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Puppy Training Mistakes: 5 Common Ones and How To Avoid Them. When you have a new puppy, I'm sure you dream of getting everything right, easily training it, and not making any mistakes. Firstly, let assure you that you certainly CAN train your puppy and avoid all the common mistakes. Even if you've tried training puppies in the past, maybe with not as much success as you'd like, don't worry about this. It's not your fault, and as soon as you have the correct and complete enough information you need on this subject, training your puppy will go very well. Please don't worry that it might be complicated to understand or too difficult. It's actually simple once you understand it, lots of other puppy owners have succeeded using these approaches, and you can too. There are several mistakes that many new puppy owners often make. 1. Potty training your puppy indoors and then expecting him to automatically go outdoors when he is older. Up-to-date dog trainers usually recommend starting potty training outside where you want him to go eventually. This makes the learning process easier. 2. Giving in to his sad whimpers and tucking him in your bed for the first few nights and then expecting him to sleep on his own later without crying. He’ll just cry louder and longer once he knows what he is missing. 3. Letting your guilty feelings overwhelm you so that you don’t crate train him. Crate training helps keep your puppy safe, since he can’t get into dangerous things when you aren’t watching him if he’s crated. Also, he actually feels more secure when he is crated while no one else is home. It's his den, and he appreciates it. 4. Taking a very young puppy with you when you go out, especially if you are going to a park or pet store. Puppies should be finished with immunizations before they go on outings. Their immune systems are often not fully developed when they are young and they are more susceptible to some of the deadliest dog diseases.

5. Letting your puppy do things that are cute in puppies and not at all cute in full size dogs, such as jumping up on people. It is much easier to curb these behaviors right away than it is to break your adult dog of bad habits that you've actually taught it. Avoid these common mistakes and your puppy training will go much better for both you and your puppy! If you want more puppy and dog training information, we've got a free video series on dog training, which includes videos specifically for puppies (such as one instant tip which can double the effectiveness of all your puppy training), as well as vital information on understanding the dog training process etc. Just go to fill in your name and email, and you'll get the first of those videos right away, and we'll keep you informed as we release other dog training videos.

Puppy Training Mistakes: 5 Common Ones and How To Avoid Them