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Special Edition Derby Preview Party 2011

Double the Fun, Double the Success at the Red Hot Bash

Wellspring’s “Red Cap” Video Premier Earns Standing Ovation! Wellspring Board, staff, volunteers, and friends film the final scene of the Red Cap Video at Churchill Downs.

Humana Volunteer Team presenting the Red Hot Bash proceeds to Wellspring’s Derby Preview Party Committee, from left to right Angie Senn, Kathy Dobbins, Robert Hatfield, Ack Willets, Nancy Doctor, Trinity Campisano, and Paul Wessel. The 2nd Annual Red Hot Bash turned out to be twice as successful as last year’s event, both in attendance and in profits! The event, held on Saturday, April 9th on the upper deck of Molly Malone's in the Highlands, raised $1,140 to benefit Wellspring’s supported housing programs. Participants enjoyed scrumptious appetizers, two “Recovery Red” signature drinks, lively music, and an array of raffle prizes - all in a fun and casual atmosphere. “The Humana volunteers understand the importance of what Wellspring does for their participants and are dedicated to making the Red Hot Bash event a success,” said Angie Senn. “We were thrilled to see the event double in just two years!” Thank you to our Event Chair, Brittany Williams and to the entire Humana volunteer team: Angie Senn, Trinity Campisano, Robert Hatfield, Emily Eurton, Carolyn Benson, and Nadia Davidenkoff, for hosting this event to benefit Wellspring! And, congratulations to raffle prize winners, Diana Mull, Keith Duncan, and Stopher Smith who all took home great prizes to make the event even more memorable!

Already on its way to “going viral” Wellspring’s latest video production was a hit at the 13th Annual Wellspring Derby Preview Party. The video was created to raise awareness that a meaningful life in the community is not only possible, but should be expected in today’s world, despite the presence of mental illness. Rivaling “Dancing with the Stars” participants, Wellspring’s dancers pump it up to the Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling” while wearing bright red caps symbolizing the passion behind the recovery movement. “Wellspring's new Red Cap video demonstrates the energy and enthusiasm of our organization. Our ‘recovery red’ caps will become part of our identity,” said Ack Willets, Event Chair. So, watch it, dance, and get your groove on with Wellspring's Red Cap Video by clicking on the link at Then, help spread the hope of recovery by sharing it with 5-10 of your friends. With your help, in no time we’ll have 50,000 “hits” or more! Thanks to all who made this vision a reality: Humana Military Healthcare Services, Spalding University, Focal Point Productions, University of Louisville Depression Center, Seven Counties Services. Marty Pollio, John Asher, and the Wellspring Board of Directors, staff and program participants.

Don't Miss It!

Community Shopping Night & F.A.T. Friday Trolly Hop Fun!

2722 Frankfort Avenue

Join Us Friday, June 24th 6:00-9:00 pm 15% of all sales will benefit


Details available on our website:

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Crown Sponsors Humana Military is proudTriple to support Wellspring’s

Triple Crown Sponsors mission (providing housing Humana Military is proud toand support Wellspring’s hope for adults with severeand mission (providing housing mental illness) through its hopesponsorship for adultsof with severe Wellspring’s mental illness) through 13th Annual Derby its sponsorship of Wellspring’s Preview Party. 13th Annual Derby Breeder’s Cup Sponsors Preview Party. Breeder’s Cup Sponsors

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ProudStakes Race Sponsors & Additional Partners to support Wellspring.


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Proud to support Wellspring.


400 West market street | suite 3200 Louisville | 502.589.5400 |

400 West market street | suite 3200 Louisville | 502.589.5400 |

Transformations Hope for today’s families LLC

PO Box Transformations 1927 • Louisville, KY 40201-1927 • 502-637-4361 • Hope for today’s families LLC

Wellspring Newsletter Derby Preview Party 2011  

Highlights from Wellspring's 13th Annual Derby Preview Party, held on Millionaires Row at Churchill Downs

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