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Have benefit from the Perfect Payroll services through the leading online suppliers Singapore’s best available payroll software is the most simple, accurate and user friendly software to process one’s payroll in-house. The services provided are auto generation of CPF, Bank GIRO, IRA’s files, latest compliance updates, management dashboards and mobile apps. SMEPayroll is developed using latest technology to make it a very powerful, yet simple-to-use Payroll system enabling users to start using the payroll on the very same day of installation. Training session, installation and configuration service is provided to all clients at their office. Thereafter, 6 months of free training is provided at SMEPayroll office, making sure SMEPayroll is up and running. Another feature of SME payroll at Singapore is the amazing management dashboard enabling instantaneous and informed decision making at a glance; also employee based dashboard, payroll based dashboard as well as project based dashboard. Successful payroll management therefore requires a seamless and steady interface between two strategic functions of an organization – HR department and the finance department. Accurate processing, maintenance and reporting of payroll are crucial to ensure compliance, planning and budgeting. Timely disbursement, appropriate deductions and proper statements are essential to keep the staff contented. The purpose of payroll software at Singapore is to provide a basic and high-level of understanding of some of the key elements involved in managing payroll function. As a business grows beyond just oneman show, payroll processing and compliance with the regulatory requirements become more complex and require expert resources – both human and software. While large companies can afford to hire such resources in-house, most small to mid-size businesses will find it more cost-effective to outsource their payroll function to an external service provider. Payroll is the ideal partner for international companies. Every organization is supported with the full range of scalable payroll outsourcing and HR outsourcing solutions. Whether it is managing the payroll of the entire staff force, or the confidential data of top directors and senior management, the dedicated in-house team based in Payroll Singapore is on hand to provide expert payroll and human resource consultation and support. Some of the services provided by them are to maintain payroll file for each employee, compute & disburse salary and reimbursements, provide printed or electronic pay advice (via internet), process increments and bonuses, process claims from MINDEF for staff on reservist training, prepare annual Form IR8A (with submission via IRASLine), provide payroll reports for management's review monthly & annually. Why deal with the risks of incorrect payroll calculations, lack of legal compliance, costly in-house payroll software systems and internal control issues, when one can simply outsource the entire process to a company that specializes in nothing else?

Have benefit from the Perfect Payroll services through the leading online suppliers