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Sepetember, 2009

VOL. 01 NO. 01

Wells International School ON NUT New Technology New


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2  85 MagaZine Super Sized EDITION

Message from the Headmaster

Vol. 1, No. 1

Welcome Back Wells International School begins every year with a simple, yet fundamental, question: How can we continue to improve as a world-class educational institution? This passion to grow and refine our school continually drives us to develop new

In its infancy stage, it is to be expected that school-produced media be a bit rough around the edges.

strategies and research-driven programs to ensure that

However, a sure sign of Wells Inter-

we offer only the highest quality learning experience.

national School truly developing into

Indeed, this academic term—our first as a full member of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the first to see off a graduating senior class—brings a

a reputable educational institution is the emergence of high-quality, student-produced media, such as last year’s Wells Yearbook. This year, the

multitude of changes and innovations, all intended to ICT Department rides on last year’s provide the students under our care with a balanced, inclusive education that will truly prepare them to be global citizens and lifelong learners.

success with the premiere of not only a couple of new print media productions, but also Wells first video news magazine Wells Rewind, further reinforcing Wells’ commitment to pre-

Recognizing that the most vital transformations often result from small

changes, we have continued to develop the familial atmosphere of the campus through the addition of homeroom teams and mascots at the secondary level. These teams serve as a competitive, yet friendly, means to motivate students to both support one another and achieve their full potential. Another equally significant event is the addition of several new, highly qualified instructors, all of whom complement the talented, conscientious teaching staff. All instructors, new and returning, encounter frequent opportunities for professional development through workshops, collaborative sessions and Wells’ ground-breaking in-house graduate courses. In order to offer much needed guidance and support, a fulltime counselor has also joined the Wells team, providing a means for students to express their difficulties and concerns in a positive, constructive manner.

Yet all of these additions

paring our students for their future as well-rounded, effective communicators and global citizens. I trust you will enjoy reading through the premier issue of 85 Magazine, which celebrates the skills and accomplishments of our talented student journalists, photographers, graphic designers, and future technology gurus. I would like to thank Mr. Joseph and the entire 85 Magazine staff for the enormous amount of dedication and time needed to make its launching a

would be insufficient if not

success. As we embark on this next

for an extensive, progressive

leg of Wells’ extraordinary journey,

educational curriculum. Given

I am confident that such successes

the use of English as the

will help steer us toward our goal

standard of communication,

of both regional and international

steady language acquisition


remains a priority, and the implementation of the Fast ForWord program ensures that our younger learners will be 2

Ray D. de la Peña, Headmaster Wells International School – On Nut Campus

Vol. 1, No. 1  85 MagaZine Super Sized EDITION  3

fully prepared for the robust demands of our secondary program. Secondary students receive intensive reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary

Changing with


in language arts courses, solidifying

by Ivory Chang

vice in Thailand is to be volun-

past knowledge and providing

The National Taipei Col-

teers by teaching Chinese and

TOEFL examinations and university

lege of Nursing Informa-

computer technology in the Col-

entrance requirements. Similarly, the

tion and Computer Ser-

lege of Asian Scholars, which is

allowed many students to develop

vice Group visited Wells

located in Khon Kaen City.”

their mathematics skills at previously

International School on

rigorous preparation for SAT 10 and

launch of the Wells Math Program has

unattainable rates, as well as receive highly individualized attention from

August 21st. The chairman,

the diligent instructors. Not to be

Mr. Chang, welcomed the

outdone, the science, social studies, fine arts and other departments have

visiting guests at On Nut

continued to refine their offerings,

campus and gave a speech

focusing on a holistic approach that accentuates critical thinking and

entitled “Changing with

practical applications. Finally, several

Opportunity,” in which Mr.

other computer programs in the administrative sphere have facilitated a

Chang shared many of his

streamlined tracking system for student

valuable life experiences

progress and curriculum development, guaranteeing that all students receive consistent, measurable assessments

with them. The purpose of the ser-

and individualized attention.

Despite such rapid growth and

changes, Wells International School remains committed first and foremost to the students themselves. We take pride in the inclusion of both students and parents in the learning process and look forward to further developing that bond through heightened collaboration and involvement, including by taking a more active role in serving the surrounding community. Though the new term has brought its own unique challenges and obstacles, our teachers and students have sought to face those obstacles head-on, determined to once again prove that Wells deserves its place in the top tier of Thailand’s international schools.


4  85 MagaZine Super Sized EDITION

Vol. 1, No. 1

Parent Orientation On Friday, August 21st, Wells welcomed our parents back to school. Parents were reminded that they are the most valuable resources in their children’s lives, and we strongly encourage parents to work hand in hand with the school to help our students succeed. Parents that attended the orientation were: •

Introduced to the Wells faculty

Given an overview of the Wells International School curriculum

Informed about WASC accreditation updates

Introduced to our new academic programs

Familiarized with and wellsonline

Parents that were not able to attend the orientation will have another chance for parents to learn more about this exciting new year at Wells. We would like to have our families help set up our first Parent Teacher Association. On September 10th we will be hosting a parent meeting for our middle and high school students. On September 17th the parents of primary students will be invited as well to help create the best learning environment for their students. Students and are better off when parents participate in the educational process. Parents are invaluable to their children, our staff and the entire Wells community. Parental involvement occurs in a variety of different ways. We would like our parent body to be involved in planning fairs, concerts, volunteering in the classroom, on the sports field or just by supporting a positive environment that enriches and supplements students through awareness. The WPTA gives parents the ability to be on campus, get to know their children’s friends and teachers and form lasting friendships. We look forward to having all of our parents attend these upcoming meetings. During the meeting we would also like to help parents even further understand our new academic programs. Details and demonstrations on the will be available. Please don’t miss this opportunity. Once again, WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL and please feel free to contact the office if you have any concerns or questions.


Wells Update

by Gautham & Alina

Vol. 1, No. 1  85 MagaZine Super Sized EDITION  5

Back at Last

As days passed, we were introduced to

When the new school year started after two

many new things that the school had re-

months of vacation, we were really excited to

cently implemented. This year we get to

finally come back to school. During the holidays,

work with many new programs. Many stu-

we were away from most of our friends. On the

dents who did not have the opportunity to

first day of school we were all very excited to

participate in Fast ForWord last year were

see our friends and meet our teachers again.

able to do so this year. We believe that Fast

The halls were bustling with joy and laughter.

ForWord is a good program to improve our

Everyone was excited to tell each other how

English ability, especially our listening skills.

their holidays went.

We were also introduced to ALEKS. Some students participated last year; now all students in grades 5-12 are involved. We feel this program is really helping our math abilities.


WELLS INTERNATTIONAL SCHO OOL                                                                        www.wells‐ 

The grade 12 students have also been in-

Cu urricu ulum m

troduced to a program called APEX. This program offers credits that can be used

Though sm maller than maany internation nal schools in Bangkok, B Wellls has sought too provide a brooad curriculum. In addition to core c a language arts, mathematicss, science and social s studies classes, the followin ng d at elective courrses are offered the elementaary level: musicc, computer sccience, drama, art, a physical edu ucation, Thai culture, Thaai language, En nglish support, Japanese, Hindi, French, Mandarin Chinese and T Thee Mandarin Taiwanese. secondary caampus at On Nut, N in addition to t the above electives, also a offers choiir, instrumentaal music, visuall art and dance. After school activities and clubs c include debate, piano, Taekwondo, swimmingg, ballet, baskettball, soccer and he 4th Europeaan Union-Thaiiland d cricket. In th I Deebate Champioonship [5], held d on March 299 - April 1 of 2008, 2 Well's deebate team defeeated National Intervarsity the defend ding champs to o win first prize.

when working on your college degree. This helps prepare our school seniors for university level classes. There have also been other changes in our school. There are new rooms, including a classroom for the grade 12 students. This will be the first batch of graduating seniors from Wells International School. This year we also have LCD TVs and a computer in every room. Teachers can also use the internet and show videos to help students understand concepts better. Students can also use this to present their own findings. The event that we are all looking forward to this year is the graduation of our seniors. All of the grade twelves are working hard to

wells85@wellss‐ E‐mail: w  

Paage 3 

graduate this year. This is the Wells update for September. The students, teachers and the school staff are all excitedly looking forward to the upcoming events that are going to keep this school year interesting.

Good Job Nitcha Seahawk Pride by Mr. Joseph Nitcha did an excellent job in

by Jay and Shin Following the beginning of the semester, the players of Wells have started

both style and design on last their effort to become champions of TISAC. Although last year was the first we weeks’ lesson on document for- participated in TISAC, we won several games. Our under 13 team even won the matting. She was able to recre- championship. Now we have great teams that will only continue to improve. We ate the look and feel of an old are much more organized and skilled players than ever before. I believe we have newspaper.

a bright future. To help our school, we should all cheer for our Well’s teams! 5

6  85 MagaZine Super Sized EDITION

Vol. 1, No. 1

My blog will be my online portfolio. It will have games and other fun stuff, too. I have icons on my home page to help you find the links to other pages. My favorite flash game is Age of War; I don’t play anything other than that. Anyway, if you want me to add a video or game to my blog, please inform me by leaving a comment on my blog. It is not fully finished, and I’m sorry for leaving some pages empty. Gobind, Grade 9B A while ago the school let us make our own WordPress blogs. We’re supposed to post articles and anything else that we’re interested in. It has to be educational and appropriate for young students. I already posted some of my assignments and essays that I did as homework. I think this is a good opportunity to improve our skills at blog-making. Most of all, though, we can have a lot of fun blogging and working with each other. Gautham, Grade 9A Hi, This is my online portfolio. You can find various things such as games, tutorials and more. This blog is mostly educational purposes. This blog was created for all ages. Visith’s Area is a fun area where I will post games and funny videos. The purpose of Visith’s Area is for entertainment. In the tutorials section I will be posting tutorials from different software. There might be some tutorials that you are sure to be interested in. Visith, Grade 9A 6

Vol. 1, No. 1  85 MagaZine Vol. 1,Super No. 1  Sized 85 MagaZine  EDITION  7

Introducing the

Primary Department

It has been a full specific classes taug ht by three differen t teachers. Whether it is lang new academic scho uage arts, science, ol year social studies or math, the stud ents have had an for our students in opportunity to gain the Primary from the teachers who ar e experts in their Department. Everyo fields. Classes for ne is excited to Grades 1 through 3 remain in the same compositi return after the su on in which the ho mmer break, and meroom once again they are teachers teach all co re subjects. thrilled to continue their journey of le arning in a wellOur primary studen nurtured ts have already be and caring environ en involved in vari ment that is provid ous ed at Wells Intern pr ojects in class. Th ational Sc ey have demonstra hool. ted their zeal for learning by getting into coop erative groups and To start with, we building their foun have amongst us th dation of ree new teachers in understanding the the subject content. Th Primary Departmen is has provided ou t. Ms. Mary Ferris r students , from America, is an opportunity of our Grade a fun way to inte 1 homeroom teache ract with other st r. Ms. Rekha Sach udents dej is our Grade 2 and their teachers homeroom to make learning teacher. She is from fun. In addition Guam. Mr. Aaron to the Davis, who is also implementation of from SS R (Sustained Sile America, is our Gr nt Reading), Wells ade 3 teacher. They primary have all been welco students have show med and n pe rseverance in read well greeted by al ing. The Wells prim l members of the school. ary students are defini te ly go ing to have a year On the academic side, the structure filled with fun an of classes for our d upper primary educational opport unities to strive an students in Grades d shine as bright 4 & 5 has been pa individuals. rtitioned into subj ect swing beginning to a

Mrs. Prerna


8  85 MagaZine Super Sized EDITION

Vol. 1, No. 1


Language arts and Social Studies Language Arts

Social Studies by Mr. William

by Mr. Rhys

We are fortunate to

The Social Studies

Department is excited

have started this

about what the 2009-2010

new year with two

school year will manifest.

highly qualified and

So far this year, the Grade 6 students are learning

enthusiastic new

about early humans,

teachers: a warm

the Grade 7 students

welcome to Mr. Joe

are studying about Rome, and the Grade 8 and 9 students are

and Ms. Maneka.

studying about the Renaissance.

Mr. Joe teaches

Grades 6, 7 and also High School 2 (Grade 10). Ms. Maneka teaches TOEFL for

Every month, the Social Studies Department will showcase

special events in some of the classes. This month, we will describe one of Mr. Bob’s classes.

Grades 11 and 12, and also ESL students in Grades 7 to 12. They join Mr. Jared, who teaches High School 1 (Grade 9), and Mr Rhys, who teaches Grade 8 and High School 3 and 4

The students of Mr. Bob’s Personal Financial Management

class have been given 200,000 dollars to invest. Some students have purchased homes or condos on the beach, whereas others

(Grades 11 and 12). Dr. Del teaches ESL students in the high

have bought mutual funds or stocks. Actually, they were given


pretend money to invest because Mr. Bob did not have enough

Our big drive this year is to improve the fluency of our

students through reading and to increase vocabulary. To this

money to give to everyone. No, seriously! Mr. Bob has set up an exciting investment simulation for the students to learn about how to manage their personal finances. From week to week, Mr.

end, in the middle school we are on a drive to read much

Bob will be presenting the students with “Real Estate Chance


Cards” that will positively or negatively affect their mock real

In the U.S. native English speakers in middle school

are expected to read 1,000,000 words a year. This is the

estate investments. Some students may “make a killing” on the stock market, but

others may go bankrupt.

Along the

way, there will be some

equivalent of 11 pages (2,550 words) a day!


Regardless, the students

will learn a lot

about how to deal with

There is talk of prizes for the widest read, greatest

readers and also the most effort in each year. More later!

From Grades 6 to 12 we are also concentrating

on vocabulary. This is not only for the SAT tests in Grade 12 but also - obviously - for more fluent students who can express themselves confidently and articulately. Watch this spot for more information on both these and other topics in future issues! 8


Vol. 1, No. 1  85 MagaZine Super Sized EDITION  9

Introducing the

Science Department

Feel the Power of My Science by Mr. Brian

John Hopkins will be offered this year for gifted students. For more information just ask your friendly science teacher!



t’s been a busy start for the science de-

lready there have been

partment this year. The implementation


of our new comprehensive courses as

school; Grade 11 and 12

preparation for taking AP science course in

students, in the environmental sci-

later years and a healthy array of experiments

ences course, investigated and ana-

and activities have seen both students and

lyzed ecosystems and water qual-

teachers excited and challenged. This month

ity from several local water bodies.

both middle school and high school students

Results will be coming out soon,

have been busy learning the scientific method so that they can begin investigating the world around them.


e are particularly excited about the offers available through the science department this year. We will be facilitating and organizing trips, including the

possibility of going to space camp in the USA! Internships, work experiences and even high level courses through universities like

Gautham’s Sudoku *****


but preliminary results confirm our concerns about the health of canal water in Thailand. Environmental scientists used Secchi discs, TDS meters and chemical analysis techniques to compare the water content of the different samples.


ack in the laboratory students continue to analyze and experiment in all areas of science.


10  85 MagaZine Super Sized EDITION

Vol. 1, No. 1

Introducing the

Math Department Our brand new system incorporates technology with traditional strategies, bringing a unique and exciting learning experience to our students. The seamless combination of ALEKS software, textbooks, practice workbooks and cross-curricular projects is bringing increased meaning and depth to our students’ perception and understanding of the world. Along with the introduction of the ALEKS program, we managed to integrate the important elements of traditional classroom instruction and individual attention. ‘Peer-to peer’ learning is an important aspect of our system

and students will be encouraged to help each other using our TNT (Teach Not Tell) strategy. The system has no boundaries; some students may finish their grade level before the end of the school year. This is part of the beauty of ALEKS. Students aren’t restricted to their grade level; the sky is the limit. Students are also working on cross curricular projects in groups of various sizes, ranging from individual and pair work to collaborations with other classes. This project work brings math alive and shows real life applications and context. They’re given tasks relevant to their current learning goals and are assessed on ability to work as part of a team as well as their findings. Our system will continue to grow and improve as the year unfolds. It will flex to meet the learning needs of the students as new ideas will be incorporated. Our eyes and our ears are always open to new ideas; please get involved. -Department of Mathematics

Welcome New Students and Teachers Grade 1A Theethut Vichitchoti Thanat Mei Michellie Reis De Sooza Pattaraporn Sakaorattanakul Bavornpath Valaisathien Riddhi Rupeshkumar Tandon Mahinsa Samanali Arun Schroder Prasanth Giri Neelam Jirath Tansukawat Albin Joseph Akkara Saranya Kongpradab Hoo Sung Lee Nattanan Chaemcharat-anothai Natcharee Chaemcharat-anothai Eun Ji Sim Aryaan Dial Silva Ari

Perth Ten Michelle Patty Pau Piah Riddhi Mahinsa Peter Prasanth Dan Albin Kay Hubert Pu Pup Eun Ji Aryaan

Grade 2A Aryan Baid Yu Jin Shin

Aryan Yu Jin

Grade 3A Bhoowit Lerttiendamrong


Grade 4A Siripreeya Ammaranantakij


Grade 4B Chae Jin Shin Beom Jin Kim Saharat Raruairuen Kanak Tak Grade 5A Thanaphat Pitwavivit Kittipot Ratsamee Jooh Ah Lee 10


Cindy BeomJin Arh Pavi Book Fiat Jessica

Grade 6B Alisha Kishin Dayaram Reo Mizuno Jaroonroj Boubpawan Arlindo Chan Borges Angelo Chan Borges Kirara Kubo Ji Hyun Ryu Rishika Sirsachdecha So Young An Mark Pasong Kaito Yamamichi Dhivesh Anand Kumar Sirin Trinetkamol Siraphat Ammaranantakij Sanjana Baid Eun Chae Shin Nattacha Lertraikul Anisha Dodani Grade 7A Pisit Aimsathaporn Grade 7B Shir Lee Akazawa Natalya Teresa Silva Grade 8A Gyeong Yi Lo Grade 8B Swasti Tak Grade 9A Atima Kreemaha Yi An Feng

Alisha Reo James Arlindo Angelo Kilala Ji Hyun Rishika So Young Mark Kaito Dhivesh Sirin Pleng Sanjana Eun Chae Book Anisha Mos Shirlee Nat Dana Aashi Mang-Por Annie

Grade 9B Ittisak Aimsathaporn Wongsatorn Prasertthavorn Piyathida Piyapornsiri Grade 10A Xin Kai Dong Chanakan Dangwang Grade 10B Siradanai Chaomuangbon Xin Xian He Sarali Phutiphat Grade 11A Arada Arayawuth Krittayaporn Dhadasih Saran Singsacha

Golf Jeep Pare Dong Pat Joseph Tiffany Tang-Or Darling Dream Saran

New Teachers Joseph Jack Eubin Donna Mary Rekha Aaron Tanea Nicky Ivory

Kerr Ferris Mpeta Laya-Lago Ferris Sachdej Davis Hibler Seghal Chang

USA USA Zambia Philippines USA Thailand USA USA Thailand Taiwan

Secondary LA Secondary Math Secondary Math PE Grade 1 Homeroom Grade 2 Homeroom Grade 3 Homeroom Secondary Science Counselor Mandarin

Vol. 1, No. 1  85 MagaZine Vol. 1,Super No. 1  Sized 85 MagaZine  EDITION  11

t n e m t r a p e D g n i l e s n u Co

having a hard transition. What can I do to help?” * “We are moving away from Thailand. I’m afraid moving will be difficult on my child. What can I do?” * “My child won’t listen to a word I say!” * “I’ve noticed that my child is not making many friends. What should I do?” * “I notice that my child is anxious about ________. What do you suggest?” Teachers, you may need assistance if:

them find passion in their lives and futures.

By Ms. Nicki How are we doing this school year? The guidance department has an exciting and purposeful year awaiting you! So far we have been dedicating our energy into: * Guidance class for grades 6 to 10 * Outreach program for all grade levels * One on one doors open for a chat/ discussion/counseling * University fairs – Thammasart Open House, Australian University Fair * All about University Workshop by Princeton Review at Senior Parent Meeting Wells Guidance Department understands, respects and appreciates each student’s uniqueness; therefore we aim to assist all students in achieving their full potential in four broad areas of development: academic, social, personal/emotional and career awareness. Counselors have special training in how to help students solve problems, make decisions,and stand up for themselves. We help students not only by listening and talking, but occasionally by techniques such as using games, crafts, music and dance. We use other means of expression to help students open up and explore their feelings. That doesn’t mean that we will wave a magic wand and make problems disappear, but we will do our utmost to identify problems and give students the tools they need to cope. Should the need arise, we will refer for more specialized help. Along with the guidance classes we are implementing a step by step four year plans for high school students to help

Our goal is to make your child’s school experience the best it can be. We will take students’ problems seriously and help find solutions. All students are encouraged to see their counselors throughout the year. The atmosphere in the guidance office is friendly and informal, and the counselors are very accessible. Students may drop in at any time – before or after school, during study periods, during breaks or at lunch.

* “My class is behaving poorly. Please help!” * “A student in my class is going through a family changes. What can I do to support him/her?” * “I notice that one of my students is having difficulty in certain academic areas, what can I do to help him/her be successful?” * “I am hearing a lot of complaints about teasing and bullying. What can I do in my classroom to help this problem?” About me?

Parents, you may have concerns regarding:

An optimist, travel adventurer and passionate life learner, I’ve journeyed from a kindergarten teacher to flight attendant, and in the process was exposed to a myriad of different people, of different ages and from different cultures. I came to see that all people are representatives of their cultures, backgrounds and communities, and as such need to be approached and dealt appropriately. I gravitated naturally toward the field of counseling, and entered a masters program in counseling psychology. I have experience working with special needs at the Ministry of Public Health (Thailand) and The Village Learning Centre, where I facilitated group counseling and classes that allowed students to express themselves through drama, art, poetry and dance.

* “My child has nightmares and trouble going to sleep.” * “How do I talk to my child about ____________?” * “My child is having difficulties learning/ has a learning disability.” * “We are new to Wells, and my child is

I’m a strong believer in the positive psychology approach to counseling. I feel that counseling the young is the most important aspect, for they are the next generation, and it is critical to instill the confidence and abilities necessary to succeed and be the future.

We have created a dropbox for students who may be shy, uncomfortable or aren’t able to come into the guidance room. Students:, here are some of the reasons you may want to visit: * “I am new here and I miss my old friends.” * “Everything’s fine. I just wanted to talk!” * “I don’t know what my goal in life is?” * “I can’t control my anger…HELP!” * “I get stressed every time I have to take a test.” * “I’m sick of being bullied and want help to stop it.” * “Someone special in my life has died, and I don’t know what to do.” * “I’m having problems paying attention and following directions in class.” * “So many universities? I’m confused….. I don’t know what I want to do in future.”


10 11 12 13 14 15 16 12  85 MagaZine Super Sized EDITION

Vol. 1, No. 1

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Important Dates

24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

September 09


Sep. 1: 4 5 6 Sep. 10: Sep. 17: 11 12 13 Sep. 24: 18 19 20 Sep. 30: 25 26 27 Sep. 28-30:

M T W T F S S 1 2 3 7 8 9 10 14 15 16 17 21 22 23 24 28 29 30

October 09 M T W T F S S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Senior Class Parent Orientation: 6:00-8:00 pm MS / HS Wells Parent Teachers Association Introduction Primary Parent Teachers Association Introduction AP Science Teachers’ Workshop at Wells On Nut Teachers in Service Day. Students dismissed at 1:15. Midterm Exams Upper Primary and MS / HS students

October Oct. 2: Oct. 12-16: Oct. 16: Oct. 19-23: Oct. 30:

Primary Students Super Achievers Awards Ceremony Parent Teacher Conference Week (Midterm student grades available) Parent Teacher Conferences 8:00 - 3:30 [No classes] Midterm Break Halloween / Renaissance Fair

85 Magazine Crew


Chih-Jau (Kelly) Wang:

Cover, calendar and staff credits

Nitvaree (Nivan) Narula:

Welcome Back and Back to School

Alina Sachdev:

Lead writer

Surachaet (Nick) Charaschanya:

Science and Math pages

Khanuenglak (net) Baipowongse:

Language Arts and SS pages

Kongwut Sajjaphoorriphoom:

Primary page

Visith ahuja:

Design assistance

Ji Hae Lee:

Design planning

Mr. Joseph:

Pepsi Max Drinker / Teacher

Mr. Jared:

Pirate Lord / Editor

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Volume 1: Issue 1

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