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Wellspring Administrative Center 225 W. Breckinridge Street Telephone: (502) 637-4361 Fax: (502) 637-4490 Officers and Directors

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Louisville, KY Permit No. 1105

P.O. Box 1927 Louisville, KY 40201-1927

Dawn Croft, Chair Alan MacDonald, Vice Chair Phillip Keller, Treasurer Meredith Brown, Secretary Paul Coomes Rich Freeman Steve Kerrick Rif El-Mallakh, M.D. Margaret Pennington George W. Rapp, Jr. Carrie Schanie Curtiss Scott John “Jack” Trawick Elmore A. “Ack” Willets, III

Survey Praises Wellspring’s Housing Services

Honorary Lifetime Members

Nancy B. Bell (1923 - 2016) Bernard F. Block Barry Bingham, Sr. (1906 - 1988) Roberta Fischer Rev. Richard H. Humke Clifford C. Kuhn, M.D. Malcolm R. Mathews, Jr. (1922 - 2013) Cornelia A. Serpell (1917 - 2011) Jackie Swigart, Ph.D. Bosworth M. Todd, Jr.

Founding Board Chair

Philip P. Ardery (1914 - 2012)

Management Team

Katharine R. Dobbins, LCSW Chief Executive Officer Robert L. Brodbeck Chief Operating Officer T. Patrick Rhodes, LCSW Director of Programs Nancy L. Doctor Development Director Marsha Wilson Quality Improvement Director


235 YE AR S

Our Mission: Wellspring promotes mental health recovery and supports individuals

in building healthy and hopeful lives through behavioral health, housing and employment services.

Mother’s Day 2017 Colleen and Gray Celebrate it Every Day! Colleen laughs at the non-stop antics of her son, Gray. He’s in perpetual motion, with a never-ending stream of questions. Their lives today are joyous contrast to the desperation they faced just a few months ago…“Sleeping in a shelter,” shares Colleen “made day by day stability really tough.” No home, no job, gaps in insurance coverage – these and more challenges drove Colleen to alcohol misuse as a coping mechanism. But Colleen refused to give up. She worked with staff at the shelter to find healthcare and housing for her and Gray. “That’s what led me to Wellspring!” Colleen exclaims. Good fortune struck when a Wellspring apartment became available that just suits their needs. “And I was able to work with the school system so Gray could stay in the school that he loves. I feel like we landed in just the right place!” “Being settled in a safe place, and getting my son the care he needs means everything,” Colleen says. “Now, working with my Case Manager, I am able to tackle whatever I need to do to sustain my recovery and support my son.” “We’re together, we’re safe, and we have a future full of promise ahead of us!” Colleen beams. “This year, I could truly celebrate Mother’s Day!”

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It’s Been a Long and Winding Road for Willie

“Left home at 16. Just had to find my own way,” reflects “Our first experience with a VISTA volunteer has Willie. ”Had to be a man before been more rewarding than we ever anticipated,” I was done bein’ a boy.” His says Laura Albovias, Wellspring’s Housing sonorous voice and gifted guitar Manager. “One of our biggest accomplishments was playing got Willie gigs in clubs completing our first-ever 360° satisfaction survey of and stages. But that life kept Wellspring’s Housing services. The survey solicited him on the move, and brought input from our Supportive Housing clients, property on “troubles” that he couldn’t owner/managers and Wellspring staff engaged escape. “It was those voices I’d directly with clients receiving housing services.” hear… always telling me to do this or that… telling me to move on from wherever I was.” There were times of homelessness, times in Not surprisingly, tenants ranked feeling safe in jails and prison. Finally, there came a time when Willie just knew he their housing and being satisfied with maintenance had to find a place “where I could just be,” he says. “Didn’t know to of their homes or apartment as their two biggest say stability, in those days, but that’s what I needed.” concerns. Continued on Page 2 Continued on Page 2

19th Annual Derby Preview Party Celebrates Wellspring’s 35th Birthday! Story on page 3

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Willie continued from pg. 1

Searching for what he couldn’t quite name, Willie came upon Wellspring, and housing. Now, through Wellspring’s Case Management services, he’s maintaining stability. Thanks to Medicaid, Willie gets the medication that ended his auditory hallucinations. He’s nearing total sobriety, learning to use the computer, and working on getting a guitar so he can get back on stage. He’s reconnected with his daughter, and especially loves to see his grandson play football. “Super solid, that boy is,” grins Willie. “He does it all, and he’s good.” Willie’s path took him away from all those things, “but I’m here now, and I’m good with that,” he says as he shakes his head.

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19th Annual Derby Preview Party Celebrates Wellspring’s 35th Anniversary! A record crowd celebrated Wellspring’s 35th birthday at the 19th Annual Derby Preview Party! Appalatin’s special rendition of the Beatle’s Birthday song and cupcakes added special touches, and a powerful video chronicled Wellspring’s founding and growth over the decades. Overhead screens across the room glowed with Wellspring founder Bos Todd’s recounting of how he, Barry Bingham, Sr. and Philip P. Ardery “hatched” the idea of Wellspring as an answer for the adults with severe mental illness in our area who had nowhere to turn for the supportive services they so desperately needed. The poignant on-screen testimonies of clients who have found recovery, their family members, and others who have played important roles across the decades added to the impact of the presentation, which culminated in a standing ovation. Many thanks to Passport Health Plan for making this experience possible. And thanks to all whose generosity will help Wellspring charge into the next 35 years of supporting adults on the road to mental health recovery! Thank you!

Wellspring provides case management to individuals with Medicaid or on a sliding scale. For more information call 502-637-4361.

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Housing continued from pg. 1 Those are big factors for all of us, right? Clients cited having good exterior lighting, secure locks, regular police patrols and a serene environment as import contributors to a sense of safety. Again, these responses mirror what we all value in our everyday lives. We share these specifics simply to affirm that adults with mental illness are no different from anyone else, and deserve to live with the dignity we all want in our lives. Owners/Managers that we work with rated their relationship with Wellspring highly. Factors that they value as landlords to Wellspring clients include: rent payments received on time, longer tenant retention levels, prompt action to fill vacancies, and timely cooperation in settling tenant conflicts. Property Managers also expressed interest in training sessions for their staff on topics such as Fair Housing, Mental Illness, Addictions, Housing First, and Support Animals. As a result, we’re exploring the possibility of developing “Lunch & Learns,” and hope we can open sessions up to anyone interested in learning more about these and other relevant topics.

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“We’re excited about what we’ve learned from this survey,” wraps up Laura. “It is very affirming, which is gratifying – but even more so, it has stimulated ideas for improvement and future endeavors.” ssdfdfff


To make a gift: visit our website at - OR - write a check and mail it to Wellspring, PO Box 1927, Louisville, KY 40201 - OR - call 502-753-1457 and let us help you make a donation via credit card.


June 2017 Newsletter  
June 2017 Newsletter