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6 Steps To A Successful Wellness Program

What Are the Benefits of Wellness?

 Being well rested and healthy benefits the company.  Well rested employees are more productive at work.  Employees that feel good also miss less work which allows companies to be more profitable.

Step 1 – Assess the Health of Your Group

 Offer a health and lifestyle assessment along with a health screening.  This can provide motivation for employees to become more healthy.  An assessment also helps a company identify the most common health needs of its employees.

Step 2 – Discover the Results

 A HRA or Health Risk Assessment gives each employee a personal health report with detailed results.  Our Personal Wellness Profile™ creates risk profiles for a variety of health problems such as heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and much more.  Ensure that your employees understand their Health Risk Assessment.

Step 3 – Educate your Participants  Education is a critical step for your employees.  Offer programs to help educate your employees on topics such as weight loss, exercise, learning to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and other programs to improve overall health.  Provide health coaches to help motivate your employees to be healthier inside and outside of work.

Step 4 – Motivate and Track Participation

 Motivation is a great way to help employees improve their health.  Companies that offer incentives tend to have much better results.  Offering discounts on health insurance can be a big motivator for employees.

Step 5 – Create a Culture of Health

 Creating a culture that fosters healthy living is important to improving employee health.  Providing healthy snacks and meals at your office can help to foster this culture.  Offering flex times for exercise and promoting biking to work and other healthy activities can increase employee participation.

Step 6 – Measure and Evaluate Outcomes

 Measuring your successes and failures is important to maintaining an effective wellness program.  Evaluate your program once a year to make adjustments as necessary.  Repeat the HRA each year to see how your employees are performing annually.

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6 steps to a successful wellness program  

Incorporating a successful wellness program into your life is a great step to take to improve your health. If you are ready to feel more vib...

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