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The best opportunity to create a lasting musical legacy at Wells Cathedral School Vladimir Ashkenazy


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My daughter Emily and I both attended Wells Cathedral School. While I must admit that I auditioned to be a chorister and sadly was rejected, Wells developed in both of us a love of music that gave us the confidence to follow our dreams and the musical element of the school might have led in some way to where we are now. Music can be enjoyed by all, regardless of education or social class as the inspirational El Sistema scheme from Venezuela has shown, and it would be nice if Cedars Hall could in some way contribute to the El Sistema concept. Cedars Hall is vital for the school to carry on that musical tradition and to further develop its strong community involvement ensuring music is inclusive and not exclusive. We are very pleased to support this appeal.

Michael Eavis

Wells Cathedral School 1944-1950

Emily Eavis

Wells Cathedral School 1990-1997

Glastonbury Festivals

Many student orchestras would struggle to achieve such standards in this space. Christopher Adey, Guest Conductor

Finding your calling in music can be a much longer journey than many imagine. Whilst at Wells Cathedral School I was studying oboe, never thinking I would have a career as a countertenor. Where I’ve found myself as a musician is not down to anything specific, but a result of the many varying experiences and lessons learnt at Wells. From Wells I learned the importance of discipline to rehearse, to work hard at what you do. At Wells, even if you are gifted and singled out you must still pull your weight within the school community - there is no room for prima donnas.

I support Cedars Hall because these young musicians deserve the right environment to learn their craft and to develop their talents.

Iestyn Davies - Countertenor Wells Cathedral School 1993-1998

The Symphony Orchestra rehearses in the Music School in the 600-year-old former theological college library. A stunning space but designed for another era.


I owe everything to Wells.




first arrived at Wells Cathedral School as a painfully shy 11-year-old boy who seldom spoke but instinctively knew that the cello was my voice. Feeling inspired by the landscape and architecture of this unique school I knew that this was the environment in which I could potentially thrive. Subsequently I have grown to feel that I owe Wells Cathedral School the credit for where and who I am now. The formative years spent at Wells were vital to my progress, not just as a musician but also as a person and I was fortunate in that my education was mainly funded through bursaries, scholarships and competitions. My cello teacher Margaret Moncrieff inspired me with her unpretentious approach to teaching which went beyond technique. Her priority was to encourage me to colour the music, expressing my personality and my life experience; to speak through my playing. This all-encompassing experience is something I treasure and it manifests in the way I am carving out a life and a career, particularly with my North York Moors Chamber Music Festival which celebrates not just music but also architecture, history, landscape and camaraderie. Cedars Hall is vital for the development of the musicians of tomorrow, providing them with a space which will inspire and challenge them. It will enrich the lives of all the children at the school and the community; as music is to be shared, this new facility can only enhance and benefit experiences and opportunities. I hope that you will join me in supporting this extraordinary project. I look forward to its opening in Spring 2014.

Jamie Walton - Cellist Wells Cathedral School 1985-1991

cedars hall 2012


When I visit Wells Cathedral School, and the city itself, music is everywhere but there is no school space where music is overtly celebrated. We wanted to put Cedars Hall and music at the heart of the School. Early in the design process I was struck by the wonderful relationship between the Chapter House, Vicar’s Close and the site for Cedars Hall, an abstract line which connects two spaces, one rising up, the other folding into the ground. The reason for lowering the Hall was due to the demand of the acoustic requirements for volume and therefore height, which if all placed above ground would overwhelm the listed landscape. The strength of the shell protects the warmth of the interior. Cedars Hall is to be set in one of the most striking and beautiful backdrops in England.

Eric Parry Eric Parry Architects


cedars hall 2012

We are audacious in wanting to complete our £9.4 million project in such times as these. We know that the facilities are sorely needed by our music specialists, by all our pupils and by the community, and so we are confident about being bold.

It is a great honour to be Head of Wells Cathedral School, and I am immensely proud and excited that we are on the cusp of realising our long-held dream of a recital hall.

Cedars Hall will be the most substantial development at the school in its 1,100 years’ history. We are leaving a legacy for those who will follow in our footsteps in the decades and centuries to come. Wells is not a well-endowed school. More than 80 per cent of our music students are on bursaries or scholarships. At the current time 78 of them are completely funded by the UK Government.

Yes, we are an independent school. The tuition and boarding fees, which we work hard at keeping to a reasonable level, are spent in providing a high standard of all round education. It would be impossible to fund such an ambitious and necessary project as Cedars Hall from fee income.

The Cathedral provides a magnificent setting for concerts and we will continue to use it for very large audiences of 500 or more. We will continue to use our existing ‘concert hall’ in the historic theological college library. We also desperately need a larger purpose-built facility which is acoustically designed

and appropriate as well as beautiful. We know that music and the performing arts must be inclusive not exclusive. With Cedars Hall we will be able to expand our community programme, our teaching, our staff training and our partnership work. Each year we touch the lives of 2,000 with our work in the community. Imagine what we can achieve with Cedars Hall. I hope that you will support us in this development for the benefit of the community, for our current pupils and for the generations to come.

Elizabeth Cairncross Head - Wells Cathedral School


edars Hall will be a state-of-the-art performance, teaching and learning centre built within the ancient footprint of Wells Cathedral School.

Designed by award-winning architect Eric Parry, Cedars Hall will provide a 350-seat recital auditorium, rehearsal rooms, observation and teaching suites and a cutting-edge recording studio. It will feature an open entrance foyer and dedicated hospitality bar area. Creating a building in Wells which delivers the appropriate high acoustic standards required in such a prestigious historical setting has in itself presented a unique challenge. But rather than follow traditional architectural form, it was felt Cedars Hall should look ahead in its design, materials and concept. The result is a modern complex of glass and weathered corten steel but within ‘classical’ dimensions. In order to achieve the ideal height needed for acoustics, but not overshadow the

Grade II listed Cedars House, Cedars Hall will be cut discreetly into the slope of Cedars Field. Architect Eric Parry refers to it as creating “a container for performance”. “The clerestory of glass creates a building of light and space and provides a view of the 1,100-year-old Wells Cathedral and the roof has the feeling that it is floating above the structure.” The design is energy efficient and sustainable for both the present and future, featuring an intelligent ventilation system to minimise energy consumption, additional insulation to increase thermal properties and the infrastructure to embrace future investment in sustainable systems. There will be wheelchair access to all parts of the hall. Cedars Hall will be used throughout the year for lectures, rehearsals and performances and will be an important asset to the school, as well as a significant community asset for Wells and the South West.

A basic requirement for preparing orchestral performance is a rehearsal space that provides sufficient room for the players. This is something that the students at Wells Cathedral School do not have at the moment, being squashed into the confines of the current concert hall, where some string players even find themselves playing in doorways. It says a great deal for the ability and determination of the players at Wells Cathedral School that they cope as well as they do against these odds. Many student orchestras would struggle to achieve such standards in this space.

At this stage in their musical development, student instrumentalists need everything on their side. That is why Cedars Hall is so vitally important.

Christopher Adey FRAM FRCM FRWCMD Conductor in Residence WCS Symphony Orchestra

cedars hall 2012



s a specialist music school, Wells believes music should be inclusive and is committed to sharing the joy and transformation that music brings with as many people as possible.

Every year through its community programme Wells Cathedral School is involved with more than 2,000 children and adults in Wells, Somerset and the South West. This work is delivered in a multitude of ways: from music workshops and Young People’s Concerts at Colston Hall in Bristol to virtual music programmes free for teachers to download worldwide and singing sessions for Alzheimer’s Disease sufferers. A great deal of the community work focuses on young people in Somerset. It also reaches into the South West and then throughout the world. Music school staff and students have been ambassadors in schools in Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone (where they helped build the country’s only recording studio) and Malaysia. The lack of space and appropriate facilities have limited the community programme. With Cedars Hall that will change. With the recital hall there will be more space to stage workshops for children and concerts for schools and the community. By developing music training for teachers, through the use of the specially designed observation rooms at Cedars Hall, the school will be able to reach thousands more children. Cedars Hall will enable Wells to expand its community programme, bringing music to a far wider audience and increasing the school’s capacity to spot promising young musicians who need the support of Wells Cathedral School. Sam Okell was talent spotted by Wells specialist teacher Jayne Obradovic while attending a National Children’s Orchestra percussion course. She taught him privately for a few years and then he auditioned for the sixth form at Wells. The 15-year-old from Chard in Somerset went on to study his A-levels at Wells, and was the


cedars hall 2012

first specialist percussion student to receive full government funding. Sam’s dream was to become a recording engineer. He went on to study at the University of Surrey and now works for Abbey Road Studios. In 2011 he was part of the team to receive a Grammy award for remastering the Beatles catalogue.

Photo credit: Mid Somerset News & Media

“Wells Cathedral School has given me an invaluable grounding, an incredible breadth of musical knowledge and experience. I support Cedars Hall because it will also include a recording studio and that is vital for students, who, like me, love music but want a career that does not include performing.”

Sam Okell

Music is one of the pure joys of life. As a child my father would take me to classical music concerts. Sometimes I got bored, but then I discovered Bach’s St Matthew Passion and learned how music can speak to your soul and help you understand the universe and your place within it.

Our Vocal Futures project exists to help young people discover that joy of music. I am thrilled to be working with Wells Cathedral School as part of Vocal Futures. Our young musicians are the nation’s treasures: Wells helps them find their musical voice.

I started playing the violin at the age of seven in Hong Kong. In 1988, I received a scholarship from the Hong Kong Bank to study at Wells Cathedral School before going on to study at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Canada.

I am pleased to support Cedars Hall which will help this young talent blossom. Cedars Hall will also ensure that Wells can share that love of music with the community at large so that everyone can experience that joy.

Since 2002 I have toured the United States as a soloist and in 2011 was selected to study at the Juillard School of Music.

Suzi Digby (Lady Eatwell) OBE

Founder and Musical Director, Vocal Futures Founder and Principal, The Voices Foundation

Suzi Digby with Wells Cathedral School students.

Photo credit: Jim Wileman

I am living proof that you can attend a specialist music school and not have to be a concert violinist. Sam Okell

The high academic and musical level that Wells Cathedral School set has formed the foundation of my music career. It led to opportunities through which I could achieve my goal of becoming a professional violinist.

Tak Kwan Concertmaster of Peterborough Symphony Orchestra, Canada

Concertmaster of Northumberland Orchestra and Choir Symphony Orchestra, Canada

cedars hall 2012



Wells Cathedral School enjoys a national and international reputation as a specialist music school. Each year a number of pupils progress to the Royal College of Music, where they invariably achieve outstanding success. At the beginning of the twenty-first century it is important that the excellent music-making at Wells is delivered in fitting surroundings that will replicate professional conditions. Cedars Hall will further enhance the school’s position as a natural first choice for talented students from a broad range of countries and backgrounds. It will contribute substantially to the inspirational learning experience and cultural impact on the community for which Wells is justly famous.

Professor Colin Lawson Director, Royal College of Music


cedars hall 2012

� A computer generated image

Wells was the making of me! Having previously studied with the incredible trombone tutor Alan Hutt as a junior at the Royal Academy of Music, I came to visit Wells aged 15 and I immediately had a sense of familiarity with the school, its teachers and students. Upon arrival, I threw myself into everything Wells had to offer, studying trombone, piano and percussion, as well as A-level music. I became involved with almost every ensemble going. I also DJ’d for the school discos, played jazz piano in my spare time, and was able to bring my own studio equipment to the school, which was welcomed with open arms. A world class centre of excellence such as Wells deserves world class facilities. Cedars Hall will provide a superb venue for performances of all genres of music that Wells Cathedral School and the people of Wells can enjoy for years to come.

I am personally looking forward to hearing the first performance in the new hall, and cannot wait to hear some of my music performed within it. I believe that is called ‘coming full circle’.

Richard Jacques - Multi award-winning, BAFTA and Ivor Novello nominated composer of television, film and video game soundtracks. Wells Cathedral School 1989-1991

When asked to write this endorsement, it confirmed for me the realisation of just how important and significant my early training was at Wells. Walking on stage at the Royal Albert Hall to give my Proms concerto debut with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales broadcast ‘live’ on Radio 3, in front of 6,500 people (in 2005), I am reminded of the invaluable experience of performing annually from the age of 11 at London`s South Bank and other prestigious venues representing Wells Cathedral School as a specialist musician. The opportunities and relationships I formed at Wells will stay with me for ever. I am thrilled with the news that Cedars Hall will be built as this will give the school the space they deserve as one of Europe`s top specialist music schools.

Josephine Knight

FRAM ARAM - Professor of Cello at the Royal Academy of Music, London Wells Cathedral School 1979-1987

cedars hall 2012


Wells has provided me with opportunities that I had never imagined before.

Take Your Seat


Victor Lim - Piano Finalist, 2012 BBC Young Musician of the Year

or more than 1,100 years, Wells has embraced every individual character, talent and personality, encouraging generations of young people to ‘Be What You Are’, Esto Quod Es.

It’s a wonderful heritage and one which has created a close family bond amongst alumni, parents, tutors and friends. Now we have the opportunity to recognise those individuals who have shaped and supported this community through ‘being who they are’. We invite you to ‘Take Your Seat’ in Cedars Hall, joining CHORUS and DESCANT donors in the Stalls and Gallery of the new recital hall. Each dedicated seat will be embroidered with a name or message of your choice demonstrating recognition of your support. Donors will also be invited to attend an exclusive Gala Concert and Reception during the opening week. In number, this is a limited edition appeal.



£3,750 - (£3,000 excl. Gift Aid) £1,500 - (£1,200 excl. Gift Aid) Embroidered name (limited characters) Embroidered name (limited characters) on seat in the Gallery on seat in the Stalls Gifts are gratefully received either by single payment or Standing Order over five years. See Gift and Gift Aid form in leaf


cedars hall 2012

Gift Value Actual Cost Excluding Gift Aid Single Payment Monthly Payment 5 years

Actual Cost to higher Actual Cost to higher rate tax payer (40%) rate tax payer (50%) after annual claim after annual claim











Instrumental Circle


rom the concert grand piano to steel pans, from microphones to mallets, we need your help to furnish Cedars Hall with instruments and technical kit. This will enable every musician to access the exciting opportunities and experience the new teaching, learning and performance facility. From Grammy award-winning sound technicians to critically-acclaimed orchestral performers and soloists, we train gifted young musicians for the future. It’s our responsibility to make sure that we have the right resources to help them on their musical journey. Instrumental Circle share holders will be invited to attend an exclusive Gala Concert and Reception during the opening week as well as an annual reception and concert. Additionally donors will be named in a special roll of honour in Cedars Hall. Join the Instrumental Circle for Cedars Hall and donate a lasting gift to the musicians of the next millennium.

Gift Value Actual Cost Excluding Gift Aid Single Payment Monthly Payment 5 years

Actual Cost to higher Actual Cost to higher rate tax payer (40%) rate tax payer (50%) after annual claim after annual claim





ith a prestigious development project of this importance and significance we are inviting supporters to consider helping us deliver Cedars Hall through naming opportunities. A number of important building facets provide discreet and tangible areas for special recognition. We would be delighted to hear from you if you are considering making a major contribution to this critical part of our appeal.

Naming Opportunities

Suggested Gift

Auditorium Foyer Elipsoidal roof Lift Percussion Room Woodwind Room Brass Room Stage Control Room Bar Observation Room (perc) Observation Room (wwind) Observation Room (brass) Column(s) in Recital Hall

£500,000 £250,000 £150,000 £100,000 £100,000 £100,000 £100,000 £50,000 £50,000 £50,000 £25,000 £25,000 £25,000 £10,000

Other naming opportunities may be included.

To purchase a named share and become a member of the Cedars Hall Instrumental Circle - £5,000.


Significant Gifts


Gift Value

Actual Cost Excluding Gift Aid Single Monthly Payment Payment 5 years

Actual Cost to higher Actual Cost to higher rate tax payer (40%) rate tax payer (50%) after annual claim after annual claim








































£250,000 cedars hall 2012


How much will it cost to build Cedars Hall and why do you have to fundraise?

As a current parent don’t I contribute enough through the annual fees?

It will cost £9.4 million for the building and we will need to raise additional funds for some specialist instruments.

We know that Wells Cathedral School lacks a huge endowment to supplement the annual fees and must continue to improve the facilities which are part of the kind of education our three children are lucky enough to have.

So far we have done well with our fundraising. A number of benefactors and significant Trusts and Foundations have demonstrated their support for our major ambition. Whilst we are an ancient school with a strong history and identity, we are neither rich or endowed. We therefore need to ask all our friends and supporters, the extended family of Wells, to help us finish this project. Your support will be vital to our appeal. Wells has a proven track record of success. We believe people will recognise this and so we are confident we will complete this major development. Generations of future gifted musicians rely upon us to do so. Mark Coote Chief Executive Wells Cathedral School Foundation


cedars hall 2012

The school environment is a big part of what is a very positive and happy experience for them. Cedars Hall is an exceptional opportunity to provide a facility which goes beyond this. We think Cedars Hall will be something our children will appreciate enormously. It will also be an outstanding facility for the community and for the area. As Wells parents, it is a project we would be pleased and proud to contribute to as an investment for our children and future generations at the school but equally importantly for Wells and its community. Andrew Gummer Current parent of Freddy (year 8), Hector (year 4) and Florence (year 1)

My children never attended Wells Cathedral School so why should I contribute? I have been a lover of music all my life and my wife and I support many music activities – none more worthy than Wells Cathedral School. We have, over the years, watched with pride the development of the school and its pupils. The recently developed Outreach programme, both locally and internationally, is a key reason why Cedars Hall should be built and supported. It will be equipped with the latest technology to enable the music school to ‘swap’ master classes, tuition and performances world wide and give the public, including ourselves, a firstclass venue for superb music for years to come. It’s wonderful that local organisations and choirs will be able to use the Hall as there is a lack of suitable venues in the South West. Roy Hatch Chairman, Cedars Hall Committee

Generations of future gifted musicians rely upon us. Mark Coote

My son has left Wells Cathedral School so why should I make a donation? During his five years at Wells, my son Rory, like so many others, benefited greatly from the generosity of earlier generations. This has helped create a school which upholds the highest standards of excellence, in music and in much else. I am delighted to contribute to the continuation of this tradition and look forward to seeing Wells and its musical tradition continue to flourish. Cedars Hall will be a magnificent asset for the school and for the community around it. It will be a fabulous setting in which future generations can continue to excel. Adrian Scott

the best possible musical facilities, but also a fullyrounded education right across the curriculum. Alongside music, children have access to the best of arts, drama, sport and all the academic disciplines they will need for the future. Cedars Hall will enrich the lives of all the children who attend the school by providing an exciting venue for music, dance, drama, rehearsal, recording and technology. It will serve as a focal point for the school. I am certain that Cedars Hall and its growing heritage will enhance the school for my children and for many generations to come. David Warburton Current parent (Cecily Warburton Year 2, James Warburton Year 1) Chairman of the Parents’ Association

Parent of Rory Scott

My children are at Wells Cathedral School and are not musicians. What difference will this make to them? Wells Cathedral School is unique in offering not only

the school and beyond. Whilst I was at school I was aware that there was no space big enough for the school’s symphony orchestra to rehearse. When the school chapel choir was added to this for performances of large choral works the space was even tighter. Up until now the school has used the Cathedral which is big enough but acoustically challenging. Cedars Hall will provide the students with a state-of-theart performing venue big enough to cater for all the needs of a world class music school. It will become a much sought after performance and rehearsal venue in the South West, giving students more opportunities to interact with professional musicians.

I left Wells Cathedral School years ago. Why should I support the campaign?

This is a very important building which will be used and loved by the school and community.

Cedars Hall will provide the school with a much needed performance space big enough for all the performing needs of

Meeta Raval Opera singer Wells Cathedral School 1994-2001

Why can’t you simply carry on using the facilities you already have at the school? The current concert hall, a former 15th century theological college library, though ideal for small recitals, is simply not big enough for the majority of our concerts or for our symphony orchestra to rehearse. It is impossible to give our specialists experience of performing in a professional acoustic environment. Space restrictions in the music department mean we have to limit the number, and therefore variety of ensembles and genres we offer. With Cedars we will have space and appropriate variable

acoustic to develop our programme, for example, extend jazz and commercial music courses. Cedars Hall will also help us expand our community outreach. Many of our programmes are oversubscribed. The new facility will mean we can deliver a much better programme and experience for our own students and provide more for others. Dorothy Nancekievill Director of Music Wells Cathedral School

Why can’t the school simply carry on using Wells Cathedral as a concert venue? Whilst the Cathedral enjoys hosting school

Cedars Hall will provide a much-needed performance space. Meeta Raval

concerts the venue is not suitable for all types of musical performance. Although the beautiful and historic building provides a dramatic and inspiring venue for symphony and choral concerts which attract a large audience, it is inappropriate for chamber music and solo work. Cathedrals are busy places with crowded diaries. The students need appropriate spaces to rehearse and perform. I support Cedars Hall because I believe it will enrich all our lives - in the School, in the Cathedral and in the community of Wells and beyond - with a music venue that is both flexible and stunning in its architectural conception. It will enable the school to train musicians to the highest professional standards, and help to develop further its important outreach work which brings music to old and young alike. The Very Rev John Clarke Dean of Wells Cathedral

cedars hall 2012


Wells has encouraged me on my musical journey.

Kizzy Brooks - Percussion specialist musician Wells Cathedral School

Cedars Hall will provide Wells Cathedral School with a much needed state-of-the-art facility for students and the wider community alike. Playing in a high quality hall is akin to playing a fine old Italian violin instead of that old orange box you picked up on eBay! It just makes everyone play so much better. A fine acoustic inspires confidence, enhances tone production, and enables technical proficiency; all of which add up to an exceptional concert experience for audience and performers alike. That the school will provide this for the exceptional musicians that it consistently produces is testament to its vision and seriousness as a leading music educator.

Jonathan Vaughan


Director of Music, Guildhall School of Music & Drama and former Director of the National Youth Orchestra.


cedars hall 2012

When I came to Wells from Italy in 1978, as a shy little boy of seven, I found a place that blew me away. Living and learning alongside other boys and girls in a foreign country was just the ultimate ‘adventure’ for me and I

loved every minute of my 11 years here. In that time I saw and lived through huge developments at Wells Cathedral School but none more striking than its evolution into the world class music specialist school that it

is today. Wells Cathedral School is steeped in stunning architecture and historical significance but with Cedars Hall it can now look forward to uniting this with a state-of-theart performance and practice venue that befits its aspirations.

How typical it is of Wells Cathedral School, for whom a balanced education in and around music is so paramount, to have incorporated the Cedars Sports Pavilion into this modern complex.

Max Costantini - CEO mibelle Wells Cathedral School 1978-1989

Roll of honour The Reverend Canon Andrew Featherstone

Captain Dan Shorland Ball

Garfield Weston Foundation

Mr & Mrs Mark Bacon

Mrs ‘Tricia Smart

The Gosling Foundation Ltd

Mr Jonathan Bager

Mr Andrew Fletcher

Mrs Sylvie Barham

The Hon Mrs Catherine Spencer

The Kirby Laing Foundation

Mr & Mrs Tee Gan

Mr & Mrs Ian Bowker

Mr Andrew Gummer

Mr George Tricks

The Linbury Trust

The Reverend Tony Bretherton

Mr & Mrs Roy Hatch

Mrs Elizabeth Tudway Quilter

Music at Wellfield Barn

Mr Gary Brown

Mr Toby Hiscock

Mr Edward Warne

The Perivoli Trust

Dr & Mrs Andrew Cairncross

Miss Yi Wen Hon

Mrs Diana Wheeler

Mr Michael Cansdale

Mr John Learmonth

An Anonymous Foundation

Sir Siegmund Warburg’s Voluntary Settlement

4 Anonymous Benefactors

Mr Michael Clark

The Very Reverend Richard Lewis

The Very Reverend John Clarke

Mrs Pearl Lye Mr Terence Mordaunt

The Cecil King Memorial Foundation

Mrs Beryl Collinge

Mr John Moxon

CHK Charities Limited

Mr Mark Coote

Mr Andrew Parker

The Djanogly Foundation

Mr & Mrs Gerald Davidson

Mr James Reid

The Eranda Foundation

Mrs Jennie Chapman

The Busenhart Morgan-Evans Foundation

The Lady Helen Hamlyn Trust

What I love about Wells Cathedral School music is their tremendous spirit of adventure. This is the polar opposite of a prissy music academy. It’s a forum where young people can engage with music on every positive level. Their ethos is fabulously holistic; their view being that music should never be experienced in a bubble and that it has a huge and vital role to

play in the community at large. Cedars Hall will be an incredibly important asset to the school and the community, providing excellent facilities for young musicians’ education and allowing the community, from pensioners to primary school pupils, the opportunity to experience the thrill of live music. The Cedars Hall project is desperately, vitally needed.

Charles Hazlewood Conductor

Wells Cathedral School The Wells Friends of Music (including 92 individual donations) The Wolfson Foundation

We are profoundly grateful to a number of individuals as well as charitable trusts and foundations who have supported our vision through an important silent fundraising phase.

What I love about Wells Cathedral School music is their tremendous spirit of adventure. Charles Hazlewood, Conductor

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Wells Cathedral School is building a new £9.4 million recital hall and learning and teaching centre

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