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Wellspring Administrative Center 225 W. Breckinridge Street Telephone: (502) 637-4361 Fax: (502) 637-4490 Officers and Directors

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Nancy B. Bell (1923 - 2016) Bernard F. Block Barry Bingham, Sr. (1906 - 1988) Roberta Fischer Rev. Richard H. Humke Clifford C. Kuhn, M.D. Malcolm R. Mathews, Jr. (1922 - 2013) Cornelia A. Serpell (1917 - 2011) Jackie Swigart, Ph.D. Bosworth M. Todd, Jr.

Founding Board Chair

Philip P. Ardery (1914 - 2012)

Meet Dr. Suleman

Combining excellence in psychiatry with kindness and compassion Our Mission: Wellspring promotes mental health recovery and supports individuals in building healthy and hopeful lives through behavioral health, housing and employment services.

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Management Team

Robert L. Brodbeck Chief Operating Officer T. Patrick Rhodes, LCSW Director of Programs Nancy L. Doctor Development Director

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April 2017

“Life is Good!”

Demetrius reflects on life after finding Wellspring. “Those voices in my head, they just never stopped. Never, no matter how I tried. But, I got help at Wellspring, and now they’re finally gone.” “Now I have peace, stability – and my own place! I’m learning to manage my own affairs and make plans for myself. I’m finding things I never knew before – like Actors Theatre, the Ali Center and all the beautiful parks.”

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Katharine R. Dobbins, LCSW Chief Executive Officer


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Dawn Croft, Chair Alan MacDonald, Vice Chair Phillip Keller, Treasurer Meredith Brown, Secretary Paul Coomes Rich Freeman Steve Kerrick Rif El-Mallakh, M.D. Margaret Pennington George W. Rapp, Jr. Carrie Schanie Curtiss Scott John “Jack” Trawick Elmore A. “Ack” Willets, III

Honorary Lifetime Members

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Dr. Sajida Zubi Suleman

“My work is my passion. I strongly believe in the healing power of love and care,” begins Dr. Sajida Zubi Suleman. “Wellspring’s Crisis Stabilization Program is committed to providing quality care, always using evidence-based practices,” she continues. “We believe in making the effort to get to know our patients, and to treat them with kindness and empathy. We are always careful to listen to them and respond to their needs. Our treatment strategies are based not only on medication and therapy, but most importantly, on kindness and compassion.” Continued on p. 2 >>

“I love it – and I love Wellspring for helping me make a life I never imagined I’d have.”

“This year I got to vote for the first time ever – now that’s really having a life!”

Got Problems? WRAP Them Up and Move On! WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) is a self-designed prevention and wellness process that helps address all kinds of physical, mental health and life issues. It is especially effective when worked on with a trusted supporter. A well-crafted WRAP can help individuals fulfill their life dreams and goals. Soon, Wellspring’s Maureen Hagerman and Laurie Perkins will begin using the WRAP Wellness Continued on p. 2 >>

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VISTA Gives New View on Wellspring’s Housing Services

The Healing Power of Paws: Daisy Dawg Helps Hasten Recovery

Martha Fuller, our first AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America), is finishing her year of service. During her year with us, she developed a comprehensive database Martha Fuller of Wellspring’s Housing Services. This database greatly increases the Housing Services Manager’s ability to maintain compliance with HUD and other funders’ requirements. It also allows Case Managers to quickly identify resources available for clients’ housing needs.

“Whenever Daisy and I arrive at the Crisis Stabilization Program, the staff updates us on any situations that might lead to especially valuable interactions with the clients,” explains Ruth, Daisy’s Handler. Ruth and Daisy work with Wellspring as a team through WAGS Pet Therapy of Kentucky. “Recently, we had one of those special visits that I wanted to share.”

Martha also developed and conducted a survey to

Because of Wellspring’s Housing Program, I feel safe, settled and stable, says Anita – now on Wellspring’s Consumer Advisory Committee.

assess client/tenants, property owners/ managers, and Wellspring employees’ satisfaction with our housing services. To be published in May, the survey documents the impact of our housing services and will be of great value to us in seeking future housing grants and other support. Reflecting on the past year, Martha says, “I witnessed the Wellspring staff working with newly-accepted clients who are literally coming in from the streets, helping them into a place of their own choosing to live permanently. For clients who are interested, they help them find employment of their choosing. Still others, with Wellspring’s support, find their way to live independently, graduated from supportive services and able to sustain stability on their own.”

“All of the clients gathered to welcome Daisy, and began encouraging ‘the new guy’ to join in. ‘Thomas’ had arrived two days earlier. He was very symptomatic and unable to engage in conversations or take part in group activities. After some gentle coaxing, Thomas began petting Daisy, ever so lightly. The others then quietly slipped away, leaving Thomas and Daisy alone together. Before long, Thomas tenuously began talking to Daisy, and soon settled down on the floor beside her. That’s when Thomas really opened up – it was as if a stream began to flow! The staff and I stayed nearby, and whenever ‘negative thoughts’ began to slip in, Thomas let us know so we could help him shift his attention back to Daisy. After nearly an hour had passed, the Psych Rehab Counselor asked Thomas how he was feeling. Looking up, he told her ‘the voices’ had stopped while he was with Daisy! As we were leaving, the other residents started filtering in, telling Thomas how great

WRAP continued from p. 1

Toolbox to guide Wellspring clients in developing individualized WRAPs. “It’s not a cookie-cutter approach,” explains Maureen. “Each person’s WRAP is different than anyone else’s, because no two people are exactly alike.” Laurie adds, “It’s based on five key recovery concepts that help people get control over their problems and that’s something everyone needs in order to thrive.”

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“Thomas was an enthusiastic petter, leaving Daisy with a bit less hair than she had when we arrived – but that doesn’t trouble us in the least. Daisy and I look forward to the next visit and hope to see Thomas continuing to progress in his recovery.”

Expressive Therapy Heals The creative process helps people resolve conflicts and problems, develop interpersonal skills, manage behavior, reduce stress, increase self-esteem and self-awareness and achieve insight. We proudly present these works of art from our program participants, led by our Expressive Therapist, Stephanie Clemmons.

Interested in Reducing Your 2017 Taxes? We Can Help! Simply making a gift to the Wellspring Fund at the Community Foundation of Louisville gives you a tax credit equaling 20% of the amount of your donation.

he’d done. Thomas shared a few tentative smiles and finally a quiet ‘thanks.’

Example: $5,000 gift 20% of your gift = $1,000 $1,000 credit to your 2017 Kentucky taxes

Dr. Suleman continued from p. 1

Wellspring’s two Crisis Stabilization Units (CSUs) have just eight beds each, so the atmosphere is more homelike and interactions are more personal than in other treatment settings. The CARF-accredited program serves 600–700 patients each year. Because of its size, CSU

patients are able to make heart-toheart connections with staff and with the doctor, which leads to better outcomes. In closing, Dr. Suleman adds, “I personally believe that love heals eloquently and kindness

holds the power to heal. Our staff provides exceptional support and understanding to our clients and believes in teamwork. That is why I am so very proud to be a part of CSU team – because we do care.”

“I love art therapy. It let me express my feelings without using words. ... It helped me cope with some of my issues about myself. I could never say thanks enough.” Betty

“When I first started art therapy, I thought it wouldn’t benefit me or my illness! But now I feel it works a lot for me when expressing how I feel. I find it quite beneficial!” Brittany

Recovery Happens, Step by Step

Because Catherine felt paranoid, isolated and unable to manage her finances, she sought help at Wellspring’s Crisis Stabilization Program. Now she is in our supportive housing program and is making progress managing her medication and budget. She has close relationships with her peers who live nearby and feels she has a better quality of life, with independence “beyond her wildest dreams.”



To make a gift: visit our website at – OR – write a check and mail it to Wellspring, PO Box 1927, Louisville, KY 40201 – OR – call 502-753-1457 and let us help you make a donation via credit card.


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