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Exclusive interview with the famous Santa Clause!!!!!                                                                            


Read the amazing story Of Emma prim-Lae

Page 4 best Christmas tree design Page 5 exclusive Santa clause interview Page 6 Is Kmart the best place to buy a Christmas tree Page 7 Emma brings joy once again Page 8 a 5day weather journal for Melbourne Page 9 the best colourcombination for your Christmas tree survey Page 10 puzzle time with Sudoku.                        

Get the delicious m&m’s in store today. Great to snack on when you Have guest’s over.                                      


MATERIALS You  will  need:   -­‐Fairy  lights   -­‐Tinsel   -­‐star  or  angle  for  the  top  of    the  tree   -­‐Decorations  that  match  everything  else      


1st -­‐  Put  up  the  Christmas  tree  of  course.   2nd  –  Placing  from  top  to  bottom  put  the  fairy  lights  on  around  the   tree.   3rd-­‐  Put  the  star  or  angle  at  the  top  of  the  tree.   4th-­‐  place  the  tinsel  from  top  to  bottom  around  the  tree.   5th-­‐  decorate  the  tree  with  your  matching  decorations  without   making  the  tree  too  crowded.       Now,  thanks  to  me  you  have  the  best-­‐looking  Christmas  tree  in  town.  


They sell so many things!!!!!!!!!!


I’ve always  wondered  how  did  you  find  all  the  elves  and  get  them  to  help  you?   Well,  where  I  live  there  is  a  village  of  elves  and  they  just  offered  to  help  me.     Everyone  knows  your  reindeer  fly,  but  how  do  they  fly?   Don’t  you  know?  It’s  magic,  surely  you  believe  in  magic?     How  come  everyone  see’s  you  wear  the  same  clothes?   Well  it’s  my  Christmas  suit,  why,  don’t  you  like  it?     How  on  earth  do  you  get  into  the  houses  that  don’t  have  chimneys?   Oh  with  great  difficulty  but,  there  is  always  a  way  I  like  to  say.     I  do  know  a  couple  of  people  that  wonder  where  you  got  the  name  Santa  Clause?       That’s  an  easy  question;  my  mum  gave  me  that  name  when  I  was  born.                                                                                                                                               How  can  you  eat  all  the  supper  from  every  house  in  the  world  and  not  ever  get   full?   I  do  get  full  after  a  while  so  I  always  save  some  for  the  next  few  days  and  later  if  I   get  hungry.       Do  you  ever  have  sky  traffic  and  have  to  stop  to  give  way  to  some  things?   I  always  try  to  stay  out  of  the  way  but  sometimes  I  do  have  a  bit  of  traffic.     If  someone  see’s  you  what  do  you  do?   Tell  them  it’s  a  dream  and  for  them  to  go  back  to  sleep.     Have  you  ever  thought  to  carry  safety  gear  around  with  you?   No  I’ve  never  thought  of  doing  that  but  that’s  a  good  idea,  you  know  just  in  case   something  happens.     Why  do  you  only  carry  one  sack  of  presents  when  there  is  so  many  children  in   the  world?       Ah  ha  now  it  looks  small  from  the  outside  but  really  its  huge  on  the  inside.   Remember  all  it  takes  is  a  bit  of  magic.                          

Mount franklin water is great for when you’ve just been exercising and has the freshness your thirst desires, so choose the water that has been voted for the most freshness taste of the year.

Have you ever wondered where the best place to buy a Christmas tree? Well it’s Kmart, and hey I’m not trying to be mean to all the other companies but I believe it’s true. “ZOOOOOMMM” do you hear that? Well, that’s all the people rushing in to Kmart to get the cheap, but good Christmas trees. Now, don’t get me wrong because it’s a fact. It doesn’t take much money to buy a Christmas tree for only 19.95 only from Kmart. OMG! Look at all the different shapes and sizes small, medium and large to fit in the exact spot. Did I mention the entire colour’s they come in? Well, there is black, white, green and even ones that light up in all different colour’s. Quote from the famous Katy Perry “I shop at Kmart because all their items are good quality.” You might be thinking that Christmas trees from Kmart are not good quality because they are just plastic. But it’s strong enough it last for years and can easily be put away for next year. It’s 12:00 midnight and Kmart is still the best place to buy a Christmas tree. As I said they are cheap, good quality, come in all different colour’s and sizes, so shop at Kmart.            

Moshi-monsters is a fun game to play for all different ages, also in stores near you there are plush toys to buy and play with.                                                        

It all started in 1991 when I was 10. I had no toys and no games; I was homeless and an only child. I lived with my mother in an airport and had no idea where my father was. When I was old enough I got a job to help my mum pay for food and we soon had enough to buy a house, and some descent clothes. When my teen years past I got a job at the salvos so I could donate Christmas presents to the homeless and poor. “I feel sorry for all the homeless and poor families out there,” says Emma. “I am happy with my job, I love to donate second hand toys and sometimes if I can brand new toys and even games,” Added Emma. Today I am still working at the salvos and still love to donate to the homeless and poor families. Also I just want to put it out there to all the kid’s from families that are not homeless or poor should and need to be grateful for what they get given. Emma Prim-lae, 31,2012




Footscray hockey club is a great sport; it’s a good team sport and is perfect if you need to lose a bit of weight.                                                      


Date:       Time:  

Temperature :  


5/6/2 012

6/6/2 8/6/2 12/6/ 012 012 2012

14/6/ 2012

9:20a m

11:49 10:34 9:18 am am


11 11 11 17 14 degree degre degre degree degree s es es s s

20mm= No 2cm rain


No rain


No rain

Nike, where feet are everything, So go to a store near you and enter the world of feet!


1. What colour  combination  do  you  think  looks  the  best  on  a   Christmas  tree?     2. How  many  colours  do  you  normally  use?     o o o o o


3. Do you  change  your  colour  combination  every  year?     o Yes   o No  

4. Do you  just  like  to  use  red  and  green?   o Yes   o No  



1-­‐2 3-­‐4   5-­‐6   7-­‐8   9-­‐10  

5. Do you  only  use  one  colour?   o Yes   o No  



Cold rock is perfect to make and create your own ice cream. So come and make your own creations.

Christmas Surprise  

It's a christmas magazine

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