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How to make the most of your study Here’s some advice from WelTec students on how to make the most of your time here. Expectations

Go hard

Be open

sure you know what the “ Make tutors expect from you. Get

give it your all – go hard at it. “ Just Your tutors will respect you. Your

an open mind. I wasn’t “ Gotooinsurewithwhat it was going to

employers will respect you.

involve even though I’d done a bit of research. Be prepared – bring writing utensils and stuff for note taking – and have an open mind.

Pay attention

Ask people

week, pay attention to “ Inall thethe first details and tips that tutors

thing I’d stress is don’t be “ The shy to ask for help. Everyone is

quite a while – I get quite a bit of help from my classmates.

Keeping ahead



I found is if you can do a “ What little bit of reading in your own

all opportunities. It might “ Grab just be 10 minutes extra or half

say treat it more like a “ Ijobwould than study. Turn up to every

time this will give you a real advantage when it comes to exams.

an hour. The tutor might ask for volunteers. Put your name forward, learn something new.

class. Get your work done. Don’t mess around!


ready to help you, even with small things. Especially for different people from different cultures like me – asking for help is the way forward.

to know your classmates. “ Get You’re going to be with them for

give you – such as due dates for assignments, and where to go to print things without having to pay for it.

Be social

clarification on exactly what needs to be done in assignments. And focus on the papers that are worth more credits.

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