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IT Works Resource Group Handbook Contents


In joining IT Works Resource Group Limited you have become part of one of the UK’s most reputable niche recruitment groups. In this section you can learn about our vision, our values, our goals and the departments which make our business work


Welcome from MD Congratulations on your successful appointment, I am pleased you have chosen to be part of our story and you have chosen us to be part of your career. We strive to provide our clients with excellent candidate solutions, which suit their business needs and provide excellent customer service. We can only achieve this goal through the dedication and commitment of all our teams throughout the business. We have ambitions for growth as every business does, we realise as a small business this can only be achieve through the dedication and knowledge of our teams, there are exciting times ahead which I am pleased you will be a part of. I hope you find the IT Works Resource Group Directory of benefit. You will learn more about our business and environment, what we stand for, our vision, what we expect from you and how we work to achieve our goals. If you have any questions or you would like further information don’t hesitate to speak to your Manager. May I wish you success for your future with us and welcome you to IT Works Resource Group Limited.

Tim Bashall


Managing Director

OUR VISION AND VALUES Our mission is to maintain our position as a specialist recruiter. To achieve this we must constantly innovate and push boundaries. Our goals must remain flexible to allow us to adapt and react to a changing digital environment. We are an entrepreneurial company, we encourage bold thinking and solution based approach for clients and candidiates. At all times we act professionally and behave with integrity, we take decisions with careful consideration and regard to commercial reality. We are not afraid to learn from our mistakes and acknowledge where we can improve. We have a clear vision here at IT Works Resource Group Limited we want to be the first and only choice for our clients. We are ambitious and driven we have strong values which set out what we are trying to achieve as a business and how we go about it.

Our Values These values are at the heart of IT Works Resource Group and support the culture of our environment and delivering inspirational service, these ultimately ensure we achieve our mission. The values describe the type of Company we are and indicate how we should behave in our workplace.


We aspire to be “The Expert� within our Market


Positive, Motivated, Empowered, Team


Exceed expectations, enjoy the journey


We challenge the norm


What does this mean to you? You can expect to be treated in a way which is consistent with the values all times. Our recruitment, induction, performance reviews, communication, training and development all reflect our values. Values are everyone’s responsibility we expect that you also support and respect these values during your career at IT Works Resource Group. Your performance will be measured partly on how well you live the values. We want to create and open and honest culture and we value your feedback; if you don’t believe our values are being realised or have suggestions about how we can do better we want to know about it, you can either speak to your line manager or register your ideas on our “Bright Idea” section on my: IT Works Resource Group or email Tim at

Our History


IT Works Resource Group Limited Today

Supporting our Business The supporting services within the business enable the client facing employees to achieve the required level of performance and exceed the client expectations. The business is supported by 3 main functions; IT, Finance and HR. Through our Marketing Department we are able to ensure a consistent image is provided to our clients and our message within the Marketplace is clear; “we are expert recruiters�. Our position within our environment remains unrivalled, and our brand image and strength supports this. Finance plays a major role in supporting our business. Finance and Purchasing ensure we have sound commercial process and controls to ensure we get the best value for money from our suppliers and we continue to remain profitable through our expenditure. We want IT Works Resource Group Limited to continue to be the best Recruitment Agency to work for, we have received numerous awards for our desirability as an employer in the Recruitment world. HR will continue to play a part in ensure we achieve these standards through recruiting, inducting, developing, rewarding and managing our teams.

Keeping you informed


Good communication with colleagues is critical to our success as a business. In order to do your job effectively you need to understand and contribute to what we are trying to achieve, and your role in helping us to get there. Email All relevant Company Information will be communicated via email. This will be distributed by a project owner and will be cleared by their Department Head. My:itworksworld We expect everyone to use my:itworksworld, this runs just like the internet however is for the sole use of ITW Resource Group employees. It is a vibrant and dynamic place to share views and hold discussions; we like to think of the intranet as a virtual coffee shop for ITWRG employees. We hold a number of discussions via my:itworksworld to gain a consensus on operational and commercial process and procedures, if you have a view on an issue you must be able to communicate this. We store all Group documentation on here which will help you perform in your job role, all our employment policies and e-learning courses run through my:itworksworld. You can access my:itworksworld by typing my:itworksworld into your web browser, alternatively if you are in the office the page appears automatically. Team Briefings Team Briefings are a vital part of the communication process and every manager is encourage to hold these meetings regularly to discuss news and issues within the business and talk through ideas you may have. Talk to your manager if your team does not have regular updates. WTM Whole Team Meetings (WTM) occur every quarter, these are designed to provide you with a business overview, communicate any changes in strategy and provide you with an indication of new business developments and progress throughout all departments.


Listening to your feedback Communication is a two way process and we want to hear your views. Talk regularly to your line manager and ensure you are able to explain your idea or suggestions, you can also place your bright ideas on myitworksworls in our bright ideas section. If your idea is implemented you will receive a WOW award. My Voice Once a year a survey is issued called My Voice, this is undertaken to provide us with your views in regard to business process and procedures and to gain an insight into your thoughts about working for IT Works Resource Group Limited. The results are communicated to all colleagues and follow-up action is taken to implement new ideas or address any areas of concern. Media Talking to the media, TV, Press and Radio requires a special skills and abilities which answers the questions and avoids misinterpretation. Providing details regarding any element of our business can be damaging to our business. For this reason we have a policy which requests that any media comment must come from Director. You should never talk to the media without obtaining clearance.

Your IT Works Resource Group We want to see all our colleagues develop both personally and professionally during their time with IT Works Resource Group Limited. In turn this will help us learn and develop as a company. This principle is so strong within IT Works Resource Group Limited that we expect everyone is “Hungry to Learn’. Personal Development is your responsibility as much as it is IT Works Resource Group’s, we will give you the opportunities and support but you must take the imitative.


Induction We want to help you settle in quickly to your new environment and to be clear about what you can expect from IT Works Resource Group and what is expected of you. To support this all new colleagues receive an induction to the company, this is provided by the HR Department or HR Manager, then you are handed an induction plan which is specific to your department. This handbook forms part of this process, your Line Manager and HR are responsible for ensuring your induction has been organised to make sure you understand after your first day session: Our business Vision Goals and Values Business Specialism’s and Service What you should expect from the Company and what is expected of you Our Health and Safety standards Fire Evacuation Procedures Use and content of my:itworksworld In addition to this your Line Manager will have made arrangements for you to receive a bespoke 1 week induction programme within your department. Reviewing your performance Every employee has their own targets and goals to achieve within their role. Your performance is reviewed every month during your 3 month probationary period by your line manager or mentor. Once your appointment has been confirmed you will then complete quarterly SWOT reviews with your line manager, this is a two way process where you both identify your Strengths and Weaknesses and identify your Objectives and the Timescales for their achievement. Your performance is then reviewed in November your PDR – Performance and Development Review, this process will deliver you with a score, this


form the basis for the pay review process which is effective for January every year. Our performance Management Programme is designed to: •

Give you a clear understanding of your performance objectives and performance during your probationary period • Give you quarterly feedback once your probationary period has been completed regarding your strengths and development needs • Help you reflect our values in everything you do • Clarify what you want to achieve in your career and your future potential within the Group This will be achieved through a partnership between you and your manager, with regular, honest and open discussion and a commitment to follow-up action on both sides. There are three main stages to the performance management process: 1. Setting your objectives 2. Quarterly Business Review 3. Annual PDR Reviews

Your Learning and Development We will give you learning and Development Opportunities to meet specific development needs identified in your QBR and PDR. This is likely to be a combination of hard and soft skills to help you gain the professional, technical and behavioural skills for you need for your role. Career Opportunities As part of our commitment to development we encourage all employees to apply for the vacancies which can be found on the main IT Works Resource Group Limited website. Supporting you Gaining qualifications is an important part of being “Hungry to Learn” and shows commitment to your personal development. 12

We will encourage you to gain professional qualifications which are relevant to your job role at IT Works Resource Group and your career progression with us.

As with any successful partnership, it is important to be clear about what you can expect from us and what we expect of you


Your Offer Letter and Contract form your contract of employment. This handbook is a guide to the policies which support your contract of employment.

Your benefits Please read the following pages carefully as they contain important information, together with your Offer Letter and Service Agreement they form your contract of employment. We recommend that you keep 14

this handbook available for future reference throughout your career with us. If the terms of your Offer Letter or Contract differ from, or conflict with this handbook, your Offer Letter together with the Contract will take precedence.

If a business need arises we may need to change your terms and conditions of employment. If this happens we will provide you with at least 30 days notice, where ever possible we will keep your Contract unchanged. If there are any points which require clarification ask you Line Manager, or HR Manager. You can also find copies of our employment policies on myitworksworld. We offer a comprehensive range of benefits which we hope you will find valuable and useful. These benefits are given at our discretion and are not part of your Contract of Employment. You should be aware that we can change or withdraw these at any time by giving you at least 30 days notice. Sick Pay We hope you have a long and healthy career with IT Works Resource Group Limited. If you are unfortunate enough to fall ill or become injured, we may support you with enhanced CSP – Company Sick Pay. Before we

are able to make this decision you will need to provide us with consent to approach your doctor for their advice. We provide 10 days Company Sick Pay and our sickness year runs from January to December. We operate the Bradford Factor as a absence measurement tool, please see my:itworksworld for further information. The fact that you are receiving CSP or SPP – Statutory Sick Pay does not affect the Company’s right to terminate your employ. If you do not qualify for SSP or you have received all your entitlement under the company scheme, you may be eligible for incapacity benefit; a form can be collected from your local benefits agency. Relocation As you develop your career with the Company, there maybe opportunities for role within other locations. If we offer you a role at a location beyond reasonable commuting distance we may give you a discretionary relocation package to support you and your family in moving to a new location, if this is 15

applicable you will be provided with details in writing. Your personal details We need to keep certain personal information about you so that we are able to perform administration such as payroll and employment or emergency correspondence. This personal information is governed by the Data Protection Act 1998, which sets out a number of requirements in regard to how your information is used. Please remember to inform your HR Department should your personal details or circumstances change. If our records are incorrect this can cause delay, in addition the Data Protection Act requires us to keep up to date records. Please remember to tell HR if your personal details change, e.g. home address, telephone number, bank or building society, next of kin etc. If you are female and become divorced you must also inform the HR Department as this could affect your entitlement to pay reduced rate NI Contributions. Should you change your bank account


details more than once whilst working at IT Works Resource Group Limited you will be changed a £20.00 administration fee which the payroll bureau charge to the company. You must keep At each tax year end you will receive a P60 income Tax statement illustrating the total pay you have received that year which includes tax and NI deductions, you will only receive one copy from the payroll bureau which is then issued to the company and distributed to you, so please keep this safe. You will also receive a form P11D which are delivered to the company by July 10 each year, you will receive this if you have received taxable benefits or expenses throughout the year. For income tax assessment you should keep you current and previous years’ pay slips, P60 and P11D forms, and where appropriate business mileage and business expense forms. If you have any issues regarding your pay please contact the Finance Manager or HR Manager.

Mortgage applications references


Banks, building societies and other financial organisations often ask for an employer’s reference to confirm employment and earning details. If you have agreed that we should be contacted we will only provide the information they request from us. Your terms and Conditions of Employment Your Offer Letter and Contract form your contract of employment. This handbook is a guide to the policies which support your contract of employment. Your pay Your Contract will tell you how much you are to be paid and how often, and if you are to receive any commissions or additional payments above your basic salary. Salary reviews We will review salaries in October of each year this is in line with your PDR. However there maybe occasion where salaries are reviews outside of this period, through the CDM.

Deductions from pay By law, we are required to make some deductions such as tax, NI contributions, student loans and attachment of earnings. If you owe the Company money you are required to pay this under the terms and conditions we issue you with. We can take this from your salary once we have agreed the repayments with you. In extreme cases we may exercise our right to take legal action to recover any money you owe to us. Your consent to the service agreement constitutes consent to any deductions being made to his pay in accordance with requirements of the Employment Rights Act 1996. Attending work We aim to deliver inspirational service to our customers, that’s why we need to know if you are absent from work for any reason. This will allow us to inform clients of your absence and make arrangements for cover whilst you are away. Our sickness and absence policy covers a range of situations 17

when you may be absent from work on a planned or unplanned basis. You can find a copy of this on my:artis Planned absence You must agree all holidays with your line manager, these can be booked on myitworksworld and authorised by your manager. You may not always be able to take the requested time due to operational pressures and we have the right to refuse your request. Unplanned absence If you cannot attend work for any reason you must make a call to your HR Department in the first instance or Line manager in the second, this must be done prior to your start time or as soon as possible afterwards. If the reason that you cannot attend work is due to sickness or injury, you must get medical advice to ensure you are able to recover fully. If you are absent for 7 days or less you must obtain a self certification form from your HR Department who will also complete your back to work interview. If you are absent for a period longer than 7 18

days you must provide a medical certificate. We will give you support if you are required to refrain from work for a long period of time. You are jointly responsible for keeping in contact with us. If you have a prolonged period of absence and no longer can complete your role as a result we will make every effort to find suitable alternatives to help you return to work. Medical examination If we require you to take a medical examination at our expense this will be to assess your fitness for continued employment. This is a contractual requirement and therefore through your consent to the Service Agreement you have provided your consent to any medical examinations we may request, to co-operate fully in obtaining the doctor’s report and authorisation of the full report to us. The examination may include or consist of test for drugs or alcohol if we have any reason to suspect that use of these poses a risk to health and safety or your performance at work. If you refuse to undergo

medical examination you may face disciplinary action. Any medical report will be subject to the Medical Reports Act 1988. Special leave and time off If you need time off for personal reasons we may expect you to use your holiday entitlement for this. However we understand that you may need to take additional time off work and we will support you in special circumstances. Compassionate leave We will support you in times of serious illness or death in your immediate family by giving you up to 5 days paid leave. Whether you are entitled to this leave or how much will be decided on an individual basis by taking your personal circumstances into account. Court attendance If you are summoned to attend jury service, or to attend court as a witness you must inform your manager and provide copies of the summons you receive form the Court. We will pay your basic salary while you are away. You should claim for loss of earnings from the court and you should tell your manager how

much you will receive, we can then claim this back from the court. Auxiliary forces We understand that you may need time to fulfil any commitments you may have to the auxiliary forces. If you are called up to fulfil reservist duties you must tell your manager as soon as possible and we will keep you position open for your return. You may be required to take further absences as part of your annual holiday entitlement. Flexible working If you have a child or children under the age of six, you may want to adjust or reduce your working hours, pattern or location in order to balance your caring responsibilities with your job. This may also apply if you are planning to return to work following maternity leave. Subject to requirements you can make one application per year for flexible working arrangements. The board will consider your application in line with business and departmental requirements, the board will


contact you to discuss this further id required. Emergency time off for dependents There maybe time when you need time off at short notice to deal with an emergency in your personal life. You can take a reasonable amount of unpaid leave (in most cases one or two days) to deal with significant incidents involving a dependent (your parent, child, wife, husband, partner or someone who lives as part of your family). As soon as you are able you must inform your line manager or HR Department of such circumstances and how long you would expect to be absent. Family friendly policies We recognise that many colleagues have family responsibilities and we have a range of policies to support specific family situations. Maternity Policy All pregnant colleagues have certain rights regarding antenatal care, maternity leave, continuing benefits and the right to return their job after maternity leave. Payment


during authorised maternity leave depends on a statutory criteria and the production of a MATB1 which confirms the pregnancy. You can see the policy on my:artis ask your HR Manager for further details. Parental leave including paternity and adoption leave Colleagues who are parents or expecting to become parents are entitled to periods of unpaid or paid leave in certain circumstances. Fathers may be eligible to have 2 weeks paid paternity leave following the birth of their child or a placement for adoption. An adoptive parent may be eligible for paid leave followed by unpaid leave when a child is under 18 and is newly placed through formal adoption. Colleagues may be entitled to take parental leave of up to 4 weeks per year to care for children under the age of 5. Keeping information confidential As part of your role you may come into contact with confidential information, whether verbally, by email or in writing. This includes personal

information about our clients, suppliers or colleagues and their families which is governed by the Data Protection Act 1998. In any format, confidential information belongs to the Company and you cannot share this with anyone without obtaining permission for the Board.

Confidentiality, disclosure of information and data protection Under the Data Protection Act 1998 we have a statutory responsibility to our customers, colleagues and partners to keep their data secure. In recognition of this we have adopted the following policy statement.

It would be a breach of your contract of employment to disclose confidential information to anyone internal or external either deliberately or by carelessness, without obtaining permission. If you do you may face disciplinary action, possible dismissal and even personal criminal liability. Even if you leave the Company you must not disclose for your own purposes, or in the business of a future employer, any confidential information or intellectual property which you are aware of.

“It is the responsibility of management and of each colleague to protect property and information that is commercially sensitive, in the sense that its loss or disclosure could be damaging to the business interests, prospects or reputation of the company. It is therefore important that threats to the security of Intellectual Property or the security of operational undertakings are identifies at the earliest moment and that the appropriate protective measures are put in place.

If you become aware of an attempt by a colleague to breach data and information security you must tell the appropriate manager immediately, if you do not you may also be subject to disciplinary action.

Dress Code You represent the company during working hours and we operate within a professional environment therefore clothing should replicate this standard.


We have more details guidelines available on myitworksworld Working time regulations We want to support the health and welfare of our colleagues; we aim to ensure the working hours would not exceed the directive. Behaving with integrity One of our values is integrity and we expect the highest standard from all our colleagues. Sometimes you may find yourself in situations where that integrity could be compromised. The following rules outline the behaviour we expect in a range of situations which form part of your contract of employment. If you do not follow them you could face disciplinary action and in extreme cases criminal liability. Sometimes you may find yourself in situations where that integrity could be compromised. The following rules outline the behaviour we expect in a range of situations which form part of


your contract of employment. If you do not follow them you could face disciplinary action and in extreme cases criminal liability. One of our values is integrity and we expect the highest standard from all our colleagues. Sometimes you may find yourself in situations where that integrity could be compromised. The following rules outline the behaviour we expect in a range of situations which form part of your contract of employment. If you do not follow them you could face disciplinary action and in extreme cases criminal liability.

To ensure everyone is treated fairly and consistently at IT Works Resource Group Limited we have established general rules and procedures which you must adhere to. These are outlined in this section


General rules and information We have developed general rules and procedures to make sure that colleagues are treated fairly and consistently. We expect all colleagues to follow these procedures and we may take disciplinary action against you if these are not adhered to. Personal property Please take care of your personal property – keep it in a secure place or arrange insurance for this. This is your responsibility the company cannot accept liability for any damage or loss of


personal property on Company Premises. Lost property If you find any lost property on company premises you should hand it to you line manager immediately. Care of company property Please treat company property with respect – handle it with care, protect it and store it in a safe place when you are not using it. Please refer to the IT Policy in regard to treatment of your IT equipment.

Tidiness and helpfulness We all wish to work in a pleasant environment so please keep your work area clean and tidy. All our offices are open offices and we have visitors to all sites, we do have cleaners but they clean communal areas, not your desk. Please be considerate, polite and helpful at all times to ensure better working relationships. Never pass a ringing telephone pick it up. It could be an important customer call, take a message “good morning/afternoon IT Works Resource Group� make sure you get the message to the intended recipient. The call is your responsibility.

Using private cars on company business We do not provide company cars therefore you must use private cars for company business. You must ensure that you car is maintained to manufactures specifications and insured for

business use and has a current MOT certificate if applicable. If you use your car on company business we will pay your expenses based on the mileage you have travelled, all forms and mileage costs are held on my:artis with a copy of the expenses policy. You are responsible for your own motor insurance and maintenance and the mileage cost has been designed to take account of these costs. Mileage must be calculated either from home to destination or work to destination, we will pay which is the shorter. We also book public transport for you as in most cases this is the most cost effective option Expense claims If you have travelled on company business and have not booked this centrally you can recover the cost of transport, accommodation meals and other allowable expenses within certain limits. Use the expense forms on myitworksworld, attach all VAT receipts and provide this to your line manager for authorisation. You


must always submit expenses within the month they have been incurred. Code of Conduct IT Works Resource Group expects the highest standards of integrity from all colleagues. Sometimes you may find yourself in situations where integrity could be compromised. The following guidelines outline the behaviour we expect in a range of situations. If you do not follow them or have not sought advice if you are unsure, you may face disciplinary action. We have a Bribery Policy which can be found on myitworksworld Receiving gifts and benefits Receiving gifts and benefits may compromise your ability to make an effective judgement. You should not accept a gift or any other benefit without ensuring you are not breaching our Bribery Policy. If this is not breached and the gift is accepted you should record all offers of hospitality and gifts with your line manager.

Controlling costs


We work as team at IT Works Resource Group; our loss is your loss. It is in all of our interests to work as economically as possible – the lower our costs, the higher our profit and the more that company can grow giving colleagues a more secure future. You should avoid waste wherever possible. Switch off water, unwanted lights and equipment and take care of the equipment that is issued to you. You must also ensure that your personal use of stationary equipment is not excessive, reuse plastic wallets, folders and files where possible. Telephones, email, internet use and correspondence We recognise that occasionally you need to make personal arrangements during working hours. You can use company telephones, email and internet access for this within reason. If you abuse these facilities or misuse them in any way you will be subject to disciplinary action, see the IT and Systems Security Policy on my:artis. If you have been issued with a company mobile some personal use is

acceptable, our policy in regard to mobile phones can be found on my:artis. Sending emails of a defamatory nature, or downloading offensive material will be considered gross misconduct. IT Works Resource Group Limited is ultimately responsible for all business communications and so from time to time we may monitor and record your use of telephone, email and internet use. In doing this we take care to respect your privacy and autonomy while working and we

will comply with all applicable legislation. IT and systems security In order to protect our information and IT systems, we have set out security guidelines which you must follow. These can be found on my:artis. If you breach the IT systems security policy you could face disciplinary action and in extreme cases this could be considered gross misconduct. You are required to sign acceptance of this policy during your induction.

One of our values is People. We strive to ensure all people within our Group are treated in an honest and fair manner. In this section we set out our


procedures for making sure we treat colleagues fairly in any situation.


Acting with integrity and treating people fairly This also applies in all employment and business situations such as recruitment and selection processes, terms and conditions of employment, training, promotion, career management, discipline and performance management and in the provision of customer service. We also recognise the diversity of our customers and potential customers, contractors and suppliers and our approach to equal opportunities includes them. Fair treatment We want everyone in the business to contribute fully. We all have a part to play in creating an environment in which everyone is able to contribute. We should always be willing to challenge our own or others’ behaviour and communication style. If something is troubling you, please raise it – do not ignore it and hope it will go away. It can

often be difficult to make a complaint, we will give you support and will make sure you are treated fairly in all aspects of your life at work. Company procedures In line with our values we have developed company procedures to make sure that all colleagues are treated fairly and consistently. We expect all colleagues to follow these procedures and we may take disciplinary action if you don’t. Equal opportunities and fair treatment We are committed to providing a working environment in which everyone feels valued, respected and able to fully contribute to the success of the business. We are committed to employing colleagues from diverse backgrounds. We provide equal opportunities for colleagues and prospective colleagues who are engaged on company work, regardless of employment status. We believe that colleagues should work in an environment free from discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimisation, and should not be disadvantaged by


conditions or which are unfair.


What can you do if you have a complaint about harassment or bullying? You should tell the person concerned that you find their behaviour unacceptable and ask them to stop it. You could ask a colleague to be present if you prefer or you could write to the person. It is much better if the problem can be resolved informally. If the situation persists or you feel that you cannot approach the person who is causing the problem, speak to your line manager or HR Manager. There may be some situations where the complaint needs to be dealt with using a formal procedure. If you feel that you should raise the issue formally speak to your line manager or HR Manager. Disciplinary and appeals We believe that all colleagues are motivated by their responsibilities, involvement and success within the business, than by any fear of disciplinary action.


We also believe that the majority of colleagues fully accept the need for standards and conduct codes and do not find any difficulty in following these. From time to time however, a small number of colleagues do fail to meet the required codes of conduct or standard of performance or attendance. When this occurs we will follow our procedures and take necessary disciplinary action in a fair, consistent and reasonable manner. The following underpin our policy:


Our aim is to help colleagues achieve the required standards or performance and/or behaviour through both informal and formal stages that give colleagues the opportunity to address specific areas We never take disciplinary action until a case has been properly investigated and discussed with a colleague in a formal meeting We will always give colleagues prior notice of the date and time of any formal meeting and of the

alleged problem or issue to be discussed

circumstances of the alleged issue.

Colleagues may wish to be accompanied if they wish, by a fellow colleague or trained union representative at any formal disciplinary or appeal hearing.

Occasionally we might need to suspend a colleague from work in order to fully investigate an incident or allegations. When this happens suspension will be on full pay and is not considered a punishment but a precautionary measure.

We keep colleagues fully informed about the alleged issues against them including any evidence we hold which will be utilised during the process. We will always confirm in writing any disciplinary action and the reasons for this as well as requirements for improvement, the duration of the warning and the consequences of any further misconduct or poor performance. You will also be informed of your right of appeal. We will never dismiss a colleague for a first breach of conduct or performance except in extreme circumstances i.e. gross misconduct where the issue is deliberate or flagrant We may begin disciplinary action at any stage of the formal procedure depending on the

Grievances We will work hard to build a good relationship with you and we hope that you will be proud to recommend IT Works Resource Group Limited as an employer. There any be time however when you have concerns or problems, for example about your work, working conditions or relationships at work. We want you to feel able to raise these issues and have them addressed in a fair and professional manner. Your line manager will be able to resolve most issues you may have without the need to use a formal process. However, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, or your complaint may


concern your manager, you may need to use the grievance policy, this will ensure we deal with your grievance in a fair and consistent manner. Your line manager will be able to resolve most issues you may have without needing to resort to the formal process. Sometimes, however, you may not be satisfied with the outcome, or your complaint may be about the manager. For these situations we have developed a grievance policy so that we can quickly resolve your grievance in a fair and consistent way. The policy has three stages. If we are unable to resolve a grievance at the earlier stages you can take your complaint to an independent senior manager. At any formal meeting to discuss a grievance you can be accompanied by a fellow colleague. We also ensure that you receive a written response to your grievances at all stages within set time scales. Copies of the disciplinary, grievance and appeal policy is available on my:artis.


Redundancies We will make every reasonable effort to avoid redundancies, however if the needs of the business change we may find there are fewer jobs within a specific area of the business or across the business. If this occurs our policy relating to redundancy aims to ensure we do not discriminate on the grounds of age, colour, disability, ethnic grounds or national origin, marital status, race, religion or belief or sexual orientation. Nor will we select categories for redundancy on the grounds of membership or non-membership of trade unions or if they are employed on a part-time or fixed contract basis. Colleagues whose roles become redundant are treated fairly and with integrity. Wherever possible we will seek to provide a suitable alternative role. We will communicate and consult with colleagues who are affected and will select

colleagues for redundancy by a systematic process using specified criteria. The following shortlist shows the criteria we may use (this is not exhaustive) Capability, qualifications, skills, experience and potential, Standard of job performance, Conduct and disciplinary record, Attendance and time keeping record. If you should be affected by redundancy you will have the chance through consultation to

give your view on the criteria we use. However the final decision will be with the manager concerned and this will be made with consideration of operational efficiency and business needs. You have the right to appeal against termination of employment for redundancy.


We value your health and safety and believe that together we can make a positive contribution to our environment. Making IT Works Resource Group a safe place to work is a responsibility we all share, this section identifies what is expected of you.


Health and Safety – everyone’s responsibility We want IT Works Resource Group Limited to be a health and safe place for all our colleagues, our clients and our suppliers. As a company we take health and safety responsibilities seriously and we expect you to do the same. Breaches of your health and safety could be considered as gross misconduct. The Health and Safety At Work Act 1974, places a legal duty on you: to take reasonable care for your own health and safety and for that of other people who may be affected by what you do or fail to do to co-operate with us as far as is necessary to enable the duties and responsibilities placed on the company to be performed and complied with not intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health and safety In addition the Management of Health and Safety At Work

Regulations 1992 specifically state that you should: use all work items provided to you in accordance with any training or instruction that has been given to you to enable you to use the items safely tell your manager, HR Department or receptionist about any work situation that you believe represents a serious and immediate danger to health and safety tell your manager, HR Department or receptionist about any issues which you fell are shortcomings in the health and safety arrangements.

Consultation We will consult with you regarding issues which will affect your health and safety at work. Your HR Department will arrange for a risk assessment to be completed should this be required. Your responsibilities are to: follow any procedures introduced to you for your safety


- tell your HR Department if you have any concerns regarding health and safety - tell HR Manager if you have any ideas to improve standards of health and safety If you have any concerns about health and safety issues which you do not feel able to raise with your manager or see the HR Manager. Accidents and first aid Accidents are avoidable if you take care for your own health and safety and for that of other people who may be affected by what you do or fail to do. We have produced safe systems for work to reduce the risks, if an accident does occur however minor, the details must be recorded and the health and safety representative will investigate the issue to ensure this does not occur again. We have trained first aiders at each site, and adequate first aid supplies are available. You will be told who the first aid representatives are and where to find them.


Your responsibilities are: - make sure all accidents o matter how small are recorded and reported - familiarise yourself with the names and locations of first aiders - follow the safe systems of work which are outlined on my:itworksworldand the courses which cover Manual Handling and Office Safety - if necessary report fully in accident investigation Fire Fire is a serious hazard. Your HR Department or receptionist will tell you the emergency procedures for your location, this will include details of fire drills, bell tests, call points and evacuation procedures, these can also be found on my:itworksworld Your responsibilities are to: - make sure you understand what to do if a fire occurs, and where the fire alarm call points are - leave the premises by the nearest available fire exit - only use extinguishers if one is needed to aid your escape – in all other cases you must raise

the alarm and leave the premises - always make sure that fire exits, passageways and staircases are kept clear at all times and that rubbish and equipment is not allowed to accumulate - never hang clothing or other flammable items over or near heaters - never smoke on the premises or where there is a specific risk Types of extinguisher The types of fire extinguishers available are: Water – identified by a red panel as shown. Water extinguishers should be used on ordinary combustible materials such as wood, paper, rubbish, rags and so on. They must never be used on electrical fires or burring oils. Foam – identified by a cream panel as shown. Foam extinguishers should be used with flammable liquids and gases such as petrol, oil, paint, thinners. They must never be used on electrical fires. Carbon dioxide – identified by black panels as shown. These

should be used on electrical equipment such as motors, controls, wiring, or involving live electrical current. Dry powder – identified by a blue panel as shown. These are for general use but mainly on electrical equipment or burning metal. Make sure you familiarise yourself with these and their locations.

Smoking Smoking is prohibited in all locations. This is due to fire risks and in the interests of public safety. Your responsibilities are: - never smoke where it is prohibited this will be considered gross misconduct - always use ashtrays or designated bins where smoking is allowed , never throw 37

cigarettes into waste paper baskets or bins containing general waste - tell your HR Department if you are affected by passive smoking so that appropriate action can be taken

arrange for it to be safety testeddo not use until this is done

Electricity If you come into contact with electricity you could be seriously injured or even killed. To minimise the risk we complete regular tests on electrical circuits and appliances.

Your responsibilities are: - use any lifting equipment made available to you - ask for help with any lifting operations which would be difficult or unsafe to carry out alone - keep all working areas clean and tidy When you carry or lift anything you should follow the following steps: - check the load and be aware of any sharp edges, splinters, etc. - stand close to the object with feet spread on either side of it, making sure your footing is firm Squat down, straddling the load, bend your knees but keep you back straight - grasp the object firmly, making sure your grip does not slip - test the weight of the load - lift with your back straight avoiding jerky motions Hold the object firmly, close to your body

Your responsibilities are: - always check any piece of equipment for obvious defects – if you find any do not use it and report this to the HR Department - never try to make repairs yourself - always switch off equipment after use Avoid leaving cables trailing over the floor where you or other colleagues could trip over them - if using an adaptor or extension lead make sure you do not overload - if you bring your own equipment to work tell your manager so that he or she can


Lifting and carrying We provide manual handling training this can be found on my:artis.

- if you need to turn to the side, move your feet, do not turn your body Never lift anything which you feel is too heavy, ask for help. Alcohol and drugs Alcohol and drugs impair the senses, affect the judgement and reduce inhibitions. They make it dangerous to carry out certain work activities – for example, driving vehicles or operating machinery – and can adversely affect relationships with customers and colleagues. As a responsible employer, we take an interest in health and wellbeing of our colleagues and therefore have developed an alcohol and drugs policy. Your responsibilities are: - never consume alcohol or illegal substances on company premises - never come to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs - always tell you manager if you think a colleagues is under the influence of alcohol or drugs - if you are taking a drug which has been prescribed by your doctor make sure you understand the potential effects

it may have on you and consult your doctor before driving. Stress We recognise the demands that a high profile, customer orientated business can place upon you. We aim to give support to any colleague who feels stressed through the demands of their role or working conditions. If you feel these demands are having an adverse effect on your health, please discuss these with your manager. Safe working practices We are committed to providing a safe place for you to work and we regularly assess potential risks and put into place necessary controls. However to achieve a safe working environment colleagues need to behave responsibly. Your responsibilities are: - always follow work instructions and safe systems of work - never play what seems to be harmless practical jokes, these can and often do sometimes result in accidents


- always keep your work area clean and tidy, clear any spillages and remove rubbish - keep all fire exits clear of obstructions - tell you manager about anything you think might be dangerous Contractors We employ outside contractors to perform a number of tasks within the business, these can be from government agencies, window cleaners, cleaners, builders etc. if you think any of these contractors or their employees are acting in an unsafe manner please tell you manager so they are able to take action. Mobile phones Car accidents can be caused by drivers using mobile phones. Your responsibilities are to: - never use a hand held telephone whilst you are driving, find a safe place to stop - always give full attention and priority to your driving - use programmed numbers where possible - keep calls brief and only have conversations of a casual and non-distracting nature


- if you are calling a colleague on a mobile number, ask first if they can talk safely. For more information on our mobile phone policy please see my:artis. Display screen equipment If you use display screen in connection with your work, your workstation should be checked by IT and the HR Department to make sure it is suitable for you to use. You also must complete the Office Safety course hosted on my:itworksworldwithin your first 3 months of employment. This training should be followed at all times. If you experience any pain or discomfort contact your HR Department for further advice or assessment. All VD users are entitled to a contribution towards an eye test ask HR Department for details. IT Works Resource Group Limited and the environment We believe we can make a positive contribution to the environment and we aim to comply with environmental legislation but in many cases we can and do, do more.



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