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How to kick a football First do stretches to worm up you you don’t have an injury’s


Football boots


Step 1. First pick up the ball. Step 2. Second step is put your fingers on the laces. 3. Line the football with the goals. 4. Put feet together. 5. Walk slowly to the goals. 6. Kick the ball hope you enjoyed

Bobs big  heart  attack         It  all  started  when  the  darkness  fell  on   bob.  When  bob  woke  he  felt  a  shiver  in   his  cold  body.  When  he  he  awoke  he   could  see  blurry  heads  leaning  and   hovering  over  his  cold  body.  He  heard  a   familiar  voice  asking  are  you  okay?  He   felt  like  he  was  being  pushed  into  the   grass  after  suffering  a  very  serious  heart   attack.  It  happened  while  building  a  tree   house  for  his  6-­‐year-­‐old  son  James   manger.  Lucky  he  new  how  to  call  the   police  after  being  tort  how  to  learn  the   number  in  primary  school  when  he   woke  up  he  could  see  all  of  the  doctors   around  him  he  new  he  was  in  the   hospital  he  got  out  of  the  bed  and  he   could  see  his  wife  and  his  son  James5   years  later  he  started  to  play  for   Bendigo  bombers  10  years  later  he  got  a   note  from  the  AFL  do  you  want  to  play  

for Essendon  football  team?  He  said  to   himself  I  should  do  it  to  make  my  son   proud  of  me.  After  what  I  have  been   through  he  deserves  a  chance.  Now  look   at  him  he  is  the  best  football  player  in   the  AFL.      

Why Essendon is better than Collingwood How could you not go for Essendon they are the best team in the AFL. Because all of the Essendon players look nicer and have less tats.

Essendon is better because there is less scandal attached to the club.

Essendon is better because we have the best defender. His name is the great Dustin fletcher. He has played 158 games in his whole career. And he is 37 years old.

He is the oldest player in the AFL. There are a lot more things to say about

Collingwood and why they are so bad at football. So that’s the end talk soon.

FOOTBALL     Who  is  your  favourite  player  in  the   AFL?         What  is  your  favourite  football   brand?           What  is  your  favourite  tracksuit   pants  brand?         What  is  your  favourite  football   boots?     Who  do  you  go  for  in  the  AFL?  

James HIRD     1. How  many  goals  have  you  scored   in  the  AFL?   2. How  many  injuries  have  you  had  in   the  league?   3. What  made  you  want  to  become  a   football  player?   4. What  do  you  like  to  do  out  side  of   your  job?   5. Who  is  your  favourite  in  the   league?   6. What  car  do  you  have  and  do  you   think  it  Is  cool?  And  why  did  you   choose  it?   7. Are  you  better  at  any  other  sport   then  football?   8. How  old  were  you  when  you   started  playing  football?   9. What  is  your  favourite  football   ground  to  play  football  and  why?   10. Do  you  enjoy  your  job  and  why?      

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