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Tailor-made Services Gift-Solution, Event Support, Decoration 2017

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WeMakeGift is a gift factory that brings smiles. Our tailor-made gifts are unique, beautiful, and usually handcrafted. We are strong in art and flowers, which granted us the skills and techniques to handle decorations, especially for weddings. We also host all kinds of events so as to make gifts with our guests, and to generate smiles and positive energy in anywhere!Â


OUR SERVICES • Tailor-made gifts solution • Specializes in Pop-up workshop: • Professional event arrangement • Material preparations • Manpower at the workshop • Add-on (optional) services: • Decoration • Photographer • Videographer • EDM design • Poster design • Press release • Refreshment at event


• Provide interactive

marketing events for retail or malls’ marketing or branding purposes

• Encourage a positive

gifting culture in the city

• Aim to bring crafts / arts into a lifestyle



How do gifts or workshops help?

• Engage and reward members and fans to generate their loyalty to the brand

Loyalty Branding

• Creative insight raises awareness of the brand to attract potential customers / members

• Positive image of educational workshops


further develops the company’s branding


• Fun workshop events will powerfully

showcase and promote your company

GIFT-SOLUTION Festive Gift, Event Souvenir

Gift Design - Cocktail Hat In Longines Night Race 2017, we custom made cocktail hats for their guests in the event. The hats received great compliments by the guests and clients.

Gift Design - Scarf Bracelet For the VIP dinner in Longines Night Race 2017, we custom made the scarf and charm from scratch. Ladies can wear this scarf as bracelet along with the charm, while they may also wear on neck or as a headband.

Gift Design - Gentleman Medal For the VIP dinner in Longines Night Race 2017, we custom made these medal for the gentlemen. During the event, the guests would choose their own charms and accessories , and our staff assembled the items into an unique medal.

Gift Design - Leather Phone Case We are trusted by Longines, and in Longines’ showroom event, we custom made these leather phone case for their guests. During the event, our staff hot stamp guests’ names onto the phone cases.

Gift & Workshop Design Neon Post, Neon Persona, Wood Candle We achieved a milestone in 2017, as we celebrated the Christmas with Pacific Place with our tailor-made workshop. Our workshops were welcomed by the guests. In order to bring Merry Christmas to more people, PP and our team had opened additional classes to cater the participants.

Neon Persona - Christmas Version for Pacific Place

Neon Persona

Wood Candle

Floral Design - Cupcake Flowers Cupcake flower was originally a tailor-made Mother’s Day gift for Conrad Hotel’s restaurants & cafe. It is made of Eternal Flowers that are good to be kept for about 1-2 years or longer depends on the humidity.

Floral Design - Alphabet Stone Vase The Alphabet Stone Vase was inspired & improved based on our our signature Flower Letter Box from 2016. To match it for 45R’s VIP event, we specially selected this flower thistle that has a tint of indigo blue, which elegantly showcases the brand's signature color and aura. Graceful yet stylish, suitable for both men or ladies for decor.

Floral Design - Alphabet Stone Vase The Alphabet Stone Vase was selected by another high-end fashion brand Cocktail Select Shop as its 15th anniversary's gift for VIP and media. The vase was painted in pink tone, and further decorated with matching flowers.

Festive Design - Christmas Stocking Elements mall got one of the best decorations during Christmas 2016 with its Fantastic Mr Fox theme. To celebrate with this foxy Christmas, we specially designed this Mr Fox Stocking workshop for their VIPs.

Our other signature designs

Floral Design - Pouring Love Inspired by our hand-drawing illustration over the appreciation of “I've been living in your Pouring Love“, our team decided to bring this 2D drawing alive. We combined floral into art, transformed a teacup into an action of pouring flowers. The eternal flowers are good to be kept for about 1-2 years depends on the humidity. A great gift to say "Thank you for your pouring love"

Floral Design - Fly With You Life is a long way journey. Fly With You expresses the message that "I am always be with you, to give you love, support, and comfort ... We fly together, and we will fly higher!” Bunny symbolizes a sound navigator, owns the perceptions to pilot through the darkness, giving us confidence to "hop to" in any situation.  You may switch on  Fly With You during night time. A dreamy and beautiful light decor that warms everyone's heart. 

Festive Design - Lace Crown Every little girl has dreamed to become a princess. Yet, our mother has eventually given up their princess dream, and put all her efforts to provide us the best instead. Although she is no longer a princess, she has become our queen who means the whole world to us. On Mother’s Day 2016, The Arcade and WeMakeGift collaborated to create the crown-making town to teach the kids creating the crown of queen, so as to bring the most blissful moment to every mother.

Candle Design - Floral Candle We carefully decorated the glass with pressed dried flower piece by piece, then we poured in the candle wax with our signature floral scent. Every candle is unique with our sincerity of gift-making.

EVENT SUPPORT Our events: Cyberport, Repulse Bay, Discovery Bay, Elements, Conrad Hotel, 45R

HANDCRAFTING CROWN Celebrated for Mother’s Day @ Arcade, Cyberport - 2016

Go to Video by WeMakeGift (

COLOR YOUR SUMMER Provide crafting workshop support @ Discovery Bay - 2016

Go to Video by Discovery Bay (

FAMILY BOWTIE MAKING Celebrated for Father’s Day @ Repulse Bay- 2016 Go to Video by WeMakeGift (

CHRISTMAS STOCKING Provide crafting workshop support @ Elements- 2016 Go to Video by WeMakeGift (


Celebrated for Father’s Day @ Conrad Hotel - 2017

ALPHABET STONE VASE Provide crafting workshop support @ 45R - 2017

DECORATION Tailor-made Decorating Service

Wedding Decoration, Hong Kong Parkview

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