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We Are Wellspring!

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housing ... hope ... recovery

We are the clients, families, staff, volunteers and donors. We are those whose lives have been affected by mental illness. We are a source of help and hope to these individuals and to their families by providing safe, affordable housing, practical supports, and clinical expertise. We know that recovery from psychiatric illness does not mean finding a cure; rather, it means developing a satisfying, hopeful and contributing life despite the presence of mental illness.

We are Wellspring.

Wellspring Annual Report 2010

housing ... hope ... recovery

Wellspring’s an awesome place to live, and a beacon of hope for those who are troubled. The Wellspring staff are kind and courteous to members, and knowledgeable on the issues about mental illness. ~ Dylan

Wellspring Annual Report 2010

We Are Wellspring!


e have provided supportive housing, rehabilitation services, and crisis stabilization services in our community for more than 28 years. Since opening in 1982, we have served nearly 6,000 adults whose lives have been affected by mental illness. Through safe, affordable housing, practical supports, and clinical expertise, we have been a source of help and hope to these individuals and to their families. We know that while “cures” are elusive, the recovery of a life from mental illness is not only possible, but to be expected. Wellspring provides the safe-havens and supportive community where recovery can first be imagined, and then made real. Today, a staff of 119, full and part time, provides supportive housing and services to nearly 600 people a year, across nineteen sites. And today, thanks to the efforts of many people, we are larger and stronger than ever before. Our gratitude for that progress extends to people throughout the community: legislators, board members, community partners, state and local funders, donors, family members, consumers and Wellspring’s extraordinary staff. We offer a special thanks to Wellspring’s former Executive Director, Steve Perkins, who retired in October 2009 after twenty-seven years of service to this organization. We remain indebted to his enduring vision and tireless faith in this agency. Wellspring was founded by a small group of community leaders and family members who recognized the importance of having a stable place to live, along with





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1. Jefferey M. Yussman – Vice Chair 2. Margaret Pennington – Chair 3. Jackie Swigart, Ph.D. 4. David W. Miles – Treasurer 5. Melissa Routt 6. Alan K. MacDonald 7. Nancy Neill 8. Bill Friel 9. Bob Bordogna 10. Meredith Brown 11. George Rapp, Jr. Not pictured: Dr. Christina Butler Greg Mayes Cissy Mills – Secretary Elmore “Ack” Willets, III

living solutions for mental health recovery



housing ... hope ... recovery

“Wellspring has been an important part of my life for many years. I can’t imagine a better place to work, contributing to Wellspring’s mission to help folks with mental illness be their whole selves, live fully, and recover with dignity and personal meaning. What an honor and a blessing to be part of all this!” ~ Katie

Wellspring Annual Report 2010

We Are Wellspring!

the support of knowledgeable staff. Phil Ardery, our founding board chair, wrote and filed the articles of incorporation, establishing our agency as the Schizophrenia Foundation, Kentucky, Inc. The first “program” to open, in March 1982, was Wellspring House, now called Ardery House in honor of Phil. Twenty-eight years and eighteen additional sites later, the Schizophrenia Foundation, Kentucky, Inc., has officially become Wellspring, Inc. The decision to make the name change official was both philosophical and practical: • The Wellspring name has become well-known and wellrespected across the community by individuals familiar with mental illness and with mental health services. • The original name inaccurately implied services to persons with only one type of mental illness. • The use of the word “foundation” in the original name suggested that our purpose was to fund other service providers, rather than to be a provider of services ourselves. Another milestone this past year is that, despite the challenging economic climate, we have achieved 95% of our first-ever capital campaign goal of $2.1 million. These funds enabled us to pay off the loans on the David J. Block Crisis Center and complete a number of critical maintenance and renovation projects on existing properties. Capital campaign contributions will help us sustain our housing and other capital assets into the future. Other “works in progress” include: • laying the groundwork to establish the agency’s first headquarters, which we hope to achieve in the spring of 2011; • receiving a $1.3 million HUD grant to develop the Wellspring-Tonini Apartments, a joint project between Wellspring and New Directions Housing; • partnering with Seven Counties Services, Inc., to provide community-based living opportunities to eight individuals with long histories of residing in institutions. While Wellspring continues to grow and change, we remain true to our mission to promote the recovery of persons with mental illness through leadership in the development of quality housing and rehabilitation services. Like everyone, we are worried about the future and how the economic recession will impact us. But we are also excited about our work and hopeful about the many ways that Wellspring can continue to have a positive impact on the lives of the many courageous men and women who enter our doors, as an active choice to further their own recovery.

Executive Director

living solutions for mental health recovery

Board Chair

housing ... hope ... recovery

“Being a part of the Wellspring family allows me to be true to my personal desire to help those often overlooked by society, and enriches my life in many ways. I feel a real sense of pride in the work that Wellspring’s skillful, caring clinical and support professionals accomplish, and I’m glad to be a part of the team.” ~ Patrick Rhodes, Director of Programs

Wellspring Annual Report 2010

“They stuck with me, and I stuck with them –

and that’s what pulled me through.”

Living Solutions for Mental Health Recovery Housing...hope...recovery: Wellspring’s Guide to Services

Our Mission

To promote the recovery of persons with mental illness through leadership in the development of quality housing and rehabilitation services.

History and Growth

Founded in 1982, Wellspring works to improve the lives of individuals with mental illness in our community. From Ardery House, our flagship site where Wellspring first began providing Transitional Housing, Wellspring moved on to developing Supported Housing and Independent Housing. In 1995, Wellspring opened Kentucky’s first Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) the Frank M. Gaines Center. A second CSU, the David J. Block Center, opened in 2007. In addition to our Jefferson County programs, Wellspring operates one site in Shelby County. Wellspring has been recognized as Kentucky’s pioneer in providing such services; indeed, Wellspring is the only such provider in this seven-county region.


At Wellspring, we believe that recovery from psychiatric illness does not mean a cure; rather, it means developing a satisfying, hopeful and contributing life despite the presence of mental illness. Recovery is a unique process for each person. To most effectively promote recovery from mental illness, the community must respond with an array of options to meet individual clients’ needs and preferences.


All client services are overseen by Wellspring’s Director of Programs, Patrick Rhodes, MSSW, LCSW. Wellspring operates with a staff of over 100 professionals and paraprofessionals, and annually serves nearly 600 clients from Jefferson, Shelby and surrounding counties. Wellspring’s staff is continuously trained in the best practices in the field of mental illness.

Service Fees

Costs for Wellspring’s programs and housing rentals vary according to site. However, all charges are based on a sliding fee scale.

Services and Housing

Wellspring offers a variety of programs that provide a bestpractices approach for our clients’ recovery. These include crisis stabilization services at two locations, two transitional housing programs, three highly supported permanent housing programs, and 90 units of deeply subsidized rental housing, including supported apartments, independent apartments, and single-family homes.

Crisis Stabilization Services

The goal of Crisis Stabilization Unit programming is to assist patients in an acute psychiatric episode achieve stabilization and avoid hospitalization. Wellspring’s 2 CSU sites, the Frank M. Gaines Center and the David J. Block Center, provide a total of 16 crisis stabilization beds. This program serves patients who are experiencing acute symptoms of mental illness, such as severe depression, mania, or symptoms of psychosis. This is the only Wellspring program that does not require a severe and persistent mental illness diagnosis to be eligible for services. While at a CSU, patients receive intensive treatment, close monitoring with high levels of staff support, and medications prescribed by a psychiatrist. Multi-disciplinary Staff includes: • Full-time Psychiatrist • 7 Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counselors • Expressive Therapists • 24-hour staff double coverage • Peer Support staff

Outcomes for FY 2010 Crisis Stabilization Units

Transitional Housing

440 75% 26 19 96% 94% 100% 100% clients served

diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness

residents served

homeless women served

(410 of 440) treated without hospitalization

of those surveyed experienced a reduction in symptoms of depression

graduates moved into housing of their choice

graduates experienced a decrease in psychiatric symptoms


experienced a 20% or greater reduction in depressive symptoms


100% 100%

average length of stay, in days

Providing quality services has garnered Wellspring an “exemplary” rating from the Kentucky Department of Mental Health.

graduates experienced a decrease in psychiatric symptoms

graduates were sober with an average of 16 months of sobriety



average length of stay, in months

graduates moved into housing of their choice


average length of stay, in months

David J. Block Center CSU (502) 561-1051 (502) 561-1089 fax

Frank M. Gaines Center CSU (502) 584-2870 (502) 589-5369 fax

Ardery House (502) 637-4361 x19 (502) 637-4490 fax

Journey House (502) 561-0003 (502) 561-9086 fax

The David J. Block Center provides eight crisis stabilization beds. When it opened in 2007, this site doubled Wellspring’s previous capacity. The David J. Block Center, situated in downtown Louisville, serves both men and women. Admissions are accepted seven days a week.

The Gaines Center Crisis Stabilization Unit, which opened in 1995, was Kentucky’s first residential, communitybased crisis unit. Until Wellspring opened the David J. Block Center, it remained as this region’s only such program. In 2005, the Gaines Center CSU received the Mental Health Association of Kentucky’s prestigious Philip P. Ardery Award, honoring ten years of urgent, ongoing psychiatric care and treatment in a community setting. The Gaines Center CSU houses eight men and women, in a homelike setting at the edge of downtown Louisville. Admissions are accepted seven days a week.

Ardery House opened in 1982. As our first site, it was named in honor of Philip P. Ardery Wellspring’s founding board chair. This program assists individuals who are leaving the hospital and/or experiencing homelessness achieve independent living. All participants have a diagnosis of mental illness; nearly half also have a cooccurring substance abuse disorder.

Wellspring opened Journey House in 1998 to address the needs of Louisville’s homeless women with co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse issues who were falling through the cracks of a service system ill-prepared to simultaneously treat these illnesses. Most of these women are also victims of violence, and have experienced multiple failures in treatment and independent living prior to entering. Journey House is the first residential program in Kentucky specifically designed to serve this population; it accommodates 8 women. Staff is extensively trained in both mental illness and substance abuse treatment. The program provides intensive support to the women as they struggle with the issues of recovery from both illnesses.

( 5 0 2 )

Ardery House provides room and board, life-skills coaching, social opportunities, case management, and individual and group therapy for 13 men and women.

6 3 7 - 4 3 6 1

Staff Independent Housing

Supported Housing

21 90 100% 97% residents served

adults and their children, including several families, served

reduction in days of psychiatric hospitalization vs. the year before entering these programs

occupancy rate

100% clients at Broadway, Concord and Crescent House involved in community-based activities

(502) 637-4361 x10 (502) 637-4490 fax Wellspring provides 90 units of deeply subsidized rental housing for adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses. Our tenants have very limited incomes; many would be homeless or live in substandard housing without this resource. This housing is coupled with appropriate support services from Wellspring and Seven Counties Services, providing tenants a permanent home base for their journey of recovery. Openended leases and a variety of housing types and locations allow participants to choose the best fit for their needs. While most of Wellspring’s housing is spread geographically throughout Jefferson County, the agency also has one fourunit residence located in Shelby County, in the Shelbyville area. Wellspring also provides scattered site, leased apartments, with supportive services, for 15 residents with mental illness who have been identified as chronically homeless.

Wellspring has also been cited as a model program in national reviews of residential service providers. Wellspring operates 3 supported housing programs which enable participants with extensive psychiatric hospitalization histories to live successfully in the community. There is no limit on the length of time a resident may live in these houses. Broadway House, which opened in 1986, is located in the Phoenix Hill neighborhood. It is home to 8 men who live in a congregate environment. Concord Apartments, in the Hikes Point area, opened in 1987; it provides housing for 8 women in four two-bedroom apartments. Crescent House, a single-family home for 3 men, opened in 2003. Staff complement includes: • Master’s level clinical social workers • Consulting psychiatrist • Residential staff coverage (variable, according to clients’ needs) • 24-hour on-call clinical staff

Frank M. Gaines Center CSU Michael Markham, MEd Clinical Supervisor Brian Moore, PhD Mental Health Clinician Ryan Schafer Program Coordinator Betty McIntee Mental Health Clinician Sharon Howell Mental Health Clinician David J. Block Center CSU Carol A. Miles, LPCA, LPAT, MEd Clinical Supervisor Darryl Harris, BSW Program Manager Thomas Kennison, BA Assistant Program Coordinator Candice Evans, CSW Mental Health Clinician Ardery House Heather Marcus, CSW Clinical Supervisor Ericha B. Winters, BA Program Coordinator James Alan Sweeny II, BA Assistant Coordinator Karen S. Head, MD Consulting Psychiatrist Journey House Cutia W. Brown, LCSW Clinical Supervisor Kathy Kelton, BS Program Coordinator Ya-Hsin Hsiao, MEd, LPCC Mental Health Clinician

Broadway, Concord and Crescent House (502) 499-9460 (502) 637-4490 fax Cresant Smith, LCSW, CPRP Clinical Supervisor of Supported Housing Broadway House (502) 589-3432 (502) 637-4490 fax Ashlee Grate, MEd Program Coordinator Concord Apartments (502) 499-2278 (502) 637-4490 fax Vicky Nallia Program Coordinator Crescent House (502) 897-6993 (502) 637-4490 fax Anne Alexandra, MDiv Program Coordinator Independent Housing Eric Cecil, BA Community Support Specialist Katie McCarthy, MA, LPAT Community Support Specialist Independent and Supported Housing Baxter Avenue Apartments 4 units in the Phoenix Hill neighborhood, 2004 Murray Avenue Apartments 4 units in the Highlands neighborhood, 2002 Amity Apartments 12 units in west Louisville, 1989 Clover Hill Apartments 8 units in Shively, 1993 Patrick Henry Apartments 8 units in southern Jefferson County, 1992 Shelbyville Apartments 4 units in Shelby County, 1999 Single-family housing 3 single-family homes near downtown Louisville (1989–2002) Wellspring Apartments 12 units in Old Louisville, 1987 Wellspring Bridge Apartments 8 units in downtown Louisville, 2008 Youngland Apartments 5 units in Shively, 1995

w w w . w e l l s p r i n g k y . o r g

PO Box 1927 • Louisville, KY 40201-1927 • (502) 637-4361 •

We Are Wellspring!

Statement of Activity Year Ended June 30, 2010 (Unaudited) Revenue Rounded Federal, State & Local Government Grants 60% $ 2,062,442 Capital Campaign 12% $ 409,987 Contributions 8% $ 263,176 Apartment Rentals 9% $ 302,632 Medicaid & Medicare 9% $ 304,214 Metro United Way 3% $ 111,081 Total Revenue 100% $ 3,453,532 Expenses Client Services and Supported Housing 80% $ 2,522,648 Management and General 10% $ 438,107 Capital Campaign 5% $ 59,691 Other Fundraising 5% $ 163,642 Total Expenses (Includes $136,000 deprecation) 100% $3,184,088 Current Year Increase in Net Assets $269,444

“Wellspring’s Concord House is my home away from home. Here, I’m treated well – yet challenged every day. I’m supported and loved … and it is like family to me!” ~ Stacey

Statement of Financial Position Year Ended June 30, 2010 (Unaudited) Assets Rounded Cash and Cash Equivalents $ 526,965 Grants and Accounts Receivable $ 961,873 Endowments $ 285,565 Other Assets $ 455,671 Property and Equipment, Net $ 2,340,675 Total Assets $4,570,749 Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities Accounts Payable $ 47,449 Accrued Expenses $ 180,355 Other Current Liabilities $ 19,970 Mortgage Notes Payable $ 577,954 Total Liabilities $825,728 Net Assets Unrestricted $ 2,308,971 Temporarily restricted $ 1,150,485 Permanently restricted $ 285,565 Total Net Assets $3,745,021 Total Liabilites and Net Assets $4,570,749 living solutions for mental health recovery

housing ... hope ... recovery

“I became involved with Wellspring first as a donor, then as a volunteer. Now I’m a member of the Wellspring Board of Directors, so I’ve seen what Wellspring does from all angles. This wonderful local organization fights so hard for those with mental illness – and truly saves lives and saves families.” ~ Meredith Brown

Wellspring Annual Report 2010

We Are Wellspring!

Our Donors Legacy Society (Wellspring honors donors who have informed us of future gifts.) Ms. Ethel H. O’Brien Designated Fund Ms. Cornelia Serpell Ms. Melissa Routt Chairman’s Foundation (Gifts $1,000 and over) Dr. Sarah Acland Mr. William O. Alden III Mr. & Mrs. Philip P. Ardery Dr. Melissa Barrett Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Bordogna Mr. George Fabe Evan Brown Fund Ms. Meredith Brown Mr. Mark Burris Ms. Carla Cates Ms. Lee Cochran Mr. & Mrs. Paul Coomes Ms. Jean W. Frazier Ms. Sandra A. Frazier Mr. Eric Goodman Ms. Mary Louise Graff Mr. Francis C. Hagan Ms. Nancy Lampton Alan and Joyce MacDonald Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Mehler Mr. James Melhuish Mr. James G. Metcalfe Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Mills Dr. Alexander H. Moore Mr. Mitchell Palmer Dr. Gary & Mrs. Margaret Pennington Mr. George W. Rapp, Jr. Mr. Stephen Reily and Ms. Emily Bingham Melissa and Ted M. Routt Ms. Gail Sanders Drs. Richard and Jackie Swigart Mr. Bosworth Todd, Jr. The Hon. John A. & Mrs. Yarmuth Jeff and ZoeAnn Yussman Leadership Circle (Gifts $500-$999) Mrs. Edith S. Bingham Mr. Paul Bowman Mr. & Mrs. Charles Clark Mr. & Mrs. Carl Fischer Jr. Mr. & Mrs. George Gibbs, III Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Gleason, Jr. Dr. Hunt B. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Kulp, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Lerman Mrs. C. Gresham Marmion Mr. & Mrs. Mack R. Mathews, Jr. John and Laura Moore Network for Good Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Rein Dr. & Mrs. Richard Rink Mr. & Mrs. James Roth Ms. Joan Todd Ms. Judy Wells Sponsors (Gifts $200-$499) Mr. & Mrs. Lee E. Benovitz Ms. Susan Berry

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brown Mr. & Mrs. James Dailey Ms. Nancy Doctor Mr. & Mrs. William Friel Mr. & Mrs. John Hamilton John and Dawn Hill Mr. William H. Hollander The Reverend & Mrs. Richard H. Humke

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Goetz Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gootee Ms. Alice S. Hay Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hilliker Mrs. Irma M. Hirsch Ms. Freda Hogan Mrs. Katherine Johnson Mr. & Mrs. E. T. Kirk

Ways to Give to Wellspring

Through an array of giving options, donors can support Wellspring’s work and achieve their personal financial goals. • Annual Fund Campaign • Endowments • Gifts Of Appreciated Assets • Life Insurance Policies • Planned Giving • Matching Gifts No matter what method works best for your personal situation, Wellspring’s Executive Director or Development Director can assist you in making an appropriate and effective gift. Please call us at (502) 637-4361, ext. 14 or 12, for answers to your charitable giving questions. Gifts of any size are appreciated – every gift makes a difference! Ms. Paula Jackson Ms. Raquel Koff Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Kohler Metro United Way Ms. Diane M. Laughlin and Mr. Russell Neill The Reverend Michael A. Lager Mr. Pierce Lively Leonard E. and Faith Lyles Mr. & Mrs. James Nelson Dr. & Mrs. Alton E. Neurath, Jr. Mr. Frank G. Otte Ms. Anne Pope Mr. John Robertson Mr. & Mrs. James Shircliff Mr. & Mrs. William Skinner, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Franklin F. Starks, Jr. Dr. John C. Wright, II Wyatt, Tarrant and Combs, LLP Sustainer (Gifts $100-$199) Mr. & Mrs. Bennett Lee Bertoli Ms. Jo Bronner Ms. Mary Bruce Cobb Mr. Robert L. Corcoran Mr. & Mrs. Larry Curtis The Honorable Deborah DeWeese Dr. Lindsay Dickinson Mr. Christopher C. Dobbs Mr. & Dr. Lee K. Garlove

Mrs. Margaret G. Lanier Mr. & Mrs. William Mahoney Ms. Jane Bell McKune Mr. John B. Meyers Mr. & Mrs. Doug Michael Ms. Lydia Miller Ms. Nancy Neill Ms. Susan Nicholson Mr. & Mrs. Mark O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. Gunars Potapous Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Roehrig, III Ms. Sheila Schuster, PhD Ms. Ellen H. Shapira John & Barbara Sinai Ms. Elizabeth Voyles Mr. & Mrs. W Joe Vandrick Capital Campaign Mr. William O. Alden, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Nolen C. Allen Mr. & Mrs. Philip P. Ardery Mr. & Mrs. Allan S. Atherton Mr. & Mrs. William C. Ballard The William E. Barth Foundation Ms. Edith S. Bingham Mr. Bernard F. Block The David J. Block Foundation Mr. Andy Block Mr. Bernard F. Block Ms. Sarah Sheets

living solutions for mental health recovery

Ms. Susan Sutherland Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Bordogna In memory of Rob Bordogna Mr. Ulysses L. Bridgeman, Jr. The Ellen T. Briggs Revocable Trust The Evan Brown Memorial Fund Frederick & Christine Brown Charitable Fund The James Graham Brown Foundation Ms. Meredith Wilson Brown J. McCauley Brown and Eileen Cooke Brown Robert and Rebecca Brown Brown-Forman Corporation The C. E. & S. Foundation Van G. and Joyce V. Carlisle Ms. Anne F. Caudill Center for Special Needs Trust Administration, Inc. Mr. Nelson E. Clemmens Ms. Lee Cochran The Cralle Foundation, Inc. Crow Horwath The Dabney Family Fund In honor of George Rapp Mr. & Mrs. James P. Dailey State Rep. Bob M. DeWeese Dr. & Mrs. Charles Dobbs Mr. George Fabe Family Allergy & Asthma Ms. Valerie Fazio Fitzio, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Carl T. Fischer Melissa and Sanford Fleck Mr. & Mrs. William Friel Ms. Louise Gardner Mr. Stephen C. Gault In honor of William Friel and Lawrence Mehler The Gheens Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Lee Groza Mr. H. David Hale Wood & Marie Hannah Foundation Harshaw Trane Foundation John and Dawn Hill The Hilliard Lyons Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Gregory A. Hoeck The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Horner The Rev. & Mrs. Richard Humke Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts, Fifth Third Bank, Trustee Mr. & Mrs. Charles Johnson The Honorable & Mrs. Brereton C. Jones Mr. David A. Jones, Jr. & Ms. Mary Gwen Wheeler Mr. David A. Jones, Sr. Mr. Steven D. Kerrick Mr. Donald F. Kohler Arthur J. Lerman Charitable Foundation Inc. The Robert I. Lerman Family Fund Robert Winthrop Charitable Trust In honor of Philip P. Ardery Leonard E. and Faith Lyles Alan and Joyce MacDonald State Rep. Mary Lou Marzian & Mr. Bill Marzian Mack and Frankie Mathews, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Gregory E. Mayes Mr. & Mrs. Douglas H. McKellar The Jessie Barker McKellar Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Mehler Mr. James Metcalfe Mr. David Metts Ms. Sandy Metts Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Mills

housing ... hope ... recovery

Dr. Laura & Mr. John Moore Mr. Michael B. Mountjoy Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Musselman Ms. Nancy Neill Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Nixon David & Wendy Novak OfficeWare Paradis Foundation Inc. Dr. Gary & Mrs. Margaret Pennington Publisher’s Printing Company, Inc. Mr. Stephen Reily & Mrs. Emily Bingham Louis T. Roth Foundation, Inc. In honor of Jefferey Yussman Melissa and Ted M. Routt Mr. David B. Russell, CFM Mr. Curtiss M. Scott, Jr. Ms. Virginia Speed The Sumner Foundation, Inc. In honor of Samuel Greenebaum, III Temple Bodley Stites, M.D. Drs. Richard & Jackie Swigart Mr. & Mrs. Bosworth M. Todd Ms. Susan Tolliver Mr. John I. Trawick & Ms. Patricia A. Clare Ms. Jane Feltus Welch Wellspring Employees William E. Barth Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Elmore A. “Ack” Willets, III

Mr. Bernard F. Block Mr. & Mrs. Bob Bordogna Mrs. Elaine Bornstein Mr. Jimmy Bornstein Ms. Lisa Bornstein Ms. Marybeth Bowles Mr. & Mrs. Dennis D. Boyd Ms. Jenny Brian Mr. Robert Brodbeck The Brook Hospital at KMI Ms. Tish Brookins Brown-Forman Mr. & Mrs. Barrett Brown Ms. Meredith Brown Ms. Shannon Burch Ms. Bonnie Bush Ms. Nancy Bush Dr. Christina Butler Ms. Trinity Campisano Ms. Mary Carpenter Mr. David Casey Ms. Sonia Castleberry Mr. Steve Cauthen Mr. Eric Cecil Mr. Tony Cecil Mr. Ed Charles Mr. & Mrs. Tom Clark Ms. Rosemary Cogswell

Ms. Kay Gard Genentech Mr. & Mrs. Scott Gilbertson Mr. & Mrs. Joe Gleissner Mr. & Mrs. Brad Glotzbach Mr. & Mrs. Greenberg Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Gunn Mr. Lawrence Haag Mr. Carl Hafele Ms. Maryana Hafele Mr. & Mrs. Duran Hall Mr. David Hansen Ms. Marian Harrell Haag Ms. Paula C. Harshaw Mr. Robert Hatfield Ms. Shelley Hay Mr. Robert Haysley Mr. Keith Heid Ms. Lora Henderson Ms. Jean Henry Dr. Mary Ann C. Henry Ms. Emily Hill Mr. & Mrs. John Hill Ms. Lynn Hitchcock Ms. Ann Stanley Hoffman Ms. Brooke Hogan Ms. Freda Hogan Ms. Laura Hogan

Tim, Ann, Samantha & Zachary Manning Mr. Marcus Mr. & Mrs. Bill Marzian Ms. Janet Massey Mr. & Mrs. Mack Mathews, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Gregory E. Mayes Ms. Mary McDonald Mr. James McMahon Mr. & Mrs. Terry McMahon Mrs. Cathy McTighe Ms. Lynne Meena Mr. & Mrs. Chris Meriweather Ms. Carol Miles Mr. & Mrs. David W. Miles Ms. Jeannie Miller Mr. Mike Mills Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Mills Dr. Sandra Mlinarcik Ms. Dana Moody Ms. Susan Moreman Ms. Margie Mueller Mr. & Mrs. Jack Mullins Mutual of America Ms. Vicky Nallia Mr. Andrew Naugle Ms. Shelly Oates Our Lady of Peace Passport Advantage

“I like Wellspring’s support of me. I’m very appreciative to be part of Wellspring. They have a lot to offer women who are homeless, have a mental illness and addiction. Cutia Brown and Kathy Kelton at Journey House have been so supportive of my recovery these last four years!” ~ Carolyn

Ms. Diane Wilson In memory of Evan Brown Mr. Dick Wilson Mr. Richard Wilson The Wood and Marie Hannah Foundation Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP The Hon. John A. & Mrs. Yarmuth Jeff and ZoeAnn Yussman Anonymous 2010 Derby Preview Party Supporters Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Alley Mr. John Asher Aspect Applied Ingenuity Ms. Lou Ann Atlas Atlas Brown BB&T Branch Banking and Trust Company Ms. Nina Bain Ms. Brenda Balcombe Ms. Eddie Banks Mrs. Terry Barrett Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Bell Ms. Jill J. Bell Mr. & Mrs. Lee E. Benovitz Mr. Stanley Benovitz Mr. Berry and Ms. Foster

Ms. Kendra Coleman Ms. Elizabeth Cooper Ms. Rose Cooper Mr. Jean Cruguet Mr. & Mrs. Dan Crutcher Ms. Karen M. Dahlem Ms. Sheila Day Ms. Jennifer Dearness Ms. Cathy Decker Ms. Traci Delgado Ms. Mary Dever Ms. Bertha Diaz-Story DMLO Ms. Katharine R. Dobbins Mr. & Mrs. Mark Dobbins Ms. Nancy Doctor Mr. Bill Doolittle Mr. & Mrs. John Dougherty Ms. Abbey Drane Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Egan Mr. & Mrs. Bert Emke Mr. George Fabe Fifth Third Bank First Kentucky Trust Frost Brown Todd, LLC Ms. Jessica Fryrear Fulfillment Concepts, Inc. Mr. Jeff Gard

Mr. Darrell Horn Humana Military Healthcare Services Dr. Margaret A. Husk Ms. Kathi Irvine Ms. Frances Lee Jasper Jewish Hospital Ms. Sarah Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Vincent E. Johnson Ms. Ellen Jones Ms. Mary Jones Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kaukas Mr. Chase Kirkwood Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Kramer Ms. Diane Laughlin Ms. Joanie M. Lerman Ms. Mary Lerman Ms. Laura Krebs Lewis Ms. Teri Lloyd Mr. Bruce Loewenberg Mr. John Logan Louisville Magazine Mr. Allan Ludwick Mr. Leonard Lusky Ms. Joanne Lynch Ms. Sherrie Lyons Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Lyles Mr. & Mrs. Alan MacDonald

Wellspring Annual Report 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Payne Dr. & Mrs. Gary E. Pennington Mr. & Mrs. Steve Perkins Mr. Richard Peterson PNC Mr. John Poole Mr. & Mrs. Profancik Dr. & Mrs. Norman D. Radtke Mr. George Rapp, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Raque Ms. Leigh Raque ResCare HomeCare James & Rhonda Reskin Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Rhodes Ms. Lauren Richards Mr. Steve Richards Mr. Timothy Riedling Roobiee Red Tea Mr. Alan Rosenberg Mr. & Mrs. Ted and Routt Ms. Mary Rucker Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Sales Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Schell Dr. Sheila Schuster Ms. Shannon Seebert Seven Counties Services, Inc. Ms. Michelle Shogren Mr. & Mrs. Alan Shrebtienko

We Are Wellspring!

Siebert & Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Dan E. Siebert Mr. Matt Siebert Ms. Darlene Snawder Spalding University Ms. Noreen Speckman Ms. Virginia Speed Ms. Michelle Spurlock Ms. Vivian Steinbock Dr. & Mrs. James L. Sublett Ms. Leila Sublett Ms. Cheryl Suhr Drs. Richard and Jackie Swigart Dr. & Mrs. Allan Tasman Tilford Dobbins Alexander Buckaway & Black, PLLC Today’s Woman Mr. & Mrs. Bosworth Todd, Jr. Todd-Veredus Asset Management Transformations Mr. Ron Turcotte Mr. Jeffrey Uligian United Mail University of Louisville Depression Center Ms. Jean Deye Mr. David Walker Ms. Linda Walker Ms. Sheila Walker

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“I’ve been with Wellspring for 2 ½ years now. They helped me get my own apartment and my SSDI. Now I’m saving up for a small car. I meet with my case manager weekly; his encouragement helps me stay focused on the things that are most important.” ~ Tom

Mr. Tom Wampler Rick Wardlow & Wardlow Auctions, Inc. Ms. Rosetta Wells Mr. Paul Wessel Mr. & Mrs. Elmore “Ack” Willets, III Ms. Joan Willets Mr. David Williamson Ms. Diane Wilson Ms. Sue Wise Ms. Deborah Woodward Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Wright Wyatt Tarrant & Combs, LLP Ms. Linda Yates In-Kind AC Treasures Jewelry and Gifts AS Fabulous Hats, Inc. Ms. Anne Sawyer Actors Theatre of Louisville Ms. Gretchen Abrahamsen AimeePlus3 Pet Accessories Andrea Hibbard/Purple Rose Hats Art by Emily of Mentone, Alabama Ashley Duncan Handmade Jewelry Baptist East/Milestone Wellness Center Ms. Diane Kelton

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Kathey B. Schickli Designs/Drinks at the Plaza Keeneland Association, Inc. Jim Goodman Kentucky Horse Park Mr. John Nicholson Kentucky Planning Partners Mr. Robert Davenport Kentucky Shakespeare KIAROS Massage Therapy Ms. Dixie Johnson Kingfish Restaurants Bill Kimbrell Lady Diane Hats Mr. Jeff and Ms. Susan Layman LeChic Studio Leelu Q Jewelry Designs Ms. Joanie Lerman & Mr. Chuck Kaplan Lionart Designs The Louisville Ballet Ms. Beverly Lemmon The Louisville Bats Louisville Bedding Co. Ms. Mary Whitworth Louisville Blinds and Drapery The Louisville Science Center Ms. Rebecca A. Mattingly Louisville Stoneware Mr. Steve Smith

living solutions for mental health recovery

Perfectly Upcycled by Steffi Tee Studio Personalized for You Pishposhes Pleasure Ridge Candles Plehn’s Bakery Podkayne Studios Premier Designs Prospect Manicure and Spa Pedicure R&R Limousine Service Ms. Carey Fieldhouse Rafferty’s Restaurant and Bar Rebecca Hook Jewelry Red Star Tavern of Louisville Mr. Kenneth Richey Rodeo Drive Jeff Rogers Photography Mr. & Mrs. Ted Routt Mr. & Mrs. David Russell Mr. Morton Hart Sachs Sam Swope Auto Group Ms. Patti Swope Sarabande Books Cora A. Seaman SewFriendzy Mr. & Mrs. Bill Sheets Ms. Mary Lu Simpson Ms. Cresant Smith

housing ... hope ... recovery

Sol Aztecas Mr. Stephen R. Spanyer Ms. Lucy Spickard Spinelli’s Pizzeria SportClips Haircuts Ms. Joanne Boyle Spruce Hill Nursery, Inc. Stained Glass and More Ms. Suellen Prenatt State of the Art Dentistry Brenda Morris, DMD Stephen Photography Dr. Jackie Swigart Taft Museum of Art Ms. Bonnie Taylor Mary Ann Taylor-Hall Tin Leaf Designs Tip Kockenteit UPS Mr. Houston Mills The Velvet Patch Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wessel Whole Foods Market Mr. & Mrs. Elmore “Ack” Willets, III Ms. Diane Wilson The Wine Market

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Jefferey Yussman The Kentucky Justice Association Mr. & Mrs. David Callif In Memory Of David J. Block Mr. Bernard F. Block Mr. & Mrs. Edward Block Mr. & Mrs. Lee Block Rob Bordogna Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Bordogna Donald S. Bornstein Wyatt Tarrant & Combs Donald Bornstein Mr. Stanley V. Benovitz Wyatt Tarrant & Combs, LLP Randolph A. Brown Mr. George W. Rapp, Jr. Joseph E. Cecil, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jefferey M. Yussman William Erway Cook Ms. Frances Cook Theodore Cross Mr. & Mrs. Morton H. Sachs Diane Mills Foster Mr. Ralph H. Mills, II Mr. & Mrs. Ralph H. Mills Steve Gilpin

Marilyn Nathanson Dr. Jackie Swigart Tina Rolfes Mr. & Mrs. Charles Duckworth Mr. & Mrs. Jefferey M. Yussman Mary Shands Mrs. Nancy Bell Christopher Sparks Mr. & Mrs. Brian M. Boor Ms. Portia Hendershot Drs. In K. & Tracy T. Kim Mr. & Mrs. Merritt E. Marcus Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. O’Toole, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. O’Toole Mr. Frank G. Otte Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Thompson Sam Todd Ms. Elizabeth Jones Ms. Julia Stanton Ms. Elizabeth Sutton Mr. & Mrs. David Todd Edna S. Walsh Mr. Lawrence Haag James E. White Ms. Tiffany White

“Wellspring helped me get my own apartment, after nearly two years of homelessness. I love everything Wellspring is doing for me. It has helped me with reducing my stress so that now I can envision a future with a stable life in the community.” ~ Charles Wolter Chiropractic Drs. Todd & Sonya Wolter YMCA Jeffersonville, IN YMCA Northeast Z Salon and Spa Za’s Pizza Pub In Honor Of Anne Ardery Mr. & Mrs. John Ames Philip P. Ardery Teresa & John T. Bondurant Mrs. Edward S. Bonnie Philip and Anne Ardery Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Ardery Ms. Joan H. Todd Ms. Martha D. Barr John P. Bell Ms. Jane Bell McKune Ms. Nancy Bell Nancy Bell Dr. & Mrs. John F. Rose Sheila Bickel Mr. & Mrs. Ted Bickel Bernie Block Mrs. Eloise Logsdon

Elsie and Allan Atherton Mr. & Mrs. M. Robert Yankovich Dr. Jackie Swigart Ms. Sally L. Kamps Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Loomis Sally Swigart Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wrege Bosworth Todd Ms. Jane Welch Joan H. Todd Mr. & Mrs. Philip P. Ardery Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Bell, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John R. Crockett, II Mr. & Mrs. N.O. Grohmann Ms. Elizabeth H. Sutton Joan and Jim Todd Ms. Janet C. Irwin Wellspring’s clinical staff Mr. Anthony G. Cecil Sheila and Patrick Welsh Dr. Janice Yusk Luke Whittaker Mr. & Mrs. James R. Hopkins Mr. & Mrs. Elmore “Ack” Willets, III Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Chessler

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Goeing Jean Perkins Greenwood Ms. Pauline P. Cordell Kris Hansen Ms. Josephine Hansen Lawrence Harju Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Bordogna Mr. & Mrs. Ted Routt Ms. Linda Snyder Mr. & Mrs. Jefferey M. Yussman James Thomas Luckett Mr. & Mrs. Jospeh Bell, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Steven Bodi Mr. & Mrs. Mark DeNise Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Homel Mr. Robert Kistner Mr. Carl Lambert Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Luckett Ms. Sandra McNeil Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Peck Mr. & Mrs. Corwin Short, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Steven Smith Ms. Sylvia Watts William S. Wetterer & Co., P.S.C. Ms. Genie Yockey Nancy Tuell Doerhoefer Mason Ms. Mary Gail Parr

Wellspring Annual Report 2010

“To err is human, to forgive, divine.” Alexander Pope Every effort was made to correctly acknowledge the thoughtful individuals, groups, foundations and corporations who supported Wellspring’s work through gifts given between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010. If, for any reason, a name was omitted or misspelled, please accept our sincere apology. We value our friends and would appreciate hearing of any needed corrections. Please contact the Development Office at (502) 637-4361 ext 12 or 16.

We Are Wellspring!

Wellspring promotes the recovery of persons with severe and persistent mental illness through leadership in the development of quality housing and rehabilitative services. Wellspring annually serves nearly 600 clients who have a variety of psychiatric illnesses. We operate 2 Crisis Stabilization Units, 2 Transitional Housing programs, 3 Supported Housing programs, and 90 units of highly subsidized rental housing. Our Service Values Assure: Recovery-oriented programming, which always incorporates client-centered, individualized care and utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to support our clients along their individual paths to recovery. Our Housing Values Include: Providing high-quality housing that assures our clients opportunities for community integration and enhances our neighborhoods. Our Community Values Require: Accountability through excellence in financial management, program practices and outcomes, and business and employment practices; all overseen by a volunteer board of directors comprised of community leaders, mental health professionals and concerned family members. Our Collaborative Agreements Include: Seven Counties Services, New Directions Housing Corporation, the Coalition for the Homeless, the Metropolitan Housing Coalition, the Kentucky Mental Health Coalition, Bridgehaven and NAMILouisville; we are also proud to be a participating member of the Metro United Way, and a Seven Counties Services affiliate agency.

Officers and Directors 2010/2011 Margaret Pennington – Chair Jefferey M. Yussman – Vice Chair David W. Miles – Treasurer Cissy Mills – Secretary Robert P. Bordogna Meredith Brown Christina L. Butler, M. D. William Friel Alan K. MacDonald Gregory E. Mayes Nancy Neill George Rapp, Jr. Melissa Routt Jackie Swigart, Ph.D. Elmore “Ack” Willets, III Honorary Lifetime Members Philip P. Ardery, Founding Chair Nancy B. Bell Roberta Fischer Rev. Richard H. Humke Clifford C. Kuhn, M.D. Malcolm R. Mathews, Jr. Cornelia A. Serpell Bosworth M. Todd, Jr. John I. Trawick Management Team Katharine R. Dobbins, LCSW Executive Director Robert L. Brodbeck Chief Operating Officer Nancy L. Doctor Director of Development T. Patrick Rhodes, LCSW Director of Programs patrick *For a complete list of Wellspring’s administrative staff, please visit

Annual Report Team Production Coordinator Nancy L. Doctor Content Development Traci Hall Design Scott Gilbertson, StudioFolio Photography Rick Rhodes, Rick Rhodes Photography and Imaging, LLC Printing Mr. Nicholas X. Simon and the team at Publishers Printing Co. Additional thanks to the many Wellspring board members, staff members and clients who contributed time and talent to this project. About the Art Art Therapy program is part of Wellspring’s supportive services programming. Expressive Therapists Carol A. Miles, LPCA, LPAT, MEd, Katie McCarthy, MA, ATR-BC, LPAT and Ashlee Grate, MEd provide instruction and encouragement to the program participants. The artwork featured on the cover and throughout this report was created by Wellspring’s program participants.

Carol Miles “I believe that art creates change. It allows us another form of communication when words are not enough and opens up new opportunities for understanding. It is rewarding as an art therapist to guide clients of Wellspring through the process of self-expression, witnessing and honoring who they are in that moment.” Credits Cover Art – created by participants at the David J. Block Center; original image has been altered by designer for this publication Back Cover Art – created by Jo, Wellspring participant Toucan – created by Ann, Geraine and Karen, Wellspring participants Angel – created by Rebecca Mendez

living solutions for mental health recovery

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Louisville, KY Permit No. 1105

PO Box 1927 Louisville, KY 40201-1927

Wellspring's Annual Report, FY10  

Overview of Wellspring's financials and program outcomes - July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010.

Wellspring's Annual Report, FY10  

Overview of Wellspring's financials and program outcomes - July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010.