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Clicker Training - The Truth About This Dog Training Revolution! I'm sure you'd love to have a well-trained dog, and want to know how to use clicker training to make that easy for you, and this video will help! Every dog-owner wants a well-behaved dog. Even if you've tried to train your dog before and haven't been as successful as you'd like, don't worry, it's not your fault (with all the incorrect and incomplete information out there, it's understandable). It IS possible to train your dog as well as you want, and this video gives you a great way to help you do that. This method is simple and effective, and has been a real revolution in dog training in recent times. It was first used for marine mammals (maybe because dolphins naturally make clicking sounds!), and was so effective that it was enthusiastically taken up by dog trainers too. One huge advantage of clicker training is that that, compared to almost any other method, clicker training gives far quicker feedback on what the dog is doing. Imagine your dog has just done something you like, but is a few yards away. It takes time to run over there and pat the dog, or even to say "good boy". With a clicker, the feedback to the dog is instant. This makes it much easier for the dog to quickly learn exactly what you want it to do, which is, after all, how training works! Additionally, the clicker's sound doesn't change according to your mood! This is important, as it makes training the dog very much easier and quicker, instead of confusing it with giving the same command in different tones of voice as your mood changes. How you do it is you first buy a clicker. Most pet stores will have them, or some children's toys produce suitable clicks. Then with your dog, make a click and immediately give him a treat. Give him praise at the same time. Repeat that many times, so the dog associates the click with the reward. Once this association has built up, the click can be used on its own most of the time, without the treat.

The click takes on the meaning of "correct" for the dog, so every time you click, it knows that it has done what you want at exactly that time. So that's how clicker training works. It can really help you train your dog more effectively and more rapidly. Give it a try! I've got a video series that will give you lots more practical information on training your dog. It's free, and includes a 6 minute video telling you how dog training really works, and several other videos which will teach you valuable aspects of dog training. All you need to do is go to and you'll be taken to the page where you fill in your name and email (so we can tell you about additional videos as they come out) and you'll get instant access to this free video series on Dog training, which will help you train your dog more quickly and effectively.

Clicker Training - The Truth About This Dog Training Revolution!  

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