morning she was the best smell ever . The mans name was

troy .

She searched all her life‌

By Robert Wilkins

He fell in love with her because of her scent . She fell in love with him Because of his scent . They got married and had three nice smelling kids. And lived happly ever after.

How to make pancakes Materials : One cup of self raise flour One cup of milk Big bowl One egg Non-stick pan Oil spray Steps: 1. Pre heat the pan. 2. Put ingredients in the bowl stir until smooth. 3. Spray the oil on the pan( all over ) 4. Pour mix in pan in small circles ( three ). 5. Wait one minute until the mix bubbles up then flip. 6. Wait one minute and take the pancake out . 7. Keep doing this until mix is out. These pancakes serve two people and are great with ice cream.

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