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All must flow from your grid…your point of attraction…into your existence. When your vibrational frequency stabilizes to where and what you want, your desires manifest. This is where the “real” world came from. Now you stand with your new manifestation, moving into higher frequencies. We want you to remember why you came into these physical bodies. Everything in the universe moves forward because of what you’ve launched. Emotions are so wonderful. Contrast is a wonderful thing. You want choices because they move you forward. This is a time of awakening. More humans now

becoming aware that they are vibrational people. And there is the fun factor. The world is

not broken, it is diverse. You didn’t come from a broken past life. You came here as a gloriously eager spirit.

What you want is all there. You can’t perceive all of it at once. You put lots of things in your vortex, like lots of money for easy access. Something which is ongoing. You also put people there whom you love, plus cars and relationships. It is vibrationally spun into a grid that is waiting for you. The question is, how much are you vibrationally ready for it? Things will come at the perfect pace and the perfect speed. Things will be delivered to you at exactly the right time. Source knows best. This time-space reality is perfectly tended to. You

can trust that the content of your vortex is under source’s care. All you have to think about is,

how do I feel.

Beliefs are habit of thought. When you focus generally, your vibration will raise. If you don’t like someone you work for or the place you work at, get general. The more general you are, the less resistance you will feel. The more general, the better. Clean up your vibration by going general. You will fell better and better. When you no longer offer resistance, if you no longer nit-pick or complain, you are in a position where you can be more specific in a wonderful way. That will raise your vibration and be on a par with what you want. And then you will manifest a better job, and everything you want. We want to take you from your emotional pain. The vortex is real. You deliberately move your energy, then it will feel normal. You want to be turned on by life. You want problems to reveal themselves to you so you can go general and receive beautiful answers. Creating independence…much of what you’re looking for gets hindered because you interpret too much. Just feel the resonance of what you want. If you trust what you are asking for will come, just feel it is. You are on the leading edge.

When Esther quiets her mind, Abraham’s wisdom is seamless and easy. Esther has to be in that place of allowing in order to have access to Jerry. Recognize there are two aspects of you. It would seem the subtle vibration is less satisfying, but when you tune

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yourself to those subtle energies, it is more satisfying. If you want less turmoil to drag around, be a vibrational interpreter. The beasts of your planet tune to the source within. Humans call that their instinct.

If an animal dies, goes general. You have a path of least resistance that serves you well in times like that. If you get yourself too tangled up, just make yourself comfortable and tend to your own vibrational grid.

Talk less. Go within more. You don’t have to share all your thoughts with everyone. Go within and tune yourself to the frequency of source, then you will be a better interpreter of your desires. Joy, expansion and clarification will be there waiting for you.

If, you find someone in the street bleeding and you help them, that is a good reaction. But you can’t save someone from victim-hood. Once you are in vibrational harmony with who you want, you see things more clear. You wish for others to be happy. But keep active in

You bring expanded new energy into whatever you do… when you look to source. You launch rockets, the vibrational part of you expands. The gap of who you were will sometimes keep you from current energy. Life keeps causing you to expand. If you love someone who doesn’t love you, such as in a divorce, it might be unpleasant. If, what you put into your vortex seems delusional, it doesn’t matter… it’s a good thing there were dreamers who created and invented and made the world a better place. Don’t be afraid to fully go into the delusion. There is no regression…you cannot go back. But if you move back into an old house, it is the new you that lives there, not the old you. Everything moves forward, whether

you feel it or not.

It is only your own split energy that causes mayhem or sickness. There are people living happy lives with various philosophies. They acknowledge the basic law of attraction. It is your happiness in the NOW that counts. You can move back into your childhood home with great joy, even if your family disapproves. You don’t have to explain anything to any family members.

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Whenever you are in distress, go general.

your vibration the perfect vision of them. Don’t let a needy person dominate you. Rise above the

specifics of the neediness and that will help them, and you, much more. It is possible to be an uplifter and mentor. But remove yourself from their pain, or they will drag you off the cliff with them. Let your

vibrational comfort rise above. Don’t sacrifice your alignment.

The easiest way to go general is to back up and think of other things. There is a momentum underway. Don’t try to fix people’s problems when you are in the middle of it all. Don’t let another needs dominate your vibration. Let your own intentions dominate

every situation. Uplift others from the inside, vibrationally. Respond from desire, not out of need. Do things with desire, from your vortex. If you resent people, it will cut you off from source. Line up with energy and inspired action.

What’s in your vortex is the wanted part of you. The feeling of loneliness is an indication that you feel lack. Stay off the topic that makes you feel uneasy. In the law of attraction world, you cannot push against what you don’t want. You will make the problems bigger and bolder. But you stand in the middle of the military and still feel alignment. Do your work with the alignment. BOSTON, September 29, 2012 Page 2 of 4

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Don’t focus on the lack. Focus upon what you are wanting sometimes without filling in the grid. We are all more vibrational families than biological families. Through the path of least resistance, your vibrational family will invited into your life. Give the uninverse the perfect port unity to give you what you want. Prepare your grid for easy access of what you want. Going general and meditating are wonderful ways to prepare. The vortex’s contents will flow into your grid. Don’t figure out the specifics. Most people are action-oriented, and with them, the unwanted becomes bigger. If you are impatient that your goals aren’t manifesting right away, it means you are stuck. Getting unstuck… by taking pleasure in the idea of your goal being in the vortex. Let it thrill, soothe and evoke love from you. Feel the presence of what you want more than the absence or lack of it. What is most prevalent in your vibration will win. Never mind the action. You want action to occur after you practice the feeling of it so much, that you will feel compelled to act.

Because we are a collective consciousness, different vibrations of co-creating do occur.

When your perception of non-physical is blurry, it’s because you’re looking elsewhere for it. But that is distortion because you’re coming from a place of distortion. When you realize the non-physical surrounds you and is part of you, there is no more separation. All the non-physical knowing will join you. Humans think, because of ridiculous movies, that they will suddenly be possessed with an amazing talent that they never before had. But those who truly are talented and creative know the artistic talent was

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Abraham-Hicks WORKSHOP NOTES fostered within them for a long time, until they felt inspired to create. Acknowledge… you focus and summon your creation, but non-physical entities help you create. We are connected to non-physical when we write, paint, dance and create in any way. Death is the final giving in to who you really are. It is the perfect blending experience, when you blend the physical into the non-physical. Those in the process of making their transition usually don’t struggle. They are accepting of it and are at one with the concept of the eternal-ness of who they are. Their struggle diminishes. If you are lonely for them, you aren’t benefiting from it. They are always available for you. Be in a place where you can feel their presence. This talk of death is you having access to anyone who ever lived. They now love life more than ever because they are flowing with you. They will help you write your books, paint your pictures, create your films. They are not resistant or negative like your physical family often is. We all can transition in many ways, but it is a deeply satisfying and wonderful experience. Just because your loved one has made his or her transition, they don’t cease to exist. It is poignant at first. You will feel sad and miss your loved one. Then it becomes a stronger bond between them and you. There are so many people you wish to help. But they all have loved ones in non-physical caring for them. Lighten your mood, look for reasons to feel good. Don’t let anyone label you as a savior or “fixer.”. You can be a mentor and uplifter in the right way. There is an awakening in the world. You are here to live

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in diversity, with many choices. And you should love others, even if they make choices different from you. You come forth in this physical experience. Source

holds our wonderful ideas until we come into vibration with them. Then these ideas become one with us, and we create. It’s time, right now,

to reach for the good waiting for you. Also, mind your own business. See the brilliance in others, even before they do. The work is still yours. Focus on feeling better and going general. Anticipate all wonderful things coming to you. We are joyously in the vortex!

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