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How to do a ish tail braid

Fish tail braid Just like the basic braid this braid turns out best if you pull hair back into a tight ponytail first. The difference between the two braids is that you are going to separate the ponytail into 2 strands instead of three

Once you have separated the ponytail, you are going to start out by holding the 2 strands in your left hand.

Now you are going to take a thin piece from the outside of the right strand and join it with the left strand.

Reverse how you are holding hair and switch hands.

With your left hand take a thin piece from the outside of the left strand and join it with the right strand.

You are going to repeat steps 2 and 3

Kim kardashion’s best Outfit & her very own Song !

Jam Kim was last spo ed

Her very own song that’s Amazing

Out side the mall Shopping when the Paparazzi took a Photo of her to die for ouit Its not to fancy or to casual its Just in the middle and every one wants it

Priscilla Katsouranis New



Answers :

1.How did you feel to be chosen to be the new Zara model ? 2.Was there any tough compeon?


3.How did you feel wearing a bikini in front millions of people? 4.Wear have you been modeling before this ? 5.Do you think you will enjoy working for Zara Inside Story

1. I was so happy and I new that I could win 2. Dierently , there wore lots of extremely hard competors but I didn't let them get in my way 3. Well I love wearing hot pink & the bikini I was hot pink so I didn't mind 4.Myer & David jones



Taylor swi% poster

How to apply a natural Look of make Steps: 1. Wash your face with a good cleanser 2. Dry with a so1 towel 3. Apply consular to dark spots and blemishes 4. Use foundaon the same tone as your skin 5. Curl your eye lashes then apply a dark foundaon 6.Use a pink glossy lip gloss I recommend estee larder high gloss

And that’s all the steps !


Cyber Bullying

It can lead to suicide and extremely bad actions and peoples feelings get hurt . 75% of people that use any social networking get cyber bullied . This is a shocking statistics and it Must stop .

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Sally Hansen nail studio Just peel and apply •

New sally Hansen peel & apply

nail strips give you a perfect look in under 10 minuets leaving you more me for the impotent stu. Sally Hansen studio has just taken the annoying part out of painng your nails and fry me


Open out of the packet

1 Peel it 2 Put It on your nail nicely 3 Shape it to fit your nails 4 Smooth It on your nail 5 5 \\


azza real mag  

azza magazine