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A revised management structure across WelTec and Whitireia was developed. The initial proposal was issued to all staff in July 2015. Following feedback, a final structure was agreed and issued in October 2015. Recruitment to vacant roles was undertaken over November/December with all appointments confirmed by January 2016.

Following the development of a Leadership Strategy in 2014 a Leadership Conference was held in early 2015. With the announcement of a joint Chief Executive across WelTec and Whitireia, the Conference was structured to equip our leaders to prepare for this change and support their teams successfully through it. With the consequent new Leadership structure implemented in February 2016 the plan is to develop the programme across WelTec and Whitireia in 2016 to further strengthen the strategic partnership of both institutions.

A staff survey was carried out in July 2015 across WelTec and Whitireia. An excellent response rate of 93% for WelTec was achieved. Institutional results were distributed to all staff and team results to teams. Staff committees were established at each institution to prioritise actions in response to the survey. Mangers developed action plans with staff.

Capability Development During 2015 the Capability Development Unit (CDU) operated programmes to support induction, training, and ongoing development for academic staff; developed leadership skills for managers; organised workshops and held other events for all staff. The unit led the development of a qualification embedding literacy and numeracy required for tutors teaching Levels 1 and 2 for 2016. 23 staff were enrolled in this programme during 2015. CDU organise events and workshops for all staff, including forums, leadership, cultural competence, and specific activities for teams and individuals.

Wellbeing in the Workplace A comprehensive annual Wellness Plan in 2015 included engagement of an Occupational Health Physician to support staff returning to work from ill-health, counselling services, workplace assessments, wellness checks, flu vaccinations, team fitness challenges, social club events, smoking cessation programmes offered to support our smoke-free environment, gym membership, wellness allowances and discounted health insurance. A focus for 2015 was on mental health to provide our leaders with information and tools on how to manage and support staff members.

Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) WelTec attracts and retains a diverse staff and encourages an environment that supports the full participation of staff. Human resource policies and practices are non-discriminatory and EEO is incorporated into human resource strategy and planning. Managers are equipped with tools and training in a number of areas relating to EEO including Working from Home Guidelines and workshops on the prevention of Workplace Bullying and Supporting Mental Wellness in the Workplace. EEO outcomes are monitored and evaluated through the reporting of HR Metrics. One of our key business and EEO strategies is the development of our longstanding and vibrant partnership with Te Runanganui o Te Atiawa ki te Upoko o te Ika a Maui Inc (Te Atiawa) and Te Marae o Waiwhetu. We are proud to have a Kaiwhakahaere MÄ ori and a Pasifika Manager who are involved at a policy level and work with our staff and students.

W2 Shared Services Facilities and property staff from Whitireia and WelTec successfully transitioned to W2 Shared Services Ltd from July 2015. The new Campus Services management structure was implemented and people appointed to vacant roles.

2016 Management Structure

Chris Gosling Chief Executive

James Smith Director

Julia Hennessy Director

Leanne Ivil Director

Mark Broadbent Director

Mark Johnston Director

Ruth Anderson Director

Mark Hewitson Director

Lawrence Arps Director

Finance and Operations

Teaching and Learning

People and Capability

Business Development


Finance and Operations

Teaching and Learning



Strategy, Performance and Improvement




2015 WelTec Annual Report  

2015 WelTec Annual Report

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