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Finding the perfect option Here’s what some of our students thought about when choosing what to study.


Follow your interests You might already have a broad idea of what you’re good at and what you’d enjoy. Lochie followed his interests.


I didn’t really know what I wanted to do until early high school. I had an interest in construction and design and my parents told me to look into civil engineering. After doing some research, I’ve never looked back.

I never really had any idea what I wanted to do, never really found my passion at school. After taking a gap year, my parents were like, ‘We’re going to put you in this course’. I thought, ‘Ok, I’ll give it a go’. It’s set me down a broad path, but at last I’ve found a path.


Don’t just do something because your mates are That’s the advice from Kaneeda, who’s now at WelTec studying plumbing after doing a pre-trade course a couple of years ago.

Give it a shot if it’s something you really enjoy. Don’t just do it because all your mates are doing it.

Business student Chirag talked it through with his parents.

I wanted something I loved doing, I never wanted to do something that I just wasn’t that into. I’m doing what I love.

I studied tourism at WelTec because my aunty works for an airline and I grew up thinking I’d like to do that. Tourism at WelTec was a good choice.


It was also an easy choice for patisserie student Maxine who’d always loved cooking.

Talk to your parents

Tala always wanted to work for an airline and is now part of the Jetstar team at Wellington airport.


Do something you love


Do something you’ve always wanted to do

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