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What’s a day like for our students? Amber, Cookery

I study four days a week, Monday to Thursday. It’s four and a half hours a day – either a morning shift from 8am to 12.30pm, or midday to 5pm, or the evening shift from 5 to 9.30pm. I get here half an hour early, change into a chef’s apron, hat, my nonslip shoes and so on. I need time to change, get into my uniform, as well as to relax prior to class. You spend three and a half to four hours in the kitchen with your tutor who does demos, then we do it ourselves. The tutors offer tips from their own experience, which is really helpful. For instance, all our recipes come from the students’ manual but the tutor might say, ‘for this particular dish, I prefer to use olive oil’.


In cooking, you end up with a lot of dishes, so we wash a lot of dishes! We spend the last half hour doing a really good clean up – we clean the hobs, sinks and benches.

Jeremy is studying his Electrical Engineering qualification in night classes because he works at his apprenticeship during the day.

I come into WelTec on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. I do normal working hours – a 40 hour week – then once I’m finished, come to ‘Tec. Jeremy Electrical Engineering

Bronwyn works full-time but is furthering her skills by completing the Graduate Diploma in Event Management.

I’m actually really lucky, my work has given me time to do this. I only go to school on Mondays, and that’s all that’s required. I go to work on Monday morning then go to school for five hours. In addition to class there’s some some after-hours stuff. Bronwyn Event Management

Business administration student Melinda is here Monday to Thursday.

It’s a 17 week course. I study from nine to three, Monday to Thursday, and after study I work part-time for a couple of hours. I have Fridays off. I do most of my assignments at WelTec, except self-assessed tests which you have to do at home. Melinda Business Admin

Ashley found himself a job at the end of his second year with KiwiRail. So he’s finishing off his Bachelor of Engineering Technology part-time.

For me, it’s a three-quarter day on Monday, a day off on Tuesday, all day Wednesday and I work on Thursday and Friday. Ashley Engineering

WelTec 2016 GRAB Magazine  

Check out the range of certificates, diplomas and degrees WelTec has to offer in 2016

WelTec 2016 GRAB Magazine  

Check out the range of certificates, diplomas and degrees WelTec has to offer in 2016