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This book contains a comprehensive collection of all comments on our online and paper forms between 17 August 2018 and 12 October 2018. All these comments and the original consultation materials can be viewed online at welovese25.commonplace.is

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.


Amazing travel links from Norwood Junction - 11mins to London Bridge is a game changer! The Lake & surrounding grounds feels like being out of London and sports facilities are good considering they're free

Rubbish on streets Lack of variety in restaurants/cafes


I like the green spaces, well connected community on social media, people are friendly. Excellent transport

Rubbish is everywhere. Dog excrement. Shoddy and largely useless high street.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

Lifestyle stores e.g gift shops Bakery that isn't Greggs (something like Blackbird/Gails/Brickwood)

Perhaps lowering business rents for upstarts - though no more chicken or barbers/hairdressers

A kids cafe/ space where parents can eat and drink and children can do activities including on the weekend. Something like the Barnados soft play at Crystal Palace triangle. There are very limited weekend activities for children at the weekend. I have to drive to Herne Hill first thing in the morning for a children's music group at the weekend.


Amenities. Transport.

Rubbish everywhere, bins not emptied. Too many take aways

Pity your focus is on specific places. The alleyway between arena tram stop and Macclesfield Road is in desperate need of extra lighting and something to stop cyclists.


Transport links and the area I live in

Portland road is a disgrace to south Norwood people sitting in empty shop doorways drinking alcohol. Barbecue on the pedestrian walkway this is all illegal but never seen the police take any action

Close the shops turn them all into flats on Portland road


I like the potential. It’s clear the area isn’t and will be changing so I feel excited for the future. There is a community feel that is growing. The Norwood festival is amazing!

The market needs improving. It needs visual overhaul as it looks too crammed. Station road could be blocked off to allow for more stalls and space. It would benefit from more street food and pop ups. Perhaps it could even take place in the park.

Reply the road on Portland Road.

More clothes shops. Toy shop. Stationery shop. Shop for baby clothes and accessories.

Use the space for temporary pop ups be it food, fashion retail, exercise, cosmetics etc

There are pubs but no bars. Therefore a few more restaurant would would encourage a few bars.

Encourage more retails and pop ups as there are too many vacant spaces. Less barber shops and fast food (keep Morley’s, Tony’s and Food Stop!) Just needs variety. 555

It's a developing community with a lot of potential

We need to encourage more local businesses, less barbershops. Some retail outlets, it's still some way off being a proper high street

Less vacant shops. Even if we could get short term pop ups involved it would be a start.

As above


It has become very accessible

Yes! all the closed shops and the streets need a good clean

Easier Parking

More different eating places No

There are activities happening. Stanley Halls! I don’t think it’s advertised enough


- Green spaces (Country Park, South Norwood Lake) - Transport links great for commuting to central London (quick trains to London Bridge, easy access to Gatwick and Luton) - Good quality openings that make you feel that you are in an up and coming area (Shelverdine Goathouse, The Portland Arms, that Little Place coffee shop, Mimosa Cafe) - Schools and nurseries

- Portland Road makes me sad and I try to avoid it. It's messy, has many rundown unoccupied shops (and buildings!), rowdy barber shops, rubbish on the floor, poorly looked after shop fronts - We also have a lack of quality restaurants, delis or shops that

It's been nice to see new openings on Station Road like Walnuts & Honey or the recently approved Mamma Dough pizza place. We need more of this on Portland Road. There is plenty of space for: - more trees (great to have the new additions in Market Place, but we could do with more in such a heavy traffic road - more inviting, good quality shops, less barbers, dusty estate agencies no one walks into, tatty fast food shops or Caribbean food places

Yes! There are plenty of spaces available on Portland Road. They could be used as a bakery (think independent version of Gail's where we can buy good quality bread and coffees/pastries/food - there is nothing like this yet on SN!), a book shop, pharmacy/cosmetics, food deli with seating space, more coffee shops, children toy/clothing shop, yoga/meditation studio

Not for now!

We are a young couple and bought our house in SN about a year ago with the prospect of this being an up-and-coming area. It is great to see you guys seeking feedback and we look forward to seeing some of these changes happening. Happy to help!

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


Public transport is great. The Portland arms nice well run pub, Norwood lakes is lovely as well the country park. Nice community.

Where do I start? Portland rd is absolutely disgusting full of rubbish and fly tipping by mostly local restidents! Lack of good quality shops. Far too many low quality chicken shops/barbers/takeaways in general. The high street is just as bad too many empty boarded up shops full of graffiti and fly posters. Most of these shops are being rented out illegally as flats. The so-called regeneration was poorly done on a shoestring budget just look at Thornton Heath so much more money and thought put in to the area.....why not here???? The pavements along the high street is disgusting uneven and never been deep cleaned like in Thornton Heath, I know this because I work in both areas. Why would businesses want to invest in the area when the local council does so little??? All talk no action. I know all this costs money, but money seems to be found for certain areas??

The local council must improve the public footpath completely not just small patches, the whole high street leading to Portland rd. the bridge needs a complete revamp that includes better lighting is a must for safety. The so-called regeneration of market parade is a joke! Why is it that every other town in Croydon has more money spent? We get tarmac which looks horrible hardly regeneration? All of the pavement needs to be in stone like the rest of Croydon. This would make the place more desirable for businesses. The shop keepers need keep their shop fronts to a good standard and made to clean outside their private land. The constant smell of drugs and people loitering peddling drugs need to be dealt with before any improvements can be done. More police is definitely needed. I could go on and on.

A lot of these shops should be compulsory purchased because most of the landords have no intention of letting them out as a retail unit. All they want is to convert them into substandard flats. These shops could be rented to small business at a affordable rate. We need a butcher, greengrocer, chains like boots WH Smith’s, Clarke’s, an opticians, good quality restaurants. Maybe a youth centre run properly?

one of our parks could have a gym training area? Decorate Portland rd and the high street with more greenary.

Please please please deal with the Flytipping and antisocial behaviour. Speed cameras that work. Dare I say it but more traffic wardens.


I like the sense of community and friendly atmosphere. I like the range of shops, bars and services. I like the diverse community. I like the open spaces.

Lots of empty shops. quite a lot of litter and dog mess and fly tipping. Fast and reckless driving. When I report fly tipping and litter to Croydon council nothing seems to get done and it is ignored.

Street furniture looks messy and tatty all along the road but particularly at the bottom of manor road. The pavements look really tatty where they have been dug up and repaired cheaply so there's lots of ugly patched and uneven tarmac.

Pizza restaurant

There's lots of litter behind the fence on the alley way that runs down to the station from Portland road, that would benefit from being cleared up. There is a large boarded up space next to aldi that could be turned into a community garden

I think that traffic calming and speed cameras should be put on Manor road as this is a dangerous and busy rat run and I feel scared crossing the road. More CCTV to prevent fly tipping .


Diversity and friendly people When the trains work it is well connected. The parks are great. Easy to get to Beckenham where there is more for kids to do.

Parts of it look a mess - fly tipping & run down shops. Lack of nice shops. The pollution - cars - on Portland rd is terrible. The driving is reckless. Noticed an increase in edge & young people with nothing to do, especially after knifing outside nursery.

Improve or get rid off defunct shops. Stop the fly tipping / clear up quicker seeing it increases it

Pop ups - Portas scheme transformed Kirkdale Sydenham.

Mire with young people.



Provision of youth clubs for young people

London Borough of Croydon office ‚ even if open 1-2 days a week No

Stanley Halls ‚ community youth club


Transport link

Portland Road needs to be improved. Needs more police presence

Need to be cleaned of rubbish


south Norwood lakes

The high street, it is dirty

Better quality shops, more presentable


Cool place. It has easy access to transport


No No



I like to live in my community and mixed community

More police, for safety purpose

Please make safe subway and also please focus on cleaning. Subway is very messy

Council office. Like a mini council office No

Mixed community gathering so all can understand each other


The people

It needs more people. A notice board


Good facilities ‚ medical centre, shops, train station, place of worship

No banks, no police station, litter, lack of parking spaces, too many empty shops

Educational, tuition centres

To open a tuition centre


Local parks

Affordable education for local families

Need a tuition centre affordable for poor people to help them go to good universities

Tuition centre, centre to administer charity works I am a teacher of maths in a secondary school outstanding school and am happy to assist in developing a tuition centre for our local kids


Easy to commute

Too many barbers/ chicken shops/ bookies. Shop fronts look old. Graffiti EVERYWHERE. Roads are in bad ways ‚ House fronts look poor.

More better shops, Family environment ‚ cleaning roads. Put more bins. No graffiti AT ALL.

Offer to other communities in the area to do different businesses rather than barbers and food/ chicken shops For a mechanical garage

It can be used to sell stuff

Community meetings. Finding problems within communities, make easy to get information and help

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?




More shops

Grocery shop No


South Norwood Lake ‚ South Norwood Islamic Centre

Cleaning the streets

There should be more shops

Bakers and cafe No



Public transport, leisure centre and plenty of parks

Litter, graffiti, loud music

Educational/ tuition centres

Tuition centre, supplementary education No

Cycling tours ‚ tour de South Norwood


The mosque

Free party round the mosque will be convenient

Cleanliness can be upgraded. Bank branches. There are no banks left on the High St

Old people community centre and banks. N/A

Old people community centre


South Norwood has many strong communities

The road works take too long

Give locals the ability and affordability to open local shops or community centres



What I like most about South Norwood is the mosque/masjid (especially South Norwood Mosque) because of its speciality

I wish there were no betting or pub place because its where youths are drunk/angry and tend to break anything in sight.


To make an Islamic book shop Hard to say, not sure

Yes, muslim boys only table tennis and tennis


Norwood Junction Station. Mosque (SNICC). Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Aldi

A lot of crimes. No banks. Bad parks management

Need banks, Police station, Community support services

Clothing, Pound shop no

Multi faith sports matches, Cricket, Footbal etc.







The masjid

Young people making noise and drinking and taking drugs on the streets

Yeah, make it cleaner

Yeah open more business N/A

Yeah, youth centre to help them and lessons on slang


Central easy transport

Clean street

Improve appearance and reduce anti social behaviour

Galleries/ Cafes Yes



A nice mix of different community living peacefully next to each other

We need more shops on the High St

More facilities for young people

Use it for the local community Not now but maybe in the future

To organise activities for young people such as football matches


I like the mosque which is closer for me and the train station which is easy to get the direct train to London Bridge

I hate the traffic which is always taking place on the main road

I think they should prevent people back across the High St to reduce the ongoing traffic

An empty shop should transform as flats because we need more accommodation in the area Alternatively we should help those who want to set up a business

More free parking on the High St

Police presence

Youth community centre, old people community centre N/A



Multicultural, parks, lake, shops (Lidl, Nisa, Tesco)

Potholes, rubbish on pavements


Accessibility to a masjid

Lack of modern housing


Mosque nearby

Neat and clean. Need more housing


Norwood Junction is convenient to commute. Large multicultural community

Up-marketing of shops ‚ there should be more family themed restaurants. Too crowded streets have too many potholes.

More upmarket shops. More family environment ‚ too many businesses such as hair/barbers and markets. Also more cleaning ‚ bins left over make the area smelly.


South Norwood lakes is the only good thing about South Norwood. Very peaceful park

Portland road is a dump. Its disgusting. I think 10 times before even going towards that road. Needs to be improved right away. Footpath on Portland Road is also disgusting. Especially right after the bridge. When it rains water gathers and makes walking a mission

Station road isn’t a priority. All resources should be used on Portland road. Footpath after the bridge should be a priority. After it rains water gathers in puddles and makes it difficult to walk. Too many drug dealers on Portland Road. It ALWAYS STINKS OF WEED.

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Really want a youth community centre

Coffee shops

One way can cause congestion

Community centre for troubled youths Probably not

A project that includes youths

flats Cafe, chain coffee shops

Art exhibitions showcasing local talent. More awareness of South Norwood in local areas to increase interest and popularity

Help young people get away from drugs and getting into gangs

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?


The best place in South Norwood is the lakes. It is a beautiful and peaceful place to go.

A lot of things need to be improved in South Norwood. The main place is Portland Road. I have to think 10 times before going there. The pavements are always littered, it stinks of weed. Every corner on that road is TRASH. The pavement under the bridge needs to be improved.

Station road isn’t that bad. However, Portland road needs immediate improvement. The pavements need to be made again. We need less barber shops and fast food restaurants. We have got plenty of beauty parlours and nail shops. We need more housing facilities.

An empty shop could be used to make a dessert shop or flats.

We should have more activities. Like maybe a Horse riding centre or more activities and facilities that benefit the community.


Diversity. South Norwood lakes Park

Too many barbers/hairdressers. The High St and Portland Road are very run down

We need better businesses. Out high street is dry. More cleanliness. There’s too much litter. Too many drugs. (Portland Road)

Poundland, Restaurants Yes

Interfaith events, Festivals. More collaboration between ethnic minorities


I like the park the best

There’s too much crime and drugs in South Norwood



Littering and dirty environment. Cleaning of the environment required.


Yes Yes


South Norwood Mosque

Crime no safety

Road repairs, banks, police station

Clothing shops Construction, architects, structural engineer


Mosque to pray in and toilets available

There needs to be more public toilets. There needs to be affordable apartments/ bachelor pads

Empty building to be made into a hostel. Temporary shelter for homeless

No No

Invite for football club to socialise


My home since June 1986

Yes ‚ more CCTV security cameras

More cameras

Affordable rent and support for new business Yes, charity organisation



Good to live here

Road safety

If you can afford



Multi ethnic area

Narrow roads. Poor parking. No parking for Muslims on Friday


Easy transport links to city and central Croydon

Drugs, late night parties outside barber shops on Portland road. Too many chicken and chips shops ‚ need heavy food shops

Heavy food shops. Less barber shops ‚ way too many

Youth activities, study centres N/A


The park and train station. Trains have good connection to the city. The park good place to utilise

Late night parties at barber shop

More community activities for children

Used for gaming or activities for the community No


The area it’s ok

The area it’s ok

it’s ok

it’s ok it’s ok


We have all the necessary shops like Tesco, Sainsbury, petrol station, gym, medical centre etc.

Too much dog waste.

Please put three street chairs in front of the mosque

Rent free

A lot of parking issues, very dirty road

Not really

Chicken shops No

Drug free

Knife crime help point Not really

Help youth activities

Foot paths blocked outside the barber shops and people do drinking alcohol and smoking weed. That must be stopped because it is not good for youngsters.

There is no bus stop between Harington Road and Norwood station for bus route 130 towards Thornton Heath. Long walk to get the bus.

Empty shops should be rented to the jobless people on fair price Not yet

More superstores should be open in the area




Barbershop carnivals every week


Proximity to transportation

There are no adequate recycling containers for clothes and shoes. Adequate provisions should be made


Put it up for free rent to charity No Kids bike rides, sports activities


The mulit-cultural aspect/ Community feeling

More visible police presence at night. Improvement of public realm (visual). Encourage more small businesses.

Visual (public realm). Improve parking opportunities/ more free parking periods

More pop-up shops. Give community groups usage for small rent/rent free No

More community/ youth events. Reopen Samuel Taylor College Centre for young people.


Norwood Junction Station. Good connections to Central London

There’s a lot of drug usage on the streets. Dog poo everywhere. Graffiti on the walls. Not a clean place.

Bring more cameras. Invest in resources to clean the place. Improve lighting and plant more trees

Don’t give it to barbers please! Furniture/Electro shop/Bikes could take the place. KFC/McDonalds

CLEAN SOUTH NORWOOD PROJECT. Encourage everyone to stop litter/dog poo

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?


South Norwood Mosque

Rubbish on the road

Keep it clean

Reduce the rent N/A



The good, frequent transport facilities available

No High St banks available. High crime routes


More restaurants and more outdoor facilities for children No because the area is not developed therefore not good to open a business

More youth clubs for young people and children. A ladies only gym!


Because everything is new to you but little bit not safe

Yes the road should be better and make it nice

Yes make it nice

Yes its many because there is no business too much not many By myself no

Yes improve how much you can


I like to be nice and clean

Roads and improve empty free shops

No No



The swimming pool and South Norwood Mosque


Roads and improve empty free shops

No No



South Norwood Islamic Centre

Roadwork, crime, outdoor gym in park


Local Mosque

Upgrade Norwood Station

Trees in a line

Pop-up shops N/A


Diverse community, Mosque

Better shops. Better look of streets

Better parking

Give them to big chains like Costa, Starbucks No



Clear all the rif rafs from the area. More police, safe guarding for the kids


Provide incentives for people to open them Yes



Adults education centre

For safety

Yes more business like big supermarket and retail business

Yes, more business as people can get more jobs Yes - Education

Yes many ideas








It has great train connections

Streets are dirty, dog poo everywhere, graffiti, people openly smoking weed in the streets, loud music from barber shops on weekend nights, doesn’t feel very safe while walking on the streets of South Norwood

More street surveillance in person, police officers and undercover police too, a proper track down on usage of drugs openly on roads, new footpaths, station subway need a revamp, new street lights

Rent them out for less N/A

Improve safety, enough council estates


Good train connections

The whole feel of area is very poor, dirty roads, rubbish everywhere

Must need a lift at station, a new subway, new roads, new street, LED lights, Need an upmarket food store like M&S or Waitrose, undercover police patrol

Let them out on cheaper rent N/A

Major structural revamp of whole area, a cycling velodrome for families and kids, improve lakes park for kids and improve Selhurst park


Children learning

To reduce traffic because of morning children school time

To be given more time in rent, bring others company Yes



People smoking weed in the open in High St and Portland Road

More police

Parking spaces needed, streets should be kept clean

Station Road should be walk street only no cars should be allowed

Could be used for welfare purposes or charity shop. Youth health activities etc. Yes I would like to make a charity shop

There should be more places for youth and children for their health activities

If anything maybe more security for teenagers


Fine N/A


Image of shopfront, local roads that are congested with trees, lack of parking space

Change the look of shops, facilitate parking space, widen the roads

Living space, reduce rent for local business to use In the future

Sports day, culture day


Loads of shops, people socially integrated



Community, flexibility of travel. Arrangement of transport, open space.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

Cleaner neighbourhood

Visits from different religious groups to one another


What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


Norwood junction station fast access to London bridge and Victoria Lake park

Every 5 steps there is dog poo! Litter everywhere. Don’t feel like living in a developed city “LONDON” ÔÅå:( Loud noise from barber shops on weekend parties

This place had more than its share of council estate. STOP NOW PLEASE. Let this place breathe, have more cameras and personal monitors the activities. Fine those who don’t clean up after dogs!

There are only barber shops around! Please allow more banks, cafe’s, accountants, TAX, lawyers to fill empty shops. Unhappy with the current schools in South Norwood. Need more investment in schools to improve activities. They take kids to Tesco’s ‚ seriously! Invest in teachers also please.

Please please please clean this place, it was once an amazingly beautiful place. Have more trees and cameras. Have a system in place to report dog poo.


That there is a Masjid 5 minutes away

Beautify it a little more

Wider roads

An empty shop could be used as a homeless shelter Personally at a young age not much

Fund raising for charity


Location, good commuting

Filthy streets, Open drug use, No safe building, graffiti

Clean footpaths, Station subway need improvement

Cheaper Rent No


I love to live in South Norwood. I am living here from last 10 years. All we need is some funds.

All need some security in this area. It did happen with my family, I think that a fear to group of boys try to hit my family and threatened them as well.

1 ‚ More police patrol 2 ‚ CCTV on every place 3 ‚ Please clean the subway of station and streets as well

1 ‚ Council can make small office in an empty shop to improve cleaning and security

Not everyone is interested in going to large shopping centres for things and in particular with the slow down of Croydon retail until Westfields arrive should show more local demand. Clothing or homeware shops would be useful or gift shops for being able to buy quick presents would be good.

Recycle / drop off point shop would be really helpful especially where their are household items that are not for skip but can be donated. i.e. electrical, furniture including beauty items. I get stopped by people all the time at Sainsbury's car park recycling point for stuff that people take off me and I regularly give not just shoes but beauty items / sanctuary items to people. There's clearly a gap and need in the area.

Parking is a bit of an issue, an hour free parking similar to that offered on Portland Road would be great for the High Street surrounding roads.

Coffee shops, fishmongers, greegrocers

Carnival, fete, street celebrations

More police presence needed

Charity shop, art gallery, community space.

Saturday market

1 ‚ Mid community gathering they can understand each other tradition and religion

Not yet


I love South Norwood for it's diversity and local amenities such as local shops such as Aldi supermarket, green grocers, Nisa (late opening), Post Office and other local cafe's and pubs. I also love the transport system available such as buses and even more Norwood Junction train station with it's quick links to London and Gatwick Airport etc.

Traffic congestion in the area mainly down to slow operating traffic lights (particular in the junction of South Norwood Hill, High Street and Portland Road. The other area I feel can be improved is the anti social behaviour by some i.e. begging that happens outside shops. This seems to have increased of late. The same with Fly-tipping and particular spots and due to the increase of flats and developments, abandoned cars on private spaces. More support to local residents who are constantly dealing with these issues.

Improve the shop vacancy rate as there have been a number of long term shops that have closed down. Although there have been a small take up of shops of late i.e. Dominos Pizza and Costa although more independent shops would be great or more varied shops similar to Penge and Crystal Palace.


Transport links and Aldi

The High St generally ...very run down and scruffy. Probably one of the worse I know.

Build up shopping area.


Community spirit

PArking on double yellows. Groups of men standing in doorways smoking drugs

Give it a good clean, disperse groups of men, limit the amount of chicken shops


Multiculturalism and a great Thai restaurant

Shops are run-down and high street is dirty.


The area around the station, the reopening Stanley Hall

litter on the streets, local residents do not take pride in their area, shabby shop fronts, dirty pavements

make compulsory for shop keepers to keep their shop front clean, add more greenery, plants flower, trees where can

announce with local producers that shops can be rented for rent free periods and for reduced rent if they renovate the shop and look after it. announce in local colleges that they can open for the public a shop of whatever they specialise in, so young people can take part and learn enterprise

involve schools from primary to colleges, involve local businesses, establish a friends of South Norwood society and get the community on board so that people can start feeling involved, responsible and proud of the local area

flowers, trees, green space anywhere possible: make people feel better about the place and can cover up a lot of shabbiness in style


The diversity of the people. The architecture of the High St. Stanley Halls as a creative space. The number of independent businesses - it feels like a place people can develop their passion projects. The lakes and sense of countryside. Gold Coast, The Portland Arms, The Shelverdine, Craft Beer Cab.

Too many chicken shops and not enough coffee shops or restaurants, especially on Portland Road. Everything feels closed on a Sunday (except the pubs). The train service is infrequent and slow to Victoria.

Use the Ironmongers shop for something creative like the Paxton Centre or a secondhand furniture shop that does upcycling. More places that offer brunch. Stationery/card shop.

Oxfam furniture shop would be amazing. Secondhand bookshop. Stationery/card shop.

I would be interested in Ministry of Storiesstyle workshop for local young people. What about a small business space for use by the new professional skills college? I would like to join a choir but haven't found one locally. Could there be better links between Brit School and Stanley Halls?

It's really nice to see new small businesses opening on the High Street and Portland Road. It would be good to have a balance of independent shops and chains. I would like more choice of restaurants. Other than the pubs I currently eat out at Gold Coast and Mantanah but all other restaurants are takeaways and it would be good to have more places to sit in and eat.


What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

It's my hometown! Number of independently owned businesses, ALL the jerk chicken, transport and open space, 420 friendly ;)

Any attempts to rebrand the area as SoNo

Equal grants for independent businesses. Ideally grants should not force shops to buy new frontage unless they also provide funds for other improvements. If grants are given specifically for shopfronts, any business that has already invested in quality frontage should be offered the same grant to pay back costs/loans. Planning permission from independent businesses could get the same rubber stamp that certain other projects have been receiving.

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

Grant money can be used to fund very low interest loans to local entrepreneurs to take on a premises. Currently anybody with enough funds to set up something like a small restaurant might as well just invest in property as returns are good and risk is much lower. AFFORDABLE loans to local residents without property they can borrow against will encourage businesses to open.

I would like there to be more transparency regarding who the leadership and/or steering committee (or similar) of We Love SE25 are, how their mandate was derived, and details of the assets/interests they hold in the area. Just as importantly I would like to know what are the measurable target outcomes by which success of the project will be judged. A rise in property values/rents/rates are not in everybody's interest so it should be made clear what the end goals are from the start. Any free money that ultimately drives up what are already high living costs isn't really free.

SE25 app with searchable directory of businesses/products/services, as many of the comments on here are requesting things that the area already has. Support for the jerk festival to make SE25 UK number 1 destination

Free 20 min & 2 hour parking bays behind high street.

I would also like to know what safeguards can be offered to existing businesses who have already invested in the area to protect them from rival businesses being given an unfair competitive advantage. Potentially a guarantee that any grants given to a business must also be offered to any other nearby business with whom they compete, either the same benefit in kind or the cash equivalent, whichever is higher. Locally owned independent business has been crippled in places like Brixton and Shoreditch and any project that will do similar to South Norwood should be resisted, regardless of how much profit there is to be made.



- sense of community, people are friendly and we have great neighbours - great transport links - great surrounding areas - brilliant outdoor spaces, parks and playgrounds - independent shops opening - lots of lovely children's centres

- so much dog pooh on the paths!! Don't need to explain why that's a major dislike! - traffic caused by the cross section between Portland Road and the high street - noisy cars / bikes racing up my residential road which also has a school on it

- more chain and independent shops and restaurants would transform South Norwood and make It a destination

Historic architechture, excellent parks, diverse residents and excellnt transport links

Derelict shop and building, fly tipping, littering and dog mess. Lack of diversity of sit down restaurants.

Expanding Veolia's street cleaning to cover Addison, Crowther, and Doyle Roads.

- we would love to see another family pub open

Promoting and supporting a diversity of businesses including more resturants rather than fast food chicken shops and bookies. Clocktower market is excellent and must be encourgaed to continue and grow Challenge any further conversions of shop fronts into flats Council to jet wash pavements of Potland and Station Road twice a year. Particulalry given the work that was recently carried out to re-pave Station Road. Some of this is already cracking on the corner outside Trude and needs to be maintained by the council. Fully support the relocation of the Library in a new prpominent position on Station Road Reposition bins directly outside barber shops on Portland Road to ensure patrons use them

- pop up stores for fashion, art, food etc or temporary brand activities such as sampling - baby classes would be very successful here as I currently need to travel to Crystal palace and other places for them. Yes the children's centres do classes but mo

painting of The subway near The station

Use them as the centrepiece of a weekend of cultural events e.g musical performaces and pop up gallery's. Rehearsal space for musicians

Would love to see more youth focussed activities at Samuel Coleridge Taylor centre and Socco Cheetah


I really like the geometric murals that have been painted on buildings in the area, and would love to see murals celebrating South Norwood and welcoming people to the High Street. I’ve noticed there are two Victorian advertising frames on the High Street that would be ideal for these murals. I thought we could involve the Elizabeth James gallery and run a competition for artists to submit their designs which would be chosen by a judging panel from the gallery and welcome public votes? Could we then try to allocate a small pot of money from the council to pay for the materials, scaffolding and labour? Or alternatively crowdfund? I appreciate the building owners’ permission would need to be sought but I think it would really add to the identity of South Norwood. The walls are located on the corner of Oliver Grove and High Street above the funeral directors, and on the corner of High St and Belgrave Road (you can still see the old Boots lettering). I’m happy to be involved to assist this project if it helps. Similar conversations are being had in Sydenham (see blog https://protecteu.mimecast.com/s/T1g2CzmrDTYzx7T4UE KC?domain=se26.life)

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


Our parks and green spaces

The litter. The dustbins provided are inadequate. There are not enough litter bins with easy access.

One shop could be given over to crafts. With day classes dressmaking patchwork knitting botanical art. To name just a few with display of work a different class a day.


because good hub for travelling around London



yes in Portland road we have to commercial building which empty for longtime my idea i will make a residential


yes i have a small business in high street which is down at the moment if we can get help that is will be great


I like the community spirit we have here. People are very supportive and there's lots of things going on and done by the locals off their own backs

The high street is very run down, empty shops and some of the shops that are open, need a little spruce/clean. There isn't enough on the high street to make people want to visit and spend time. There's lots of take aways but no real restaurants to chill and eat with the family. Now all the banks have gone, there seems even less reason to visit the high street

No specific ideas, but it definitely needs some life breathed into it

Just need to get some known shops in, perhaps a Boots, Pound shop or more independent traders who can offer something we do not have

I think the Clock Tower Market should be more open and have more varied stalls. Seems each time I visit, its the same stall holders which makes me not make so much of an effort to return.

Happy that this project is taking place an hope it brings about some positive change

A christmas fayre would be great, perhaps something around turning on the lights on to bring the community together


Good transport links. Diverse mix of people, ages, cultures, economic background. Feels like a place carving its own identity. Creative. Signs of people trying to make it better. Some good local businesses. Stanley halls. Good parks.

Littering. Too many empty shops. Poor shop to resi conversions. Landlords that don't maintain their properties. Lack of restaurants. Main Street is too narrow and too much traffic goes down it. Too many people hanging about on the street (not enough decent places providing places for people to socialise) Insufficient regular police presence that isn't them responding to an emergency. High street could do with beat officers or community officers to help combat anti-social behaviour.

More bins and more regular emptying of them. Encouragement for people to use the bins. More decent graffiti. It's colourful and livens the area up. Also properly maintained public toilets.

Knock some shops together to create larger spaces which would suit another uses Better. Too many small retail units limiting what can be done. E.g. restaurants.

Close off a couple of streets every couple of months for a food market or craft market. Help shops and have some events.


Transport links. Sense of community. Some great amenities like the Country Park and Stanley Halls. It’s multicultural and down to earth. A premier league football team on our doorstep and plenty of places to go.

Litter. The clear neglect by the council of Portland Road. It has looked like this for at least 30 years. Some kind of regulation over housing so that families can afford to live here and put down roots. (Rather than be priced out of rented homes) Parking on the pavement or on yellow lines during the day which does not seem to be picked up. Parking on pavements and other examples of inconsiderate parking

A wide variety of shops. (Not Just barbers). More chains but with a balance of independent shops. The independent shops being the majority.

If they can’t be let to retailers, could they be made into homes? Or communal areas!

Develop Croydon Arena and turn it into a world class sports centre worthy of nurturing the talent of our youth and in addition to provide wide-ranging fitness opportunities for the whole community.

Thank you for listening. South Norwood deserves so much more.


The community Spirit

The perception of SE25 from outside the Borough. Knife crime etc has a lot to do with that. Fly tipping is a huge problem.

Helping the current business to take pride in their appearance, grants etc for shop improvements. We need to attract the right kind of new businesses into the area, ie restaurant/bistro type business to create a buzz in the evenings.

New businesses need to be sustainable & therefore the right type of businesses. Maybe a few new business events set up & advertised for perspective business owners to come in & meet other local business people. SE25 Networking group could have a presence, a list of all empty properties could be available. Showing the support & community spirit that already exists could pull the right people in.

The above idea is prob relevant here too!

I am a local business at Nix Hair & Beauty! I really feel we are making positive steps forward now & the current business community can pull together to help the Regeneration happen.


It’s very accessible for norwood junction which is great for the hundreds of students who attend Spurgeon’s college on south norwood hill

It would benefit from more permanent shops, as lots come and go

We are looking to deliver more education in the community and have just had planning approval from croydo for community classrooms on our site, but we could also provide education on the high street English classes and the like - see our website for what we already offer www.spurgeons.ac.uk

We are already looking at asking people whether they would support an annual Christmas fayre on our site to improve community engagement and getting to know neighbours - it’s just an idea really to help us get to know those in South Norwood

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


I love Coffee Craft cafe in Stanley Halls and the South Norwood Country park. I like the monthly market and the buzz of the area on a match day.

The area is still a bit run down. The litter everywhere is very sad. We could do with more independent coffee shops and nice shops generally and it would be nice if the market was a bit bigger and more often.

More independent coffee shops & nice shops generally. Fix the clock on the clocktower to the right time (otherwise it just makes the area look even more abandoned)! Look at ways to address the litter problem.

Offer as pop up shops. Use as venues for courses or classes (eg meditation or discussion groups)

a wider community litter picking group or even something along the lines of the Good Gym or 'Plogging' (picking up litter while jogging!). There are a few more localised litter picking groups at the minute, but it would be good to have a centralised group so that we can share resources and ideas and also make it into a regular thing that incorporates an element of fitness into it.

I've been in South Norwood for 3 years now and there have been some positive changes to the area. It would be good if this could continue and I appreciate the hard work of those working towards a better community.


transport connections to Central London and London Gatwick and Luton. Green space. South Norwood Lakes. lots is happening in the community

At night when I arrive from work to Norwood Junction late at night I find it intimidating to walk on the high street by group of youths hanging around in front of shops. Luck of maintenance of green spaces and children playgrounds Fly tipping and general street cleaning is very poor drugs dealing Cars speeding Shabby looking high street

Better mix of retails shops (mainly betting shops, barbers and chicken shops so far)

I would be nice to see some community space after library was shut down, regular weekly market

Thank you for doing this and I hope to see an outcome which positively effects our day to day living in SE25


Norwood Junction Station is highly accessible to central London so easy to meet friends who work central. I like the country park wich is great to run round. The market is great and the new pubs are popular which is great for local families.

Don’t like: Groups of threatening men hanging around shop entrances with alcohol on Portland road. Speeding cars and motorcycles. Lots and lots of litter. Lack of innovative planning for the shopping parades. There are too many shops. If the peripheral shops were lost then there would be more demand for the remaining more central shops. We would only lose unhealthy hot food take aways and other poorly performing units and create more demand for a better quality offer in a more tightly defined boundary. It would be important to ensure that if residential units take the place of the peripheral shops (of which there is a desperate need in both the Local and London Plan) then the income generated from Community Infrastructure Levy receipts could be used for infrastructure investment but also for the houses are designed in keeping with the original shop frontage design and not the horrendous design which currently exists which builders/developers seem to get away with. I don’t like it how some of the side roads are taken up by non resident cars and would prefer a permit system where only one or two cars are allowed per household so residents are able to park outside their property. Drug dealing is rife in the area but nothing seems to happen to deal with the problem.

See above. Mainly focussed on delivering a better retail offer through planning at a time owhere high street shopping is dead. We need to focus on realistic solutions which make a vibrant place. The service sector is booming and we must embrace the digital sector.

Lobby the council to allow flexibility of use away from retail. Well designed homes or workspaces are in need. Maker/Worksop space is in high demand.

Make representations to the local plan and SPD process to ensure the area has recognition.

Tap in to the planning system and seek S106 and CIL funding for local infrastructure schemes. Set up a neighbourhood forum and start the neighbourhood plan process which is entitled to CIL funding from the Council.


Great station (bar it being non baby friendly? We've here 2 years and it's changed a lot in a positive way. Lakes are great too as is the country park.

The rubbish is terrible. The stations lack of lifts (otherwise amazing). The high st is improving, but could be better.

Nice eating establishments.

Just better food options.

More local activities, to establish a stronger community. Big fan of feast in West Norwood. I know we have the market, but it could be better.


I like the fact that it’s a melting pot of so many cultures and ethnicities. It’s down to earth and not full of self importance.

I don’t like the fact that there is a lack of community pride and that is made apparent in the appearance of SN. It’s dirty, people put their used furniture and junk in their front yard and don’t care about how it looks and affects the neighbors

Portland Road needs more investment. There are a plethora of independent shops but if the look and feel of these shops were invested in it could impact the general appearance of Portland Road.

It would be great to have some sort of community centre or a place for the youth. Perhaps some activity based hub. More involvement for the elderly as loneliness is a huge issue affecting many lives regardless of socioeconomic or cultural backgrounds.


Community & spirit

Yes we could do with a nice bar and some more shops, clothes, gifts no more corner or kebab shops

More market stalls, special days such as recent the bake off,

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


I like the variety of people and the entrepreneurial spirit of the new businesses. Public transport links are excellent. It feels like a lot of people care.

The litter on the high street and neighbouring roads. What can look smart looks very unloved sometimes.

Wider pavements if possible on the high street but understand that's probably not possible. Regular street cleaning.

Could do with a fairly priced good quality butcher and deli. A play space for toddlers on weekends (love the lakes cafe but it's closed on weekends!). We miss having a local DIY shop after emmertons closed down... Library of things like in CP?

More weekly art classes accessible to all. Drawing is a wonderful skill and cheap to practice.

Thanks for doing this... Hope to see some outcomes.


The commute into the city is quick. The south norwood lakes.

The fly tipping is terrible and becoming an real hygiene issue. Lack of restaurants shops and bars when there is obviously a huge appetite for this.

Reducing rates for new shops bars or restaurants to encourage them to come to the area. More regular cleaning of streets.


People are great. Love my neighbours. I also like transport links, very easy to get into central London and to Gatwick/Luton airports.

Litter and fly tipping. It really blights the area. Empty shops on Portland Road.

If shops took responsibility for ensuring pavements outside their premises were litter free it would make a huge difference (even if it’s not their litter). Maybe they could sign up to a keep SN clean charter and stick something in their window to show they’re a member. Personally if I had choice of two shops I would use the one that had signed up. But council also needs to pull their finger out regarding flytipping and litter.

I guess specialist shops with a good internet customer base would work. Eg vinyl records or something. Not enough interest in sn so would need their internet customers but could attract people in (eg people travel to get to a good record shop). I’m guessing the pink Icing shop fits that category (specialist shop). I don’t bake so never use it, but love it’s presence and if I ever need anything baking-related I will definitely use it. Just having shops filled makes a huge difference to the feel of the area but obviously need to be commercially viable. I’m personally most likely to spend money on cafes, bakeries, good quality restaurants, good off licence. Shops that sells good variety of greeting cards could be useful.

If everyone just tidied litter from outside their house then the whole place would look so much better. Take responsibility for your own 5m of pavement, even if it’s someone else’s litter. Both commercial properties and domestic.

I haven’t been able to join sn litter picking group as due to personal circumstance have no free time at the moment. But I think they are doing a magnificent job and will definitely join once my time frees up a bit. I think it’s a great initiative and really appreciate their work. Could they implement a system that you sign up to keeping a specific small area clean (in your own time). It would work better for those in full time work/busy lives. I think some people are doing that anyway (I picked up nappies in my street left by dustbin men outside someone else’s house), but if done a little more formally eg joe blogg signs up to keeping Belfast road tidy then the group will feel better supported? People could sign up to small areas or bigger areas depending on the time they have available. The organised events could continue but I think many can’t attend those but do want to help......


It’s beautiful and well connected.

Litter. At the weekend the litter on Portland Road is terrible.

Transition town ideas. Plastic free shop. Renewable energy, micro farms.

Micro farm. Plastic free grains and pasta,bakery.

More allotments and growing schemes. Renewable energy.

I love living in South Norwood.


We have lived here for nearly 41 years, carn't think of anywhere we would rather be,the transport links, green spaces, good neighbours , diversity .

The empty shops , lack of maintenance of green spaces, lack of peoples pride and care of their environment.

How about turning the old post office into a community cafe, with play space for tinies, craft mornings, ,meeting space, live music and affordable meals on some evenings , using local talent from all cultures within the community. Themed food and music evenings. Its an excellent place for that sort of cafe because of the footfall. A shop selling foods with no or minimum wrapping , bring your own containers to take it home in ,so no waste. That will help the environment.


Youth clubs or the like for 11 to 16 age groups.


Local facilities for local people.

Too many Chicken , barber and bookmakers shops

Improved planting, lighting and seating

Charity shop or local small business

Continue with public gatherings and markets

Good to see stronger Police present.


The bones of the high street are good, though it’s run down. It feels like a community though. It’s friensly, well connected for transport, lots of green spaces.

Litter, too many closed shops, the empty bowling green on the Rev could be an amazing space but is becoming derelict, Harris academies..traffic!!

Stop charging for parking for less than 2 hours to encourage people to shop and eat in SoNo,

A dedicated health studio for yoga / Pilates / other fitness classes would be great!

Turn the old bowling club in the Rec into an outdoor cinema space in the summer. Use the bowling club space as a cafe/bar and storage for beanbags and other types of seating. I know the owner is the rooftop film club and I’m sure he could help.

I really appreciate the work you are doing - I have a toddler and no time for contributing right now with time and effort, but thank you for what you are trying to do.

Acupuncture clinic, health food shop, gift shop, pop up shops for Christmas

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


It’s location to nice areas such as crystal palace and Beckenham as well as the properties (I have bought a 2 bed terrace for the price of a 1 bed flat in crystal palace)

The rubbish and general filthy smell in the air that never seems to go away. The empty shops and number of shops turned into bedsits. The type of people who hang out on Portland road. The number of fried chicken shops and barber shops in such a concentrated area.

Reduce the number of chicken shops and barber shops. Stop turning shops into flats and bedsits as these aren’t done sensitively in order that they make the high street look appealing. Introduce more boutique shops, cafes, restaurants, bakers, bars that appeal to a more affluent clientele rather than appealing to members of a society that being be area down. Clean up the streets of rubbish.

This area would appeal to an artists and creatives - empty shops could be used as creative workshop spaces, photography studios, co working spaces that would appeal to people otherwise using similar spaces in north / east London. Encourage more upmarket cafes, shops, bakeries, restaurants.

I think most people would agree that the area looks and smells filthy. Clean up projects and gurilla gardening projects would be great. Street parties and market days and festivals would be great for the area.

I feel like this area has so much potential but it feels like a forgotten area left to go to ruin at times. There is obviously a number of people who care about the area and want to make it better. I feel we could be the new Crystal Palace, Forest Hill, Peckham or Walthamstow, we just need consistency in clean up projects and housing initiatives and inticing more desirable inhabitants and businesses to the area. There is so much going for south norwood in terms of location, open space, transport links and diversity, I just hope that there is enough serious focus on this area for improvement rather than a few small projects dishes out by the council in the hope that will be enough.


Diversity.. Love the different mix of age race religion we have People .. Generally people are friendly and helpful Activities.. So much to do. Country park. Lakes etc

Number of empty shops on our high street. Dog poo on the streets The speed people drive around our residential streets

Council should offer preferential rates for local business to enable them to establish and create a full and vibrant high street

Social areas for youths.. elderly or people who have no where to go and hang out. Charity shops generating a place to recycle unwanted items along with offering a charity to raise money. Encouraging students to maximise experience in chosen field.. i.e bakery student running a community bakery with eat in option exhibiting art work from other students etc. Offer business people Incentives to take the plunge and start a local offering

To encourage and engage young people to look after the streets like the authorised graffiti that is popping up.. this shows creativity and ownership..

In Walthamstow some empty shops are now permanent pop-ups with a series of internet based businesses taking them on for a few months at a time to create a physical high street presence that people can make a connection with before becoming online customers. A neat reversal of the issue many retailers face in people windowshopping before ordering cheaper online. Sadly without serious concessions on business rates there are very few people who can afford to 'pop-up' in SE25 and the shops along Portland Road that have had council support seem to me to have had little sense of cohesion (in theme of style) or large-scale connection to the majority of people who live here (either being too niche or too expensive) meaning they are not sustainable in the long term.

In the 90s in Shoreditch it was affordable work and living spaces that drew in artists, musicians, theatre makers and DJs and created a truly grass-roots and vibrant arts scene. Of course, unchecked, this resulted in unscrupulous landlords pushing rents and house prices through the roof until the whole area became a parody of itself, but it is often the arts community in London who make an area exciting, attractive and safer. We could really benefit from an organisation able to develop an arts network to bring different practitioners together and to promote their work to wider audiences, but most of all from affordable, accessible and useful community art spaces. That remain affordable long term.

I love how hard people are working to make this a great area to live in and think the more voices that are heard in that process, the better. So this form and the physical consultations that have happened at different times / days of the week and in a variety of venues are really appreciated.

Too many cars parked on the side of the road from local car businesses - it’s not fair on local residents. I’ve heard there is one company around Portland Road (think the one a couple doors up from the Tesco) that has approx 100 cars parked around local residential roads.

Some type of traffic calming through our residential streets Frequent litter or bulky items collections to avid fly tipping To engage dog owners to be social.minded

More community social events.. encouraging the local people to get involved In creating a happy safe place to live


The mix of people.

People who moan about gentrification and then get excited because a new pizza chain is coming. Some of the loudest community activists seem to have roots only in certain sectors of the community and demand a visible homogeneity on the streets to reflect only their own values and opinions. I had been told by various people that Socco Cheeta was an empty space only used by a domino club once a week, which was wholly untrue and only served to render invisible an active afro-carribean community centre.

Grubby looking areas get flypostered and littered. If there were specific boards for flyposting they could be both attractive and useful. I feel like the public spaces need to be well advertised and to support one another in gaining audiences. They could do with external support in this too (beyond sometimes cliquey facebook groups). Public spaces are rapidly disappearing across London and pubs and coffee shops don't work for everyone, we should be really getting behind the alternative spaces that we do have, but it's hard when they seem to be kept secret much of the time. Partly there may be less support for advertising or networking venues because we're so far out from central Croydon, and with so much happening there we may get forgotten or overlooked. Whilst word-of-mouth is great, it seems less likely to promote the cultural cross-fertilisation that could benefit us so much.


Short commute/affordable property

Rubbish on streets, run down high street

Refresh exteriors - especially the one above emertons. Encourage independent restaurants to set up a home here.


I like the fact there seems to be lots of community things happening like markets etc around the clock tower. I also like the fact that they have a very good senior school right on the high st that achieves really well - it brings pride to the area.

Too many empty shops - especially in Portland Road - it’s now got to the point where I don’t want to walk down Portland Road from about Addison Road to the high street - it doesn’t feel safe.

Use the empty shops for more start up businesses - give them a cheap foot up to get their businesses started. The shops are sitting empty so aren’t earning any money any so why not rent them very cheaply to a new business to give them a start.

As above.

Love the ¬£2 ‘free’ swimming for under 16 year olds over the summer holidays - great to encourage youngsters to get exercise and for them to do an activity as opposed to just hanging around.


Range of independent shops and place to eat and drink with friendly welcoming people.

There always seems to be constant road works. There is a lot of traffic on match days and parking is a nightmare. Portland road under the bridge looks a bit tired now and needs a refresh.

Portland road needs a bit of upkeep.

Local business and eats. Space for families and parents with children.

Community picnics/BBQs/more sports

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?


New shops and bars, lots of community events like Stanley Halls and screen25.

Fly tipping/ rubbish, empty shops - it makes the place look uncared for.

The pop up shops have been good. More planting to make it look greener? More bins

Offer to small businesses for reduced rates.

Expansion of the farmers market to make it more of a must visit event


It’s diverse and it’s up and coming

Drug dealers near station

We need more independent businesses


Diverse community, with a lot of potential. Small businesses trying their best despite a lack of support. Good transport links.

Fly-tipping. Council pick-up service has a long lead time. Dog-fouling. No behavioural change; no clean-up. Lack of decent bars and restaurants. Tired shop fronts.

Better use of space around the station: what incentives are being offered to new business here? Will Trude ever open...? What is it? Extend farmers’ market and pedestrianise zone during market times. Add food trucks and create space like Pop Brixton. Stay and play cafe / option for kids. A. Decent. Pub.

Series of pop-up shops: food drink and restaurants. Food trucks / area similar to Pop Brixton. Look at the example of the Douglas Fir in Anerley; a small space yet offers great local beer, arts and Pop-up food.


It has a neighborly feel - we’ve met a lot of nice people here. Also like the feeling that it’s “up and coming” and a lot of positive change is coming.

Fly tipping is a big problem. I’d like to see more shops filled on Portland Rd. Schools need to improve as well.

No specific ideas but would like to see more businesses opening up.

A wine merchant/wine bar. Butcher. Bakery.


Country park and trams

Portland road is awful with rubbish strewn everywhere, fly tipping on the pavements and in a number of front gardens where residents throw their unwanted goods.

Have seen area deteriorate over the last 25 years or so with the closure of butchers, greengrocers, bakers, etc. Doubtful that it is possible to reinstate these types of businesses in the present economic climate.

As above


The open spaces, the sense of community, there are now one or two places where it is possible to socialise in the town centre.

Significant amount of littering, there needs to be more investment in the built environment, for example more bins.

More bins, also potentially some flowers or plants which might make the place feel less built-up.

Somewhere that you can buy fresh meat, fish and preserves etc.

I have lived in S Norwood for 4 years and it has taken me a while to find out about the local amenities etc. Is there someway we can contact people who are new to the area to let them know that there are places to go out and eat etc in the area (and to advertise the great parks like the Country park!).


Good connections to centre. Good Victorian housing. Norwood Lakes. Community housing.

Empty shops. Lack of things to do. Lack of green on main streets. Rubbish on streets. Need to take public transport elsewhere to errands or shop or see friends.

-Rent empty retail space to artists or tradesmen as gallery or workspace, or startups as workspace.

-young professionals seeking cheap retail or shop space

Community use and painting, clean up of empty retail units, sourcing users for empty units.

-more Green on high streets -fresh paint on all empty units -Cafe playgroup areas for mothers to meet

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

Would be good to have cafes in the parks

I would love to have the opportunity to move out of the area.

Would love to get involved.

- meeting Place for children and mothers, coffeeshop cum playgroup -Place for mental and or physical health yoga and dance studio, meditation, counselling centre, Place to exchange books


Transport links. South Norwood lake.

Anti social behaviour. Littering. Lack of restaurants and decent shops.

Restaurants, decent shops, community centre.

Craft, jewellery, bakery.

Brickfields meadow needs rejuvenating. Local community centre.


The community spirit, the green spaces, great transport links, and the growing group of independent businesses.

The speeding, flytipping and litter from some members of the community. It’s getting better, with a growing sense of local pride, but some people still don’t seem to care. A lift at Norwood Junction station would be a massive improvement, though that’s obviously a difficult logistical and infrastructure issue.

The work done on pavements and the garden by the leisure centre have been a great improvement, but there needs to be a sense of pride from all the shop fronts. If they’re empty, it would be great for landlords to be encouraged to maintain or spruce them up.

I think there’s a great desire for ‘old school’ businesses like a butcher and baker.

Perhaps there could be one day or afternoon which is all about celebrating the local area and its businesses. The marker is brilliant, but it’s difficult for many independent businesses to spare the time or staff to have a stall. If there were events which could involve everyone without necessarily leaving the site, there could be a great collective atmosphere. Maybe a bonus scheme for visiting a number of different buinesses on that day?


Transport links

Outside swimming pool "Landscaping " has made it look dreadful would have been better to leave as grass

Having council clear litter instead of residents groups

Maybe more week known chain groups such as Costa alongside Independant shops to encourage more people into the area

No but whatever is done should be co ordinates so work is not duplicated or ends up not achieving anything


Lots of green spaces and local places to visit - parks, museums, swimming pool. Good transport links. A nice friendly feeling place on the whole

High Street is shabby, doesn’t have enough good shops and I hardly visit it. I would love to support my local shops but feel there is not enough to entice me to the High Street or Portland Road

Decent places to eat, not just fast food places. Good butcher, fish monger, greengrocer and bakery. French style Market days but advertise them better when and what’s on. Book shop. Card/gift shop. Opticians. Shoe or clothes shops. Offer 30 mins or an hour free parking.

Pop up shops for local artisans or restaurants

Entice people to the area to shop rather than having to go to Croydon or another High Street. There is probably stuff going on but it isn’t well advertised.

This is a great initiative, and I really hope people get involved to help make a positive difference to the area. Thank you.

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?


I've lived here since the 70's so I don't really know anywhere else.

Not really. I don't take much notice to the changes anymore.

More housing - more affordable.

More shops, especially food shops. And nothing where they send me to do it online. Shops for older people.

Somewhere for the old and young to meet and to socialise.


Lots of families, nice schools and playgroups.

Portland Road, it looks a bit neglected.

Shops should have a nice front. No rubbish lying around.

Soft play cafe for Mums. Workshops for all ages. Shops that sell world foods, since there is so much diversity in the area.

Have a Latino week, a Nigerian week, a Chinese one and so on.


Sense of community. Scenic Community Lake.

Litter - everywhere! Also, there seems to be a concentration of "supported living" houses in close proximity to schools which sometimes causes problems. This should be less or moved so it is a little more spaced out amongst the area. Would like to be able to live in harmony with these individuals and the organisations supporting them but don't feel residents are actually given the appropriate level of support. Eg. They aren't given enough support to help tackle drugs/alcohol issues this often results in frequent shouting/fights /ringing doorbell late at night etc. etc.

More restaurants. Commercial shops would love a boots!

A space for baby stay and play? I'd potentially be interested in using an empty unit - as an office or private show room though and not as a retail unit.

LOVE the market - more of these please! Bring the market to Stanley Halls!


A very peaceful area (except when the moped / scooters are zooming past). Nice tree planting in some parts, there should be more of this.

The lack of lighting in the area. All of the closed and empty shops. SNCP and other local parks always seem to be shut - always closed! The lack of police presence.

Probably a nursery - it's definitely needed.

Nurseries. Day care centres.

Elderly care centre - as in a pop in one. Traffic Free Day - perhaps along Portland Road, like they do in Central London - why not here? We could have stalls on the street, a mini street party and pedestrianise the area for a day every so often.


Community, transport, people.

High street and all the rubbish

Pop up shop, local butchers, vintage shop, jewellery shop, repair shops.

Pop up

Weaving. Restoring chairs at Holy Innocents. Get Holy Innocents used in the community.


Portland arms pub, clock tower, craft beer cabin, coffee craft, local film clubs, treasures, mantanah thai food, country park and SN lakes

Fly tipping Rubbish

Trees, fountain, more markets

Soft play centre Bookshop Deli or wine bar Charity shops

Comedy festival Paint disused shops - provided with paint

Some room for improving local businesses and shop fronts, get more local shops on Portland Road!

Encouraging young local entrepreneurs.



Can't really say, but I've lived here, in South Norwood, for 20 years.

Empty shops, the lack of police presence, crime in the area. I have been a personal victim of crime, I received good support from the police following the incident but other than that I never see them out on the streets. And they need to be!

Improve the quality of the road appearance. Sort out all the litter and provide adequate bins and make sure they are collected and looked after responsibly. It looks like people don't care, which is not true, so this gives the impression to thieves thats it's ok to commit crimes. Just generally try making the place look presentable.

Yes I would be interested. I would like to create a social space that people can have tea/coffee with cakes (all for £1/something with affordable pricing) and for there to also be a 2nd hand shop there too. So people can have coffee whilst browsing around interesting things. It should be community minded, so not expensive and accessible for all ages.


Transport connections, Stanley halls green space community feel

Fly tipping, crime, empty shops, council bins blighting the landscape

Where possible allow cafes to have outside seating. Make green bays free of traffic, cycle lanes, bike storage instead of car parking space. Electric car charging points fix the ones we have and install more

Co-working space with attached creche or similar


The hills, the views, the curious buildings. I love Stanley Hall.

There's a lot of derelict shops down in Norwood junction. I get nervous round there at night.

Get those shops fixed up and fill them with pop up community projects.

Workshop/art shop would be good. Lending tools like they have in Upper Norwood library Fix it days like they have in Upper Norwood library A shop with selling package less loose goods, which is often cheaper to buy and environmentally friendly.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

Fly tipping near nurseries needs to be solved - it’s dangerous and unsightly.

Encourage neighbourhood watch / look outs to happen and to organise local resident meet ups. This is not being a noisy neighbour, its more about looking after where we live collectively. We need a community space - can we use the existing church spaces? We could host a clothes swop? Something for the youth in the area? Anything to get people out in the community, not trapped inside on their phones / the internet etc.

Engaging with the elderly who are lonely, a visiting team or a team that collect the elders taking them to a local cafe like cafe mimosa Meet your neighbour day where you can put a sign in your window if you welcome visitors or something to get people to knock on their neighbours door and say hello. A jumble trail where people sale brick-abrack from their front yard. An art trail SE25 doesn't have one and I'd love to be a part of one.

SE25 is lovely, lets keep it that way, preserve it for the community that live there already and not drive people out with high prices and clique fads only aimed at a certain demographic. Make it beautiful, safe, interesting and fun but keep it inclusive. Hold the hands that call SE25 home.

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


Good pubs. Friendly people. Lots of cool businesses - Screen 25, Coffee Craft, the galleries on Portland Road. A real buzz is developing. Great green spaces - the area around the lake is fabulous.

The noise!! we have such a problem here. People think that they can do what they want, impact on the lives of their neighbours, and they don't care and there's nothing to be done. the fact that we have a 1 person "party patrol" that operates on Saturday nights in the summer is a disgrace. There are parties that sound like you are in a disco impact on people's sleep and health and there's nothing you can do about it. People pay a lot of money to move into this neighbourhood then have to put up with that! Other counsels have party patrols that work around the year, why don't we? It seems to be the council's way of saying that we're just not important enough.

Get rid of the street drinking - it's intimidating, especially at night. I know we don't have police anymore but where are the PCOS. get them to patrol our streets. We need visible safety enforcement.

use it as a teaching hub for crafts. community drop in center with pamphlets for all the local organization so we can see what we are all doing.

We need community meetings again. we used to have these periodically and now they are gone. we need to have them back. We need to feel safer on our high street at night.

can we have an event where all the councilliors are there? I don't think that a lot of people know who they all are!


I like the open spaces and patches of greenery - the Country Park and the Sensible Garden. There is a good community spirit, although it tends to be the same people all the time. Good local Facebook groups local people can join. There are some very useful shops, like the hardware shop in Portland Road. Aldi is good, as is the Shelverdine Goathouse pub. The Beer Cabin looks good although I haven't visited it yet.

The permanent strong smell of weed. There are too many "barbers" which are just shops with gangs of men sitting out on the pavement drinking and smoking. The flytipping, overflowing bins, dirty streets, derelict pubs and shops and the general air of neglect. The banks have all left the High Street, meaning that people are less likely to shop locally. Kids on motorbikes speed up and down the High Street doing wheelies. Very little Police presence anywhere - I don't think I have ever seen a policeman on foot in the area. There are huge dips in the gutter along Portland Road and whenever it rains anyone on the pavement gets an impromptu shower from passing cars and busses.

The old "Two Bobbies" pub site on the corner of Doyle Road desperately needs redeveloping.

We need a Card Factory and an Iceland shop, some good charity shops (the few existing ones look dirty and run-down).

Maybe a Business Hub where new businesses can rent desk space, phones, IT etc at a subsidised rate while they start their business. What about an Indoor Market where small traders and entrepreneurs can rent a "market stall" on a daily (one-off), weekly or more permanent basis (think along the lines of how Abbey Mills used to be or look at Greenwich/Camden). In fact, you could combine the two and have the "market" part on the ground floor and the "business" part upstairs.

The Council need to look at reducing business rates so established businesses can afford to stay, and new upcoming businesses will be attracted to the area.


Community and the ever improving local facilities

The high street needs invoigorating to encourage new businesses to move into the empty shops. Investment in existing shopfronts has dramatically improved areas such as Southend high street in Croydon. This would be a good model for SN high street.

The increased planting along Market Parade and Station Road has significantly improved the street scene, it would be great for this to continue along the high street and the remainder of Portland Road.

Something must be done to save the Grade II listed former Kennedys butchers on the High Street.


The people and their ability to get on with everyday living. The range of green and open spaces and how they are sometimes used for community events.

The litter. Both from residents, passers by and shop managers

Station road: The Emertons building offers an opportunity for an indoor winter market, which if undercover could attract more traders. Portland Road: Low rents and rates to encourage potential users. It’s Coming on

Not really An artists workshop would not turn over enough income to sustain itself.



The library, the park's and open space and the community spirit.

Fly tipping and rubbish on the streets.

Buses that connect South Norwood hill with Portland road.

Useful shops like a Wilkos, a butcher or fishmonger. Smartening up existing shops like in Thornton Heath would make them more enticing.

Club nights for aging ravers with house music as there are northern soul and 70s stuff already. Music cubs for children esp primary age.


Diversity and inclusion of the residents. Makes a varied neighbourhood.

The litter from the fast food outlets.

A clean up code for the streets where fast food outlets exist.

Crafts and organic coffee shop. Drop in centre. Cake bakery and decoration.

Street socials or tree planting.

In the matter of identity South Norwood has a good history in the sciences: William Stanley in instrumentation developments and precision measurement. Unknown by me the name of the man who developed the cinema camera or projector. Norwood junction Station is or was one of the largest/most important railway junctions in the word. The pedestrian tunnel under the railway line is the first of its kind. Thomas Crapper and we Yates lived just outside , off the Penge Road. See John Pitman the historian for facts. The Arts: there were some excellent paintings lodged in Stanley Halls. These are now in Croydon. The architecture of the Stanley Halls and the missing statues. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.. Sherlock Holmes. Several artists, poets n writers will have Others who do not come to mind right now

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?


More recreation facilities for kids from the age of 4 to 16. Why? To improve standards eg. Behaviour, improve healthy living.

Parking. Dogs fouling area.

Double yellow lines, small lines would be welcome.

More creches. I would like a centre for older adults, I could be of assistance even though I'm a pensioner.

Something that involves older adults and young people between ages of 16 - 25.


Youth centre.

Good street lighting system.

Youth centre. Yes, for business.

Youth centre.


Norwood lakes and we are well served by buses and trains.

Too many hairdressers, no banks, no optician, no doctors.


To open as a bank.


The cultural diversity.

The local library is poorly equipped with lots of out of date books - requires major investment. Poor signage and frontage.

Better lighting, parking for high street, tidier shop fronts, ultra modern library, more banks, youth centre (music centre).

Skills acquisition (less bars) Training centre. There are no pubs/businesses/SME's that would provide employment for local youth.


Vibrant most of the time.

Traffic can be horrendous.


Cosmopolitan, vibrant area. Good amenities.

Crime & violence. Not much to engage young people.

Youth engagement service, to offer advice to get young people back into education/employment.

Youth advice service.

Yes, as above.


It has good transport links. Green spaces.

The roads are dirty - too many food shops. Begging, anti-social behaviour, homeless people, no visible sign of police on the road.

We need a Community centre for the community. We feel as though Croydon Council treats this sector differently to the other South London areas. We need a bank to return to the area.

It could be used as community hub. In centres for youngsters, parents/children. Are Grants available?

Heath projects - exercise etc. Adult education - etc.


The diversity of the area. I have lived here for 47 years.

Fly tipping, litter, too many fast food shops, police on the streets.

Portland road is a mess. Too many empty and rundown buildings.

More shops that would benefit the community. No more chicken shops!

More or any activities for the young.


It's a lot better than when I moved here 15 years ago.

Too many chicken shops, hairdressers/barbers.

More clothes shops/ High Street shops needed so you do not have to go Croydon.

Make the shop front more uniformed.

Better parking.


Friendly neighbourhood. People are helpful and that makes us feel more at home.

Lack of shops and banks. We always have to go away when needed.

Bank, Boots/Superdrug, kids activities‚

Turned into a place for parents and kids to share experiences or into useful shops.

A programme to support families, single parents with their kids' needs.


Value for money - house prices. Transport links. Variety of schools.

Portland Road - the barbers and the drug users sitting on the pavements on the streets. Lack of parking.

Limit the amount of barbers, take aways and betting shops. Encourage more up - market shops, family restaurants etc.

Restaurants (not take away), internet takeaways, bank.

Youth improvement, major stores and improvements in park facilities.


It has a great community spirit. I also like Aldi and the specialist shops.

The high street is a bit run down.

It should be cleaned up and the pavements repaired. There are lot of empty shop fronts.

For community events or art installations.

Arts and crafts, carnival etc.


The area and my community (Norhurst Estate), the lakes and the neighbours

Dogs fouling on the pavements!

Nursery schools/advice shops, new affordable flats for the locals and a police station.

Youth clubs, police stations, more British butcher shops and banks.

More clinics / doctors surgeries


I've lived in South Norwood for 37 years. I love and have enjoyed living here.

All the high street shops are closed down!

Please fix up the shops!

A bank? - There are no banks in South Norwood. I had a hairdressing shop for 8 years called Maurlet Hair.. Paying the bills was too much and too many hairdressers came in South Norwood.



Green spaces. Diversity. Transport is good.

The High Street could be improved. Make it more modern - new Costa is great. Crystal Palace has nice places to go down and eat properly, not just fast food places.

Station Road is fine, it's great. Could be less congested though? Somewhere with coffee and a bit of entertainment on the street?

Farmer's Market You could have a platform for young people to express themselves with art. Stand - ups, community charities etc. somewhere where people could meet up. An information hub for charities?

A place for people to find out how to help out in the local area. A time bank? A charity weekend to help out? We don't know what's going on!

We just go to Aldi and go home. We go out to work.

Local fund. Market.

Cookery Club/School. Pastry chef - for local people.

Volunteering opportunities.

It's Dirty. Not enough shops.

More businesses, supporting local businesses, restaurants, public toilets, bars, facilities‚

Pop up shops.

Festivals? Improve market?



Parking, its a diverse area, with nice period properties.

Centre for the elderly (liaise university of 3rd age), a state of the art library training centre for vocational skills. Youth centre with parking (Toddler areas). A centre for the elderly to meet up and enjoy various activities.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


Stanley Halls

Speed of cars - could it be resolved?

Could be a community garden?

Food bank that also raises money for the homeless. Get a kit together to get people up and running. Somehow provide the basics for when they find a place to live. A charity which distributed support items for homeless.

Youth history, photography.


I like that the transport links are so good. I like the new cafes and eateries coming to the area - we need more of these.

Fly tipping is clearly a huge area, and rubbish in general.

We have the potential to be the next Crystal Palace or Peckham - we need to allow people to rent space for cheap to encourage more entrepreneurs -eg second hand furniture shops, pop up coffee shops, pop up restaurants

Speak to the vintage furniture shops in Crystal Palace - maybe they have ideas from when they started in that area. Free space for yoga classes or for people to work during the day and grab a coffee. There are so many young professionals moving to the area who could work in these spaces. Allow the local schools/colleges to use the space for social enterprises.

We need to tap into the young professional demographic in the area who have just bought or relocated to SE25. The area has such amazing transport links - but we don't shout about it.


Aldi shopping. I have friends locally, in Portland road.

No, South Norwood is good. There is some crime and the streets could get a bit more cleaning.

A chemists.

A place for activities for older people, like UNACC but another more around here.


Market Hall. New Pubs. Craft beer cabinnew businesses. Coffee shop. Local parks and transport links.

Fly tipping. Crime. It's dirty. Portland road is a rough area. Bad attitude of people. Overflowing bins.

Businesses more supported by local council. Vegetarian restaurants more affordable. More funding for a better library.


Community spirit - everyone wants to see it improve.

There is a gap in business - nowhere to take kids to have their hair done for mixed race children. Improvements aren't stretching down Portland Road.

More pop-up shops. More restaurants between Selhurst Park and Portland Road.

Hairdresser for mixed race - would do really well here. Lots for Afro hair but not suitable for mixed race like in West London e.g. Westfield, for natural hair movement. Yes I'd be interested but have never had a outside business. I work from home - I work for a business but not retail, so would need specific advice.



Clockwork Market - would love strong sense of community but nowhere to congregate.

Lacking in places to go and socialise.

More places to eat and drink - to keep us in South Norwood.

"We work' - shared workspace - good desk space, wi-fi, electrical outlets, deli etc Encouraged to work and willing to pay for somewhere to go to work locally - not massively expensive. Supper club, win/gin tasting?

Pay for small place with functioning kitchen? Spaces of community.


The new developments and the vegan cafe. People are staying and doing more here.

Monitoring of traffic speed! - road races at 20MPH.

Book shop. Need to give more support to businesses.

Bookshop, cafe, florists‚ Yes, I would be interested.

"Community board". At station to attract attention of commuters.


Community spirit, recreation areas, diversity of community, transportation links.

Rubbish, parts feel very neglected, traffic congestion, improvement in High Street, crime.

Better shops, clear rubbish more, find solutions for congested traffic around traffic lights.

Develop as social enterprise for young people

Encourage entrepreneurship and business development.

This is an excellent initiative. I would like to get more involved. Contact me by email at ggncoord@gmail.com


Fantastic transport links - bus, tram, train and fast links to London. Wonderful community spirit with various groups getting together to make a difference and stand up for what makes us proud to live in South Norwood rather than listen to negativity. Amazing green open spaces in particular South Norwood Country Park which is the best place to appreciate nature and relax and unwind whilst keeping fit. Stanley Halls and all it has to offer in terms of entertainment and architecture. Steady growth of independent coffee shops and eateries.

The layout of South Norwood is unfortunate in that we have a High Street and Portland Road which are separated by the railway line which has meant a bit of a decline over the years to both when deciding which need the most attention. Obviously the layout cannot be changed but I would like to see both areas equally improved. I dislike the top of Portland Road - it looks unkempt particularly with shops/pubs that have been boarded up a long time. The High Street also has boarded up shops.

We need more eating places so that people want to stay in South Norwood to eat rather than go to Crystal Palace or Beckenham. Both the top of Portland Road and Station Road lend themselves to restaurants because they are within easy walking distance of the train and bus and they could be promoted as such rather than worrying about the lack of parking. Restaurant chains as well as independent restaurants can exist alongside each other but not more fast food places.

Restaurants as above but also bring them back as shops. There are a lot of young families moving into South Norwood and a lot of parents walk their children to school. If they had shops to pop into on their way home, then they wouldn't need to go elsewhere but the shops have to be useful to them. Big department chains are closing because people shop online but people still like to buy smaller items from shops such as cards, stationery, toiletries, etc. What about a seasonal Christmas shop?

This may come under shops but, as a community, we could promote plastic free living. For example, there are businesses opening which encourage people to bring their own containers to fill with shampoo, washing-up liquid, etc. You can also buy shampoo and conditioners in the shape of a bar of soap rather than in a plastic bottle. Having greengrocers which only use paper bags and sell fruit and veg in cardboard punnets. Workshops could be held on going plastic free in the home. There is much that we could do as a community.

I have lived in South Norwood for 30 years and I have seen a lot of changes both good and maybe not so good but I have never wanted to leave the area. I believe you should be proud of where you live and celebrate what is good and do something to try and change what is not so good. Negativity about the area may be heard but the positivity felt by those who put words into actions is far more important.


It’s a vibrant, diverse community. In general terms it’s a friendly place with different places to meet and socialise. People are enthusiastic about making the area better for all residents and visitors.

Sadly, the High St can look a bit dilapidated and untidy. There’s too much traffic and that makes the air quality poor. The football club can be an anti-social neighbour at times, although it obviously is a boon to local traders.

My main scope for improvement would be traffic limiting and calming measures. Lowering rents/rates to encourage new businesses and help established ones.

Maybe for a ‘niche’ or new venture. We have enough takeaways, estate agents, bookmakers, nail and hairdressing shops.

Investing in the Samuel Coleridge and Soco Cheeta centres for our younger/older members.

We like the area and appreciate the interest that people take in helping us improve it.

Street parties?

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?


Good community spirit

Fly tipping untidy streets and private front gardens bad driving too many bins not enough choice of shops traffic issues

Cleaner streets needed plus free parking for first half hour. More trees and flower containers less boarded up shops. Limit the number of take always. Limit the number of flats being built

Vegan food pop up. Youth club.

More police needed to tackle crime and anti social behaviour.


Stanley halls - attractive, historic, great range of events, great cafe Recent small independent businesses & cafes Monthly markets Clocktower landmark. New wider pavements Diversity of community

Too many vacant & run down shops. Too many Hardly any nice restaurants. Too many hairdressers/barbers & estate agents & not enough variety of other shops/businesses on High Street/Portland Rs.

Station Road should use the old Emertons shop into a restaurant. Vacant lot next to Aldi should definitely be built into new library & community space. Vacant shops should be more independent businesses or charity shops. More good restaurants.

More small independent businesses Restaurants Charity shops Craft/gallery Child friendly / kids workshops or spaces.

Community space Shared workspace Adult learning classes/workshop Mum & baby/child friendly space/classes


The Lake and the Country Park for the green space. The clock tower and Stanley Halls for their quirkiness.

Traffic jams and speeding motorists.

More bicycle racks and dedicated cycle lanes. 20mph speed limit in the business zone.

What happened in Sydenham and Forest Hill. Temporary licences for 90 days for businesses.

See Sydenham. Art galleries, theatre events, music. In any kind of venue. Targeted days or weeks.


The lakes Quiet residential streets The kids waking to to school The trees Proximity to Crystal Palace Street parties in the summer End of school gatherings by the lakes

Norwood junction has vacant shops Dog poo Rubbish Dumped cars Dealers on street corners Cars going too fast in streets with children walking to school Library doesn’t have any publicity or seeming reach to engage Stanley Halls should continue to be celebrated and utilised well beyond efforts

Pop up shops Library of things Remote working hubs Independent cafe art places like the Paxton Centre Community art and wellbeing projects with sustainable business plans

As above

As above


Community spirit. Love Screen25, Walnuts and Honey, Craft Beer Cabin, Essence of Cake. South norwood Forum is great! Clocktower market is nice but needs more stalls

Too many take aways!! Hardly any restaurants. Fly tipping.

More choice of food places! More shops. More stalls at the clocktower market.

Pop up shops? Similar to how Brixton market started up. Encourage small businesses with lower rates

Love to see clocktower market more like west norwood feast. More community activities ie beer / wine tasting. More events like recent Bake Off SE25.


South Norwood is developing well - its got lots of independent shops and the people are great.

More independent shops.


Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


Chinese supermarket and vintage boutique. Less chicken shops.

Some very vocal negative people - their voice is too negative

Community shops need to be supported both to give them a good start and encourage other businesses to come and open up. A way to communicate effectively.


The community. Market is good. Film Club.

Scruffiness, loss of ironmongery shop and fly tipping.

Pop - up shops. New businesses.


The varied and friendly community. The excellent transport links to London The green spaces

The station doesn't have disabled access, also difficult for mothers with prams The Portland Road is a disgrace with many shops turned into houses or flats and many premises vacant. A lot of litter, particularly food packets in some parts. Used to have a wide variety of shops but now there are too many of the same type of shop in the High street. Considering the number of elderly people in the area it is terrible that we now don't have a bank of any sort.

Portland Road- shop fronts need to be brightened up as many are very dull and dirty. More road cleaners to be employed and pavements cleaned regularly. More waste bins installed. Emmertons old premises to be let again. A couple of nice evening restaurants would be good rather than another Take awayused to have a Greek restaurant which was very popular.

We need a flower shop, a stationary shop, a proper bakery, a hardware shop and a shop that sells sewing and knitting items. A Christmas shop would be quite good too!


Nice seeing changes since 2007. They are a lot of good Independent coffee shops.

Portland Road - its monopolised by barbers and food shops.

The Market is good - make it happen every weekend?

Pop - up shops - upcoming fashion designers each weekend over a few months.

Support the local shops and cafes.

Too many nail shops and hairdressers. Great that there are more places to have a cup of coffee or a light snack. A car park or free parking for an hour (like Addiscombe) would help

Things that bring people together - like festivals!


What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

I've lived here 7 years. The change is good. There was a time when everything was dead and now it's picking up.

Need more spaces on the roads - the quieter market is pleasant but the High Street - too busy with traffic.

Junction improvement at Portland Road bridge. Like the works just completed at Forest Hill, Dartmouth Road towards Sydenham. And fill all the empty shops!

Workspace and selling space/ retail for dressmaking/fashion specialism in kids and women. I would possibly be interested as my wife is a tailor working from home.

Different colour house/shops - eg. like in Kentish Town/Camden Town.

Rent them at nominal rates to encourage independent 'pop-up' shops. The larger the shops i.e. the old car show room, could house a pop up collective of several shops in the place. I'd potentially be interested to contribute as apart of a "pop" collective.

More community based areas where people can sit and congregate, like a community garden etc.

More independent shops & creative spaces. More variety of supermarkets.

An improved youth hub.

The streets are not clean - especially areas like Manor road, under the bridge - there is so much litter. Street cleaning needs to extend up to Manor Road and around the rest of the main streets. Also, it is a really dangerous junction. 381

The diversity of the area, as far as the ethnic make up.

Rubbish and the fly tipping. That seems to never get resolved‚ there are not enough large bins in place! We can't deal with the traffic that comes through, especially when football is on.

An SE25 large sign on the blank wall where the funeral parlour is?‚.For example following the pattern of the other boroughs who have pride in their area eg. SE24, SE27‚ Another near the bridge on Portland road?


Love it’s diversity as we have people from all walks of life living in this area. Love it’s transport links even more so now that Thameslink have improved their service

The state of Portland Road ... too many empty shops and I definitely don’t like the drinking groups outside the barbers shops ... find it very intimidating as a female walking alone

Some great cafes / bistro Rum bar ... Beauty salons Butcher Pizza/pasta restaurant


Improvements like the market. The area's amenities, local parks, transport links and the good schools.

Infrastructure. Old divided buildings . Antisocial behaviour - although this has been reducing in last few years.


Community, Green space, suburban but quick in to town

The High Street needs work - too many closed shops. A few more chains would be fine alongside local independent shops. Too many barriers on the High Street pavements. Also too many people letting their dogs foul on the streets and not clearing up! Also too many new blocks of flats being built without improved infrastructure. And too many groups of young people on main and residential roads, which can be intimidating they need opportunities or places to hang out, not on the streets.

Remove barriers on pavements. Attract more chains as well as support local businesses. Right turn filters at junctions on the High Street. Provide more options or opportunities for young people to get involved in activity, or somewhere to hang out to get them off the streets.

Can we provide entrepreneurial opportunities for local young people? Could turn them into creative spaces, music studios, art workshops, or use as teaching spaces for vocational training. Obviously requires financing though....

See above re helping young people off the streets.


The sense of community (especially for young children and their parents) and the ever-growing number of interesting bars, restaurants and venues that have started to pop up. Also Stanley Halls is brilliant for the community in general.

The streets could be a bit cleaner in some areas and cars often drive far too fast down Portland Road.

Pedestrianise Station Road - this might not be a practical suggestion but it would really give a heart to the centre of town.

It would be nice to have a series of pop-up restaurants/bars/event spaces in empty shops, this would promote the community in general to the wider London area and offer a lot of variety to the community (which is very important given how varied the community is!).

There are already a few events going on for small business owners, it would be good to see this continue. More music events would be very welcome, the summer concert at the recreation ground was a lot of fun!


I love the lake and green spaces and associates wildlife/wildfowl. Very happy with Cypress as our local primary school and the community that is associated with it. I have lovely neighbours which I appreciate very much. The staff at Norwood junction train station are friendly and helpful and there are good connections from there. I enjoy doing the park run in the country park. The lakeside centre is a great asset and my family use it for ballet and wing chun classes. Mel’s cafe is also well loved. The swing in the lakeside park are great and it was a great effort by local volunteers to get them upgraded. I love that we have our own ‘tourist board’ and enjoy their online posts. I thought the recent poppy display on the high street and surrounding area wasa nice touch. Lots of things to like in fact!

Rubbish on the streets can be a problem. Some cars drive too fast. I don’t spend a lot of time on the high street- I see it as a functional place to visit rather than someone I would go to linger

The high street is a bit scruffy and as mentioned there’s not enough on the high street to encourage me to linger. I see / hope that this is changing. I appreciate the improvements at the front of the station and the coffee shop there is nice

Perhaps pop up shops / spaces for creative artists? Having some ‘anchor’ shops /restaurants may help to fill the remaining ones. Perhaps the spaces could be used for classes, eg a community choir, yoga etc?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

It's great to see South Norwood start to fulfil its potential - we have only lived here a couple of years but even in that short time we have seen it flourish. More please!

Thanks for this survey, I hope it helps with the continuing improvement of the area but it’s good to consider that there is already many things to love about s. Norwood :-)

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


The things that made me move here were a mixed population, when compared to others places that were more ethnic, the quality of houses and urbanism, when compared to other places where the quality of the houses and council houses is very low, more trains to central London, when compared to other areas in zone four. One thing that I like here is the quality of the air, it comes with the disadvantage that is not easy to leave and get in buy car when compared to other places that have a motorway nearby, but I do prefer better air and no road noise I do like the train station is well served and has a direct train to London Bridge, I do like the parks for walks

I don't like the fact that there some many closed shops on the high street, too many unhealthy food shops, fried chicken, kebabs, fish and ships even the subway is not a good reason to go to the high street.

Station road could be improved by knocking down the building that is in front of Aldi and built a new one, On the side of Aldi there is also an empty lot that probably belongs to Aldi it could be used for building something or public space. The high street should have some good restaurants, galleries, pop-up shops etc The main problem I see to the high street and Portland road is the lack of parking, at lunch and close to dinner times there are always many cars parked in the high street (Penge side) this is because people go to the shops to get takeaway food and have no other place to park

I am looking for a place to open a creperie/coffee shop, I did contact some estate agents and the renting prices they are asking in the high street are the same as in Penge or Forest Hill, but the thing that concerns me the most is the lack of parking, Most streets around including Holmesdale are already full of residents' cars. One solution would be to use Aldi's car park or create a new car park. None of those possibilities is available at the moment

Create a car park that serves the High Street Contact owners of the empty shops and agree with them if they are unable to rent the shop in one year to reduce the renting fees. Select the type of shops that are opening, no more fried food. Look at the project more closely to see if there is any quality on the concept. Invite restaurants chains to install on the High street, if people start going to the high street other good shops and restaurants will take advantage of that.

it is already a good thing that you are doing this survey, hope to love se25


Diversity. Transport is excellent. People are lovely. Upcoming cinema/market.

People in groups sitting outside shops. The people are not bad, but it's obstructing pedestrians. Fly tipping.

Keeping the area cleaner. Boarded shops look messy - you wouldn't do your shopping there.

Waitrose. Something classier. Craft shops.

Everybody doing so much more for young people.


Transport links Green space Sense of community My neighbours

Fly tipping Cleanliness of streets State of high Street Wider variety of business Safety

Shop front improvement on high street Pedestrianise whole area in front of station up to clock tower - make a plaza with cafes, event space, market space

Hot desking hub at low cost


Everything - love the market!

Could the market be advertised more? Perhaps a poster in Aldi a week before ? Advertise to people who use the station...?


African print fashion & accessories. Yes I would be interested - but depending on the cost.

Churches should open up during the week to children. School playground, should be opened up in the weekend.


Community spirit.

I don't like the fact that so many shops are closed, especially on Portland road.

The Clocktower Market should be every week.

There are a lot of youth on the streets. Something for the young people? eg. training schemes. Upmarket restaurants.

More activities - music, groups



Put more bins around.


Stanley Halls, good community spirit, park run community on Saturdays at SNCP.


Planting? Make it look prettier?! Maybe 30 mins free parking?

Pop up shops. Local niche businesses. Would need to be reasonable rates. Workshops - sewing? art? Workspace / co working.

A good gym - works well in Croydon.


Lovely community and population, green spaces, well connected to other surrounding centres such as Crystal Palace and into the city.

Grangewood Park needs investment, serious proper investment. Street cleaning and rubbish / fly tipping also needs more monitoring.

High street needs more positive signage and way finding highlighting the high street, more street furniture and possible street art.

Pop up shops for places not in S Norwood but locally elsewhere - other cafes, breweries etc just to gauge interest. Small music or arts events.

A high street event perhaps. The shops are a bit limited still along the high street but it doesn’t have to end up looking like everywhere else.

More activities, more groups - music?

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


What I like most are the people - good solid people. The diversity of the community and how that doesn't ever really seem to lead to any negativity. I also like the potential. It's like South Norwood is a diamond in the rough. Of course the transport links are great - plenty of trains and buses to get you around. And although the prices are rising, it's still a relatively affordable place to live in in London.

Lots needs to be improved. I know that there's a move lately to tackle the litter and flytipping and that is crucial. It's one of the things that really lets the area down. We don't look nice. Crime needs to be tackled we need visible police!! Why can't we have police - we need police! The increase in the number of gangs, stabbings and general crime in the neighbourhood is concerning. It's starting to feel unsafe. The amount of graffiti has increased - not good! We need a community space - I know that this is in the works but I don't understand how we went so long without a place to have meetings. Community groups are in a constant struggle to find places to go.

We need a general deep clean of the High Street. The council should offer to help shopkeepers who can't afford it to improve/repair their shopfronts. The buildings on the High Street, not just the shops, should have a good clean and repairs made were needed. Can the buildings be painted like in Thornton Heath? the empty shops needs to be tackled. have some of them available for pop-up shops - 1 month, 3 months, 6 months - something like that. With no business rates.. Allow people to see if they want to start a business by giving them the opportunity to do it for a short period of time. Turn one of the empty shops into a police center - as we were promised years ago when the police station was closing. We need police in the evening. We need something to make us feel that the High Street is a safe place - all you do after dark is dodge the street drunks and people engaged in antisocial behavior! Make the bus stop more inviting. Put up signs on the poles like they have in Herne Hill - the ones that say Herne Hill with pictures underneath. We need something to make us take pride in the area and then maybe people would want to keep it clean.The sidewalks on the High Street are uneven, unclean and depressing. Clean up the sidewalks, level them out a bit, make it more enjoyable to have a stroll on the street. I think that generally Station Road is okay, and it will look better once the library and flats are built and the hording is removed. Portland Road just looks like a tip, which is sad because there is energy there and things going on. Both the High Street and Portland Road are just ugly. Clean, paint, help people to improve their shops.

Didn't see this before so I wrote about the idea for pop up shops and a police "depot" there above. Have one of the spaces as a temporary meeting space - the keys are held by someone local, you can book the space for an hour or two, and it comes with a big table and number of chairs and that's it. Get some life into the High Street. We don't need any more nail shops, hairdressers, chicken shops - the ones we have are fine but we now have enough. We need diversity. We need someone to talk to Waitrose to see if they want to get into either the old Post Office or the old car showroom on the high street. That would undoubtably bring custom to the area. People would travel for a local Waitrose. A used bookstore. A haberdashery shop.

In the Spring have a South Norwood in Bloom competition. Encourage people to start more neighbourhood groups to work together to help each other improve where they live - clean up front gardens for those who can't, have a group workday. Bring in a professional marketer to teach shop owners and groups the best way to market their products thereby getting more people into the area bringing revenue or bringing more people to existing groups and expanding on the community feel. We have a lot of talent in the area and it would be good to see it grouped together. I'd love to see a performance by South Norwood based musicians, I know that a few are here and come have moved into the neighbourhood recently. I've love a local WI. I'd love a local distressing space, a drop in centre someplace that people could go just to have a rest or to get out of the house without having to shell out any money. I'd love to have a craft place - a spot where people could go, probably rent, so that they can do their crafts.

I love the fact that you engaging with the community and you are doing something. But you have to show us what you accomplish. we need to see progress reports or we won't know that anything is going on and some will feel let down that there hasn't been anything done, that once again they aren't being listened to. Show us that you are listening by acting on our ideas or tell us why they won't work. For me I would think that we desperately need to improve the "look and feel" of the area and try to instill some pride in those who live here so that we all work together to improve our area.


Lakes in some parks as they are the only places you can really enjoy being in.

Littering and lack of security since you never see a policeman around.

A police station to decrease crime in the area.

A police station, free gym, bigger library, charity centre etc. I wouldn't be personally interested in using an empty shop.

Talks/workshops about staying safe with activities for children. Maybe basic first aid taught? Music festivals. Bigger market with a larger variety of products to buy (not just food).


The lakes are relaxing - a good way to connect to nature in the city.

Too much litter.


Police station. I wouldn't be personally interested in using an empty shop.



The lakes.

Crime. Living in South Norwood is becoming too dangerous.

More security - police station/CCTV.

A free gym and high street shops. I wouldn't be personally interested in using an empty shop.



What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

Trains and people are friendly

Reduced train service.

Get all the shops open. Including Kennedys rented out.

Shops people will use and drive footflow traffic down the high street who will visit other shops. Eg. No galleries or weird coffee shops like the scheme on Portland Rd ad these have done little to support other retailers.

Why not have shops with two or three retailers having a stall eg. Butchers, fishmonger.

There was a similar survey conducted two years ago. Why is this being done again.

Encourage council to undertske compulsory purchase of empty shops, like Kennedy’s. Support shops via a website where people can buy online and collect from local shops with extended hours.

A decent hardware store and a shop like Wilco. This will make people visit the high. Also an Indian restaurant. A butchers would be good.

Secondly, Have an online shop for these businesses and other local businesses. People could buy goods and collect from local pub or cafe. Thereby enabling local people to use shops during the week.

Also how is this being published...needs to get out to a wider audience than community boards.

Also a Nando’s. Not posh but family restaurant, which would drive people to the high street. They recently opened in Sydenham. A Superdrugs would be good. We need shops that encourage people to go down the high street and support independent retailers. 362

I love the Lake area, it's lovely and peaceful. I like the High Street because it's not too crowded and it has a lot of potential but it needs more life.

Littered Streets, awful. We need more rubbish bins on the streets.

Please plant more trees or put more flower planters and install some fancy lighting. Perhaps to paint building in different colours as they did in Thornton Heath.

We need more places to eat out, more cafes and shops with fresh fruit and vegetables. Please no more hairdressers.

I think South Norwood Country Park could have more divers sports activities for all ages, there is so much space which isn't very well maintained, there is potential to create a lovely garden where people could come and relax as currently there bits that I would be scared to walk on my own.

Please do something about fly tipping in general.


The mix of people is brilliant. Everyone lives here! I really love the country park, having a leisure centre (and the badminton court in the school gym), and being so close to the tram. There are lots of things available locally (croydon youth theatre, Stanley Halls, karate in Ryelands school).

The empty shops, the litter (hopefully the new bins will help), the visible drug deals, and the fact you can't get a bus all the way down portland road from beulah hill because of the railway bridge. Street lighting at the tram stops is terrible.

Filling the empty shops eg bakery, butcher, green grocer's, a lidl.

Love the mix of the ones that are filled on portland Road, from Hus the barber and Treasures to Dominoes pizza.

Biodiversity projects in the country park, den making area, natural sculpture trail. The bat walk in the park was a total joy.

Doing this has made me realise how many facilities there are locally!


Transport options Niche community Closeness to Crystal Palace

A lot. The area overall is in a terrible state. The roads are around Albert road and surrounding area is in a TERRIBLE state. The tarmac is literally coming off, terrible holes, broken pavement, patched so much you can't see what is road and what is patches, uneven. I am not sure how you expect the public to respect their area when the local authority clearly doesn't.

The whole area needs a serious facelift and CCTV for all the serious fly-tipping. A reduction in hairdressers and encouragement to open a variety of different shops. You could also mantain the council owned buildings that are in a really bad state.

The highstreet could be turned into an exemplary victorian high street shopping area. A village of some description.

The bit of Norwood junction on Portland road with noisy barber shops with people sitting outside drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis. Cars racing down the road and rubbish strewn over the road commercial and domestic waste. People gathering outside portland road off licence and drinkung cans of beer.

A community workshop teaching people to upcycle furniture, making jewellery for sale. knitting and sewing worksop

as above charity funded

A young peoole's meet up to clean litter where bags are collected and rewarded per bag. where they access as reward following:An indoor herb growing/ selling to the public. Young people's cooking workshop/ selling cakes onto the public/local cafes. Access to further training if compliant.


Stop beggars and thieves. People stealing. Good discipline for school kids. Teachers to monitor.

More security and police.

Businesses, banks, shoe shops. Yes, I would be interested in using an empty shop for a shoe shop or something different.

All shopkeepers 1 month Get Together and communicate.

There is rubbish everywhere. It feels like living in a dump. The streets never get cleaned. I am seeing the same piece of rubbish on the street for 2 months now. What is the point of having a local authority I am just baffled with the sheer incompetence to maintain the basics. 359



You could do a competition with architects etc to create a unified shop frontage style and subsidise/help shops to adopt it. This will give the area a reason for people to come and visit. South Norwood doesn't just need a clean, it needs rebranding and planning.

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

The country park & the Lakes. Walnuts & Honey cafe. The new craft beer place. The Portland Arms & the Shelverdine Goathouse. The monthly market - I wish it were every week. Stanley Halls (Coffee Craft & Screen 25 in particular).

The fly tipping & sheer amount of rubbish, spit & faeces on the streets is appalling. The regular harassment I get from men when walking around. Groups of men smoking & drinking on the street. The underpass which has a photo exhibition seemingly aimed at highlighting the most depressing aspects of the area - walking under the bridge is not much better. Portland Road in general can be an unpleasant & threatening place. Empty shops & also these shops sometimes being filled with businesses which you know won't last more than 5 minutes.

A local & visible police force. A stringent crackdown on antisocial behaviour which has to be from the grassroots upwards education in schools as to why we don't throw rubbish on the ground or why it's unacceptable to comment on women as they walk past you. Making drinking on the streets in the whole area illegal & actually uphold this - so difficult with police cuts but in an ideal world. More appealing cafes, restaurants, a gym, a yoga studio, independent food shops - look at Crystal Palace. Grant planning permission to anyone who wants to develop the numerous dilapidated pubs into flats if they have been vacant for more than 3 years. I have lived here for 5 & nothing has happened to these huge, empty buildings. Same for the brownfield sites next to Aldi & on Portland Road. The unending parade of dilapidated burnt out pubs & boarded up brownfield sites is depressing & demoralising - it creates a "broken window syndrome" in the area, it looks like a s***hole so it's treated like one in spite of the quite incredible efforts of many members of the local community to improve the area. Sadly I don't think it will improve until the antisocial behaviour issues are resolved.

A yoga studio (such as Breeze in Beckenham, the Shala in West Norwood or Bamboo in Crystal Palace) would be fantastic, a gym, places for a decent brunch or coffee on the high street with a focus on high quality produce - fewer unhealthy takeaway places.

I had an idea about starting a Clean Streets campaign & task force. Seeing as the two councils responsible for our area seem unable to resolve this problem maybe a united approach by residents from both boroughs would be better. Posters, litter pickers, a major street clean up operation then supported by a more hardline approach to those dropping litter or fly tipping. Broken window syndrome is strong in South Norwood - so many dilapidated or run down buildings - I know it's a money thing but it would be great to motivate everyone, business owners, homeowners etc, to invest in improving the appearance of our area. I sincerely believe it would inspire more positivity in South Norwood which would be good for residents & businesses alike.


No banks. Hairdressers for the elderly and more police, specially at night.

More clothing stores. Sometimes can't get to Croydon . Make Norwood junction station disabled friendly.

Furniture shop, birthday card and bedding.


Not enough restaurants.




More hairdressers.

More shows. More news to bring people together, party in the park, yearly Get Together.

DirtyStreets are dangerous. Not secure.

Play centre, soft ball for kids, smoother pavement for mobility scooter, parks and more police.

Whetherspoons, Iceland, banks, Nationwide, pet shop, family pub.


Dirty litter.

Bus stop with times on it.




Opticians, playing centres, cleanliness...

Yes I could be interested in using an empty shop for a shoe shop.

Shopkeepers to come together and discuss.


How much it has changed it the last 8 years. Not as tatty, more lively.


Keep the small business, independent focus on Hebden bridge where I am from has kept its regeneration at a sale and focus that is truly local. S.N needs something similar.




Transport, colleges...

Too many take away shops. Not enough parking. Banks and bakeries should be added.

Banks, cheaper rent, HMO's used as office space, bring more people that pass the station. Something that actually generates wealth in area.

Bakery, restaurants, rentable office space, Norwood j. as central hub. Pop up shops.

Festival, Notion of cinema, craft fair , book market in park 1 Sunday a month? 1hr free parking, Also, generate more business.

Too many barber shops.

Tram, Tesco, banks, restaurants 5 stars, Poundland...

Youth Centre.




South Norwood Country Park.

Abandoned shops in Portland Road.

Transport links.



Rubbish collection.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

Significant progress has been made in the 5 years I've lived in South Norwood e.g. Screen25, coffee craft, 2 new pubs, Sensible Garden, monthly market, public realm work in Station Street and Portland Road, Stanley Halls fully open. Whenever feeling down about the area we need to remember what has been achieved. Different shops i.e. Poundland, Boots.



What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?


It is a lovely multicultural community. Find a lot of people helpful and friendly.

People dumping rubbish everywhere - even dumping large items of furniture and rubbish in front of church.

Coventry Road, cars always parked on both sides and it's difficult to see traffic when one wants to join Portland road.

Could be any empty shop be used as a drop in hub for people who just want to have a chat. Not personally.



The lake is very nice.

Too many food shops.

Get rid of some food shops and hair dressers.

Please puta bank and police station.

More youth clubs.


Transport to everywhere.

Yes, too many hair and food shops.

Get rid of homeless people on the road.

Something for young people to do. Turn in house, all the things that take away.

Something for everyone to do.


The swimming baths - country park and trams all f which are where people can meet and enjoy themselves.

It is a pity we cannot get the bank back, as this is having a detrimental effect on the high street and Portland road, has lost the smaller shops. Also, the old shops turned into flats also the old pubs boarded up.

Tiding up Portland Road. Pop up shops charity.

Pop up shops charity. Unfortunately not.



The diversity of the population and the friendliness of people.

Fly tipping and graffiti!

Empty shops to be offered out to local entrepreneurs at affordable rent/rates.

As above

Build on the ‘Big Lunch’ initiative and potentially organise one for the whole of South Norwood utilizing one of the local parks i


The quiet vicinity.

All the banks are closed.


It depends on what it is meant for.



The lakes - nice area for walking, cycling, kid's park etc.

High street is dirty and pavements are narrow.

More shops revamped - locally owned business.

Youth centre, charity shops to fund older people - community based.

Community centres for older people i.e. animal therapy, kids meeting elderly.


South Norwood's High Street to be regenerated.

Too many people not doing anything (just sitting about).





Family and friends are here.

Knife crime has increased, making it unsafe to live here.

Cameras observing those areas.

Used as a youth centre. Not personally interested on using an empty shop.

Having more youth centres.


Family and transport.

More lights at night.

Fre gym.

Free gym, but i am not personally interested on using an empty shop.



Family and friends.

Gangs and violence. It makes it unsafe to be in the area.

Free gym or youth centres.

No, but maybe i could be interested in using an empty shop.



Transport access. Specially links to Croydon/London.

Food shops - feels grubby compared to 1015 years ago.

More independent shops which don't sell food.

As above but I am not personally interested .

The community is diverse but not fully reflected.


It's got good transport links and a nice supermarket - that's it!

It is a dangerous place to venture after dark. The crime rate is horrendous, the amount of drug and street crime happening is appalling. The high street and in particular Portland Road is extremely shabby and dirty looking. The streets are filthy, the whole place has a demeanour of squalour and delapidation about it

Clear the area up, improve the presence of police to discourage gangs, there are far too many people hanging around causing trouble. The whole area needs a complete uplift and regenerating, its a disgusting palce to live

If I had the money then I would use one of the empty shops myself, however I do not have the funds to start my own business. I am already in full time employment and I just would not be able to raise the capital to start my own business, no matter how much I would love to. I am a tailor by trade and would love to start my own textile shop in clothes/knitwear/furnishings, and my partner is a baker so I am sure he would use a shop too but we just do not have the money

There must be much more of an effort made to tackle the amount of litter and degredation that is occuring in Portland Road and Station Road, as I have said above it is an abborhent place to live with the continual dreariness of the area


Green spaces Friendly Great transport The joiners

Fly tipping Anti social conduct - loud bikes Litter Closed bridge blackhouse lane



Empty shops, litter, ugly shop fronts and sineage.

Clean the streets, make it more attractive. Make empty shops more attractive to rent.

Like Penge instigate Men and Women in Sheds project which is fronted by AgeUk, so that social isolation could be reduced and then commissioned projects would increase a greater community wellbeing.

As above


Parks & Green Spaces

Neglected shops, litter,

Letting shops on a peppercorn rent on all these streets. Encourage some larger chains to adopt South Norwood

As above

Greater use of green spaces, fun run in the park, more regular clock tower market

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

Take all areas of South Norwood into consideration with initiatives and do not focus solely on the High St, Portland Rd etc. There is some great work already being done throughout the area that can be shared eg the mural at Selhurst Station.

The local council should really be at the forefront of any regeneration programme.

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


That it is central too London.

Their should be more banks based in south norwood. As they have all gone. The

The roads need to be cleaner.

For people who want too try out a business. The8r

Their needs to be more for our young children. More summer clubs.

Croydon need to make more effort to keep the streets clean. My daughter goes to St Mark's on Albert road. Their have been many times that children and parents have to by pass bins rubbish and dog muck. As well as have to walk in roads if they have a small child or baby in a buggy


I love the mix of people in the community. I find the area a bit edgy and not at all pretentious like some areas quite nearby. I love the graffiti especially the tribute to Kelva Smith who tragically died in March. I love Yeha Noha, the Clocktower Market, my bookgroup who meet monthly in the Albert and I love my weekly meditation group. I love the Country Park...we are so lucky. I also prefer to use local shops and tradespeople.

I’m a 69 year old who moved here in 1986 so in those 32 years I have seen lots of changes. When I first moved here and for quite a few years after I would quite happily come home alone at night - something I would never do now. Portland Road can be quite intimidating.

I think the recent improvements to Portland Road and Station Road look really good. Well planned and when the roads and pavements have been cleaned they look so much better. I like the random fixed seats and the trees. Rubbish from shops seems to be an ongoing problem.

I make jewellery and would be interested in a community hub where you could drop in, use a table, talk to other crafters and basically network. I have a regular stall at the Clocktower Market and apart from selling my jewellery I love the networking with other stallholders.

Nothing specific right now

Good luck with this initiative - I like the sound of it.


It is a quiet,and condusive environment, peaceful and crime free and a good place to raise children.

The major road on portland is too narrow and when vehicles are parked on sides it cause holdup some times after the children close from school but house can not be demolished on this subject matter


The parks The train station and it's connections to London. St Marks Primary school Mulberry Kindergarten The friends we have made here.

The frequency of drug deals being done around Portland road/Harrington road - it feels unsafe. There is regularly a strong smell of cannabis.

I empty shop if big enough could be used as children viewing centre , for computer games and x.box game at leisure hour at a relatively low price... am not interested in using any shop as at now

Aside the usual Library in south Norwood ,mini books borrowing centre for children could be established around the corner to improve the reading habit of pupils because the Library did not open all through the week ,

Addressing the concerns above.

Convert to housing.

A children's centre.

Cheap rents for legitimate businesses.

Actively encourage butchers, bakers, groceries, a bookshop, pharmacy with cheap rents.

A targeted youth club.

Maybe display local art in the windows? I think this is what they do in Crystal Palace. It would be quite nice to have an indpendant coffee shop / breakfast place where i can take people for lunch or a light snack withotu it being a fry up or fried chicken / kebab.

Clearer communication on what to do about fly tipping. I saw some community litter picks happening. Or perhaps more signs saying you will be fined for it.

Bring back Lloyds pharmacy.

Please increase the number of Police or Community Wardens patrolling the streets.

Encourage FoodBank to set up a centre.

Dog poo on the streets - it's dirty/disgusting The number of hairdressers/barber's on Portland road - men hanging around outside on the streets blocking the pavement.

Build on the derelict pub next to Portland Cafe and the Portmanor. Build on the land at the end of Addison road with Portland road


It does feel like a community. There have been visual improvements around the area. Specifically around Thornton Heath (the large Thontton Heath silver letters) Underneath the bridge at Selhurst station the spray painted walls look magnificent and obvioudly the face lisft around Norwood Junction station / clocktower look great. I also very much appreciated the community garden effort at the cut through to the stadium sainsburys car park. Also having a nice pub (The Goathouse) to go to which isnt football related is great. I went to the mini festival earlier in the year also which was nice.

Fly tipping is the biggest issue for me, but i feel this is a known issue. The community garden at the sainsburys cut through ssemed to work very well in stopping fly tipping. Also the artwork undereath the railway has also put off fly-tippers!

Do something with the empty ironmongers and also the empty shops next to the new costa coffee.


Friendly locals - good nursery school not far to good green spaces

The rubbish on the streets and outside flats is terrible The litter on the roads and dog mess is awful. People leaving junk in their front gardens. Too many drunks / drugged up people around

There is a lack of good places to eat apart from take aways and the odd cafe A decent bakery or butchers would be good


I like the multicultural aspect; the variety of foods are also good.

There are no facilities for young people to socialise, there is no relationship between the youth and the other generations.

I’d like to see a cafeteria run as an enterprise with young people getting involved and gaining skills. Where they could charge their phones seek refuge and advice and get involved in gaming including learning how to code.pls see above

Great work so far. Clear improvements in the area.

Ashburton Park has improved and would love to see that grow Flyers about local invites might be good as if you are not on social media people may miss what’s going on or hear about new places opened etc Pls see above

I’d like to see first aid being taught to the wider community. This is an important skill; 1 in 4 people currently feel they have no first aid skills/knowledge

I would like the opportunity to be involved in both of the projects. At St. Mark’s where I work we are planning to begin teaching first aid skills to parents this academic year as we already teach this to children through our PSHCE Lessons.

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


It has a very local, village feel. It isn't somewhere you would go, if you didn't live there and that's just fine.

Lack of car parking. I would like to see parks of the car park behind the high street made into two stories. That could be finished in a week using prefab concrete slabs. It would not impede residents greatly and would bring revenue to the town.

As above.

I think the local Churches should be contacted to see if they have any use or ideas or for new Church ministry / Mosque.

Cross country run around the lakes, down the high street and around the recreation ground or similar route. The SE25 2 mile challenge or similar, get local community involved, sponsor ships, publicity, visitors bring revenue to the town using the new double story car park?

Renovating the car park is key. You could get investment for Stanley Halls if guests could park!


Fantastic transport links. Nice community feel (sometimes) Aldi <3

Litter - I don't know whether it is the fault of the residents disrespecting the area or the lack of bins, but it is a real issue. Empty Shops - there's so much potential people need to be encouraged to take the risk and set up shop in SoNo

I saw someone else mention 'pop up restaurants/stalls'. These would be amazing - they would defintiely get custom from the diverse community and a great way to trial a restaurant in the area before committing to a longer lease.

BAKERY, butcher, fishmonger, restaurants, more PUBS - all of these would thrive. There is a need for these. A wine bar. There is a real market for these things!

More community activities - Maybe a skill swap? Maybe an evening jogging/walking group? Generally more adult evening community groups

When is MAMMA DOUGH coming to Station Road?!


I'd say the parks and there's a good community spirit at times. The transport links are great - it's just a shame that certain areas are really tired and can be trouble hot spots. There's a real flytipping issue, but I can see the work that's being done to try and counter that. I think it's great that local businesses are vocal and personable. Even in the two years we've been in SE25 we can see a real difference and improvement with the opening of the Port;and Arms and Shelvedine Goat. There's a nice atmosphere and really push for positive change.

At times it doesn't feel safe walking from the Clifford Road exit of the station down Portland Road. The building opposite Clifford Road exit is very run down and used by squatters - this can be quite intimidating. Some parts of Portlnd Road are really quite run down, with bad shop conversions and shops that don't attend to their shop front / leave a lot of litter out front.

I think more street art would help to mask some of the paintwork / exteriors that are particulary tired and worn. The coloured paint used in Thornton Heath above the shop front would be a great addition to portland road, especially as it ties in with the Love Lane style theme. I think letting the community know about development that's in progress on my flyer or piece of promo material would help people feel like things are improving - e.g dates when the library development will open, dates of planning approval for key buildings / areas (Portmanor / Emertons). This would also help stop alot of speculation. There's a lot of run down shops on the high street, it would be good to know more about why they are as they are, just to give people context that it's not a council issue.

I think a space where professionals could run workshops for people on certain topics in the evening would be great. Anything from emarketing, how to set up a social media page, CV writing - through to craft based sessions. I'm sure there would be lots of people happy to give a few hours of their time to share skills and support people in the community. I think the area could do with a wine bar / with seating for food truck style snacks. Ideally somewhere at the top of portland road or on the high street. My husband and I would be interested in supporting this.

I think a love lane 'paint with pride' campaign that encouraged people to paint their houses and linked in with local tradespeople to give reasonable quotes for painting the front of their houses. I painted my house light blue for ÂŹÂŁ400 and had lots of local people stop to comment on how much they loved the colour and that they'd like to do it too to improve the area. Or a sticker / window transfer that said 'We love SE25' - people could donate to purchase one (with a mark up on printing cost) - it would help show a sense of community and raise some funds for a community project. Could link in with local pubs / cafes to sell them. Window clings are relatively cheap to print in bulk and don't damage windows as they stick with static - it would involve an initial outlay but there's lots of people (including me) that would do the design of a campaign for free and help find a printer.

I think this is a great initative - is there a mailing list that people can sign up too to find out more about progress after they submit suggestions like this?


It's great for transport links. The High Street is slowly improving. Aldi's arrival has meant that I walk to get a lot of my grocery shopping.

Too many barbers and nail shops. I dislike the location of the bus stop in the middle of the High Street as it gets very crowded on the pavement and people are reluctant to move out of the way.

Move that bus stop. Try to find local people to occupy empty shops.

Gift/card shop. Budget toiletries/household products like Pinch a Penny used to be.


It is more of a community than other areas of South London I have lived in. Lots of lovely people to talk to. Diverse and intergrated community. Aldi.

A lot of buildings not being used - especially commercial. Litter and flytipping.

Not sure what is going into the old Emerton's property - hopefully it will revitalise that side of station road. Portland road shops need to be used and not stand empty. The competition a couple of years ago was a good idea but only a couple of places seemed to get used. The subway between Portland Road and Station road needs to be cleaned up - the old photo posters removed and another idea to make it less of an unpleasant place to walk through. The building opposite the Clifford road entrance to the station is horrible.

Cafes and restaurants/bars would be great, it would be lovely to have independent food shops (butcher/grocer/deli) on Portland Road. Also would be nice to have an ice cream/milk shake place for young people to meet. A book shop would be great.

Sorting out the subway between Clifford Road and Station Road - clearing the plants, painting the concrete, cleaning the tiles, involving local artists in a new project to brighten it up. The festival is great, hopefully that will continue to grow - with less free helium balloons PLEASE. Live music during the clocktower market? Community run pub/brewery in one of the empty pubs?!

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


Transport links, country park, new businesses opening that match the offers you get in other areas of London Shelvadine Goat, Portland Arms, Coffee Craft, Craft Beer Cabin, Matanah Thai... and Mamadough (when it opens!). Even Aldi and Costa Coffee are welcome additions. Clocktower Market is another one and the street art murals on the walls (shame they weren’t properly funded by the council it would have made the area interesting to visit. They’ve all lifted the area. The tree on Portland road and redevelopment of station area are good but more needs to be done. The area feels reasonably safe and the people are on a whole lovely - it’s a nice community but quite disconnected due to lack of places to go and meet up.

Fly tipping and litter from overflowing public bins, grubby poorly lit subway under the station. Shortcuts taken on redevelopment of Portland Road using tarmac instead of paving. Endless empty, derelict shops and crumbling disused old pubs. No disabled access at Norwood Junction station. Lack of cafes and restaurants that serve brunch, lunch and dinner - always have to go to Crystal Palace. Why not bring some of the triangle vibe to South Norwood??? Cultural activities are not well funded. Lack of diversity on the high streets - too many chicken shops and barbers

Nice places to eat brunch, lunch and dinner, cafes that serve great coffee especially down the southern end of Portland Road, a craft & gift shop selling small gifts and cards, a good independent off license selling a wide selection of craft beers and wines, more trees everywhere, better bins, less litter, used shops, lick of paint on the building even a splash of colour to make the high street unique and an attraction - think Notting Hill with its colorful rows of buildings or Croydon with its street art murals it makes you want to explore the area and hang out there. It feels like there’s creativity and buzz in the air!

Cafes, places to meet, coworking space, gift shop - run by independents who have at least one other site so they know what they are doing and won’t fail in the first 6 months.

Street art murals on the walls. Get some great talent down to SoNo and brighten up the area. Festivals of creativity but well funded so they don’t fall flat on their face as so many other community projects currently do although intentions are always good delivery is allow quality.

Thanks for doing this, it would be good to turn SoNo into a destination it has so many great things going for it it’s just being underdunded and mismanaged by the Council


Family friendly

There are some road where the nigh the cars run as they were on the track. I living in Sangley rd , and that one is one of them. Is not safe.


The parks, small independent businesses, screen25

How matches will close down the whole place. Abundance of littering and anti-social behaviour eg loud music, incredibly fast driving and gangs

Wider cyvle lanes that cars are not allowed to park on. More cycle racks. Less street furniture, e.g. Some of the shops on the high street have so many signs outside them people with mobility issues are unable to get past

Pop up restaurants, south norwood is laking in sit in restaurants of quality (pubs are great but it eould be great to have more choice than just pub food)

Community gardening / allotments to promote locally produced foods, local history walks. Clean ups or equivalent to tidy towns that runs in the Republic of Ireland


Excellent transport links. Great community feel and lots of people who work hard for the community. Great independent cafes and shops. South Norwood Country Park. Great pubs. Screen25. South Norwood festival. I like that we can have a night out without having to leave South Norwood.

Lots of fly tipping. Litter and dog poo on the streets. Too many empty shops.

Encourage new businesses to move into the empty shops. Use any available initiatives or incentives available to support new businesses. More trees/greenery.

Whenever I walk past the empty shops next to Costa (formerly the post office and a car showroom) I fantasise about a book shop and a craft shop/haberdashery opening there! I would do my best to keep them in business. I’d also like to see a deli, a bakery, fishmongers etc, restaurants ( eat in as opposed to take away)

Green/gardening community initiatives.

I love living here.


It’s a growing community

Litter, just the filth that’s left everywhere

Regenerate by offering tenet reductions, public facing events

Free use for the first time based on reuse and revenue taken on the day


Litter, juss litter!!!! Jesus Christ


Fast train into London, new cafes on the high street, seems like the area is on the up

Amount of rubbish on the high street, amount of closed shop fronts on the high street

Better rubbish collection, more nice shops/pubs/cafes etc.

Artisan bakery, delicatessen, art gallery, florist, nice restaurant

More flowers and plants or trees along the high street to make it greener - and on station road


It has a lot of potential, green spaces (South Norwood Lakes and Ground etc), transport links (London Bridge, Victoria, East London, Croydon, Gatwick etc), new businesses (Shelverdine Goathouse, Cafe Mimosa, Coffee Craft, Communitea etc) and a nice community feel (Stanley Halls, Screen 25 etc)

The high street is not fufilling its potential, there are a lot of empty shops. There is often litter everywhere. I understand that the crime statistics are not great.

Station Road has been much improved already. The high street has too many empty shops. I do not use Portland Road very often.

Restaurants. A permanent cinema. A public gallery.

A bigger farmers / food market.


Great community feel, and so many people working hard to uplift the area and help each other.

- Quality of shops on the high street (not another chicken shop). - The problem of fly tipping and excess rubbish has been raised countless times. New bins - not everyone has them so expect the problem to get worse before it gets better - Step-free acces

Station Road- work already in progress (but need to keep clean), However, let's make underpass more attractive! High Street - improve quality of shops and keep tidy, stop turning shops into homes! Portland Road - so many empty shops suggestion as above and below.

Do it as a lottery, people apply to open up a business and the local committee approves best option - it's understandable that you can't control what people do, but we have the option to either scout for potential businesses to trade in the area, or market it as such a great opportunity that people apply and a committee approves.

- The bake off was a great idea - great to see local businesses working together - There used to be a community area on Portland Road that offered local children free musical lessons (piano, clarinet etc). However, couple retired. Would be great to offe

Let's be sensitive to senior members of the community. We have no banks left on our high street. Not everyone is adept at communicating online.


The friendly people The creative buzz that's growing The greenness incl the guerilla gardening

Virtually non existent planning consent. Plans that are detrimental to neighbours get pushed through without opportunity for discussion. I'm disgusted by this.

As much greenery as possible Focus on aesthetics Wise business advice so we are not over run by too many cafes, nail bars whatever. We need a balanced economy favouring small business. Keep the multi nationals out!

More greengrocers A deli Bakery Develop the street market further

Workshops for different age groups Extend the gardening projects

Thank you!

I would like to found a nice shop of wine, a delicatessen, a bakery, pizza shop If there is any chance to get one of this shop I could be interested

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


Lots of community initiatives like the sensible garden. It has a community feel with places like Stanley halls and I like the range of pubs. Great transport links. I also like the street art and all the green space like the lakes and the nature reserve.

It is dirty- lots of litter (bin bags lining the street) and the shop fronts are grubby. Unused shops and buildings makes the place look uncared for. Lots of men sitting outside along Portland road can feel a bit intimidating. Too many of the same type of shops I.e chicken fast food shops and barbers.

Clean up the area- I like what they did to the front of the buildings in Thornton heath could do the same here? More bins for litter, more plant boxes to make the streets look more appealing. Heavier fines/more surveillance on fly tipping. Encourage a range of shops along the high street and Portland road- would be great to have a few commercial shops like boots/wilko/clothes shop plus more local bakers/butchers/community hub

Offer discount rent for first 6 months to encourage start ups? Allow popup shops to use empty spaces.

Maybe better promotion of existing events. There are lots of existing community projects in South Norwood but not enough people know about them or how to get involved in them.

South Norwood has a great community feel and I hope that this is retained and accounted for when considering new developments.


Community feel. Excellent transport links. South Norwood lake, coffee craft and Stanley Halls, yeha noha. The clock tower market. Couple of nice pubs.

Litter. Empty shops. No step free access at NJ station. Smelly chicken shops. Empty pubs.

Cleaner streets. Pop up shops.

Bakery. Soft play cafe, pizza place. Party shop.


Multi ethnic, great public transport facilities. Green spaces.

High street, and Portland Road are run down.

Refuse permission for shops/pubs to be converted to housing. Remove unlawful advertising on lamp posts, remove advertising from pavements.


The diversity, the community spirit and all the new venues that are opening

The two giant delapatated pubs -l

Development of the two delaportated pubs.

Pop up shops - or community hubs for creative workshops.

A few more community days in the parks e.g like the the Streatham kite day.


Green spaces, community spirit, positive change, new businesses, restaurants

Littering, flytipping, badly refurbished buildings, drug dealing on top of Portland Rd and Highstreet, no lift at NJT station

More sit down restaurants, not fast food or takeaways, perhaps target franchises directly, council to track down owners of empty buildings/shops and enquire intend, flower hanging baskets on streetlamps, more spot checks and fines re littering

Childrens softplay Cafe with groups and courses and activities for all weather (perhaps approach providers in other areas) Collaborate with local farmer, ie farmshop with fresh produce, Shared office space with high speed internet and coffee machine Perhaps have a franchise conference at stanley halls where locals can meet with franchise representatives

Market Country Park more, put Cafe and pitch and put out to tender, continue with community clean ups and gardening, support and develop local market




For it to be cleaner and less busy with reckless teenagers roaming the streets


I find most people here are friendly and say 'hello' or have a chat at a bus stop. I like the introduction of flowerbeds and trees near the Leisure Centre and I also like living on Woodside Green and enjoying the view.

I think it's depressing that so many shops and pubs have closed. I don't like seeing them turned into housing, although I know more housing is needed. I also think we need more traffic cameras, to spotlight and fine road users exceeding the speed limit. And I'd like the cameras to have an audio system, so they can fine those motor cyclists splitting the night with their deliberately broken silencers.

In Portland Road (my shopping area), I like the seats set in concrete at the road corners, but they would be even better with tubs of flowering plants. And what about several drinking fountains with clean fresh water? The Victorians had many good ideas, and this was one of them.

I think a practical DIY shop would be very successful in Portland Road - also a good fresh fishmonger!

More trees - they are good for us all.



There's a burgeoning sense of community. The two amazing parks. The transport links (when it works). The Thai on Portland Road, The Albert, Shelverdine, Cabin Beer Crew (?). The Stanley Halls and Screen SE25. The market. Communitea Cafe. The Saturday Kitchen initiative.

The flytipping. We experienced homophobic abuse. We're now more cautious of looking like a couple. Police were great, though. The poor state of empty shops on Portland Road. Groups of guys hanging out on Portland Road listening to loud music and smoking dope. Too many fast food shops. Often looks like the place needs a deep clean.

Investment in the shops. Give the empty ones to community ventures. More police on the street. Not to intimidate, but to build community safety and integration. Initiatives for specific areas/roads to get together to increase pride in where people live. Better control of flytipping. Sort out rubbish dumping by people who live on Crowther Road who don't seem to have bins (by the hardware store on Portland). Community ambassadors - like the Olympics. People who chat to residents, offer help etc. Food sharing initiatives - building bonds between neighbours. Ways to reduce loneliness and to offer support.

Community initiatives. Drop in centres for lonely people to chat and integrate. Providing classes on English, maths, cooking, nutrition, empowerment, arts, language lessons, flower and vegetable gardening, DIY skills. Could get people from the area/local shops to lead the classes. History talks. Community social events. Men's Shed: https://menssheds.org.uk University of the Third Age: https://u3a.org.uk A place where people can get their appliances fixed, but are shown how. Pubs encouraged to hold these events.

Above. Guerrilla gardening. Guerrilla knitting. Integration - old with young, different races, LGBT+, religions etc.

I thoroughly support the community ventures here. I feel like there's a lot of love in SE25. I'm pleased I moved here.

Activities for retired, especially ways of keeping fit. Advertising so these facilities become known

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?


Quick connections to London Some nice old houses Atmosphere of high st/station road Most people very friendly Start of good pubs eg shelverdine and craft beer cabin

Litter/flytipping and the council’s slow response to this Empty shops on high st Lots of nail bars! Flooding the market perhaps?

I feel like it’s an untapped market - I can’t believe this part of London hasn’t already gone BIG due to its good travel connections. I think there needs to be less litter and smarten the streets up, even if shut down, as there could be a lot of character here


Transport links Lots of community groups and strong senses of community. Lots to do now socially than ever before. Nice house stock.

The stretch of Portland Road from opposite the new art gallery down to sainsbury feels quite unsafe and too many people hanging round outside barber shops. Growing use of graffiti especially along Portland Road

More visible community police presence. Don't want the barbers to close but just not spill out onto the streets so much. Women and young girl especially find it intimidating to walk this stretch . Regular removal of graffiti and flyposting

Butchers Florist


The mix of cultures Sense of community spirit Potential Quirky

People cooking on the street Antisocial behaviour

Shops owners to have free access to alarm system that link directly to the police. For police to take complaints seriously and handle them with sensitivity

Traditional bakers with affordable food

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

Stanley halls is a great place for them kind of thing - it’s a shame the film club has moved out of it. How about a community clean up group to tackle litter and smarten up the streets/front gardens and drives?

This place could be really cool - the right people just need to discover it!

Thank you for the persistence and perseverance in improving our area.

A local Superdrug Somewhere to buy clothes like a primark


I like the costa that has recently come and the shops on the high street are ok I also like the community feel

I think there should be more options of shops and restaurants in the area

It would be good to have a few new shops in the area

I have an idea and I would be interested in a shop. I have an idea of something like a small desert pop up business with toasty and a book club shop

Maybe something to help young people



Transport links. Near to crystal palace Doesnt take long to get into London or Croydon

The litter on the streets. Men sitting and drinking outside of barber shops along Portland Road and also calling to u as u walk by. Bins and food litter along the street. Portland Road has parts that look extremly shabby. The childrens play near Napier Road is shabby. Betting shops that prey on the vunerable along with unhealthy take away shops. Drug dealing. The area has gone down hill. New benches along portland road has now become an attraction to alcoholics.

Portland Road - should introduce rules that prevent seats to be placed along shop fronts i.e. Barber shops. Modernising or painting some of the buildings along portland road. Not having so many of the same types of shops in one area. Spot checks on litter etc. Not allowing shops that are prey to the vunerable to be in the area. Introducing neighbourhood watch schemes.

To run Empowerment workshops for adults including business, finance, interview skills,

Not sure yet

Not at present


Lots of green space.

Change (or introduce) policy of (not) allowing certain businesses to be located close to residential district/properties - e.g. tyre repair, car wash and other light industrial businesses.

Continue to improve the poor retail offerings and help retailers to improve their unattractive shop fronts.

Encourage more pop-up businesses through time limited free/low rents - that appeal to local community and not more of the same. There is a lack of good restaurants (i.e. not takeaways).

Clean up of the fence along the rails tracks leading from Portland Street to Norwood Junction station. It's very unsightly at the moment.

I'm please that more attention is now being given to the north of the borough and SE25 in particular.

Better waste management to make the streets much cleaner. Explore the possibility of having a BID.


The community spirit and the individual people that are working so hard to make the area a better place to live, e.g. the wonderful people behind the Sensible Garden, Clocktower Market, Love Lane Play Street, South Norwood Community Kitchen, and so many others. I love that I know the names of so many local business owners and find it so easy to make new friends.

The amount of fly tipping is appalling and makes me feel sad to leave my house sometimes. Also the amount of rubbish on the streets - I wish more local people would take greater pride in where they live.

Pay-what-you-can office / desk space for local start-ups, with business support infrastructure to help organisations to grow and increase their hire contributions later down the line.

It would be great to see more affordable spaces for start-ups community groups and non-profits, as these are currently in very limited supply. New ones, but also existing so-called community spaces that are currently unattainable to so many groups as a result of exorbitant hire charges.


The access to Central London and other areas. The food shops.

The nightlife / crime. Safety. Look as if the area is deprived.

More commercial shops (Boots, Superdrug). More alternative food areas. More beauty shops (Nails, eyebrows, grooming).

Generally more shops available in the area.

A cinema, fundraising in the park.


Active Swimming.

More security.


Different shops people need.

Young child activities.


Restaurants, activities centre for kids.

The environment needs to be a bit tidy. Especially the roads.


It could be used to make poundland.


I also think its a shame that the area is, to some extent, governed by a few select people with a political and personal agenda. The way that Stanley Halls is being managed (or has been in the past) has lead a number of small community groups and businesses to move out of the area or close down altogether.

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?


Lots of lovely spaces. Vibrant High Street.

Real lack of teenage activities.

More community spaces for art.

Rehearsal space, Youth Club etc.

Croydon Youth summer/easter projects Steel Orchestra related


The different people from different countries.

Less homes and more shops.

Low rent.


The community!!


Transport is effective and local parks, close community.


Lower rent/rates for businesses.

Coffee shops, Ice cream shops, restuarants


Diversity, green space, transport links

Less chicken shops and litter / dog poo

Re-paint shop fronts and falts above shops (pastel coloured fronts look great in Thornton Heath). Make use of the empty premises.

Community pop up space for the local groups


Diversity, transport links and cost of living.

Litter, empty shops.

Craft beer shops & new cafes so more of the same.

Litter picks!


Very central to a lot of amenities and shops.

Pavements not cleaned enough. Dog Mess. Fast food outlets - too many and not good food. Don't have shops selling food like you find in Peckham - one bus that stops right outside shops.

Good food shops and shoe shops. No more takeaways!

In the 60s people took responsibility for their front gardens and the street in front. If everyone did this now, we wouldn't have to rely on the council to manage the rubbish.


It is safe, I like the Morley's shop because it has tasty food.

I think South Norwood needs more restaurants.



The bad gangs. It's really dirty and not where I would want to live in.





I don't like the gangs or some of the shops.





I like the amount of people in High Street.

I didn't like the litter thrown on the floor becuase it makes the roads uncomfortable to step in.

I think there should be more police to patrol.

They could do it more better and do like a police station.


I like the Chinese shops because their food tastes good.

The betting shops, just take them away.


I like how it is so different and mixed races and cultures.

It isn't very safe.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

I used to live in South Norwood.

Yes but keeping it to myself!


Youth centres, community groups.

I think Portland.

It could be a shop that South Norwood doesn't have yet. Yes, becuase it could be turned into something better. CCTV and cameras

As a Pancake shop. Yes, but i am not old enough.


A pound shop.

On Youtube.


That it's popular

I don't really know because I don't live in SE25

To add a shopping centre, park, theme park or clothes shop

A clothing shop called "Fashion for Everyone" that'd sell cheap clothing that everyone can afford.



Morleys because it's nice.

Litter and pollution (smoke) because it changes the environment.

More useful things - education centres.

Vegan Cafe


There's nice food places like Blue Jay's.

Lots of stabbings.

The streets are kind of dirty.

I would make it my Jamaican Shop.


Everything except the 2nd pub.

Streets not cleaned and stuff left on the pavement.

A police station needs to be built.


The shop greggs because they have nice food.

Shops that are empty because they can be used as other shops.

Clothes shops.

By making it a clothes shop.



Gangs, robberies, death.

Police patrol.

Food bank. Shelter for homeless.

Yes food bank / shelter for homeless.


Fast foods because when I'm hungry after school I could eat something.

Too crowded and too much restaurants,

More shops for working like Screwfix.

Gaming store or cinema. I would be interested because its loads of free space.

Cinemas, fun fair.


Selhurst park - my team plays there.

Traffic / temporary traffic lights.


Food shops, estate agents, housing flats.

Youth club. 3G pitches.

Kid's could get in club's and make new friends and have each other's backs. Cleaning project.



What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

I like the locations and that there are easy transport links. e.g. Norwood Junction, the tram and bus stops

I don't like the atmosphere of South Norwood, the area is over run with barber shops, chicken shops, hair shops etc. The area doesn't relly represent the people who live here or the hidden talent which I am sure there are lots of.

I think they could improve the high street by removing all the old posters which are stuck up on some walls. Doing something with the empty shop windows. Even if they don't fill them use the window space as free advertising for small businesses. More flowers and art murals along the high streets

I do have an idea for a shop. As I am a small business owner it would be a dream to have a shop on the high street. I have a small photography business where I operate on a mobile basis doing general photography as well as running a photoshoot booth and a selfie station for events. Another part of my business is running photo creative workshops for people of all ages. This is where I do fun themed photoshoot in our pop up studio and then the attendee's can choose either a wooden frame or a card to design with our arts and crafts materials. We then give them the tools to glaze the frame when they get home and they can also wrap it if they wish to use it as a present. This is popular with families however I feel it can be popular with young people and mature people.

Talent shows Competitions when the new shops are up and running to include everyone Community hub Safe space for Young people

I would like an empty shop to not only run this workshop but a space for other small business to use as a pop up shop for their businesses and rent out spaces for a affordable fee. As i know from experience this is very difficult and I would like to offer this opportunity to others. I would also like to include a small cafe/refreshment area and small softplay area for children to play if their mum is running the pop up store or if visitors have children. It would be very community orientated and a relaxed environment where everyone will be welcome. 268

I like the diversity of South Norwood and do not feel out of place in the community. I like the fact that some shops open late and we have a local Tesco and Sainsbury. I like the recently planted trees and new shops that are trying to revitalise the area

Too many hair and barber shops, and chicken shops. Too many fast food shops and not enough variety. Nothing healthy. I do not like all the barber shops especially those used as an outdoor common area where some men gather to drink and smoke and pass the time of day. It is especially upsetting when they call out to you as you pass by. Could be very intimidating for lone females. I do not like all the empty run down shops graffiti and general chaos as you go down Portland road.


I like that it is close to the football team I support and work for.

I don't know the area that well, but the traffic is bad.


A real of sense of community.


Station Road improvements. New social spaces on station road.

More of a facelift to shops.


Nice community.


Love it! Friendly! Community, noise, smells!

The area needs some variety. E.G. Healthy eating, a bakers for fresh bread. A bookshop, General items shop where you can buy household items. A space where young people to get involved in and learn new skills some that do not include technology, e.g .cooking, sewing

I have an idea of selling educational toys and books jigsaw puzzles to families and anyone involved in supporting children especially the early years. These are nearly new so could be sold at a very reasonable price enabling those on a restricted budget to access good quality toys encouraging developmental skills for the future

Talent show for the community to encourage positivity. Create competitions e.g.photographic Pop up areas for new businesses and entrepeneurs Family fun..disco!

A healthy food shop takeaway.

Youth club/ centres.

A drop in centre for families and young people who need support. Job fairs could also be held and short courses.

Assessing the needs of the local community and looking into what agencies could best support the area and use the space.

More independent shops / retail / food.

Pop up shops - offer out to locals eg. Crafts. Social spaces for doing things during the day. Art spaces.

Somewhere on street for yoga, well being.

Fly tipping.

Boarded up shops. Low rent / rates to set them active.

Enough cafes. Hardware shops, more practical shops.


Don't like costa. Reduce crime with teenage boys.

No 5G!

Like pubs changing to accommodation. Empty shops changing to accommodation better than empty shops!

SN Kitchen is fabulous. Help the homeless, more young people activities.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?


Gallery great for projecting progressive nature but leaving old South Norwood community out. Quality live music @ Stanley Halls.

Creeping gentrification. Need options spread of pubs / cafes to go to.

Infrastructure for the people here - the poorer, not going to work from.

Back to workshops, with childcare, employment/ empowerment programmes for young mothers / fathers - needs to be on a High Street. Currently at Croydon Arena affordable space for apprentices work but shared with other groups / organsations.

Umbrella organisation to support young community projects - bring ideas together.


Good transport. British Legion Club.

Too many barbers. Not enough police. Miss the pinch a pound. Shelverdine Goathouse is too expensive and pub quiz starts too late.

Morrisons / Asda instead. Miss the pinch a pound and bakers.

Used to be a member of All Saints Church. Police meeting in Costa - we need more police.


The market and the support from the community.

As I don't spend much time here I don't really know.

I assume if they're empty its because there isn't enough business to keep them open.

Change the music at the markets.


Yes its genuine and colourful.

Difficult to say, we are not all the same.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

Eventually close the streets to traffic.


Stay and play - W. Norwood feast a good thing. Play cafe - pay to stay and play for the day - lots of need for it.


Diversity (like old Brixton). Stanley Halls and Community cinema. Opportunity to develop ideas. Music and life outside Portland Road.

Litter, Market should be more frequent and communicated better. Wheelies bins everywhere (sit above bay windows better). Exercise equipment in parks.

Improve PR for market. Creative space for young people (art, poetry) - a creative hub. Organic food shops. Investment - Chain food places will bring people in. Balance of chain and local shops - not full of the same.

Butchers, bakeries, co-working spaces (we work).

Improve area down by Portland Road. Better communication.


Anything positive change is 'gentrification'. Community minded but lower income and education.

General cleanliness is bad. Groups need places to get together. Want us to improve like Crystal Palace. The younger people need resi conversions to look better.

Croydon council ignore us - generally feel ignored by Croydon - Councillors don't listen enough.

Young people: community centre @ pub on corner by railway bridge.

Difficulty is balancing change with including existing local communities. Conflict of making place nice for new businesses / residents to spend. Want pavements to improve (like Station Road). Derelict - shop fronts. "A Triangle"; Clifford Road - Portland Road - Station Road. Need to be able to walk round in a circle.


Moved as cheap - now community atmosphere great.


Elizabeths gallery offers so much: really needed. But not enough people for the courses. Craft Beer place great.

No schools no emphasis on the arts - need ways to express themselves.


Community feel. Festival.

Feels dangerous coming out of the station. Fly tipping.


Diversity, friendly, independent shops/cafes, affordable.


Need good lighting for meeting and a community space for free. We meet somewhere to meet that isn't a pub - Coffee Craft good but.. South Norwood knits at the Shelverdine and Portland Arms. We want to be inclusive: not teaching but social space that don't have to spend money - need community space.

Need business support - foot fall for workshops. Artist spaces so important need to open businesses to wider area then South Norwood.

More things opening. Lighting and security around station.

More restaurants/cafe. Subsidising start ups. Craft shops.

Street art (youth activities). More festival.


Cleaning. Activate shops.

No more take aways. More clothes shops. More cafes. Community spaces.


The area is quite run down in some areas. Poverty is high and there is a concern that changes to the area may not help this problem improve.

Not really!

I would like to use an empty shop to showcase a young persons cooking competition run by our group FSE.

Would like to see our groups competition on the High Street, making it an interactive event local people can enjoy.


Transport links.

More High Street shops ie. Boots, Superdrugs. Too many food shops, hair shops, nail shops.

Have renting / buying information for shops not in use.

Something for children / young people to be involved with. Or for young women.

Young people group (not youth club). Young womens group. Parents and baby groups. Confidential drop ins for all problems.


Good transport links. Few good shops on Portland Road. Easy access to Crystal Palace, Croydon etc.

Too many barber shops / hairdressers / nail shops etc. No banks. No decent eateries in the evening.

More businesses opening up. More places with social activities (ie. Screen 25).

Put something in the shop front. Put information about the local area in them.

More activities for younger people - not youth clubs! Parenting, young women group. Special guest speaker events.


Easy access / transport. SN Lakes and grounds.

Litter/dirt everywhere.

More bins. Emptied bins. Cleaning.

Book shop. Arts / cultural shops.

Skateboard or other young people activities in park. More proactive supervision in parks.


What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?


Its very down to earth, unpretentious area.

Not sure - I'm only here for the markets.

Station Road would make a great pedestrian mall.

Crafts and home made foods co-operative? In South Africa they have something similar called 'home industry' shops.



Close enough to London but also for enough out. Lovely streets with lots of terraced houses give the feel of a residential neighbourhood. The country park is a great asset .

High amounts of chicken shops. People showing no pride and littering everywhere. Very little evening economy - a couple of pubs but nowhere to have a nice dinner.

Public realm improvements. Shop front funds to improve the overall look.

A deli or a restaurant for a fancy dinner / special occasion.

Anything that helps grow pride in the area and encourages the people that live here to look after the area better and not just wait for the council to solve everything for them.


Transport links. Easy to Gatwick and Croydon. Green spaces. Local shops (hairdressers).

Fly tipping. More active shops.

More weekend shops. Change empty pubs to housing (better than empty). Better restaurants - more 2nd hand shops.

Beautician / salon. (Proper not nails).



Market. New Costa.

Banks closing.


Variety of new shops. Youth engagement.

Fair in the park behind the library (SN Rec Ground) and carnival days.


House stock. Parks. Good connections into Central London.

Closing pubs. Should be revived. Cleaning streets.

More trees (planting on portland road is good). Public realm improve.

Restaurants. Any activities, reduce rates to encourage use. Workspace (work hubs, hot desks).

More markets and community engagement "our park" - more of that!


Transport links.

High Street - its dead and quiet.

Move cafes / coffee shops. More care & investment.

Soup kitchens. Places for people to make things / artists.

Conversations with local people. LGBT spaces. Spaces for older people. Community spaces for people of colour.


Sense of community, transport, green spaces, children's activities.

Empty shops, fly tipping, no step free access at the station.

Rent free periods to encourage people to take shops. Prevent repetition of shops family, friendly activity settings.

Independent food places eg. lakes cafe. Bakery? Butchers?

Street parties.


Sense of community, green spaces + the beginnings of interesting independent businesses opening up.

Dog poo + litter on streets.

More parking would be great and very useful.


The community schemes. The positive councillors support. The market.

Fly tipping / rubbish / anti social behaviour. Overwhelming local people complaints on social media - more positivity please!

Pop up bars and restaurants. A deli and a butcher without a O hygiene rating!

See above.

More market volunteers please - we desperately need more assistance for set up/take down and promo.


Coffee shops, Stanley Halls, Market.

Empty shops.



Supper club is good - evening events would be good.


Local people. No trouble / security. Emertons. Area moving up.

More pubs. Derelict shops. Fly tipping.

Portland road pavement is good.

DIY Shop. Pound shop. More places to eat ( too many chicken shops).

SNCF Volunteer.


Community spirit!

Fly tipping, rubbish, usual stuff...

Portland Road has too many empty units and unattractive conversions into residential accommodation.

Existing pop shops schemes could be expanded.



Young families, community spirit.

Fly tipping, dangerous driving - general safety.

Better upkeep in terms of cleanliness.

Bakery, wine shop (higher end not off license).



Community feeling. Good connections to Central London. Good neighbourhood feel. Good coffee shops.

Rubbish on streets. The traffic on side streets off Portland Road.

Traffic calming (Albert Road one way). Parking needs to be better planned. More cycling. Station and country park better connected.

Coffee shops. Places to drink. Galleries. Balance between chains and independent. Help local companies start up - better communication with shops. Pro-activeness attracts shops. Improve frontages using grants to attract shops.

National Trust partner with local parks to improve attractiveness.


Station road pavements.

Under bridge and underpass is dirty, dingy and horrible. All the empty shops. Public bins are always full and overflowing.

Help opening new businesses in shops. No more housing in the area - we are full.

Local businesses. Drop rent prices. Start up initiative - Love Lane - No building on it? what is happening?

Start up initiative for entrepreneurs. Courses for business start up - make it easy to start up.


Station road: upkeep has remained (better than Thornton Heath). Good community vibe - safe - didn't feel intimidating. Grangewood park - well looked after. Public toilet needed. Big change so far: regeneration - physical 'tattiness' a bit off putting.

High full up and needs to look more appealing. There is too much rubbish and should be no more fly tipping. Landlords should be checking how flats look - more pressure on them to look after properly.

Market encourages to come down and spend money here - keep this up.

More cafes to spend time - more veggie options. Shop to buy cards and gifts. Another yoga club.

Bit too quiet to spend time here.

Improving our playgrounds - a sandpit or paddling pools / splash park would be a big draw for the area.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Market (too rare). Clocktower.

Clean it up. Run down. Underpass smells of urine.

Leisure facilities, for kids.

More diverse shops (there are only hair / off license shops at the moment). Chemist, clothes shops etc.


Variety of business: clothes etc. More shops to look around (25 years ago there were lots of shops in SN).

Bowling club - there used to be a club. This would create another community.


Downhill - too many hairdressers / estate agents. Go to Croydon for shopping: more options. Emertons could get lots of things.


Train station - transport links. Some nice local businesses - coffee shop / Shelverdine (but expensive), Mantanah thai good but tiny - But where to go for a family dinner?

Portland road is intimidating for families.

State of disrepair. Rubbish - fly tipping. Spaces for family dinner and somewhere large enough.

Live / work units. Money and footfall is always an issue. Kids spending money on streets / business in area.

Residential ok: model of shops bottom and flats on top a good thing. Put some money into the parks - eg. rec ground. Get the football clubs involved: no precedence to get kids involved.



Empty shops. Neglected for a while.

More shops and better variety. Better street lighting. Visible police presence.

Pop up shops.

More activities for teenage boys ( I would volunteer).


Sense of community (friendly and manageable). Diverse friendly community.

Empty premises. More variety in retail.

Poundshop. Superdrug (or other chemist)

- Drop in centre for drug/alcohol dependents.

More publicity of events!

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

- Elderly or disadvantaged centres. - Soup kitchen. 226

Infrastructure, social aspect, properties good, want to stay.

Lack of cleaning on streets. Cost of entertainment at Stanley Halls.

Cleaning and maintenance!! Wash the pavements and remove the chewing gum.

Rents and rates are too high. Things for young people. Train people (eg. for upholstery).

There should be things for young people (activities and training). But there already is quite a lot.


Quiet and peaceful. Transport links.

- Roads

Street front improvements (like Thornton Heath) More greenery (like near Sunnybank)

Workshops for children. Training for entrepreneurs.

Summer projects for at risk youth. Lack of support for children and young people.

- Traffic bad - Nowhere to Park (this stops people from coming) 224

Green spaces, not as busy as other places, no tescos, aldi is great, black berries.


More independent shops.

Art galleries. Temporary creative spaces for kids / schools.



Quiet neighbourhood.

Cleanliness of streets and shops (some not all of them).

Bring back butchers / pound shop / bakery

Small retailers like clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, cosmetics etc.



I like the transport connections with South Norwood. The buses that run through the main high street in Portland Road.

The pot holes when I'm driving along the road - I feel like I am going through a war zone.

There should be better entertainment facilities and the bars look traditional and inviting.

A free youth club, or cinema, or shops we generally lack in the area.

I think a couple of weekends they could do a local food festival, Christmas Market festivals. I've seen a couple in Tulse Hill that looked decent.

Some parts of Portland Road are very shabby.

Need to regenerate empty shops in dwellings.

Encourage new businesses or use for charity shops, cafes, community centres.




There is a homely feel.ing about South Norwood we feel at ease in this area.

The doctor's surgery, very unhelpful people working there. The kids that roam the High Street after school, very rude.

The area does not look nice with the empty shops. Maybe more colour and more flowers, the seats at random are a good idea.

Maybe as coffee shops or charity shops. Talk centre for the youths in the community,

The violence is very bad in South London, maybe opening more centres to talk to the youths in our area and maybe using the empty shops.


- Transport - Pubs - Lakes - community feel

Cleaner streets please. Crime / drug dealing in open areas.

Shops to become full. Less betting shops. Fresh fruit / veg stalls / butchers.

Cafes / independent shops



Aldi is good. Library is good.

Not yet,





Country parks, community feel (diverse), nice cafes.

Rubbish - too much litter.

Nice cafes, youth centres.

Cafe, cultural centre, youth centre.

Sports and youth clubs.


Community people are really friendly. The small local businesses that are opening. The market, parks and lakes.

Rubbish and pot holes. Park opening times do not coincide with pre and post work times easily.Closed shops / lack of healthy shops.

Fewer closed shops and more variety of shops and healthy options for food. More places to eat / socialise - stop people leaving for Crystal Palace.

Pop up shops, maybe a pop up exercise space in the winter months. Socialising spaces.


Good sense of community. Good people.


More dustbins on Main Street especially near Craft Beer.

Display local artists work. Reduced rents. Cake sales.


More market activities - more exercise classes / run clubs / more events, festivals at the lakes and Stanley Halls.


What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?


Accessibility - transport. Friendly and open community.

Cleanliness and maintenance and litter.

Shops are derelict, we need to occupy them and encourage new shops.

Working hubs (hot desks), mainstream / chain shops to help. Restaurants like Crystal Palace.

Bigger, wider markets to attract bigger number of people.


Lakes, shopping on Station Road, transport links.

Banks are closed and this is not good.

Station Road great but too many traffic lights at the main junction. The market should be open more frequently.

Lower rates for shops.

No - already a lot happening.


Not a lot.

Don't have shops I want. Too many chicken shops. Looks run down.

Asda, clothing shops, restaurants.

As above.

Youth clubs.


Don't dislike it but nothing specific.

Rubbish collection and street cleaning.

No place to keep fit. More GP surgeries.




Change is triggered in right direction. Its all about how to take it seriously.

Need to get everyone together. There is confrontation between businesses, not enough communication when it comes to developing the road.

Been here before and seen all the development - they have changed the road of my business without consulting me . I am upset about this, I have the knowledge of how to make a business that survives and want to pass this knowledge on.

We need people who know how to run a business. I am glad this process is happening and would be happy to do a workshop to tell people how to make a good business here. We need business people in these shops.

Let people know what's going on in the area - we have to spread the word and people have to know. We need a way for businesses to connect together.


Community vibe. Overground is quick into London. It's rural but still connected.

Only positive things.


We live in Croydon and heard about the Clock Tower Market. There is a positive change - less derelict shops, paving redone. Coffee craft, we would travel to South Norwood for that. Other good cafes include Yeha Noha. Aldi also brings people to shop here.

More evening activities, safety at night not great but it is improving (but this might be because it's quiet).

Restaurants for the evening/food and drink for the evening. Fell upon SNCF but live in walking distance - we need to know what's on in the area. Would look online but posters good as a surprise.

Charity shops, independent shops selling gifts etc. (somewhere to mooch between shops).

There are no little independent coffee shops in Croydon so we come here for good coffee/cafe - its quieter than Croydon!


Not bad.

Places closing / all changing.

Bring banks back / shops.




Good pubs, community spirit, entrepreneurial spirit, friendly people, architecture of housing, station, parks.

Dog fowling, speeding down Portland Road more care needed ( especially near the top end of Portland Road). The bad residential conversions of retail.

Speed cameras, widen Portland Road pavements (remove parking), overhead lamps, managing traffic down side roads. More attractive spaces near station?

Arts and crafts cluster? Contrasts to Crystal Palace. Butchers.

Stanley Halls should do more outreach. They should connect more to other institutions. The lakes are also underused.


Community, its a friendly area.

Unsafe places and theres not much artistic life.

Learning support centre. Art/co-working space.

Live music venue.

Youth centre / music hub. Learning / homework club or centre.


Good transport links / easy access.

Too many chicken shops, barber shops all in one area -generally take away shops.

More variety - galleries, experiences, bars, nice places to eat.

Pop up shops that are decent.

Activities that will appeal to a variety of ages eg. open mics, poetry nights etc



The High Street is dirty and run down in places.

Clean it and put more bins that are emptied regularly. Shops to take more responsibility for the upkeep of keeping things clean.

Bars, restaurants, pop up shops.


Not sure.

Crowds on Portland Road have a different effect on local business.

Traffic calming measures near the bridge.




Community and transport links.

Dirty, broken pavements, congested traffic on High Street, lack of environmental areas, lack of services (eg. Banks or building societies) from council (cleaning etc.)

High Street - green areas, seating, trees, flower baskets, bins needed, jet wash pavements.

Offer premises for pop ups - small businesses. Child care facilities, social housing / accommodation.

Launch a childcare/community centre.


Travel connections, nice parks, improving high street, decent number of baby groups.

Litter, fly tipping, lack of CCTV,

Attract some small businesses to some of the empty shops.

Gallery, pop up shops, fashion exhibition.

Some kind of drive in relation to litter.Some kind of youth project - music production or something.


Potential for community growth.

Estate agents, hairdressers & fly tipping.

More food shops - bakeries, food outlets (not fast food) and fewer charity shops/hairdressers.

As above.

Community projects need to be relevant to community needs: music/theatre/film


Access to Central London. Nice streets to live on! Access to the lakes and parks, The community passion.

The High Street. Dirty, redundant shops.

Convert shop into restaurant where people can learn to cook. Convert shops into fitness classes / studios.

More speciality shops ie. Cheese shop

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

Music communications production centre audio, equipment, software etc. space on High Street. Music and video production studio.


What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?


Real sense of community (online), friendly. Close to Beckenham, Crystal Palace and Croydon.

Dirty streets, litter, flytips, shut down shops.

Clean the streets with proper machines. Colour - trasnform with branded colours bridge, cable boxes, phone boxes, ventilation fans, railings (like Surrey Street Market, Croydon).

Use street art, pop up shops, supper clubs, art installations, video installation projections and pictures of famous (or nice) residents(see box park exhibition). If empty, big blown up poetry.

Yes - community allotment.


The Lake, proximity to Crystal Palace, Sainsburys, Aldi, proximity to good transport links from station, proximity to frequent buses, solid housing stock, reasonable enough size back gardens, Cafe Mimosa, Stanley Halls, the Waterside Centre

Parts of Portland Road, particularly some shop fronts - O'Reilly's which has been dirty and derelict for decades, Parkers which is totally bricked up and stained, the site of the 2 Bobbys pub, the dirty fronts and gas meters on shops converted to housing, people sitting outside their barbers shops in Portland Road, people barbecuing on the street outside the barbers on the corner of Albert and Portland Road, the High Street when there is a large group of students congregating, the site on the corner of Addison Road, the need for cleaning under the railway bridge, the need for renewing the mural in the subway, the need for the awning above Emertons to be replaced and the shop allocated to use and the front of the flats above to be kept in good repair, the need for a cafe and park keeper in the Recreation ground, the 196 bus stop around the Grosvenor Road flats, the High Street late evening, Portland Road in the evening, the passage from the station in Station Road to the steps down to Portland Road, the need to wash the pavements, the need to look after the trees which have been planted in Portland Rd

Wash the new pavement in Station Road regularly, pass a local bye-law requiring minimum standards for shop and housing fronts - these standards to require clean presentation of fronts and return of windows, together with inspection and enforcement, arrange for the watering and care for the new trees planted in Portland Road, contact the railway body responsible and ask for cleaning and painting of the bridge and regular maintenance of the frequently dented warning metal on the outside of the bridge, improve Safer Neighbourhood policing teams and/or local neighbourhood community officers to stop the selling of drugs and presence of intimidating groups.

Invite both Poundland and Wilko to open stores in the High Street and Poundland to open midway down Portland Road. The lack of Emertons hardware store, although sometimes pricey is another nail in the coffin of being able to buy essential goods locally. The closure of Pinch a Pound removed being able to purchase stationery and household items cheaply. The High Street has never recovered from losing Woolworths. Poundland and Wilko would provide a number of these essential needs at an affordable price. A shoe shop would be useful particularly for the purchase of slippers and plimsolls, both of which were once available in Woolworths.

Creating another mosaic as before, perhaps for the building to come on the corner of Cargreen and Station Road. Front gardens awards, not necessarily best individual, but perhaps a row where an effort has been made, or both.


It has a history - uplifting area!

Not enough trees to support the trees in the other areas, in the residential areas celebrate the greenery!

We don't appreciate the surrounding greenery and introduce it to the central high streets.

The empty units need some basic TLC to improve the appearance to look attractive to new businesses.

A street led volunteer program to clean and uplift the high street shops - give it a face lift.


South Norwood is a good community with many loyal residents and businesses.

The shoddy conversions of property from retail to residential - would prefer to stay as a retail outlet!


I like the community feel and the mix of people.

Litter and fly tipping. The schools are bad.

We require better planning of the area infrastructure wise. So we need to plan what the shops should be planned into.

Independent book shops, butchers, flower shops, bakers as well as coffee shops.

Change the sponsors for Harris Academy and SN Academy.


Station road much smarter since the new flats.

All the shops closing. No police station.

More open shops.

Community group. With people asking what there is to do in the area.

Younger people.


South Norwood is a nice place to live. It has green areas and nature spaces which inspires creativity in people.

Portland Road and the areas around have got potential to develop into a more vibrant area.

As an artist myself I'd like to see more creativity happening within the area. I personally would like to find artist studio spaces within the area for an affordable rent where I could also get involved with the local community through workshops.

Artist studio.

Art workshops - printmaking, environmental art etc. for children and adults


I don't live here, I just run a shop here and don't know the area.

Too much rubbish in the streets, I never see anyone cleaning the roads,

More cleaning, safety and more shops.

The council should make the landlords make the rent cheap, then more shops will open in the area and the residents will shop in the local businesses.

Not really as I don't live here.


Close by public transport and markets, park and leisure centre.


I like South Norwood because we are trying to make the community work together to find and do improvements. SN is rich in culture and wonderful buildings and surrounded by green spaces.

Ideas that have been mentioned over the years....party shop, crafts, social hub for young people.

Can be converted into flats.

I would like to see more shops in Portland Road. I also feel that we live in a divided community. We need to work closer to all communities.

I would like to see the bins emptier - clean pavements - I would like to see big plants or hanging baskets.

Invite people to apply for free rent or very low rent, with support from Croydon Council and community.

I think we can only move forward if we can work together. With youth clubs and integrate all members of the community.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

I have lived in South Norwood for decades. I do not shop in either Portland Road or the High Street now. Aldi and Cafe Mimosa and Yeha Noha cafe are all I go there for. I used to sometimes use Albert Road, but am currently reluctant to because of knife crime there. I am ashamed of Portland Road if friends or relations come from further away to visit me and drive along there. With crowds outside shops in Portland Road in the hot Summer I would not walk past them.

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?



Nothing in it - no identity. They just missed the plot. Nobody talks about it.

Knock it down and start again.

Rates and rent should be reduced forever not short term. Get young men working on allotments - engage young people (some people not for classroom and want to be outdoors)

There are problems - single parents, people in need, social security, means tested, make people work together. People get left behind - gentrification in areas like Brixton. There needs to be a way to get people working together.


Aldi. Parks. Transport links.

Empty shops - not welcoming. New cafe - Communitea. Leisure centre - not as good as Waddon.

More places to go, browse, stay! Bigger mix of businesses. Somewhere to sit and do things.

Manufacturing and retail space. Bi use for existing business making. Natural skincare and haircare and soaps. A make and shop.

Children related workshops, weekend craft, reading club, improved market.


A short cut to Croydon.

Its not somewhere I come to often but i do not find the area inspiring. Make the high street a place to stop.

High streets are changing, more people are purchasing online so the high street can be used for workspaces / studios, family facilities they can come to together. A variety of restaurants (independent ones).

Have a list of people to use it as a pop up shop changing every 2-3weeks, so local talent can showcase their work.

Families things to do. Community based child focused activities. Wifi?


Entrepreneurial Spirit

Too enclosed...streets are very narrow. Portland road has no parking.

Shop fronts - transform from tired and tatty. More art shops for Portland Road.

Digital marketing services, social media management, internet directory. Yes - 2nd hand charity shop, small antique things, vintage, high end bric-a-brac.

Competition to work out ideas for public realm - designs on photo


I love South Norwood. Lived here 11 years, Not busy-busy and you get to see the same people.

- Shops need to be more varied. Not just Barbers. - We need the council bins back - it's dirty on the street. - I find Portland Road dangerous.

More variety of shops.

Butchers - a good 'British' one Other varied types of hairdressers (not like the barbers already there) Proper poundland - with better products

Theres not enough for older people. Just conservative club and British Legion.


I prefer Norwood Junction end. It's friendlier. Yeha Noha was the start for this! And the yoga.

Criminal activity. Kids don't get support. Does it reach everybody? There are 2 Norwoods - depending on who you talk to.

Security cameras after 11. People getting injured / stabbed the trouble happens in the same places. Something needs to be done.

Hopefully not bought up by big chains! Workshops, art, smaller start ups and small businesses. Artist / run workshops. Safe space. Get some of Croydon art scene happening here.

Advice centre for housing / benefits. Somewhere more open than C.A.B - they are too limited in what they can say.


Screen 25 and Stanley Halls. Portland Arms. Sense of identify. Connections.

Cycling: dangerous - junction terrible! Thornton Heath - awful for cycling - 'social boulevard"

Pride - visual improvements needed. Not enough of a buzz here to keep people interested in the area - want to be somewhere with bigger better infrastructure.

Want to see more events from Screen 25, that will keep people interested in the area. Places to eat as a family. If they came for a family visit to better leisure centre, theres nowhere to go afterwards.

Cinema - Everyman Crystal Palace. Something to make people stay there for the whole day - restaurants to take family out to eat - cafes, parks etc.


Transport. Easy access to food. Station looks good. Cafe and parking is good - more of this. The mural by Yeha Noha is lovely.

Fly tipping. Portland Road looks bad and is not inviting.

Station Rd area great - extend it and carry on and apply to Portland Road.

Make shop fronts look cleaner and better.

More cafes - parking good. If even shops are closed they need to look better. More information eg. is a conservation area so needs to look better.


Friendship and i've lived here for most of my life.

Miss having variety of shops, we used to have every kind of shop. Now its mostly food and hair. Lost butchers, bakers, jewellers.

Bring back shops - no more betting shops, hair, food and estate agents.


The community.

The dirty old shops!

Art work etc.

Pop up shops.



More healthy food shops.

Streets a bit brighter and more colourful with flowers maybe.

Charity shops, more healthy food shops, more social spaces. Organic food shop / cafe.


Very well connected to city. Affordable houses for families. Got loads of potential for development / bettering the place.

S Norwood leisure centre group activities classes should run all day so stay at home mums and people who work from home can use them.

More independent shops, boutiques, eat in restaurants, we need proper market stalls every weekend with fruit and veg / bakery / butchers please.

We need more quality charity shops. The ones we have at the mo, are dirty, neglected and no quality items for sale.


It’s got great transport links to central London and lots of nice green spaces like South Norwood country park. The high street and Portland road have lots of potential.

The high street and Portland road feel quite run down and the amount of vacant business premises and empty brownfield land around the residential areas is a shame. It would be nice to see more lively restaurants, cafes and bars. The roads aren’t cleaned regularly enough and are often quite dirty.

Using brownfield land for housing would bring more people to make the most of new businesses on the high street and portland road. The empty buildings immediately outside the Clifford Road station exit should be developed as these don’t give a great first impression. In the short term, encouraging businesses that don’t need constant footfall would be sensible.

It would be great to see more places to eat out on the high street and Portland road - eg a pizzeria, wine bars, independent restaurants and cafes. I’d also like to see a good butchers shop, bakery and small florist or garden centre.

A food festival or community fair, youth groups, more sports clubs and teams that people can be a part of.



Somewhere for the kids.

Somewhere for the homeless.

For the kids.


A well looked after community centre.

Not sure.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?


How friendly everyone is - a real sense of community.

Dirt and litter on the streets. Empty shops/ smell of cannabius.

More shops for activities for children. Cleaner frontage.

Kids cafe - paint pottery? More restaurants. Yes i would like to use an empty shop to run a kids cafe which would run a range of academic and creative classes for all ages.

Summer fete / Christmas Fair. Farmers market down Station Road. Youth music/ art courses with regular performances / shows at Stanley Halls.


It's calm and children can walk around safely. Good area to live, nice homes.

Not enough places to socialise. Not enough opportunities to mix with other communities,.

Restaurants + takeaway service, children's activity centre.

More sports related group activities, Opportunities for children to try different sports.

Skilled plastering - offer courses for young people and learn skills through renovation. A space to train?

Painting and decorating: Socco Cheta - get young people involved in and need to provide a space for young people. Socco Cheta needs to be opened up and used need us to help us fight the corner.

Uplift - make street look better!

Refurbishments to make Socco Cheta look better. Socco Cheta should be the focus.


Team of five - electrics, brick laying, plastering, painting



Grew up in South Norwood.

Bit run down generally.

General concerns about gentrification: catch 22 of if we improve the shop fronts / high street then gentrification means those people get forced out. How do we provide spaces for young people? That they'll actually use!


Green spaces, independent businesses eg. Mimosa, craft beer cabin, shelverdine goathouse, comunitea,

Dirty- rubbish, fly tipping and dog excrement everywhere.

Let new local businesses use shop fronts rent free for an initial period (it's better than them being empty!!)

Too many empty shop fronts, run down shop fronts and lack of diversity of shops (e.g mainly low quality takeaways)

Guidance mentoring. Need youth provision physical, boxing, martial arts, football as well as training things to do towards skills training. Croydon arena - needs more activities to realise full potential.

Restaurants and bars! Currently nowhere to go for a nice dinner on the weekend.

Community skills exchange

High-end beauty salon, yoga studio, clothing store

Area around Clifford Road station exit particularly run down. Underpass does not feel safe at night. Concerned about Paul Scott: negative views from local area. Concerned that We Love SE25 is same group of councillors as before and so things won't change in the right direction.


Its a really busy place with big opportunities for young people and kids to spend active time, not just at home.


South Norwood has been my home for many years - i feel that this area has so much potential and is very diverse.


Needs more youth provision. Concerned that our community mapping list isn't really reflective of local area - some groups are very loose.

More regular fast trains to London bridge would be great and likely encourage more people to move to the area. Great that work to improve SE25 is happening! Please tell the community how we can help!

Groups of men hanging outside shops and bars, blatant drug dealing on the streets


Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

Activities for young people that really reach to kids who need support / provide things to do that isn't target.

I think dance class or any sport class around here.

For dance class or little sports centre, so there is a place where people can spend time or share problems.

Any sort of festivals, sport groups, shows etc.

I do not like the High Street and Portland Road. I feel like they are dominated by barber shops and we don't need so many. Also the people sitting outside the barber shops does not make this area appealing.

Perhaps providing a hub or area for people to gather. More of a variety of shops perhaps some more chain restaurants and local businesses. Perhaps a superdrug etc.

Restaurants, cafes, community space for activities, employment hubs, recruitment opportunities, youth clubs etc. Perhaps a youth run shop? To help them learn skills to access the labour market.

Some employment workshops? Something in this area...

Transport links, green spaces, central village hub feel to Clocktower area - which should be enhanced.

Seriously scruffy - short of amenities, not enough parking - councillors have got to stop being ideological on this.

Use all the brown field land behind for a large coherent housing project of 1-2 bed flats with a mix of compulsory purchase of developer investment. That way there'd be a new demographic to support South Norwood.

Bring in new businesses that don't rely on foot fall eg. architects, designers, community agencies etc. Housing development brings in sufficient new demand to support small shops, cafes etc. on High Street, Portland road.



I like that the people are friendly and that there's an increasing number of independence cafes/bars opening e.g craft beer cabin, comunitea, SE27

The streets are quite dirty, and it would be nice if there were more restaurants/bars/ a nice beauty salon etc. Lots of empty shops on Portland Road. The annoying ice cream can music!

Less rubbish on the streets, incentives to encourage more local independent businesses to lease shop fronts. Buildings by Clifford Road exit of train station very run down and put people off the area as soon as they come out of the station - would be good for them to be renovated.

Beauty salon, pizzeria, wine bar, Indian restaurant, brunch place, book shop/cafe, some kind of space like pop Brixton/Brixton village,

Street party, community fundraiser, food festival- could team up with West Norwood Feast one month?, South Norwood book club, volunteering days


People live and work here. Listed community building.

Dirty! Stop chucking your food and take away boxes

More public spaces to gather both in/out doors.

Kids areas


What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Community spirit especially online, SN parents, SN Business network.

Portland rd is a bit menacing /intimidating, barber shops after barber shops, lots of food shops not much else.

Don't know how it would happen but encourage more clothes shops, card shops etc. so its more like a high street.

Pop ups for new ideas to be tested, Yes, pop-up restaurant or afternoon tea for a charity cause or just to test out new menu's.

Would love to have to a community cafe run by young people with space for art, spoken word and things youth want to do.

Idea for the old post office - drop in centre for the community. Safe place to come. Can help with immigration, housing, substance abuse problems, etc. Also youth centre, breakfast club, after school club, music lessons etc.

Young peoples community choir - activity for children to do other than spending time on the street.



Architecture & lots of beautiful Victorian houses

Mess on the streets & unappealing high streets

More businesses need to open, some of the shop owners should look after their shops more, so they look tidy

Would be good to attract some big chains (e.g. mc donalds, nandos, pizza express, waitrose etc) meanwhile maybe display plants and flowers prints with old photos of south norwood in these empty shops?

More events & performances for kids and families during special days e.g. halloween, before christmas etc. Absolutely love christmas lights, they should be on for longer, from mid - november. A giant christmas tree on station road would be great too.


the diversity and vibrancy. Green spaces and allotments. Proximity to central and out of london. For my kids - public transport links. The work undertaken to improve the bottom end of Portland road around the leisure and health centre. Mr Scott's group should be congratulated for taking this forward and maintaining it.

Open drug dealing on residential streets. Rubbish dumping in residential areas. Loud music late at night from businesses on portalnd road (52 a particular problem and known by the council). The proliferation of carribean barbers on portland Road. The ghetto nature of Portland road with groups of carribean men openly smoking weed and leering at young ladies. My girls find it intimidating to walk up Portland Road and will avoid doing so if at all possible. I am aware of other females who feel the same way. Antisocial behaviour on the streets. Gangs of young men openly carrying weapons. The proliferation of poor quality take away food outlets on portland road. The low quality of above and below shop conversions to flats, the cheaper rentals of these "holes" and the clientele who occupy them who do not share the same pride and values that permanent local residents do. Living in fear of crime - burglary, getting your mobile or bag snatched in the street.

Greater Police presence would help challenging and addressing drug dealing. A planning policy perspective on driving down cheap take away food outlets, nail bars and carribean barbers and hair dressers. Regular rubbish patrols rather than relying upon people to report dumping. Rubbish officers to actually go through the rubbish that is repeatedly being dumped on residential streets off of Portland Road to establish who the culprits are. Having a consequence for businesses and people who are dumping rubbish where they shouldnt - ie fines and prosecution rather than taking no action at all. We had to go through local councillors to get a major rubbish addressed with a local business dumping his rubbish on addison road. Can we encourage (and local residents commit to support) a local bakery (I dont count Greggs).

could a business start up scheme be started in parntership with some-one with loads of money to provide paid for shop premises to give people a start? Empty shop windows could display local art via posters and banners - cheap to produce - give local artists a bit of free advertisment. Empty shop windows could display history of south norwood stuff as a point of interest to passers by.

A portland road community lunch? Afternoon tea and cake in Stanley halls for certain postcodes? get people together. A volunteer bank - would need some coordination. Could match talent with people who need small things doing. Befriending for our older residents. Again would need co-ordination.


Very pleasant area - good places to walk, lakes and country park etc.

Its a shame that the area is quite run down empty shops, a bit scruffy.

community based cafe for volunteers, skills exchange, training for people with mental health problems, disability etc.



Youth services - not enough, not enough variety.

Make a feature of the clocktower. Use the toilet underneath - small gallery? museum? History of South Norwood...

Garage at the back of Costa - to let for ages. Landlord looking to turn into resi. SCTC open to looking at unit behind shop. Drop in space in the old ice cream shop on Portland Shop.

Film club in the drop in - that reflects realities of young people's lives. Use feedback to develop mentoring projects.


Great transport links. Parks - park runs, exercise sessions, our parks are free, Community spirit, emerging cafes and bars.

Highs streets - grubby, dirty, badly converted shops or without permission.

Shops should be let at reduced rates to encourage occupancy. There should be a scheme to subsidise those who are willing to smarten up their shop fronts.

We have no shops selling make up or cosmetics! We need one of those!

There is already park run and our parks sports projects, but there should be more community projects for all ages - youth centre, adult college etc.


Identity, personality, good transport links, lots of green spaces.

More sit down restaurants, pop ups in empty shops - keeps people checking to see whats on.

Problem solving booths.

Think of a ' thing' that South Norwood offers. Crystal Palace has antiques, Herne Hill has the park and organic / fancy food market etc. What's the SN identity / offer that draws people here? Theatre? Comedy? Sport? World cuisine? Parks? Diversity of cultures.... Randomised coffee trials for community organisations and leaders to help collaboration / integration etc.

Regular street market. Local initiatives like Love Lane ie. closing the road for an afternoon for children to play.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

I have lived in south norwood for 19 years at the same address and seen the area decline badly. I will probably move out of south norwood to addiscombe or shirley next year because it is becoming intolerable to live here with noise from the barbers on Portland road, drug addicts and sellers living locally, a local take away food outlet threatening myself and family because I dared to report him for dumping rubbish. No doubt other people will do the same. There is no sense that anything is being addressed.

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?


Good areas in terms of transport links and food shops.

Yes - the amount of men on the road and sitting on the high street, heckling girls. This definitely needs to go!

I am a young entrepreneur who has built up a small photography business from scratch. I would like to have a small space for a family studio and run workshops for young people.

Workshops with families which also has a softplay and refreshments area so parents can socialise. Yes - I would like to run workshops and have space for my photography.

Arts and crafts activities. I use a pop up studio to take photos of children, families and young people can then decorate and frame or make a card to accompany their photo.


Diversity, community, creativity.

Litter / fly tipping. Football fans disrespecting area (litter etc.)


Information / advice space. Christians Together in South Norwood might be interested (CTSN).


Much more affordable than Crystal Palace, and the parks are lovely. Fab transport links.

Flytipping is a big problem, and brings the overall tone/feel of the area down. The very narrow pavements on the high street are also off-putting - I find myself using back roads to avoid them and I can't be the only one, meaning that businesses along that stretch miss out on passing trade.

Station road is looking great these days! High street needs more useful shops...things such as shoe shops, pound shop, quirky gift shops. More eateries that aren't fast food would also be welcome! Family friendly places especially.

They could be used as space for pop ups, or maybe community creative spaces. Are there are (local or not) charities that could use high street space? Something for kids would be great too - maybe something like a play cafe.

Portland road feels like it could use a lick of paint, and it feels a bit intimidating. The underpass under the rail bridge should be brightened up with lighting and maybe also art (restoring what is there or new).

Perhaps we could advertise the cheaper retail/business space to the places that have/are struggling to keep up with rising rents on the triangle in Crystal Palace? Or even as far afield as Brixton?

There really needs to be better and more frequent pedestrian crossings around the goat bridge area. And better lighting on Carmichael road: there are actual black spots there after dark, which can be really intimidating, especially when the gangs of youths are hanging out there. 150

Sensible Garden, clock tower, Saturday market

Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s so dirty

Keep them clean. Enforce the parking restrictions

Encourage small businesses with low rents and Business rates concessions


Good transport

Don't like the environment as some areas looks run down with few shops boarded up, can be dirty

Needs good restaurants

Maybe a pop up restaurant?


The friendly people The shelverdine goathouse

The littering and amount of chicken shops! More quick trains to/from London Bridge- the new timetable is awful


Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

I am loving the recent grafiti / murals on station road. Because it is so professional looking it really lifts the area aesthetic. More of that in other areas please!

There are almost no facilities for younger people. This needs to be addressed Art studio

Nice restaurant -not fast food Butchers

Socco Cheta not used enough - get kids activities on eg. childrens parties, gardening (maintenance activities).

Funds for the kids and to use Socco Cheta space (eg. sports activities). Its open Monday - Saturday and the volunteers would be interested in staying open to suit kids activities.

Furniture shop - as training centre.

Painting, gardening, catering skills, share skills with kids.


There is a community spirit.

Others have a poor opinion about it.

Boldy visible. Refuse bins for passers by to use.

Keep the frontage clean while the shop is empty.



Its my home.

It has no representation of the young people other than Socco Cheta!





The hidden gems such as great pubs, the new craft beer cabin! Coffee craft. Love easy access to green areas - lakes and country park. Transport links are fantastic.

Our road doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have any trees! Would love more greenery. Think the high street is dirty and soulless, they could do what they did in Thornton Heath and redo all the shop fronts, but know this would be costly! Love our back roads but the high street feels like another world.

As above - it would be great to tidy it up like they have in Thornton Heath. The high street just looks so dirty like it needs a good scrub!

Love the idea of letting people move in rent free for a while to get their business off the ground. Deals for local start ups? Could an app like OLIO set up a pop up shop for local people to reduce food waste?


The diversity in the population, the parks and park activities like 'our parks' and 'park run', SNAF, the public transport links.

The pavements which in particular on roads off Portland Road are very poor. For example those on Grasmere Road are formed from some kind of smooth bitumen which is extremely slippery in the rain and in frosts and those on Estcourt Road are in a few poor state of repair. We are constantly plagued by littering and also the dumping of household furniture, fittings and appliances on our streets.

We need to tidy up the bottom end of Portland Road nearest Norwood Junction Station so that the numerous empty shop units are more attractive to new businesses. We need to promote diversity in the use of shop units as we have an above average level of hair salons and takeaway food outlets and very little in the way of clothing, homewares, restaurants, cafes and specialist food shops.

See above

Adding to the number of community groups eg Women's Institute,


What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


It's a friendly place with a good community feel - It's my 'Home' and always has been.. It's great having the Leisure Centre, we have Doctor's, Chemist, Supermarkets and other useful shops - which is helpful. The Sports Arena is also an asset, plenty of schools and Wonderful Parks and Grasslands. Trams and Busses are frequent and reliable, train stations surround us - so getting to London & further is easy - it's Great!

The Litter.. Over the years as more and more people move into the area SE25 has gone downhill. The council spend Less & Less in this part of London. The Streets and Roads are No Longer free of weeds which now grow up outside peoples houses on the pavement, along the curb and in the alleyways. We Now Have More Bins than ever before but Do you think people use them? I'm sick of seeing 'Cans' 'Bottles' 'Food Boxes' 'Food Bags' etc on Pavements & in the roads where Lazy, down right rude people open their car door and put out their waste/rubbish before driving off. There is Rubbish/Litter everywhere, the Public Bins are often overflowing... We report this time & time again (But shouldn't have to!) I personally litter pick at least once Everyday... I know others that do, our local Council paid Road Sweeper does an Excellent job, But NO ONE can keep up with the constant LITTERING. We need Public Bins emptied everyday especially in the Summer. We Need Litter Pickers Everyday - People with the Power to make on the spot fines to anyone they catch dropping litter.

Keeping them Clean & Clear from Rubbish & Litter would be great. Making sure ALL tenants/Owners keep the front of their buildings clean, clear of rubbish, maybe give it a fresh lick of paint. Discourage people from sitting around outside premises along shopping sections as it's not only unattractive but off putting, making many residence less likely to walk that way.

Maybe an empty shop could be 'Let out' to folk who have a lot of items they wish to recycle, so could hire the shop for One week at a time. There could be the option to sell your wares (Not Food/Drinks), each preceding week could have a notice in the window of what would be sold there the following week. Maybe there is a knitter selling their items one week, a boot seller the next, Crockery/pots/pans the next.. It would allow people who craft to experiment with their gift/goods. Then if they enjoyed the experience and made some cash, they could use the shop at a later date for another week.

We need some Venues for meet ups - where people can KNIT, SEW, CHAT.. Where they don't have to pay to enjoy each others company Maybe a church hall, or other similar venue We have coffee shops & pubs, but it's not always the best place to chat, enjoy each others company.

I just think that the amount of Litter is horrendous, it really lets SE25 down - I know it's all over London - But it needs addressing. Also Alleyway 666 needs disinfecting every week as men use it as a urinal late at night, people constantly drop litter along it. There should be more lighting - and FAKE Camera's are of No use.


The fact that there is visible improvement and there can be a real sense of community.

The pavements are not a nice place to be. Rubbish, spills, smells and stains plus the intimidation of groups drinking outside until late and teens riding motorbikes too fast.

Clean up the pavements and repair them (plus Portland road) to give it a fresh start. Police presence every day with curfew on late night activity.

Nandos! A boots or similar? Something for everyday supplies? A veg shop/bakery!

More active neighbour hood watch. Perhaps organised area walks or something especially in holidays where kids need something to do?

Think the rubbish dumping on Crowther road, every week, is awful. I know it happens elsewhere too. The potholes are horrendous on Portland road (shakes my house, though I know this is specific). Think even encouraging chains will help bring people in then maybe the smaller boutique shops will be able to sustain themselves.


It has a strong community atmosphere and areas are put to good use, like the community garden.

More regenration in the local shops would be good.

Reduce traffic on main intersection of south Norwood hill and Portland road.

Invite pop ups to be hosted, ushc as art galleries or food nights


Good parks, Stanley Halls, Shelverdine Goathouse. It seems to be improving.

Rubbish everywhere so it looks scruffy and unloved a lot of the time. A lot of houses look uncared for with rubbish outside and neglected gardens. Could do with a better range of shops/cafes/restaurants.

Hoping the pizza place on station road works out as that will be a brilliant addition. If the empty shops could be used by small businesses rent free or v low rent for a period of time that could benefit everybody.


Community spirit, independent shops / cafes e.g. Coffee Craft, Goathouse, Craft Beer Shop, nail shop on Station Road, Blooming Desires, Mimosa, Yeha Noah, Communitea, cupcake shop, etc., good transport links, local market (would love this to be every week). Juliet’s yoga classes and sporting activities at Stanley Hall e.g. yoga.

Anti-social behaviour, rubbish / general upkeep (although appreciate the work local groups put in), lack of shops / restaurants that I’d use in the evening, too many chicken shops and hairdressers! Would like the Thameslink reinstated / to be on the tube (wishful thinking). People congregating to drink e.g. near the tower block next to the station. Empty shops are an issue.

High Street - a lot of the vacant shops make it look messy. As does the general upkeep of properties. It’s gradually looking much better though.

I’d love a yoga / dance studio, boutique shops for homewear like those in Crystal Palace and restaurants that are open in the evening, not just daytime cafes. Somewhere I could get a massage (professional variety with a more relaxed atmosphere than some of the local beauty salons), eyebrow threading specialist, delicatessen, alternative therapies and wellbeing, arts studios with craft workshops e.g. floristry, pottery, life drawing, nursery / childcare near the station. Gym! A nice one with a sauna / steam room - not an average / family leisure centre.

Link up with Crystal Palace to promote the area as a whole. Neightbourhood events invite people from specific areas or streets to come and meet each other - we often say we’d like to meet our neighbours properly but it’s tricky to make that first suggestion.

I love the way everyone is working so hard to make Norwood a nicer place to live. It’s working, please keep doing what you’re doing!


Great sense of community

Dirty streets- improved rubbish collection and street cleaning from council!

More culinary choice, bars and shops on the high street where can get items!

Pizza place, more brunch spots, wine bar, bakery, health food shop, more restaurant options (other than fried chicken!)

Lack of high street, love the gems that are opening but want more! Have to travel out of SoNo


What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

The diverse community and growing number of independent businesses.

More support from the council in dealing with antisocial behaviour. I also think planning should rethink the overdevelopment of the area. Residential roads are becoming too congested. Get rid of street furniture to encourage walking and stop painting lines that allow motorists to park on the pavement.

Pedestrianise station road so that the click tower market can operate on a more regular basis. Have better traffic enforcement on Portland Road and the High street. Too much illegal parking in restricted areas, causing congestion at peak times.

More inclusion and community events, less chicken shops

Community yoga, whole foods, womens herb garden, intergenerational workshops.


Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Locally produced whole foods, health shop, garden centre, community hubs for people with mental health problems problems. More arts. Yes. Health shop - misc. workshops nutrition.

Yes. More inclusion - music festivals, children's art events.

Craft beer shops and new cafes look good so more of the same.

Litter picks!


Diversity, transport links, cost of living,

Litter, empty shops.


The Lakes are beautiful and i enjoy attending UNACC meetings.

Feel unsafe everywhere except near the Lakes. At night I feel unsafe near the lakes.

No new shops or businesses would make me want to shop there or visit there. Its more of an attitude and I don't like what the area looks like now.

No and I am not interested as I would drive through South Norwood to go elsewhere.

As long as I can keep going to UNACC.


Lakes, green spaces and the active social life and activities / options for residents.

Too many barber shops and too many empty shops.

Young people and new communities to the area are a good thing. At least they are doing something and have businesses.

Tea rooms. I go to Coffee Craft Cafe at Stanley Halls because they have gluten free cakes, so we need more of these coffee shops.

Get people from the older generations together as volunteers and organise holidays together - this could help to overcome fears and feeling unsafe.


The lakes are beautiful.

Too many kids hanging around, too many different languages being spoken, too much rubbish, too many international food outlets and cafes.

No I refuse to go anywhere near there.


More meetings for people of our age in the nice part of South Norwood.


The lakes are very nice and pretty. There is a good chemist (Day Lewis on the High Street) so I will shop there.

It is losing all the important shops (eg. Bank, big post office etc.). There is no sense of a High street or a centre to South Norwood.

"British butchers". Not halal and no more chicken shops. A second-hand treasure trove shop (not a charity shop) on the High Street. I don't go to Portland Road.

More High Street shops. Chain shops could help as well, eg. Costa Coffee. Young people also need somewhere to go, so they can shop hanging around the streets.

I like the idea of the Clocktower Market but it is far too expensive to shop at. It has a lovely atmosphere but the prices make it unnecessary.


The vibrance and diversity. Sense of community determination and energy to improve the area.

The empty shops and that they have been allowed to fall into disrepair. Lack of social integration leads to tensions and facebook trollings.

Inclusive and fun communal spaces. Diverse mix of independent businesses. Community made street art on walls (eg. Dulwich Outdoor Gallery).

Social enterprises. Makerspaces. Locals given resources, space and skills given to start their own businesses. Tattoo and vinyl shops. Care agency spaces for locals to connect / tackle loneliness.

Youth social action proving to help tackle youth violence. Food produce and world cafes. Outdoor areas using community arts to initiate action. Loneliness projects. Tea parties.


South Norwood Country Park (SNCP), Portland Road South shops, pubs , leisure centre. Woodside presentation. Victorian terraced streets.

Vacant shop appearance, fly tipping, public realm around council blocks.

Wayfinding from Norwood Junction to South Norwood Country Park. More design competitions for designers / architects like recent lighting competition. Evertons as part of Clocktower market. SNCP Visitor centre.

Designer/artist/retail residency. Tourist board. SNCP Visitor Centre.

Training outreach. Design workshops. Photo tours.


Art competition with Clocktower Croydon

Widowers group. Reach out to older generations. December - Sharing and caring for the borough . Could run health workshops as have a lot of skilled professionals as part of the congregation. Social events for young people.

Meeting place for the elderly (so can avoid heating homes) to talk and meet.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Local independent shops e.g. Nix, Craft Beer Cabin, Walnuts & Honey, Mimosa, Portland Arms, Coffee Craft, Stanley Halls.

The area has already improved a lot in the 4 years I have lived here. I appreciate the efforts being made by community groups and the council's contractors to clean up the streets (I see the street cleaner every morning), but think we still need more investment in keeping the streets clean and litter free and dealing with fly tipping. The derelict shops need dealing with, and also the drugs which are blatantly being dealt on the corner of the high street & Belgrave rd. I had heard that a new police station is due to open on the high street and if true this would be a good addition- the only time I see police at the moment is on match days or when the kids from Harris are having an after school fight. The gym and swimming pool need to be renovated and staffed so they can be used by the wider community.

Stop converting commercial premises to residential. Require landlords to keep shop fronts in an acceptable condition.

The Lakes and the Lakes Cafe. Excellent transport links.

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?


The community spirit, friendly.

Not enough variety of shops. No free community space.

Communication with the different groupings of people to find out what they actually want, as there are people dwelling in the area who are unaware of what is happening around them,

To support new enterprises. Provide free space to allow new businesses to establish themselves. Youth club? Space for teenagers to support and provide space for new business.

Playschemes. Safety sessions related to violence and street crime. Pop up office / workshop space.


Leisure Centre, accessible and friendly (I appreciate free swimming for the over 60's). Sense of history eg. Clock at Norwood junction, Stanley Halls and green spaces country park and boating lake.

Parking is very difficult near leisure centre. Closed shops makes it feel run down.

No but I do appreciate that cyclists can go the other way up 1 way streets.


Useful if comminity groups came together. Greater investment in young people and the arts.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


I like the Country Park and green spaces which I use regularly to walk my dogs and get exercise. I like the community spirit from the majority of people in South Norwood and my neighbours. I like Screen25, Stanley Halls, the Leisure Centre, the Community Kitchen, Fishers Chemist and N&C Home Improvements who offer a brilliant service and the different community groups who do good things for South Norwood and try their hardest to make it a better place to live.

I don't like the rubbish and dog excrement on the streets.. The cigarette butts dropped outside the back of Norwood Junction Train Station. I walked down Portland Road for the first time in ages and it looked disgusting with rubbish all over the streets and oil stains from the various take away shops and fly tipping. I don't like the shops on Portland Road being turned into substandard flats and desperate people looking for somewhere decent to live being made to live in refurbished shops (with nowhere to put their rubbish). Parts of Portland Road look like they have just been forgotten about. When i am driving through i wish I could just blink and miss it and it is not right to feel this way and I am sure I am not the only one.

You mention above about improvements to Station Road, High Street or Portland Road. The back of Norwood Junction Station has not been mentioned 'Clifford Road'? bearing in mind that hundreds and hundreds of people travel in and out of this entrance to the station every day of the week or walk through the tunnel and it is a main thoroughfare. The cigarette butts left outside the back of the station is disgusting a special cigarette bin needs to be put outside the back of the station. The one that is there is not fit for purpose, the cigarette's just fall on the floor. I have lived in this area for nearly 15 years and had never visited the Country Park until a couple of years ago because I didn't really know much about it and felt a bit unsafe going on my own. I have spoken to people who have lived in the area for a few years and they don't know about the Country Park either. It is one of the really positive things about South Norwood and it doesn't seem to be advertised anywhere. ADVERTISE IT, put it on one of the big advertising hoardings near the Sensible Garden or near the bridge on Portland Road - there should be photos up showing what the park is like and signs directing people to the park. With regards to Portland Road what can I say just clear up the rubbish. Try and get the local shops involved to clear up outside their own premises and give them bags and litter pickers to do it. Has anyone actually gone along Portland Road and asked the owners of the shops to do this? I personally would NOT go into a take away shop if it had rubbish outside and oil spills on the pavement. If they cannot clean up outside their shops what is the inside going to be like. Have some sort of yearly competition whereby if they make their shops looks nice by cleaning outside or putting nice plants outside to brighten it up they win an award, it can only do good for their businesses. One of the main improvements to the area is to deal with the rubbish and fly tipping.

I recently passed an empty shop in Central London and advertised on the hoarding of the shop was a sign saying "We want this to be a local shop for somebody to rent in the local community" and gave details of who to contact. Perhaps you can start doing this on the empty shops on Portland Road rather than just through social media. Not everyone is on social media and it is another way of advertising these shops to get them open.

I think the Paxton Centre in Crystal Palace is a fabulous idea. It is a shop / cafe and is run by volunteers and local people and they provide opportunities for local artists and craftspeople to sell their hand made items and it runs workshops, has hot desking, a local choir meets there. It is a place for locals to socialise. Something like this in South Norwood would be good. I know we have Stanley Halls but I think a shop with an open glass front is more inviting. https://www.thepaxtoncentre.co.uk/hire

We have a problem with dog excrement on the streets around South Norwood. I think it would be a good idea for Croydon Council to trial TiksPac stations for distribution of free dog waste bags. Local businesses can pay to have their logo included on the station and the dog waste bags are fully compostable and biodegradable and environmentally friendly and better to use than plastic. I have passed this idea to PPR who are happy to look into it and have spoken to the Tikspac sales person who is willing to give a talk at one of the PPR meetings.


I love the new pubs, cafes, beer shop, swimming baths and the monthly market. I feel very excited every time I see work being done to shops along Portland road and the high street.

I hate fly tipping on street corners around my house and the amount of flats on the ground floor of empty shops.

We're in desperate need for proper restaurants (not takeaways). We head to Crystal Palace and Penge for weekend lunch. It would be fantastic to have some choice on our doorstep.

Do you mean other than a shop?!


The travel connections into central London.

Fly tipping and litter issues Lack of restaurants and bars

Above comments

Rates reduced to support new businesses these could be; - new restaurant - new bar - new florists

As a Croydon girl born and bred, I love living in SE25 and I'm very proud of those in our community trying to make improvements for is all and we try and do our bit by spending our money in as many local businesses as possible. Security focuses groups

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


South Norwood is emerging. It is showing shoots of change slowly getting cleaner and has neat little cafes around. I like the local Train station and hear it is due to be redecorated. I like the new paving and seating in South Norwood. I like the regenerated Green spaces. I like the festivals of South Norwood. I like the fringe theatre and cinema at Stanley Halls - needs more local promotion.

I don't like the dirty streets and fly tipping. I don't like the fact that many Pubs have closed down and not much nightlife going on other than a few remaining Pubs. Where are the clubs or family spaces like BOXPARK. There are not enough clothes stores with variety of sizes to sell to the community. I don't like South Norwood Recreation Park Old broken benches - no floral areas just a very bland Park. Where is the Post Office? Banks have closed down and shops are empty. A library with longer open hours with computers and printers and a community function and function rooms. More promotion and upgrade of Samuel Coleridge Youth Centre it's a dump with huge potential.

I know South Norwood has received a huge budget to improve those areas and that work has already started. I was part of that Consultation. I asked for benches for the disabled and elderly on Portland Road - glad to see them. I also asked for Palm trees and a South Norwood Carnival Procession. I would like to see community workshops for Adults who have to change careers. Community Sewing, Knitting, Art, Computing,Gardening, Carpentry and Dancing based in South Norwood? - Where is our Community Centre our HUB?? Where are the rehearsal rooms for Live Bands? Where is South Norwood's Network spaces or smart Hotels?

Well there are already loads of cafe. Empty shops could be used to run Short Courses, I personally wouldn't mind utilizing a small one to sell secondhand goods. Vegan stores, Mobile phone accessories, Christmas PopUp shops, CupCake shops, Hand Knitted Hand Sewn products with community workshop. Art shop with workshop. Computer Coding workshop, Mother and Baby clothes, Fancy Dress shop for South Norwood Carnival. Lunch Clubs not just for elderly more people have flexible working so they may be interested in Lunch Clubs also.

South Norwood Carnival. Get ideas from Boxpark - Community Cooking, Live Bands. More Family Festivals. Interactive Games. We need BIGGER spaces to be able to HOLD the Community. A large outdoor Film showing at South Norwood Country Park or South Norwood Rec or other South Norwood Parks. Buy more Marquees to protect community from poor weather. A BIG LUNCH on Portland Road for Everyone in South Norwood.

Everyone has Talent - have a Talent Showcase. One of the problems of South Norwood is there is no place BIG enough to hold community events and therefore there is also no Central Hub for people to know what is happening in this area . Even sending this Consultation via email is hit and miss as only people on the mailing list can respond.


The area around the station and the Aldi stored has improved in recent times

The narrowness of the roads and the level of traffic congestion, the lack of parking. Sad to see the loss of the hardware store near the station.

Properties at the junction of south norwood hill, the high street, portland road need to be purchased and demolished so that traffic can actually flow. Traffic flow really needs to be sorted out.




I like the surrounding green spaces such as the lakes, grangewood park and the country park. I also like the sense of community.

The excess car traffic the passes through the area and poor cycling infrastructure. This leads to poor air quality and low levels of active travel.

I think the street furniture and planting of trees is good. Traffic could be reduced by charging more for parking or only having spaces for disabled people or young families. A low emission zone/congestion charge would be even better. Perhaps have more spaces to park bikes and better cycle paths which are not blocked by parked cars.

A few more restaurants would be good. Also a bakery and gym.


I love the community spirit, the green spaces (especially South Norwood Country Park, the history & gritty feel that we have & the diversity of people that live here. I love the excellent transport links & the trams. I love Crystal Palace Football Club & the pubs that sell craft beers (The Albert Tavern, Shelverdine Goathouse, The Portland Arms, the Victory Club & the new Craft Beer Cabin). I love the Croydon Canal set into the pavement outside Aldi & the new trees outside the leisure centre.

I don't like the negativity of a few people on social media, the litter & fly tipping, the empty shops & the badly converted shops to residential. Some of the shop fronts are quite tatty & some shop keepers don't appear to take any pride in their frontages

In Thornton Heath there is a lovely parade of shops in the High Street where the flats above the shops have been painted in pastel colours, I'm not sure if we have a suitable location to copy this? Encourage the shopkeepers to take pride in their appearance (alot already do but far too many don't seem to care).

I'd love you to repeat the very successful competition offering free shop rental for a year as was done for 10, 14 & 16 Portland Road, you could bring in some interesting businesses. Shops that offer something other than just retail e.g. workshops like Pink Icing, Essence of Cake & Elizabeth James are offering


The people - neighbours, community Country park Transport links Facilities near my house (swimming pool, shops, post office, country park) My house and my street

Litter Parking. New builds should have adequate parking spaces. Empty shops - too many takeaways

Portland Rd - opportunities for shops people need like greengrocer's, bakery, not just more coffee shops, hairdressers/barbers and takeaways. A bookshop would be lovely if it could pay to run one.

See above.

If you sort out traffic and parking, people might use the area more (for coffee, meeting up etc)

Cycle or walk to work or school days?

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


Community involvement is higher than many other boroughs. Housing stock is very varied giving a good mix of people.

Poorly developed housing in some parts with no provision for waste and parking.

Halt all commercial to dwelling space conversions and force landlords to improve and maintain the properties. Encourage shop keepers to clean up outside their premises. A litter warden would be great giving out fines to people dropping litter but I realise that this will probably never be affordable. I would also like to see notice boards around roads where people could put up notices about events maybe a couple of different people from volunteer groups could oversee the contents?

There are so many things that could be done with the empty units all of which could benefit the community in various ways. My own personal idea is to open a unique venue which I would like to staff with people from the older age groups who find it hard to gain decent employment and hopefully offer the same to those who may have suffered from long term mental health issues and have found it impossible to get any sort of job. The venue would in essence be a cafe/bar with a pay it forward ethos and space for artists to show their work. Also a free craft session for under fives once a week would be a great way for Parents/Carers to catch up and have a cup of tea. I would be interested in finding out more about the plans for the shops that need tenants.

Over the years I have been involved in many local events and indeed I have successfully run some. I would like to see a return of the community festival to Woodside Green but would hope that it would be more like a traditional village fete with a vintage feel. This would not detract from our very successful festival that we already enjoy! I would also like to see a celebration around the switching on of the Christmas lights (last years was in conjunction with our Clocktower Market) I think it could be fun to start a new tradition by having a procession on foot or something?

South Norwood has a vastly diverse community and I would like to see some sort of community event that is free for all and that celebrates everyone that lives here.


The people and the parks. The people are nice and friendly and local attitudes towards the community. Everyone I speak to seems like more can be done to make it more exciting. The parks are nice places to visit and great to live locally to South Norwood Country Park.

I don’t like the rundown look of shops and premises being unused and makes area look negative. I really don’t like the number of fast food outlets available, too many in my opinion!

More variety of shops and restaurants. More lighting and artwork around well seen areas or poster boards. Less Bins!

A Vegetarian & Music/Arts Community Cafe.

Vinyl DJ lessons.

I have experience in Working in Bars and Cafes as well as the Music industry in DJing professionally for 10 years. I would be interested in culminating my experiences and opening up a community arts cafe serving vegetarian and vegan food.


Diversity of demographic, a great group teaming up together with enthusiasm and positivity to clean the area up and increase community spirit.

There are times that you dont feel completely safe - and still a lot of people with complete disregard for cleaning up after themselves, noise pollutions, littering, not picking up after their dogs, dumping furniture in their front yards. A lack of pride and laziness.

Filling empty shops - reduction in noisy barber shops - police support in cleaning up drug dealing from residential houses and high street establishments - council waste removal solutions. As someone with a commercial property - our experience with council supplier Veoila has been very disappointing. Service is slow, unhelpful and counter-intuitive. We aren't even allowed a bin! Still awaiting a solution or quotation on service fees.

Yoga Studio, Boots (as none in area), cafe/restaurants (for sitting in - not takeaways), bakery.


I like the sense of community in south Norwood . I have worked in the area for 14 years and found that people come together from all walks of life . I love the diversity of it all .

Empty shops that are not kept in a good state of repair . I do think landlords should be fined or made to keep it to a certain standard if they cannot then they should sell .

I was a hairdressing Salon owner on Portland Road . I do believe that a business started in Portland Road would do well but only with the support of local government to keep rents low and for the right young entrepreneurs to be given a chance .

you do need more good restaurants (not takeaways) my idea would be to involve the local colleges and schools ie use the building department to fix /revamp the shop for their work project also the art department to design , even use the catering department to cook on day a Friday and sat in a proper work environment offering a discounted menu . This could work on a wide range of professions .

please see other boxes .

Cobden Road by the pub on the road is extremely dirty full of glass left by the late night revellers . Please could we have someone to sweep it up . Possibly you could use people who are on community service to do it


Diversity Transport links New local business opening e.g pubs/cafes/bakeries

Litter and fly tipping General cleanliness

Street cleaning More frequent bin collections More local amenities opening Restaurants rather than chicken shops

Shared coworking offices Bakers Butchers Fish mongers Popup restaurants Popup bars

More classes on at Stanley Halls


The community feel and the new businesses.

The street cleaning. I’ve lived in lots of areas of London and this is by far the worst for the rubbish on the streets. It would be nice if shops were supported in improving shop facias. Also be good to have better gyms and other types of shops - like a Superdrug or Boots.

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


It has a lovely village feel with only Costa Coffee as a stereotypical brand. Lots of Sole Traders,The Clock Tower Market, a diverse population who rub along just fine. With excellent transport links to other towns in the City and Borough. Many young families,many Church groups and the 'downtown' wonder that is Portland Road where you can eat food from around the world. Love it!

I think the parking behind the high street needs to be protected and there could be, at the loss of 20 square meters of the recreation ground at the Station Road end, better access for disabled residents. The volunteers from Southnorwood.net should be consulted on this point.

A lick of paint perhaps but each has their own character.

If there is an empty shop, there should be an amnesty on business rates for sole traders to establish themselves by an auction of proposals for six months. Or community groups and charities and Church groups could make use of the same.

See southnorwood.net, brilliant group of volunteers with contacts throughout the whole community.

South Norwood has a really nice, elaxed feel.


Great transport links, less ridiculously crazy house prices than elsewhere, good schools, signs of regeneration (recent new shops/cafes opening)

Idiot drivers who speed up residential roads at 50mph (we need serious trafffic calming props installed on several roads), so many closed retail units on the high street, flytipping

See above

The recent new cafes around the high street are fab. Now we need some more retail units that will encourage people to potter along the high st and browse, ie spend more money overall in local businesses. Portland Rd already has some of this vibe - new places to eat drink but also places to potter and browse in (eg Treasures, Pink Icing) and other stuff I enjoy and need (couple of DIY supply places, Nix hair and beauty etc)


The proximity to good transport links. In addition, near enough to central London and the countryside.

Lack of a good variety of shops, such as those located in Addiscombe Village. We could do with a butchers, shoe repairers, more good quality independent shops similar to Treasures and some restaurants e.g. pizza, Italian, Turkish.

See my comments above.

See above.


Transport links are good. Access to shops, hospitals, doctors etc is good. A few areas of South Norwood are attractive especially where people have moved in and looked after their properties.

Litter, flytipping and graffiti. Residents have been complaining about these problems for years but the Council has done little if anything to make things better. Currently Portland Road and Spring Lane have lot of graffiti and rubbish. Shops and pubs have closed and the area looks derelict. New shops seem to be fast food outlets or nail bars. There is no community particularly for older people. Some parts of South Norwood, especially at the top end of Portland Road are particularly unsavoury. We get the feeling the Council doesn't care about the area.

Proper shops please like we used to have bakers, greengrocers, hardware stores, shoe shops, - decent shops so people don't have to travel, and those who are unable to travel can get everything they need locally. Re-open the Portmanor and the Two Bobbie as decent restaurants. Make the place more upmarket so we can drive the drug dealers away.

Yes - re-open it as a shop!!!

Just make the area cleaner, more community minded, with places for people to go to.

Why have you excluded the whole of SE25 beyond Grasmere Road - this is SE25 too! We badly need trees in this area, and Woodside Green shops need to be upgraded. Woodside is older and has more history than South Norwood and is a good place to live - but needs to be better cared for by the Council. Please note we have had these initiatives over and over again in the last twenty years but nothing really changes. Finally - why oh why is everything "on-line". You have totally excluded and disenfranchised all those many folk who have no access to the internet - it is outrageous.


I love Woodside Green - it's beautiful at all times of year. I've lived here now for 12 years. I find many of my neighbours are friendly people, who stop and chat in the street - quite different from Crystal Palace, where I lived for almost 20 years! I also like the efforts of PPR to improve the area round the Leisure Centre with flower beds, trees and benches. Well done. I also like the new cafe by the station - can't remember the name but it replaced the car repair shop.

I don't like the rest of Portland Road much. There are so many closed shops now, and some of them have been converted into homes, which may be good for the residents but undermines practical and social life. Also, there is a LOT of litter around, mostly dropped by young people.

I think the potential of new shops and services is huge, especially if they provide what people want. The cemented-in chairs are good, but they would be even better with planted flower containers nearby. And what about one or two water points, supplying clean water for everyone? The Victorians had good ideas . . .

I hope all the empty shops won't be turned into cafes. I think a new hardware/ironmongers shop would be welcomed by most people, and maybe a charity shop. What about a really good fresh fish shop? I think they would do well.

Local community events through the year could be helpful, like games for adults, teens and children to raise funds for a different charity every year. Maybe on Woodside Green in the summer and in Station Road near Christmas?

I don't think so - except to say thank you so much to people giving their time to We Love SE25 and PPR.


Access to public transport. Lake and country park.

Always lots of litter. Not enough bins or street cleaning. Because a lot of multioccupancy perhaps there is not a lot of pride in the area and therefore we need more street cleaning than the very different south of the borough.

Keep it cleaner and try to fill empty shops e.g. the old Emertons site.


Great coffee shops and people,

Terrible derelict shops just lying empty and nowhere on the high street to shop at

Better shops and less litter

Would like to see more meaningful investment in South Norwood, such as that seen in more prosperous areas of Croydon.

Would it be possible to have a centre for young people? There is not enough for them to do.

Boots or Superdrug Wilkos Poundland Restaurants Craft shops

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


The Country park. The feeling of community in groups such as PPR and Friends of SNCP. The new coffee shop in Portland Road.

Predictably, litter and fly-tipping. Fast food businesses that care nothing about the mess that their customers create. Corner shops that are, in fact, open air pubs.

Continue to enforce the regulations about rubbish bags not to be put out until 6pm. Next summer: hanging baskets on the lamp posts? For Portland Road: a litter sweep on Sundays. By Sunday evenings, Portland Road is a total mess.

Could there be a schools shop, in which the local schools display work and projects?

The council to continue to give financial support to groups such as PPR, that do such very good community work.


its an actual place, with history a london post code with good train links

lack of restaurants and too many nail bars and estate agents

portland road

pop up bars and restaurants

youth club, book shops

love se25


It’s potential. It is well connected, and the parks are a wonderful resource.

There are no decent restaurants. Even the take-always seem ‘down-at-heel’ and dirty looking. Portland Rd is a mess, and lacks any one area where a visitor might feel welcomed. There are huge areas of housing behind Portland Rd, with no amenities to speak of. Low-level crime and anti-social behaviour seems to be tolerated- the Arena car park, for example, seems to be written off as an area where joyriding is simply allowed to happen.

Why not designate an area, perhaps around the existing scrapyard, as an ‘up-cycling’ zone. There is a mall in Sweden entirely dedicated to repurposed materials, and it would make a unique selling point for the area. Is there anywhere on Portland Road that might function as a ‘market’ in the same way as Tooting or Brixton? Small market concessions are more affordable as ‘startups’, and if the quality is monitored, could provide a quick boost. Tooting market suddenly pulled its socks up within three years, and is now a real ‘destination ‘...

As a pop-up restaurant

The area needs to be more bicycle friendly. For an area with so many parks, bicycle facilities are dismal, and the roads feel dangerous. In general, the ‘car is king’ mantra must surely lead to less inviting spaces.

SE25 should be a wonderful place to live. However, particularly in Woodside, it feels as if anywhere worth visiting is a tram or bus ride away.


Selhurst Park,Crystal Palace Football club, South Norwood Lakes-beautiful walks. South Norwood Country ark-wildlife walks. South Norwood Community Festival-great music,food,stalls etc Stanley Halls-cinema,dancing,music etc. Yeha Nuha-nice coffee,Coffee Craft too. Grangewood Park -good community events. South norwood Market-nice stalls. Sensible Garden-community garden Aldi-cheap shopping South Norwood tourist Board-good local information.

High Street looks grim, too many hairdressers and barber shops. Looks really run down.

More choice of shops.


I like the potential i see. South Norwood has some great housing stock i particually like what Stanley Hall have to offer now. I can see improvements in some news shops and cafe. Its has some nice outside spaces such as Norwood lakes. Sourth Norwood Recreation Park. The new market at the clock tower is something that needs to continue and to expand.

There are two many rundown unkept shops. Too many barber shop, hair dressing shops that look tatty with too many men loitering on the streets. There are no banks left on the high street which is a real shame. Therefore not enough variety of shops to have a nice shopping experience. In fact there is a hugh problem with Youth hanging outside shops, some who are definately dealing drugs. Should gave more community police on the streets. Our local gym in a terrible condition, very dirty, poorly managed equipment and staffing very poor.

There sould be system in place to allocate shops for the high street to either be brand named shops such as boots chemist, a few shoe shops, boutiques, rather than low run barber shops and like, Station Road could have a few resturants such as Nandos, pizzas hut, naybe ice cream bar. Station Road could have regular markets weelky or even at weekend, such as bric a brac and recyled goods mixed with food etc

I believe the council should offer year rent free to give the a chance to establish their businesses. Help with advertisement and business plans and mentors whilst i know you have these in place at the job centre it is limited to the local area and i believe we need to reach out further to get ppl to invest in the area.

New community projects could be held in the new library once build for young and the older generation. Such as older ppl getting out into the community either just for a knitting club or just out to chat we other ppl or for art projects, I would like to see an adult education projects in the arts, projects for vunerable young girls in the community. I personally would like to hold space for women and young girls to meet to share, support one another in womenhood, to explore our strengths our weakness. to build a community of young girls and woman honoring their world snd eachother.


Sense of community and good transport links

All the empty shops on thr High Street/Portland Road. We need more differentiated businesses.

More restaurants/bars. Build up the clocktower market.

Provide the opportunity of a pop up space within a vacant shop for different businesses to try out.

More social clubs e.g. book clubs etc


The lakes.

The High Road.

Widen high street paths. Plants and trees.

Something for teenagers.

A night bus to Norwood Junction.


I) location - excellent for both getting out of London, and into the centre, and also close to crystal palace triangle, ii) got a lot of potential to be a really nice place to live and to go out in - the developments in terms of new shops and the marketplace have been brilliant, iii) good local community feel - I speak to my neighbours and know the people who live around me, which is not always the case in London.

Five issues: 1) Amount of rubbish of the streets. I think the new closed top wheelie bins should help reduce this (stop wind and foxes spreading rubbish all round the area. But in reality, prevention will only get you so far at the moment so I think for the foreseeable future we do need more street cleaning investment in the area, and perhaps some targeted enforcement campaign on how and where they leave their rubbish to be collected. 2) Speeding vehicles / using residential streets (i.e. Albert road) as a bypass for Portland road. I've lived in the area for 5yrs and nothing has been done about this - the 20mph speed limit is not enforced. The costs of this in terms of people feeling safe in the area should not be underestimated. 3) Derelict sites / tired shop & house frontages. Although you've seen more development and development applications recently it is still striking walking around the area how much of the commercial and housing stock looks neglected or rundown, vs areas like Crystal Palace. Clearly there are reasons for this, but maybe worth thinking about whether there are some novel ways local council could trial accelerate physical improvement of the area (e.g. competition for 10 best front gardens with the council giving the winners 3months council tax waiver!, collectively negotiate a discount for all SE25 residents with a preferred provider of re-rendering services and then publicise that offer to home owners and landlords in area) 4) Ugly Billboards. the spaces owned by 'Primesight' are currently a real blight on the area. (Moreover it's a little soul-destroying for someone who works in the health service to see adverts on a street with way took many junk food shops encourage people to eat more junk food from KFC. This may bring revenue to the network rail or council, but understand the costs are absorbed in local residents health and the NHS budget). 5) Under utilisation of community assets. Specifically I'm thinking here of i. South Norwood Country Park which given how great a space it is really should be attracting more people into the area and could potentially be hosting more events / festivals that benefit local people and economy, and ii. St.Marks church on Albert Road which is a beautiful building which could have some nice spaces around it for people to sit, could be lit up at night, etc. But currently it looks like security issues have won the day as all the windows are covered in up with security panels, there are iron railings blocking the spaces where there could be some nice benches for locals to sit on. There is also a tired looking church hall bolted onto the side of that beautiful building and borders onto the local school playground - whoever designed that was an idiot! Much better to open up that space then share a hall space on existing school site.

Five specific ideas: i) Consolidate billboards by bridge at top end of Portland Road - convene a meeting with Network Rail, Primesight and Council to explore ways of making that sight more attractive without impacting on sustainability of their revenues. For example could primesight remove the 6 paper billboards and replace with a single digital billboard which enable multiple adverts to be displayed? This could make the space a lot less cluttered and look a lot less tired, especially if the bridge gets improved too. 2) Make the top of Albert Road (small stretch between Regina road and Coventry Road) one way going from east to west. This could have a huge impact in three ways: a) it stops the rat run between drivers diverting off top of Portland road to speed all the way round and down albert road to come back on at bottom of Portland road, b) it addresses the issue that it is just not safe at the moment to have 2-way traffic because the parked cars mean their isn't enough room to pass without drivers going up onto the pavements, c) it should make the walk / cycle down from the train station to the country park for visitors to the area more pleasant 3) Lighting on station road. The new street lamps are great, and everybody also loved the Christmas lights that was put on them last year. Could a potentially (low cost) intervention be to add some promenade lighting between the lamp posts on station road, and maybe event the high street? Would create a bit more of a feature to that area and given the increasing number of bars, cafes and restaurants opening it would encourage people to visit and sit out more + maybe make people feel a bit safer. Note: the goathouse pub have already put that sort of lighting round its own sign so maybe it would complement what is already happening! 4) Add 'ANPR in operation' signs on Portland Road on residential streets. Convene a meeting with the Met Police to suggest trialling one low cost intervention that could both reduce speeding and illegal activity in the area - that is erect a few signs that say 'APNR in operation' - Automatic Numberplate Recognition. Where these signs have been erected in other parts of London (i.e. City, Roehampton) it has had an impact of how people behave in their cars (in the same way a speed camera does). I know CCTV is already in use in the area and thus probably APNR, but the simple addition of putting a sign up telling people it is in operation could have a far bigger effect on drivers behaviour - be interesting to test. 5) Increase frequency of church bells ringing in the area. This is a personal opinion, but I love hearing the church bell of St.Marks ring again (was fixed a couple of years ago and now automatically rings every sunday morning). Something nice about it. Was abroad on holiday recently and noticed that that church bells rang daily. Wonder if the local SE25 churches would be prepared to do a trial period of setting the timer to ring their bells on some weekday mornings too (a Monday morning would make the start of week a bit better!). Just an idea and only a small intervention, but maybe could enhance local neighbourhood identify / put a

Two ideas: i) Crystal Palace FC shop. Is it worth approaching Crystal Palace FC to see if they would open a shop on the high street / selhurst road? (that space next to Costa Coffee would be a prime site for them). This could increase footfall on the high street and give another reason to attract people into the area to spend money in other local shops ii) Challenge fund to establish new business to promote the area. Would be great if one of those empty shops could be utilised to create something that enhances brand of SE25. For example could you encourage a coffee roaster, micro-brewery,etc that makes something that is both supported by local residents and can also attracts people to visit because this is where it is made? One model for doing this is by fusing match funding from the council with crowdsourced funding from the local community - i.e. if an entrepreneur manages to crowdsource 33% of the start-up costs from local residents investing in their business then the council would match that the fund, and everyone would then have a stake in that new venture (local entrepreneur, local residents, and local council) ...and hopefully local residents would be more inclined to frequently shop at that venture if have a direct stake in its success.

One idea: i) National Trust partnership with SN Country Park. I think the SNCP is great but it is under-utilised and could benefit from more volunteers from helping to keep it great. Recently the National Trust chief exec launched an initiative for the Trust to partner with councils and city parks to help maintain and make best use of them, esp in more socially deprived areas. I think the SNCP would benefit hugely with a collaboration here (the trust could be very good at connecting local schools as well to explore opportunities for using the park for variety of activities), and introducing National Trust branding the area would surely attract more people to area who would then spend more money if local cafes and restaurants. Maybe worth writing to the National Trust chief exec?

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Station Road festival? Car free Sundays on Station Road? More community led street cleaning? Urban/street art painting festival? Street artists can show their talents and help encourage others to help out with painting improvements and murals etc. to the area.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

smile on the face of stressed residents for a few seconds a day! 93

Great variety of green spaces that are all easily accessible by foot. Excellent transport links. Lots of lively little cafes and tempting cake shops. Most importantly there is a real sense of community, there are lots of passionate and talented individuals that really care about the area and are willing to embrace and help shape positive change!

A general tidy up of the High Street, to improve the look of shop fronts.

More outdoor lighting, some planting, addition of colourful signage etc. to help improve the general vibe. Make the Clocktower Market on Station Road a bigger event, to encourage more people to visit.

Pop-up shops, more restaurants, youth centres


Convenient transport links. A feeling that it could be become a hidden gem in South London if it was managed correctly. Historical buildings and places of interest. Open spaces.

Very poor and dilapidated high street. Far too many 'hairdressers'. Too many beggers. Houses and flats with newspapers or old blankets and towels for curtains. Peeling paint and crumbling facades. Rubbish thrown around or fly-tipped. Lack of pride in the area from residents. No street police presence.

I would love to see the High Street closed to traffic. I would love to see the road lined with bars and restaurants where people could sit outside. I would love to see artisan shops and boutiques. I would love to see a semi uniform style on the shop facades with nice awnings. I would love to see a market running along the high street selling things like fresh fruit and veg. I would love to see a concerted effort to keep the pavements and roads clean and tidy. I would love to see police and community officers patrolling the streets.

The empty shops should be turned over to small businesses to sell their wares. Taxes would have to be reduced to encourage this. There should be more small bars and restaurants. Some of the empty buildings should be sympathetically converted into dwellings but with a view to making the area have a feel of being a village.


Great place to live.

Needs more shops and cafes

More cafes bars and shops


Transport links, community spirit, the feeling that the area is (slowly) being regenerated.

Dog shit, flytipping, takeaways with appalling food hygiene ratings, and shops on Portland Road that are probably fronts for money laundering.

More greenery, fewer takeaways and more sit-in restaurants.

Make empty shops into shops! I’m keen to spend money in the local area.

Street sweeping in the area is generally poor.

Have restaurants with chairs and tables rather than food you take away in a carrier bag.

Beer Cabin, Portland Arms and the Shelverdine.

The recreation ground needs looking after. Plastic glasses in the Shelverdine on gamedays.

Art and music workshops If the leisure centre isn't going to invest in improving their facilities then a gym would be good.

Don’t turn shops into poor quality housing. Putting net curtains in a shop window doesn’t make it a home!

I don’t see the appeal of South Norwood Country Park. It’s not a pleasant walk, you can’t run on the stone paths and there’s hardly anywhere to sit.

More street art. Get rid of the pictures in the underpass.


Sense of community - lots of great things happening organised by members of the community. Eg: sensible garden, market, parkrun

Rubbish and fly tipping - feels like it brings the look of the area down.

Portland road - need to stop shops being left empty/ turned into flats. The shop competition the council did before should be run again and aimed at local people opening up a business.

I'm interested in a shop



The green spaces. The Lake, Grangewood Park, Whitehorse Meadow, South Norwood Rec, South Norwood Country Park. As a family with a young child it's lovely to have so many options for parks. Perhaps somewhere to buy food/drink in Grangewood Park on Saturday would be good.

I don't like cars and motorbikes racing along Whitehorse Lane. People are constantly speeding on Whitehorse Lane.

I like the bigger pavements along Station Road. Not sure if that would be possible for High Street or Portland Road.

A street party on the high street? Maybe a South Norwood Carnival, like Thornton Heath has?

The rubbish and flytipping is completely out of control. I feel like Croydon Council forgets that we are part of the borough of Croydon.

There's so much traffic on High Street and Portland Road, I feel like South Norwood is somewhere people drive through, but don't stop at.

Gallery spaces? Offer at a discount to someone that wants to show works of art? Pick a particular weekend where all the shops are rented at a discount to local people selling goods? Promote it on local facebook groups, so we get lots of footfall.

Everywhere just looks so run down, there is so much rubbish on the streets.

There is a beautiful art deco shop on the high street that is all boarded up. It could be so beautiful! Perhaps a little cafe?

Is there a way that Crystal Palace FC could help with supporting a South Norwood clean up? The local meadows, often have clean ups, could we do something similar but for the whole of South Norwood? Not sure how you'd organise it.

We've lived here for almost 4 years, and started our family in SE25. I think what I want most, for my son, is for South Norwood to be clean and free from rubbish and flytipping.


What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

Great transport links The independent coffee shops

The SN rec ground is really depressing -it’s very desolate and feels a bit unsafe plus the playground facilities aren’t great - I don’t feel comfortable bringing my toddler there alone.

More flowers/plants/trees Make something of space in front of old post office and carpet shop? There’s lots of wide pavement space that could be utilized, Costa looks really smart but they look terrible

I know there are lots of cafes in SN already but one in the SN rec like brown and Green would be great

More stalls at the market selling fresh produce? I’ve been a couple of times since we moved earlier this year but with so few stalls it’s not compelling enough to make it a destination in itself like brockley market for example. I think fresh food and flowers are most likely to be a draw with a few hot food options. I don’t think there are enough stalls currently to warrant having stalls selling trinkets etc.

Great that people are so passionate about making improvements to the area. Sorry if above sounds so negative but it could be a great place to live. There seems to be a real community spirit on line but I don’t get to experience it in person partly because I don’t come across it much when I’m out and about on SN but also because I’m busy working and with family at weekends. Keep up the good work!

Community flower boxes (RHS), wall art in dark and drab spots

We are actually selling up in south Norwood because of the high street. We want somewhere to live that we can be proud of. The litter, dirty streets, flytipping and empty shops have become too much for us. There seems to be no improvement in sight in the near future. There's lots of talk and little action (like the last we love se25 plans released)

Some people take pride in their shop/house/garden/area but it’s clear that so many other people don’t and let things go to ruin/flytip etc. which has an impact on the whole area

Whilst I like to shop independently where possible a boots or superdrug style shop would be extremely useful. Young Children’s soft play or activity where classes could be held.

The area feels a bit unsafe at times Great to have a greenvrocer but the one on corner of station road takes over most of pavement so you have to walk singlefile (difficult with 2 way foot traffic plus pram or wheelchair) and they are seemingly always loading and unloading so you feel as if you are in their way or have to walk on road to get past. 86

Houses, country park and lakes, community spirit, transport links

Flytipping, dirty streets, derelict shops, lack of shopping options always having to go to Crystal Palace for a nice experience


Positive people trying really hard to improve the area with nice places to eat, good shops (such as the plant shop at the top of SNH)

Tolerance of fly tipping. It seems to be too easy to get away with. Maybe improve local waste collection points as well as prosecuting offenders


good transport links ( BR/Overground )

TERRIBLE disabled access for station . A baker's that doesn't sell bread (Greggs) , a sandwich shop which doesn't sell sandwiches (Subway ) . A greengrocer that blocks the street ( corner of high st/station road ) . how old is this map .... Embertons empty . all we seem to get is cafes , which are already stealing each others business , Ye Ha No Ha reduced hours . how about a deli or bakers . there is nothing on Portland street to tempt you down there unless you already have business there .


The Lakes and the Country Park.

The fly-tipping problem and general littering is pretty atrocious. Partly due to lack of social conscience, part due to poor service provided by Veolia, in my opinion.

The (slowly) gentrifying High Street - cafes, pubs, Beer Cabin. Clock tower market Excellent transit links. Strong sense of community, for the most part.

Speeding traffic is a problem, especially around the station (Clifford Road, Carmichael Road). Speed/traffic surveys were done last year - would be interested to see the results, or find a way to have these issues addressed by the council.

Book and toyshop

Homework hubs for older children after school? Pensioner pop in socials?

High street - do something with the derelict of vacant shops, jet wash the streets - they are filthy, put more bins out, make shops responsible for the upkeep of the outside of their shops including the pavement (litter etc), station road - fill the vacant shops, do something with the hoarding next to Aldi, jet wash the top of the road, put some flower boxes outside the station.

Start up businesses - clearly the rents are too high

More shared projects like the garden outside the station

what is happening with the library ?

Would love an update on the new library that was proposed by the council for Station Road. Better waste management on the high streets, i.e. cleaning up litter/emptying bins.

Definitely not converting empty shops to residential units - this is killing Portland Road, and is counter-intuitive to the council promoting regeneration and gentrification of the area. The council should extend their ground rent subsidies for new (independent) businesses. Would like to see a quality wine merchant, bakery, etc. We have money to spend, but end up at Borough Market because we can’t get what we want locally.

Could you pass the following on to the Clocktower Market people: We love the market, greatly appreciate all the hard work and effort that goes into it, and would love to see it grow, both in size and frequency. In my mind, the problem with the market is that there is not enough to anchor people it. By that I mean that people pass through quickly, purchasing a few things (if any) then leaving. By having more food trucks, people will stop, enjoy a bit to eat or drink. This will anchor them for a longer period of time, and they will end up deciding that they do need a loaf of bread, organic eggs, ham, etc, etc. And the more people that are there, the more people they attract. Just look at Brockley Market, Broadway Market, etc.

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


Norwood junction train station

to many run down shops plus not lot to do in area

station road should try host market every 2 weeks portland road needs to stop turning shops into flats hight street needs good clean up like they done to west croydon & thorton heath give the buildings good paint

crazy golf in the park like tennison park where the old bowling place use to be open cafe up in there to

get croydon council to invest more money in the area


Parks, lake, transport, yoga classes , library, market, green grocers near the clocktower, art workshops , pool and leisure centre, cinema screenings, The Stanley Halls, the wild garden and bee house at the station, helpful staff at the station Bismaccino's for amazing coffee and great service.

Empty shops. Post Office moved to a shop. Loss of the big police station. Loss of state schools to academies. Increased waiting time to get GP appointments. More recycling points would be good ; the recycling bins at Sainsbury's are often full.


Pop up art spaces!

See above. I don't know how CYTO is going these days for funding? Wild garden(ing) like at Crystal Palace. Extend the scope/frequency of the markets- more fresh food options.

No, thanks for asking!


the people and community feel

litter on station road and certain shops not clearing after themselves when shut No one taking responsibility of litter in front of their homes / places of work

Yes an educational programme for people in the area re the issues of fly tipping and not using bins

yes - no box to tick :(


Areas of close knit Community - everyone we’ve met on our street is just lovely. Most people genuinely care about the area and there are initiatives to improve SN. Great Diversity Great Transport links to central and also out of London Beautiful Country park, with a lovely play park area and golf course. We’re big fans of the lake and ducks too. Useful shops nearby - hairdressers, diy, corner shop are frequently used. Leisure centre is great, clean facilities, staff are lovely and well priced. GP is across the road, super efficient and the pharmacy next door is really handy The houses - lovely Edwardian and Victorian buildings, lots of lovely architecture when you look closely! Some lovely pubs

Litter and lack of litter bins. Poor upkeep on the main streets eg broken railings, Broken phone boxes impacts on some areas look dirty and scruffy. Concern people will respect the area less and the problem will escalate. Empty shops. These waste space and also look awful as they are in disrepair and are scruffy.

More litter bins Bigger bins and More regular litter collection for bigger shops Old and broken railings and phone boxes remained More trees (some new ones have been planted but more would be nice) Empty shops put to use Regarding the off lisences men hang around the one by us and drink in the streets, a police presence may discourage this Also there have been incidences of drug dealing in the quieter streets - increased lighting and police presence may discourage this More street art? I really like the ones done recently, they celebrate the diversity of SN and give the area character

Art Studio and craft space (like the section in forest hill where the artists in residence work and open up to the public for events) Workshops - crafts, cooking, diy learning hubs eg subject tutoring, Languages, living Skills, Pop up restaurants Sit down restaurants A community kitchen/food bank A youth club A mental health and well-being drop in Rented to local groups eg mother and baby, wellbeing groups, community meeting groups Rented as Music and writing studios SN radio station Local busines ventures with lower rental allowance to help get hem going Everyday goods shops eg butcher, baker, deli, grocer Toy shop Book shop

A group focused on the litter issue Maybe a recycling project in the country park - maybe to make a piece of art from all the litter or some plastic bottle greenhouses?? Community picnics worked well this summer Street parties were also a big success on our street Something competitive may get more people involved - maybe SN street of the year? May encourage neighbours to jointly look at the upkeep of their streets and help each other.

Thanks for asking for feedback and good luck pulling it all together


The lakes, park, boat club, community hub


The genuine people of South Norwood that have born and raised here

The gentrification,It's causing a divide as the newbys don't seem to want to mix

Portland road needs more improvements in shops more things that people need, rather than things people don't

I would love to see a proper sandwich bar selling and showing the fillings also doing paninis and homemade soups ect reasonably priced not £6 a sarnie as some places round here

More local community activities for everyone

I just hope we get eventually some shops we need that will work with the community


I think there is a good community strength and a lot of potential / young entrepreneurs.

More investment needed. Vacant shops can be filled but there needs to be an opportunity for start ups. Not enough for families / community buildings.

- Youth centre, more community buildings for kids, bowling, gyms, cinemas, art? High Street needs to be full / empty at the moment. Generally more street cleaning / landscaping (eg. planting).

Too early for me but I believe in South Norwood's potential. Maybe a few years down the line.

Market needs time/variety. The people are there but the market is 8 -10 stalls (potential 16). More community events for pride in area - community gardens? Sports days? Music? Art? Culture?

Landlords want too much (subsidies? motivate?) Station Road has the potential to be the heart - links station to Clocktower. could really welcome people.



Rubbish on the streets. Too many chicken shops and barbers on Portland Road. Portland Road itself. Too many vacant shops

Portland Road - Stop opening of chicken shops and barbers, improve waste removal, road safety/layout to be improved. More pop up shops in the area, information more readily available on how easy/how much it costs to rent a commercial space. Allow local schools/societies to rent out spaces to put on exhibitions ie Norwood Society could put on an exhibition about the area - people would find this interesting

Inter generational well being activities

In West Dulwich they have signs hanging down from the lamp posts which have been drawn/sent in by members of the public, images from the area - we love SE25 type slogans. I'm not sure how these were funded but they look great! Can't we do something like that? It makes you aware you're in a certain postcode and that people are proud of where they live.

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?


i feel welcome here. there is a decent community, or communities. transport is good. aldi is good. parks are good. its quiet with little night noice.

the mess. lots of people drop litter. dog owners don't pick up their dogs mess. fly-tipping. and local politics is terrible. its a single party state with zero consultation and local councillors that make extremely little effort to engage with the residents.

get rid of the cars that park on station road. have more plants and trees. appoint street champions to water plants and identify issues.

offer them as childcare venues. we need more and cheaper childcare in south norwood.


Community spirit and business opportunities

High street shops The space between shops - no connection.

More shop variety, opportunities for new business incentives for shoppers.

Pop up shows on a 3 - 4 month rota to bring a variety of goods to suit all needs.

Youth activities, community buildings, apprenticeship schemes, links within schools.


The community vibe, friendly, helpful and for the most part, trying to improve the area.

The litter and a small minority of the community who have no respect for public spaces.

Station Road - replace the depressing pics in the underpass High Street - clear the bins on the street and paint the shops Portland Road - shop curfews for unlicensed shops

Lease free period of pop up shops.

The underpass needs updating.


The community spirit; the small local shops, the want for a community centre...

Empty premises, no community centres

For local residents to use to establish businesses


Would love to run workshops for the community - encouraging financial stability


Great transport links. South Norwood Lakes. The clock tower market, Yeha Noha and the new craft beer bar

The litter and fly tipping. The appearance of the high street is very run down with lots of graffiti and vacant premises. Add hanging baskets and flower beds around. Don't always feel safe. The cars speeding down Selhurst road plus the mopeds riding on the pavements.

Clean it up, new paving, freshen up the buildings on the high street. Get some more restaurants and bars in.

Cocktail bar, community shop, health shop, breakfast/brunch place, a boots or Superdrug, a homewares shop, antiques shop


Parks, lots of new cafes, drinking places opening

Fly tipping is always a problem

More restaurants


Crystal Palace football club and the tasty jerk chicken

I don't like the Many the barber shops we have on Portland rd where young adults sit out side eating chicken smoking crack until the early hours of the morning it makes South Norwood a very intimidating place for both men & Women

Knock it down and start again!!!!


The new and improved Station road, the parks, the transport links

The shopping centre ! When I moved here it had proper shops, 2 shoe shops, butchers, drapers, deli, stationers, Police Station, banks, bakers, European hairdressers, pet shop, general store off licence, 2 chemists (one a Boots), dress shoes, a wedding shop etc. etc. It used to be clean and vibrant.

Station Road is coming along nicely, Shop owners along the High Street and Portland Road should be encouraged to keep the areas around their shops clean and not rely on the council. The council could go up and down the roads 3 x a day but in the end everyone has to do their bit. Shop sponsored bins would be start.

Perhaps turn the old Pinch a Pound into a Pop In for older people until it is rented or sold. Tables, seats and tea or coffee, warmth, company and someone on hand to give advice or just a listening ear. The nearest is by South Norwood lake, a long walk and not very inviting. If not for older people then perhaps for young people coming out of school who don't want to go to an empty home but don't want to hang around the streets either.

South Norwood lake is an ideal place to bring people together as can be seen any sunny weekend, however the activities tend to be in individual groups instead of integrated. Car boot sales if properly managed would be very popular and would raise funds for the park management. They could be on either the lower or upper fields. The Stanley Hall is making great strides but a young persons evening group or afternoon exercise group for older people would be popular and well attended.


New beer craft shop, coffee craft, new train to kings cross, That Little Place, south Norwood country park.

Litter! Why do we have to dodge black bin bags all down Portland road? We need more street sweepers and CCTV for flytippers. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not true to say CCTV does not work for this purpose, it does. Also the country park needs more management and funding to become a true nature reserve. Currently it is full of weeds.

See above on litter comments. More independent shops. We donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t need that many barbers or chicken shops down Portland road, why has Council given permission for them?

High quality restaurant.

More cultural activities like those in Peckham and Brixton.


Good transport links Local events Independent cafes/bars

Rubbish on the streets/being thrown into peoples gardens-lots from takeaways-why arent the owners being held responsible? Need Food shops where you can find a range of healthy affordable choices

A peoples supermarket style space where people can buy the quantities they need, affordably, not using lots of additional packaging etc Facilities for young people to learn skills

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

well done. good effort and keep it up. it is appreciated.

Thornton Heath High Street has been brightened up with paintings on the building, the murals along Portland road have proved to be popular and have cheered the place.up. A paint job and some brooms would make a huge difference.

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?


Mix of people, transport links, variety of housing.

High street and Portland Road look shabby.

Refuse planning permission for any more shops/pubs to convert to housing on HIgh Street or Portland Road. Cutting out street furniture, not council, blocking the pavement. Remove/fine cars parked on Portland Road without parking ticket or unlawfully parked. This would then give those motorists wanting to park andoors use shops, the ability to do so.


I like that I know my neighbours and many of the shop keepers. It feels a very friendly place to me. The transport links are fab!

The fly tips are a big issue. I think it encourages general scruffiness in the area. It’s also a shame that The High Street and Portland Road are full of empty units.

I think the council allowing new start ups to have a year’s free rent was positive. 2/3 businesses are still there and that part of Portland Road looks very attractive. A negative is the amount of take away food untits on Portland Road and The High Street. I’m sure other areas have a limit by the council about how many food premises there are allowed in one area. Especially where schools are nearby and its generally junk food on offer.


The diversity, the green spaces, the new station approach with the various local areas put into the concrete, the new independent coffee shops

The lack of respect shown for the Sensible Garden with people littering it. There's 2 bins there but people still throw rubbish on the grass. Costa Coffee, want independents not big chains.


Great transport

residents who dont care what their gardens look like or who leave rubbish everywhere

if shops are going to be empty then perhaps the owners can be forced to make them look tidy


I'm a local resident and over the years have met many other residents - I love seeing familiar faces! Familiarity brings belonging.

There are too many of the same type of shops - extending to pavements. This creates a messy market area.

Renovation of buildings. Ask the young people!


Parks and open spaces.

Lack of parking. The Ladbrokes on the High Street always has unsavoury people hanging around.


Open spaces, parks, easy transport links.

Park maintenance & cleanliness. Litter.


Slightly gritty, excellent location, great transport links, diverse - what I value in the place I live in.

Currently sense of the big brands appearing like costa, Sainsburys etc. Speed of traffic Dog poo (!) Too many take-away restaurants

Independent deli, butchers , fishmongers, attract some of the local bakeries in SE London like Blackbird and Brown & Green....a place to eat breakfast!


No but do activities like this that appeal and engage with the whole demographic.


Diverse community. Good range of places to eat: open spaces (park, lake), activities (library, swimming pool). Very lucky to have these facilities. Stanley Halls is a plus.

Parts really are quite scruffy/dirty.

Some definite improvements already have made Station Road in particular more attractive. More greenery, plants? One or two interesting shops opened in Portland Road.


Chess Club in the new library.


It is a vibrant and friendly area with potential regarding development.

The empty units on the High Street and on Portland Road.

Pop up shops, reduced business rates, celebrations of the high street, portland road, local business festival...

Voting for what a local shop could become. Asking local residents.

Celebration of SE25 + businesses.


- It is a vibrant Place

Empty Shops and unkept areas

More trees and flowers

to run community projects - Learning venues for different age groups - meeting Place for The Elderly to connect, use & develop relationships - art display

- Craft and art exhibition for amateurs & professionals

- The Park - Multiculturalism - Convenient shops etc.

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

Maybe an empty premise could be used for community events or meetings regarding the market, area, The South Norwood Community kitchen. Might be a good drop in place for residents to donate to the kitchen etc...


I have lived in the area for 5 years and love it. It is rough round the edges but many areas in London are. I can’t see us moving from here any time soon :)

Demolish or change into residential or what a floristry with demos?

Yes - getting the community involved in life saving initiatives - to attend training in developing their skills


- Sports Day

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?


I like that south norwood is varied, it feels urban but has some great parks, Lots of different people live here from different ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds. The transport links are really good here if I want to explore somewhere else, Personally, I feel safe here.

I worry for young people and their safety. I would like to see more spaces and projects available for young people in different parts of south norwood. There are some great youth organisations like reaching higher doing good things. It would be great to hear more about the positive things available to young people in the area. South Norwood is often quite dirty, pavements are littered and dirty and with empty shop fronts, the high street and portland road can feel neglected. Filling these shops with businesses that can last would be positive, A lift in the train station to improve access for people with disabilities, or travelling with children.

There isn't really much in the way of restaurants, or evening facilities that aren't alcohol based in SN. Evening social spaces - cafes that open into the evening and bring people together, would be great.

There aren't many places to shop if you need to buy a card or gift in SN, it would be good to have something of this type in the high street. Even using empty shops for displaying other things- school projects, art installations or community windows would be better than a shop covered in old posters. I've always liked seeing this type of thing. Also community organisations with a presence on the street in an unused unit would maybe encourage people to use local services, like health related services. Advice centres etc. A unit that was available to hire for community purposes? Might encourage local community organisations to do more directly in SN community



high street needs a major improvement. closed shops etc.

addition of cinema, renovation of clock tower, butchers and bakeries

studios/office space for rent to local people

turn the library into theatre space


reasonable area

need more camera on the street more activities and events

use the empty shop for seminars and youth events

get the churches to use them for their community events

seminars on parenting and health and life skills and home work classes and training for those who need further developments and experiences in various area of work


I feel there are a lot of people who love this community and want it to flourish. There are decent civil institutions in good schools and faith groups. The local green spaces are lovely. New pubs and cafes also great! Community Garden outside the Leisure Centre.

The increasing cost of housing. Litter on the streets - especially Portland Road. It annoys me that what people see of our community driving through is Portland Road - and it's not the best advert for a lovely part of South London. The reality of knife crime and anti-social behaviour (true all over London - not just in South Norwood)

It's been good to see cafes and pubs open up. We are well served by corner shops, small supermarkets and take aways. It's a pity that we do not have more specialist local shops bakers, butchers or green grocers.

More specialist local shops - e.g baker, butcher or green grocers.

People in our area are quite proactive - its good to see street parties, the community kitchen and food cycle projects and churches winter night shelter. It would be good if there were more youth clubs & projects locally. With a young population, and the reality of fairly small or overcrowded housing - safe spaces for young people to meet an grow up should be a priority.


The surrounding parks, lakes and transport links are amazing.

Fly tipping. There is such an issue with this on most of the roads in S Norwood, surely there is a way to stop this so our streets look more inviting and show off the lovely place that S Norwood is.

We need more restaurants/cafes with outdoor space. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s such potential on the high street near Costa coffee and all along station road. With the size of the pavement surely we can have more places to sit and eat/drink outside.

Community activity spaces like a pottery studio (create your own and purchase), cafes that have space for people to work remotely from. Live music venues. Delicatessans - this is something we are missing - I would love to have more options outside of Aldi for a more diverse range of foods.

South Norwood Lake is a great spot for more community activity. Can more be done at the lake and the centre there? Perhaps improve the music area near the woods so others can use? Can there be more conservation projects done at the South Norwood Country Park - I walk my dog there daily and often come across litter and sometimes homeless people sleeping in the wooded areas. Surely we can do more to improve how that nature reserve is used/maintained?


I love the lake. My street is very quiet. I love the nursery my daughter goes to. Good train connections. I like the mix of people and that the black community feels very settled here. The architecture eg Stanley Hall (and love that it's now being used).

The cleanliness of the highstreet. Generally the litter is cleared away but the pavements themselves are filthy. Esp the bus stop on the corner of the high street and South Norwood Hill. In fact that bus stop in general gets really busy and it's difficult to get through the kids with a buggy.

A deep clean of the streets is needed. Planting more trees would be lovely too.

I'd like to see empty shops used for classes like yoga / pilates etc or maybe cafes aimed at mums like the French House or DreamCatcher cafe on the Triangle.



The transport connections and affordability of the housing are what brought us to the area. People are generally friendly and it does feel like a diverse community. The number of green spaces is also a positive. Finally Screen25 and Stanley Halls are great cultural assets.

The number of empty shops and amount of littering/fly tipping are the main concerns. The high street and station road areas have lots of potential but these things hold them back.

We have visited friends in Nunhead and Walthamstow and the council has paid for shop fronts to be refurbished. There is still the same diversity of shops so nobody loses out but this small step does lift the high street in those areas.

No specific ideas beyond the usual of a bakery, butcher and greengrocer.

Continuing to improve the environment on Portland Road!

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

People talk about needing less chicken shops or barbers, but I don't agree. I think these are all places that are getting used, and have been successful for years and I think people need to understand that not everything in a town or community needs to meet your own personal needs or interests. I would like to know more about things happening in south norwood - a local newspaper or similar that captured some of the good things, as well as the challenges in SN would be good - I would want to see it run with input from a range of people though. I think croydon citizen is a good idea, but I feel that south norwood gets overlooked- this is the case I feel whenever croydon is discussed- people really mean the town centre.

invest in the people of today for tomorrow patner with the churches schools and businesses

Just thank you for doing this :-)

The scope of the plan is both the high street and length of Portland road. If you are doing piecemeal improvements along that stretch will you really â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;transformâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; the area. Do we need to be more focussed and look at the high street and/or the upper part of Portland road. By creating a desirable hub of small businesses will this draw people in and be more sustainable?

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


Transport links. Different cultures. Numerous parks.

Empty shops. Untidy streets. Crime.

Grants to stop owners to improve rescue of shops. More community police, we need a presence. Fines for individual and business owners who litter or dump rubbish.

Pop up events/shops.

None that can think of.

Just need to ensue we can all help to make SN a more pleasurable place visually to start with before digging deeper into the roots.


Transport, open spaces, community spirit, recent new commercial ventures in no particular order

Rubbish,fly tipping, shabbiness of main high roads. Does continued shabiness/rubbish etc show we condone it?

Follow Tooting ' s collaboration with neat streets to make a real positive change to tidiness of area. Have school teachers/ reps to 'monitor' children on streets local to school en route home, similar to that at Crown Point/Beulah Hill. Maybe an opportunity to talk to students. Maybe volunteers could be involved to talk with them and listen to what they think of area etc and a view from their perspective. Engage every local business to get involved in change/improvement of main high streets. Get their opinions and hear what they want. May mean doing a door to door visit rather than flyers/ invites to meetings etc. More joined up approach for community initiatives as know there is quite a number going on. Agree with another comment about bringing the Clocktower Market outside the leisure centre. Maybe there is more passing footfall there..

Difficult one

As mentioned earlier

Not at moment


Connectivity to the City, Sense of community, Affordability Its got huge potential

Fly tipping, High street/ Portland Rd looks run down and dilapidated. Shop fronts could do with a bit of an updating

More family friendly eateries please, deli, butcher, green grocer, bakery! with fresh bread! Affordable shops, We need more charity shops with good quality books/ children's toys/ clothes. Really looking forward to the opening of the new library! Leisure centre needs updating, more day time classes please for those who are around the day time and cannot make a 7am or 7pm class! More trees, plants for public places. Weekly market on every Sat selling fruit&veg, fish monger , butcher, locally produced products, fresh eggs, flowers

pop up shops, food outlets,


Diverse and down to earth. Screen25, Country Park, Love Lane community garden and playground, Stanley Halls, train links, brutalist old library building, Polish shops, leisure centre, South Norwood Community Kitchen, Coffee Craft, That Little Place, Clocktower Market, Sensible Garden, South Norwood Lake, Leave ‘Em Laughing comedy, allotments.

Playgrounds in poor condition (John Street, Apsley Road, Country Park) - rubbish and drug paraphernalia commonly found when children playing.

Improved playgrounds please - new equipment and regular cleaning/rubbish collection. Please ensure the old library building is put to good use and remains open to the community. In the absence of rain the streets could do with a good jet wash. More trees please. Street art.

Artists studios including ceramics. A community baker. A drop in hub for linking people with local services/groups/activities. Space for evening events eg. spoken word, debates, gigs. Services eg. massage/alternative therapies. Hot desking space. Play cafe. Permanent space for the community kitchen. A coffee roastery?! And a bookshop pleeeease :)

Community choir? Drum up support to keep the market going. Use the Croydon Arena more. There’s so much going on it’s just (!) a question of sharing information and linking people up...


What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

Easy to get to central London and easy to get to nice Kent countryside and beyond at the weekends. South Norwood Country Park and the parkrun. The fact that there seems to be lots of interesting people here, but it's not immediately obvious.

The rubbish everywhere; fly tipping and litter. Crazy fast drivers making it stressful to walk about with kids.

Portland Road - apart from the obvious more nice shops and cafes - I'd like just more things that'd make it more pleasant to walk down. More trees and plants would be a great start, to detract from the general grubby rat run feel.

Personally if there was a decent cafe and bakery or deli or similar, I'd be in there all the time.

More events for young families.

It's really exciting to see the We love SE25 thing happening. Best of luck and I'll be watching out for opportunities to pitch in!

-business rate relief to encourage more businessess to set up in the area -a children’s soft play area would do really well considering the large number of young families in the area -more ‘useful’ shops e.g. a gift shop would do really well (take n

- residential street parties to encourage neighbours to get to know one another

Better traffic control on residential streets is really important e.g. speed bumps & speed monitoring in problem areas

The swimming pool! We used to try and go to the kids' pool on a Saturday; at least 50% of the time we'd turn up and it'd be closed because of lack of staff. In the end we gave up and now go to Beckenham instead even though it's a 15 minute drive instead of a 10 minute walk.

It's slightly south of your catchment area but the recently revamped Ashburton Hall in Ashburton Park is an amazing characterful space for community events that appears to be currently underused.

And more kids' nurseries. There's very little choice around the area and it nearly put us off moving here with our young kids. The only real local choice that we ended up using was very average. 41


Excellent transport links Station road and thr clock tower - nice paving and roads which would be amazing if the shops were occupied. You feel like you have access to loads of green spaces but still close to London and Croydon Nice street lighting

Redundant shops Lots of betting shops Dirty streets Boarded up pubs

New businesses which occupy high streets should pay no business rates nor cooperation tax for 2 years - encourage start ups and businesses to open

-Friendly community - great spirit. Might it be one of the friendliest places in London?! -Transport links -Green spaces -Indepdenent businesses popping up e.g. The Craft Beer Cabin, Walnuts & Honey, The Comminitea Cafe, Bloomig Desires, Mimosa etc -Nice

- dog mess

-tree line pavements

- littering/fly-tipping - especially sad to see this in Green spaces such as The Country Park

-powerwash pavements on Portland Road & The high street

Ban all betting shops! Create a Keep South Norwood Tidy campaign - restore community pride and love for the area

-speed bumps on residential streets -speeding, especially down residential Roads -blaring music from speeding cars

-spruce up The underpass & improve lighting (is that happening this coming week?)

-shop fronts being granted planning to be turned into flats

-clean up under Bridge on Portland Road & add lighting

-dirty pavements could do with a power wash

-more public bins on Portland Road

- a yearly food festival on station Road Road similar to The Croydon food festival -make links with local Schools on a litter campaign - educate young people & get them actively involved in keeping The area clean. By promoting this with young people now, they will have more pride of Place when older


The sense of community - our neighbours are all lovely and so friendly Diversity The country park Transport links to central london The clock The Portland arms The leisure centre

The litter The empty shops Lack of diversity in shops

Wider pavements More bins Larger bins available for large shops rather than it being loose on street Local shops eg baker, butcher, sit down restaurants in vacant buildings

Local shops Pop up restaurants Studio’s for artists and creatives Youth clubs Community hubs

we really liked the street parties and met all our neighbours


Good transport link to London. Good parks and green spaces. Good range of primary schools. Two new pubs with good beer (Goathouse and Craft Beer Cabin). A number of excellent cafes/coffee shops have opened in the last three years around South Norwood Hill, High Street and Station Road.

Flytips and littering.

More restaurants. More shops.

Shops need to be viable. ie won't shut down in six months due to the lack of business.

Homework club at the Library, after school, for local school kids.

Lack of restaurants. Empty shops and a high street that feels like its dying. Schoolkids hanging around Station Road and the High Street long after school finishes.

Well done to all involed in making South Norwood an even better place to live - keep up the good work!


What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Optimistic. We love the proximity and easy access to central London and the many, open green spaces. We also love the diversity, the new high quality businesses springing up, and just wish it could feel more like a community.

Flytipping, litter and dog fouling is a real blight. And the number of buildings in significant disrepair. Portland Road really does look like a shanty town in parts. We'd love to have more options for food and drink in the area as well as more shops - we use local but for variety tend to go to Crystal Palace or Croydon.

Somehow requiring business owners to be responsible for the pavement outside of their shops and encouraging them to clean.

I would also love to see more food and beverage outlets. When there are several options in close proximity it will feel like a destination and a good place to hang out. Would love to have options of places to go out at the weekend. We would love a local bakery too.

Se25ember as suggested via messenger! Would also love to get more of a high profile arts scene here. We could also do with a big community noticeboard at the station and one one Portland Road and High St. High quality. Big and noticeable.

I think Station Road and the High Street get most footfall, so are best suited to shops for convenience purchases. Portland Road has a bit less convenience traffic - more suitable for specialty businesses. I would be interested in shops specialising in the following on Station Road/High Street: gifts, stationary, hardware.

I think the area is already fairly well cateredfor in terms of community projects.

One way to encourage development in South Norwood centre is to discourage car use so that people shop locally on foot more. Development of more intensive housing (e.g. flats, student accommodation) may help this, plus is sensible for the area given the rail links.

I thought the library was moving and improving? I would definitely use that.

It has so much potential, but there doesn't seem to be a co-ordinated approach. The councillors don't listen, can't be bothered with them. Look at the mess they've made with the bin blight fiasco.

Encouraging them to tidy up their appearance, too.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

More trees from the council and better looked after pavements from the council.


I like the fast trains between Norwood Junction and London Bridge, letting those going to work in London get there easily. I like the range of different people living in the area; the diversity of races and social classes makes it more interesting than blander areas. I like the South Norwood Lake Park and the South Norwood Country Park - nice to be able to go for a stroll.

I find the filthiness of the pavements horrible - I've lived in a lot of different places and this is the worst for it. It ranges from stains (urine, discarded food & drink) to litter. These are things ordinary people discard on the floor, not fly tipping by workmen. I dislike the empty shops - it's untidy and seems like a waste. I dislike that I end-up shopping for most things online, in London or in Croydon, rather than being able to find things on the High Street.

Better cleaning of the streets and preventing people littering. Could business owners perhaps be asked/incentivised to clean the pavement outside their premises? You see shopkeepers elsewhere doing this; probably a matter of pride, plus helping to make the business look more pleasant.


I moved here for transportation and house prices. It feels safeish, London is urban edgy so no difference here. I chat to my neighbours, I know people. It's home. Improved pubs,and cafes. Cinema, I love Stanley Halls, and go too quite a few events.

The high street has got worse, empty shops, drunks hanging around. The hoardes of badly behaved kids roaming about after school, it needs more neighbourhood wardens to manage the crowds. Flytipping is a Croydon wide problem, too many shops turned into flats, no where for rubbish, it's left on the street. Too many empty shops, Emertons sadly gone, the old pub next to it, why does work start then stop, tax dodge!? Improve the parks, they could have better cafes, bit rubbish.

Small restaurants, no more cafes! Some decent shops, not arty farty, sensible green grocers, butcher fishmonger, etc. Bring back a bank!


Transport links and the sense of community. Its diversity is its strength.

The standard of driving and fly tipping. Driving needs to be slower. 20 mph limit needs enforcement and traffic calming measures.

More shops and ones that bring people into the area. The transport links are excellent so if we get things for people to visit.

It would be great to have some kind of soft play for kids.


Green space - both South Norwood Lake and Country Park. Connectivity Stanley Halls Screen25 New Beer Shop Shelverdine Goat House Clock Tower Market Sailing Club Good and relatively affordable (for London) housing stock

We are very new to the area, moving from Brockley. One of the most noticeable aspects of SE25 is the state of both Portland Road and the High Street. We were very shocked about the amount of dog mess as you enter the Country Park which is incredibly disgusting and taints such a beautiful open space. Another issue is the general level of rubbish/fly-tipping in the area and the run down feel of many of the shop fronts.

We noticed in the 8 years living in Brockley/Nunhead how much change can take place in terms of transforming run down retail areas into thriving shops, cafes, bars and food stores which attracted people from a relatively wide area and background. These included Brockley Market, Brockley Max festival, Open Artist Studios. The physical environment was very effectively transformed by simple (community) planting including trees and shrubs that helped to soften the urban environment. SE25 would benefit from shops that everyone can use and are useful - butchers, bakers, Deli, hardware, pharmacy as well as more social spaces (cafe's/bars/restaurants) that can be used to meet, socialise, work and create more day and nighttime footfall and make the area feel less intimidating. The buildings on Station Road could do with maintenance and a facelift.

The empty shops could be used by small scale start-up businesses/creative enterprise to test and explore their potential to grow and potentially remain in the area as it improves, but only with some encouragement in terms of lower rents. Some larger buildings could be used as artist studios - organisations like SPACE/ACME/V22 often use empty spaces to offer to artists at lower rents and many might live in the area also given it remains more affordable. This might encourage many to remain in or move to the area, set up more socially engaged festivals, open studios, workshops, educational links etc. Stanley Halls holds Zine Fairs etc and this could be extended to other arts and creative disciplines in other empty buildings, possibly in combination with local schools, colleges and London Universities.


I like the new cafes that are opening. Great transport links. (But no lift at the station which is hard if you have a buggy!)

High street is dirty. Too many barber shops.

High street is dirty

A child friendly restaurant. A yoga studio. Dance class studio.

The South Norwood Community Festival is excellent so perhaps we could have a couple of events like this. Perhaps our Premier League football club would like to invest in the local area. Spruce the Rec up so the local kids have a better facility.

Not really at the moment.

Not at the moment.

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?


It has more parks than most areas and some of teh best transport links.

I do not like the street gangs on Portland Road and drunk people who hang about there.

More car parks and street parking.

Empty shops could be used for trades we do not have, such as clothes shops and shoe shops. A good indian restaurant and/or italian will go down well also.

For all local groups to meet up once a month, maybe at Stanley Halls, and share ideas and resources.


The closeness of the community and potential for growth

The dirt, crime and poor shops

Better shops, cleaner roads and pavementsspruce up high street

Co working space, aged people running a cafe and library, global cafe with art and music from the region on a weekly basis.


The transport links are great, and the pubs like Shelverdine Goathouse have great food, beer and clientele, the best new addition has to be a The Craft Beer Cabin! Love that place

So many chicken and kebab shops. And the streets in general could do with a good clean up

There are a lot of empty shops. We need to attract businesses that arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t a fast food takeaway or barbers shop. Some nicer places to eat would be very welcomed as the only bar/restaurant is the Shelverdine

Answered in previous question, however, pop up shops could be a way forward


the community

Portland Road - needs to be regenerated

No more shop to flat conversions - and deal harshly with illegal ones who have done it prior to permission being issued. extend the regeneration development beyond market parade down to Woodside Green - Portland Road could look wonderful with a lick of paint. The High Street is too narrow and too congested to have a real community feel Portland Road - especially the area `round the leisure centre could be a real community hub - make use of the area by the leisure centre, hold the market there sometimes so the people who live up the hill come down sometimes instead of always going up to Crystal Palace.


Community spirit and the closeness to central London

The High Street. Apart from Aldi and one Chemist, there are too many barbers and hairdressers. It needs either a Boots or Superdrug, it also needs to appeal to other businesses to open and offer residents more choice.

Boots, Superdrug, a Deli, a Peacocks a book shop, Iron mongers/DIY store.

As above

Provide more youth clubs for the young


Transport links to croydon & london. Country Park, stanley halls, leisure centre., aldi, yeha noha., friendly community.

Litter along Portland rd - particularly outside fast food shops in the dip and at bus stop near portmanor end. Fried chicken boxes with food remnants. Foxes getting into food bins. Dilapidated shops, houses. The shops that have been changed to residential in portland road do not look nice. Men sitting on scraggy old chairs along Portland road outside dilapidated buildings makes the area look very deprived & can be intimidating for lone women walking past... even when they are not there the chairs are left & look like they are dumped.

Wider range of shops in Portland road or just refurbish to make it a pleasant residential streel. Less off licences. More Restaurants. Healthy food, community run events inclusive of disabilities. Positive messages. More jobs with prospects for youngsters.

Music cafe. Art pottery workshops. Taster sessions eg yoga, cooking skills, website design, gadening, public speaking skills ask people. Self employment opportunities.

Competitions - south norwood got talent newsletter - prizes for story writing, poems, paintings, songs, gardens in Bloom, sports teams - portland road v high street - para sports & able bodied together.


Excellent transport links. Community spirit is developing nicely

High street needs to be more of a hub. Shop fronts need a bit of a clean- recent refresh of thornton high st has made a huge difference.

More eat in restaurants/cafes.


1) Transportation links 2) Affordable prices 3) Friendly people 4) Community spirit/pride in the area 5) Green spaces

1) Condition of the pavements is very poor as they are stained and littered. Fly-tipping is also a big problem. 2) Unused shops

1) Cleaner pavements - perhaps trial an innovative anti- littering initiative? 2) More shops providing everyday items: i.e. Superdrug, greengrocer 3) More restaurants serving dinner

1) It would be nice to see a larger variety of stores. For example, it seems a shame that I currently have to go to Croydon to buy basic items such as toiletries. 2) A store similar to the 'Store Cupboard' in Crystal Palace

1) Weekly market 2) Biannual/Annual Neighbourhood Cleanup Days

Tidy up, encourage more small startups with reduced rent and startup loans and a business support community

More nice sit in restaurants, butcher, baker green grocers


These contribute to a run-down appearance and South Norwood being perceived as unsalubrious. 23

Small independent shops, transport links and country park

Litter, empty shops and looks grubby in lots of places. Need more street cleaners and more traffic enforcement as some roads are a nightmare

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

Try & reach those who wouldn't normally get involved in their community. Great strides have been made through stanley halls - the environment does need to be more attractive & buildings are a start. If people haven't got money to spend in shops you need to attract people from outside the area & crystal palace seems more pleasant & affluent westow st. Help people to improve their situations.

I love living here and there is a lot of good changes coming

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?


The parks and play areas.

The boarded up shops and pubs.

Encourage a range of shops to come back. Improve parking.

A greengrocer. A bakery. A plastic free food shop.

Youth activities using existing facilities and open spaces such as the Woodcraft Folk.


Like that there are people who care about the neighbour hood and the community. Groups, individuals and businesses that are trying to improve the area

High levels of fly tipping. Significant use of class C/B drugs openly.

Portland Road, partially from Balfour road towards high Street

At least make them secure.


SE25 has suffered years of council neglect, planning has been relaxed, there has been a lack of in vestment in community policing, infrastructure and general neglect.


The green spaces. The transport links. The people who live here.

Rents and leases far too high on empty shops. Building left empty for too long. Not enough council/affordable housing. New private developments being built that contain under 10 flats so don't have to comply with the affordable housing quota. The shabiness of Portland Road and High Street. The state of the Arena Football pitch - the Council needs to invest more money to support the local team (Croydon FC). The unaccountability of our councillors to their electorate.

Station road is on the up and looks good. High Street and Portland Road are awful with all the empty derelict shops and no incentive financially for anyone to afford to take them on.

We need more drop in centres , especially for people who are "off the radar". Advice and support centres for young people, homeless people, people living in over crowded cramped accommodation, benefits advice support, a social drop-in, somewhere where the Saturday Kitchen could have a permanent space for their project to grow.

We need projects run by the people of South Norwood for the people of South Norwood. Cooperatives like food coops, skill sharing coops, anything that empowers local people to feel more in control of their lives.

Keep the gentrifiers out of South Norwood, otherwise local people will be driven out and the soul of this community will be lost forever.


Location. Convenience. Commumity

Not enough good shops, pubs, restaurants and variety. Run down appearance. Can feel unsafe. Drug culture.

Get some more 'high st' brands. Open a cpuple of family orientated businesses, not more barbers. More police presence to reduce menace and drug culture. Encourage

Businesses must be viable, but preferential rates and support could be given to target new and family orientated businesses


I get the sense there are green shoots of improvement in terms of local amenities, but the number of vacant and semi-derelict shop fronts really drags the area down. Rents for these premises have presumably been set way too high.

Vacant and derelict shop fronts on High Street: it’s the most visible street in South Norwood and brings the tone of the whole area down. Why not refresh them, as has been done in Thornton Heath.

Refresh the shop fronts. Vacant shops are in desperate need of tenants. I’d say the rents and rates have been set too high....a cynic might say it’s to keep the shops vacant and make it easier to get planning to convert to poor quality residential.

Reduce the rate and rents to make them more popular for startups. Market them to outside the area. This should be the perfect cheap but well connected place for bright young things to be trying out new and creative business ideas.

Tackling litter and tagging. More high quality street art.


The regenerated area around Norwood Junction train station is very inviting, particularly in the summer. New pop-ups such as Craft Beer and larger coffee shops such as Mimosa and Yeha Noha make Norwood Junction a nice place for the 2035s to stop and invite friends to meet.

South Norwood, particularly the high street, needs to have more initiatives to deter antisocial behaviour and loitering. More needs to be done to encourage young working adults into the area, to encourage more businesses like the Shelverdine Goathouse and Craft Beer to open there.

Please see my recommendation above with regards to starting a promotion to encourage workers from the city to move to Norwood.

I'll give this some more thought!

As above.

In addition, trains from Norwood Junction now link up well into the city and Luton Airport. This is particularly true for City Thameslink, which provides a link to larger commercial businesses like Goldman Sachs and academic institutions, such as King's College London (also based in London Bridge). There could be a promotional initiative to encourage city workers to move into South Norwood for cheaper rates whilst being within commutable distance to work. This would encourage commuters into the town who will have disposable income to spend on desirables such as coffee shops and bars. King's College London, Guy's Campus, is also just one 13 mins fast train away from Norwood Junction station. More could be done to encourage students, academics and medical professionals working/studying at King's to move into the area. 16

The lake and park, being part of a community

The high street is poor, there is an increase in litter, particularly in streets around the lake. I don't feel that safe walking home from the station at night/ in the dark

Please also consider a circular hopper bus to Crystal Palace Triangle from Norwood Junction Station directly, perhaps every 20 mins. This may encourage visitors to either location.

Really I think it is about trying to get shops and businesses into the area through funding

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

Do keep up the good work. I am seeing very positive changes in the area!

What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


The country park, the connections to central london, Stanley halls and the local music and theatre events that get put on.

Fly tipping is a big problem in the area. The two high street roads are congested and polluted for walking down with limited space. There are also no cycle highways into say Balham where people can get the tube. Could we plant trees on the high street road or some reduce traffic through the centre? It would also be great to have one of those toddler swimming pools in the recreation ground where the old Bowles used to be, or another tennis court? My boyfriend uses the skatepark daily too and would love to see that developed a bit. We use the tennis court at least twice a week, it’s great that this is free but does get busy after work.i would love it if south norwood could be pioneers in greener ways of living, starting with the bins but also with community spaces powered by solar etc, all of which would continue the marketing you have started about se25 being full of parks. And could we get tote bags with the welovese25?

Portland road is very rundown, the pavements are usually parked on by cars, the pavements could be redone and the speed limit enforced. There is lots of congestion Down both high streets, if we could plant some trees and widen it that would help pedestrians. Lots of the shops are empty and run down. I also wondered whether the clock tower square could be pedestrianised? Do Cara need to drive down there? It would be lovely if you could have more seats out and a social space for people to get together with some more greenery..

It would be great to have a Mexican restaurant/bar doing tacos and margaritas with an outdoor space. There also isn’t much live music apart from the Stanley halls gigs which are pretty expensive (usually around ¬£30 per head which I can’t see people in this area spending). The whole old ironmongers shop next to the clock tower could be a food and drink hall for small pop up shops and restaurants as is found on the triangle in Crystal Palace.

Could we spot outdoor music nights in south Norwood country park with audiences sat on the mound? Or theatre etc?

The leisure centre seems quite expensive for a swim or membership.


Daytime transport links. Strong sense of identity. Two great pubs in Portland Arms and Shelverdine Goathhouse. Good Green Spaces.

Littering feels excessive compared similar areas elsewhere in London. Ridiculous amount of dog waste everywhere.

More vigilance on flytipping/dog waste actual CCTV footage around hotspot areas or, if not possible, a new approach such as the efforts in Thornton Heath to place more guilt on those who don't abide by the rules

Lack of Restaurants. Would love to eat local more, but a couple more options would be great. Lack of night time transport options.

Thanks for your hard work in helping to improve the area.

Offering empty shop spaces to people who have an idea for a business free for a year. Offering a fund to current business to revamp their shop fronts. Refurb the tunnel under the strain station with new imagery.


The easy reach of green spaces, some hidden - a tranquil getaway - the lake , country park and easy access to train station Areas to relax and within easy reach to travel.

Don't like the huge new bins making the front gardens look messy and the streets filled with litter

turn some shops into affordable housing

art and craft workshop ....not enough!

Teach Life-saving skills A front garden competition to improve poverty stricken look - A substantial prize eg a holiday to another part of UK. then runner up prizes.


The green spaces and the new businesses coming into the area, like the Craft Beer Cabin

Too much litter, too much traffic, too much fast food, too many barber shops. This all contributes to a feeling that the area is dirty and slightly unloved.

Fill empty units with local businesses - not more fast food or barber shops. Traffic calming measures and more control over parking. Better street cleaning.


I love the transport links and quality of property - it's a pocket of London that still has decent houses that haven't been divided into flats. I also really like the recent openings - Mimosa, Beer Cabin, Community, Shelverdine etc. these are places I feel comfortable and like going to.

The rest of the high street is still pretty vile. Every other shop is either a nail salon or estate agent. Also the recent openings are great and within them feels like a 'Safe zone' but otherwise the area still feels a bit dirty/unsafe. I think it's a real shame that the community centre is so unclean and nasty. I go into central London on weekends to work out because there isn't anything close by that's decent.

Cleaning up the community centre would be a massive improvement. I also think itd be wonderful to have a local bookshop and more indy shops - surely all those nail salons aren't necessary?!

A community library - where peopel donate/take books would be awesome (I'd be happy to help out). A wine bar would be great aa would somewhere a bit more activity based like a foosball place or billowing...

A genetal clean up - fly tipping is horribly common. More literary events would be great - I'm part of the South Norwood book club which it'd be lovely to build the following of.


Transport links. Parks and green spaces. Stanley Halls. Local cafes.

Empty shops, find new tenants. Dirty streets, cleaning regimes improved. Badly kept premises, encourage business owners and landlords to maintain their properties and fine them if they don't. Householders who do not keep their bins secure thus causing litter in the area, better educate and if still persistent serve a penalty.

Need some decent varied businesses to encourage residents and others to use shops locally.

Craft shop, teaching and selling craft items e.g sewing, knitting dressmaking. Jewellery shop, making and selling pottery etc. Decent restaurants.


Cut out the many chicken shops and betting shops they encourage poverty and poor diet A Drop in is run by a Parish Nurse once a month - Chat coffee and free blood pressure checks - a great way to meet people and attend to health needs!


What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?


The sense of community. It feels like people are down to earth and care about their neighbours. The country park is great for walks and we have a baby on the way so will be lovely for them to have access to green space. Yoga classes at Stanley Halls are great.

The run down feel to the high street and Portland Road sometimes feels like the place is unloved or neglected. The boarded up shops don’t feel very positive. They can feel a bit intimidating. The huge number of chicken shops generates unhealthy eating amongst young people and doesn’t seem very aspirational. The two derelict pubs on Portland Road are an eyesore.

More amenities, eg cafes, independent shops and restaurants would give people more of a reason to go to the high street or Portland Road. There’s huge demand for these things and I’m sure they’d do very well if they opened. The general feel of the place could do with an uplift, eg high quality street art such as found in Brockley.

A combination of independent shops and some useful chains, eg Boots or Specsavers.

A co-operatively owned supermarket or grocery store. A weekly market selling fresh fruit and vegetables.

We moved to South Norwood a year ago and we really love it. The changes we’ve seen in that year have been very encouraging - we feel the area has got so much going for it.


Vibrant and diverse mix of people. Close-knit community. I like the mix of local businesses and larger businesses.

There are a lack of local sports / fitness facilities. A leisure facility including affordable gym and swimming would be a welcome addition north of Norwood Junction station. It is a real shame that the cinema on Station Road no longer exists. We are glad that Screen25 is going from strength to strength. A cinema land-use on Station Road would have helped to promote the family atmosphere and family-friendly evening activities along Station Road. The forthcoming library is a welcome addition and we hope that the activities associated with the library will extend its day beyond 9am-5pm. As so many local residents commute, using the library in the evenings would be beneficial.

Re-rendering of the properties above Emertons. Improve shop frontage for the businesses between Emerton's and the old Haider Kennedy Solicitors (currently being redeveloped). Parking of cars in front of these buildings is undesirable and the usage and general streetscape could be improved to bring life to the high street.

Flower / plant shop - selling locally grown plants / vegetables. Could include promotion of local allotments, community groups. Sale of plants / flowers outside the shop will help contribute to a more pleasant feel to the high street. Introduction of nature / plants has a positive effect on people. Record shop / vinyl exchange - with connected cafe / bar /event space. Something positive that could build on the local music scene and allow ownership by young people. Consideration for uses that extend the life of Station Road beyond 6pm. After this time, when commuting home the only businesses open are the Cherry Tree and Aldi. This is a shame as the morning and evening commuters give local businesses passing trade. It is also a shame that cafes like Walnuts and Honey are not open early (i.e. 730am) to cater for commuters.

Film club / reading club associated with the new library and Screen25. It would be great to meet like-minded people socially.

Locating East Croydon in Zone 5 and Norwood Junction in Zone 4 is a crying shame for connectivity between the two. We believe that changing East Croydon to Zone 4 would help promote East Croydon as a centre for locals living in South Norwood as many have a zone 1-4 travel pass.


South Norwood Country Park. Good transport links

Rubbish dropped & fly tipping. May be if people knew they would be caught & fined it might help. The top end of Portland road, near the railway bridge feels very intimidating especially in the evening, the people sitting around in groups outside shops that aren't food or drink shops.

If we cannot have a police station back perhaps have a police person being visible in the area.

a green grocers and bakers would be nice to see again and a butcher, like Addiscombe has


Its home

Stop Shops turning into poor quality residential Derelict hoarded sites Ridiculous numbers of private bins Graffiti Speeding Dog dirt Smoke Litter Flytipping

Wider pavements and no parking on Portland Road and High St Could provide specific short stay bays to help retail units and deliveries Slow / Discourage traffic to divert it to other roads Subsidised rents or tax holidays Allow cafes and shops to use pavement space Stop poor / small residential conversions Stop rat running - Stanger / Clifford Road

Butchers Work spaces New skill centres - pottery, woodwork/carpentry, diy, mending, butchery, sewing, cooking Online delivery pick up options

The derelict pub on the corner of Doyle Rd and Portland Rd looks like it was a great building, if renovation is an option. The nice old buildings are a lot of what I think makes the area look and feel good.

A greengrocer on Portland Road

More Public Bins on the street Enterprise spaces Community / activity based options Skill development options Space to run courses 5

I like how friendly the community is and how it feels much more close-knit than other parts of greater London that I have lived in.

Fly tipping, and litter in general. Loud music in passing cars during the night on residential roads.

A wine bar (like 161 in Sydenham) Nursery/playgroup/daycare Small music venue/performance space/gallery

Improved street lighting in side streets, there are lots of dark areas in the winter months with the new street lights as there are less lamp posts. The walk ways to the subway at the station could do with much brighter lights.

Get active Lose weight Stop smoking Eat local Shop local


What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

The friendly, funny and down-to-earth community. It has no airs or graces and is massively supportive to itself (though prone to extreme negativity about our town also, naturally)

Terrible speeding problem. It makes the place feel lawless and impersonal, esp on Portland Road - it really spoils it. Why sit outside a lovely cafe on the pavement if cars are going to bomb past at upwards of 50mph endangering pedestrians when traffic is light? Why move into the area when multiple streets suffer the same problem? Why put up with cars agressively tail=gating you on your own road as you keep to the (badly signed) 20mph speed limit? People passing through see SE25 as a network/rat-run of roads to get from A to B and residents are really worn down by this. It is no good making the area a 20mph limit zone if it is never enforced.

When I came to see you I mentioned we are not using the street art talent as much as we can - though what has been done is fantastic! I had some more thoughts. In the style of this project Wood Street Walls I think big bold portraits of local 'heroes/heroines' would add colour and a sense of local pride/identity to the area. https://www.woodstreetwalls.co.uk/projects/ #heroes Local Heroes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle https://www.croydonadvertiser.co.uk/news/c elebs-tv/19-famous-people-who-you-493550 Captain Sensible punk legend William Stanley Could also do a beautiful big CPFC tribute a spread eagle is such a powerful image! https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=crystal+ palace+football+club&rlz=1CAACAV_enGB 771GB773&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X& ved=0ahUKEwjhmdvxrPbcAhUsK8AKHYyU BAoQ_AUIDCgD&biw=1366&bih=620#imgr c=Z_47IvBrpKwJGM: Think we can have Stormzy as he went to secondary school here! Raymond Chandler - we could have his portrait and quotes like Neil Fraser aka Mad Professor (veteran dub producer who still has a studio here) Loye [spelling wrong I think, sorry] Deng UK pro basketball player https://www.woodstreetwalls.co.uk/projects/ #markhouse-murals

Given that today's Guardian reports that Type 2 Diabetes has risen by over 40% in years in children, and food poverty is rising rapidly (and will be catastrophic after Brexit) one empty shop could be used as a food education and cooking workshop for young people/children/parents. This could be in conjunction with the community allotment if that goes ahead and maybe the community kitchens x 2 might want to partner up as well! Local allotment holders seem to have surplus food in late summer, I'm sure they would donate, then the local supermarkets too can donate some food.

See above. Parenting groups, disability groups, elderly groups, or just busy workers with stagnating wages, we ALL need more knowledge of how to cook healthy, simple, low cost food. The sky is the limit.

As some-one active in a group in the community who is pressuring CC council to attack fly-tipping, I honestly believe that it will be seriously counter-productive to improve the High St and Portland Road while not robustly dealing with the 60+ flytipping hot spots on residential roads. It is really upsetting the community. If this is not dealt with, then people will move out. The two main streets must be screaming out that this is not a fly-tip zone. Take Tooting's efforts: https://issuu.com/hubbubuk/docs/_neatstreet s_tooting_-_intervention which surpass the current efforts by a huge amount. We have a large transient community like Tooting so work should be done very swiftly to replicate this model.

Parents & babies cafe which doubles as a homework club. It should have a fun â&#x20AC;&#x153;shop frontâ&#x20AC;? like the Pirate Shop in Sanfrancisco that sells rope & peg legs (but at the back has a space with tables etc).

See above - volunteers would be needed to help the kids in the homework Club.

I think shop rentals are prohibitive for new businesses. Also new developments seem to be unpopular with many locals, but if the benefits of these new residents was made more clear it might change opinion.

I did mention this before but clear signage at key entry points (coming from Selhurst, Penge and Woodside) saying 'Welcome to South Norwood, please drive respectfully' or (for Woodside Green up Birchanger Road) 'Welcome to South Norwood, this is a residential road, please respect our neighbourhood' would really help. The council are woefully inadequate when it comes to proper road speed signage. Tiny 20mph signs, or painted signs on tarmac which are badly placed and hidden by parked cars. And the bigger lit signs only light up when you are going out of the area not into it and/or are badly positioned. Plus since there is no apparent effort to fine people, the perception is you can drive as fast as you like around here, no-one cares.

For buildings but also artwork on shutters on shops which look ugly. More trees!!! Up-lighting trees for example on Woodside Green and the Portland Road garden. This could help with litter too. People sit in the dark and likely feel they can't be seen littering. Light installation at railway bridge. Our L shape is completely cut off at the corner. Improved lighting on the under-pass and the alleways south that lead to it. It's a historical first, let's celebrate that and make people feel safer using it at night.


How people in the community really get involved to make things better.

Littering and rubbish. More frequent collections of litter bins & more litter bins in Lakes Park please.


The friendliness of the people and the proximity to London Bridge

Lots of rubbish all over the streets and in the parks. I would be happy to get involved with a clean the streets day if there is such a thing ?

Grants for existing shop owners to redo their old/dirty signage, with advice from a designer so that the place has a cohesive and tasteful look.

It really would be nice if there were more local (decent) restaurants around. Myself and my husband always have to go into London or East Croydon for this and would be so nice if there was a decent place closeby down the high street that we could go to for a mid week or weekend dinner. Doesn't need to be anything fancy, even just a Zizzi or something.



What do you like most about South Norwood? Please tell us what you like and why.

Is there anything that you don't like about South Norwood, or think should be improved? Please tell us what you don't like and why.

Do you have any specific ideas for improvements to Station Road, High Street, or Portland Road?

Do you have any specific ideas for how an empty shop could be used?

Our neighbours are very nice Great train connection We could afford to live here...

Fly tipping Empty shops on Portland Road

More of the same- subsidised rent for new businesses. I do notice that the fashion design business on Portland road is never actually open so it needs to be someone who would actually use the space Ask Bob Wines (premises in Crystal Palace and Sydenham) to open a branch!

Bob Wines! I think a nice gift shop would be used

Do you have any specific ideas for wider community projects or activities for the whole area?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?

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Book of Comments October 2018  

This book contains a comprehensive collection of all comments on our online and paper forms between 17 August 2018 and 12 October 2018. All...

Book of Comments October 2018  

This book contains a comprehensive collection of all comments on our online and paper forms between 17 August 2018 and 12 October 2018. All...