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Research The Research and Enterprise team was set up in 2015 to support research staff to build their research capability and capacity and increase engagement in industry-relevant research and development projects. The year saw a significant increase in the diversity of research activity and the initiation of projects in new areas of research across the institution from tourism through to sustainable waste management and prototype design.

successful learning outcomes. A major focus of our research in education is investigating and understanding the language of tutors and students, and the literacy and numeracy demands needed to be successful in the workplace and in a wider modern society.

something unexpected. By using new tools and modern materials and innovative methodology, traditional cultural objects were reinvented in a contemporary context. Researchers across WelTec are actively engaged in a range of exploratory projects designed to inform and develop sustainable practices in housing, business and environmental management which “meets the needs and aspirations of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (World Commission on Environment and Development, 1987).* To meet this goal WelTec researchers are developing new approaches to building sustainable housing, meeting the needs of aged care facilities, and developing more effective systems to improve environmental and waste management.

The diversity of research at WelTec illustrates the wide ranging discipline areas of our staff reflecting their interests, through collaborations and industry partnerships. Staff research serves to strengthen the knowledge in the discipline areas that they teach. The results of their research have practical outcomes that are applicable to individuals, communities, society and industry.

WelTec’s research staff investigated the impact of social services, pastoral care, cultural identity and community support on the overall wellbeing and success of our learners, youth and members of society. The health and wellbeing of individuals and communities has seen WelTec researchers collaborate with external support services to investigate the effectiveness of social norm marketing on the alcohol consumption of our youth, while our Māori and Pasifika researchers look to understand the impact of community involvement in supporting the success of our learners.

As a provider of professional and trades training, vocational education is a key focus of education research undertaken by our research staff. This research platform aims to inform vocational teaching practice across the ITP sector by investigating how we teach, how students learn and, developing new tools and resources for

Practice-led research carried out by our creative technology staff looked to challenge conventional concepts. Their creative practice explored and developed new theories, concepts and methodologies by taking familiar everyday objects and combining them in unusual ways transforming them into


*World Commission on Environment and Development, (1987). Our Common Future. Oxford University Press (commonly called the Brundtland Report)

Below: Testing technologies is a priority area of our research and development. Martin Kelly has successfully developed a product testing platform for the plumbing industry.

2015 WelTec Annual Report  

2015 WelTec Annual Report

2015 WelTec Annual Report  

2015 WelTec Annual Report