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May 7–9, 2010 Orlando. Florida

Discover the PROVEN Str 10, 15, 20 (or MORE) New & EVERY Month in 2010!

our y in ” p a e L m u t n a u “Q a ld u o C What l? o o h c S r u o Y r o F o D s lt u s e R Marketing This is the event you said would be THE MOST VALUABLE to catapult your school to the next level in 2010! We surveyed over 10,000 school owners in the Martial Arts Industry, in 24 countries, and asked them an important question:

“What do YOU need to make 2010 your BEST year ever?” We’ve collected thousands of responses, analyzed the results, and here is what hundreds of school owners, just like you, said: FIRST: Scientific Method—— PROVES “Low Cost” and “No Cost” Strategies For Attracting MORE New Students Our survey revealed that the No. 1 thing school owners want, and in fact, NEED in today’s economy is PROVEN EFFECTIVE systems to attract MORE NEW STUDENTS. We have tapped into the industry’s BEST and BRIGHTEST marketing minds assembled here for your benefit. Our Scientific Method, which is also timeless, will provide you extraordinary ways to making the grade, even under economic turmoil. You’ll learn the industry’s most cutting edge, PROVEN successful marketing strategies, from owners who are actually RUNNING highly profitable, highly successful schools in today’s challenging economy.


SECOND: Elements of Moral Science——More FACE TIME Value With the Experts and Live Q&A Sessions School owners told us they would benefit tremendously by having plenty of LIVE Q&A Time with NAPMA CEO Stephen Oliver, NAPMA C.O.O, Toby Milroy, and special guests so they can get their key burning questions answered. This will enable them to IMMEDIATELY implement the things they learn without hesitation, or concern. We believe little hinges really do swing big doors. Our talk-time to learn the Elements of Moral Science will provide you with the principled tools to unlock hidden opportunity, and revenue in your school.

THIRD: Applied Research——What’s Working TODAY in Other Successful Schools 82% of our respondents told us that they want to see ACTUAL EXAMPLES of marketing pieces, referral systems, direct mail, e-mail campaigns, and websites that are working in TODAY’S challenging market. Our Applied Research has allowed us to build the VERY FIRST, Quantum Leap Marketing Bootcamp “Show and Tell” campaign. High-level NAPMA members will gladly share examples of their most successful marketing pieces, systems and strategies with you. You’ll be able to learn from their examples and translate the received research to your own school.

FOURTH: Compounds Science——High Leverage Alternate Profit Centers to Grow Your Income 56% of our respondents told us they also wanted to learn some systems that could generate additional streams of revenue in their school, without negatively effecting their “core” business. Compounds Science is multifaceted, complex, and combined efforts of wisdom, creativity, and enthusiasm. We will reveal three additional profit opportunities you have in your school, that can provide you with an extra $1000, $2000, $5,000 or even $10,000 per month, with VERY little of your time.

rategies to Attract an EXTRA Students into Your School EACH *** With NO Additional Mark

eting Budget!






FIFTH: Scientific Literacy——You asked for More Facilitated Networking Time With Your Fellow School Owners One of the most valuable ways you can spend time is collaborating and brainstorming with people who are trying to accomplish similar goals! The OUTRAGEOUS success of programs like Weight Watchers and Alcoholics Anonymous are a testament to the POWER of group collaboration. Our Scientific Literacy will supply you with the means to explore other avenues and set lasting connections that will have duo benefits.


A quantum leap is defined as a dramatic advance, a revolutionary explosion of knowledge——and that’s what will happen to you——when you attend the NAPMA Quantum Leap.


FINALLY: Natural Phenomena——Wealth Building and Multi-School Expansion, Corporate, License, and Franchising 51% said that they want MORE than just one single, successful, profitable school. You’ve indicated that you’d like to create a MORE substantial business, and you’d like to have a MUCH DEEPER impact in your community, and teach MANY more students than you can possibly accommodate in just one location. You told us you want to be able to provide a significant career path for your staff, instructors, and Black Belts. You want to be able to [ultimately] create more free time to spend with loved ones, and pursue all of your passions. Use the Building Blocks of Science from the NAPMA 2010 Quantum Leap to move your school to higher levels of achievement.






Master Classes from these Masters of Martial Arts Marketing How I Enrolled 2375 New Students in Connection With “The Karate Kid” in 1984, and How You Can THIS YEAR!—MultiSchool Millionaire Franchisor and NAPMA CEO Stephen Oliver, 8th-Degree Black Belt. Direct Mail GUARANTEED to Get Results Even in this Economy!—Keith Lee, CEO, 3D Mail Results. The Ultimate Marketing Makeover!—NAPMA Chief Operating Officer, Toby Milroy. Uncover a Hidden Profit in Your Martial Arts School!—Michael Gravette, CEO Safety Technology. Developing A World Class Staff that Get World Class Results!—Former Kickboxing World Champion and Multi School Owner, Grand Master Jeff Smith, 9th-Degree Black Belt. How to Add $2,000, $3,000, or More to Your Bottom Line, With a UNIQUE Additional Profit Center in Your School!— Tim Kovar, Retired Successful Multi School Operator. The Seven Secrets to “Relationship Selling”—Master Rob Tucker, 6th-Degree Black Belt. LOW COST Ground and Pound Marketing Made EASY!—Master Jimmy Mack. How to Save 10%, 15%, 20% or More on Your Current Commercial Lease!—Kiyoshi Terry “WarriorWiz” Bryan, Real Estate Expert. How to Master the Art of “Selling Without Selling” From the Floor!—Non-Confrontational Sales Master Frank Brown.

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THE 2010 Quantum Leap EARLY REGISTRATION FORM •  MAY 7–9, 2010, Orlando, Florida  •  Members Minimum 50% DISCOUNT •  Includes FREE Ultimate Marketing Makeover Workshop

o YES!  Register me for the Quantum Leap, May 7–9, 2010

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o NAPMA Basic Member $997.00  $499.50 o Peak Performers or Inner Circle $997.00  $0.00

Early Early Bird Registration Deadline APRIL 25

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most advanced information, all the benefits described at — then you save $300.00 on your Quantum Leap registration, and attend the closed-door Maximum Impact and higher networking gathering at the Conference! DO IT NOW! I want to upgrade my membership to Maximum Impact to take advantage of all the o  additional benefits (see o  I also want to register my spouse, partner or key employee to attend the Extreme Success Academy with me for just HALF of my Registration Fee (maximum of two): 1. __________________________________________________   2. __________________________________________

o Key Employee  o Partner  o Spouse 

o Key Employee  o Partner  o Spouse

Name______________________________________   School Name_______________________________________ Address (No P.O. Boxes)__________________________________________________________________________ State/Prvnc._ _____________   Zip ______________________  Country____________________________________ Phone___________________  Fax_______________________   E-mail____________________________________ Credit Card:  o Visa   o Master Card   o Amex   o Discover Credit Card #________________________  Exp Date___________   Security Code (back of card)_______________ Signature _____________________________________________Date______________________________ Providing this information constitutes your permission for NAPMA and/or Martial Arts Marketing, Incorporated to contact you regarding related information via mail, e-mail, fax and phone.

Fax to: Call: Mail to: Online:

727-683-9581, ATTN: Bob Dunne Bob Dunne, 727-540-0500 NAPMA 2578 Enterprise Rd., Suite #344 Orange City, FL 32763

Discover the PROVEN Strategies to Attract an EXTRA 10, 15, 20 (or MORE) New Students into Your School EACH & EVERY Month in 2010! *** With NO Additional Mark

eting Budget!

May 7–9, 2010 Orlando. Florida

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NAPMA Quantum Leap Promo Ad ("Scientific")  

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