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Outcome 1 Raising the skills and knowledge of the current and future workforce As the analysis of the Social and Economic Context showed, the Wellington region has:

The programmes WelTec offers reflect these distinctive characteristics.

a growing population;

an economy that is relatively specialised in knowledge-intensive services; and

In 2015, WelTec delivered 158 programmes of study in areas including business, information technology, construction, engineering, creative industries, health and social services and hospitality.

a workforce that comprises mainly highly skilled occupations.

A range of graduate, employer and student success related outcomes are reflected in the measures below.

Graduate outcome measures The proportion of graduates gaining employment or going onto further study* Proportion of graduates gaining employment or going onto further study


Proportion of graduates looking for employment


Graduate satisfaction Have knowledge and skills for job/position

85% (+11% neither agree/disagree)

Work readiness

78% (+17% neither agree/disagree)

Qualification prepared me for future work requirements

85% (+10% neither agree/disagree)

Qualification developed skills and knowledge for future studies

91% (+7% neither agree/disagree)

Employer measures Employer satisfaction Relevancy of training


Relevancy of qualifications


Work readiness of graduates


Suitability of graduates for employer’s future needs


Student Success measures 2015 student success measures are referred to in the Educational Performance achievements in the Statement of Service Performance section.


*Based on survey taken shortly after programme completion.

2015 WelTec Annual Report  

2015 WelTec Annual Report

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