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Past life regression for your spiritual growth Past life regression is a hypnotic technique that helps recover the memories of past life or what you call the incarnation, though some might regard them as delusions or just fantasies. But why do this at all? Why do you need to scratch the past life and events when you’re okay with what you have in your current life. Here is why, Past life regression is a vital experience which helps us remove the traumas associated with the incidents that are believed to happen in our past life, which holds us back from doing certain things in our current life, or is causing mental stress, phobia or anxiety about something. Not only this, but it also helps to activate creativity or another valuable trait that has been unacknowledged in this life.

Past life regression hypnosis is the deepest and the most significant process of healing. People undergo this technique and find themselves more grounded to who they are; it helps them understand certain peculiar traits and as to why they have them. therapy is clear evidence that people have been benefiting a lot through this technique.

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Past life regression for your spiritual growth