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Tips to speed up recovery from spinal surgery

Here are a few guidelines for you to help recover faster after a spinal surgery.

1. After getting a discharge from the hospital, take full bed rest for at least two days. 2. Avoid excessive sitting or standing, bending, twisting or lifting weight during the first week after the surgery.

3. If you are provided a brace, then wear it for the most of day for at least 6 weeks. Remove it at night or during baths. 4. In case of dressings, a sterile gauze should be used to change it once a day, only if the wound is completely dry

5. In order to reduce swelling at the surgery site, ice packs should be applied for about twenty minutes, three times a day. 6.To prevent constipation due to medications and less movement, eat a fibrous diet and drink plenty of water.

7.Along with fibrous food, take a diet that’s is rich in protein and vitamin C. This will help in the healing of the wound. 8. In case you had a fusion surgery, a calcium rich diet is recommended. You must also take calcium supplements with such a diet

9. Pain killers are often prescribed by the doctors after the surgery, the amount of which should be decreased as the pain lessens. 10. In case of symptoms like breath- shortness, chest pain or bleeding or redness in the incision area, numbness in arms, hands legs etc., report to your doctor immediately

Along with these important tips, make sure you visit your doctor after two weeks of the spinal surgery.

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Tips to speed up recovery from spinal surgery