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g from ns at WelTec rangin tio op 0 15 er ov e ar There siness to g to hairdressing, bu in er ne gi en , IT to g buildin much more. tourism, and much, . e for you at WelTec There’s a programm Gain a degree. . th pa oose a career Ch . ills sk re co n ar Le we offer. d explore the options an ok bo is th h ug ro Flick th

Your study relates to the real world e to the WelTec courses relat with real world. We work sure what ke ma businesses to ant for lev re you’re learning is lea l rn the workforce. You’l u can put valuable skills that yo away. into practice straight

y Learn from industr professionals try experts Our tutors are indus knowledge. keen to share their and can They will coach you re work connect you to futu ’ve been opportunities. They en chefs, plumbers, they’ve be ses, they’ve they’ve run busines worked as engineers.


Plenty of options fo your future

leaving? Or Still at school? Just er path? pursuing a new care we have a ns tio With over 150 op programme for you.

Leading facilities ty salon From a hair and beau bar. d an t to our restauran our new to From software labs nstruction multimillion dollar co d millions school. We’ve investe rn in to make sure you’ll lea tch ma environments that . workplace conditions

ion. Whatever your pass ground. Whatever your back itions. Whatever your amb

Your future starts c. right here at WelTe


WelTec 2016 GRAB Magazine  

Check out the range of certificates, diplomas and degrees WelTec has to offer in 2016

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