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As leaders in the Cape Town residential rental market, we will make your experience of  finding  a  home  or  a  tenant.  Efficient, effective  and  above  all,  exceptional. Tel: 021 815 5700 | | CITY BOWL | ATLANTIC SEABOARD | SOUTHERN SUBURBS | NORTHERN SUBURBS | WEST COAST

Issue 2, July 2013



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Steady Growth

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Fast Forward

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Meet The Team

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YES To A Leasing Property Manager

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Faircape Management Services

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Faircare Health

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What To Consider When Looking Into Retirement

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Selections Warehouse

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Pushing into the last half of 2013 for Faircape

Stor-age, the last 6 months and looking ahead

Growth for FSS in 2013

An overview on 2013 thus far

Faircape Leasing committed to service excellence

Why partner with a Leasing agency? Why to say YES?

Growing and implementing services to our clients

An update on facilities, services and staff improvement

Faircare trust takes a look at what to consider when retiring and the choice of village

Central finishes hub that is reaching new heights in 2013

CONTACT US Physical Address: 6th Floor The Terraces 25 Protea Road Claremont 7708 Postal Address: PO Box 13214 Mowbray 7705 Tel: +27 21 815 5700 Fax: 0865 110 120 General Email: If you have any queries please contact us on



Gearing up for our year end is a major drive in ensuring that our customers receive the best service from us and that we do not waiver from the ‘new year’ enthusiasm...

Never waivering from our commitment to customer service, the Faircape Group has looked at 2013 as a year of pushing into this promise to our clients.

strategy to ensure a successful transition from this year to that.

We are a group that offer our clients a lot more than the usual property services and pride ourselves in being able to offer tailor made packages that include sales, leasing and development, but management of aspects of an established development too, such as power & waste management, surveillance, access control etc.

With marketing strategies as well as re-branding of some of the sub companies within the Faircape Group, we are confident that we have set ourselves up for a successful end to 2013 and a promising start to 2014.

The Faircape Group offices have recently relocated to our new building, The Terraces, in Claremont after the sale of our development, Wembley Square, where we were located. The new office space has been a welcome change to our staff and the move has made little impact on our day to day operations. Moving into the latter half of this year has seen staff efforts into getting projects and systems running smoothly. Gearing up for our year end is a major drive in ensuring that our customers receive the best service from us and that we do not waver from the ‘new year’ enthusiasm. Looking to 2014 and planning for the year ahead has commenced with most departments laying foundations in

Each of our sub companies have detailed information in this newsletter on their movement, plans and successes for the first half of 2013. Tel: +27 21 815 5700 General Email:



Our self storage joint venture with Acucap Properties Limited and the Stor-Age Group is continuing to grow at a steady pace and since the last newsletter six months ago, many new projects have commenced while existing ones have been completed. We have moved into both Durban and Port Elizabeth. In Durban we are constructing a facility between Umhlanga and the Mount Edgecombe golf estate while in Port Elizabeth building work has commenced on a new facility on the intersection of the N2 and Cape Road. We have also acquired an existing facility in Greenbushes, Port Elizabeth, which we are upgrading and rebranding. We have purchased a portfolio of eight existing self storage facilities spread across Pretoria and are currently awaiting Competition Commission approval for the transaction to go through. Staying in Pretoria, building work has commenced on our new facilities in Brooklyn and Six Fountains. If you look out of your office window you can see the Faircape cranes busily working on our seven story flagship facility on Main Road Claremont, while Faircape Construction has just finished adding a further two floors to our Retreat facility. 4

The next time you drive to Somerset West on the N2, look to your right just past the Somerset Mall and you will see the progress on our Somerset West facility. With construction complete at our facilities in Constantiakloof and Kempton Park (Johannesburg), Centurion (Pretoria) and Pinehurst (Durbanville), these have now opened and are letting up well. The effect of all of this is that countrywide we currently have 16 facilities operating under the Stor-Age brand and this will grow to over 25 facilities by the end of the year.

FAST FORWARD As one of the fastest growing companies in the Faircape Group, Faircape Surveillance Services gained 9 new clients, totalling 68 new live monitored cameras. As a result of this growth, we needed to increase our capacity to service our new and existing clients and saw the need to improve and expand our control room and its facilities. The upgrade included the employment of 5 new professionally trained operators as well as acquiring additional monitoring banks in the control room. All our standard 32 inch screens were replaced with a larger and more superior 46 inch screen, as this is a better viewing size for the operators and allows them to monitor more areas at better quality and resolution. This will now be the standard size screen going forward for any additional banks to be added in the future. All monitoring banks were also fitted with 5 new Dell client viewing stations which allows for superior picture quality, smoother playback and a vastly improved frame rate that is fundamental to successful live monitoring. FSS is constantly pushing to find ways to improve our service and technology to ensure that we offer our clients a top quality service that includes cutting edge technology.

ES: EMENT SERVIC INPOWER, in conjunction with the Eskom rebate incentive, has assisted various buildings with energy saving initiatives to reduce electricity consumption and related costs. During 2013 Inpower completed an additional seventeen energy saving projects which have taken the total amount of projects since commencement of these initiatives in 2012 to a total of 30 projects. The total savings realised since implementation of these projects are: 3 Giga Watt Hours per annum R2,600,000 per annum


INPOWER has removed the existing conventional electrical metering infrastructure at the Terraces and installed a “Smart Metering System”. In addition to automated meter readings, automated billing data & invoices, various reports and reporting options, the energy consumption and profile of the entire building can now be viewed and monitored in real time.

ES: EMENT SERVIC With the ever UTILITY MANAG increasing costs of all utilities, it is imperative that utility services are effectively managed to ensure accurate & optimum recovery of all utility related costs. Utility management however is a specialised field that exceeds the limited administrative capability of the property managing agent or owner. INPOWER provides utility management services which include the reading of water and electricity


meters. The number of service level agreements with various buildings and developments for energy, water and waste management services have increased to a combined total of 48 during 2013. ING PRE PAID METER INTELLIGENT & INPOWER is registered with Eskom as an electricity vendor. Prepaid meters are provided and installed by INPOWER. Prepaid electricity tokens can be purchased on INPOWER’s vending system using the Internet, cell phone or EasyPay outlets. During 2013, the number of buildings that purchase prepaid electricity on INPOWER’s vending platform increased to 9. AGEMENT ENERATOR MAN G It is Y C EN G ER EM critical that an emergency standby generator will start and run when needed. Inpower ensures that the generator is well maintained, and that all required preventative checks and maintenance is adhered to. The total number of generators that INPOWER manages have increased to 19 during 2013. Inpower has also supplied Amazon with two large Volvo emergency generators on a nine year lease. These two generators will supply all of Amazon with electricity during a power failure.

We are constantly striving to increase our customer service and client base.


As one of the leaders in the Cape Town residential rental market, we will make your experience of finding a home or a tenant, effective and above all exceptional. After an incredible 15 years in the industry our current rental portfolio stands at over 600 properties. Our reliable and friendly Portfolio Managers and Administration Staff have over 50 years combined experience in the field.

Our Primary Focus is tenant placement, rental and property management. We are linked to the Tenant Profile Network for efficient tenant screening and constant updated information from within the industry. We offer our services at competitive rates.

Tim Irvine heads up this dynamic team. With a BA LLB, Tim has experience in finance and the property industry.

Taking care of the CBD is Candice Vietri. Candice is a qualified Rental Portfolio Manager with 7 years experience in building management.

Chantal Botha is the Rental Portfolio Manager for Atlantic Seaboard, South Peninsula and the Southern Suburbs.

Samantha Whitehead is the Rental Portfolio Manager for the Northern Suburbs and Atlantic Seaboard.

Tel: 021 815 5700 |


This question is highly important to ask oneself when looking to rent out a house or apartment and will affect the way you move forward in leasing To A Leasing your property successfully. Will you Property Manager manage the property yourself or hire a property manager to look after it? Most people are reluctant to invest in a property manager for fear of losing out on income earned but is it really worth all the hassle? Does it pay to hire a property leasing manager?

Call (021) 815 5700 to get the Faircape Leasing team to help you find the perfect tenant. Or email us on for more information.

The first point of call is to find out exactly what the agent will do for you. Here is a list of what a property manager will typically offer: • Advertise for new tenants • Sign Leases • Collect the rent • Keep track of finances • Inspect the apartment regularly • Schedule maintenance repairs • Issue legal notices • File evictions (you pay lawyer fees) The decision of whether to manage yourself or hire a property manager cannot be made by anyone other than yourself . If you have the time, abilities, and energy to manage yourself it could still end up costing you much more than what a property manager might charge. 7


n the first quarter of 2013 FMS took over the management of six new schemes and launched two new exciting initiatives, namely:

MME GOING GREEN SUSTAINABILITY PROGRA This programme promotes environmentally sustainable property management practice which we believe maximises investment performance and provides a healthier, more productive environment for all occupants. FMS ONLINE FMS Online is an online interactive communication portal designed and created for the benefit of owners and tenants residing in Sectional Title Scheme and Homeowner Associations which we manage.

Enjoy the benefits of seamless and fast interaction with your Property Portfolio Manager, access to pertinent documentation and information pertaining to your investment, manage your contact information, report a problem & track it online and log an insurance claim. These are just some of the reasons why FMS Online is a useful tool to use. OTHER NEWS

The Sectional Title Act saw further amendments to the Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986 this year, with the most significant amendment affecting the collection of levies, PMR 31(4B). The importance of keeping abreast of changes within our Industry is regarded as top priority which is why FMS and BBM Attorneys will be hosting training seminars for Trustees on the new legislation to affect our industry, namely the establishment of the Ombudsman in terms of the Community Schemes Ombud Service Act.



“Age doesn’t make you forgetful. Having way too many stupid things to remember makes you forgetful.” - Unknown


ur team is growing. We extend a warm welcome to: Professional Nurse Sr Esme Cloete who heads up our very efficient team of over 100 Carers.

Ally Horton, recently returned from the UK with a wealth of knowledge in the operational aspects of health care facilities and has joined the team as Assistant to Operations. Caryn Straker, an experienced Dietitian has joined Faircare Health. Caryn will be available for nutritional assessments, ensuring our menus are nutritionally balanced and offer some new innovations in the design of menus and recommended daily food allowances. Andrea Zanetti and her team of Occupational Therapists continue to assist Residents both in the Villages and Health Care with coping mechanisms to assist Residents manage activities of daily living. Carer Learnership Program Our 110 Carers are mid way through their twelve month Learnership Program. They have completed two of the three training modules in their Level 3 Carer accredited program and the remainder of the year will see them put their skills into their practical assessments. Our Carers have embraced this opportunity and display energy and enthusiasm. Their high results are evident of their hard work and commitment. Faircare Health has a policy of rewarding staff with long service. We have five staff with employment history of 20 to 23 years; In service training and orientation on the new equipment in Health Care continues under the guidance of Sr Esme Cloete. The installation of our imported electric baths has been an enormous success with Residents now being able to enjoy a luxury bathing experience without the hassle and back breaking experience of having to climb in and out of a bath. We keep abreast of new techniques and equipment for the comfort and safety of our Residents and we have recently seen the merit of using sliding sheets and hoists.

Occupational and Divertional Therapy The cooler months and winter have not dampened our Occupational Therapy Department’s enthusiasm to get Residents out and about and around the Peninsula on outings. Thanks to our experienced




with Confidence

drivers and Carers who accompany our Occupational Therapists on these outings and for making them such an enjoyable experience. Early Detection of Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease . Dr Kathleen Ross, well renowned Specialist Geriatrician who practices in Cape Town, presented a very informative talk to the Residents and Staff of Heritage Manor on the topic of the causes of Dementia. The talk included: Common causes of Dementia: • Depression • Stroke • Vitamin B12 deficiency • Thyroid disease • Medication, alcohol, drugs • Delirium • Intracranial brain pathology • Mild cognitive impairment • Degenerative brain disorders • Rare – gastrointestinal, cancer related, infections Dr Ross pointed out some of the warning signs; however the underlying message was that not all memory problems means you have Dementia, so best to consult with your doctor if you are concerned about any of the following. • Memory loss that disrupts daily life • Challenges in planning or solving problems • Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, at work or at leisure • Confusion with time or place • Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships • New problems with words in speaking or writing • Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps • Decreased or poor judgment • Withdrawal from work or social activities • Changes in mood and personality Thank you to Dr Ross for her “Take home message”. It is never too late to make a life style change.” Fran Taylor - Senior Executive Faircare Health





TO RETIRE TO Harry Emerson Fosdick

What is important when looking for a retirement village? What are the things one needs to consider? These are questions people ask when looking for themselves or loved ones and Faircare Trust has the answers...

When looking into the whole idea of retirement, immediately your mind goes to things like relaxing on a porch, having loads of time on your hands, taking up golf or even doing some travel. But other than the obvious financial planning, what other consideration does one need to make? Many people, when approaching the age of retirement, don’t think immediately of a retirement village, they think of paying off their bond or possibly down sizing. So what are the benefits of moving to a retirement village? The term ‘Nursing Home’ or ‘Old Age Home’ has long since been dropped due to its negative and depressing relationship with people going somewhere to wither away. The modern term is now ‘Lifestyle Village’. The reason is that these retirement villages are no longer places where old people go but rather secure environments that are social, lively with a thriving community of like minded people that have one thing in common; time on their hands. So what does one need to ask when looking to invest one’s future and moving into a ‘lifestyle village’? Faircare Trust has come up with some valid questions with answers that will help you make an informed decision when entering this lifestyle choice.

Is The Community Established Or Even Built Yet?

When investing in property in a retirement village you want to be assured that you are getting the most out of what you’ve been sold. Found in prime locations across the Western Cape, Faircare’s five luxury lifestyle villages are designed to meet your every need - now and in the future...

With facilities such as a Club House with lounge, dining room, Coffee shop and ladies bar. Communal dining rooms serving lunch daily and catering for private functions. Well-stocked library and activity rooms. Swimming pools, braai areas and tennis courts. Services like hairdressers, beauticians, podiatrists and occupational therapists available in certain villages. Everything has been thought of when it comes to creature comforts. There is even a shuttle for shopping trips and excursions available at some of the villages.

How Sound Is My Investment?

Faircare’s legacy in the retirement industry spans more than 20 years. The successful entity behind our company, namely The Faircape Group, only serve to strengthen our credibility and standing in the market. Your investment couldn’t be in better hands. The Faircape Group has been involved in property investment, development, construction and management for over 30 years and each village is expertly managed by a professional management team. All levies are structured on a Controlled Levy System meaning the levy you pay will never increase more than CPIX each year. This allows you to forecast and plan your finances.

Are There Other Special Amenities That Cover Things Like Alzheimer’s And Dementia?

Taking pride of place at the centre of each village, Faircare’s world-class Health Care Centres embody true peace of mind for many residents. These accredited facilities offer all the care you could need - and it’s only steps from your door...

Quaint 1, 2 & 3 bedroom homes with lush, landscaped gardens most of which are situated near beaches, golf courses, major shopping centres and hospitals depending on which village you are interested in.

Perhaps you require help with day-to-day living? Our Assisted Living suites could be the answer. Simply leave your meals, laundry, domestic chores and nursing requirements in our caring and capable hands.

In addition to the dedicated security employed at each village, all homes are connected via intercom to Village Security and the Health Care Centre. With a direct line to this professional support, you will enjoy peace of mind in its purest form.

For around-the-clock nursing care and attention, individual en-suite rooms are available within the Health Care Centre itself. These facilities deal with residence with alzheimers and dementia.

What Kind Of Environment Is It?

Our villages offer a selection of 1,2 and 3 bedroom homes in tranquil garden settings. These lock-up-and-go properties provide the ideal mix of independence and peace of mind, with 24-hour nursing care on hand should you need it. Large windows and sliding doors to private balconies or patios with spacious living and bedroom areas as well as well-equipped kitchens and bathrooms. Some villages even have secure parking, carports and direct access/remote-controlled garages.

What Different Facilities Do They Have?

As a member of these communities you will be kept constantly entertained. Each village offers an impressive range of organised activities, from darts to dancing, crafting to computing and bingo to bridge!


In addition our Health Care Centres are accredited with the Department of Health and are open to both residents and non-residents. There are professional nursing staff and carers on hand 24/7. There is also a daily clinic providing primary health care. There is Assisted Living & Frail Care for those requiring 24-hour nursing care as well as Sub-Acute / Step Down Care for those requiring skilled nursing care post-op or upon discharge from hospital. Respite Care for short-term convalescence and Palliative Care for those facing severe and complex illnesses. Specialised Alzheimers / Dementia Care. The Faircare Trust Villages even offer Home Care (short- or long-term). For more information regarding our villages, please contact Juliet Bingham on 021 815 5700 or email Or visit:


with Confidence

We are now more than settled in our new space and our mission remains to create awareness to the industry. This year we place specific focus on product specification and education. Looking back over the past six months we have hosted a few significant and exciting events at Selections Warehouse. On the Educational front, the year started off with Cape Peninsula University of Technology using our suppliers and our facility into the extended Town Hall for their Architectural Students Orientation. These kind of events are mutually beneficial to the Educational Institutions as well as the Suppliers and Manufacturers displaying product and services in our showroom.

We shared our focus on the Industry Professionals as well by offering various forums and events at our showroom to create awareness on Industry specific new topics and developments. Every six weeks we host a Design and Construction Breakfast with highly influential guest speakers. One of our most recent speakers was Alayne Reesberg CEO of WDC214 Cape Town Design.

The WDC2014 has become a focal point for Cape Town’s Design Industry. Which is why we have dedicated the better part of 2013 to delivering the messages through shared information sessions like the Design Network Breakfast and various other presentations hosted at the showroom.


Selections Warehouse will submit an official 2014 project in order to gain automatic exposure when the spotlight falls on Cape Town in 2014. We will submit our current annual Marketing Events like the Constructions Fashion Show, the Amazing Design Race and Innovation Week as official projects. Since these events are already funded by various parties we simply require the Black 2014 Badge to add prestige and additional marketing and media exposure to what we do on a daily basis. In 2014 Cape Town will prove why it deserves the title of Design Capital of the World. It will be an opportunity to showcase design and creativity on various levels. The City will issue a program of events and Exhibitions starting on 1 January 2014. It is our intention for Selections Warehouse to be part of this program with its numerous expo’s and events. The Submissions close at the end of July and we expect feedback by the end of August. In the interim we prepare our showroom with the official colours. We are in the process of revamping our presentation area in Black and Yellow to show support for Design and we will have the Yellow supporters badge on display in our Showroom soon.

Faircape Group Issue 2  

FEATURED IN THIS ISSUE Faircape Surveillance Update | Inpower On The Move Meet The Leasing Team | Faircare Trust Retirement Revi...

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