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Conference Preview Just a few of the benefits of attending the Extreme Success Academy

¢  Results-Driven Sessions Motivate Massive Success ¢  Charge Up with FREE Extended Staff Training ¢  “A to Z” Blueprint Day Helps Improve Operations ¢  Meet the Icons and Legends of the Martial Arts Industry ¢  Converse with Experts from Inside and Outside the Industry ¢  Learn Wealth Strategies to Achieve Your Long-Term Goals

What the NAPMA Extreme Success Academy is NOT: This event is NOT for school owners who are not focused on high quality student outcomes, not serious about long-term student retention, or on a quest to suck up as many cash payments as humanly possible without regard to actually DELIVERING ON yOuR PROMISES! This is NOT simply a social gathering — although there will be plenty of opportunity for networking and building relationships — where you will be wined and dined, only to realize later that you didn’t really learn anything that will help you actually grow your school! This is NOT the same old speakers talking about the same old antiquated, slow, ineffective, unrealistic or untested marketing strategies that only worked in 1985, when students were flooding into schools, without the slightest provocation. This is NOT the type of conference where all you can learn is the newest wiz-bang martial arts techniques, wrist lock, knife defense, etc., although you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do that. This is NOT a conference where you will be distracted by the next new, so-called revolutionary piece of equipment, software package or bright shiny object. Although some of these tools are useful, we will be LASER BEAM FOcuSED on those tools that can actually help you grow your school, attract more new students, super-motivate the students you have and, ultimately, MAKE yOu MONEy! Please understand our goals! • We will NOT try to sell you sparring gear! • We will NOT try to entice you to buy the newest gadget for your school! • We will NOT try to convince you that one style of martial art is better or can be more profitable than another.

What the Extreme Success Academy IS: MARTIAL ARTS IcONS AND LEGENDS. Sharing their secrets to success in our industry and from their career. Meet, take photos with and learn from living legends. Hear their stories of professionalizing school operations and teaching methods in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and through today. You’ll work with industry icons, such as Grand Masters Jhoon Rhee, Jeff Smith, Joe Lewis and Stephen Hayes. ThE “SuccESS uNDERGROuND.” Top school owners from around the country and around the world. You may not have heard of them before, since they’re not on the speaking circuit and haven’t been trying to sell you a book, CD or program. However, they are in the trenches just like you, making systems and processes work for their schools, their styles and their systems. They’re in small towns and big cities. They teach Tai Chi, BJJ, Tae Kwon Do, traditional Goju and just about anything else you can think of, serving the kids market, the adult market and the seniors market. MEET WITh SuPER-SuccESSFuL OPERATORS. The most valuable piece of the entire event arguably is the opportunity to talk with school owners who grew from where you are at currently and now are grossing high numbers, teaching big student bases and managing their lifestyle effectively. These are the NAPMA Inner Circle and Stephen Oliver’s Coaching & Millionaire Wealth members, who are school owners who have grown into the top 1% of our field and can share with you how to maximize income from a small school, or how to grow to a $100,000 or more per month in revenue. MARTIAL ARTS SchOOL BuSINESS AND OPERATIONS “GuRuS AND ExPERTS.” The Extreme Success Academy will have the top martial arts business, school operations, marketing and teaching experts sharing with you their insights and observations of our industry. They’ll give you the one or two “aha’s” that you need to move your school to its next level. Whether it’s to learn how to add 20, 30 or more new students to your school each month, or how to create the best possible Black Belts — the experts will show you how. You’ll learn from Marketing Guru Stephen Oliver, NAPMA President Rob Colasanti, Close Quarter Combat Expert Chris Pizzo and many others. SuccESS & BuSINESS ExPERTS FROM OuTSIDE ThE MARTIAL ARTS INDuSTRy. Whether it’s how to become a celebrity in your town or city or how to develop a “Millionaire Mindset,” you’ll interact with and learn from the top experts in their fields. You’ll gain new insights guaranteed to move you forward and expand your horizons. You’ll learn from Lee Milteer, Paul Hartunian, and many others. “ThE PIT METhODS.” Learn from the legends who train UFC, K-1 and other world champion fighters. John Hackleman, Chuck Liddell and others show you how they’ve trained championship fighters while retaining traditional training methods.

THE 2008 NAPMA EXTREME SUCCESS ACADEMY EARLY REGISTRATION FORM • Members Minimum 45% DISCOUNT •  Includes FREE Staff Training Session on Friday the 26th •  3-Month Equalizer Payment Plan: (June-Aug. on Tuition over $500)


o YES! Register me for the Extreme Success Academy, Sept. 26–28, 2008


o Non-NAPMA Members $997.00 $798.65 o Maximum Impact $997.00 $298.98


o NAPMA Basic Member $997.00 $448.65 o Peak Performers or Inner Circle $997.00 $0.00

NOT A MAXIMUM IMPACT MEMbER? What a great time to enroll or upgrade! You get the highest/best/most advanced information, all the benefits described at — then you save at least $100.00 on your Extreme Success Academy registration, and you attend the closed-door Maximum Impact and Higher networking gathering at the Conference! DO IT NOW! o I want to upgrade my membership to Maximum Impact in order to take advantage of all the additional benefits (see o I want to also register the following (spouse, partner, key employee) to attend the Extreme Success Academy with me for just HALF of my Registration Fee (maximum of two):

1. __________________________________ 2. ___________________________________ o Key Employee


o Partner o Spouse

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o  YES! Register me for the bRAND NEW “A to Z” blueprint Seminar, Sept. 25, 2008


o Non-NAPMA Members $397.00 $347.50

o Maximum Impact $397.00 $197.50


o NAPMA Basic Member $397.00 $247.50 o Peak Performers or Inner Circle $397.00 $0.00


o I want to also register the following (spouse, partner, key employee) to attend the “A to Z” blueprint Day with me for just HALF of my Registration Fee (maximum of two):

1. __________________________________ 2. ___________________________________ o Key Employee


o Partner o Spouse

o Key Employee

o Partner o Spouse

Name _____________________________ School Name _____________________________________________________ Address (No P.O. Boxes)________________________________________________________________________________ State/Prvnc. _________________________________ Zip ___________________ Country_________________________ Phone ________________ Fax ___________________________ E-mail ________________________________________ Credit Card:

o Visa o Master Card o Amex o Discover

Credit Card # ___________________________ Exp Date _______________ Security Code (back of card)____________ Signature _________________________________________________________________ Date


Providing this information constitutes your permission for NAPMA and or Martial Arts Marketing to contact you regarding related information via mail, e-mail, fax, and phone.

Fax to: 727-540-0806; Attn: Rob Colasanti Mail to: 5601 116th Avenue North, Clearwater, FL 33760 Register online:


HIGHER LEVELS OF with the 2008 NAPMA Extreme Success Academy September 26–28, 2008 Clearwater Beach, Florida

Mark your calendars for September 26, 27 and 28, 2008 for a groundbreaking conference to be held in Clearwater Beach. For the first time in NAPMA’s history, the annual World Conference will be taking on a new name and a new direction, with the birth of the Extreme Success Academy. This re-envisioned conference will be unlike any other NAPMA has previously sponsored.


ith more substantial information than has ever been provided at any previous conference, this year’s Extreme Success Academy will have more guest speakers, more information tracks, more opportunities for networking and more panel discussions than any other event in NAPMA history. Not only will you have the opportunity to meet fellow school owners, celebrities and heroes of the martial arts, but also this year’s conference will be full of information and insider tips for growing your school to its maximum potential. When you attend this year’s event, you’ll be treated to real information you can use to make your school an extreme success: solid information for operating your school, marketing your school, attracting and retaining new students and advancing your lifestyle.

You’ll meet influential experts from fields outside the martial arts industry who will present innovative ideas you can put to use. Plus, there will also be many of the most respected and know­ledgeable experts from within our industry in attendance, ready to pass along their expertise in practical sessions and personal encounters. With many demonstration and technique sessions scheduled, there will be plenty of opportunities to “roll around on the mat” with the legendary fighters you’ve read about for years; you can have some fun along with your education!

NAPMA Lifetime Achievement Award One of the most highly anticipated and respected events of the year is the induction of a new NAPMA Lifetime

Take part in special “Where-the-rubber-meets-the-road” sessions and panels with the elite of the Millionaire Wealth, Coaching and NAPMA Inner Circle Teams. These are school owners who will share their answers to the same problems you face each day. Achievement Award winner. This prestigious honor, which recognizes the person who has most promoted the advancement of the martial arts during their life, is always a special event. Past inductees have included Erne Reyes, Sr., Tony Robbins and Jhoon Rhee. This year’s honoree will be no less deserving, and it’s worth attending just for the honor of watching the ceremony. The NAPMA Lifetime Achievement Awards ceremony will be held in conjunction with the Extreme Success Academy. Be among those in attendance to witness this historic occasion and help celebrate the honor awarded to the new inductee.

Exclusive Receptions and Events — A Special Incentive and Treat for NAPMA Members Sign up early for the Extreme Success Academy, and to help provide an incentive, NAPMA is offering “early-bird” discounts to all, with especially attractive prices to NAPMA members. As an added sweetener for signing up quickly, the Extreme

Success Academy is hosting special receptions for the first 100 members to enroll: meet some of your favorite martial arts celebrities at receptions and grab a photo with them. As one of the first school owners to recognize the extra­ ordinary opportunity the Extreme Success Academy will be, you could also be rewarded with mat time matching your skills against some of the biggest names in martial arts, such as Chuck Liddell and John Hackleman (invited to appear), as well as one of the greatest fighters of all time, former Kickboxing World Champion, Joe Lewis. In a special session, exploring the Science of Sparring, attendees will have many of the Champ’s unique analytical strategies to take back to their sparring classes. Members of NAPMA’s Inner Circle and Peak Performer’s groups will also have the opportunity to meet martial arts celebrities in exclusive events just for them. Photo opportunities, personal meet-ups, technique demonstrations and one-onone challenges are just some of the activities planned for these elite NAPMA members.

extreme success academy campus Save Time and Money with Online Room Reservations

rating, which is described as “appealing to travelers with comprehensive needs. Threestar properties are multifaceted with a distinguished style, including marked upgrades in the quality of physical attributes, amenities and level of comfort provided.” Visit to reserve at your specially-discounted room block rate. Look for the Hilton banner on the home page.

It will only take minutes to reserve your rooms online at for the 2008 NAPMA Extreme Success Academy — and your rooms are discounted, a NAPMA members exclusive, so you’ll save money, too. Located on 10 beautiful acres of white sandy beach, Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort overlooks the picturesque Gulf of Mexico. Experience one of the best Clearwater Beach resorts. The Resort is just a short drive from Tampa International and St. Petersburg/ Clearwater Airports. Delight in the elegantly appointed guestrooms, all of which are comfortably styled and non-smoking. The Resort has earned the AAA’s three-star hotel diamond

Don’t Delay There are a limited number of rooms available, so make your reservations now before you lose the chance!

Speakers and Special Sessions Put You in the Know The Extreme Success Academy offers a multitude of special presentations from experts in the industry you do not want to miss. Rob Colasanti, president of NAPMA, is in a unique position to predict the newest trends in the industry. Members will enjoy the benefit of his expertise in planning for these new challenges and opportunities. Stephen Oliver’s Extraordinary Marketing course has helped hundreds of school owners into higher levels of success. He offers a special session for conference attendees introducing the benefits of this remarkable program. Additionally, select members of Stephen Oliver’s “MillionaireWealth” and Coaching groups, and all Mile High Karate Regional Developers will be in attendance and conducting sessions, where they will share their expertise and answer questions. Grand Master Jeff Smith, former Kickboxing World Champion and 9th-Degree Black Belt, will share insights from his 40-plus years in the martial arts. This seven-time world champion will be revealing his best instructional tactics developed from teaching thousands of students. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet the first recipient of the Bruce Lee Award and benefit from his wealth of knowledge in martial arts instruction. Toby Milroy, NAPMA’s vice president of sales and marketing and expert in Internet marketing for the martial arts, will be sharing his bag of tricks in making use of this extremely low-cost marketing tool. With 71% of consumers seeking information from the Internet prior to making purchasing decisions, members will not want to miss this extremely important discussion. Increase the value of your business by owning your school building. Veteran martial artist and real estate expert, Terry Bryan will be showing members how in this special session. “All wealthy people invest in real estate because it is one of the best ways to perpetuate huge returns on you money,” says Bryan.

Speaker Attenda Terr y Br yan

onally acclaimed 9th Terry is an internati rketing ma d an s es sin bu Degree Black Belt, selfestate investor and success coach, real made millionaire. business success He is one of the top in marketing and ng izi try, special coaches in the coun a method of developing wealth as real estate investing and quality of life.

Tom Callos

-Degree Black Belt un Master Callos, a 6th rme nu ed uc od has pr der Ernie Reyes, Sr., ational materials for ous videos and educ ated in various films cip NAPMA. He has parti most notably The cts, and television proje ries. Master t, a documentary se Ultimate Black Belt Tes n Your Dojo, ee Gr to w Ho e e-book, Callos has written th onmental issues. and is active in envir

Rob Colasanti

Roundtables and Networking Get You Connected

b ioner for 24 years, Ro t A martial arts practit en sid Pre le of NAPMA’s has served in the ro r ye pla y ke a en be has for seven years and ganization since the within the NAPMA or 1994. An ACMA n in company’s inceptio e subject pular speaker on th po a d an r cto tru ow’s “cr e certified ins th in is l operations, he of martial arts schoo ving worked with thousands of ha nest” of the industry and attended have joined NAPMA o wh rs ne ow l oo sch 14 years. st pa e th er minars ov conventions and se

Ph Paul Hartunian,

Every year, the NAPMA conference provides unlimited opportunity to meet and network with other martial arts professionals — and the Extreme Success Academy takes that concept several steps further. Attend panel discussions and learn from industry leaders and your peer school owners. Meet the groundbreakers of the martial arts education industry and learn how to ramp up the effectiveness of your teaching. Find the secrets of becoming a martial art millionaire. One of the best parts of the Extreme Success Academy is the opportunity to gather with other NAPMA members and school owners to share ideas, do a little sparring, exchange techniques and bond with new friends and colleagues. This year will be no exception. Meet your peers in the industry and make contacts and friendships that can last a lifetime and support you through business ups and downs.



d marketing expert, Paul is a publicit y an s has shown thousand author and lecturer ke ma e publicit y to of people how to us ses rocket their busines d an ds lea t ge sales, es, iqu hn tec cit y ing his unique publi e th ng mi to all-time highs. Us co be by wide sensation Paul created a world oklyn Bridge! to really sell the Bro y tor his in n first perso

Stephen K . Haye


egree Black Belt of juStephen is a 10th-D in e martial art of To -Sh dan and founded th g nin gin ars after be Do in 1997. Thirt y ye e martial arts, he is th in ng ini tra l forma of the Kasumi-An. tor ec dir nderknown as An-shu, fou or of 19 book s about the marauth An-shu Hayes is the tial arts.

Meet your peers in the industry and make contacts and friendships that can last a lifetime and support you through business ups and downs.

In addition to the usual networking, this year there will be a special networking reception for all NAPMA Maximum Impact members. Be there with the best and brightest in the industry to mix, meet and synergize.

wasting gadgets or gizmos here — what you’ll find, from mats and belts, to software and services, these are trusted vendors and experts who will help you make your business grow. If you need it, you’ll find it at the NAPMA Resources Showcase.

Introducing Everything New and Useful You Need is at the NAPMA Resources Showcase

The Underground

Between sessions, attendees will be able to peruse the NAPMA Resources Showcase, an extreme mall for the martial arts world. Stroll through the exhibits and take in the latest and the greatest suppliers and equipment you need to maximize your profits and boost student success. No time- or money-

NAPMA again leads the industry in acknowledging those hard-working martial artists who work tirelessly everyday training and promoting the benefits of the martial arts and a martial arts lifestyle. These dedicated pros toil without the spotlight of celebrity, but are just as important — perhaps more so — to the health of our industry as the big names.

Past Winners of the

NAPMA Lifetime Achievement Award This prestigious award is granted to those individuals who demonstrate their unwavering commitment to the ideals and values of the martial arts, and who have contributed greatly to its popularity and influence. For the first time since 1993, the NAPMA Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to a new honoree at the Extreme Success Academy. Listed below are the previous winners.

Grand Master Joe Lewis

Master Ed Parker, Sr.

1996 Former Kickboxing World Champion Master Lewis, a 10th-Degree Black Belt, won more titles during a 17-year competitive career, set more records and instituted more innovations than anyone in sport Karate. In 1983, he was named the “Greatest Karate Fighter of All Time.”


Edmund Kealoha Parker (1931– 1990), an American martial artist, promoter, teacher and author, is credited with opening the first commercial karate school in the western United States in 1954. He trained many Hollywood stuntmen and acting greats, including Elvis Presley.

Grand Master Jhoon Rhee

Master Ernie Reyes, Sr.


World-renowned 10th-Degree Black Belt, Rhee is known as the Father of American Tae Kwon Do. With more than 130 affiliated Tae Kwon Do studios around thee world, Grand Master Rhee is a leading pioneer in martial arts instruction.

Sensei Fumio Demura


President and Chief Instructor of Shito Ryu Genbu Kai International, Sensei Demura is a multi-disciple martial arts master. With a distinguished career in film and television, Sensei Demura consulted on the Karate Kid films and trained Bruce Lee in martial arts weaponry.



Performer, author and coach to champions, Reyes is known as the Master of Creative Karate and is considered to be one of the greatest martial artists of the 20th century. Master Reyes is a consultant to the film and television industry, working with stars such as Wesley Snipes.

Tony Robbins


Tony Robbins is one of the greatest self-help authors and inspirational gurus of our time. A Black Belt tae kwon do martial artist, Robbins is considered an expert in the field of the psychology of business leadership and personal motivation.

The Extreme Success Academy and NAPMA will recognize these unsung heroes for their work, and invite them to pass along the secrets of their success to attendees.

Improve Your School Operations from “A to Z” New at this year’s Academy is an extra day of study and information gathering, the “A to Z” Blueprint Day, which will be offered prior to the Extreme Success Academy conference. An entire day will be devoted strictly to the details of operating a martial arts school: Classes and discussions with all of the nuts and bolts information about how to generate new students, teach more effective classes, improve your student retention, payments and collections, curriculum planning and class scheduling and much more. Great schools have a great curriculum. “Your teaching skill is measured by student retention, upgrade percentage and Black Belt graduation percentage, not by your lineage or how tough you make it for the White Belts,” says Oliver. Attendees will have access to discussions on the five primary systems for curriculum management, including traditional, block style, true rotating, modular rotating and age-specific programs. Participants can learn how to more effectively teach material and provide the best service to their students. (See sidebar on page 14 for more information about these discussions.) The aspect of running a business most despised by school owners is payments and collections. This year’s conference will explore ways to make this potential headache a well-run, efficient cash machine. “In the early days of martial arts schools, class scheduling was simple. Now with the increasing complexity of services being offered, we have to create better strategies for effective scheduling. We are revealing some ways our members can accomplish this goal,“ says Colasanti. “One of my big issues as a school owner is locking the back door to keep the students interested and involved in classes,” commented Toby Milroy, NAPMA vice president of sales and marketing. “We have designed a course for the conference’s “A to Z” Blueprint Day that will solve that problem for school owners.” Taking full advantage of the marketing expertise of Stephen Oliver, the “A to Z” Blueprint Day will disclose the most effective student marketing and retention programs martial arts schools can use. This course will help our members with strategies for lead generation, upgrading students and maximizing income potential from every student. Oliver says, “It would be great if both a high percentage of your students train to Black Belt and beyond, and they are really good when they get there. However, without focused and aggressive marketing of your school, and without A to Z systems to make your business successful, you’ll sit there and bleed to death. “Now don’t get me wrong. I hope you do have a great cur-

Chris Hurn

al, le Commercial Capit The CFO of Mercanti , ied up cc g owner-o LLC, Chris is the leadin der in Florida and y len commercial propert financial mover and the Southeast. This 07 a member of the 20 shaker was named te compaiva pr ing row t-g tes 500 fas Inc. Magazine list of . ca eri Am in s nie

Sang Koo K ang

l, Korea, Master Sang Originally from Seou -certified yookon iw kk Koo Kang is a Ku Belt) and has been ck Bla ee gr De hdan (6t a community since rid Flo h ut serving the So the r cto and director of 1990 as Chief Instru on ati ern is int Schools. Master Sang inning youth Sang Tae Kwon Do -w ard his successful, aw of martial ally recognized for g the core elements zin asi ph em self-control. programs d an ce line, perseveran cip dis ct, pe res s: art

Toby Milroy

Black Belt and Vice Toby is a 4th-Degree A, d Marketing at NAPM President of Sales an stars of the industry, ing and is one of the ris ossing $500,000 an and owns a school gr s ha He s. nt de stu d lle nually with 200 enro ponse marketing es of direct res mastered the principl dynamic success record. a for and Internet sales

Lee Milteer

and productivity Lee is a performance ker, and is the ea sp d an coach, author g naire Smarts Coachin founder of The Millio d ine tra d unseled an Program. She has co ople with her prepe n llio mi a an th more Disney, AT&T ations such as Walt sentations at organiz agencies. nt me rn reds of gove and NASA, plus hund PBS and other on ed air ve ha s ram Her educational prog Canada. ughout the U.S. and cable networks thro

Stephen Oliver

d operates Mile High Stephen founded an ul martial arts ssf Karate, a super-succe e Marketing, and is th gh Hi le Mi d an l oo sch al ion dit tra st m the mo CEO of NAPMA. Fro ilt ee Institute, he’s bu Rh n oo Jh e th s, root the en tak s at’ th nchise organization 8th an r, ive an international fra Ol en ph ief Master Ste industry by storm. Ch Kwon Do holds a Master’s Tae Degree Black Belt in ) from the Administration (MBA ee (AB) with Degree in Business gr and a Bachelor’s De ington, D.C. University of Denver, sh Wa ty, rsi town Unive Honors from George


Your employees will learn valuable skills not only from experts in the field of school operations, but also from each other — gaining access to unique and effective solutions being devised by staffers from schools all over the country.

Power up your staff at the academy As a school owner, you can’t afford to have a staff that is not as exquisitely trained in customer service as in martial arts. Take advantage of the information offered to help your staff reach their maximum potential with these sessions at NAPMA’s Extreme Success Academy Extended Staff Training Day. How to Transform Information Calls into Paying Students You know how valuable an Information call is. Ensure that your effort in getting marketing materials into the community to get the phone to ring pay off, with an effective phone sales presentation delivered by any of your staffers. It’s the first step towards gaining a new student, and NAPMA’s experts and your most successful peers will show your staff how it’s done. How the First Three Minutes of a Phone Call Determine Prospect or Customer Is the person who answers the phone skilled enough, charismatic enough, and knowledgeable enough to communicate your message to the prospective student with such clarity that they literally are compelled to visit your school? We’ll arm your staff members with “The Four P’s,” a simple, yet immensely effective procedure for turning information calls into new students — 92% of the time. Your staffers will learn to confidently and competently handle prospective students’ questions and articulately communicate to them all the benefits of training in your school.


Plug the “Hole in the Bucket” and Keep Your Students Motivated How to keep hard-earned customers motivated to stay with and grow with your school. Learn how to establish a personal connection with your students and produce great retention rates. We’ll help your staff understand how important it is to build that personal relationship with those they teach, and show them easy, “tried and true” systems for student follow-up. Non-Confrontational Methods for Renewals and Upgrades Many of the most successful schools in the country generate a large majority of revenue through upgrade programs that spark continued renewals. This one strategy has been proven to double, triple or quadruple a school’s revenues. Staff work is essential to such success, and we’ll show your instructors exactly how to achieve these results for you. Accountability and Entrepreneurial Thinking for Staff Members As your school grows, you will be faced with the realization that you can no longer be a “one-man band.” Unfortunately, employees rarely have the same goals as you. In this session, we will help your staff members understand how to contribute to you school’s growth and take responsibility for their results, rather than just their activities. We’ll help them understand how important their roles

are building the school, and why they must continue their education in the martial arts business as well as the martial arts! And More… The Extended Staff Training Day covers even more success-oriented techniques and information staffers at any level can use. • Doing the work right the first time. • The simplest system ever devised to allow your staff to accurately track statistics and performance. • Collecting delinquent payments without offending your student or parent. • Quick and easy lead follow up systems that generate new students. • Customer relations and how to resolve student issues. • Setting the ground rules for your students, so they don’t become “difficult” customers. This is a special time set aside for the true unsung heroes of the martial arts industry — the staff workers who put in the hours, know each student personally, and dedicate themselves to the success — and profits — of your school. Repay them by equipping each with the knowledge and confidence to return to work recharged and ready to add more value to your programs. For more information, visit

riculum. You may be the best and brightest, but if you don’t get the word out, well, you will have 20 or 25 students,” according to Oliver. Many of our members have expressed a desire to take their businesses to the next level with multi-facility operations. An entire course will be devoted to how this can be accomplished, while avoiding the major pitfalls and problems this kind of expansion can cause.

The Pit Is Coming to the NAPMA Extreme Success Academy! Learn about becoming part of The Pit Ohana (family). The Pit is an instructional style of Hawaiian Kempo originated by John Hackleman in 1985. The Pit is the training camp to some of the world’s top martial artists and fighters, but you don’t have to want to be a UFC champion to train like one. Learn the training methods used by Hackleman to create some of the best fighters in the world. AccordChuck “The Iceman” Liddell ing to Cesar Gracie, “[Hackleman is] simply the best MMA striking coach out there. They just don’t make them like Hackleman these days. To have the opportunity to be trained by him is the opportunity to be trained by a legend in the industry. He has earned John Hackleman the utmost respect of his students and peers.” The Pit program is a blend of six different martial arts and fitness programs. Increase the credibility of your school by becoming an affiliate. Gain access to weekly lesson plans, the official Pit curriculum from White to Black Belt. information about class structure and be part of The Pit Web site. “John Hackleman understands what it takes to get you physically, mentally, and spiritually prepared for anything that comes your way, inside “The Pit” and out,” says Anthony Robbins, Peak Performance Coach to The Pit and Chuck Liddell. The first 100 NAPMA members to register for the Extreme Success Academy will receive an autographed copy of Chuck Liddell’s biography and a photo opportunity with Hackleman or Liddell (subject to availability).

Roland Osborne

st of the Discovery Osborne, former ho ck r, is a 5th-Degree Bla rrio Channel’s Go Wa d an m, ste Sy rate Belt, Red Dragon Ka ar ck Belt. This superst 1st-Degree Judo Bla 150 an th re mo of an ter school owner and ve 25 an th re mo oduced and directed Becoming a tournaments has pr e book, th of or th au As s. instructional video fers conference ide Out, Osborne of Black Belt from the Ins d competition an ts s lifestyle insigh art al rti ma es de en att esident of techniques. He is pr

Chris Pizzo

e nds of soldiers, polic Loved by the thousa ks fol r ula reg d an rs ye of ficers, doctors, law Chris Piz zo is a selfain n he has trained, Capt o has become an ico defense instructor wh lf-defense industry. Chris and leader in the se ld Medal Champion, A U.S. Grappling Go karate, in ls da me d an ies 7 troph share ll has a remarkable 14 wi zo Piz u, and boxing. arts with judo, Brazilian jiu jits al rti ma e th in ph trium his personal story of es. de en att ce ren nfe co

Bring Out the Full Potential of Your Team with the Extended Staff Training Sessions

Jhoon Rhee

lt, th-Degree Black Be World-renowned 10 er th Fa e th is known as Grand Master Rhee his , 76 e ag At . Do on of American Tae Kw ch “a 100 years of current goal is to rea re than 60 old body.” With mo wisdom in a 21-year. and 65 in the U.S e th in s dio Do stu affiliated Tae Kwon r Rhee is truly a ste Ma Union), Grand C.I.S. (former Soviet . rtial arts instruction leading pioneer in ma m Korean to the United States Af ter immigrating fro Rhee distinguished himself Master in the 1950’s, Grand ts Reagan and has served Presiden d an as a loyal patriot tives. physical fitness initia Bush, Sr. on various

Jeff Smith

is Champion Jeff Smith Former Kickboxing on Kw e Ta in r ste Ma lt Be a 9th-Degree Black to more than 40 years Do, and has devoted operd an ns ow y ntl rre cu the martial arts. He de officiatand travels worldwi rs nte ce e rat ka ee seminars. g ates thr tin uc nd co teaching and Light ld ing at tournaments, or the seven-time “W was the He is best known as ith Sm r ste Ma e Champion.” in the ed list Heav yweight Karat ’s Bruce Lee Award. He first recipient of the l Arts. Who’s Who of Martia

A special program track for the employees of NAPMA members will be offered to maximize the effectiveness of your staff by turning them into true team members. Your employees will learn valuable skills not only from experts in the field of school


The Extreme Success Academy is tailored for entrepreneurial, forward-thinking school owners who are focused on operating successful businesses, and specifically addresses those who want to build substantial futures for themselves and their families.

improve school operations “A to z” The “A to Z” Blueprint Day sessions are designed to address the practical issues of school management facing owners today. During a full day devoted specifically to training and education on school operations, without the distractions of the fullbore conference, you’ll be able to join in discussions with experts in the field and successful peer owners, and walk away with a “blueprint” you can use to build your own school:

Scheduling and Class “Blocking” Twenty years ago, creating your class schedule was easy, with just a limited number of classes offered each day. Today it is a much more complex task. Regardless of your present class schedule, this session will reveal the strategies that the most successful owners use each day to simplify their lives while offering what their customers demand. We’ll also

more opportunities and programs from which to choose. This session will outline the details of the most common programs in the industry, and how you can adapt them for your school. Bringing New Students Into Your School Predictably and Reliably The lifeblood of a martial arts school is a consistent influx of new students, and every successful school owner is hyper-focused on marketing and lead generation to acquire those new customers. This session will share some of the most effective new student marketing systems in use throughout the industry and how they apply to any school, including yours. Multi-School Operations Strategies

Creating Payment, Billing and Collections Systems Most school owners hate being a bill collector, facing the never-ending chore of collecting the money from sales to new students and dealing with billing problems or delinquent accounts. This session will explore options and tools available to school owners that take you out of the collection cycle and establish a system to handle these necessary tasks sensitively and efficiently.


unveil some simple strategies that will help you motivate your students to stay focused on their goals, practice harder, and upgrade regularly, just by structuring your class schedule effectively. Program Management Strategies to Improve Long Term Student Retention In today’s modern martial arts school, one size does not fit all. Learn from the school owners who have realized they must offer their students

Many school owners are interested in branching out into a multi-school system. Avoiding the hazards of starting more than one school is breathtakingly complex, and mistakes can cause you go broke, be sued, alienate friends and families and even serve federal jail time. This session covers the major pitfalls to be avoided, and includes proven strategies from successful multi-school operators. For more information on the “A to Z” Blueprint day at the Extreme Success Academy, visit

operations, but also each other and gain access to effective solutions being devised by schools across the nation, helping them learn to go the extra step for your students, which in turn will boost your business. “Lock the back door” on student retention with extra training and new staff skills. Skills to be covered include: handling information calls and walk-ins, upgrading your students to Black Belt club members, motivating students, tracking student progress and much more. Take advantage of this special opportunity for staff development at a half-price rate reserved for employees only. For more information about the Extended Staff Training Session, see the sidebar on page 12, or visit

The NAPMA Inner Circle Panel of Experts and Master-Mind Facilitiators NAPMA Inner Circle experts will make key contributions to this year’s Extreme Success Academy. Many have been in our industry for 20, 30 or more years. You may not know their names, but that¹s because they¹re busy running single- and multiple-school operations, every day; some single schools gross as much as $1,00,000+ per year. Be sure to attend the NAPMA Inner Circle Group and take the opportunity toreview your questions, ideas and challenges with these successful school owners. Al Bartlinski, Karate Super Center, Glen Burnie, MD. School owner and managing partner for Bartlinski and Associates, Master Bartlinski has won national recognition for his antibullying programs. Les Connard, Kim’s Hapkido, Monrovia, CA. Connard owns seven highly-rated schools in California with Grandmaster Kim, 7th-Degree Black Belt as head instructor.

The Place to Be to Make Your School an Extreme Success According to Rob Colasanti, “The quality and focus of all the sessions and courses have been upgraded, and more educational resources and materials will be available for you to take home to your school.” “This year’s Extreme Success Academy will mark the beginning of a new direction for NAPMA. All of our members deserve the success and rewards previously earned by only a select few in the martial arts industry,“ according to Colasanti. “You’ve must realize that 50 to 80% of your business is about marketing and sales processes. You must always be thinking of your year as a whole and of the coming months as parts,” says Oliver. “Certainly, most schools are doing too little to promote their school. ‘Build it and they will come’ works only in the movies.” The Extreme Success Academy is tailored for entrepreneurial, forward-thinking school owners who are focused on operating successful businesses, and specifically addresses those who want to build substantial futures for themselves and their families. An ideal structured opportunity to network and brainstorm with your peers — helping each other solve problems and create new opportunities. There really is no good excuse not to have a thriving school, you have all the tools available through NAPMA to make an excellent living and create the highest quality students. At this year’s Extreme Success Academy, secrets will be revealed and lives will be changed as NAPMA members gather for this historic event. Evolved and improved from the old NAPMA World Conference, the Extreme Success Academy will truly be a place of learning, of experimentation, of comradery and a demontration to the world of the professional approach NAPMA members have towards the martial arts. You can’t afford to miss MAPro this unique gathering.

Chuck Crone, Crone’s Tae Kwon Do School, New Kingstown, PA. Master Crone, a 4th-Degree Black Belt, has studied under Grandmaster Saipoon Chang. He is an active member of NAPMA, participating in multiple seminars. Matt Dorsey, Martial Arts America, Rochester, NY. Sensei Dorsey is a 7th-Degree Black Belt Isshin Ryu Karate and has more than 30 years of martial arts experience. Charles Dudley, Black Belt Fitness Center, San Antonio, TX. Master Dudley, 5th-Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and 4th-Degree in Kung Jung Mu Sul, a student himself under Grandmaster Soon Tae Yang. Dusty Everson. Everson’s Karate and Cardio Kickboxing, Robbinsville NJ. Master Everson, a 6th-Degree Dan, has been training students for 14 years at his 3,000-square-foot facility in New Jersey. Mark Kline, Kaizen Martial Arts, Piscataway, NJ. Master Kline, 7th-Degree Black Belt in Kyusho Jitsu, founded his school in 1992. He has produced 25 DVD and authored one book about the martial arts. Mark McGee, Unlimited Success Martial Arts, Allen, TX. Master Mark McGee, owner and chief instructor, is currently a Sam Dan (3rd-Degree) in Tang Soo Do under the Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation. Jonathan Metcalf, Integrity Martial Arts, Enfield CT. Chief instructor and studio manager, Metcalf is a 4th-Degree Yodan Black Belt. He holds a B.A. in East Asian Studies from Wesleyan University. Ace Ramirez, Infinite Martial Sports Camp,Bergenfield NJ. Chief Instructor and director of operations, Master Ramirez teaches Tae Kwon Do, Gung Fu, Boxing, Filipino Martial Arts, Muay Thai and Combat Submission Grappling. Eric Sbarge, The Peaceful Dragon, Charlotte NC. Master Sbarge has trained for more than 25 years in Tai Chi Ch’uan, Pakua, Hsing-I, Shuai Chiao and Shaolin Kung Fu. Master Sbarge has written articles for Inside Kung-Fu, and Black Bel. Joseph Walker, Academy of Okinawan Karate, Peoria IL. Shihan Joseph Walker, 8th-Degree Black Belt, is winner of the 2006 International Shuri-Ryu Association First Ambassador Award and 2006 Masters Division Kata World Championship. Keith Wilkes, Fear Knot, Elizabethtown PA. Master Keith Wilkes, president and head instructor, is a published author and speaker with a life goal of exposing students to the lifechanging benefits of martial arts training. Jason Yi, U. S. TKD College, Woodbridge VA. Master instructor Jason J. Yi , a 6th-Dan Black Belt, comes from a family of Black Belts. Winner of multiple grand-championships, he believes his accomplishments as a teacher are the highlights of his career.



Reasons Why Attending the 2008 Napma Extreme Success Academy May Be the Most Important Thing You Do this Year...

Martial arts icons and legends share their professional and career secrets. Meet, take photos with and learn from these living legends. Hear their stories of how they professionalized their school operations and teaching methods. You’ll work with industry icons, such as Grand Masters Jhoon Rhee, Jeff Smith, Joe Lewis and Stephen Hayes.

The “Success Underground” is a group of top school owners from the United States and the world. You may not have heard of them, since they’re not on the speaking circuit trying to sell you a book, CD or other programs; however, they are in the trenches like you, making systems and processes work for their schools, styles and systems. Here’s your opportunity to learn from their experiences and successes.

Meet with successful school owners in what may be the most valuable part of the entire event. These are school owners who grew from your current level and are now grossing high numbers, teaching big student bases, and managing their lifestyles, effectively. These are NAPMA Inner Circle and Stephen

Oliver’s Coaching and Millionaire Wealth members who can share with you how to maximize income from a small school or how to grow to $100,000 or more per month in revenue.

Martial arts business and school operations gurus and experts and the top martial arts business, school operations, marketing and teaching experts share with you their insights and observations of our industry. You’ll learn from marketing guru Stephen Oliver, NAPMA President Rob Colasanti, Chris Pizzo and many others.

Learn how to become a celebrity in your town or city and how to develop a “Millionaire Mindset.” You’ll interact with and learn from the top experts in their fields, including Lee Milteer, Paul Hartunian and many others.

Learn “The Pit Methods” from the legends that train UFC, K-1 and other world champion fighters. John Hackleman, Chuck Liddell and others will show you how they’ve trained championship fighters, while retaining traditional training methods. 5601 116th Avenue North Clearwater, FL 33760


September 26–28, 2008 Clearwater Beach Hilton Clearwater Beach, Florida

On the 25th anniversary of Mile High Karate, you’ll learn our methodology and secrets to longevity in your community as well as “behind the scenes” marketing and Black Belt development methods from trainers and school operators, such as Frank Brown, Robert Lewis, Mike Bidwell, Matt Young and Ranolfo Gonzales.

Learn the wealth strategies that will help you buy a school building or shopping center. Learn alternative wealth strategies, using real estate and other methods. Meet the bankers and develop the details to move to a long-term wealth position and create your retirement fund.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary event. Take a moment and sign up now at to reserve your place and receive substantial Members-Only Early-Bird Discounts.

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