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Action Tracker A Simplified Project Management System

Product Overview

Flinke Folk AS

Product Overview Introduction Action Tracker is a simplified project management system used to plan, organize and manage time and resources through tasks, milestones and projects. Whether you are a team of 5 or 1000, it helps you keep track of your operation, and stay focused on what’s important. Compared to similar solutions, we have tried to make Action Tracker simple, beautiful and easy to use, and have focused our efforts on the key features you and your co-workers need every day without clutter. We know that not all teams work the same, and that is why we have made Action Tracker easily customizable to fit the specific needs of your organization and workflow. Please contact us for details.

Simply gets your tasks done . •

Scheduling: Detailed planning, commit resources between a variety of possible tasks organized in milestones and projects.

Resource Management: Assign tasks to one or more users and follow up their progress.

Document Management: Built-in or through integration with our File System solution.

Centralized system: One common and always updated source of information.

Web-based: Available everywhere, no software installation, low implementation costs.

... •

E-mail reminders: Weekly summaries and “soon due” reminders.

Instant search to quickly find information.

Change logs: Complete history of all changes including full backups.

Export / Reports: All data is easily exportable including various reports to PDF, Excel or Word such as list of overdue tasks, milestone summaries, list of high priority tasks etc.

And more ... Please contact us for additional details and a free demo for your team.

Web-based and Secure The entire system is built using robust Microsoft.NET web standards ensuring a reliable, high quality and secure framework for your data and your operations. We know by experience that once you implement our project management solution and gain complete control of all projects in your organization, it will become outmost important that the system is error free and available 24/7, 365 days a year. Being web-based drives down both our costs of development and the implementation for customers. There is no software installation and the system is immediately available to all employees at their office locations, mobile smart phones, from home, and for any 3rd party clients you wish to include. The system, all data and the connection between the clients and server is secured using industry standard, high-grade 256 bit SSL encryption. Access to the system is based on our Access Control module providing entry to selected parts of the system to specific people and/or roles. A wide selection of backup solutions is available per the customer needs.

The Motivation In our view, modern project management tools have two major flaws. First and foremost, they often get in the way of your actual operation by being overly complex and trying to solve too many tasks. We were tired of seeing systems that ended up stealing your time, and not freeing it like they were designed to. Second, they are not focused on the people that use them on a day-to-day basis. When project management systems are designed “top-down”, founded on the needs of the management and not the workers, people might not always see the benefit of using them. This often leads to less usage of the system which in turn renders the solution pointless to all parties. We have therefor decided to put our efforts into making Action Tracker beneficial and easy to use from the ground-up. If all you want is to work with people, tasks and reaching your milestones, our goal is to give you the beautiful and simple solution that you always have been looking for.

For more information please contact: Johnny Prøis, Flinke Folk A/S Business Development Manager +47 46423379 /

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Product Overview, Action Tracker: A Simplified Project Management System

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