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From The Editor This is  the  (me  of  year  when  everyone  starts  to  talk   about  making  some  kind  of  change  in  their  life.    The   New  Year  has  passed;  the  resolu(ons  are  ge>ng  old   and   perhaps   not   ge>ng   the   results   we   want.   So   why   not  try  the  spring  season  to  clean  out  the  cobwebs,   brush  off  the  dust,  and  refresh  our  lives?   This   DeToxify   issue   is   all   about   detoxifica(on   and   making  changes  for  the  beFer  in  our  lives.    The  ar(-­‐ cles  in  this  issue  are  truly  excellent  and  cover  detoxi-­‐ fying  all  the  different  areas  in  our  lives  that  influence   our  mind,  body,  spirit  wellness.    The  contributors  of   this  issue  have  once  again  done  such  an  excellent  job   in   giving   you   prac(cal   ways   to   detoxify   your   spirit,   your   emo(ons,   your   thoughts,   your   rela(onships   and  yes  …your  body  as  well.    My  hearLelt  thanks  go   to   all   of   our   writers   for   honoring   us   with   their   wis-­‐ dom  and  love.    Thank  you  for  spreading  the  message   of  wellness  for  women  over  40.   This   is   also   the   (me   of   the   year   when   we   honor   those   women   in   our   lives   who   created   us,   nurtured   us,  mentored  us  and  loved  us  uncondi(onally  –  our   mothers.     All   of   us   had   mothers.     At   some   point   a   woman   went   into   labor,   endured   perhaps   hours   of   pain,   and   basically   risked   their   lives   to   bring   us   into   the  world.    Many  of  us  were  honored  to  have  those   same   women   raise   us   and   love   us   un(l   it   was   (me   for  us  to  be  launched  and  begin  to  live  our  own  lives.     There  are  s(ll  yet  others  of  us  that  may  not  have  had   the   tradi(onal   “mother”   but   there   was   someone   who   chose   to   love,   nurture   and   mentor   us.   What   a   blessing  it  is/was  to  have  someone  play  that  role  in   our  lives.   Now,   many   of   us   are   in   the   role   of   mother,   grand-­‐ mother  and  great-­‐grandmother,  aunt,  great-­‐aunt  and   Godmother.    To  those  of  you  who  are  in  those  roles,  I   honor  you  and  send  you  love  and  apprecia(on.    Re-­‐

member to   take   the   (me   to   honor   yourselves   and   to   treat   yourselves   with   love   and   apprecia(on   as   well.     Part  of  wellness  is  recognizing  how  precious  and  spe-­‐ cial  you  are.   I   pray   that   this   issue   blesses   you   as   much   as   it   has   blessed  me  and  my  team.    This  issue  was  a  joy  to  pro-­‐ duce  and  our  prayer  is  that  it  will  upliZ,  inspire,  mo(-­‐ vate   and   encourage   you   to   keep   moving   toward   wellness  for  your  mind,  body  and  spirit.   Health  and  Blessings  Always,   Lynnis  Woods-­‐Mullins,  CHHC,  CLC,  CPI,  Publisher   and  Chief  Editor,  Wellness  Woman  40  and  Beyond,   Different  Backgrounds…Same  Journey



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Tra n s fo r m i n g Yo u r                 N e ga t i v e   S e l f-­‐ I m a g e By  HaTe  “Retro  Age”  Garmon Aging  is  a  powerful  adversary.  With  the  pas-­‐

Now I  have  always  been  a  very  determined  

sage of  Time  and  the  unwelcome  challenges  

woman, and  I  sure  wasn't  going  to  let  the  

it can  bring,  many  individuals  become  dis-­‐

media dictate  how  I  would  age.  I  decided  to  

couraged and  hopeless.  

take aging  into  my  own  hands  in  my  own  

In all  truth,  I  have  to  admit  that  I  too  experi-­‐ enced  aging  as  a  cruel  punishment.  A  former   dancer,  I  had  been  super-­‐fit  with  an  appeal-­‐ ing  body  for  most  of  my  adult  life.  It  was  de-­‐ pressing  when  unwelcome  signs  of  aging  ap-­‐ peared  on  my  body.  I  despised  and  resented   the  varicose  and  spider  veins  that  were   showing  up  on  my  legs.  Now,  mind  you,  they   didn't  throb  or  impair  my  funcConing.  It's   just  that  I  was  pissed  that  they  took  away   from  the  smooth,  sexy  look  that  was  my   pride  and  joy.  My  vanity  was  overcoming  my   sanity! When  I  finally  admiHed  that  this  way  of  view-­‐ ing  my  body  was  shallow  and  narcissisCc  I   knew  something  had  to  shiI.  Without  even   being  aware  of  what  was  happening,  I  had   become  a  vicCm  of  the  omnipresent  nega-­‐ Cve  brainwashing  we  are  fed  by  the  media   daily.    I  had  bought  into  the  disdainful  view  

style. As Frank  Sinatra  sang,  “I  did  it  my  way!” Just  as  soon  as  I  made  the  decision  to  invent   my  own  posiCve  style  of  aging,  my  life  took  a   major  turn.  Suddenly,  rather  than  being  re-­‐ senOul,  I  became  grateful  for  the  giI  of   Time.  This  turnabout  transformed   everything  about  me.  In  fact,  as  a  bonus,  I   started  becoming  the  loving,  caring  woman  I     always  dreamed  of  being.  Not  only  had  I  per-­‐ sonally  re-­‐invented  myself,  I  became  an  in-­‐ spiring  role  model  for  women  all  over  the   world. Certainly,  I  cannot  predict  what  miracles  will   emerge  in  your  journey.  However  I  can  as-­‐ sure  you  that  as  soon  as  you  shiI  away  from   peHy  self-­‐criCcism  to  living  with  grace  and   graCtude,  your  life  will  be  filled  with  endless   miracles.  

that aging  renders  us  ugly  and  repulsive.   What  a  depressing  message!


Featured Wellness Woman Andrea Becky  Hanson,  CEHP   Bestselling  Authur,  Healer,  MeditaTon   Therapist,  and  WellnessWoman   “Detoxing  for  me  has  become  more  about  a   seeking  of  peace  and  joy  of  life…” Andrea  Hanson  is  truly  an  excepTonal  woman.    At   the   age   of   71,   she   has   just   released   a   new   book   “Light   Through   The   Key   Hole-­‐Unlock   Your   Joy,”   gone   on   a   promoTonal   book   tour,   is   sTll   running   her   very   successful   company   Merging   Rivers   Healing   PracTces   and   is   truly   living   her   life   to   the   fullest.     Andrea   is   a   creaTve   and   original   thinker.     When   I   first   met   her,   I   could   feel   Andrea’s   warm   spirit  but  most  importantly  I  could  feel  her  willing-­‐ ness  to  share  her  vast  knowledge  of  mulT-­‐  holisTc   healing   and   the   importance   of   the   mind,   body,   spirit   connecTon.     Even   though   Andrea   has   a   var-­‐ ied  amount  of  experience  and  knowledge,  I  sensed   such   a   pure   graciousness   and   kindness   that   truly   touched  my  heart.      It  was  fascinaTng  listening  to   her   wonderful   stories   of   all   her   travels   (she   has   vis-­‐ ited   24   countries),   her   experiences   with   her   Grand-­‐ mother   who   was   an   IntuiTve   Healer,   the   over   39   years  of  training  and  experience  with  many  mulT-­‐ cultural  holisTc  training  modaliTes,  along  with  the     high   and   lows   of   her   life.     All   of   these   life   experi-­‐ ences  has  brought  her  to  where  she  is  today;  living   with   a   sense   of   peace   and   joy.     It   is   such   an   inspira-­‐ Ton  to  get  a  chance  to  know  someone  like  Andrea.     She  has  not  allowed  her  age  to  define  who  she  is.   Andrea  is  sTll  growing,  sTll  learning,  sTll  approach-­‐ ing   life   with   exuberance   and   awe,   sTll   willing   to   mentor  and  share  her  many  skills  ,talents,  gigs  and   abiliTes  with  all  who  are  blessed  to  cross  her  path.  

Why do   you   think   it   is   important   for   women  to  detoxify  their  lives?  Toxicity  is  a  distracTon  and  someTmes  leads  to  a   point   of   destrucTon   that   can   be   tragic.   It's   tricky   because   toxicity   keeps   us   from   taking   care   of   our-­‐ selves  and  our  loved  ones  and  the  Earth  in  the  way   that   we   want   to.   We   are   charged   with   the   intui-­‐ Ton,   ability   and   purpose   of   sustaining   the   life,   health   and   well   being   of   humanity.   It   must   start   with  us  to  be  able  to  carry  out  the  nurturing  femi-­‐ nine  knowingness.  It  is  easy  for  us  to  lose  our  way   if   we   do   not   honor   and   respect   ourselves   or   al-­‐ lowed  others  not  to.  I  truly  believe  that  the  surviv-­‐ ing   and   thriving   of   humanity   and   the   Earth   de-­‐ pends   on   us.   As   women   we   are   the   "mothers   of   life".   It   is   important   that   we   accept   this   role   consciously   and   with   passion   and   compassion   as   role   models   of   self   knowledge,   self-­‐care   and   self   realizaTon  for  others-­‐otherwise  it  won't  happen. 9

What areas   have   you   looked   at   when   it   comes  to  detoxifying  your  life?  At  the  age  of  71,  I  feel  I  have  explored  detoxifying   on   all   possible   levels...   physical,   mental,     emoTonal,   psychological,   intellectual,   personal,   spiritual,   envi-­‐ ronmental,   societal,   global   and   universal!   At   this   point   in   my   life   I   realize   these   areas   aren't   really   separate  and  that  any  toxicity  in  any  area  affects  all   areas.  We  know  at  a  deep  level  what  is  correct  and   what   is   incorrect.   Detoxing   for   me   has   become   more  about  a  seeking  of  peace  and  joy  of  life  than   gemng   rid   of   something.   It   is   about   coming   to   the   deep   understanding   of   the   truth   and   joy   that   we     really  are.

What   do   you   do   to   help   women   detoxify   and  change  their  lives? I  have  found  that  all  things  we  call  toxic  are  simply   trying   to   show   us   what   our   true   idenTty   and   pur-­‐ pose  is  not!  So  everything  I  do  is  directed  at  idenTfy-­‐ ing  the  toxic  thoughts  emoTons,  ideas,  beliefs,  and   behaviors   that   hide   my   true   idenTty,   I   have   found   the   best   approach   to   this   is   the   holisTc   approach   to   healing  and  health.  This  is  what  I  teach  and  focus  on   in  my  private  consultaTon,  retreats  and  this  is  what   my  latest  book  is  all  about.  We  can't  think  ourselves   into  change  we  must  approach  it  energeTcally  with   a  new  more  correct  understanding  of  true  selves.

What does   detoxificaTon   have   to   do   with   wellness  of  the  mind,  body  and  spirit? As   long   as   we   are   choosing   toxic   thought,   believe,   habits,   food,   environment,   or   relaTonship,   we   are   not  free  to  truly  know  ourselves  as  the  amazing  life   form  that  we  are.  We  will  just  conTnue  to  look  out-­‐ side  ourselves  for  validaTon  of  our  worth  or  deserv-­‐ edness.  UlTmately  we  are  simply  seeking  validaTon  

in all  the  wrong  places  outside  of  ourselves.  The  an-­‐ swer  is  to  look  within  with  compassion  and  the  won-­‐ derment   of   a   child   for   true   well   being,   self   realiza-­‐ Ton   and   a   joyous   life.   This   can   be   accomplished   through  meditaTon  yoga  and  energy  psychology.

What kinds  of  toxicity  have  you  removed   from   your   life?   How   did   it   change   your   life?   I   want   to   be   clear   that   what   I   have   learned   is   we   can  not  really  remove  or  get  rid  of  anything.  It  is  sim-­‐ ply   about   changing   choices...instead   off   processed   food,   choose   fresh   food.   Instead   of   judgment,   jeal-­‐ ousy  and  resentment  choose  compassion  and  under-­‐ standing.  Instead  of  excessive  social  funcTons  or  so-­‐ cial  media  and  the  like  choose  meditaTon  and  yoga,   study   and   self   realizaTon.   This   is   what   I   did.   It's   a   process   that   evolved   greater   than   I   could   possibly   have  imagined.  I  feel  blessed.

What is   your   definiTon   of   a   Wellness   Woman?   A   wellness   woman   is   one   that   understands   con-­‐ scious   awareness   and   choice   on   all   levels.   She   be-­‐ gins  with  good  choices  for  herself  to  be  the  best  she   can   possibly   be   in   order   to   model   to   her   family,   friends   and   society   the   joy   of   a   conscious   life   and   good  choices.  Her  life  is  a  powerful,  living  legacy  of   honor,  purpose  and  meaning. Andrea   Becky   Hanson   is   a   bestselling   author,   CerA-­‐ fied   Energy   Health   PracAAoner,   CerAfied   Kundalini   Yoga   and   MeditaAon   Therapist,   Chopra   Center   CerA-­‐ fied   MeditaAon   and   Ayurveda   Instructor,   Former   Chopra   Center   for   Wellbeing   Program   Director   and   Founding   Director   of   Merging   Rivers   Healing   Prac-­‐ Aces.   To   find   out   more   informaAon   about   her   serv-­‐ ices  go  to   10

Detox Your  EmoConal  Life   with  EmoConal  Freedom  Techniques  (EFT) By  Betsy  Mueller Spring  is  a  Tme  when  many  will  take  on  cleaning   projects.    It’s  also  a  great  Tme  to  consider  pracT-­‐ cal  ways  to  clear  your  stress  and  negaTve  emo-­‐ Tons.    According  to  the  2012  Stress  in  America   Survey  conducted  by  the  American  Psychological   AssociaTon  (APA),  most  Americans  are  experienc-­‐ ing  high  levels  of  stress,  up  from  the  previous   year.        Unfortunately,  women  report  a  higher  bur-­‐ den  from  stress  than  men.    It  shows  up  as  head-­‐ aches,  sleeplessness,  weight  gain,  worry  and  fear.     What’s  a  busy  woman  to  do? If  you  have  not  yet  heard  of  EmoTonal  Freedom   Techniques  (EFT),  you  owe  it  to  yourself  to  give  it   a  try.  It’s  a  simple,  rapid  process  that  you  can  do   with  a  pracTToner,  or  apply  independently  as   self-­‐care;  combining  focused  thought,  gentle  acu-­‐ pressure  tapping  on  the  skin  and  spoken  phrases.     EFT  was  introduced  in  the  mid  1990’s  and  the   body  of  clinical  data  has  grown  to  over  50  pub-­‐ lished  studies,  including  over  23  randomized  con-­‐ trolled  trials.    CondiTons  where  EFT  has  shown   the  greatest  promise  include  anxiety,  PTSD,  pho-­‐ bias,  weight  loss  and  depression.    You  can  learn   the  basic  EFT  process  by  accessing  founder  Gary   Craig’s  official  free  tutorial  at   hrp://­‐tutorial/eg-­‐tapping -­‐tutorial.html?aid=NjA5       No  marer  what  you  choose  to  use  EFT  on,  keep   in  mind  that  you  can  only  change  the  feelings  you   admit  and  accept  as  the  truth.    As  you  choose   your  focus  for  tapping,  be  as  specific  as  possible,  

selecTng short  scenes  from  the  past  that  sTll  agi-­‐ tate  unpleasant  feelings  when  they  are  brought   to  mind.   The  following  5  life  areas  are  great  places  to  start   applying  your  tapping  detox.    

1. Work  Stress     Recall  scenes  that  Tcked  you  off,  embarrassed  or   stressed  you  on  the  job.    These  can  include  en-­‐ counters  with  a  difficult  customer,  colleague  or   supervisor.    If  you’ve  experienced  a  sudden  unex-­‐ pected  job  loss  or  layoff,  that’s  a  valuable  scene   to  neutralize  too,  especially  before  you  pursue   your  next  job  interview.   11

2. Family  Issues   Are  there  negaTve  memories  about  your  parents,   siblings,  spouse  or  children  that  surface  from  Tme   to  Tme?    Make  a  list  of  family  scenes  that  have   been  painful  and  tap  on  these  memories.    

3. Grief     Grief  can  take  many  forms  –  the  loss  of  a  loved   one,  pet  or  an  important  relaTonship.    It  can  also   be  connected  to  a  disappointment,  new  life  situa-­‐ Ton,  job  change  or  move.    Acknowledge  the  loss   and  consider  how  you  would  like  to  feel  instead.     As  you  honestly  tap  on  the  feelings  of  grief,  these   will  begin  to  fall  away.

4. Feelings  about  your  body   What  kind  of  nasty  things  do  you  silently  say  to   yourself  as  you  look  in  the  mirror?    If  these  are   anything  other  than  kind,  this  too  is  material  for   an  emoTonal  detox.    Although  a  variaTon  of  EFT,   tapping  the  treatment  points  as  you  say,  “I  am  will-­‐ ing  to  love  and  accept  my  body”  can  be  posiTve   and  transformaTve.

5. Money Money  ranked  #1  as  a  stressor  in  the  2012  APA  sur-­‐ vey  for  both  men  and  women,  so  it’s  worthy  of   your  consideraTon  for  emoTonal  health.    Do  your   memories  include  fights  about  money,  worries   about  debt  or  feeling  overwhelmed  about  manag-­‐ ing  the  money  you  have.    Maybe  tax  worries  are   all  consuming?    Choose  your  most  obvious  money   trouble  memories  as  material  for  your  tapping  rou-­‐ Tne.  

journey. There  are  many  Tmes  when  I  don't  have  a   clue  what  to  do  to  help  a  client  or  how  to  move  on   ager  a  painful  event.  There's  something  we  all  can   do  when  this  happens  -­‐  surrender  and  ask  for   help!   EFT  tapping  with  "The  Surrender  Prayer"  can  allow   arracTon  of  helpful  resources,  new  insights  and  a   grace-­‐filled  state  of  peace  to  drop  in.    Instead  of   feeling  alone,  tapping  on  "surrender"  and  using   the  words  "help  me",  reliably  delivers  a  feeling  of   reconnecTon.    If  you  should  find  yourself  fighTng   problems  with  drama,  ego  or  a  great  deal  of   wasted  Tme,  this  is  a  higher  road  to  take  as  a  fast   lane  to  peace. I'm  a  sTckler  for  making  every  minute  count,  so   here's  my  gig  to  you  today.    Try  tapping  along  with   my  YouTube  video  of  the  EFT  Surrender  Prayer   whenever  you  find  yourself  stuck,  and  see  what   happens.    hrp:// Need  addiTonal  help  with  your  emoTonal   cleanse?    As  a  CerTfied  EFT  pracTToner  and  holis-­‐ Tc  business  coach,  I  enjoy  working  with  clients  by   phone,  Skype  or  in  my  office.  Typical  clients  see  sig-­‐ nificant  posiTve  changes  in  just  4  sessions.    You   can  set  up  a  free  consultaTon  to  learn  more  by  call-­‐ ing  440-­‐238-­‐4731.

We all  get  stuck,  blocked,  derailed  and  totally   slammed  by  life's  emoTonal  challenges  at  some   point.    It  is  a  human  experience  and  part  of  the   12

Nakeesha Harris,  M.S,  C.N.C,  C.M.C. Nakeesha  T.  Harris  is  a  God-­‐fearing  wife  and  cerCfied  nutriConal   counselor.   Nakeesha   is   cerCfied   through   the   American   Associa-­‐ Con   of   NutriConal   Counselors.   AIer   many   years   of   dieCng   and   trying   various   programs,   she   learned   that   the   best   way   to   get   healthy  and  not  fluctuate  with  her  weight  was  not  a  diet,  but  a   lifestyle.   Her   desire   is   for   everyone   to   live   to   their   fullest   poten-­‐ Cal   and   purpose   without   any   hindrances.   Because   of   this,   she   works   very   hard   to   remove   any   of   those   nutriConal   blockers.   Nakeesha  believes  that  making  adjustments  and  dedicaCng  some   Cme   to   your   health   will   benefit   you,   your   family,   and   your   purpose.   Nakeesha   is   founder   of   Nakessha’s  NutriCon.

Diana Lynn Diana   Lynn   is   a   business   owner,   speaker,   and   author   from   Kirkland   Washington.  She  is  a  contribuCng  author  to    internaConal  bestselling   “Chicken   soup   for   the   Soul”   series.   Her   responses   to   life’s   obstacles   serve  to  inspire  readers  of  all  backgrounds  to  find  new  beginnings.    

Mary-­‐Ellen Ciganovich Mary  Ellen  Ciganovich  is  an  educator,  speaker  and  writer  on  the  topics   of  Awareness,  Spirituality  and  how  these  affect  our  life  situaCons.  She   conducts  a  popular  seminar  called  “Live,  Love,  and  Learn”  that  teaches   people   how   to   take   charge   of   their   lives   and   control   their   health   through  the  use  of  medical  and  alternaCve  choices. 13

Susan Tolles Susan   Tolles   is   a   Master   in   Midlife   ReinvenCons,   and   as   Founder   of   Flourish  Over  50,  a  powerful  role  model  who  “walks  her  talk!”  As  a   professional   speaker,   life   coach,   author,   and   internaConally-­‐ recognized   expert   for   women   over   50,   she   is   dedicated   to   inspiring   and  equipping  women  of  all  ages  with  the  confidence  and  tools  to  ac-­‐ knowledge  their  unique  giIs,  discover  their  life  purpose,  dare  to  real-­‐ ize   their   passions,   and   create   a   future   they   never   before   dreamed   possible.

Rebecca L.  Norrington Rebecca  L.  Norrington  is  Radio  Personality,  Author,  Speaker,  Spiritual   Teacher,  Fitness  Instructor,  and  talk  show  host  of    RealitySpirituality.   In  June  2013,  Rebecca  was  one  of  17  authors  contribuCng  to  publish-­‐ ing  "If  I  Knew  Then  What  I  Know  Now:  Our  Quest  for  a  Quality  Life".   Rebecca  authored  Chapter  3  which  focused  on  (1)  Defining  a  Quality   Life,  (2)  What's  Important,  (3)  Life  is  a  GiI,  and  (4)  Forgiveness

Kathleen O’Keefe-­‐Kanavos  –  Dream  Columnist Dream  Queen-­‐Kathleen  O’Keefe-­‐Kanavos  is  a  three-­‐  Cme  breast   cancer  survivor  whose  precogniCve  dreams  diagnosed  her  illness   that  was  missed  by  the  medical  field.  She  penned  SURVIVING  CAN-­‐ CERLAND:  The  IntuiCve  Aspects  of  Healing.  She  is  represented  by   Steve  Allen  Media,  a  phone  counselor  for  R.A.  BLOCH  Cancer  Founda-­‐ Con,  Q&A  cancer  columnist  for  CapeWomenOnlineMagazine,  an   inspiraConal  speaker,  Living  Well  Talk  Radio  Show  Host.  Watch  her  vid-­‐ eos,  TV  interviews  &  follow  her  blogs  &  social  media  sites  @  &     14

Cancer and  Exercise:   A  wide  open  look  to  the  benefits   exercising  creates! By  Lisa  GuloMa As   a   teacher   of   movement,   fitness   and   yoga,   I   ogen   meet   students   who   have   heard   the   fateful   words,   “You   have   breast  cancer.”   Once  the  shock  of  the  diagnosis  has  regis-­‐ tered,   clinical   choices   and   decisions   then   take   priority.   Every   person’s   situaTon   is   different,   of   course,   but   all   share   a   com-­‐ mon  experience:  In  one  way  or  another,   they   feel   their   lives   will   never   be   the   same  again.   Ager   diagnosis,   the   overwhelming   focus   is   de-­‐ voted   to   the   disease   and   its   treatment,   yet   the   body  as  a  whole  is  ogen  the  last  area  to  receive   arenTon.   And   something   as   simple   as   moving   and  breathing  is  taken  for  granted.   Too   ogen,   the   cumulaTve   stress   of   the   breast   cancer  experience  can  result  in  unconscious  reac-­‐ Tons.  InsTncTvely,  we  reorganize  our  body’s  struc-­‐ ture   to   protect   the   ravaged   chest.   It   is   not   uncom-­‐ mon   to   cradle   an   arm   to   protect   the   chest   wall   that   is   raw   from   radiaTon,   or   to   favor   lying   on   one   side   only,   while   recovering   from   surgery.   These  subtle,  unconscious  modificaTons  and  inhi-­‐ biTons  can  generate  a  whole  range  of  new  symp-­‐ toms,   such   as   hip   pain,   muscle   tension   and   sTff-­‐ ness,  or  lower  back  discomfort,  as  the  body  alters   its  alignment  in  adapTng  to  structural  change. UnTl   recently,   oncology   providers,   when   asked   whether   exercise   would   be   advised   as   part   of   their   treatment   for   breast   cancer,   the   likely   re-­‐

sponse was  ogen  dismissive—but  today,  there  is   solid   evidence   to   prove   the   benefits.   However,   the   sheer   barrage   of   informaTon   touTng   these   benefits   can   be   daunTng.   Ogen,   such   exercise   programs   are   accompanied   by   duraTon   and   inten-­‐ sity   guidelines   that   can   seem   unarainable   to   someone   recovering   from   breast   cancer.   Ager   all,   the   desire   to   begin   an   exercise   program   ager   treatment  and  the  ability  to  do  so  are  two  differ-­‐ ent  things. Over   the   years   I   felt   the   need   to   incorporate   these   consideraTons   into   my   fitness   and   yoga   classes.   The   reacTons   and   breakthroughs   my   stu-­‐ dents   experienced   as   a   result   of   these   efforts   were  so  moving  to  me,  that  I  created  an  enTre  ex-­‐ ercise   program   designed   specifically   for   breast   cancer  paTents  and  survivors.  This  culminated  in   a   DVD   producTon   called   The   Next   Step:   Restora-­‐ Tve  Exercises  Ager  Breast  Cancer. The   video   presents   gentle   yet   profound   move-­‐ ment   techniques   combining   the   precision   and   15

alignment of   yoga,   the   core-­‐strengthening   methods   of   fitness,   and   the   expansive   nature   of   dance.   It   is   an   exercise   method   designed   to   per-­‐ suade  the  body  to  transcend  perceived  limitaTons   and  to  invesTgate  different  planes  of  movement  in   a   safe,   joyful,   yet   challenging   way.   There   are   four   secTons   on   the   DVD,   each   designed   to   provide   viewers  the  “movement  vocabulary”  they  need  for   the   next   level.   The   goal   is   to   build   strength,   gain   flexibility  and  restore  “balance”  to  the  body.  

your body.  This  body-­‐awareness  is  vital.  Allow  it  to   be   your   teacher.   Listen   to   it.   Learn   from   it.   Your   physical   self   may   look   different   and   feel   different   ager   treatment,   but   it   sTll   has   the   same   “intelli-­‐ gence”   and   cherishes   the   same   history   that   it   did   before  your  diagnosis.  I  have  craged  these  restora-­‐ Tve   postures   and   movement   parerns   to   inspire   your  body  to  “undo  and  release”  at  its  own  pace.   My  intenTon  is  to  encourage  the  body  to  open  up,   open  out,  open  wide.

I stress   the   need   to   be   mindful   of   the   potenTal   side-­‐effects  of  treatment,  before  diving  into  an  ex-­‐ ercise   program.   Chemotherapy,   radiaTon   and   hor-­‐ monal   intervenTons   can   sap   every   ounce   of   energy  from  a  once  acTve,  energeTc  being.  Other   side  effects  may  include:  lymphedema,  peripheral   neuropathy,   frozen   shoulder,   scar   Tssue,   nerve   damage,   reduced   range   of   moTon,   bone   loss,   de-­‐ pression,   and   other   issues   related   to   treatment.   This  is  essenTal:  Take  care  in  choosing  an  exercise   program  appropriate  for  you,  and  embark  on  your   journey  of  recovery  with  the  proper  guidance  from   your   health-­‐care   provider   and—this   is   especially   important—from  your  own  body.

In this  video  and  in  my  classes,  we  do  not  dwell  on   what   was   but   on   what   can   be.   We   learn   that   our   bodies  are  incredibly  resilient  and  can  adapt  to  al-­‐ most   anything.   I   ask   my   students   to   breathe   and   move   gently   through   the   discomfort,   the   resis-­‐ tance,  the  numbness.  We  will  never  know  what  is   on  the  other  side  unless  we  use  our  sensaTons  as   guides  rather  than  barriers.

The most  saTsfying  part  of  my  work  with  students   is  when  I  witness  the  experience  of  renewal.  These   extraordinary  women  had  the  courage  to  take  “the   next  step.”  That’s  when  I  know  that  all  the  Tme  we   have   spent   moving   together,   has   not   only   had   a   posiTve   impact   on   their   bodies,   but   also   on   their   Some  cancer  paTents  and  survivors,  who  were  par-­‐ amtudes,   their   hearts,   their   minds   and   their   TcipaTng   in   exercise   programs   prior   to   diagnosis,   relaTonships.   They   feel   good.   They   want   more.   are   determined   to   conTnue   exercising   at   the   same   And  that  gives  me  enormous  joy. intensity   level   as   they   did   before   treatment.   They   [If   you'd   like   to   see   previews   of   the   complete   are   determined   to   force   their   bodies   into   postures   classes   I   teach   on   my   DVD,   please   visit   my   website   and  movements  that  once  felt  good.  Some  do  suc-­‐ at] ceed,   but   I   encourage   most   women   to   consider   the  gentler  classes,  lemng  their  bodies  decide  how   to  move  on  any  given  day.   The   Next   Step:   RestoraTve   Exercises   Ager   Breast   Cancer   is   designed   to   address   most   side-­‐effects,   gently   and   safely,   in   creaTve   and   lyrical   ways.   As   you   do   these   exercises,   I   recommend   that   you   ac-­‐ knowledge   every   sensaTon   that   passes   through   16

EXERCISE #1 These  exercises  can  be  done  on  a  chair  or  a  ball.    

1. Inhale  as  you  reach  your  arms  over  your   2.   Exhale   as   you   gently   twist   to   the   leg,   placing   head,  palms  facing  each  other.     your  right  hand  on  the  outside  of  your  leg  knee   and  your  leg  hand  behind  you  on  the  ball.   Lengthen   your   spine   as   you   keep   your   shoulders  reaching  down  your  back. Allow   the   twist   to   iniTate   from   the   belly   (not   the  shoulders)  and  keep  your  head  in  line  with   the  sternum.  Hold  this  posture  for  3  breaths.

3. Inhale   as   you   release   your   leg   hand   and   place  it  on  your  head. Exhale   as   you   reach   your   elbow   to   the   ceiling,   stretching   your   triceps,   your   armpit   and   side   ribs.  Hold  this  posture  for  3  breaths  if  you  can.     Repeat  the  whole  sequence  on  the  other  side.


EXERCISE #2 1.   Sit   on   the   front   edge   of   your   chair   with   your   feet   di-­‐ rectly  under  your  knees.  Reach  behind  you  and  grab  the   sides   of   the   chair   back.   If   that   is   too   much   of   a   strain,   slide   your   hands   down   and   hold   onto   the   seat   of   the   chair  anywhere  that  is  comfortable.    

2. With  your  arms  straight  and  your  chin  slightly  tucked   so  that  your  neck  stays  long,  lig  your  heart  to  the  ceiling   while  your  shoulder  blades  reach  down  your  back.

EXERCISE #3 2.   Exhale   as   you   reverse   the   movement   by   curling   your   tailbone   forward,   dropping   your   belly   in   to-­‐ ward   your   spine,   and   bringing   your   hands   in   to-­‐ ward   your   heart.   The   iniTaTon   of   these   move-­‐ ments   comes   from   the   pelvic   area.   The   shoulders,   neck  and  chin  are  not  leading  the  movement  but   responding   to   the   cues   of   y o u r   c o r e .   M a t c h i n g   breath   with   1.  Inhale  as  you  open  your  arms  out  to  the   m o v e m e n t ,   sides,   reach   your   tailbone   behind     you,   lig   d o   t h i s   your   heart   to   the   ceiling,   creaTng   a   gentle   sequence   5   Tmes. arch  in  your  spine. 18

By Suzanne  Strisower

Every woman  wants  the  clarity  to  express  their   life  purpose  and  to  feel  a  confidence  in  the  di-­‐ rec9on.  The  goal  of  this  segment  is  to  help  you   see  that  you  have  always  been  living  your  pur-­‐ pose  whether  you  know  it  or  not.   You   will   see   that   you’re   either   “Being   –   living   your   life   on   purpose”   or   “Becoming   –   gather-­‐ ing   and   mastering   your   skills,   giFs   and   tal-­‐ ents,”   which   you   are   doing   through   your   vari-­‐ ous  jobs  and  careers.   Remember   your   life   purpose   is   the   same   throughout  your  life  –  only  the  life  purpose  ex-­‐ pressions   change.   An   example   of   what   that   means,  if  you  are  a  healer,  you  could  be  a  CNA,   then  a  dental  hygienist,  the  turn  a  different  di-­‐ rec9on  and  become  a  reiki  prac99oner  or  hyp-­‐ notherapist   or   a   Physician’s     Assistant   or   anything  else  that  reflects  your  desire  to  heal.  

A Life  Purpose  Retrospec9ve No  maPer  what  your  age,  you  can  look  at  your   life’s   history   and   its   expressions   to   validate  

that you   really   have   been   living   your   life   pur-­‐ pose  whether  you  knew  your  purpose  or  not.   There  is  a  saying  that  you  are  either  “Being  or   Becoming,”   which   means   that   you   are   either   living  on  purpose  or  moving  towards  your  pur-­‐ pose  in  life.     OFen   people   say,   but   I   wasn’t   living   my   pur-­‐ pose   when   I   was   younger   or   in   that   previous   career.  The  truth  is  they  were  using  that  work   to   gather   skills   to   express   their   purpose,   like   my   client   Dianne,   who   as   a   child   had   to   pick   weeds  on  a  farm,  then  got  a  menial  fast  food   job,  then  moved  into  a  management  posi9on,   t h e n   w e n t   t o   w o r k   i n   a   c o r p o ra t e   environment,   then   became   a   mom,   then   she   went  out  on  her  own  as  a  life  coach.   Her   life   purpose   is   to   help   women   become   em-­‐ powered   and   to   see   their   true   brilliance   thru   the  grit.  You  can  see  that  her  life  purpose  has   led  her  to  her  personal  mission  out  of  her  own   life   experiences   -­‐   her   needing   self   confidence   and  wan9ng  women  to  see  their  value,  no  mat-­‐ ter   what   they   are   doing.   She   is   has   been   on   19

that journey  for  herself.  Helping  other  woman   is  an  absolutely  natural  fit  for  her  interests  and   experiences.   You   can   see   how   her   experience   will   naturally   make   her   want   to   do   this   and   how  she  is  perfectly  designed  to  do  this.  This  is   a   great   example   of   her   Personal   WHY™   too   and   the   reason   she   wants   to   help   women   –   be-­‐ cause   of   what   she   went   through…She   now   wants  to  empower  and  help  other  people  out. Each  of  you  will  have  your  own  life  story  that   can   be   broken   down   like   this…Your   Personal   WHY  through  your  life  takes  you  on  a  life  pur-­‐ pose  retrospec9ve.

Celebrate Your  Life  –  Do  a  Life  Purpose   Retrospec9ve

volunteered to   do,   the   accomplishments   that   you   have   and   ask   yourself   WHY   did   I   do   each   of   those   things   –   what   was   your   “aim,   or   inten-­‐ 9on   of   the   energy   you   put   forth?”   Ask   your-­‐ self,  “Why  did  I  do  the  things  I  did?”  Reflect  on   how  each  of  those  things  is  a  reflec9on  of  your   purpose.   Can   you   see   how   your   life   purpose   has   been   woven  through  all  of  the  meaningful  ac9vi9es   of   your   life,   like   in   Oprah’s   case?   Don’t   be   judg-­‐ mental   of   yourself,   like   I   said   before,   you   are   either  Being  or  Becoming  and  everything  that   you   do   is   part   of   your   life   purpose.   Now   you   just  need  to  own  it!

Let’s use   the   life   purpose   of   a   beloved   celeb-­‐ rity   to   illustrate   this   point.   Here’s   the   progres-­‐ sion   of   Oprah   through   her   different   careers   –   you  can  see  that  she  started  out  as  a  talk  show   host   and   con9nued   to   have   a   larger   and   larger   sphere   of   influence,   un9l   now   she   has   a   global   reach   and   television   plaYorm.   In   her   own   words,   Oprah   said   that   she   was   here   as   a   teacher   –   her   medium   was   television   where   she   con9nues   to   have   an   influence   an   impact   on  others.   You   can   see   from   her   life   purpose   retrospec-­‐ 9ve  that  she  has  always  been  organizing  ways   to  teach  and  present  her  content  and  vision  to   us  in  ways  that  we  could  receive. Now   write   down   everything   that   you   have   done  in  your  life  –  all  the  jobs,  the  things  you   20

Spring Clean  Your  Hidden  Beliefs   Move  Forward  to  Financial  $uccess By  Jen  Poulson Do  any  of  these  statements  sound  familiar? “Money  doesn’t  grow  on  trees!”    “You  have  to   work  hard  for  your  money.”    “People  with  money   cheat  others  to  get  what  they  want.”    “It  doesn’t   marer  if  you  like  the  job  or  not,  you  do  what  you   have  to  do  to  survive.”    “Spend  money  on  your   needs,  not  your  wants”.    “ There’s  never  enough   money.”    Most  people  heard  some  version  of   these  statements  as  a  child,  and  began  forming   their  own  beliefs  about  money. Do  you  worry  about  making  enough  money?    Do   you  always  come  up  short?    Does  money  seem  to   slip  through  your  fingers  no  marer  how  strong   your  intenTon  is  to  save  it?    Do  you  have  “bad   luck”  with  money  decisions?    Are  you  unhappy  in   your  job  but  stay  because  it  “pays  the  bills”?    If   you  answered  yes  to  any  of  these  quesTons,  then   you  have  hidden  beliefs  that  affect  your  everyday   experience  with  money.  These  beliefs  were   formed  as  a  child  and  keep  you  stuck  in  your  nega-­‐ Tve  money  parerns  no  marer  how  hard  you   work,  and  no  marer  how  many  Tmes  you  tell   yourself  you  are  going  to  change.     A  perfect  example  of  hidden  negaTve  money  be-­‐ liefs  at  play,  is  a  lorery  winner  or  a  professional   athlete,  who,  in  a  short  amount  of  Tme,  have   used  up  ALL  of  their  wealth  and  find  themselves   struggling  in  debt  and  trying  to  scrape  by,  just  like   they  did  growing  up.     Are  you  desTned  to  stay  in  your  “lack  of  abun-­‐ dance”  just  because  you  have  hidden  beliefs   about  how  money  shows  up  (or  does  not  show)   up  in  your  life?    NO!    Is  it  possible  for  you  to  heal  

the wounds  that  are  hidden,  and  create  new,  posi-­‐ Tve  beliefs  about  yourself  and  have  a  healthy,   abundant  relaTonship  with  money?    YES! Ager  just  one  Simply  Healed  Session  with  me   that  focused  on  money  and  abundance,  Mary  ac-­‐ quired  new  clients  and  received  an  unexpected   check  for  $1500.00.    The  stress  she  used  to  feel   about  money  is  gone,  and  is  replaced  with  peace   &  excitement  for  life,  which  welcomes  more  finan-­‐ cial  success!     Lynnis,  the  creator  of  this  amazing  E-­‐zine  has  her   own  unique  story  to  tell  ager  her  money  session!     She  was  unexpectedly  giged  a  brand  new  com-­‐ puter  that  replaced  the  one  that  was  broken.    Big   business  opportuniTes  and  partnerships  are  con-­‐ sistently  opening  up  for  her.    The  best  part  is  her   constant  worry  and  fear  about  money,  is  gone.     She  now  lives  each  day  with  greater  peace  and   confidence  as  she  enjoys  her  fast  growing   business  success!       It  is  a  great  Tme  to  do  some  emoTonal  spring   cleaning!    Detox  your  hidden  negaTve  money  be-­‐ liefs,  be  free  of  the  worry  and  fear  that  keep  you   up  at  night.    You  will  feel  more  confident  and   peaceful  about  money  and  be  open  to  receiving   the  success  you  dream  about  and  are  working  to-­‐ wards.    Make  a  fresh  start  and  live  abundant  in  all   areas  of  your  life!   To  enter  a  drawing  for  a  FREE  Spring  Clean  Simply   Healed  Session,  register  on  my  website  at   hrp://  and  leave  me  a  com-­‐ ment  about  WHY  you  need  to  Spring  Clean  your   money  relaTonship! 21

Dear Rebecca, I'm totally overwhelmed by the state of my life. We had a huge financial setback ($500K) because of a poorly thought-out investment that my husband wanted and then held onto for way too long, despite all the signs and my urging. So, now we need to reevaluate and rebuild. Moreover, since I was rear-ended in January, I've been in physical therapy, etc., and on the mend. I'm slow to get around and tire easily. I'm trying to put the pieces back together, for the most part alone, and it is sucking up all my time. My spouse has moved on to his next pet project, has not been very approachable, and takes on almost no responsibility. He is fairly clueless and believes that my workload should be manageable, and that I just take on too many personal projects. I've been trying to talk to him for years but he is not approachable. This is not the life I had envisioned. Once upon a time, I faced each day with excitement, filled with creative ideas. Nowadays, I wake up each day and almost dread the relentless amount of work before me. From the time I open my eyes until the time I crawl to bed. I am working on resolving my children’s health issues and also home-school my teenage son, who has a disability. Sometimes I feel like I have to be both mother and father to my son to give him the guidance he needs, since my spouse acts more like a babysitter than a loving parent. I’m feeling less and less like there is much hope that things will improve, even though there is much in my life to be grateful for. A sense of gratitude does help keep me going day to day. What else am I missing here? How can I make this marriage work? What steps do I need to take to find deeper happiness and satisfaction? Signed, Questions

Dear QuesTons, Your   lerer   is   filled   with   a   lot   of   per-­‐ sonal   quesTons   and   life   challenges   that   daily   subtract   from   your   happi-­‐ ness.  Believe  me  when  I  say  that  I  can   understand  your  feelings  of  being  over-­‐ whelmed   with   life.   You   listed   several   circumstances  and  issues  that  I  will  ad-­‐ dress  one  by  one.  As  always,  my  inten-­‐ Ton   is   to   (1)   find   the   truth,   and   then   (2)  assist  you  with  finding  peace. One   of   the   most   obvious   themes   in   your   lerer   is   your   focus   on   what’s   wrong   with   your   life   instead   of   focus-­‐ ing  on  what’s  right  with  your  life.  I  read   and   re-­‐read   what   you   wrote.   Your   let-­‐ ter   is   laced   with   criTcism,   dissaTsfac-­‐ Ton,   frustraTon,   gloom,   misery,   sad-­‐ ness,   and   unhappiness.   I’m   not   using   those   words   to   be   mean   and   or   unsym-­‐ patheTc.   I’m   using   those   descripTve   words   to   make   a   point.   There   isn’t   one   person,   including   myself,   who   hasn’t   felt   like   you   are   feeling   at   more   than   one   Tme   in   our   lives.   You   are   not   alone.  Life  is  filled  with  up  and  downs,   challenges,  and  bumpy  roads.  You  can-­‐ not  escape  what  life  brings.  You  cannot   control   what   life   unfolds.   You   cannot   escape  the  journey.  What  you  can  do  is   change   your   perspecTve   about   your   reality.   Your   perspecTves   have   to   change  for  your  life  to  change. 22

360 Choices  to  Happiness There  are  360  degrees  in  a  complete  circle.  There   is  no  beginning  or  ending  to  a  circle.  And  there  is   no  beginning  or  ending  to  Energy.  You  are  Energy.   You   are   conscious   Energy.   Because   you   are   con-­‐ scious  Energy  you  have  the  ability  to  choose  what   to  focus  on.  This  is  a  mandatory  concept  to  under-­‐ stand   if   you   want   to   be   happy.   At   any   given   mo-­‐ ment,  we  have  360  different  ways  to  respond  and   or   label   any   circumstance   we   experience.   Let   me   be   clear:   it’s   not   easy   to   choose   another   perspec-­‐ Tve,   but   it   is   possible   to   shig   your   focus   with   (1)   intenTon  and  (2)  pracTce.

IntenTon and  Commitment You  must  have  the  intenTon  and  the  commitment   to   focus   on   what’s   good   in   your   life   during   every   moment.  You  can  verbalize  your  intenTon  as  soon   as  you  wake  up.  It’s  simple  and  easy.  All  you  need   to   do   is   say   out   loud,   before   you   get   out   of   bed,   “My   intenAon   for   this   day   is   to   focus   on   what’s   good   in   my   life.”   In   fact,   you   can   pracTce   saying   that  as  many  Tmes  as  you  want  during  the  day.  In   the   beginning   this   pracTce   might   not   seem   to   be   effecTve   and   you   probably   will   conTnue   to   focus   on  what’s  wrong  for  awhile;  however,  as  with  any   new   skill,   you   will   get   berer   and   berer   at   chang-­‐ ing  your  focus.  Know  that  when  you  make  an  inten-­‐ Ton,  the  Universe  always  listens.

less of   how   they   might   make   you   feel.   All   challenges   bring   an   opportunity   for   personal   and   spiritual   growth.   All   challenges   bring   an   opportunity  for  you  to  shine  brighter.   You   menToned   you   have   children.   How   do   you   want   your   children   to   face   challenges?   Do   you   want  your  children  to  focus  on  what’s  wrong  with   their   lives?   Or   do   you   want   your   children   to   find   peace   and   happiness   with   whatever   life   brings   them?   Do   you   want   your   children   to   be   able   to   meet   every   challenge   life   brings   them   with   graT-­‐ tude   and   acceptance?   Your   children   are   watching   you,   and   more   importantly,   your   children   are   feel-­‐ ing   your   energy.   Be   the   living   example   of   how   to   navigate  through  life! Your  Husband  and  Making  Marriage  Work Your  words  are  screaming  a  limited  perspecTve.   “My  spouse  has  moved  on  to  his  next  pet  project,   has   not   been   very   approachable,   and   takes   on   al-­‐ most  no  responsibility.  He  is  fairly  clueless  .  .  .”   “I've  been  trying  to  talk  to  him  for  years,  but  he  is   not  approachable  .  .  .”   “My  spouse  acts  more  like  a  babysiTer  than  a  lov-­‐ ing  parent.” “How  can  I  make  this  marriage  work?”

My dear   QuesTons,   how   do   you   expect   to   “make   I   also   want   to   say   that   whatever   is   happening   in   this   marriage   work”   when   you   harbor   feelings   of   your  life  is  supposed  to  be  happening  for  a  reason   resentment   and   disdain   for   your   husband?   It   that   you   might   not   be   able   to   comprehend   right   sounds   like   (at   least   in   this   lerer)   that   you   share   now.  Yes,  everything  happens  for  a  reason.  When   none  of  the  responsibility  for  the  state  of  your  mar-­‐ I’m  challenged  by  life,  I  know  without  a  doubt  that   riage.   To   begin   with,   you   are   extremely   criTcal   of   the  challenge  is  needed  and  the  challenge  is  here   your  husband.  It’s  interesTng  because  there  was  a   for   me   to   elevate   to   a   higher   level   of   growth   and   Tme   in   my   life   where   I   too   was   extremely   criTcal   understanding.   All   challenges   are   good—regard-­‐ of  my  ex-­‐husband,  along  with  being  criTcal  of  eve-­‐ 23

rybody else   I   knew.   CriTcizing   others   was   a   daily   habit   of   mine.   First,   there   is   one   huge   problem   with   criTcizing  anyone  and  that  is  you  subtract  from  your   happiness  when  you  do  that.  Second,  when  you  criT-­‐ cize   anyone,   the   words   you   use   are   actually   meant   for  you!  Ouch!  So  ask  yourself •    Am  I  ever  non-­‐approachable?  When  does  this  hap-­‐ pen,  and  why? •    Are  there  Tmes  or  specific  occasions  when  I  take   on   almost   no   responsibility?   When   does   this   hap-­‐ pen,  and  why?

•  Are  there  Tmes  when  I  am  or  act  fairly  clueless?   When  does  this  happen,  and  why? •    Are  there  Tmes  when  I  act  more  like  a  babysirer   than  a  loving  parent?  When  does  this  happen,  and   why? •    Are  there  Tmes  when  I  act  more  like  a  babysirer   than  a  loving  partner?  When  does  this  happen,  and   why? Now,  when  are  YOU  going  to  change?

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GraTtude There are  7.2  billion  people  on  this  planet,  and  I’m   sure   that   more   than   one   person   would   love   to   trade  places  with  you.  Why?  You  have  a  home.  You   have   food.   You   have   children.   You   physically   sur-­‐ vived  a  car  accident  with  the  ability  to  walk  again.   (I  have  a  dear  friend  who  has  been  paralyzed  since   high   school).   You   have   a   husband   who   is   his   own   person.   I   could   go   on,   but   I’m   sure   you   get   my   point.

The baseball  bat  to  the  back  of  his  head  saved  his   life,  and  more  importantly,  he  was  grateful  and  ap-­‐ preciaTve.   Now   he   shares   his   story   with   young   men  who  are  in  gangs  or  at  risk  of  following  in  his   footsteps.

You commented   that   your   husband   says   you   take   on  too  many  personal  projects?  Is  this  true?  What   are  they?  Do  they  conflict  with  the  Tme  you  need   to   focus   on   your   prioriTes?   What   are   your   priori-­‐ Tes?  What  can  YOU  do  to  create  a  livable,  sustain-­‐ able  balance  between  your  prioriTes  and  your  per-­‐ Another  PerspecTve sonal  projects?  I  support  you  and  understand  that   we   all   need   something   that’s   just   for   us,   especially   Let   me   share   two   real-­‐life   stories.   I   have   a   girl-­‐ when  we  give  of  ourselves  to  others  on  a  daily  ba-­‐ friend   who   at   thirty-­‐six   years   old   arracted   breast   sis.   Please   conTnue   to   engage   in   whatever   nour-­‐ cancer.  Her  reacTon?  According  to  her  own  words,   ishes  your  soul. contracTng  cancer  was  a  “gig  from  God  to  her  and   her   family.”   Why?   Because   before   the   cancer,   she   Lastly,   you   wrote,   “This   is   not   the   life   I   had   envi-­‐ took   her   own   existence   for   granted.   She   let   small   sioned.”  Life  is  never  about  what  we  envision,  my   things   bother   her.   She   was   easy   to   anger.   She   dear  QuesTons.  Life  is  what  the  Universe  envisions   found   fault   with   her   life   and   her   family.   She   was   for   us.   Ager   decades   of   suffering   due   to   resisTng   living   without   feelings   of   graTtude   and   apprecia-­‐ reality,   I’ve   finally   surrendered   and   realized   that   I   Ton   for   life   itself.   Her   diagnosis   changed   her   life.   do  not  have  control  over  what  happens  to  me.  Be-­‐ Her  diagnosis  changed  her  perspecTve.  She  chose   cause   if   I   did,   I   would   have   designed   my   life   a   to  view  her  diagnosis  as  a  gig. whole   lot   differently   than   how   it   has   unfolded.   I   met   a   blind   man   on   the   bus   last   year.   I   purposely   sat  next  to  him  and  asked  him  how  he  had  become   blind.   He   told   me   he   was   hit   on   the   back   of   the   head   with   a   baseball   bat   and   lost   his   sight.   He   was   twenty-­‐one   at   the   Tme.   He   then   went   on   to   tell   me   that   he   was   grateful   for   losing   his   sight!   He   told   me   being   blind   saved   his   life!   He   told   me   be-­‐ ing   blind   was   a   gig   from   God.   How   could   this   be   possible,   I   asked?   His   story   was   not   unique.   As   a   young  man,  he  was  a  member  of  a  street  gang.  His   daily   “to-­‐do”   list   consisted   of   gangbanging,   steal-­‐ ing,  and  murder.  He  even  admired  to  parTcipaTng   in   dismembering   and   disposing   of   bodies.   The   blind   man   told   me   he   would   have   surely   been   in   prison  or  dead,  if  he  hadn’t  stopped  his  behavior.  

What I  do  have  control  over  is  my  perspecTve,  my   amtude,   my   focus,   my   intenTons,   my   words,   my   beliefs,   and   my   behavior.   Finally,   I   trust   and   surren-­‐ der  to  whatever  the  Universe  has  in  store  for  me.   The   Universe   knows   what   each   of   us   needs   to   ex-­‐ perience.  Know  this  and  trust  it. Do   you   want   to   be   happy   and   at   peace?   Let   go,   be   grateful  for  your  life,  and  start  living. Love, Rebecca


3 Tips  for  Spring  Cleaning  Your   Thoughts By  Dina  Proctor Spring  is  a  great  Tme  for  declurering  your  home   and  office  and  detoxing  your  body.  There  is  a  light-­‐ ness  and  a  renewed  energy  as  the  weather   warms  and  new  life  begins  to  spring  up  all  around   us.  This  season,  what  if  you  added  a  new  ritual  to   your  Spring  Cleaning  rouTne?  Clearing  out  your   THOUGHTS!

which are  those  you  can  make  a  choice  to  let  go   of  or  change  (contracTon  or  negaTve  emoTons).  

2. Take  It  7  Days  at  a  Time

As with  any  new  habit,  I  encourage  my  coaching   clients  to  take  it  seven  days  at  a  Tme.  For  most   people  and  for  most  new  habits,  seven  days  is  a   realisTc,  do-­‐able  goal.  For  this  Spring  Cleaning  ex-­‐ ercise,  commit  to  connecTng  thoughts  with  emo-­‐ Tons  and  becoming  willing  to  let  go  of  the  nega-­‐ Tve  thoughts  that  are  keeping  you  stuck.  If  it  be-­‐ gins  to  feel  overwhelming,  remind  yourself  that   you  are  only  doing  this  for  seven  days.  You  can   even  take  it  one  hour  or  half  a  day  at  a  Tme.  A   mantra  I  use  when  I  find  myself  lost  in  a  powerful   negaTve  thought  is,  "I  can  think  this  thought  a   week  from  tomorrow  but  for  now  I'm  releasing  it   and  focusing  on  a  thought  that  feels  berer."

For many  it  may  be  a  relief  to  realize  the  voice  in   our  heads  isn't  always  right.  While  many  things  in   the  world  remain  out  of  our  control,  the  one   thing  we  have  ulTmate  control  over  is  the  way  we   think,  the  way  we  choose  to  perceive  circum-­‐ stances  and  events.  We  have  the  power  to  delib-­‐ erately  choose  the  thoughts  we  think.
 Here  are  3  Tips  for  Spring  Cleaning  Your   Thoughts:

1. Use  Your  EmoTons Each  thought  creates  an  emoTon,  and  emoTons   always  have  a  sensaTon  in  the  body  -­‐  we  can  ei-­‐ ther  feel  expanded  (hopeful,  opTmisTc,  joyful,   peaceful,  relieved,  etc.)  or  contracted  (angry,   doub•ul,  worried,  fearful,  pessimisTc,  etc.).  You   can  use  your  emoTons  as  a  gauge  to  determine  if   the  thoughts  you  think  throughout  the  day  create   a  feeling  of  expansion  or  contracTon  in  your   body.  Throughout  the  day,  noTce  how  your   thoughts  cause  either  an  expanded  or  contracted   sensaTon  in  your  body.  This  can  help  you  deter-­‐ mine  which  thoughts  are  moving  you  in  the  right   direcTon  (expansion  or  posiTve  emoTons)  and  

3. Use  Your  3x3  MeditaTon  Time  for   PosiTvely  Focused  VisualizaTon 3x3  MeditaTon  means  three  minutes,  three  Tmes   a  day.  Set  reminders  in  your  calendar  or  cell   phone  and  set  a  Tmer  for  these  meditaTon   breaks.  Lose  yourself  in  the  images  and  feelings   of  what  you  want  to  create  in  your  life,  anything   from  a  healthy  body  to  financial  security  to   achieving  a  business  goal  and  everything  in-­‐ between.  Our  imaginaTons  and  our  ability  to  fo-­‐ cus  are  or  greatest  assets  in  creaTng  a  life  we   love  living. 26

Betsy B.  Muller,  MBA,  ACP-­‐EFT,  CEHP,  CEC Betsy   Muller   is   a   speaker,   coach,   an   best-­‐selling   author   who   has   helped   thousands   of   people   discover   their   full   potenCal   through   conscious   self-­‐care.   Her   company,   The   Indigo   ConnecCon   LLC,   of-­‐ fers  personal  and  holisCc  business  coaching,  keynotes,  group  semi-­‐ nars,  women’s  retreats  and  monthly  networking  events.  &

Dr. Lisa  Anne  MaMhews,  PhD   Lisa  Anne  ‘L.A.’  MaHhews,  Ph.D.  is  a  Professional  Resume  Writer  and   CerCfied   Interview   Coach   for   Top   Choice   Resumes,   L.L.C.   Dr.   Mat-­‐ thews  has  helped  over  1,000  professionals  obtain  their  career  goals.   She  is  an  author,  radio  host,  college  professor,  internaConal  speaker,   and  career  strategist  who  has  a  diverse  background  in  career  consult-­‐ ing.  Dr.  MaHhews  is  the  Career  Network  Chair  for  the  NaConal  Black   MBA   AssociaCon,   Inc.,   Washington,   D.C.   Chapter   (NBMBAA-­‐DC)   for   over  900  members  in  D.C.,  Virginia  and  Maryland.  

Rhonda Jones,  MA Rhonda  Jones,  M.A.,  is  the  founder  of  the  award-­‐winning  website,   and   author   of   Help   Me   God   Change  My  Life  and  The  ChrisCan  Power  Hour.    It  was  meditaCon,   integrated  with  the  scriptures  that  helped  Rhonda  overcome  years   of  depression  and  restored  her  peace  of  mind  and  joy  in  the  God.   Rhonda,  a  cerCfied  yoga  instructor,  received  200-­‐hours  of  training   at  the  Niroga  Center  in  Berkeley.  She  is  also  a  cerCfied  Yahweh  Yoga   instructor.  Rhonda  conducts  workshops  and  retreats  teaching  the  transformaCve  and  healing   power   of   meditaCon,   being   sCll,   and   spending   Cme   in   God’s   presence.   Visit   Her   Website   at   hHp:// 27

Krista Dunk Author  and  speaker  Krista  Dunk  is  passionate  about  helping  people   discover  their  God-­‐given  giIs  and  express  them  with  the  world.  She   herself  spent  many  frustraCng  years  not  knowing  her  calling  and  un-­‐ able  to  truly  express  herself,  unCl  she  took  a  personal  journey  with   God.   Now   Krista   helps   others   start   their   own   journey   of   discovery   and   expression   through   her   books,   speaking   topics,   newsleHers,   workshops,   publishing   company,   and   radio   show.   Krista   also   loves   business,   and   has   co-­‐founded   Koinonia   Business   Women   -­‐   an   organizaCon   "Where   Faith,   Business  &  Women  Connect,  Collaborate  &  Grow,"  and  co-­‐owns  CreaCve  Force  Press  -­‐  an  inde-­‐ pendent  book  publishing  company.

Jennifer Poulson,  CHC Jen   Poulson   is   a   Health   and   Wellness   Energy   Coach.   She   holds   a   bachelor's   degree   in   Family   Psychology,   and   is   a   CerCfied   Simply-­‐ Healed™  PracCConer.  Jen  is  a  wife  and  mother  of  four  children.    A   passion  to  help  others  find  real  lasCng  freedom  from  the  emoConal   pain   accumulated   in   life,   led   her   to   becoming   a   SimplyHealed™   PracCConer.  She  works  with  individual  clients  as  well  as  businesses.   Jen's   talents   and   skills   help   bring   greater   purpose,   order   and   healing   which   empowers   her   clients   to   find   freedom   from   emoConal   baggage.   Her   clients   quickly  experience  less  stress,  improved  and  happier  relaConships,  more  successful  businesses   and  beHer  overall  health  and  wellness.  Her  peaceful  nature  and  gentle  approach  helps  her  cli-­‐ ents  easily  transform  with  fresh  new  confidence  and  success  in  all  areas  of  life.


By Krista  Dunk

As three-­‐part  beings—spirit,  soul,  body—we   are  created  to  consume.  When  we  observe   our  natural  bodies  and  its’  needs,  this  process   is  obvious.  Our  bodies  require  approximately   2000-­‐2500  calories  with  a  variety  of  nutrients   per  day  to  sustain  energy  and  health.    But   what  about  our  souls  and  spirits?  Do  they   “eat?”  Yes  they  do...let  me  explain. First,  it’s  important  to  understand    more  about   what  a  soul  and  spirit  is.  You  may  have  heard   this  saying  before:  We  are  spirits  (spiritual  be-­‐ ings),  with  a  soul  and  live  in  a  body  (for  now).   Get  a  picture  in  your  mind  of  the  exterior  of  

your body.  In  the  spirit  realm,  your  spirit  could   be  compared  to  this,  and  your  soul  would  be   the  internal  organs  and  systems.  Your  soul  con-­‐ sists  of  pieces  and  parts,  such  as  your  spiritual   heart,  logical  mind,  emo9ons,  will  and  desires,   belief  system,  thoughts,  etc.  Just  as  our   natural  body  takes  in,  or  consumes,  via  our   mouths,  our  soul  and  spirit  takes  in,  or  con-­‐ sumes,  through  our  eyes  and  ears.   Every  day,  our  soul  takes  in  (consumes)   informa9on  and  input,  such  as  words   (conversa9ons/books/audio),  images  (photos/ TV/movies),  data,  sugges9ons,  sounds,  and   29


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more. Just  as  our  natural  body  processes  the   food  we  consume,  our  soul  processes  what  we   take  in.  Considering  this,  it’s  quite  important   what  your  eyes  and  ears  are  consuming.  Just  as   junk  food,  fast  food,  pop,  chemicals,  alcohol,   and  cigarePes  can  cause  damage  and  harm  to   you  physically,  there  is  much  input  in  the  world   that  can  cause  harm  to  your  soul  and  spirit  as   well.  For  example,  horror  movies,  gossip,  vio-­‐

lence, nega9vity,  pornography,  profanity,  and   certain  types  of  music  harm  the  delicate  bal-­‐ ance  of  your  soul  and  spirit.  We  subconsciously   feel  a  problem  when  these  types  of  input  come   into  our  eyes  and  ears,  and  now  you  know  why! In  God’s  eyes,  our  bodies,  souls  and  spirits  are   sacred,  and  what  goes  into  them  is  essen9al.   Whatever  we  consume  should  bring  more  light,   strength,  value,  and  health  into  ourselves,  not   darkness  or  sickness.  I  firmly  believe  that  the   true  wellness  center  of  our  being  is  our  spiritual   heart.  When  it  is  sick,  it  will  (sooner  or  later)   cause  physical  sickness  as  well.  Remember,  you   are  what  you  eat!    For  more  in-­‐depth  teaching  about  this  topic,   visit  Krista’s  KBWomen  Radio  archives   (  and  listen   to  the  “Supernatural  You”  shows.

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Detoxing Just  for  YOU! By  Nakeesha  T.  Harris,  MS,  CNC,  CMM,  Health   and  Wellness  Expert Ready  to  cleanse  your  body  at  the  cellular  level?   Tired  of  feeling  sluggish  AND  want  to  lose  some   weight?  Want  to  lower  blood  pressure,  sugar  lev-­‐ els,  and  cholesterol?  Then  it’s  Tme  for  a  detox!   Many  wonder  what  a  detox  entails.  Let’s  discuss   the  best  steps  for  women  40  and  over. Quick  and  healthy  detox  Tps  for  women  40  and   over Time  frame-­‐  3-­‐10  days  are  best  the  closer  to  7   days  or  more  will  reap  the  most  benefits.

Juice If you  have  a  juicer,  making  daily  juices  during  a   detox  will  really  help  with  sending  macronutri-­‐ ents  straight  to  your  bloodstream.  These  will  help   your  body  on  a  cellular  level.  Oxygen  will  begin  to   flow  through  your  bloodstream  feeding  your  cells   and  healing  of  cells  takes  place.

Plant-­‐based It is  vital  to  consume  highly  nutriTous  plant-­‐ based  foods.  Beans  and  legumes,  leafy  greens,   fruits,  and  nuts  are  ALL  extremely  beneficial  dur-­‐ ing  the  Tme  of  detoxing.  These  foods  feed  your   body  much  needed  nutrients  and  also  help  keep   you  full.  While  it  may  be  an  adjustment  if  you  are   a  meat  eater,  you  will  see  how  great  you  feel  AND   also  noTce  the  benefits.  

Abundance of  raw  and  cooked  veggies This  is  so  important!  EaTng  salads,  kale  salad,   spinach  salad,  carrots,  and  any  other  raw  veggie   that  you  love  as  well  as  cooked  greens,  string  

beans, broccoli  etc.,  begin  to  supply  your  body   with  calcium,  iron,  and  a  host  of  vitamins  and  nu-­‐ trients.  Wow  you  are  gemng  A  LOT  just  by  eaTng   a  variety  of  delicious  foods.  

Water It is  vital  to  have  filtered  water  during  this  Tme.   Make  sure  you  are  drinking  half  of  your  body   weight  of  water  in  ounces  during  this  detox  and   overall  as  well.  Add  a  lemon  to  your  first  glass.   This  helps  to  alkalize  the  body  (provide  an   environment  that  cells  thrive  in  and  kills  disease).

Herbal tea Green  tea,  chamomile,  peppermint,  ginger  and   many  other  teas  are  great  during  a  detox.  They   add  to  the  anToxidants  that  your  body  is  receiv-­‐ ing  AND  they  provide  a  change  from  just  drinking   water.

Avoid All of  the  below  are  not  beneficial  during  a  detox.   They  cause  bloaTng,  headaches,  added  mucus,   weight  gain,  and  an  acidic  environment  in  your   body  (disease  grows  easily). 31

SOOOO glad  you  decided  to  detox.  Your  energy   will  raise,  you  will  noTce  weight  loss,  you  are  go-­‐ ing  to  feel  berer  overall!  

Sugar Oils Meat Dairy Grains What  you  will  noTce During  the  Tme  of  detoxing,  for  the  first  day  or   two  you  may  feel  hungry  and  experience  some  de-­‐ tox  symptoms  –  headache,  nausea  etc.  Once  you   get  to  about  the  third  day,  you  are  going  to  be  

Detoxing is  truly  a  great  way  to  realign  and  get   back  to  the  basics  of  health  and  wellness.  The  key   is  going  beyond  or  maintaining  ager  the  detox.   Nakeesha’s  NutriTon  offers  a  FREE  7  day  detox.   Just  go  to  and  sign   up  to  the  mailing  list.  The  detox  will  be  sent   straight  to  you!!   Happy  Detoxing!

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Can you  increase  happiness  in  order  to  banish  stress?   By  Elizabeth  Manual Can   you   be   happy   and   stressed   at   the   same   Tme?   Yes   and   no.   We   can   have   a   general   feeling   of   happiness,   but   if   you   are   clearly   under   stress,   you   can-­‐ not   fool   your   body   for   long.   While   under   stress   your   heart   rate   increases   and   your   blood   pressure  will  likely  rise  as  well.   During  this  Tme,  the  stress  hor-­‐ mones   corTsol   and   adrenalin   flow   through   you   to   ensure   that   you   feel   even   more   wired   and  ready  to  react  or  respond.     When   afraid   or   under   stress   you   are   likely   to   have   worried   thoughts;   physical   sensaTons   like   a   faster   heart   rate,   sweat-­‐ ing,   and   increased   breathing;   and   behaviors   like   trying   to   es-­‐ cape   the   situaTon   that   made   you  afraid  in  the  first  place! The   "amygdala"   (Greek   for   "al-­‐ mond,"   its   shape)   is   the   part   of   the   brain   that   reacts   most   strongly   when   you’re   con-­‐

fronted with   fear   and   stress.   Under   stress,   the   amygdala   or-­‐ ders   the   release   of   neurotrans-­‐ mirers,   which   can   cause   in-­‐ creased   doubt,   fear   and   anxi-­‐ ety.   In   the   fight   or   flight   re-­‐ sponse,   a   quick   message   is   sent  to  the  amygdala,  releasing   more  adrenalin  than  you  proba-­‐ bly  need  for  your  situaTon,  and   may   show   up   in   stress   symp-­‐ toms  such  as: • increased  blood  pressure • increased   breathing   and   heart  rate • digesTon  challenges • headaches Problems  arise  when  your  daily   stressors   trigger   your   stress   re-­‐ sponse.   This   means   that   you   are  constantly  on  alert,  and  too   much   stress   for   too   long   can   result  in  an  imbalance.   There   are   few   situaTons   in   modern   life   (unless   you   have  

just come   face   to   face   with   a   hungry   bear   in   the   mountains)   where   such   a   response   is   opT-­‐ mal.   Taking   a   final   exam   re-­‐ quires   simng   in   a   chair,   not   run-­‐ ning  away  from  an  enemy.  The   focus   on   survival   that   stress   and   hormone   release   causes   generally   results   in   poor   decision-­‐making  and  concentra-­‐ Ton—the  very  things  that  help   you   to   be   successful   at   work,   sports,   and   in   your   personal   relaTonships. In   the   short   term   it   is   impor-­‐ tant   to   manage   the   “fight   or   flight”  response.  A  step  to  take   in  coping  with  stress  is  idenTfy-­‐ ing   and   then   taking   acTon   to   reduce   your   stressors.   If   you   are   constantly   overscheduled   and  being  run  ragged  you  must   do   one   of   two   things:   Either   change   your   mental   response   to  your  busyness  by  reminding   yourself   that   you   are   choosing   33

to and   looking   forward   to   parTcipaTng   in   these   funcTons   and   not   remain   in   a   state   of   fight   or   commitments   or   release   some   of   the   commit-­‐ flight. ments  and  choose  to  honour  your  life.   Deep   breathing   doubles   our   oxygen   supply   and   pu-­‐ I   suggest   you   implement   some   relaxaTon   tech-­‐ rifies   the   blood.   Oxygen   burns   up   the   waste   prod-­‐ niques,   such   as   deep   breathing,   meditaTon,   and   ucts  (toxins)  in  the  body  and  recharges  the  body's   clinical  hypnotherapy,  to  reduce  the  stress  in  your   bareries   (the   solar   plexus).   In   fact,   most   of   our   body.  Here  are  some  ideas  to  pracTce: energy   requirements   come   not   from   food,   but   from  the  air  we  breathe.

Deep Breathing  


Sit or   lie   comfortably,   loosen   any   restricTve   cloth-­‐ ing. MeditaTon  can  be  as  simple  as  paying  arenTon  to   your   breathing   for   a   few   minutes.   Relax   in   what-­‐ Put   one   hand   on   your   chest   and   one   on   your   stom-­‐ ever  posiTon  works  best  for  you,  close  your  eyes,   ach. and   start   to   pay   arenTon   to   your   breathing.   Slowly  inhale  through  your  nose  or  through  pursed   Breathing  through  your  nose  gets  your  diaphragm   lips   (to   slow   the   intake   of   breath).   Try   inhaling   to   a   involved   and   gets   oxygen   all   the   way   to   the   bot-­‐ tom   of   your   lungs.   As   your   mind   wanders,   simply   count  of  three  or  four. re-­‐focus  your  arenTon  on  the  air  going  in  and  out   As  you  inhale,  feel  your  stomach  expand  with  your   of   your   nose,   saying   “breath   in,   breath   out”   over   hand.  If  your  chest   and   over   in   your   mind.   You   can   also   pracTce   breathing   in   through   the   nose   and   out   through   expands,  focus  on  breathing  with  your  diaphragm. your   mouth.   Use   even   inhales   and   even   exhales.   Slowly   exhale   through   your   nose   or   through   Another   version   is   to   have   your   exhalaTon   last   pursed   lips   to   regulate   the   release   of   air   to   the   twice  as  long  as  your  inhalaTon.  Do  this  for  several   same  count  as  your  inhalaTon  and  feel  your  belly   minutes,  or  longer  as  you  get  used  to  it.   drop  back  towards  your  spine.

Walking meditaTons  get  the  body  involved.  It  can   I   ogen   imagine   I’m   filling   up   a   balloon   and   then   be   outside   or   simply   pacing   back   and   forth   in   a   pushing  the  air  out  again.  During  stress  and  anger,   room.  Pay  arenTon  to  the  movement  of  your  legs,   we   tend   to   inhale   and   hold   our   breath.   The   most   breathing,  and  body  as  you  walk,  as  well  as  to  the   significant  therapeuTc  aspect  of  deep  breathing  is   feeling   of   your   feet   contacTng   the   ground.   When   the  exhalaTon.  In  Tmes  of  stress  and  anger  switch   your   mind   wanders,   just   keep   bringing   it   back   to   from  even  inhale/exhale  to  extending  your  exhale   the  process  of  walking  and  breathing.  You  can  also   by   two   Tmes   the   length   of   the   inhalaTon.   If   you   noTce  every  thing  of  beauty  as  you  walk.  Make  a   are   inhaling   to   a   count   of   four   make   your   exhala-­‐ point  to  noTce  the  colours,  smells,  plants,  and  ani-­‐ Ton  to  a  count  of  eight.  The  exhalaTon  alerts  the   mals.  Appreciate  every  thing  as  sacred.   body   that   it   can   relax   and   resume   essenTal   body   34

Guided meditaTons  allow  you  to  listen  to  soothing   music  or  a  well-­‐modulated  voice  to  give  your  mind   something  to  focus  on.  You  can  find  them  as  down-­‐ loads  on  the  Internet  or  in  bookstores  focusing  on   health  and  wellness.   (Also  available  at

Clinical Hypnotherapy   Clinical  hypnosis,  posiTve  suggesTon,  visualizaTon,   and  affirmaTon  are  all  extremely  powerful  agents   of   change   for   your   complete   psychological   and   emoTonal   well-­‐being,   including   the   management   of  anxiety  and  stress,  building  confidence  and  self   esteem.  

In the   long-­‐term,   stress   management   helps   to   re-­‐ duce   faTgue   and   burnout,   and   promote   wellness,   health,  and  happiness.   Elizabeth   Manuel,   B.Ed.   CACE*,   is   a   happiness   expert,   author,   speaker,   life   and   relaTonship   coach.     Elizabeth   is   internaTonally   renowned   for   her   genuine   humor,   warmth   and   passion   while   ig-­‐ niTng   posiTve   growth   in   individuals,   and   organiza-­‐ Tons. Elizabeth   specializes   in   educaTng,   and   mentoring   others  to  thrive,  generaTng  greater  health,  berer   relaTonships  and  increased  quality  of  life.  AddiTon-­‐ ally  Elizabeth  Manuel  is  a  CerTfied  Grief  Therapist   and  a  Licensed  Spiritual  Counselor.

Hypnotherapy has  its  origins  in  nineteenth  century   *CerTficate  in  Adult  and  ConTnuing  EducaTon. form   of   trance   healing   called   “mesmerism.”   Mes-­‐ merism  has  been  conTnued  to  be  used  because  it works!  It  allows  suggesTons  to  be  made  to  the  sub-­‐ conscious   mind,   which   is   the   key   to   personal   growth  and  change.  The  conscious  mind  is  respon-­‐ sible   for   short-­‐term   memory,   analyTcal   thinking,   and  quesToning.  The  subconscious  mind  is  respon-­‐ sible  for  anatomic  processes  such  as  blood  circula-­‐ Ton,   breathing,   heart   funcTon,   and   Tssue   repair.
 During   hypnosis   a   person   is   completely   aware   of   what   is   being   said   to   them,   although   their   mind   will   be   open   to   posiTve   suggesTon.   Hypnosis   can   tap  into  the  natural,  inner  resource  of  the  subcon-­‐ scious   mind   in   order   to   make   beneficial   changes.   Hypnosis  is  simply  a  state  of  heightened  relaxaTon   and  is  a  dreamy,  pleasant  experience.  Using  hypno-­‐ sis  is  very  powerful.  You  can  book  a  private  session   via   skype   or   find   some   helpful   CDs   online   or   at   m a n y   b o o k s t o r e s .   ( A l s o   a v a i l a b l e   a t   w w w. h o l y a n d h e a l t h y l i v i n g . c o m  )


Detoxing Toxic  Thoughts  &  Beliefs By  Andrea  Becky  Hanson There  was  a  (me  in  my  life  par(cularly  around  my  48th   birthday  and  over  the  ten  following  years,  when  I  felt   trapped  in  the  cage  of  my  mental/emo(onal  condi(on-­‐ ing  and  society’s  demands.    I  felt  alone  and  somehow   “wrong”.  It  became  especially  unbearable  as  an  “aging   woman”.  Thankfully,  I  knew  at  some  deep  (but  some-­‐ what  inaccessible)  level  that  I  was  much  more  than  a   my  mind,  body,  gender,  ethnicity,  religion,  degrees,   awards,  (tles,  roles,  appearance,  accomplishments,    pos-­‐ sessions,  thoughts,  emo(ons,  and  owned  or  imagined   flaws,  limita(ons,  inappropriateness  or  mistakes. That  deep  something  within,  guided  me  consistently,     insis(ng  that  I  somehow  rise  up  through  the  life-­‐long   barrage  of  opinions,    judgments,  habits,  reflec(ons,   thoughts  and  emo(ons    (mine  and  other’s)    used  to  de-­‐ fine  and  describe  me,  and  dive  deeper  into  my  own  un-­‐ derstanding  and  self  realiza(on.

A Freed Soul Emerges My mind demands My heart aches My mind debates My heart surrenders My mind relives the future and past My heart longs for the present My soul awaits the end of this war I inquire within And Soul answers -­‐Andrea Becky  2002  

This coincided  with  a  (me  I  was  encouraged  to  write  a  book  about  what  I  have  learned  along  the  way  about  the   health,  healing  and  the  spiritual  journey  of  my  life.    I  started  the  book  out  of  a  deep  driving  desire  to  share  my   experiences,  and  also  because  I  had  come  to  know  wri(ng  to  be  very  therapeu(c.    I  was  inexperienced  with  com-­‐ puters  but  used  my  new  computer  to  write.    About  one  third  of  my  book  blueprint  was  finally  developed  and   suddenly,  with  no  apparent  reason,  my  computer  crashed.  All  my  files  became  encrypted.    Not  even  un-­‐ encryp(ng  experts  in  Washington  D.C.  could  recover  them.    I  took  it  as  a  sign…and  it  was…because  I  was  about   to  go  through  a  ten  year  period  of  intense  personal,  professional  and  spiritual  growth  that  would  drama(cally   influence  the  style  and  content  of  the  book.    I  didn’t  know  that  then,  but  as  I  look  back,  those  ten  years  were   about  life  lessons  and  removal  of  the  thoughts,  beliefs  and  habits  that  had  become  obstacles  in  the  way  of  my   life’s  purpose.     I  began  many  self-­‐help  prac(ces  that  supported  my  quest  to  break  through  what  I  came  to  know  as  denial.    This   haunted  me…How  can  I  know  what  I  don’t  know?  And,  if  I  am  denying  it,  it  must  be  really  bad!  That  was  the   thought  that  kept  me  trapped  in  the  emo(ons  of  inadequacy  and  non  deservingness.    The  irony,  as  it  turned  out,   was  my  denial  was  of  my  own  unique  and  loving  heart,  will  and  soul.    The  ul(mate  learning  experience  was  that   what  I  desired  was  not  outside  me,  but  within.  Of  course,  I  had  heard  this  over  and  over,  but  this  (me,  I  decided   to  “scien(fically”  determine  if  it  was  really  true.    I  began  going  within  first  for  every  answer  I  sought.    I  used  medi-­‐ ta(on  and  journaling  sessions  to  “bypass”  my  condi(oned  reac(ve  thoughts  and  beliefs.     This  is  how: 37

A primary  tool  was  to  regularly  use  a  medita(on  to  redirect  my  aFen(on.    I  called  it  the  CIA  process  (Check  In   and  Ask).  It  is  simple.    Begin  with  a  deep  breath,  close  the  eyes  and  allow  aFen(on  to  go  inward.    No(ce  where   aFen(on  goes  and  breathe  into  that  area  to  sooth  and  heal  and  raise  awareness  there.      Then  begin  the  process   of  self-­‐inquiry  or  “self  interview”  with  “What’s  up  with  you  right  now?”  and  then…Listen…When  complete,  open   the  eyes  and  journal  the  informa(on  and  experience.   This  is  what  I  learned: •  

Where my  aFen(on  would  go  needed  healing  on  some  level  –  hence  breathing  healing  energy  there.

“Inside”  really  means  –not  of  the  mind-­‐but  hearLelt  sense  of  truth-­‐the  ul(mate  advisor

To differen(ate  between  the  chaFer.  thoughts,  beliefs  and  yearning  emo(ons  and  the  pure  urging  of  Spirit

To feel  the  undeniable  connec(on  to  all  things  from  within.

To my  surprise,  my  journaling  went  on  the  page  as  poetry.

To summarize  the  overall  learning  that  now  shapes  my  thinking,  beliefs,  emo(ons  and  ac(ons:

Never Alone Insidious cultural and social conditioning controlled the reins of my life. The team was so well trained that the slightest tug would change their course and gait. With no consciousness of leaving my desired path, I simply rode along, feeling alone. Protesting at times, but ultimately giving up while trying to find a place for the hypnotic rules and beliefs. I noticed myself reluctantly surrendering to the authoritative, heartless and thoughtless societal cues, and never feeling quite right about it. All the time the Divine Mother/Father rode with me. I did not realize they were constantly at my side, present and gently waiting for an opening in my awareness. Surely, and little by little, making space in my consciousness for the understanding of their messages of Loving Light, Grace and Truth.

That awareness is what guides me now. -­‐Andrea Becky  2010   Poems  from:  Poems  from  the  Edge  of  a  New  Reality  by  Andrea  Becky  Hanson  (2012)


Love is  in  the  Air  &  In   “ A d re a m w h i c h i s n o t i n t e r p re t e d i s l i k e a l e t t e r w h i c h i s n o t re a d . . . ” -T h e Ta lm u d Welcome  to  Wellness  Women  40  and  Beyond.  I   am  Kathleen  O’Keefe-­‐Kanavos-­‐your  Dream   Queen.  My  Life  Purpose  is  to  help  you  Dream   Your  Life  to  Wellness  by: •    Using  6  Easy  Steps  to  Remember  Your    Dreams •    IdenAfying  the  7  Categories  of  Dreams.   In  each  publicaTon  we  will  explore  how  to  find   the  golden  messages  and  pearls  of  wisdom  in  the   secret  world  of  sleep.    Each  addiTonal  publicaTon   will  take  you  deeper  and  deeper  into  the  dream   realm  as  we  interpret  your  best  dreams  and   worst  nightmares  using  the  six  steps  to  remem-­‐ ber  your  dreams  and  the  seven  categories  of   dreams.  This  will  help  you  become  proficient  at   dream  journaling,  dream  tracking  from  your  jour-­‐ nals  and  understanding  your  own  dream  lan-­‐ guage  to  live  a  healthier,  happier  and  more  fulfill-­‐ ing  life.  Here  are  the  two  techniques  we  will  use   to  help  you  understand  your  dreams:  

6 Easy  Steps  to  Remember  Your  Dreams •    Verbally  voice  an  intenTon  to  remember   dreams  before  you  sleep.   •    Keep  a  notebook  and  pencil  beside  your  bed  to   write  down  your  dreams.   •    Describe  your  feelings  when  you  first  awaken.

•  If  you  think  about  a  deceased  family  member   when  you  awaken,  write  down  their  name. •    Give  your  dream  a  Ttle,  even  if  it’s  The  Dream  I   Don’t  Remember,  then  Categorize  it.   •    Trust  but  validate.  ValidaTon  will  present  itself   and  help  you  remember  a  dream.  

7 Categories  of  Dreams  that  Ogen   Overlap:   •    Daydreams-­‐  you  are  awake  but  not  focused  on   a  task,   •    Epic-­‐  entertaining  storybook  you  pick  up  and   conTnue  nightly  while  asleep •    Lucid-­‐you  know  you  are  dreaming  and  can  con-­‐ trol  the  outcome •    Nightmares-­‐who  can  forget  that  informaTon!   •    Recurring-­‐because  you  didn’t  “get  it”  the  first   Tme  or  solve  the  problem   •    Healing-­‐emoTonal  or  physical  informaTon   •    PropheTc-­‐comes  true  and  can  be  validated  by   scienTfic  tests  or  life  events I  survived  three  breast  cancers.    My  female  intui-­‐ Ton  and  inner  guidance  imparted  through   dreams  and  prayers  encouraged  me  to  self-­‐ 39

advocate a  course  of  cancer  tesTng,  treatment  and   healing,  ogen  against  hospital  policy  and  the  ad-­‐ vice  of  my  doctors.  My  dreams  were  the  answers   to  my  prayers.  I  followed  my  dreams  and  survived   cancer  and  the  treatments.  That  is  as  lucky  as  win-­‐ ning  the  lorery  three  Tmes  in  a  row.  Luck  had  lit-­‐ tle  to  do  with  it.  Divine  intervenTon  did.  This  in-­‐ ner  guidance  through  dreams  and  prayers  showed   that  science  goes  so  far,  and  then  comes  God.  I  al-­‐ ways  worked  with  my  doctors,  but  never  forgot  to   self-­‐advocate  and  make  the  final  decisions  concern-­‐ ing  my  life. Dream  therapy  was  part  of  my  IntegraTve   Medicine  which  combined  modern  scienTfic  treat-­‐ ments  like  surgery,  chemotherapy  and  radiaTon   with  complementary  therapies  such  as  dream,   meditaTon  and  prayer.  We  are  far  more  than  id,   ego  and  super  ego.  We  are  spirit  beings  inhabiTng   a  physical  body  that  is  experiencing  life.  Dreams   are  doorways  that  allow  our  ET  (Eternal  Teacher   within)  to  phone  home  to  heaven  for  Devine  Guid-­‐ ance.    What  is  really  amazing  is  that  someone  on   the  other  side  always  answers  the  phone.  The   statement,  “Ask  and  you  will  receive”  are  more   than  words  of  comfort.  They  are  words  of  truth.     When  we  are  in  crisis,  the  doorway  to  dreams  be-­‐ comes  very  acTve.  We  all  have  Guardian  Angels.   We  are  their  job  and  they  take  that  job  seriously.   ConnecTng  to  and  treaTng  our  spirit  through   dreams  can  transform  our  physical,  emoTonal,  and   spiritual  lives.  People  living  with  chronic  or  life-­‐ threatening  illness  can  use  their  dreams  in  concert   with  medical  treatment  and  meditaTon  to  allevi-­‐ ate  stress;  reduce  pain,  anxiety,  and  other  physical   and  emoTonal  symptoms;  and  enhance  their  qual-­‐ ity  of  life.   My  column  will  teach  and  show  you  how  to  use   your  dreams  to  heal  yourself  and  your  doctors,  es-­‐ pecially  during  current  Tmes  of  extreme  change  in  

the medical  industry,  so  you  can  live  a  happier,   healthier,  more  producTve  and  spiritually  fulfilled   life. Dream  worlds  are  unique  to  the  dreamer.  What   frightens  one  dreamer  may  enlighten  another.  A   large  snake  in  a  dream  may  scare  someone  with  a   fear  of  snakes  but  to  another  it  may  be  the  Kundal-­‐ ini-­‐  the  ulTmate  rising  spiritual  wisdom.    Being  bit-­‐ ten  by  a  snake  can  mean  you  are  injected  with  wis-­‐ dom  in  one  dream  or  poisoned  by  someone  in   your  life  in  another.  Therefore,  dream  dicTonaries   based  on  universal  archetypes  are  helpful,  but  lim-­‐ iTng.  As  a  dreamer  becomes  more  tuned  into  their   inner-­‐guidance,  they  will  learn  their  own  dream   language.  Opening  the  lines  of  communicaTon   with  your  Inner-­‐selves  and  Inner-­‐guidance/ Guardian  Angels  will  help  you  stand  in  your  power   and  speak  your  truth  in  the  face  of  adversity  be-­‐ cause  you  will  have  the  confidence  that  comes   from  knowing  that  you  have  an  army  of  angels   standing  behind  you.    You  are  never  alone!   Today  we  will  explore  the  waking  dream-­‐world  of   Daydreams  and  interpret  true  examples.  How   many  of  you  remember  your  mother,  teacher  or   friends  telling  you  to  stop  day-­‐dreaming  and  get  to   work.  Perhaps  you  were  working,  in  another  di-­‐ mension.  Daydreams  can  be  a  profound  source  of   Devine  informaTon  for  people  who  are  sTll  work-­‐ ing  on  remembering  their  dreams.    A  daydream   can  trigger  the  memory  of  a  nighmme  dream  filled   with  pearls  of  wisdom  that  are  answers  to  prayers.  Everything  that  is  alive  dreams.    A  precious  fetus   in  its  mother’s  womb  displays  REM  (Rapid  Eye   Movement)  on  Ultra  Sound  technology  at  fourteen   weeks  of  life.  The  eyes  move  back  and  forth  as  it   tracks  what  it  is  watching.  This  begs  the  quesTon   “Is  it  watching  the  angels  fly?”  Just  thinking  about   that  may  start  your  daydream.   40

Daydreams happen  when  we  relax  our  mind,   which  allows  informaTon  to  slip  in.  It  is  a  form  of   free-­‐floaTng  meditaTon.  This  can  happen  while  do-­‐ ing  any  mundane  or  habitual  acTvity  like  folding   clothing,  taking  a  shower,  waiTng  in  line  at  the   store,  or  staring  at  your  computer  wondering  what   to  type  next.    STll  you  mind,  listen,  write  down   your  daydreams  and  then  look  for  your  golden  se-­‐ cret  message  or  your  pearls  of  wisdom.     Dear  Dream  Queen, I  have  a  difficult  Tme  remembering  my  dreams  but   I  do  know  that  I  do  dream.  I  am  working  on  re-­‐ membering  them.  I  daydream  a  lot  and  ogen  find   that  when  I’m  daydreaming  my  ears  will  start  ring-­‐ ing  and  Tngling.  SomeTmes  I  will  even  see  shad-­‐ ows  in  my  peripheral  vision.  What  does  this  mean? Linda Dear  Linda, I  applaud  you  for  sharing  your  daydream  experi-­‐ ence  with  us.  Few  people  are  aware  of  the  impor-­‐

tance of  “ringing  ears”  and  daydreams.  You  are  ex-­‐ periencing  an  aura  shig  which  ogen  happens   when  you  open  the  doors  to  guidance.  You  vibrate   at  a  higher  frequency  so  that  the  informaTon  can   be  collected-­‐  much  like  tuning  into  a  radio  staTon’s   frequency.  Inner  frequency  changes  are  an  impor-­‐ tant  part  of  Inner-­‐Guidance.  You  are  on  the  right   road  to  remembering  your  dreams  and  using  the   informaTon  to  live  a  more  fulfilled  life.    What  you   are  seeing  in  your  peripheral  vision  is  that  which  is   on  the  periphery  of  existence-­‐  perhaps  your   Guardian  Angel,  because  your  angel  is  also  on  a  dif-­‐ ferent  frequency.  Your  guides  are  working  hard  to   open  the  phone  lines  to  your  Inner  ET  (Eternal   Teacher)  who  is  phoning  home.  I  think  you  will   start  to  remember  your  dreams  and  collect  your   golden  secret  messages  very  soon.  Let  your  day-­‐ dreams  guide  you  to  the  doors  of  the  dream  world   that  are  now  opening  and  use  your  daydreams  to   learn  your  personal  dream  language.   Tune  in  next  Tme  when  we’ll  discuss  nightmares,   our  blessings  in  disguise.


A Whole  New  You!

Small pHresh  changes  can  make  a  big  difference   in  your  energy,  and  performance,  digesTon,  and   eliminaTon,  sleep,  parerns  and  weight   management.    We  invite  you  to  explore  new   pHresh  changes  that  you  will  love,  that  are  berer   for  you,  and  taste  delicious.

Green Organics International

Click here  for  more  informaTon  (  hrp:// 41

DetoxificaCon with  Green   Smoothies   By  Ramona  Fasula Because   of   their   high   chlorophyll   content,   green   leafy   vegetables   are   perfect   for   detoxificaTon.   They  detoxify  the  lymph,  blood,  and  liver.      What   berer   way   to   enjoy   them,   then   with   a   delicious   green  smoothie?    Fortunately,  there  are  many  va-­‐ rieTes   of   green   leafy   vegetables,   so   you’ll   never   be   bored.     Green   leafy   vegetables   encompass   everything   from   kale   to   collards,   the   enTre   let-­‐ tuce   family,   and   a   variety   of   herbs   like   parsley   and   cilantro.     If   you   have   an   aversion   to   the   taste   of   greens,   the   sweet   fruits   in   a   green   smoothie   will  mask  the  taste.   Here  are  my  Top  5  green  detox  foods,  along  with   an  explanaTon  of  why  they  are  great  detox  foods,   and  some  yummy  green  smoothie  recipes.  Enjoy!   1.    Watercress-­‐  This  is  a  good  skin  detox.  It’s  rich   in  sulfur,  which  aids  protein  absorpTon,  blood  pu-­‐ rificaTon,  and  cell  building,  and  promotes  healthy   skin  and  hair.

2.   Mustard   Greens-­‐The   anToxidant   beta-­‐ carotene  and  vitamins  C  and  K  help  neutralize  tox-­‐ ins   and   remove   them   from   the   body,   providing   effecTve  detox  support. 3.     Arugula-­‐Sulphurous   chemicals   in   arugula   sTmulate   circulaTon,   strengthen   the   liver,   and   have  mild  diureTc  and  laxaTve  properTes. 4.    Dandelion-­‐It  can  be  used  as  a  diureTc  and  liver   cleanser.   It   helps   clear   inflammaTon   and   conges-­‐ Ton  of  the  liver  and  gallbladder.  It’s  also  a  natural   source   of   potassium,   which   makes   it   a   safe   and   gentle  diureTc. 5.    Chicory-­‐It  is  a  natural  diureTc  and  mildly  laxa-­‐ Tve.  As  a  good  source  of  dietary  fiber,  it  helps  re-­‐ move   toxins   from   the   blood   and   Tssues.   It   is   a   natural   diureTc   and   mild   laxaTve.   As   a   good   source   of   dietary   fiber,   it   helps   remove   toxins   from  the  blood  and  Tssues.

Mediterranean Green  


Cleanse your  Body  with   Sweet  Citrus

2 cups  arugula

3 cups  dandelion  greens

3 stalks  celery,  with  leaves

1 pint  strawberries

4-­‐5 medium  size  ripe  tomatoes

2 ripe  bananas

1 avocado

1 sprig  mint

2 cups  pineapple,  peeled  and   cored

½ cup  basil

2 cups  water

1 orange,  peeled

Juice of  1  lemon

Yields 2  Quarts

2 apples,  peeled  and  cored

1 cup  watercress

½ jalapeno  pepper

½ inch  ginger,  peeled

2 cups  water

2 cups  purified  water  

Yields 2  quarts   42

Featured Wellness Woman Cynthia Rowland Best-­‐Selling  Author,  Natural  Beauty  &  AnT-­‐ Aging  Expert,  Author,  Speaker,  Television   Personality  &  Wellness  Woman "When  you  realize  you  are  living    a  life  that   holds  you  back,  that  to  me  is  the  reason  for   geang  rid  of  toxic  environment" Have  you  ever  met  someone  that  you  felt  you   have  known  for  a  very  long  Tme  ager  talking  with   them  for  only  five  minutes?    That  is  the  feeling  I   had  when  I  first  met  Cynthia  Rowland.    We  had  a   phone  meeTng  scheduled  at  the  Tme  I  was  work-­‐ ing  at  the  local  coffee  shop.    It  was  so  loud  in  the   coffee  shop;    I  had  to  go  outside  to  speak  with   Cynthia.    For  the  next  hour  I  was  standing  at  the   coffee  shop's  corner  laughing  and  talking  to   Cynthia.    What  a  joy  it  was  to  speak  with  such  a   wise  and  joyful  woman  who  truly  loves  women.     Cynthia  is  an  expert  in  facial  exercise  who  has   transformed  the  lives  of  thousands  of  women.   Cynthia's  products  and  services  helps  faces  look   younger  without  plasTc  surgery.    It  is  evident  that   what  Cynthia  does  is  her  passion.  She  once  suf-­‐ fered  from  feeling  bad  about  how  the  aging   process  was  affecTng  the  way  she  looked.   Cynthia  not  only  decided  to  do  something  holisT-­‐ cally  and  natural  about  it  ,  she  decided  to  help   other  women  learn  what  she  had  learned.     Cynthia  has  that  quintessenTal  spirit  that  arracts   to  herself  women  and  all  people.    You  just  want   to  stay  around  to  see  what  she  says  next;  that  is  

how I  felt  the  first  Tme  I  talked  to  her  while  stand-­‐ ing  on  a  corner  of  a  coffee  shop,  in  the  middle  of   the  day,  laughing  and  thanking  God  for  the  crea-­‐ Ton  of  such  a  wonderful  person.  

Why do  you  think  it  is  important  for   Women  to  detoxify  their  lives?   Imagine  how  dreadful  life  is  once  you  know  your   life  is  toxic.  When  you  realize  you  are  living  a  life   that  holds  you  back,  that  to  me  is  the  reason  for   gemng  rid  of  a  toxic  environment.  If  we  are  not   thinking  with  a  lot  of  love  in  our  hearts;  we  can   produce  toxic  relaTonships  with    people  around   us  .  Women  who  don’t  think  highly  of  themselves   begin  to  use  things  that  are  not  natural  to  feel  


berer about  themselves;  they  too  are  living  a  toxic   life.  

a wonderful  hope  for  women  who  need  assistance   or  help  to  make  them  spur  onward.

You have  to  make  a  decision  to  be  on  another  path-­‐ way,  “be  ye  transformed  by  the  renewing  of  your   mind”.    Some  women  feel  they  aren’t  looking  good   any  more  and  feel  that  they  need  to  make  a   change  in  their  lives;  that's  the  beginning  of  an  im-­‐ portant  transformaTon.    A  woman  may  not  like   the  way  her  life  is,  or  perhaps  her  weight,  her  fa-­‐ cial  beauty,  her  relaTonship  or  her  career.    Once   we  figure  this  out,  once  we  realize  this  is  not  who   we  are  or  who  we  want  to  be,  we  well  being  to   make  the  transformaTon.    Some  days  I  don’t  feel   like  exercising.  I  am  basically  a  slug  on  the  couch   (laughing),  but  then  I  get  to  thinking  and  I  have  to   push  myself  off  that  couch.  I  have  to  push  myself   to  be  the  best  that  I  can  be.    Taking  the  step  to   transform  and  detoxify  your  life  is  not  easy.    That  is   not  the  way  life  works…you  have  to  keep  pushing.  

What  areas  have  you  considered  when   it  came  to  detoxifying  your  life?

If we  give  up,  if  we  stop  pushing  we  will  miss  that   opportunity  to  be  even  berer  than  we  were  be-­‐ fore.    That  next  fitness  rouTne,  that  next  career   just  might  be  the  answer  to  what  you  need  to  do   to  be  happy.    What  a  wonderful  opportunity  to   love  yourself  to  make  the  changes  to  be  that  per-­‐ son  that  you  really  want  to  be.  For  me  it  is  all   about  the  face.    You  can  look  at  women  and  see   what  is  happening  in  their  life  just  by  looking  at   the  face.    Looking  at  the  face  is  the  most  wonder-­‐ ful  way  to  communicate,  That  is  why  I  like  working   with  the  face.    It  is  a  great  opportunity  to  help  a   woman  to  feel  berer  about  themselves.  The   beauty  of  working  with  Facial  Magic  (her  facial  ex-­‐ ercise  product)  is  we  see  the  transformaTon  of  the   face.    Women  start  feeling  berer  about  them-­‐ selves.    TransformaTon  –  just  the  word  gives  such  

I  am  kind  of  always  under  the  self  examinaTon  mi-­‐ croscope.  My  whole  life  I  have  had  the  oldest  child   syndrome  and  have  wanted  to  be  the  very  best  at   everything  I  have  ever  done.  I  have  always  wanted   to  step  out  and  see  the  beauty  of  Christ  within.     That  is  where    my  need  for  transformaTon  begins.   On  a  daily  basis  I  read  my  bible,  use  my  affirma-­‐ Tons,  keep  my  mind  in  a  certain  way  so  that  the   need  to  be  the  very  best  doesn’t  cause  me  stress,   it  doesn’t  impact  my  mind.    I  keep  my  mind  stayed   on  posiTveness,  to  arain  success  in  every  area  of   my  life.    I  keep  my    smile  going  from  the  inside  out.  

What do  you  do  to  help  women  detoxify   and  change  their  lives? I  give  them  an  avenue  that  they  can  take  to  begin   to  work  with  their  faces  .If  they  like  what  they  see   in  the  mirror  it  has  a  transforming  impact  on  the   rest  of  their  body.  I  give  them  a  way  to  detoxify   how  they  feel  about  themselves.    I  can  arest  to   what  it  felt  like  to  have  a  double  chin  and  sagging   eyes.  It  didn’t  feel  good.    I  help  women  with  the   transformaTon  of  helping  to  look  younger  and  ulT-­‐ mately  feel  younger  than  they  have  in  years.  

What does  detoxificaTon  have  to  do   with  wellness  of  the  mind,  body  and   spirit? Everything  begins  with  the  mind.  If  somebody  has   a  toxic  thought  or  their  environment  is  no  longer   healthy  it  can  cause  illness,  disease  and  general   44

overall feelings  of  being  unwell.    It  helps  the  mind,   body  and  spirit  to  become  whole  again  if  you  re-­‐ move  toxicity.    If  we  can  change  our  toxic  thoughts   and  our  toxic  thought  parerns,  posiTve  things   (health)  will  manifest,  healing  can  occur  because   the  thoughts  have  changed.    Mind,  body  spirit  con-­‐ necTon  is  so  important.    To  improve  that  connec-­‐ Ton  I  like  to  read  the  bible,  every  Tme  I  read  the   bible,  I  get  a  new  message.  I  like  being  around  peo-­‐ ple  who  are  like  minded.    Really,  that  is  why  I  love   to  go  to  church.    My  church  teaches  us  how  to   change  our  mind  and  keep  our  mind  on  a  certain   pathway.    I  don’t  like  to  use  words  that  are  harm-­‐ ful..,  works  that  can  harm  the  spirit.    Words  are   powerful.    I  believe  we  should  take  the  teachings   of  Jesus  and  apply  them  to  our  everyday  lives.   That  is  they  best  way  to  detoxify  our  spirit,  which   is  the  first  step  to  well  in  our  mind  and  our  body.    

What kind  of  toxicity  have  you  removed   from  your  life?  How  did  removing  this   toxicity  change  your  life? I  have  learned  to  remove  negaTve  thoughts.  Nega-­‐ Tve  thoughts  are  the  most  toxic  thing  you  can   have  in  your  life.    Thinking  in  a  negaTve  way  cre-­‐ ates  a  toxic  environment.    Usually  negaTvity  is  be-­‐ cause  of  fear.    Ager  all  FEAR  is  false,  evidence,  ap-­‐ pearing  real.    You  have  to  rely  on  your  prayer  life;   that  is  how  it  has  worked  for  me.    As  long  as  I  keep   my  mind  directed  in  the  right  way  there  is  less   room  for  toxicity  to  pop  up.  I  keep  my  mind  staid   in  a  certain  way…on  things  that  are  beauTful,   pure,  and  lovely  things  like  it  says  in  the  bible.  

(She laughs  and  I  can  feel  her  smile)    A  Wellness   Woman  is  one  who  loves  life  and  lives  it  to  fullest,   being  thankful  for  the  her  daily  manna!   Cynthia  Rowland  is  a  best-­‐selling  author  and   widely  recognized  natural  beauty  and  anA-­‐aging   expert.    As  founder  and  president  of  Cynthia  Row-­‐ land  Beauty  Systems,  a  company  dedicated  to  pro-­‐ viding  highly  effecAve  anA-­‐aging  products  to   women  and  men,  Rowland  developed  Facial   Magic,  a  program  with  a  series  of  isometric  move-­‐ ments,  "fitness  for  the  face,"  that  has  sold  over   1,000,000  DVDs  world-­‐wide.  Her  Luscious  Lips  lip   pump  is  a  natural  lip  plumper  in  the  form  of  a  red,   hand-­‐held  device  that  employs  the  use  of  a  vac-­‐ uum  to  naturally  create  the  fuller  lips.  Rowland   and  her  Facial  Magic  and  Luscious  Lips  are  a   proven  hit  with  the  health  and  beauty  media  and   TV  shows  like  The  View,  The  Doctors,  The  Today   Show  and  Rachel  Ray.    This  author,  speaker  and   television  personality  is  leading  the  crusade  to  help   women  and  men  look  vibrantly  young  through   natural,  non-­‐invasive  techniques.    Cynthia  is  the   host  and  founder  of  The  Ageless  Sisters  blog  talk   radio  show  and  author  of  the  Amazon  Best  Seller,   "The  Magic  of  Facial  Exercise."  Her  new  book  will   publish  in  the  summer  of  2014. “The  Magic  of  Facial  Exercise”  Order  Here:   hrp://­‐Facial-­‐Exercise-­‐Cy nthia-­‐Rowland/dp/0578046695 Website  :

What is  your  definiTon  of  a  Wellness   Woman.  


By Karen  Wells,  M.Div Poison.   Ogen   it   is   ingested   or   absorbed   without   an   individual   even   being   aware   that   it   is   lurking   in   their   body.  It  can  mimic  other  illnesses  and  is  not  always  quick  and  easy  to  diagnose. So  it  is  with  the  poisonous  effect  of  a  past  trauma  that  has  not  been  healed. I  work  with  women  who  have  experienced  childhood  sexual  abuse,  ager  aborTon  distress,  or  some  form   of  relaTonal  abuse.  I  have  seen  how  unhealed  trauma  spreads  toxins  to  the  heart,  mind,  and  soul  of  a   woman.  If  leg  untreated,  she  will  eventually  sense  areas  of  her  life  that  seem  to  have  died. I  will  share  seven  kinds  of  poison  that  may  be  lurking  in  your  life,  and  then  suggest  an  anTdote  you  can   administer  to  find  healing  and  hope.

1. THE  POISON  OF  DENIAL:   Although   you   know   you've   experienced   a   trauma,   you   can   sTll   be   living   in   denial.   I   am   talking   about   you   denying  the  impact  of  that  actual  experience.  You  can’t  heal  what  you  don’t  acknowledge.  Denial  might   keep   you   numb,  but  it  doesn’t  eliminate  the  pain.    

ANTIDOTE: Be   honest   with   yourself   about   what   your   story   has   done   to   your   life.   Find   the  courage  to  begin  walking  through  its  impact.  Talk  to  some-­‐ one  and  find  the  support  you  need  to  begin  acknowledging   your  past.  

2. THE  POISON  OF  THE  FEAR  OF  FEELINGS:   If  you  do  not  understand  your  emoTons,  you  can  easily  be   46

afraid of  them.  Two  common  outcomes  of  this  poi-­‐ son   can   be   that   you   either   become   an   angry   woman,   or   you   become   a   depressed   woman.   You   tend   to   borle   up,   stuff,   push   down,   or   sweep   your   emoTons   under   the   proverbial   rug.   Or   you   ex-­‐ plode.   The   outcome   is   that   your   emoTons   own   you,  instead  of  you  owning  your  emoTons.


components of   grief,   she   can   get   stuck   in   one   or   more   aspects   of   it,   and   not   move   forward   in   her   healing.   She   can   undoubtedly   find   herself   in   the   deep  pit  of  denial,  guilt,  anger,  or  depression.

ANTIDOTE: Normalize   grief,   yet   be   aware   how   you   are   re-­‐ sponding  in  each  component.  DisTnguish  between   the  grieving  process  and  living  as  a  vicTm.

Recognize that  feelings  are  neither  good  nor  bad.   They  just  are.  Learn  to  pinpoint  what  the  meaning   5.  THE  POISON  OF  FALSE  BELIEFS:   of   any   given   emoTon   is   for   you.   Then   deal   with   What  you  think,  and  how  you  interpret  your  experi-­‐ that   meaning.   The   key   to   not   fearing   your   emo-­‐ ences,   determines   your   belief   systems.   Unhealed   Tons   is   to   name   them,   feel   them,   and   then   let   trauma  has  a  great  potenTal  to  poison  the  mind.  It   them  go.   aracks   your   belief   of   God’s   love,   your   belief   of   self-­‐worth,   and   your   ability   to   discern   truth   from    3.  THE  POISON  OF  SECONDARY  LOSS:   lies. There  is  no  doubt  that  trauma  creates  loss.  The  pri-­‐ mary   loss   is   evident,   yet   a   woman   may   not   con-­‐ ANTIDOTE:   nect  the  secondary  losses  of  her  story  and  wonder   All   of   your   life   behaviors   flow   from   what   you   be-­‐ why  she  keeps  messing  up  in  life.  She  may  experi-­‐ lieve.   So   it   is   imperaTve   that   you   know   what   you   ence   the   secondary   loss   of   low   self-­‐worth,   the   in-­‐ believe  and  that  you  know  whether  the  belief  is  a   ability   to   trust,   the   refusal   to   hope,   the   lack   of   truth  or  a  lie.  Learn  and  pracTce  God’s  Word  in  or-­‐ desire   to   live   moTvated,   or   the   absence   of   the   der   to   transform   your   mind   and   challenge   any   courage  to  risk.     faulty  beliefs.



Sincerely search   out   what   your   losses   are.   Deter-­‐ Unforgiveness  is  one  of  the  most  powerful  venoms   mine  what  these  losses  have  stolen  and  then  evalu-­‐ running   through   the   human   heart.   It   kills,   steals,   ate   how   you   are   direcTng   your   life   because   of   it.     and  destroys. As  you  heal  you  will  begin  to  see  that  some  of  your   losses   can   be   regained   and   you   will   find   hope   in   ANTIDOTE:   your  life. Forgive.  This  is  not  a  feeling,  this  is  a  choice.  Jesus   4.  THE  POISON  OF  “STUCKNESS”:   is   our   greatest   example   of   the   power   of   forgive-­‐ ness.  Free  yourself  from  the  deadly  snare  of  birer-­‐ With   every   loss   there   is   a   grieving   process.   If   a   ness,  hate,  and  revenge. woman   does   not   have   an   understanding   of   the   47

Life is  messy.  It  has  its  hurts,  pains,  and  struggles.   We  cannot  always  be  in  control  of  everything  that   RuminaTng,   quesToning,   and   regremng   are   al-­‐ comes  into  it,  but  with  God’s  guidance,  we  can  in-­‐ most   always   connected   to   the   unwillingness   to   fluence   how   we   will   let   it   impact   us.   Make   a   deci-­‐ move  out  of  the  past. sion  today  to  be  poison  free!


ANTIDOTE: Anchor the   new   healthy   you   into   the   “here   and   now”.   Learn   from   the   past   and   dream   for   the   fu-­‐ ture,  but  live  in  the  present.




DeCharge Your  Stress  and  Strain “We  have  all  a  beTer  guide  in  ourselves,  if  we  would  aTend  to  it,  than  any  other  person  can  be.”   By  Alx  UMerman

-­‐Jane Austen

How many  of  us  really  need  a  good  spring  clean-­‐ ing  in  our  inner  houses  of  stress,  anxiety,  burn-­‐ out,  emoTonal  dramas  and/or  professional   challenges?      How  about  if  that  spring  cleaning   could  happen  every  day,  rather  than  just  once  a   year? Our  inner  guide  is  our  best  healer

• trouble sleeping  at  night • lack  of  appeTte,  or  a  desire  to  eat  compulsively • agitated  thinking/  the  syndrome  of  ‘taking  our   work  home’   • faTgue   • feelings  of  burn-­‐out • generalized  anger,  frustraTon,  irritaTon   • depression,  anxiety,  addicTve  tendencies

Each of  us  has  the  most  profound  healing   resource  available  –  our  inner  self!  Mostly  we  for-­‐ get  to  access  that  inner  healer,  distracted  by  our   daily  pace  of  work,  relaTonships,  acTviTes,  &  just   plain  living.    

What we  don’t  realize  is  hurTng  us

The general  consensus  is  that  these  symptoms   are  ‘normal’  –  ie,  just  part  of  life.  

In fact,  many  people  live  in  stressful  situaTons  so   constantly  that  it’s  easy  to  assume  that  this  IS  liv-­‐ ing  -­‐  that  our  symptoms  of  stress  and  strain  are   just  part  of  life’s  normalcy.    

Guess what?    They’re  NOT!    

In actuality,  these  symptoms  are  our  system’s  way   of  telling  us,  loudly,  that  we’ve  taken  on  too   much  energy  from  others  –  it’s  really  foreign   energy,  an  overlay  onto  our  own  systems,  like   how  bareries  can  hold  a  posiTve  or  negaTve   charge.    

We don’t  have  to  inhabit  an  inner  stress  house  at   all 

Through each  interacTon  with  other  people,  each   challenging  situaTon,  each  Tme  we  help  another   person  (maybe  just  by  listening  hear•ully  to   someone’s  troubles),  we  are  taking  on  a  layer,  a   small  percentage,  of  their  stress  &  strain…  and   this  adds  up.    

I would  offer  that  in  fact,  energeTcally,  each  of  us   is  a  semi-­‐permeable  membrane,  constantly  ab-­‐ sorbing  the  stress  and  strain  from  others  around   us  –  whether  we  are  consciously  aware  of  this  dy-­‐ namic  or  not.  

By the  average  working  day’s  end,  most  people   are  Tred:  mentally,  physically,  emoTonally.  

Especially for  those  in  the  helping  professions,   from  medical  to  EMT,  healers  of  all  types,  school   teachers,  social  workers,  therapists  or  counselors   –  if  we’re  interacTng  with  others  in  an  open-­‐ hearted  way,  we’re  actually  absorbing  MORE   stress  &  strain.  

Common symptoms  include:   • physical  aches  &  pains,  especially  headaches,   Tght  muscles,  &  itching/burning  eyes

We desperately  need  to  decharge  that  energy.    


Simple soluTon:  learning  to  decharge  stress/ strain
 Decharging  is  one  of  the  most  simple,  re-­‐ energizing,  &  relieving  tools  I  learned  during  my   spiritual  training  in  India.  It’s  ridiculously  easy,  ef-­‐ fecTve,  and  should  be  done  every  day  –  akin  to   brushing  one’s  teeth  daily,  so  that  the  plaque   doesn’t  build  up,  creaTng  disease  &  decay.  

How to  decharge While  decharging  requires  a  much  lengthier  &  nu-­‐ anced  discussion  than  a  few  hundred  words  per-­‐ mits,  here’s  the  thumbnail  version: 1.  Scan  yourself  –  see  how  you’re  feeling  physi-­‐ cally,  emoTonally,  energeTcally.  Is  there  any  pain,   or  discomfort?    What’s  your  level  of  emoTonal   calmness?  NoTce  the  symptoms  that  tell  you  de-­‐ charging  is  indicated.   2.    Using  the  Earth  element  to  decharge…  take   the  bloom  part  of  a  fresh  flower  (any  kind,  roses   are  best)  &  hold  it  in  your  hand.    (Or  use  two  flow-­‐ ers,  one  in  each  hand.) 3.  Use  the  following  simple  two-­‐step  process  to   decharge:   1st  Step   Offer  a  prayer  of  graTtude  to  the  divine  (however   you  call  it:  Nature,  Jesus,  God,  Buddha,  Mother,   Great  Spirit,  Universe,  Higher  Power…  –  the   names  don’t  marer)  like  “ Thank  you,  God,  for  cre-­‐ aAng  this  beauAful  flower  that  I’m  using.”    GraT-­‐ tude  opens  the  heart  &  lets  energy  flow.  

charging whatever  stress,  strain,  upset,  pain,   negaTvity,  I  picked  up  today…”   Then,  just  let  the  energy  flow  into  the  flower.     (Everyone’s  different  –  some  people  feel  it,  some   don’t.  Either  way,  it  works.)    
 You  don’t  have  to  keep  thinking,  “I’m  decharging,   I’m  decharging,”  –  be  relaxed.  You  can  decharge   while  driving  home  from  work,  watching  TV,  read-­‐ ing  an  email  –  it’s  okay  to  mulT-­‐task.    Your  con-­‐ sciousness  knows  you’re  decharging:  that’s   enough  for  a  successful  pracTce. Generally,  you’ll  want  to  decharge  about  10-­‐15   minutes,  or  unTl  you  feel  the  symptoms  you  no-­‐ Tced  (in  the  iniTal  self-­‐scan)  start  to  dissolve.     The  relief  of  those  symptoms  signals  that  you’ve   successfully  decharged  whatever  was  causing   them.   Discard  the  flower(s)  outside,  somewhere  on  the   ground  (maybe  behind  some  bushes)  where  no   one  else  will  be  tempted  to  pick  the  flower  up  for   a  while.    Everything  you  decharged  is  IN  that   flower  –  you  don’t  want  someone  else  to  receive   that  energy,  accidentally.   You  can  hear  more  about  decharging  techniques     (as  well  as  self-­‐healing  for  heartbreak)  through   my  interview  with  Lynnis  Woods-­‐Mullins  here:   hrp:// he

2nd Step Signal  to  your  inner  consciousness  that  you’re  de-­‐ charging  by  saying,  internally,  “Right  now,  I’m  de-­‐ 50

Ramona Fasula,  MBA,  CHC Ramona  Fasula  is  a  CerCfied  HolisCc  Health  Coach  and  owner  of  a   company  called  Wellness  by  Ramona.  Her  company  teaches  clients   the   link   between   nutriCon   and   wellness   and   how   to   use   food   as   medicine.   Focusing   on   disease   management   and   prevenCon   through   nutriConal   counseling,   healthy   cooking   classes,   meal   plan-­‐ ning,   and   pantry   makeovers,   clients   are   given   the   moCvaCon   and   empowerment  to  reach  their  health  goals  and  move  towards  a  truly   healthy  lifestyle..  With  a  host  of  various  cerCficaCons  in  the  health  and  wellness  field,  she  will   be  pursuing  a  second  master’s  degree  in  holisCc  nutriCon  in  the  near  future,  which  will  be  fol-­‐ lowed  by  a  doctorate  in  nutriCon  science.  She  is  also  a  first  Cme  author  of  “A  Health  Coach’s   Guide  to  Heart  Health”,  and  has  made  countless  appearances  on  radio  shows  throughout  the   c o u n t r y .   “A   H e a l t h   C o a c h ’ s   G u i d e   t o   H e a r t   H e a l t h ”   O r d e r   H e r e :   hHp://­‐Coachs-­‐Guide-­‐Heart-­‐Healthy/dp/1483906868   Her  website:

Elizabeth Manuel,  B.Ed.,  CACE Elizabeth   Manuel,   B.Ed.   CACE,   is   a   happiness   expert,   author,   speaker,  life  and  relaConship  coach.    Elizabeth  is  internaConally  re-­‐ nowned  for  her  genuine  humor,  warmth  and  passion  while  igniCng   posiCve  growth  in  individuals,  and  organizaCons. Elizabeth   specializes   in   educaCng,   and   mentoring   others   to   thrive,   generaCng   greater   health,   beHer   relaConships   and   increased   qual-­‐ ity  of  life.  Sharing  scienCfically  proven  principles,  which  posiCvely  impact  physical,  mental  and   emoConal   wellbeing,   Elizabeth   will   literally   teach   you   how   to   grow   a   happier   brain,   and   be-­‐ come  more  psychologically  healthy.   “Finding  Happiness”    Order  Here  :  hHp://­‐available.php Her  website: 51

Renee Wiggins,  RD.  LD. Renee   Wiggins   is   the   owner   and   operator   of   Results   By   Renee,   a   Medical   Lifestyle   Spa   with   a   mission   of   helping   women   achieve   healthier,   more   balanced   lives.   As   a   Registered   DieCCan,   Life   Skills   Coach,   CerCfied   Personal   Trainer,   and   CerCfied   Massage   Therapist,   Renee   has   been   involved   in   the   health   and   wellness   industry   for   over  twenty  years.  She  is  passionate  about  helping  women  who  are   anxious   to   discover   their   power   and   realize   their   goals,   and   has   an   excellent  track  record  of  doing  so.  Renee  designs  and  tailors  menus  and  physical  training  pro-­‐ grams  to  help  clients  who  want  to  lose  weight,  become  more  acCve,  and  enhance  their  overall   good  health. Her  Website: “Being  Fabulously  Fit”  Order  Here:  hHp://

Lisa GuloMa Lisa   GuloHa   is   a   cerCfied   cancer   exercise   specialist,   Kripalu   yoga   teacher,  ACE  cerCfied  personal  trainer  and  trained  dancer.  She  has   studied  the  impact  of  cancer  and  its  effects  on  the  body.  Drawing   on   this   knowledge   and   her   extensive   background   in   fitness,   yoga  
 and  dance,  she  has  created  a  unique  exercise  program  for  women   and  men  recovering  from  breast  cancer.  The  Next  Step  has  special   meaning   for   Lisa   as   she   has   members   of   her   family   who   have     recovered  from  breast  cancer.   “The  Next  Step”  Order  Here: Her  Website  –


Spring Cleaning  for  Midlife  Toxins By  Susan  Tolles Are  you  ready  for  some  spring  clean-­‐ ing?  Not  the  kind  where  you  clean  out   your  closet,  wash  your  windows  or   freshen  up  your  home  accessories.  I’m   talking  about  DEEP  cleaning!  Clearing   your  mind,  body  and  spirit  of  the  limit-­‐ ing  beliefs  that  are  keeping  you  from   reaching  your  full  God-­‐given  potenTal,   so  you  can  move  forward  with  a  light-­‐ ness  in  your  step  and  joy  in  your  heart. There  is  no  berer  Tme  than  today  to   begin  a  midlife  cleanse!    Begin  with  the   “top  toxins”  that  affect  most  midlife   women.

Clear out  the  GUILT  of  self-­‐care Most  of  us  have  been  condiToned  to  believe  that  we  must  put  the  needs  of  others  first,  and  that  we  can-­‐ not  follow  our  own  dreams  because  that  would  be  selfish.  With  everyone  and  everything  else  on  the  top   of  our  to-­‐do  list,  we  neglect  to  nourish  our  own  mind,  body  and  spirit.  Even  the  thought  of  gemng  a  pedi-­‐ cure  or  taking  an  agernoon  off  to  play  brings  in  a  flood  of  guilt.  Considering  a  much  larger  “gig”  like  leav-­‐ ing  an  unfulfilling  career  to  start  a  new  business  is  unthinkable! Taking  care  of  yourself  should  be  at  the  top  of  your  list,  not  the  borom.  When  you  allow  the  needs  of   others  to  deplete  your  energy  and  joy,  you  are  leg  exhausted,  resen•ul,  and  depressed.  When  you  focus   on  the  things  that  are  good  for  you,  you  will  find  greater  energy  and  paTence,  and  you  will  be  a  much   more  vibrant  person. No  one  hates  his  own  body  but  lovingly  cares  for  it,  just  as  Christ  cares  for  his  body  the  Church,  of  which   we  are  parts.  Eph  5:29  

Eliminate PERFECTIONISM Way  too  ogen,  we  compare  ourselves  to  others,  wishing  we  were  smarter,  younger,  thinner,  more  suc-­‐ cessful,  etc.  etc.  If  you  constantly  try  to  be  someone  you’re  not,  you  will  end  up  exhausted,  frustrated   and  unfulfilled.  It’s  Tme  to  let  the  “authenTc  you”  stand  out!  Yes,  it  may  be  scary  to  put  yourself  out  to   the  world  as  the  “real  you,”  but  that’s  who  the  world  really  needs.   53

Instead of  comparing  your  accomplishments  to  an-­‐ other’s,  compare  yourself  you.  Where  were  you   five  years  ago?  What  have  you  accomplished?   How  have  you  grown  personally  and  profession-­‐ ally?  What  posiTve  changes  have  you  made  in   your  life?    You  are  always  becoming  a  newer,  more   improved  version  of  yourself,  so  just  strive  to  be   the  best  YOU,  and  leave  the  comparisons  behind.   Be  grateful  for  what  you  have,  love  who  you  are,   and  don’t  dwell  on  what  you  lack.    Embracing   “good  enough”  opens  up  vast  spaces  for  greater   joy,  contentment  and  freedom  to  be  the  authenTc   self  you  were  created  to  be.   It’s  in  Christ  that  we  find  out  who  we  are  and  what   we  are  living  for.  Long  before  we  first  heard  of   Christ  and  got  our  hopes  up,  he  had  his  eye  on  us,   had  designs  on  us  for  glorious  living,  part  of  the   overall  purpose  he  is  working  out  in  everything   and  everyone.  Eph  1:11-­‐12  The  Message  (cont’d   next  page)

Wash Away  the  Fear  of  Failiure The  fear  of  failure  can  totally  sTfle  change,  keeping   you  in  neutral,  afraid  to  release  the  brake  to  begin   your  journey.  If  you  are  afraid  of  what  MIGHT  hap-­‐ pen,  or  whose  feelings  you  MIGHT  hurt,  you  will   be  so  consumed  with  worry  that  you  can’t  even   take  a  baby  step  forward. Ask  yourself  “What’s  the  worst  that  can  happen?”   If  you  fall  down,  how  long  will  it  really  take  to  re-­‐ cover?  Will  it  really  marer  a  year  from  now?  A   small  failure  will  be  just  a  blip  on  the  screen  when   you  look  back  at  your  life  five  years  from  now.   Instead  of  imagining  the  worst  outcome,  visualize   the  BEST  outcome!  Are  you  willing  to  forego  that   best  outcome  because  you  are  afraid  to  pursue  it?  

If you  let  your  fears  win,  you  might  miss  out  on   one  of  the  best  experiences  of  your  life.  Trust  God   and  where  He  is  leading  you,  and  know  that,  if  you   are  seeking  His  guidance  every  day,  He  will  equip   you  for  every  step. For  God  gave  us  not  a  spirit  of  fearfulness;  but  of   power  and  love  and  discipline.  2Tim  1:7  

Remove the  “Bucket  Dippers”  from  your   life If  you  are  like  most  women,  there  are  friends  in   your  life  that,  if  given  the  chance  to  start  over,  you   wouldn’t  pick  them  right  now.  Maybe  they  have   been  friends  because  they  were  the  parents  of   your  children’s  friends,  or  perhaps  those  who  you   have  served  on  commirees  with,  or  know  from   your  professional  life.    You  probably  have  people  in   your  life  who  are  always  in  the  midst  of  some  sort   of  drama,  and  you  dread  being  around  them. There  is  a  book  How  Full  is  Your  Bucket  that   challenges  us  to  consider  who  fills  our  bucket  each   day  and  who  dips  from  it.  Everyone  needs  to  be   filled  with  posiTve  experiences  and  reinforce-­‐ ment—it  goes  both  ways.  When  we  are  around   people  who  “dip  from  our  bucket,”  our  confidence   and  joy  diminish.  Likewise,  when  we  dip  form  oth-­‐


ers’ buckets  with  our  negaTve  amtudes  and  talk,   we  make  them  feel  small  infuse  frustraTon  and   someTmes  anger  in  their  lives.  If  we  fill  the  buck-­‐ ets  of  those  around  us,  then  our  buckets  are  filled   too!   Make  a  list  of  the  friends  and  family  members  who   you  spend  Tme  with,  then  note  beside  each  one  if   they  are  a  “Bucket  Dipper”  or  a  “Bucket  Filler.”  Be-­‐ gin  semng  boundaries  to  slowly  move  away  from   the  Dippers,  conTnue  to  pray  for  them  as  you  feel   led,  but  acknowledge  that  you  cannot  change   them.  Start  surrounding  yourself  with  more  Fillers,   knowing  that  you  will  become  like  those  you   spend  the  most  Tme  with.  The  more  you  are  filled,   the  more  you  can  give  back! Don’t  befriend  angry  people  or  associate  with  hot-­‐ tempered  people,  or  you  will  learn  to  be  like  them   and  endanger  your  soul.  Proverbs  22:24-­‐25    NLT

• Don’t  dwell  on  past  failures,  but  instead  look   to  the  future  with  great  expectaTons.   •   Learn  to  say  “no”  to  opportuniTes  that  don’t   support  your  God-­‐planned  purpose  and  goals,   opening  up  Tme  for  you  to  say  “yes”  to  things  you   truly  want  to  do.   •   Trade  your  worry  about  what  others  think  for   the  joy  of  creaTng  a  life  that  is  pleasing  to  God,  for   that’s  all  that  really  marers  in  the  end. I’m  not  saying  that  I  have  this  all  together,  that  I   have  it  made.  But  I  am  well  on  my  way,  reaching   out  for  Christ,  who  has  so  wondrously  reached  out   for  me.  Friends,  don’t  get  me  wrong:  By  no  means   do  I  count  myself  an  expert  in  all  of  this,  but  I’ve   got  my  eye  on  the  goal,  where  God  is  beckoning  us   onward—to  Jesus.  I’m  off  and  running,  and  I’m  not   turning  back.  Phil  3:13-­‐14  The  Message

Replace the  old  with  the  NEW! The  past  is  just  that—past.  It’s  Tme  to  let  go  of   things  that  aren’t  energizing  and  upliging,  and  to   replace  them  with  things  that  light  up  your  life.  


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How To  Naturally  Detox  The  Hair By  Tiffany  Anderson Most  people  associate  toxins  with  being  in   the    body.  We  rarely  hear  of  them  on  your   hair. When  toxins  enter  the  body  the  blood  carries   them  around  in  your  veins  deposiTng  lirle   bits  of  toxins  here  and  there  throughout  the   body.  Those  same  toxins  are  deposited  into   the  hair  follicles  and  are  trapped  permanently   or  at  least  unTl  you  cut  your  hair. In  order  to  remove  some  of  these  toxins  from   our  hair  we  can  adopt  a  natural  hair  regimen   of  cleansing  the  hair  with  a  half  of  cup  of  bak-­‐ ing  soda  and  three  cups  of  the  horest  water   you  can  stand,  poor  this  mixture  over  your   hair  and  rinse  out.  Ager  you  complete  this   step  you  must  begin  to  bring  the  pH  level  in  

the hair  back  to  normal.  You  do  this  by  condi-­‐ Toning  the  hair.  You  can  make  a  natural  condi-­‐ Toner  by  combining  one  half  of  a  ripe   avocado,1/2  teaspoon  of  olive  oil  and  three   drops  of  rosemary  essenTal  oil.  Apply  mixture   to  the  ends  of  hair  working  your  way  to  the   scalp  and  let  sit  for  20  minutes,  rinse  and   style  as  desired. When  you  begin  to  change  your  hair  care   daily  regimen  your  hair  will  begin  to  yield  the   desired  results  you  have  always  dreamed  of,   but  first  let's  start  by  detoxing. Note:  Do  not  excessively  wash  your  hair.    It   can  cause  lack  of  natural  moisture  created  by   the  hairs  sebum  and  may  increase  dryness.


Featured Wellness Woman Jennifer Emnger,  MA,  CPT   Best  Selling  Author,  Fitness  and  Style   Expert,  Television  Personality,  and  Wellness-­‐ Woman   “Detoxifying  our  lives  eliminates  the  unnec-­‐ essary  cluTer  or  drama,  that  has  been   weighing  us  down” I  first  met  Jennifer  Emnger  as  a  guest  for  one  of   my  first  live  shows  of  “ The  Wellness  Journey  – LIVE!”    Prior  to  this  live  show  most  of  my  shows   had  been  pre-­‐recorded.    On  this  parTcular  show   everything  that  could  go  wrong  did  go  wrong.    I   just  knew  that  would  be  the  last  Tme  Jennifer   would  have  anything  to  do  with  me  or  my  show.    I   was  wrong.  Jennifer  is  one  of  the  most  supporTve   and  giving  women  I  have  met  since  founding   PraiseWorks  Health  and  Wellness.    She  is  a  power-­‐ house  in  the  fitness  world,  a  true  expert  in  her   field.    Her  fun  loving  spirit  and  can  do  amtude  is   what  has  nurtured  our  relaTonship  and  endeared   her  to  thousands  of  women  in  Canada  and  the   United  States.    It  is  amazing  that  at  one  Tme  Jen-­‐ nifer  was  bedridden  and  had  to  change  her  life-­‐ style  in  order  to  heal.    That  lifestyle  change   stayed  with  her  and  propelled  her  into  a  very  suc-­‐ cessful  career  as  TV  personality,  Fitness  Guru,  and   strong  supporter  of  health  and  wellness  for   Women.    Jennifer’s  energy  comes  at  you  in  waves   and  makes  you  want  to  find  out  where  all  that   energy  comes  from…how  does  she  do  it?    Her   exuberance  and  approach  to  life  is  an  excellent   example  for  all  of  us  when  it  comes  to  overcom-­‐

ing the  challenges  of  life.    I  can  tell  you  from  our   conversaTons  that  Jennifer  maintains  a  posiTve   amtude  full  of  expectaTon  and  joy.    She  NEVER   gives  up.    I  experienced  this  amtude  first  hand.   When  I  Tmidly  asked  her  if  she  would  consider   coming  back  on  the  show  again  (that  disastrous   show  of  technical  difficulTes)  She  said,  “Are  you   kidding?  Of  course..I’d  love  to!!  Let’s  do  it!!”  

Why do  you  think  it  is  important  for   Women  to  detoxify  their  lives? The  beauty  about  aging  is  that  we  become  wiser   and  more  aruned  with  what  our  emoTonal   needs  are,  as  women,  as  well  as  our  health   needs.    Detoxifying  our  lives  “eliminates  the  un-­‐ 57

necessary clurer  or  drama”,  that  has  been  weigh-­‐ ing  us  down  while  “detoxifying  our  food  choices”   will  allow  our  bodies    to  funcTon  at  a  higher  level   of  cellular  funcTon  as  well  as  mental  clarity  (  to   name  a  few  of  the  benefits).

body will  respond-­‐  power  of  neurotransmit-­‐ ters  and  the  mind-­‐body  connecTon.    

What areas  of  your  life  have  you  ex-­‐ plored  when  it  comes  to  detoxifying   your  life  and  why?

When I  work  with  a  client  we  start  with  the  mind-­‐ set.  We  work  through  the  aspects  of  her  life  that   are  “toxic”  and  weighing  her  down.  Then  we  work   out  a  realisTc  plan  to  begin  shiging  the  toxins  and   eliminaTng  the  clurer.  When  the  plan  is  in  lace  we   focus  on  specific  daily  affirmaTons  to  affirm  the   changes  she  is  seeking.    With  the  posiTve  mindset   in  moTon,  we  work  on  her  food  and  exercise  as   well  as  stress  release  techniques.  Each  part  is  a   stepping  stone  to  her  journey  of  empowerment.   One  small  step  at  a  Tme.              

When I  was  in  the  late  20”s  I  was  bedridden    by  ill-­‐ ness.  I  was  “forced”  and  ‘blessed”  to  have  to  ad-­‐ dress  my  fast  food  and  quick  fix  diet.     This  meant,  for  example:  eliminaTng  diet  soda  for   water  with  lemon.  Understanding  the  benefits   of  nutriTonal  supplements  and  how  they  could  aid   my  recovery  to  a  healthier  body.  Finding  vegetable   and  fruits  that  I  truly  enjoyed  to  make  them  part   of  my  daily  food  lifestyle.      These  simple  steps   made  a  profound  shig  to  the  well  being  of  my  over-­‐ all  health. Now  in  my  40s,  I  am  detoxing  relaTonships.  I  am   stepping  into  my  power  and  eliminaTng   relaTonships  that  no  longer  serve  me  or  our   slanted  one  way. This  has  removed  a  lot  of  unnecessary  stress  from   my  life  and  has  made  me  feel  “emoTonally  free.”

What  does  detoxificaTon  have  to  do   with  the  wellness  of  the  mind,  body  and   spirit? I  believe  that  detoxing  the  mind  and  body  spirit   are  all  inter-­‐related.  If  the  mindset  does  not   change,  the  body  can’t  follow.  Having  a  “higher   purpose”  in  life;  a  foundaTon  of  Faith  grounds  the   spirit.  The  decision  to  focus  on  having  the  most  re-­‐ alisTc  and  posiTve  outlook  on  life  affects  how  your  

What  do  you  do  to  help  Women  to  de-­‐ toxify  and  change  their  lives?

What kind  of  toxicity  have  you  removed  from  you   life?  How  did  removing  the  "toxin"(s)  change  your   life? Again,    I  have  removed  toxins  such  a  processed   foods,  no  fat  foods  and  diet  soda  out  of  my  life.   This  was  step  I.    Now  I  have  focused  on  removing   harsh  chemicals  from  my    beauty  and  home   rouTne.      Lastly  I  have  been      diligent  about  Tghten-­‐ ing  up  my  inner  circle  and  releasing  (  with  love)   those  people  who  do  not  have  my  best  interest  at   heart..  I  do  not  believe  in  “  keeping  enemies   close.”  I  believe  in  learning  and  releasing  with  love   and  respect  realizing  the  lesson  and  moving  on   with  grace.

What is  your  definiTon  of  a  Wellness   Woman? A  wellness  woman  is  not  about  perfecTon.    She  is   about  striving  to  obtain  a  balance  of  a  FoundaTon   of  Faith,  daily  posiTve  outlook,  understand-­‐ ing    her    bodies  needs  and  listening  to  them  as   58

of creaAve  experience  in  fashion,  design  and  cos-­‐ meAcs  in  the  United  States  and  Canada.  Jennifer  is   an  ACE  cerAfied  personal  trainer,  IDEA  and  CanFit-­‐ Pro  member,  a  cerAfied  health  coach  and  she  is  cer-­‐ Afied  in  Pi-­‐Yo™,  TurboKick™  and  Hip  Hop  Hustle™.   Jennifer  is  the  author  of  “Find  Your  Inner  Goddess:   Get  Body  Confidence  BeauAful!”,  and  a  sought  af-­‐ ter  keynote  speaker.  She  is  also  a  regional  TV  co-­‐ producer  and  host  on  “Fit  Your  Style”,  and  a  regu-­‐ lar  contributor  to  “Life  and  Style”  segments  on   Rogers  “DayAme”  TV.

they change,  and  learning  to  stand  alone  in  her   convicTons  and  make  decision  that  serve  her   higher  purpose  in  life…  she  is  abundant  in  love  and   pink  light!     Founder  Jennifer  Eanger’s  dedicaAon  to  helping   women  stems  from  her  own  triumph  over  Chronic   FaAgue  Syndrome.  Being  bedridden  and  over-­‐ weight,  she  understands  the  mindset  of  women   who  are  challenged  with  weight  and  health  issues.   She  knows  depression  and  desperaAon,  and  she   knows  how  to  reclaim  a  life  with  a  harmony  of   body,  beauty,  mind  and  spirit.  With  three  degrees   from  the  presAgious  Fashion  InsAtute  of  Technol-­‐ ogy  in  New  York  (an  associate’s  in  Fashion  Styling,   a  bachelor’s  of  Arts  RestoraAon:  Museum   Studies  and  a  master’s  in  Museum  Studies),  Jenni-­‐ fer  is  an  entrepreneurial  leader  with  over  20  years   59

Renee Wiggins,  Cerjfied  Health  Coach

Women 50+:  Is  Exercise  Keeping  Us  Young? When  asked  to  write  this  arTcle,  I  jumped  at  the   chance  because  I  have  always  exercised  or  played   in  compeTTve  sports.  Now  that  I  am  older  (60+),   going   to   the   gym   is   no   longer   a   priority.   Oh,   yes,   I   exercised   in   my   50s   without   any   problems,   but,   now   that   I   have   a   full-­‐Tme   job,   take   care   of   my   mother,   and   run   my   own   business   .   .   .   well,   it   has   been  challenging  to  go  every  day. The  last  five  years,  I  have  also  been  afflicted  with   health   issues   that   have   distracted   me   from   exer-­‐ cising.   If   I   can   get   up   in   the   morning   without   pains  in  my  shoulders  and  legs,  I  am  doing  good.   But   I   shouldn’t   serle   for   good—I   should   serle   only  for  BEST. I  did  try  going  back  to  the  gym  at  least  five  days  a   week,  but,  ager  six  months,  I  didn’t  see  any  posi-­‐ Tve   changes.   As   a   marer   of   fact,   my   weight   in-­‐ creased  during  that  Tme  despite  cumng  back  on   calories. And   I   know   a   lot   of   other   women   going   through   this   syndrome.   They   work   out   four   to   five   Tmes   a   week  for  two  hours  and  see  no  results.  They  are   frustrated,   and   anxious   about   why   they   cannot   lose  weight. As  we  age,  our  bodies  change  from  having  less  fat   and  more  lean  mass  to  having  more  fat  and  less   lean  mass.  That  means  it  takes  us  a  lirle  longer  to  

lose the   weight.   Our   muscles   do   not   react   like   they  used  to. Ladies,   look:   we   are   not   the   20-­‐   or   30-­‐year   old   women   we   used   to   be;   we   are   50+.   But   it   is   not   the  end  for  us! First,  consult  with  your  doctor  to  make  sure  your   thyroid   is   funcToning   properly   and   find   out   if   you   have   any   other   problems.   Then,   once   she   or   he   gives  you  the  green  light  to  exercise,  DO  it. Stop   worrying   about   having   that   20   or   30-­‐year   old   body   and   focus   on   feeling   good   about   your-­‐ self. Here  are  some  examples  we  can  learn  from...

Minister Roberts Well,  yes,  I  do  think  it  is  worth  it.  I  don't  see  the   changes  I  should  because  I  believe  I  have  to  line   my  eaTng  up  with  the  exercise.  I  do  see  a  progres-­‐ sion   in   how   much   I   can   accomplish.   And   my   body   can   pass   the   balance   tests   given   now;   at   first,   I   would  fall  on  my  body.  I  enjoy  this  side  of  my  life.   I  like  the  fact  that  I  have  to  press  past  my  comfort   and  I  am  learning  about  my  body.  Yes,  I  am  over   50   and   loving   the   exercise.   I   do   like   having   a   coach  as  well  because  I  need  the  accountability.  I   don't   think   I   will   always   need   it,   but   I   enjoy   the   help   of   the   coach.   That   definitely   makes   it   more   60

effecTve and   I   can   see   the   changes   and   progres-­‐ Yoga   has   been   around   for   5,000   years   or   more   sions  because  she  keeps  up  with  it. with   its   focus   on   stretching,   balance,   and   medita-­‐ Ton.  Yoga  can  help  a  person  to  become  more  calm   63-­‐Year-­‐Old  B.R. and  relaxed. It   is   terrible   gemng   up   the   urge   to   exercise.   It   is   worth   it,   and   I   enjoy   it   when   I   do   it,   but   I   usually   find  something  else  to  do.  If  something  comes  up   at  the  Tme  that  I  would  be  exercising,  I  choose  it   over   exercising.   SomeTmes   "exercise"   is   like   a   four-­‐lerer   word,   you   know?   I   think   that   if   I   had   been   more   acTve   with   exercise   in   my   younger   years,   I   wouldn't   give   it   a   second   thought   and   would  go  on  and  do  it  because  it  would  have  been   a  part  of  my  regular  rouTne.

Dee I think   it's   very   important   for   women   50   and   older   to  exercise.  You  do  not  have  to  bench  100  pounds   or  run  ten  miles  a  day;  however,  it's  important  to   have  some  level  of  acTvity  in  order  to  protect  our   joints,   improve   circulaTon,   etc.   Ager   menopause,   our   bones   become   brirle,   meaning   a   fall   could   fracture   our   hips   or   knees.   I   think   three   Tmes   a   week  is  good. Have   you   seen   the   commercial   in   which   a   young   lady   decides   to   exercise?   She   goes   to   the   park   and   sees  a  personal  trainer  acTng  like  a  drill  sergeant.   He  is  having  people  move  tree  trunks  and  Tres  and   long   heavy   jump   ropes,   and   she   gets   back   into   her   car.   She   then   travels   to   several   different   clubs   unTl   she  finds  the  right  exercise:  walking Walking  is  good  for  all  ages  and  it  is  easier  on  the   joints.   It   can   be   done   indoors   or   outdoors   and   all   year  round  as  weather  permits.

Then there  is  Tai  Chi.  “Chi”  means  life.  With  Tai  Chi   come   coordinaTon   and   balance.   The   slow,   fluid   movements   help   an   individual   to   become   more   focused.  It  is  a  form  of  the  marTal  arts.

Gwen I used  to  exercise  for  losing  weight,  but  now  I  do  it   to   1)   live   longer,   2)   be   able   to   do   daily   acTviTes,   especially   around   the   house,   3)   lig   groceries,   4)   keep   my   mind   alert,   5)   build   up   muscle   mass,   6)   improve  balance  and  coordinaTon,  and  7)  help  me   to  sleep  berer. If  you  exercise  in  a  group,  then  it  can  also  help  you   build   friendships,   which   can   turn   into   a   family.   Community  centers  are  actually  berer  than  fancy   gyms.   The   community   center   family   pushes   you   to   do  more  and  keeps  you  in  touch  by  going  to  mov-­‐ ies   together,   checking   on   you   when   you   are   sick,   and   exchanging   recipes   and   Tps   on   a   host   of   things.

Gwen Some people   in   my   group/family   are   suffering   from  aches  and  pains  and  even  cancer,  but  the  ex-­‐ ercise  and  friendship  keep  them  going. Some   women   claim   they   are   going   to   be   fat   and   sassy,  but  healthy  and  enjoying  themselves.

Sandar Fryhofer,   MD,   of   WEBMD   says,   “There   is   something   about   making   your   heart   pump   that’s   good  for  your  body.  It  strengthens  your  heart  and   Another   great   exercise   is   Pilates,   which   strength-­‐ strengthens  your  immune  system.” ens   the   core   muscles   and   helps   to   improve   bal-­‐ ance  and  coordinaTon. 61


Research has   found   that   postmenopausal   women   who   exercised   for   a   year   had   fewer   colds   com-­‐ pared  to  women  who  didn’t  exercise.

How can  you  get  moving? •    Adopt  a  dog  and  walk. •    Walk  your  dog  more  ogen. •    Exercise  during  commercials. •    Start  a  walking  club. •   Find   an   accountability   partner   to   hold   you   ac-­‐ countable  for  your  acTons.

Listen to  Our  Journey  To  Wellness  Moments­‐Journey-­‐to-­‐Wellness-­‐Moment/



Building Your  Professional  Brand  AIer  40         Branding  is  NOT  Bragging! Every  company,  business  and   product  has  a  brand  and  whether   you  believe  it  or  not,  so  do  you.   As  a  career  strategist,  one  of  my   main  objec(ves  is  to  help  profes-­‐ sionals  ar(culate  their  profes-­‐ sional  brands  confidently  and  ac-­‐ curately.  But,  how  does  a  woman   over  40  or  with  25+  years  of   work  experience  build  her  profes-­‐ sional  brand  in  2014?  In  a   crowded  labor  market,  how  can   she  make  her  candidacy  stand   out?  The  more  you  can  make   your  brand  uniquely  reflec(ve  of   your  talents,  giZs  and  experi-­‐ ences,  the  more  it  will  reflect   “Brand  You.”  Do  not  hide  your   age,  your  beauty,  your  talents,  or   your  exper(se.  Whether  you’re   looking  for  work  aZer  a  recent   layoff  or  returning  to  the  job   force  during  your  re(rement   years,  a  job  search  aZer  40  pre-­‐ sents  unique  challenges  that  may   seem  daun(ng  at  first.

ryday career  professionals  like   themselves.  In  this  economy,   there  is  only  one  way  to  get  po-­‐ ten(al  employers  to  know  who   you  are  and  that  is  by  telling   them.  As  we  get  older,  we  are  so   accustomed  to  being  humble  and   not  talking  about  our  achieve-­‐ ments  to  others.  We  were   brought  up  in  households  that   taught  us  to  talk  about  ourselves   only  at  a  minimum.  Branding   yourself  leads  to  promo(on.  Si-­‐ lencing  yourself  leads  to  demo-­‐ (on.

Here are  four  steps  that  you  can   begin  immediately  to  help  you   start  the  process  of  profession-­‐ ally  branding  yourself.  

1. Jot  it  Down: Ask  yourself,  “What  do  I  want  to   be  known  for  in  my  professional   career?  What  characteris(cs  do  I   want  my  managers,  co-­‐workers   and  future  employers  to  associ-­‐ ate  with  me?  What  are  the  adjec-­‐ (ves  that  I  want  people  to  think   about  when  they  hear  my  

My 40+  clients  typically  shy  away   from  the  conversa(on  of  brand-­‐ ing.  It’s  hard  for  them  to  concep-­‐ tualize  a  branding  agenda  for  eve-­‐ 63

name?” Write  down  your  answers.  

2. Break  it  Down: AZer  you’ve  created  a  list  of  the  quali(es  that  you   want  people  in  your  professional  realm  to  think  of   when  they  see,  hear  and  reflect  on  your  skills,  you  will   have  a  list  of  your  professional  brand  adjec(ves.  Now,   group  the  items  that  are  similar  and  these  areas  will   be  the  founda(on  of  your  professional  brand.  You   should  have  at  least  3-­‐4  target  areas.  For  example,   let’s  say  your  background  is  in  Computer  Science,  four   possible  target  branding  areas  could  be:  Informa(on   Technology  Expert,  Technical  Assistance,  Training  Fa-­‐ cilitator,  and  Resourceful.  

is a  great  way  to  label  yourself  as  an  expert  in  your  in-­‐ dustry.  Online  self-­‐promo(on  will  help  you  make  cri(-­‐ cal  connec(ons  that  will  advance  your  career  and  im-­‐ prove  your  networking  experiences. It  takes  (me  to  build  professional  rela(onships  and   trust.  Put  yourself  and  your  fabulous  40+  professional   brand  out  there  and  over  (me,  you’ll  see  unimagin-­‐ able  results.   hFp://


3. Join  the  Home  Shopping  Network   Team: At  the  age  of  40  or  older,  if  you  can’t  promote  who   you  are  and  what  you  bring,  why  would  anyone  buy   it?  I  want  you  to  sell  yourself  as  if  you  were   adver(sing  the  latest  vacuum  cleaner  for  the  Home   Shopping  Network.  Go  home  today  and  turn  the  chan-­‐ nel  to  the  Home  Shopping  Network  for  5  minutes  and   observe  a  host.  No(ce  his/her  confidence,  communi-­‐ ca(on  skills,  energy,  and  their  product  knowledge.   They  aren’t  saying  that  their  vacuum  cleaner  is  the   best  vacuum  ever  created  or  that  the  other  vacuums   on  the  market  aren’t  worthy  of  being  in  your  home.   No,  the  message  that’s  presented  is,  “Here’s  an  amaz-­‐ ing  product  and  I’m  going  to  tell  you  what  it  does,   why  it  works,  what  it’s  capable  of  doing,  and  why  you   should  buy  it.”  Don’t  wait  to  present  your  brand  and   your  worth!  

4. Engage  with  Social  Media: If  you  feel  in(midated  by  new  technology,  ask  for  help   from  someone  outside  the  office.  Experiment  with   new  media  —  TwiFer,  Pinterest,  your  own  WordPress   blog.  The  more  you  try,  the  more  fluent  you’ll  be  in   the  modern  ways  of  the  working  world.  Social  media  

Happy, Healthy, Hormone Balance

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Healing Toxic  Eldercare  RelaConships:   6  Survival  Tips By  Carol-­‐Ann  Hamilton

Do you  have  “un-­‐cope-­‐able”  parents? If   we   were   simng   together   during   a   rare   coffee   break   from   your   unremimng   eldercare   responsi-­‐ biliTes  and  you  were  brutally  honest,  would  you   answer  a  resounding  yes  to  these  quesTons? •    Do  your  eyes  roll  uncontrollably  at  the  mere   thought  of  their  high-­‐maintenance  behaviors?   •    Do  you  grind  your  teeth  to  their  roots  while   holding   back   everything   you   dearly   want   to   say? •     Do   you   endure   rants   having   nothing   to   do   with  the  point  at  hand?

Y o u ’ r e n o t   a l o n e   a n y m o r e . . .
 If   yours   are   infinitely   impossible   elders,   hence   my   unique   term   “un-­‐cope-­‐able,”   you’ll   connect   immedi-­‐ ately.    As  the  55  year-­‐old  only  child  of  excruciaTng  parents,  I  profoundly  know  about  being  trapped  in  the   “Sandwich  GeneraAon!” You   seek   to   foster   kind   interacTons.     RealisTcally,   that   laudable   desire   gets   turned   on   its   head   when   grown  children  become  the  parents. Your  load  is  crushing,  contending  with  unruly  seniors  while  juggling  mulTple  compeTng  prioriTes.    You’re   split  between  your  own  folks  (and  possibly  in-­‐laws)  –  never  mind  balancing  work,  significant  other,  chil-­‐ dren,  grandchildren,  home  and/or  care  maintenance,  your  health  and  tons  more.

You need  support  –  NOW! Across   three   grueling   years,   I   too   leg   no   stone   unturned   in   experimenTng   with   mostly-­‐failed   “A   to   Z”   strategies. The   posiTve   outcome   from   my   painfully   earned   lessons   are   LOVING   amtudes   and   focused   ACTIONS   whereby  you  can  prevail  with  even  the  pig-­‐headed  aged.    Please  save  yourself  some  unnecessary  agony. 65

Tip #1:  Surrender     Different   from   caving,   this   noTon   implies   trusTng   the  process.    What  might  seem  irreconcilable  can   break   through   wondrously.     When   my   mother   passed   at   89,   my   obsTnate   father   suddenly   opened  to  my  cleaning  his  “hoarders  on  steroids”   home.    (Yes,  this  is  a  real  picture  before  I  was  per-­‐ mired  to  intervene.)

Tip #6:   Understand   what   elders   are   actually  going  through.     Your  parents’  “naughty”  behaviors  aren’t  necessar-­‐ ily  about  you.    What  if  they’re  essenTally  afraid  of   dying?    The  unknown  beckons.    Tired  glory-­‐day  sto-­‐ ries  may  be  all  they  feel  is  leg. Please  accept  my  parTng  encouragements.

Tip #2:   Self-­‐care   is   not   a   luxury   but   a   necessity    

Beneath the   surface   turmoil,   you   seek   to   call   forth   benevolent   effort   so   the   best   for   all   concerned   is   arained.

Exactly when   you’re   drained,   you   must   recharge.     “Extreme  self-­‐care”  doesn’t  equal  selfishness.    Nur-­‐ turing   yourself   is   analogous   to   donning   your   oxygen  mask  first  in  an  airline  emergency.

I implore   you   to   not   become   a   staTsTc,   though.     Do  not  join  the  63  percent  of  caregivers  who  expe-­‐ rience   higher   mortality   rates   than   non-­‐caregivers   of  comparable  age.

Tip #3:  Express  appreciajon    

Instead, permit  me  to  leave  you  with  these  reflec-­‐ Tons:

ImpaTence incites   crankiness   whereas   kindness   raises   collaboraTon.     What   if   you   expressed   graT-­‐ •    Senior  care  is  a  draining  marathon.    Just  when   tude   for   your   parents’   posiTve   traits   –   silently   or   you  think  you  can’t  take  another  step,  you  will  find   out  loud? strength.    You  may  not  believe  it  now,  but  you  will.

Tip #4:  Maintain  your  power    

•  Profound  personal  and  familial  transformaTon  is   possible  through  this  journey.    I’ve  healed  a  signifi-­‐ Grace  under  pressure  lowers  everyone’s  stress  lev-­‐ cant  part  of  my  dysfuncTonal  past  by  transmuTng   els.     Don’t   let   exasperaTng   aging   folks’   amtudes,   my  loathing  into  compassion  over  Tme. beliefs   and   acTons   vicTmize   you.     No   one   can   •    Surprising  hidden  gigs  are  embedded  within  the   pinch  your  competence  without  permission. back-­‐   and   spirit-­‐breaking   hardships.     My   father   Tip  #5:  Feel  all  your  feelings   used  his  waning  days  to  impart  priceless  wisdom  –   lessons  that  will  forever  accompany  me  as  his  leg-­‐ Did   you   know   it’s   100   percent   OK   to   experience   acy. so-­‐called  “negaTve”  feelings  such  as  anger  and  re-­‐ sentment?     You   need   not   demonstrate   Mother   Teresa   or   Papal-­‐like   dedicaTon   to   prove   you’re   a   “good”  son  or  daughter.


Spring Clean  Your  Life  and  Take  Your  RelaConships   to  New  Heights Five  Ways  to  Detox   Your  RelaAonships   Chrisjna  Steinorth-­‐Powell,   1.)     Stay   away   from   emoTonal   vampires.     There   are   people   who   no   marer   how   much   Tme   you   spend   with   them,   or   how   much   you   do   for   them,   it’s   just   never   enough.     These   are   peo-­‐ ple   I   refer   to   as   emoTonal   vam-­‐ pires  because  they  will  suck  you   dry   unTl   you   have   nothing   leg   to   give,   and   sTll   feel   that   you   didn’t   do   a   good   enough   job   at   saTsfying   their   needs.    Run,  don’t  walk  from  this  type  of  person   because  you  will  never  be  able  to  make  this  type   happy,  and  in  the  long  run,  you  will  give  yourself   nothing   but   anxiety   and   heartache   trying   to   do   so. 2.)     Learn   to   say   no   and   don’t   feel   guilty   about   it.     One   of   the   easiest   ways   to   start   detoxing   your   relaTonships   is   to   learn   the   word   no.     If   you   can’t   do   something,   be   somewhere   and   even   if   you   don’t   want   to   do   something   or   be   somewhere,   learn   to   say   no   and   don’t   feel   guilty   about   it.     Keep   in   mind   that   other   people   will   tell   you   no   when  they  don’t  want  to  do  something,  so  keep   that   in   mind   when   you   start   to   beat   yourself   up   for  not  being  everything  for  everyone.     3.)    Surround  yourself  with  yaysayers,  not  naysay-­‐ ers.     It’s   so   easy   to   get   down   on   yourself   when   you  surround  yourself  with  people  who  find  fault  

in everything   you   do.     Conversely,   it’s   just   as   easy   to   see   yourself   in   a   posiTve   light   when   you   sur-­‐ round   yourself   with   people   who   genuinely   sup-­‐ port  you  and  are  a  posiTve  influence.    Of  course   no   one   needs   a   yes-­‐woman,   but   there’s   a   differ-­‐ ence   between   someone   who   gives   you   accurate   and   posiTve   feedback   as   opposed   to   someone   who   wants   to   tear   you   down   just   to   make   herself   feel  berer.    Don’t  feel  bad  about  pumng  some  dis-­‐ tance   in   the   relaTonships   you   share   with   others   who  constantly  feel  the  need  to  belirle  you  and/ or  find  fault  or  problems  in  just  about  everything   you  do—trust  me,  they  will  find  someone  else  to   pick  on  when  they  find  you  are  no  longer  respon-­‐ sive  to  their  criTcism  and  in  the  meanTme,  you’ll   feel  a  whole  lot  berer. 4.)     Try   to   make   your   own   assessments   about   your   relaTonships.     Everyone   will   have   a   different   opinion   on   who   you   should   keep   in   your   life.     While  it’s  okay  to  ask  for  feedback,  be  careful  not  


be swayed   by   other   people’s   opinions   about   relaTonships   that   are   important   to   you—do   what’s   right   for   you.     No   one   will   know   the   inT-­‐ mate   details   about   your   relaTonships   the   way   you   do,   and   even   though   the   advice   you   receive   about  a  relaTonship  may  be  well-­‐intended,  it  also   may  be  influenced  or  biased  by  the  needs  of  the   person  giving  in.    For  example,  if  you  have  a  close   girlfriend   who   doesn’t   like   the   new   man   in   your   life,   is   it   because   she   sees   him   as   taking   Tme   away   from   you   two?   Or,   does   she   genuinely   see   something  that  may  be  a  red  flag?    You  will  never   know  for  sure,  which  is  why  it’s  important  to  do   what’s  right  for  you. 5.)    Make  yourself  as  important  as  you  make  eve-­‐ ryone   else   in   your   life.     Be   careful   not   to   get  

caught up  in  the  cycle  of  making  everyone  happy   before  you  make  yourself  happy.    You  are  just  as   important   as   anyone   else   in   your   life   and   when   you   take   care   of   yourself   first,   you   will   have   more   to  give  to  others. ChrisTna   Steinorth-­‐Powell   MA   MFT   is   a   psycho-­‐ therapist  and  a  popular  relaTonship  expert  on  ra-­‐ dio  and  in  print.  Her  advice  has  been  featured  in   The  Wall  Street  Journal,  USA  Today,  Woman's  Day   Magazine,   NBC   News,   Fox   News   Magazine,   and   The   Chicago   Tribune,   among   many   others.   Her   criTcally   acclaimed   book   is   Cue   Cards   for   Life:   Though•ul   Tips   for   BererRelaTonships   (Hunter   H o u s e ,   2 0 1 3 ) .   Yo u   ca n   o rd e r   i t   h e re :   hrp://­‐Cards-­‐Life-­‐Thought ful-­‐RelaTonships/dp/0897936167


By Jennifer  Fugo I   had   been   dreaming   about   making   a   creamy   dairy-­‐free,   gluten-­‐free   asparagus   soup   for   nearly   a   month   before   I   finally   decided   to   go   for   it.     If   you   love   aspara-­‐ gus,   sweet   potato   and   peas,   then   there   is   absolutely  no  reason  you  won’t  love  this   recipes.    It’s  quick,  easy  and  incredibly  sat-­‐ isfying. This   parTcular   recipe   gets   rave   reviews   from   clients   and   is   a   winner   from   the   Gluten-­‐Free   Sugar   Cleanse   (who   said   cleansing   food   has   to   be   bland   and   gross…   because   this   recipe   is   just   down-­‐ right  awesome). If  you  didn’t  know,  Spring  is  the  best  pos-­‐ sible   Tme   to   enjoy   asparagus   since   it’s   technically   a   sprout   and   helps   to   detox   the  body  from  all  the  winter  junk  hanging   around   in   your   body.   Make   sure   to   choose  local  asparagus  if  possible  and  eat   as   much   as   you   can   before   the   weather   heats   up.     Once   warm   weather   hits,   as-­‐ paragus  season  is  over.

2.   the   spears   are   tender,   but   not   wilted,   dried   out   or   slimy 3.    they  were  preferably  grown  near  you  or  somewhere  in   the  US  (rather  than  Peru)

Creamy Asparagus  Soup   (gluten-­‐free,  dairy-­‐free,  possible  vegan  opAon) •    5  or  6    cups  low-­‐  or  no-­‐sodium  chicken  broth  or  stock   (see  crockpot  recipe  here)  or  vegetable  broth •     1   bunch   asparagus,   washed,   trimmed   &   cut   into   2   inch   secTons

A quick  Tp  before  you  get  to  the  recipe…

•  1  medium  sweet  onion,  quartered

When picking  your  asparagus,  make  sure   that:

•  3  large  garlic  cloves,  minced

1.   the   Tps   of   the   asparagus   is   closed   Tghtly

•  1  1/2  cups  frozen  peas •    1  large  sweet  potato,  pre-­‐roasted  or  microwaved 69

•  3  tbsp  extra  virgin  olive  oil  (EVOO) •    1/4  tsp  white  pepper •    1.5  tsp  +  some  for  seasoning  Sea  salt   •    Black  pepper  to  taste •    Fresh  lemon  wedges Preheat   your   oven   to   425°   F   and   line   a   baking   pan   with   foil.     Add   stock/broth   to   pot   and   heat   up.    Once  the  liquid  has  come  to  a  boil,  add  peas   and  turn  down  to  a  simmer  and  cover. Add  onions,  garlic,  EVOO  and  asparagus  in  bowl   and   mix   unTl   everything   is   evenly   coated.     Lay   veggies  on  tray  and  evenly  use  salt  and  black  pep-­‐ per   over   top.     Keep   this   seasoning   on   the   light   side   as   you’ll   adjust   the   final   taste   when   everything   is   combined   at   the   end.     Put   tray   in   the  oven  for  12  minutes.    Check  every  4  to  6  min-­‐ utes   and   move   things   around   to   insure   that   the   veggies  don’t  burn. When   veggies   are   finished,   remove   from   oven   and   add   them   to   the   hot   broth.     Scoop   out   the   contents   of   your   sweet   potato   and   add   that   as   well. Either   use   an   immersion   blender   to   blend   everything   in   the   pot   or   in   batches,   use   your   blender  to  puree  the  soup.    Then  add  the  white   pepper   and   1.5   tsp   salt.     Adjust   seasonings   to   your  liking. When   serving,   squeeze   fresh   lemon   juice   over   top.    Enjoy!

Next... Have you   ever   considered   using   fruit   that’s   rather  uncommon  in  the  realm  of  smoothies?

My find   last   summer   was   fresh   mulberries   and   this   spring  it  was  pear.    Yep  —  pear! A  slight  bit  of  back  story  is  warranted  here  —  a  neigh-­‐ bor   of   mine   has   a   huge   pear   tree   that   he   basically   ig-­‐ nores.     Last   summer,   I   watched   many   lovely,   large   pears  rot  all  over  the  ground  and  eventually  I  couldn’t   take  it  anymore.    I  knocked  on  his  door,  introduced  my-­‐ self  and  asked  if  he  would  mind  if  I  picked  pears. “Go  right  ahead  if  you  want  them!    I  certainly  don’t,”   he  told  me.    And  so,  I  went  picking  for  days  and  ended   up  with  so  many  pears  that  I  had  no  clue  what  to  do   with  them. Since   I   am   highly   commired   to   not   wasTng   any   fruit   that  I  buy  or  pick,  I  decided  to  try  freezing  the  pears  in   slices  and  saving  them  for  a  ‘rainy  day’  rather  than  let   them  rot. I  ended  up  with  3  bags  of  frozen  pears  and  then  forgot   about  them  in  my  freezer  unTl  March  when  I  realized  I   needed  to  clean  it  out  from  older  food. Enter  smoothies…  detox  smoothies,  that  is! 70

And so  I  want  to  share  with  you  this  really  tasty,   wonderful  detox  smoothie  recipe…

Spiced Pear  Detox  Smoothie •     1   pear,   sliced   (already   frozen   is   ideal,   but   not   necessary) •    1  1/2  cup  liquid  (either  almond  milk  or  water  is   ideal) •    1  packet  or  serving  of  Vega  Vanilla  Chia  Protein   Powder •    4  –  5  dashes  of  cinnamon •    1  –  3  dashes  of  cayenne  powder •    1/4  tsp  non-­‐alcoholic  vanilla  extract •    2  –  3  dashes  of  powdered  ginger •    2  heaping  tbsp  ground  flax  seeds •    2  –  3  ice  cubes  –  opTonal

•  Amazing  Grass  Greens  packet  –  opTonal The  iniTal  step  begins  with  the  pear.  You  can  use   a  fresh  pear  or  you  can  also  slice  pears  in  advance   and   freeze   them.   In   the   event   you   use   frozen   pear  slices,  omit  the  ice.  Only  use  the  ice  to  chill  a   smoothie  that  has  no  frozen  ingredients. Add   liquid   along   with   pears   and   ice   and   blend.   Now   add   the   rest   of   the   ingredients,   but   note   that   it’s   best   to   add   the   ground   flax   last   so   that   it   doesn’t   start   to   thicken.   (Ground   flax   seed   will   start  to  absorb  liquid  if  it’s  let  to  sit  for  a  period   of   Tme   which   is   why   you   always   want   to   add   it   last   unless   you   want   to   thick   what   you’re   mak-­‐ ing.) Blend   all   ingredients   on   high   and   then   taste.   If   you   want   to   adjust   the   spices,   feel   free   at   this   point.

-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐ADVERTISEMENT -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐

Jennifer Fugo   is  the  founder  of  Gluten  Free  School,  a  website

dedicated to   teaching   gluten-­‐sensitive   individuals   simple,   savvy   and   empowering   steps   to   get   healthy.   She’s   a   certified   Health   Coach   named   a   “Gluten   Free   Guru”   by   Philadelphia   Magazine   who  co-­‐hosts  the  popular  “Gluten-­‐Free  Sugar  Cleanse”  to  empow-­‐ ers  gluten-­‐free  folks  to  take  control  of  their  diet,  feel  great  and   kick  their  sugar  habit.     Jennifer  is  a  sought-­‐after  expert  about  healthy,  gluten-­‐free  living   as  well  as  a  speaker  who  has  been  featured  on  Doctor  Oz,  Yahoo!   News,   eHow,   CNN,   Huffington   Post   and   Philadelphia   Magazine.   She  hosts  the  popular  "Gluten  Free  School  Podcast"  to  share  eye-­‐ opening  health  information  vital  to  living  a  gluten-­‐free  life.   Her   first   book,   “The   Savvy   Gluten-­‐Free   Shopper:   How   to   Eat   Healthy  without  Breaking  the  Bank”  will  be  available  in  February   2014. 71


hHp:// hHp://www.Simran-ツュ窶心


HaT RetroAge Haye’s  career  as  an  AnC-­‐Aging  Therapist  began  aIer  winning  first   prize  in  Roseland’s  Over  50  Bathing  Suit  Beauty  Contest  at  the  age   of   52.   Founder   of   New   York’s   School   for   CreaCve   Movement   and   Consumer  Advocate  for  Organic  Food,  Haye  set  out  to  prove  that  a   HolisCc  style  of  living  can  create  life-­‐long  youth  and  sexuality.  A  suc-­‐ cessful   psychotherapist   and   dance   teacher,   her   two   cuyng-­‐edge   books   RetroAge:   The   Miraculous   Program   for   Life   Long   Youth   and   The   Complete   Idiot’s   Guide   to   Looking   and   Feeling   Younger   launched  Haye’s  life  mission  to  transform  society’s  negaCve  view  of  aging.    At  74,  modeling  in   a  gold  bathing  suit  for  a  Dolce  &  Gabbana  ad  for  VOGUE,  Harper’s,  Vanity  Fair  and  W,  seated   next  to  a  20’s  something  hunk,  she  was  dubbed,  “America’s  Top  Cougar.”  It  didn’t  take  long  be-­‐ fore  this  seducCve  Ctle  was  picked  up  by  the  media,  and,  at  75,  she  starred  in  the  TLC  series,   “Strange  Sex:  Cougars  and  Cubs  Haye’s  memoir,  Sex  and  the  Single  Senior:  A  Cougar’s  Search   for   Love   gives   hope   to   women   of   all   ages   not   to   give   up.   She’s   at   work   on   her   next   book,   Everything   You   Want   To   Know   About   Aging…   But   Are   Afraid   to   Admit!”   aimed   at   facing   and   overcoming  the  challenges  of  aging. “RetroAge  –  4  Steps  to  a  Younger  You”  Order  Here  :     hHp://­‐4-­‐Steps-­‐Younger-­‐YOU/dp/1442175672/ref=sr_1_1?s=book s&ie=UTF8&qid=1397948017&sr Haye’s  YouTube  Channel  -­‐

Dr. Kathy  Gruver,  PhD,  LMT,  RM,  NHC Dr  Kathy  Gruver  is  the  award  winning  Author  of  “AlternaCve  Medicine   Cabinet”  &  the  host  of  a  Television  show  based    upon  the  book.  She   has  a  thriving  pracCce  in  Santa  Barbara,  California  and  is  a  sought  af-­‐ ter   speaker   and   expert   in   the   field   of   holisCc   health   and   integraCve   medicine.   Visit  Kathy’s  Website  at:     73

Suzanne Strisower Life  Purpose  Expert  and  Career  Coach  Suzanne  Strisower  is  commit-­‐ ted  to  helping  people  discover  their  purpose  in  life  so  that  each  per-­‐ son  can  live  their  best  life.  She  has  authored  three  books,  including  a   life  purpose  workbook,  111  InspiraConal  Life  Purpose  Quotes  and  Ex-­‐ ercises  to  Find  Your  Purpose  in  Life      and  a  Life  Purpose  “Tweet”   book.  She  is  being  featured  in  an  upcoming  segment  of  the  NaConal   Geographic  hit  reality  television  show  “Doomsday  Preppers,”  where  she  shows  the  world  how   to  “leave  survival  behind  and  prosper  by  living  consciously.” Visit  her  websites  and  sign  up  for  her  free  guidebook   and  for  a  mini  e-­‐course  on  finding  your  life  purpose.

Carol-­‐Ann Hamilton Through  Spirit  Unlimited,  Carol-­‐Ann  Hamilton  is  a  transformaConal   coach,   Reiki   healer   and   author   of   the   recently   published,   Coping   with  Un-­‐cope-­‐able  Parents:  LOVING  ACTION  for  Eldercare.    More   informaCon   about   her   blog,   workshops   and   interviews   can   be   f o u n d   a t   w w w . C a r o l A n n H a m i l t o n . c o m   a n d   Check   out   her   hilarious   plus  poignant  parental  lessons  to  support  those  stressed  and  sand-­‐ wiched   between   challenging   aging   parents   and   mulCple   compet-­‐ ing  prioriCes.

Tiffany Anderson Tiffany   Anderson   has   been   working   in   the   beauty   industry   for   more   than  a  decade  specializing  in  natural  haircare.  A  cerCfied  Trichologist   and   Sisterlock   consultant   with   an   applauded   experCse   in   the   oIen-­‐ overlooked  epidemic  of  hair/scalp  disorders,  Tiffany  has  emerged  as  a   disCnguished  voice  for  the  natural  hair  community.  Truly  inspired  by   her   youngest   daughter,   Tiffany   wrote   the   new   acclaimed   children’s   book:  I  Love  My  Natural  Hair.  The  first-­‐Cme  author  strongly  believes   that  it  is  important  to  let  young  girls  know  at  an  early  age  how  beauCful  they  are  without  ex-­‐ tensions  or  the  use  of  chemicals. 74

How Detox  EmoConally  Using  MeditaCon By  Shawngela  Pierce Yes,  it  is  true!  MeditaTon  can  help  you  heal  emo-­‐ Tonally  from  the  past  through  a  process  of  "emo-­‐ Tonal  detoxing”.    EmoTons  from  past   relaTonships,  fearful  events,  etc.  that  you  have   stored  away  can  be  released  with  a  daily  medita-­‐ Ton  pracTce.   In  order  to  understand  how  you  can  emoTonally   detox  with  meditaTon,  let’s  first  look  at  the  body   and  emoTons  from  an  energeTc  perspecTve.    Eve-­‐ rything  in  the  universe  is  energy.  Remember  the   formula  E=mc2?  Well  this  applies  to  the  physical   body  as  well  as  to  the  emoTonal  and  thought  bod-­‐ ies.     Some  emoTonal  and  thoughts  energies  vibrate  at   higher  frequencies  then  others.  Thoughts  or  emo-­‐ Tons  that  make  you  feel  good  such  as  happiness,   joy,  peace  or  graTtude  vibrate  at  a  higher  fre-­‐ quency  then  thoughts  that  make  you  feel  bad   such  as  guilt,  lack  of  self-­‐worth,  lack  of  confi-­‐ dence,  or  fear. Now  let’s  look  at  the  mind-­‐body  connecTon.   Thoughts  (conscious  and  subconscious)  affect   your  emoTons  and  your  body.  Whether  these   thoughts  affect  your  emoTons  and/or  body  in  a   posiTve  or  non-­‐posiTve  way  will  depend  on  the   frequency  of  the  emoTons.  Higher  frequency   thoughts  (thoughts  that  make  you  feel  good)  will   produce  a  posiTve  effect  and  the  opposite  is  true   of  lower  frequency  thoughts.  To  put  it  in  another   way,  thoughts  that  make  you  feel  bad  cause  a  re-­‐ lease  of  stress  hormones  in  your  body.  A  consis-­‐ tent  and  frequent  release  of  stress  hormones,  i.e.   chronic  stress,  has  detrimental  impacts  on  your   emoTonal  health.

Before we  move  on,  do  realize  that  most  of  the   thoughts  you  are  forming  throughout  the  day  are   subconscious  thoughts.  Let’s  consider  your  sub-­‐ conscious  thoughts  as  the  “autopilot”  thought   processes  occurring  in  your  life.  For  most,  espe-­‐ cially  those  undergoing  chronic  stress,  this  autopi-­‐ lot  is  either  regurgitaTng  negaTve  thoughts  of   the  past  or  worrying  about  something  in  the  fu-­‐ ture  on  a  consistent  basis.    If  these  thoughts  and   thoughts  of  similar  nature/vibraTon  conTnue  and   conTnue  for  long  periods,  this  emoTon  will  get   “locked  away”  in  certain  regions  of  the  body.   As  an  example,  let’s  say  you  have  repeated  sub-­‐ conscious  negaTve  thoughts  of  guilt  or  lack  of   self-­‐worth.  These  thoughts  will  trigger  an  emo-­‐ Ton  and  over  Tme  this  emoTon  gets  “stored"  in   75



your stomach  because  this  is  where  you  tend  to   hold  your  emoTons.  This  is  a  feedback  mecha-­‐ nism  you  have  created  of  constricTng  your  stom-­‐ ach  either  consciously  or  unconsciously  every   Tme  you  feel  something  you  do  not  like.    As  a  re-­‐ sult,  you  hold  tension  in  this  area  and  disallow   these  emoTons  to  be  released.    Now  because  you   have  “stored  this  emoTon”  in  your  stomach  for   many  many  years,  every  Tme  you  think  a  nega-­‐ Tve  thought  you  instantly  feel  it  in  your  stomach.   This  is  a  result  of  a  heavy,  dense  accumulaTon  of   emoTons  in  that  area.   Thank  goodness  for  meditaTon.  MeditaTon  can   help  you  to  reverse  this  cycle.  When  you  start  to   meditate,  several  things  happen  which  allow  you   to  “shake  open”  and  release  this  stored  energy. -­‐  You  start  to  relax.  When  you  start  relax  this   area,  you  allow  the  natural  release  of  this  lower   vibratory  energy.     -­‐  You  remain  more  focused.  When  you  can  focus   on  what  you  are  doing,  you  bring  yourself  into   the  present  moment.  A  mind  that  is  in  the  pre-­‐ sent  moment  and  focused  on  what  it  is  doing,  is   not  worrying  about  the  future  or  thinking  about   the  past.

-­‐ You  learn  to  become  aware  of  your  thoughts   and  to  easily  release  them.   -­‐  Your  mind  starts  to  quiet.  The  constant  mental   charer  (conscious  and  subconscious)  starts  to  de-­‐ crease  because  you  are  training  your  mind  to  fo-­‐ cus  and  release  thoughts  that  do  not  serve  you. The  above  concepts  seem  simple,  yet  the  results   are  profound.  A  consistent  daily  meditaTon   pracTce  will  allow  you  to  emoTonally  detox  and   raise  your  vibraTon  to  that  of  an  emoTonally   healthy  person.  You  can  release  the  old  emo-­‐ Tonal  baggage  you  have  been  carrying  around  for   years  and  start  feeling  berer  now. Note:  SomeTmes,  when  you  start  to  meditate,   you  can  release  emoTonal  energies  faster  then   you  can  handle  it.  This  can  happen  especially  for   stored  emoTons  that  are  more  “dense”  then  oth-­‐ ers.  When  you  start  to  release  emoTons  faster   than  you  can  adjust,  this  is  known  as  a  healing  cri-­‐ sis.  To  find  out  what  you  can  do  when  undergoing   a  healing  crisis,  please  read  this  arTcle    hrp://­‐to-­‐medita te/296-­‐how-­‐do-­‐i-­‐deal-­‐with-­‐a-­‐healing-­‐crisis


Featured Wellness Woman Dr. Laverne  Adams,  MA,  CPT   Pastor,  Best-­‐Selling  Author,  Life  Coach  to   CelebriTes,  Wellness  Woman   “I  just  feel  like  this  Ame  life  will  be  different   because  I  know  what  to  look  for.  I  just  know   what  God  has  for  me,  what  He  wants  for  my   life.   -­‐Jeremiah  29:11”   Gemng   to   know   Dr.   LaVerne   Adams   has   been   a   profound  blessing  in  my  life.    I  first  met  her  as  a   guest  on  my  show  ager  she  had  wriren  the  won-­‐ derful  book  “Driven  By  DesTny”    She  was  such  a   wonderful   guest,   easy   to   talk   to   and   so   full   of   wis-­‐ dom.     Then   about   a   year   later   I   was   going   through  a  very  rough  Tme  personally  and  Dr.  Ad-­‐ ams  was  there  for  me.    Her  graciousness  and  her   willingness   just   to   listen   to   me   was   beyond   anything  I  had  expected.    When  I  placed  the  call;     I   was   just   going   to   ask   her   for   prayer,   but   Dr.   Ad-­‐ ams  immediately  recognized  what  I  really  needed   was   a   shoulder   to   cry   on,an   ear   to   listen,   and   someone   to   tell   me   that   this   too   shall   pass.     Dr.   Adams   has   an   amazing   capacity   to   listen   and   to   give   direct   “in   your   face”   advice   that   is   done   with   love  and  compassion.      As  a  Pastor  of  her  growing   church   in   Philadelphia,   a   bestselling   author   and  

life coach,  Dr  Laverne  Adams  is  consistent  in  send-­‐ ing  the  same  universal  message…the  importance   of  honoring  the  life  God  has  given  you  by  learning   to  truly  love  and  care  for  yourself.

Why do  you  think  it  is  important  for   women  to  detoxify  their  lives?   I   think   it’s   important   because   life   has   a   way   of   be-­‐ coming  toxic  based  on  our  negaTve  experiences.     A   mulTplicity   of   negaTve   experiences   that   we   keep   going   through;   they   keep   happening   but   we   don’t   do   anything   to   remove   their   negaTve   im-­‐


pact. We  don’t  take  the  Tme  to  cleanse  ourselves   from  these  negaTve  experiences.    We  keep  pumng   a   lot   of   junk   in   our   emoTonal   lives   and   we   get   stuck.      We  get  emoTonally  stuck  and  that  makes  it   difficult  for  anything  good  to  pass  through.  We  are   in   a   toxic   state   not   able   to   digest   our   feelings   prop-­‐ erly.   We   are   filled   with   toxicity   and   we   need   to   get   the   toxic   stuff   out.     It   is   criTcal   to   get   cleansed   emoTonally.  

What areas  have  you  looked  at  when  it   came  to  detoxifying  your  life?

to take  a  real  honest  look  at  themselves  as  a  way   to   get   on   a   journey   to   wholeness   and   take   full   re-­‐ sponsibility  for  their  lives.  This  needs  to  be  done  in   a   non-­‐judgmental   way.   This   is   why   it   is   so   power-­‐ ful.    I  don’t  make  you  feel  like  you  need  to  impress   me.    I  help  women  create  their  own  strategies.

What does  detoxificaTon  have  to  do   with  wellness  of  the  mind,  body  and   spirit?

DetoxificaTon is  a  very  natural  process.  Just  look  at   your  natural  body  system,  your  body  knows  when   The   biggest   area   for   me   has   been   an   emoTonal   pu-­‐ it   is   important   to   detoxify,   get   rid   of   the   toxins   in   rificaTon.     I   have   had   some   emoTonal   experiences   your   body.     Likewise   our   emoTonal   being   knows   that   were   harmful.     As   a   result,   I   am   always   look-­‐ when   a   detoxificaTon   process   needs   to   happen.     ing   at   myself…   always   looking   for   ways   to   be   in   a   We  get  so  busy  and  so  distracted  we  are  not  aware   state  of  pureness.  When  I  feel  uneasy  or  anxious  it   of  it  and  not  sensiTzed  to  it.    Eventually  we  end  up   is  a  sign  to  me  that  something  impure  has  entered   in  an  awful  state  of  confusion  and  depression.  We   my  psyche.    I  need  to  not  push  myself  but  to  slow   are  in  trouble.    Let’s  just  say  it.    We  have  to  be  hon-­‐ down  and  reflect  on  what  could  be  wrong.    What   est  with  ourselves  about  something.  Worship  and   is   going   on   inside   of   me   that   I   need   to   listen   to… praise   is   powerful!     It   gives   us   a   way   to   release   that  I  need  to  perhaps  change?     stress   and   anxiety.     If   we   don’t   release   the   stress   and   anxiety   we   can   put   these   negaTve   energies   What  do  you  do  to  help  women  detoxify   into  things  that  are  not  good  for  us  and  get  us  into   and  change  their  lives? more   problems.   We   put   praise   into   our   children,   jobs,   and   husbands   and   someTmes   they   let   us   One  of  the  things  I  do  is  I  am  honest  with  myself  .   down.  Ager  all,  they  are  human!    But  taking  Tme   There  are  a  lot  of  things  I  need  to  work  on  myself.  I   to   praise   and   worship   our   God,   makes   us   whole   am  authenTc  and  live  my  life  on  the  basis  of  integ-­‐ people  again.      Another  way  to  release  and  cleanse   rity.    I  can  not  help  people  if  I  cannot  help  myself.    I   our   souls   is   listening   to   powerful   messages,   read-­‐ always   start   with   me   then   I   arempt   to   help   ing  the  word,  enlightening  stories;  things  that  liven   women  to  do  the  same.    I  help  women  to  look  at   the  soul  so  that  we  can  shine.   themselves  and  not  anyone  else.  I  encourage  them  


tectural firm   in   New   York   and   become   wealthy.     But   God   had   different   plans   and   I   have   learned   how  to  live  differently..  and  I  am  happy  .  I  am  in  an   interesTng   place   now.   I   have   arrived   I   am   such   a   free   spirit   now.   I   am   having   a   great   Tme   now.     I   Birerness  and  anger.    Birerness  is  a  product  of  dis-­‐ have  met  a  man,  that  may  be  one  of  the  reasons   appointment   and   unmet   expectaTons   and   these   for  my  happiness  (she  laughs  again  with  joy)  I  just   results  in  frustraTon  and  anger.    What  I  have  found   feel   like   this   Tme   it   will   be   different   because   I   is   that   being   mad   and   birer   doesn’t   change   your   know   what   to   look   for.     I   know   what   God   has   for   situaTon.     I   had   to   learn   to   stop   being   birer   and   me,  what  He  wants  for  my  life.     start   being   berer.     The   situaTon   made   me   nega-­‐ Tve  I  have  learned  that  there  is  something  good  in   What  is  your  definiTon  of  a  Wellness   everything.     God   has   a   way   of   turning   things   Woman? around   and   pumng   all   things   together   in   your   fa-­‐ vor.   I   was   once   in   a   very   dark   place.   I   was   going   Some   one   who   is   well   in   every   area   of   her   life,   through   a   horrible   divorce   process   (husband   physically  professionally,  financially,and  spiritually;   cheated   on   her)     I   had   to   take   responsibility   on   who  doesn’t  serle  for  any  of  these  areas  to  be  out   how   to   behave   and   respond.     Whew!     (she   sighs   of  kilter.   then   chuckles)     Nobody   but   Jesus!     Part   of   my   healing   came   from   helping   others.     When   I   was   Dr.  LaVerne  Adams,  is  an  author,  certified  life  coach   helping   others   I   stopped   looking   at   my   circum-­‐ and  international  speaker.  For  nearly  20  years  she  has   been  a  pastor,  professor  and  community  leader,  helping   stances.    We  get  so  consumed  with  ourselves  that   countless  individuals  to  realize  their  fullest  potential  and   we  forget  there  are  people  worse  off  than  us  and   fulfill  their  purpose  for  being  on  the  planet.    She  is  a   there  are  people  who  can  benefit  from  us.    I  trav-­‐ graduate  of  Palmer  Theological  Seminary  with  a   eled  the  world  and  went  on  a  mission  to  help  peo-­‐ Doctorate  of  Ministry  degree  and  has  been  a  professor   and  adjunct  faculty  there.  She  is  passionate  about   ple.    I  spent  all  my  money  going  around  the  world   sharing  her  wisdom  from  years  of  experience  and   speaking   to   women   in   Africa,   India,   Philippines,   training  and  is  successful  in  motivating  celebrities  and   high-­‐powered  professionals,  in  need  of  spiritual   Caribbean   sharing   my   life   story   and   encouraging   support,  to  find  absolute  fulfillment  in  life.   people  to  rise  from  the  ashes.  I  have  been  a  Pastor   “Driven  By  Destiny”  Order  Here:  http://­‐By-­‐Destiny-­‐Secrets-­‐Unlock/ for  18  years.    I  didn’t  always  know  I  was  going  to   dp/0982208820 be  a  Pastor.    It  is  not  lucraTve  at  least  not  from  a   Her  Website  – monetary  stand  point.      I  have  a  degree  in  Architec-­‐ ture.    My  dream  used  to  be  to  have  my  own  archi-­‐

What kinds  of  toxicity  have  you   removed  from  your  life?  How  did  it   change  your  life?


6 Foods  You  Should  Eliminate   From  Your  Diet By  Rhonda  Jones Not  Feeling  Your  Best!  These  Foods  Might  Be  the   Culprit.   Learn   about   six   foods   you   should   stop   eaTng  today. With  an  increasing  number  of  people  who  are  suf-­‐ fering   from   a   wide-­‐variety   of   physical   condiTons   such  as  diabetes,  high  blood  pressure,  and  heart   disease;  it  has  become  increasingly  important  for   individuals   to   consider   what   they   are   pumng   in   their  bodies  and  what  affect  it  might  be  having  on   their   health.   Different   kinds   of   foods   have   been   introduced  in  the  health  and  fitness  industry  with   the   promise   of   helping   people   achieve   berer   health  only  to  hear  later  that  the  complete  oppo-­‐ site  might  be  true. When  considering  food  choices  you  have  to  make   sure  that  your  diet  is  based  on  your  body’s  nutri-­‐ Tonal   needs.   This   way   you   can   be   sure   that   you   will   receive   the   nutrients   that   will   make   your   body  thrive  and  not  just  survive.  Another  aspect   of  having  an  effecTve  eaTng  plan  is  to  determine   the  types  of  foods  that  you  should  eliminate  from   your   diet   that   may   have   a   negaTve   effect   on   your   health.  These  common  foods  include:

1. Wheat We   have   heard   for   years   the   praises   of   whole   grain   breads   and   pastas,   however;   new   informaTon   has   surfaced   to   the   validity   of   these   claims.   Some   nutriTon   experts   are   now   suggest-­‐ ing   that   wheat   and   grain   based   products   may  

not be  so  good  for  us  ager  all.  Many  now  reveal   that   the   gluten   found   in   wheat,   rye,   and   barley   has   detrimental   effects   in   the   body   especially   to   those   who   have   gluten   sensiTvity   or   celiac   dis-­‐ ease,   a   condiTon   caused   by   the   abnormal   re-­‐ sponse   of   the   immune   system   to   gluten.   People   with   gluten   sensiTvity   or   celiac   disease   may   suf-­‐ fer  from  diarrhea,  bloaTng,  faTgue,  and  stomach   pain.   Studies   reveal   that   gluten   can   cause   stool   inconsistency,   inflammaTon   in   the   intesTne,   and   irritable   bowel   syndrome.   This   can   result   in   bod-­‐ ies    inefficiency  to  absorb  important  nutrients. It’s  also  important  to  know  that  you  don’t  have  to   have  celiac  disease  to  suffer  from  the  adverse  ef-­‐ fects  of  gluten.  That  was  the  case  with  me.  I  did   not   test   posiTve   for   celiac   disease   however   I   dis-­‐ covered   that   eaTng   gluten   caused   me   to   suffer   from   an   array   of   symptoms   from   Tredness,   hor-­‐ monal   imbalances,   headaches,   and   literally   feel-­‐ ing   like   my   brain   was   on   fire.   Although   I   went   from  doctor  to  doctor  trying  to  find  out  what  was   80

wrong with  me  and  told  I  was  completely  healthy;   ager   reading   books   like   What’s   Wrong   with   My   Brain,   I   discovered   the   direct   link   between   gluten   and  brain  health.  Also,  if  you  have  Hashimoto’s  or   are   hypothyroid,   you   should   avoid   wheat   at   all   cost,  as  the  gluten  has  been  linked  to  the  destruc-­‐ Ton  of  the  thyroid  gland.  

When sugars   are   consumed   they   quickly   increase   your  blood  sugar  levels,  promoTng  insulin  produc-­‐ Ton.   Having   high   insulin   levels   in   the   body   can   weaken   the   immune   system   and   prevent   the   pro-­‐ ducTon   of   growth   hormones.     Excess   sugar   con-­‐ sumpTon   can   also   lead   to   diabetes,   arthriTs,   and   hypertension   as   well   as   kidney   damage,   mineral   deficiencies,  depression,  stroke,  fary  liver,  and  hy-­‐ poglycemia.

Among the   common   foods   with   gluten   that   you   should   avoid   are   pasta,   bread,   cereal,   pastries,   couscous,  dressings,  and  sauces.  Gluten  has  no  nu-­‐ In   an   effort   to   minimize   the   negaTve   effects   of   triTonal  value. sugar,  some  people  replace  it  with  arTficial  sweet-­‐ ener.   Although   it   sounds   plausible,   scienTfic   stud-­‐ 2.    Sugar  and  ArTficial  Sweeteners ies  have  found  that  arTficial  sweeteners  can  main-­‐ tain   cravings   for   foods   and   increase   appeTte   be-­‐ Consuming   high   amounts   of   sugar   causes   inflam-­‐ cause  the  body  does  not  recognize  them  as  foods.   maTon   in   the   body   and   is   extremely   harmful   to   They   also   affect   the   way   your   body   regulate   your   health.   Can’t   shake   those   sugar   cravings?   A   energy. recent  study  revealed  that  sugar  was  just  as  addic-­‐ Tve  as  cocaine  and  other  drugs  and  has  a  detoriat-­‐ Aspartame,   neotame,   sucralose,   saccharin,   and   ing  affect  on  the  body. acesulfame-­‐K   are   just   some   of   the   most   common   arTficial   sweeteners.   Acesulfame-­‐K   is   believed   to   Sugar   can   come   in   many   different   forms   such   as   cause  leukemia  and  breast  cancer  while  sucralose   fructose,   sucrose,   glucose,   agave   nectar,   syrups,   can   cause   an   enlarged   liver   and   kidneys   and   fruit   juices,   and   honey.   Although   natural   sugars   shrunken  thymus  glands. like   honey   and   pure   maple   syrup   do   have   some   nu-­‐ triTonal  value,  it  sTll  important  to  keep  these  prod-­‐ 3.    Dairy ucts  to  a  minimum  in  your  diet.   Most   people   believe   that   they   need   to   drink   milk   to   get   calcium   and   build   strong   bones.   However,   contrary   to   popular   belief,   consuming   dairy   prod-­‐ ucts  can  have  the  opposite  effect.  The  China  Study,   a  huge  study  undertaken  to  find  out  why  some  Chi-­‐ nese   were   gemng   cancer   and   others   weren't,   re-­‐ vealed   that   consuming   animal   protein   such   as   ca-­‐ sein   in   cow’s   milk   can   not   only   increase   your   risk   for   cancer   but   also   affected   kidney   funcTon   and   could  be  a  contribuTng  factor  to  the  development   of  some  autoimmune  disease.    High  intake  of  both   81

dairy and  calcium  also  increases  the  risk  of  men  to   suffer  from  prostate  cancer.  

body for   protein   digesTon.   Soybean   also   contains   hemoglobin   that   causes   the   red   blood   cells   to   clump  together.

In addiTon,   most   dairy   products   are   also   pasteur-­‐ ized   to   kill   harmful   bacteria.   However,   proteins,   en-­‐ Soy  is  also  high  in  phyTc  acid  that  prevents  the  up-­‐ zymes,   and   vitamins   that   are   found   in   these   prod-­‐ take  of  essenTal  vitamins  and  minerals  in  the  intes-­‐ ucts  are  also  destroyed  during  the  process.. Tnal   track   such   as   calcium,   zinc,   and   iron.   It   also   has   high   concentraTon   of   goitrogens   that   inhibits   4.    Factory  Farm  Meats,  Poultry,  and  Fish the   producTon   of   thyroid   hormones.   Individuals   with   hypothyroidism   should   avoid   soy   products.   Most   of   the   chicken,   pigs,   carle,   and   turkey   that   There   is   also   a   link   between   soy   and   estrogen   people   consume   in   the   United   States   come   from   dominance.   You   can   find   lots   of   informaTon   about   factory   farms.   Ogen   these   animals   are   treated   in-­‐ how  soy  can  affect  the  body  by  searching  the  inter-­‐ humanely   and   forced   to   live   in   unbearable   living   net.   condiTons.   Animals   raised   in   factory   farms   are   of-­‐ ten   injected   with   anTbioTcs   and   hormones   and   6.    Processed  Foods are  fed  with  high  amounts  of  corn.  Just  like  other   factories,   animal   factories   are   also   looking   for   EaTng  processed  foods  can  help  you  save  Tme  and   ways  on  how  they  can  save  on  cost.  One  way  to  do   money.   However,   the   vast   majority   of   processed   this   is   to   redefine   what   consTtutes   animal   feed.     foods   are   not   healthy.   In   fact,   most   of   them   are   As   a   result,   a   lot   of   ingredients   are   not   the   ones   not   even   made   from   real   foods.   Generally,   proc-­‐ that   are   designed   by   nature   to   eaten   by   such   ani-­‐ essed   foods   are   low   in   nutrients   and   high   in   calo-­‐ mals. ries  and  sugar.  Some  of  them  may  also  contain  in-­‐ dustrially  engineered  ingredients  that  are  harmful   You  can  avoid  the  negaTve  effects  of  eaTng  factory   to  the  health. farm   meats,   poultry,   and   fish   by   choosing   to   eat   more  plant-­‐based  foods.  If  you  do  eat  meat,  to  the   Chicken  nuggets,  hot  dogs,  soda  pop,  store  bought   best  of  your  ability,  always  choose  meats  that  are   cookies,  muffins  and  cakes,  breakfast  cereals,  and   grass   fed,   pasture-­‐raised   pork,   and   poultry   that   granola   bars   are   just   some   of   the   types   of   proc-­‐ has  been  cage  free.  EaTng  wild  fish  is  also  a  much   essed  foods  that  you  should  avoid.  If  you  want  to   berer   choice   than   factory   farm   fish.   You   can   also   become   fit   the   healthy   way   and   without   the   risk   choose   organic   meats,   eggs,   and   cheese   that   are   posed  by  these  foods,  choose  a  diet  that  does  not   clearly   labeled   as   using   vegetarian   animal   feed   contain   these   six   foods   and   that   includes   lots   of   only.   vegetables,   nuts,   legumes,   and   some   fruit.   Indi-­‐ viduals  who  will  engage  in  this  type  of  diet  can  see   5.    Soy a   dramaTc   improvement   in   their   appearance,   energy,  and  health. Around  80%  of  soy  is  geneTcally  modified  and  has   one   of   the   highest   rates   of   pesTcide   contamina-­‐ Ton.  They  also  have  large  quanTTes  of  natural  tox-­‐ ins   that   block   enzymes   that   are   needed   by   the   82

Detox your  Spring  with  Confidence! By  Jennifer  ETnger Ahh…   the   beauty   of   Spring   is   here!     With   this   sea-­‐ son   comes   that   fact   that   we   are   wearing   less   clothing,  lemng  go  of  the  “forgiving”  layers  of  win-­‐ ter.   Psst,   beach   body   weather   will   soon   be   ap-­‐ proaching! What   is   a   goddess   to   do   to   get   ready   for   the   new   season?   Here   are   few   Tps   to   embrace   the   warmer  weather  and  get  body  confidence  beauT-­‐ ful! First   things   first,   start   your   day   with   hot   water   and   lemon   to   put   a   spring   into   your   step!   Drink-­‐ ing  lemon  water  in  the  morning  will  sTmulate  the   body's   natural   cleansing   and   detoxifying   processes.     Lemons   are   alkalizing   (despite   being   perceived   as   acidic)   in   the   body,   thus   bringing   your  inner  chemistry  into  pH  balance.   Exfoliate   off   all   your   dead   winter   skin!   Choose   a   natural   bristle.     Dry   brushing   is   an   effecTve   method  to  not  only  removing  your  dead  dry  win-­‐ ter   skin   but   sTmulates   the   hard   parTcles   of   mat-­‐ ter   in   the   lymphaTc   system.   Work   from   the   fin-­‐ gers  to  the  heart;  toes  to  the  heart,  stomach;  all   in  circular  moTon.       Take   an   energy   shower   to   kick   start   you   days!   Right   before   you   jump   out   of   the   shower,   turn   your   water   to   cold   to   emerge   your   body   for   as   long   as   you   can!   When   you   get   out,   sTmulate   your   body   and   boost   circulaTon   by   slapping   the   skin  using  the  flat  of  your  hands.  Start  at  the  toes   and  work  your  way  up,  and  then  dry  off.     Let   go   of   the   winter   cleanser   and   moisturizer.   One   must   adapt   to   the   change   of   weather   and  

choose “lighter”  products.    Goddesses  with  com-­‐ binaTon  and  oily  skin  shouldn’t  forgo  the  moistur-­‐ izer.   This   tends   to   be   the   biggest   mistake   made   for   these   skin   types,   for   combo/oily   skin   needs   to   be  hydrated  which  will  cut  down  oil  producTon! Choose   a   lighter   foundaTon   or   skip   enTrely,   and   focus   on   the   SPF   (sun   protecTon   factor).   Accord-­‐ ing   to   the   Canadian   Cancer   Society   of   Ontario,   choose   an   SPF   of   15   or   higher.   If   you   work   out-­‐ doors,   a   minimum   of   30   SPF   is   recommended.   The  best  choice  will  have  both  a  uva/uvb  “broad   spectrum”  coverage.  Make  sure  you  apply  20  min-­‐ utes   before   going   outside   and   do   not   forget   the   throat   and   the   hands   which   show   the   first   signs   of  aging!     Do   you   wish   to   smooth   out   your   cellulite   and   re-­‐ veal  your  goddess  legs  and  thighs?  Follow  a  com-­‐ binaTon   of   the   dry   brushing   technique,   and   self   massage  the  area  of  concern.  Choose  an  essenTal   oil   and   pour   it   into   your   palm   and   apply   a   “knead-­‐ ing   technique”,   as   if   you   were   kneading   dough,   pick  up  the  skin  and  gently  squeeze  and  release.   Lastly,   you   need   to   move   your   body   to   get   the   83

body you   desire!   Choose   a   class   or   video   and   move  it  to  lose  it!    

guarding your   health   and   play   a   role   in   fighTng   disease.  Don’t  forget  to  drink  your  water!  

How unhealthy   has   your   winter   eaTng   been?     Avoid   skipping   meals.     Eliminate   processed   food   and  focus  on  foods  that  nourish  the  body,  aid  in  

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Featured Wellness Woman Judy Pearson   Best  Selling  Author,  Cancer  Advocate,   Cancer  Survivor,  Wellness  Woman    “I  help  women  to  detoxify  their  lives   through  using  a  universal  language  of   survival  with  love,  understanding,  and   educaAon.” Make   no   bones   about   it…I   love   Judy   Pearson.   Her   fun  loving  sense  of  humor,  her  ability  to  laugh  at  life,   and   her   pure   courage   during   her   experience   with   breast  cancer  is  extraordinary.      I  didn’t  know  Judy’s   story  when  I  first  contacted  her  to  be  a  guest  on  my   show   “The   Wellness   Journey-­‐LIVE!”.   I   had   originally   called  her  because  of  her  wonderful  work  as  founder   of   a   site   that   cul(-­‐ vates   courage  in  women  and  girls  through   educa(on   and  mo(va(on.    But  I  quickly  found  out  what  is  also   inspiring   about   Judy   is   her   own   courageous   baFle   with   cancer   and   how   she   took   that   experience   and   applied   it   to   a   very   important   cause.       Judy   is   the   co-­‐ founder  of  a  major  movement  Women  Survivors  Alli-­‐ ance  a  non-­‐profit  organiza(on  created  to  support  fe-­‐ male  cancer  survivors  across  the  country  and  around   the   world;   cumula(ng   to   an   annual   conference   which   is   aFended   by   1000’s   of   cancer   survivors!     Judy   is   the   personifica(on   of   courage   in   the   face   of   adversity.   She   has   turned   what   could   have   been   a   very   nega(ve   experience   into   something   posi(ve   from  which  all  women  can  learn.    Judy’s  willingness   to   be   honest   and   to   share   about   her   experiences   with  cancer  and  all  of  the  side  of  effects  shows  such   courage.     She   always   shares   with   a   wiFy   sense   of   hu-­‐ mor.    I  always  have  lots  of  laughs  when  talking  with   Judy.     AZer   talking   with   Judy   I   always   feel   there   is  

nothing that   I   can’t   do,   nothing   that   I   can’t   survive,   nothing   that   I   can   push   through   as   long   as   I   have   God,  a  sense  of  humor  and  women  like  Judy  to  look   to  for  inspira(on  and  encouragement.  

Why do  you  think  it  is  important  for   women  to  detoxify  their  lives? In   regards   to   the   body   one   thing   I’ve   learned   is   having  a  healthy  body  is  everything.    I  am  convinced   this  is  why  I  recovered  from  breast  cancer  so  easily.    I   am  not  a  fana(c  about  working  out  or  my  diet,  but  I   am   conscious   of   my   weight.   I   try   to   exercise   every-­‐ day.     I   think   we   get   all   wrapped   up   in   trying   to   85

change everything  at  once.  At  the  beginning  of  every   year   we   want   to   do   all   this   stuff   to   get   in   shape   and   two  weeks  later  we  stop  everything.    We  set  ourselves   up  to  failure.    You  can  only  eat  an  elephant  one  bite  at   a  (me.    Thirty  minutes  a  day  of  exercise  is  fine.  Think   about  what  you  are  ea(ng  and  shoo(ng  for  at  least  3   or  4  vegetables  and  fruits  a  day  is  great.    Try  for  an  ap-­‐ ple   snack   in   the   middle   of   the   morning,   having   veggies   for   dinner,   snacking   on   veggies   in   the   am.     Make   liFle   changes.   When   I   was   diagnosed   with   cancer  my  son  wrote  me  a  beau(ful  email  as  he  was   leaving   for   deployment   in   Afghanistan.   He   wrote   about   how   we   were   going   to   baFle   the   enemy   and   that   we   needed   to   be   physically   strong   and   mentally   strong.      We  never  know  what  the  enemy  will  throw  at   us.    That  is  why  it  is  so  important  to  take  care  of  our   bodies.     We   need   to   be   ready   to   combat   the   enemy   when  it  aFacks.  

What areas  have  you  looked  at  when  it   comes  to  detoxifying  your  life? I   think   I   am   preFy   good   at   keeping   at   ea(ng   right   and   working  out.    I  think  what  I  struggle  with  is  between   the   ears.   I   want   people   to   like   me,   and   I   get   upset   some(mes  when  they  don’t.    (she  laughs)    That  is  silly,   I  know.    I  can’t  please  everyone.  I  struggle  with  the  be-­‐ tween   the   ears   stuff   and   trying   not   to   focus   on   the   could  of  would  of  should  of.    Part  of  this  is  gene(cs.     Trying   to   be   in   control   all   of   the   (me   is   part   of   my   family  history.    That  is  not  logical,  feasible  or  possible   for   we   are   mere   mortals;   we   are   not   Gods.     So   I   am   learning   to   work   on   my   thoughts…what   I   think   and   how  I  think.    I  aFribute  a  lot  of  my  new  thinking  to  my   experience   with   Cancer.     I   am   growing   to   accept   the   fact   that   I   can’t   control   everything   and   there   is   no   such  thing  as  perfec(on.  I  had  a  customer  once  who   was  so  upset  and  I  realized  all  I  could  say  was  “what   can  we  do  to  make  it  beFer?”  some(mes  all  you  can   do  is  say  “I  am  sorry”  It  is  silly  to  get  upset  about  the   things   we   can   not   change.     I   truly   believe   in   the   Seren-­‐

ity Prayer.     It   helps   to   remind   me;   I   look   at   it   every   day.    I  take  five  minutes  to  just  reflect  and  to  give  my-­‐ self   some   calm.     When   I   was   going   through   treatment   (she  is  talking  about  her  chemotherapy  treatments)  … you  can’t  imagine  the  immediate  fear  that  grips  you.     The   human   spirit   is   indomitable   we   don’t   want   to   die.     What   I   would   say   is   “God   grant   me   the   courage   to   get   me,   through   this,   grant   my   medical   team   to   get   the   knowledge   that   is   needed,   and   grant   my   family   help   to  get  through  this”  

What do  you  do  to  help  detoxify  and   change  women’s  lives? I   would   love   to   be   a   researcher,   actress   many   things   that   I   am   not.   WE   all   have   dreams.   In   the   mean(me   we  have  to  go  with  our  strong  suits.  Whenever  I  write   something   whether   it   is   a   book,   magazine   ar(cle   or   blog,  I  find  great  joy  wri(ng  about  things  that  light  my   fire.    At  this  stage  of  life  what  lights  my  fire  is  wri(ng   about   surviving.     When   you   finish   treatment   it   is   as-­‐ sumed   that   you   go   back   to   being   who   you   were   be-­‐ fore  you  started  treatment.    I  thought  I  would  go  back   to  being  “Judy”.    I  thought  when  I  walked  out  of  the   infusion   center   I   was   going   to   be   the   same   aZer   18   treatments  of  chemo.    The  reality  is  that  Judy  is  gone.     Nor   are   you   the   same   person   aZer   divorce,   loss   of   a   rela(onship   or   loved   one…you   are   never   the   same.   There  is  the  YOU  before  the  trauma  and  the  YOU  aZer-­‐ ward.   This   is   how   I   help   women   to   detoxify,   to   over-­‐ come   trauma.       I   help   women   to   detoxify   their   lives   through   using   a   universal   language   of   survival   with   love,  understanding,  and  educa(on.    

What does  detoxificaTon  have  to  do   with  wellness  of  your  mind,  body  and   spirit? We  are  each  given  a  finite  number  of  days.  We  get  to   decide   how   we   spend   them.   Eleanor   Roosevelt   said  


“No one  can  make  you  feel  insignificant  unless  you  al-­‐ low   them   to”.     No   one   leads   us   around   life   with   our   nose.     At   the   end   of   the   day   we   are   responsible   to   what  happens  to  us.    By  detoxifying  our  lives  and  tak-­‐ ing  things  out  of  our  life  that  aren’t  important,  we  be-­‐ gin  to  feel  beFer  and  be  healthier.    I  think  about  how   oZen   we   worry   about   something   and   if   we   were   to   look   forward   one   year   would   we   even   remember   what  it  was  we  were  worrying  about.    What  were  you   worrying   about   a   year   ago.   If   you   can’t   remember   it   that   will   let   you   know   how   worrying   about   things   is   such  waste  of  (me.    Choosing  how  to  live  your  days,  is   a  form  of  wellness.    You  need  not  worry  about  what   you   didn’t   accomplish.   It   is   important   to   define   your   priori(es   and   boundaries.   I   would   love   to   help   more   people,  do  more  for  people  but  the  reality  is  I  can’t  do   everything.     I   can’t   apologize   for   it   because   it   is   my   reality.    Instead  I  will  focus  on  something  and  do  my   best.    Living  this  way  is  a  form  of  wellness.  Removing   those   things   that   don’t   serve   us   well,   that   cause   us   worry  and  hurt  is  a  form  of  detoxifying  our  lives.    

What kinds  of  toxicity,  have  you   removed  from  your  life?    How  did  it   change  your  life? The  biggest  toxicity  I  try  to  avoid  is  toxic  people.    I  had   a  toxic  marriage  that  I  ended,  he  was  never  happy.    He   was  good  to  my  children  but  he  was  not  very  good  to   me.    I  think  people  in  my  life  who  can’t  ever  feel  good   about   themselves   and   don’t   want   people   to   feel   good   about   themselves;   that   is   toxic   to   me.     As   a   couple,   my   husband   (her   current   husband)   and   I   choose   not   to   have   toxic   people   in   our   lives.     We   choose   to   be   around  people  who  love  and  honor  one  and  other  as   much   as   we   do.   At   one   (me   it   was   thought   that   women   over   40,   over   50,   over   60   were   old   and   that   we  should  just  go  home  and  wait  to  die.      This  is  no   longer  the  case  and  we  need  to  be  around  others  who   feel   the   same   way.       Those   people   who   support   the  

need for  us  to  con(nue  to  grow  regardless  of  our  age.     Perhaps  my  genera(on  started  with  the  Women’s  Lib-­‐ era(on  movement,  but  women  are  becoming  empow-­‐ ered  to  make  changes  even  later  in  life

Tell me  about  the  very  special  project   you  have  been  working  on?   (I  can  hear  the  smile  and  joy  in  her  voice)  Oh  I  can  talk   about   this   project   forever.     When   you   talk   about   toxic-­‐ ity  I  think  about  all  the  women  who  are  dealing  with   the   different   stages   of   cancer.     I   know   this   very   well   and   this   is   why   crea(ng   the   Women’s   Survivors   Alli-­‐ ance   has   become   very   important.     There   is   no   place   currently   that   a   woman   can   go   and   get   the   kind   of   educa(on,   mo(va(on   and   life   applica(on   that   she   needs   aZer   cancer.     There   are   so   many   issues   you   never  expect.    Surviving  cancer  starts  at  the  very  mo-­‐ ment   of   diagnosis.   There   is   joint   pain,   night   sweats,   ovary   issues,   instant   menopause;   the   lists   of   issues   go   on  and  on.    Libido  gone,  fear  of  occurrence,  loss  of  a   rela(onship,   self   love   issues,   some   jobs   have   been   lost,   many   have   burned   through   life   savings,   being   sued  by  hospitals  and  doctors  who  want  payment  etc.   …    There  was  no  place  for  women  to  go  to  talk  about   these   issues   and   to   get   support,   un(l   my   partner   Karen   and   I   decided   to   create   Women   Survivors   Alli-­‐ ance.     We   host   a   conference   in   Nashville,   created   a   magazine,   and   support   groups   through   out   the   coun-­‐ try.    This  organiza(on  is  so  important.  Over  7  million   have   survived   cancer   and   1.5   million   are   diagnosed   everyday.     One   out   of   three   women   are   diagnosed   with   cancer.     We   need   the   support.   Women   (cancer   survivors)   have   told   me   that   finally   there   is   a   place   where  she  belongs,  with  people  who  truly  understand   what  surviving  cancer  is  all  about.    The  boFom-­‐line  is,   cancer  is  horrible  no  maFer  what  race,  sex,  socioeco-­‐ nomic   background   you   have.     When   I   looked   out   at   the   audience   of   our   first   Women   Survivors   Alliance   conference  all  I  could  see  was  God’s  rainbow.      It  was  


so cool.    July  31st  through  August  2nd  2014  we  have   our   annual   conference   for   those   women   living   with   cancer,   who   are   cancer   free,   or   cancer   has   metasta-­‐ sized.       All   are   welcome   to   aFend.   (for   more   informa(on   about   the   conference   July31st   to   August   2 n d   p l e a s e   g o   t o   hFp://www.survivorsconven(

Club of   Chicago,   the   Michigan   State   Alumni   Associa-­‐ Eon,   the   AAUW   and   the   NaEonal   AssociaEon   of   Fe-­‐ m a l e   E x e c u E v e s .   h F p : / / w w w. w o m e n s u r v i v o r s a l l i a n c e . c o m   hFp://www.survivorsconven(

What is  your  definiTon  of  a  Wellness   Woman? A   wellness   woman   is   a   woman   who   wakes   up   every-­‐ day  realizing  that  she  is  blessed.  Maybe  she  has  gray   hairs   and   wrinkles,   maybe   she   isn’t   the   size   she   wants   to   be   but   she   realizes   she   is   s(ll   blessed.       She   isn’t   afraid  to  laugh  even  when  she  doesn’t  have  anything   to   laugh   at.     She   realizes   she   has   the   power   to   help   someone  else.  If  I  can  touch,  help  and  change  one  per-­‐ son’s  life  every  day,  it  is  a  perfect  day.  Even  if  I  don’t   change  them  completely  on  that  day,  if  I  provide  the   tools   to   allow   them   to   change   themselves…it   has   been  a  good  day. Judy  Pearson  has  an  unwavering  belief  in  two  things:   one,   everything   happens   for   a   reason;   and   secondly,   we   all   owe   a   payback   to   humanity.   For   her,   those   things  were  made  clear  a?er  her  diagnosis  and  treat-­‐ ment   for   breast   cancer   when   she   co-­‐founded   the   Women   Survivors   Alliance,   an   organizaEon   that   women   cancer   survivors,   through   their   digital   maga-­‐ zine  called,  events  held  throughout  the   country   including   an   annual   naEonal   convenEon.   A   graduate   of   Michigan   State   University,   Pearson   is   also   a   freelance   writer   and   public   speaker   with   three   pub-­‐ lished   books.   Her   biography   of   Virginia   Hall,   WOLVES   AT   THE   DOOR,   has   been   opEoned   for   a   movie.   Her   most   recent   book,   IT'S   JUST   HAIR:   20   ESSENTIAL   LIFE   LESSONS,  is  a  2012  InternaEonal  Book  Award  finalist.   In   addiEon,   Pearson   is   the   founder   of   Courage   Con-­‐ cepts,   an   organizaEon   that   culEvates   courage   in   women   and   girls.   She   is   a   member   of   the   ExecuEves   88

Allowing Love  to  Transform   and  Detoxify  your  Soul By  Mary  Ellen  Ciganovich Holding  in  anger  or  any  negaTve  emoTon  can  al-­‐ low  toxins  to  enter  at  the  very  level  of  your  soul   changing  your  energy  parerns  and  throwing  you   into  disharmony. First  you  must  look  at  how  you  allow  these  toxins   to  become  part  of  your  existence.  Do  you  hold   onto  past  hurts?  Are  you  unforgiving  of  yourself   and/or  others?  Do  you  have  judgments  about   yourself,  others  or  our  society  as  a  whole?  Do  you   let  go  and  allow  the  Universe  –  your  world  to   flow  freely?  Do  you  take  care  physically  and  men-­‐ tally  of  this  temple  for  your  Holy  Spirit  or  do  you   feed  it  with  junk  food  and  fill  your   mind  with  the  “negaTve”  news   talk? Spiritual  teachers  have  al-­‐ ways  pointed  to  the  soul/   heart  as  the  seat  of  con-­‐ sciousness.  Anyone  who  has   taken  the  Tme  to  explore  the   soul  and  more  importantly  the   connecTon  to  the  heart  knows  the   connecTon  between  these  two  and  a  con-­‐ sciousness  greater  than  the  ego.  Approaching   life  with  an  open  heart  means  that  you  have   opened  the  door  to  the  greater  consciousness  at   the  soul  level. Doing  this  means  becoming  aware  of  how  you   can  create  posiTve  change  by  choosing  the  lan-­‐

guage you  use  and  the  percepTon  of  how  you  see   your  world.  You  may  already  have  ideas  about   phrases  you  would  like  to  transiTon  out  of  your   vocabulary.  It  is  challenging  to  examine  how  you   see  your  world.  You  do  not  need  to  acTvely  try  to   change  either  of  these  parerns  simply  become   more  conscious  of  yourself  –  treaTng  and  speak-­‐ ing  to  others  the  way  you  would  like  to  be  treated   and  spoken  to  by  them!   When  you  affirm  that  you  are  fulfilled  instead  of   arTculaTng  deficiencies,  you  are  commimng  to   your  natural  essence  of  human  existence.  Choose   to  focus  on  saTsfacTon  instead  of  dis-­‐ saTsfacTon  because  at  your  very   soul  level  you  understand  that   the  energy  of  your  thoughts   will  determine  the  response   you  receive  from  the  Uni-­‐ verse.  Working  with  all  of  this   creaTve  power  within  you  will   empower  you  to  achieve  the   peaceful  life  you  want  to  live.   The  secret  for  any  detoxificaTon  process  is   becoming  grateful  and  allowing  love  to  trans-­‐ form  you.  Love  transforms  ordinary  humans  into   compassionate  beings  that  vibrate  at  a  level  of   love  and  kindness.  You  can  raise  your  vibraTonal   level  through  graTtude.  Feel  graTtude  for  all  that   you  have  and  all  life  has  given  you.  Feel  graTtude   for  knowing  God!  There  is  always  a  reason  to  be   89

grateful even  if  you  are  simply  grateful  that  some-­‐ thing  good  has  happened  to  someone  else! To  detoxify  your  soul  you  must   1.  

Let go  of  past  hurts


Forgive uncondiTonally  –  especially  yourself.


Stop judging  yourself  and  others.

4. Allow  all  emoTons/toxins  that  come  into  con-­‐ tact  with  your  soul  to  be  felt  in  enTrety  and  let  go   without  judgment. Naming  and  releasing  these  toxins  –  that  have   reached  you  at  the  soul  level  –  will  allow  them  to   begin  the  process  of  cleansing.  

To have  a  peaceful  full  existence  you  must  detoxify   especially  at  this  very  basic  level  of  the  soul.  You   must  regularly  release  these  toxins  through  writ-­‐ ing  –  such  as  journaling  or  tears  –  when  you  feel  a   toxin  FEEL  it  let  it  come  out  as  tears  and  do  not   judge  it.  You  can  sing  or  make  any  kind  of  sound  to   free  up  your  soul  to  live  a  full  and  vibrant  life.   I  am  sure  you  have  your  own  ideas  about  how  you   can  become  aware  and  elevate  your  soul.  By  open-­‐ ing  your  soul  to  free  up  the  toxins  that  have  been   binding  you  –  you  will  feel  tender  and  vulnerable.   That  is  okay.  Again  do  not  judge  it!  This  process   takes  pracTce,  paTence,  compassion  and  uncondi-­‐ Tonal  love.  

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Karen Wells,  M.Div Karen   Wells   holds   a   Master   of   Divinity,   majoring   in   Marriage   and   Family  Counselling.  She  is  the  founder  of  Karis  Counselling  Services,   with   one   aspect   of   the   counselling   service   devoted   to   helping   women  regain  the  power  they've  lost  because  of  a  past  traumaCc   experience.  Karen  wants  to  give  women  HOPE.  Life  is  too  short  to   be  stuck  in  your  past.  She  wants  every  woman  to  know  God  has  ex-­‐ ciCng  plans  for  them.   As  a  globally-­‐minded  woman,  Karen  offers  her  services  by  telephone,  Skype/webcam,  and  we-­‐ binar.  As  well  as  hosCng  her  own  Woman  To  Woman  radio  show,  she  teaches  online  and  in-­‐ person   workshops,   speaks   at   conferences,   churches,   and   retreats.   She   has   authored   two   books   enCtled,   “Even   With   My   Knees   Knocking   I   Will   Follow   God’s   Call”   and   “UnHooked!   7   Steps  To  EmoConal  Freedom.”

Alx UMerman   Since  2000,  accomplished  teacher  &  healer  Alx  UHermann  has  been   conducCng  healing  workshops  &  trainings  in  a  wide  array  of  pracCcal   healing   techniques   &   spiritual   knowledge   from   ancient   India.   From   Singapore   to   California,   she's   facilitated   hundreds   of   workshops,   classes,  satsangs,  ceremonies  &  other  healing  events. She   co-­‐founded   UCBK   (The   Universal   Church   of   Baba’s   Kitchen)   in   2007,  in  Santa  Cruz,  CA.  UCBK  is  a  spiritual  healing  center  open  to  anyone  from  any  spiritual   path  or  none  at  all,  training  advanced  healers  and  helping  the  homeless  &  veterans  get  access   to  support  &  healing.  Over  many  years  of  intensive  study  at  Sri  Kaleshwar's  Soul  University  in   Penukonda,  South  India,  Alx  gained  an  in-­‐depth  understanding  of  the  stresses  facing  human   beings,  and  the  spiritual  medicine  that  dissolves  them.  Her  on-­‐going  research  &  experCse  lie   in  effecCvely  healing  the  underlying  root  of  suffering,  as  well  as  the  many  symptoms  of  suffer-­‐ 91

ing (such  as  depression,  anxiety,  chronic  health  problems,  heartbreak,  grief,  PTSD,  anger  issues   and  addicCons). She’s  available  for  consultaCon  &  healing  sessions  via  Skype  or  phone,  as  well  as  in-­‐person  in   Los  Angeles,  CA.  You  can  find  out  more  about  Alx's  diverse  work  at   hHp://

Shawngela Pierce Shawngela  Pierce  is  an  educator,  author,  reiki  pracCConer,  business   owner   and   meditaCon   instructor   who   specializes   in   mindfulness   meditaCon   and   qigong   (chee   gong).   She   is   an   avid   meditator   and   has  been  pracCcing  for  over  10-­‐years.  She  has  a  masters  degree  in   the  field  of  educaCon  with  3  1/2  years  of  post-­‐masters  educaCon  in   naturopathic   medicine.   This   includes   mind-­‐body   therapy,   Tradi-­‐ Conal  Chinese  Medicine  (TCM),  botanical  medicine,  nutriCon,  hydro-­‐ therapy   as   well   as   other   healing   modaliCes.   She   loves   teaching,   which  is  something  she  has  done  for  over  15-­‐years.  Her  passion  for  teaching  led  her  to  design   the  MeditaCon  for  Health  Program.  The  program  is  designed  to  help  people  uClize  the  bene-­‐ fits  of  meditaCon  as  well  as  other  holisCc  lifestyle  changes  to  live  a  harmonious,  healthy  and   care-­‐free  life.

Chrisjna Steinorth-­‐Powell,  MA,  MFT ChrisCna  Steinorth-­‐Powell,  MA,  MFT  is  a  psychotherapist  and  a  popu-­‐ lar  relaConship  expert  on  radio  and  in  print.  Her  advice  has  been  fea-­‐ tured  in  The  Wall  Street  Journal,  USA  Today,  Woman's  Day  Magazine,   NBC  News,  Fox  News  Magazine,  and  The  Chicago  Tribune,  among   many  others.  Her  criCcally  acclaimed  book  is  Cue  Cards  for  Life:   ThoughOul  Tips  for  BeHerRelaConships  (Hunter  House,  2013).   hHp://­‐Cards-­‐Life-­‐ThoughOul-­‐RelaConships/dp/0897936167 92

Will CelebriCes  Give  Up  Facial  PlasCc  Surgery? By  Cynthia  Rowland When  I  was  a  teenager  no  one  I  knew  had  a  surgi-­‐ cally  altered  face.    PlasTc  surgery  was  pracTcally   unheard   of   while   growing   up   in   Oklahoma   with   the  nearest  city  twenty  miles  away;  the  only  peo-­‐ ple   we   saw   were   those   from   our   small,   farming   community   and   the   women   there   rarely   colored   their  gray  hair.   The   popular   celebriTes   of   the   day   did   not   have   surgically   altered   faces   yet   we   knew   they   were   thin  and  beauTful  and  we  wanted  to  look  just  like   them. That   desire   to   emulate   celebriTes   has   not   changed   as   we   see   non-­‐celebriTes   from   every  

part of   the   world   dressing   and   copying   their   styles   of   clothing,   buying   and   wearing   celebrity   named  fragrances  and  some  wannabes  have  even   resorted   to   plasTc   surgery   to   imitate   their   favor-­‐ ite  celebrity’s  faces. CelebriTes  have  been  considered  our  royalty  and   we  usually  put  a  lot  of  trust  in  them;  in  fact,  there   is   an   implied   consent   that   whatever   they   do   is   probably  ok  so  if  the  celebs  are  busy  chasing  the   elusive   fountain   of   youth   using   surgical   enhance-­‐ ments   and   injecTons   that   plump   and   paralyze,   the   hanger-­‐ons   are   probably   doing   the   same.     Consider  this:    when  celebriTes  sport  plumped  up   cheeks   and   big   lips,   it’s   not   long   before   the   fans   93

are flocking  to  imitate  the  look.  Whether  the  fans   go  for  the  Jennifer  Aniston  hair,  Heidi’s  breasts,  the   Angelina   lips   or   the   liged   derriere   of   Kim   Kar-­‐ dashian,   you   can   be   certain   that   these   enhanced   arributes   will   not   go   unnoTced   by   their   adoring   admirers.

So what   is   the   answer   to   look   fresh   and   youthful   whether  you’re  in  front  of  the  camera  or  not?  

Facial exercise  is  the  intelligent  choice.  It  works  to   de-­‐age   faces;   it   works   to   keep   the   facial   muscles   toned.   Most   of   all   the   facial   skin   smoothes   and   ligs  so  the  user  looks  younger  and  very  refreshed.   Looking  young  presents  a  lot  of  pressure  for  even   Just  think  -­‐  a  younger  looking  face  without  resort-­‐ the   most   beauTful   because   that   natural   beauty   ing   to   surgery,   injecTons   or   drugs   of   any   kind   to   slowly   abandons   us.   If   you   are   in   the   entertain-­‐ create,  maintain  and  retain  a  youthful  face.   ment   business   hoping   to   make   a   sufficient   living   in   How   is   it   possible   that   an   exercise   program   can   do   film,   video,   the   stage,   runway   or   television   the   all  that  and  more? stress   and   anxiety   to   maintain   a   desirable   weight   can  be  daunTng.  The  constant  pressure  of  starving   It’s   all   in   the   technique.   A   facial   exercise   program   while   trying   to   maintain   a   flawless   face   can   send   must   have   resistance,   anchoring   and   contracTon   even   the   most   emoTonally   secure   star   over   the   for  the  facial  muscles  to  respond  posiTvely.  Twists,   edge  much  to  the  delight  of  those  who  prey  on  in-­‐ puckers,   contorTons   and   funny   faces   will   not   securiTes. change   the   shape   and   contour   of   your   face;   it   is   There  is  peer  pressure  for  actors  and  actresses  to   look,   act   and   dress   a   certain   way   and   with   celeb-­‐ rity   sites   like   Perez   Hilton   and   TMZ   who   have   no   qualms   about   publishing   unflarering   poses   it   is   no   wonder   celebs   feel   they   are   living   under   a   micro-­‐ scope.   If   the   star   is   addicted   to   fame   and   craves   constant   media   arenTon,   who   knows,   they   may   become   addicted   to   plasTc   surgery   procedures,   too,  because  of  the  demands  placed  on  them.  This   arenTon  may  compel  them  to  use  certain  injected   arTficial   enhancements   that   provide   plumper   cheeks,   paralyzed   foreheads   and   fillers   that   flaren   nasal  labial  folds.  Does  this  mean  they  can  face  the   camera  without  reservaTons?  Not  necessarily. The   powers   that   be   –   those   casTng   directors   and   producers   –   are   beginning   to   call   for   natural   faces,   not   arTficially   enhanced   faces   to   cast   in   their   pro-­‐ ducTons.   The   fact   is   this:   when   injecTons   and   su-­‐ tures   are   used   extensively   on   a   face,   that   person   rarely   looks   youthful,   they   just   look   done,   some-­‐ Tmes  over  done.

when you  use  your  thumbs  and  fingers  to  anchor   those   Tny,   hidden   muscles   that   you   will   see   your   face  react.  ContracTon  of  these  anchored  muscles   ligs  and  smoothes  the  enTre  face  and  neck. Aging  is  different  for  everyone  and  most  facial  exer-­‐ cise  users  report  they  look  10-­‐15  years  younger  af-­‐ ter  using  the  techniques  only  a  few  weeks.  This  all   natural  program  allows  you  to  take  charge  of  your   face  just  as  you  would  your  body.  Just  as  exercise   works  for  your  body  to  trim,  Tghten,  lig  and  tone   your  sagging  waist,  tummy,  hips,  thighs  and  arms,   facial   exercise   will   indeed   lig,   tone   and   Tghten   those   sagging   facial   muscles   that   make   you   look   Tred  and  old. An   authenTc   face   is   much   more   appealing   than   one   that   has   been   injected   with   plumping   and   toxic  paralyzing  injecTons.  The  results  are  easy  to   maintain  and  your  face  will  most  likely  look  more   youthful   than   a   face   that   has   been   arTficially   en-­‐ hanced. 94

Finding Your  Treasure  Within “The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart.” -Unknown By  Diana  Lynn I  can’t  go  to  lunch.  I’m  too  busy.   I  can’t  read  that  book.  I’m  too  busy.   I  can’t  work-­‐out.  I’m  too  busy.   I  have  too  much  work  to  do.  The  kids,  the  house,   if  I  don’t  take  care  of  it  who  will? I  caught  myself  daydreaming  at  work  the  other   day.  Not  the  good  kind  of  daydreaming.  The  kind   that  says,  “I’ve  been  wronged!”  I’d  just  goren  off   the  phone  with  a  client.  Was  he  rude?  It  felt  like   he  was  rude?  Why  did  he  talk  to  me  like  that?  I   don’t  deserve  that.  Does  he  always  do  that?  Who   does  that?  Well,  I  don’t  need  him!  …  Why  is  every-­‐ one  on  my  case  today?  I  do  everything  for  every-­‐ one  and… Mid  thought,  I  said  out  loud,  “What  are  you  do-­‐ ing?”   Why  are  you  wasTng  your  precious  Tme  thinking   about  this  man?  Then  I  started  to  wonder  how   much  of  my  Tme  is  spent  thinking  about  things   that  are  out  of  my  control  and  that  frankly,  don’t   mean  much  in  the  grand  scheme  of  my  life.   Was  he  rude?  Yes,  most  likely.  But  really  what  can   I  do  about  it?  How  is  spending  the  next  10  min-­‐ utes  stewing  on  it  going  to  help  my  day?  Is  it  go-­‐ ing  to  make  anything  berer?

Those thoughts  aren’t  going  to  release  anything   good  into  the  world  and  it  certainly  doesn’t  im-­‐ prove  my  own  world.  How  much  energy  is  spent   worrying  about,  dwelling  on,  remembering   when…?  Those  negaTve  thoughts  creep  in.  And   someTmes  they  are  so  present  I  don’t  even  think   we  hear  them  anymore.  What  are  they  doing  to   us?  How  are  they  affecTng  our  lives?   As  I  run  around  (busy  of  course)  trying  to  de-­‐ clurer  my  office,  my  junk  drawer,  and  that  closet   that  holds  everything.  The  one  thing  I  don’t  ac-­‐ Tvely  pracTce  is  to  de-­‐clurer  my  mind.   Cleanse  it  of  the  negaTve  self  talk.  Cleanse  it  of   the  worry  that  is  out  of  my  control.  Cleanse  it  of   that  lirle  voice  that  says  “You  can’t!”   I  challenge  you  to  become  aware.  Become  aware   of  that  lirle  voice.  What  is  it  saying?  Is  it  always   on?  Does  it  have  anything  nice  to  say? My  lirle  voice  says,  “Don’t  look  in  the  mirror  or   step  on  a  scale.”  It  says,  “You  can’t  relax  you  have   to  clean  the  house.”  It  says,  “Everyone  else  is  so   together,  what  is  wrong  with  you?” I  will  listen  to  that  lirle  voice  all  day.  Could  you   imagine  having  a  friend  who  talked  to  you  like   that?  They  probably  wouldn’t  be  your  friend  for   very  long.  But  somehow  I  always  perceive  that  lit-­‐ tle  voice  of  mine  as  always  right.   95

So I  challenge  you.  If  you  have  a  lirle  voice  who   isn’t  very  nice.  I  challenge  you  to  stop  listening.   Tell  that  lirle  voice  to  stop.  Say  stop  out  loud.   Right  then  you  have  brought  yourself  into  current   awareness.  Your  mind  isn’t  just  rambling  on.  You   have  control  right  there.  You  can  fill  your  mind   with  something  else.  Just  breathe.  Just  sit  quietly   for  a  moment.  Look  at  the  green  trees,  the  blue   sky,  nature  that  surrounds  you.  Just  observe  your   world.  The  kids  playing  in  the  yard.  The  dog  sleep-­‐ ing  in  a  sliver  of  sunshine  on  the  grass.  Just   breathe.  Listen,  observe  your  world.  The  clurer  in   your  mind  will  calm.  

I say  this  as  if  it  were  easy  to  do.  It’s  not.  It  takes   pracTce.  And  if  you  are  anything  like  me  as  you   pracTce  your  lirle  voice  will  yell  at  you  for  not  do-­‐ ing  it  right.  But  keep  pracTcing.  Learning  to  un-­‐ cover  that  sTllness  in  your  mind  is  like  finding  bur-­‐ ied  treasure.   Stop  anyTme  that  voice  gets  too  loud.  Stop  any-­‐ Tme  that  voice  takes  over.  Any  Tme  that  voice  says   you  can’t!    Just  stop,  breathe,  and  say  to  yourself,   “Yes,  yes,  I  can.”  




Dina Proctor  

Featured Wellness Woman

Best Selling  Author,  MeditaTon  Expert,   InspiraTonal  Speaker,  Wellness  Woman    “You  have  to  clean  out  what  is  not  working   first,  ferAlize  the  mind,  and  then  work  on  the   new  behaviors” MeditaTon  is  something  I  used  to  hear  about  a  lot   but   never   really   tried   it   unTl   about   four   years   ago.     Learning  to  meditate  has  opened  up  a  whole  new   world   for   me   and   meditaTon   has   also   brought   some  wonderful  women  in  my  life.    Dina  Proctor  is   one  of  those  women.    When  I  first  met  Dina  I  was   struck   with   her   enthusiasm   and   just   plain   HAPPI-­‐ NESS!  Dina  loves  her  life.    That  wasn’t  always  the   case.  About  four  years  ago  Dina  had  to  make  a  de-­‐ cision  to  change  her  life  significantly  and  went  into   a   recovery   program   for   alcohol   addicTon.     Through   her   self-­‐discovery   and   healing   Dina   found   that  meditaTng  3  minutes  a  day,  3  Tmes  a  day  (her   3x3  MeditaTon)  made  a  significant  impact  on  her   life.  In  the  last  four  years,  Dina  has  wriren  a  book,   become  an  accomplished  speaker  about  her  expe-­‐ rience   with   addicTon   recovery,   and   is   now   an   expert  in  holisTc  living.    Even  though  Dina  has  ex-­‐ perienced   all   of   this   success   as   a   result   of   her   journey,   she   is   sTll   so   humble   and   so   REAL!!   Her   zest   for   living,   and   her   renewed   spirit   and   vitality   is  an  inspiraTon…and  infecTous!  

Why do   you   think   it   is   important   for   women  to  detoxify  there  lives? I  think  when  we  were  born  into  this  world  we  are   born   in   a   clean   and   balanced   state.   As   we     go   through   our   lives   we   are   exposed   to   many   things  

that aren’t  supposed  to  be  a    part  of  us.    We  pick   up  “stuff”  in  our  spirits  that  we  aren’t  supposed  to   pick   up.     Occasionally   we   need   to   stop   and   take   stock.   We   need   to   check   in   with   ourselves…a   spiritual  check  in.    We  should  ask  ourselves,  “What   do   I   want   to   change?   What   do   I   need   to   change?”.     We   need   to   do   an   internal   cleanup   or   spring   clean-­‐ ing  process.  It  should  be  natural  and  not  dramaTc.     Checking   into   see   what   is   working   and   what   is   not   working.   Checking   in   to   make   sure   you   are   in   bal-­‐ ance…striving   to   achieve   the   balance   you   had   when  you  first  came  to  this  earth.  

What areas  have  you  looked  at  when  it   comes  to  detoxifying  your  life? I  take  a  look  at  my  physical  body.  I  look  at  the  ex-­‐ tra   toxins   I   may   have   feed   my   body.   What   I   have   eaten   that   isn’t   the   best.     I   exercise;   I   do   what   I   need  to  do  to  get  my  body  up  to  opTmum  health.     97

I have   learned   to   look   at   both   my   mental   and   emo-­‐ Tonal   health.       AddicTon   recovery   programs   teach   you  to  assess  your  past.    To  assess  what’s  working   and   not   working.   What   isn’t   feeling   good;   what   be-­‐ liefs  lead  to  depression  and  self  soothing  behavior.     I   was   addicted   to   alcohol   and   spent   a   year   going   through  addicTon  recovery.    What  I  learned  in  that   program   was   that   the   outside   circumstances   I   thought  were  making  me  drink  had  nothing  to  do   with   my   addicTon   to   alcohol.     It   was   something   within  me  that  needed  to  be  fixed.      I  had  to  ana-­‐ lyze  all  my  relaTonships  and  find  out  what  my  part   in   it   was.     I   had   to   asses   what   my   subconscious   thoughts  were  in  those  relaTonships.  It  was  at  first   overwhelming  but  then  I  thought  this  is  great.    If  I   created  it  (a  problem,  a  challenge)  I  can  change  it!  

What do  you  do  to  help  women  detoxify   and  change  their  lives? I  work  with  women  on  whatever  level  they  want.    I   am  a  mind,  body,  connecTon  coach.    For  instance   if   a   woman   comes   to   me   saying   she   is   stressed   out.  I  take  a  look  at  how  that  relates  to  her  mind,   body,   spirit   connecTon.     I   know   that   stress   creates   CorTsol,   which   can   create   bad   eaTng   habits   (crav-­‐ ings   of   sugar   and   salt)   which   can   create   other   is-­‐ sues   such   as   chronic   disease   and   obesity.     I   work   with   the   mentality   of   helping   people   get   in   sync   with  their  body.    What  type  of  movement  is  best,   what  foods  are  best,  what  other  changes  need  to   be  made.  I  help  women  get  in  tone  with  their  body   and   then   help   them   to   learn   to   listen   and   then   honor  the  message  they  receive.      Don’t  override   that  message  from  your  body.    I  also  help  women   with   changing   their   thought   parerns   and   limiTng   their  beliefs.  I  help  them  get  to  the  roots  of  their   problems   to   create   the   physical   and   internal   re-­‐ sults  that  they  want.  

What does   detoxificaTon   have   to   do   with   wellness   of   the   mind,   body   and   spirit? DetoxificaTon  of  your  mind,  body  and  spirit  is  just   like   moving   into   a   new   house.   If   you   move   into   a   new  house  and  no  one  has  arended  the  grounds   you  will  need  to  remove  some  weeds.    If  you  want   to   make   a   change   in   your   life   for   the   berer   you   first  have  to  remove  those  things  in  your  life  that   are  toxic;  that  make  your  mind,  body,  spirit  connec-­‐ Ton  unwell.    You  can’t  start  planTng  new  stuff  and   not  get  rid  of  the  bad  stuff.  All  that  work  you  did  to   improve  the  “grounds”  around  your  “house”  won’t   be   as   beauTful   and   will   eventually   be   choked   by   the  weeds.  We  need  to  learn  to  quite  the  mind,  be-­‐ fore  posiTve  thoughts  can  take  root.    All  thoughts   have   emoTonal   charges.     No   marer   how   minor   the  emoTonal  charge  it  can  sTll  be  disrupTve.    You   have  to  clean  out  what  is  not  working  first,  ferTlize   the  mind,  and  then  work  on  the  new  behaviors.  

What kinds   of   toxicity   have   you   removed   from   you   life?   How   did   it   change  your  life? There   isn’t   an   area   where   I   haven’t   removed   tox-­‐ ins.       I   would   change   jobs   every   8   months.   Not   something   I   would   recommend   (she   laughs)     When  I  did  internal  work  I  realized  there  was  some-­‐ thing   restless   inside   of   myself.     Now   that   I   am   healed   and   share   this   method   (her   3x3   method   meditaTon)   it   is   very   saTsfying.     I   was   able   to   de-­‐ tox   my   beliefs…   that   I   had   to   work   in   3rd   world   countries   and   work   for   non-­‐profit   in   order     to   be   fulfilled.     Ager   doing   the   work   I   realized   this   was   not   true.     I   also   realized   that   I   need   to   change   what   was   going   on   with   me   and   not   worry   about   98

changing the   other   person.     Now   I   am   very   clear   on  who  I  am.    I  have  learned  to  forgive  and  release   all  my  resentment,  all  my  unforgiveness  and  as  re-­‐ sult   I   no   longer   arract   the   kind   of   people   that   have   the   kind   of   energy   put   me   in   a   negaTve   space.     I   removed   all   the   old   beliefs   I   had   about   food   and   let   my   body   decide   what   I   need   to   eat.     What   is   amazing   is   I   am   in   sync   and   eaTng   in   a   healthier   way.     I   feel   so   deeply   saTsfied.     I   don’t   have  the  cravings  or  desire  to  eat  what  isn’t  good.  

What is   your   definiTon   of   a   Wellness   Woman? A   Wellness   Woman   is   one   who   is   consistently   in   touch   with   the   voice   of   intuiTon,   God,   whatever   you   call   that   voice.   When   you   feel   inspired   from   the   inside   you   will   do   something   that   is   leading   you   to   follow   your   dreams.     You   allow   your   inner   being   to   lead   you   in   a   inspired   way.     A   Wellness   Woman  is  able  to  let  go  of  fear  and  allow  them  to   be  led  intuiTvely.    Even  if  we  don’t  know  the  "why"   as  we  follow  that  path  we  trust  we  are  being  led  to   our  greater  good.    A  Wellness  Woman  honors  their   intuiTon  in  every  area  their  life  and  lives  according   to   their   intuiTon…living   according   to   internal   wis-­‐ dom  and  necessarily  the  wisdom  of  the  world.  

ing thousands   of   others   improve   their   lives   as   well.     Dina's   3x3   MeditaAon   method   is   helping   thou-­‐ sands   to   transform   their   personal   and   professional   lives.   Dina   Proctor   is   best-­‐selling   author   of   Madly   Chas-­‐ ing  Peace:  How  I  Went  From  Hell  to  Happy  in  Nine   Minutes  a  Day  and  a  life  and  business  coach..  Aser   hiang   emoAonal   rock-­‐boTom,   she   -­‐quite   uninten-­‐ Aonally!-­‐   created   a   process   called   3x3   MeditaAon   (3   minutes,   3   Ames   a   day)   that   enabled   her   to   transform   every   aspect   of   her   life.   From   weight   loss   and   banishing   addicAve   cravings   to   recon-­‐ strucAng   relaAonships,   this   simple   and   yet   incredi-­‐ bly   effecAve   method   has   gained   the   support   of   Jack  Canfield  and  Dr.  Bruce  Lipton,  and  is  now  help-­‐ ing   thousands   of   others   improve   their   lives   as   well.     Dina's   3x3   MeditaAon   method   is   helping   thou-­‐ sands   to   transform   their   personal   and   professional   lives.  

“Madly Chasing   Peace:How   I   Went   From   Hell   to   Happy   in   Nine   Minutes   a   Day”   Order   Here:     hrp://­‐Chasing-­‐Peace-­‐H appy-­‐Minutes/dp/1614483027/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF Dina   Proctor   is   best-­‐selling   author   of   Madly   Chas-­‐ 8&qid=1397941280&s ing  Peace:  How  I  Went  From  Hell  to  Happy  in  Nine   Minutes  a  Day  and  a  life  and  business  coach..  Aser   Website: hiang   emoAonal   rock-­‐boTom,   she   -­‐quite   uninten-­‐ Aonally!-­‐   created   a   process   called   3x3   MeditaAon   (3   minutes,   3   Ames   a   day)   that   enabled   her   to   transform   every   aspect   of   her   life.   From   weight   loss   and   banishing   addicAve   cravings   to   recon-­‐ strucAng   relaAonships,   this   simple   and   yet   incredi-­‐ bly   effecAve   method   has   gained   the   support   of   Jack  Canfield  and  Dr.  Bruce  Lipton,  and  is  now  help-­‐ 99


RelaTonship Detox Removing  The  Toxins  Aser  The  BreakUp Dr.  LaVerne  Adams   Okay,   so   here’s   the   deal!  I  was  married  for   26   years   un(l   my   for-­‐ mer   husband   decided   he   wanted   to   be   un-­‐ faithful.  He  was  an  excel-­‐ lent   provider   and   aZer   be-­‐ ing   married   for   that   long,   I   was   not   willing   to   give   up   that   easily.  AZer  two  years  of  pleading   with   him   not   to   throw   away   our   mar-­‐ riage,  I  filed  for  divorce  and  leZ  with  my   dignity.   I   was   unequivocally   unwilling   to   share  my  husband  with  another  woman.   If  you  have  ever  been  in  a  bad  rela(onship,  then  you   know   how   awful   it   is   for   you   personally.     AZer   the   breakup,   you   become   paranoid…   and   even   cynical.   You   become   so   untrus(ng.   Your   mind   evens   play   tricks   on   you.   You   convince   yourself   that   it   is   not   pos-­‐ sible  to  ever  be  happy  again  even  though  you  want  it   from   the   depths   of   your   soul.     You   subconsciously   avoid   men   like   the   plague   and   sabotage   anything   that  looks  like  a  real  possibility.   Right   aZer   my   divorce,   I   believed   that   the   best   re-­‐ venge   was   to   get   involved   in   a   great   rela(onship   right  away  just  to  prove  that  I  was  worthy  of  it.  But   that’s  just  not  a  good  mo(va(on  to  fall  in  love.  And   although  I  secretly  wanted  to  be  involved  in  a  good   rela(onship,  I  had  subconsciously  given  up  hope  that   a  las(ng  rela(onship  was  even  possible.  Needless  to   say,  in  that  state  of  grief,  I  was  certainly  ill-­‐equipped   to   make   wise   rela(onship,   or   any   important   decisions  for  that  maFer.  

When you   are   depressed,   it   is   near   impossible   to   make   good   choices   because   your   vision   is   skewed.     This   trau-­‐ ma(c  state  is  a  type  of  blind-­‐ ness.   But   one   day   I   saw   the   light.   I   realized   that   it   was   not   God’s  will  for  me  to  be  blinded  by   biFerness   or   carry   resentment   for   the   rest   of   my   life.   Regardless   of   who   had  done  what  to  me,  I  had  to  take  respon-­‐ sibility,   face   my   own   pain...and   deal   with   ME!   Needless  to  say,  this  quest  took  years.  Now  before   you   start   thinking   that   you   don’t   have   that   kind   of   (me,  let  me  assure  you  that  this  is  (me  well  spent.   The   saying   “Time   heals   all   wounds”   is   appropriate   here.  Some  things  just  take  (me  and  there  is  no  get-­‐ (ng  around  it.  So  instead  of  blaming  others  for  your   misfortune   do   some   soul   searching   regarding   your   responsibility   in   the   rela(onship   meltdown   so   that   history  does  not  repeat  itself.   More   importantly,   before   you   get   into   another   rela-­‐ (onship,   be   sure   you   bring   closure   to   the   last   one   or   you  risk  bringing  the  previous  failures  into  your  new-­‐ found   happiness.   This   is   why   over   50%   of   all   mar-­‐ riages   end   in   divorce   and   almost   70%   of   all   second   marriages   end   similarly.   The   numbers   are   through   the   roof   for   third   marriages   at   a   staggering   75%.   The   reason  is  because  the  partners  in  the  new  marriage   have  not  unloaded  their  baggage  but  simply  unpack   them  in  the  next  rela(onship.   When  you  suffer  from  rela(onship  trauma,  the  best   thing  that  you  can  do  is  to  take  the  necessary  meas-­‐ 101

ures to  detoxify  the  previous  rela(onship  poison  from   your  heart.  Forgiveness  is  key  if  you  plan  to  heal  and   move   on.   You   will   need   (me   alone   for   self   reflec(on   so   you   will   have   to   fight   the   emo(onal   challenge   of   loneliness.  Resist  the  tempta(on  of  just  wan(ng  to  be   “with”   somebody.   Trust   your   inner   compass   which   warns  you  regarding  dangerous  encounters  or  you  will   pay  a  high  price  for  it!  Following  your  physical  desires   for  some  provisional  company  can  leave  you  emo(on-­‐ ally   bankrupt   and   maybe   even   worse   off   than   when   you   started.   This   is   a   good   (me   to   get   your   hormones   under  control  and  stop  feeling  and  start  thinking!  Give   yourself   the   valuable   (me   you   need   to   get   reac-­‐ quainted   with   yourself   and   rediscover   what   really   makes  you  (ck.     The   best   thing   to   do   aZer   a   rela(onship   breakdown   is   to  develop  a  plan  for  personal  transforma(on.  A  good   strategy   is   to   promise   to   take   every   opportunity   to   be   true   to   yourself,   nurture   yourself,   and   love   yourself.   This  will  help  you  on  your  way  to  realize  your  rela(on-­‐ ship   dream   because   before   you   can   engage   with   an-­‐ other  “whole”  person,  you  must  be  “whole”  yourself.   Do  not  allow  the  pain  of  your  past  to  contaminate  the  

fulfillment of  your  future.  When  I  applied  this  strategy   to  my  own  life,  I  have  come  to  the  place  where  I  am   loving   life.   I   am   happier   than   I   have   ever   been   since   the   day   I   was   born!   And   now   it’s   no   wonder   that   I   have  more  men  interested  in  me  than  I  could  ever  pos-­‐ sibly  handle.   I  wrote  about  more  helpful  ways  for  you  to  transform   your   life   in   my   book   Driven   By   Des(ny:   12   Secret   Keys   to   Unlock   Your   Future.   Get   your   copy   today   at   www.DrivenByDes(  




Spring Clean  Your  Fridge What  to  leave  behind  to  leap  forward By  Dr.  Kathy  Gruver In  order  to  stay  truly  healthy  there  are  a  couple   things  I  recommend  eliminaTng.   Though  I  talk  frequently  about  my  80/20  theory   on  health,  these  are  things  I  feel,  for  the  most   part,  should  be  completely  eliminated.   GeneTcally  modified  foods  or  GMO's  are  perva-­‐ sive  in  our  food  supply.  I  believe  they  are  danger-­‐ ous  and  yet  to  be  properly  tested  on  humans.  Be-­‐ cause  we  are  all  biologically  individual  and  have   no  idea  what  long  term  cumulaTve  exposure  will   mean  for  us  I  think  you  should  be  taken  out  of   our  diets.  The  easiest  way  to  avoid  GMO's  is  to   avoid  processed  and  packaged  food  that  is  not  la-­‐ beled  organic.  Corn,  soy  and  coron  are  the  most   commonly  geneTcally  modified  crops.  This  is  corn   in  high  fructose  corn  syrup  and  corn  solids.  Soy  as  

in soy  protein  and  soybean  oil.  And  coron  as  in   coronseed  oil.  These  are  found  in  processed   foods  and  sodas.  These  GM  products  are  forming   new  proteins  that  some  believe  are  causing  an  in-­‐ crease  in  our  allergies.  At  the  very  least  since  we   have  started  geneTcally  modifying  these  crops   we've  seen  an  increase  of  pesTcide  use  of  over   50,000,000  gallons.  I  don't  personally  want   Roundup  on  my  food.  Having  meat  and  poultry   that  is  not  organic  is  also  exposing  you  to  geneT-­‐ cally  modified  components  in  the  form  of  the   grains  and  feeds  animals  are  being  fed.  Though   the  manufactures  of  these  products  claim  they   are  safe,  I  just  have  to  say  stay  away. In  that  same  vein  I  recommend  we  avoid  high   fructose  corn  syrup.  I  do  believe  there  is  a  direct   link  between  its  consumpTon  and  our  rate  of  o103 be-­‐

sity. Evidence  shows  it  may  shut  down  lepTn  pro-­‐ ducTon  in  our  brain  causing  us  to  eat  more.  At  the   very  least  it  has  been  geneTcally  modified  and  indi-­‐ cates  highly  processed  and  cheaply  made  food.   Stay  away  and  use  natural  sweeteners.   Which  leads  me  to  my  next  eliminaTon.  Stay  away   from  arTficial  sweeteners  like  Splenda,  sweet  and   low,  and  equal.  These  are  not  health  foods  and   may  be  shumng  down  lepTn  in  the  brain  causing   us  to  be  heavier.  A  diet  soda  is  not  a  health  prod-­‐ uct.  These  components  again  indicate  highly  proc-­‐ essed  food  and  have  been  linked  to  things  like   breathing  issues,  tumors,  memory  loss  and  head-­‐ aches.  There  are  many  natural  sweeteners  that   you  can  use.  I  prefers  stevia.   Let's  move  onto  beverages.  As  I  just  menToned   soda  is  to  be  cut  out.  Diet  or  regular  soda  has  no   health  benefits  or  beneficial  properTes  at  all.  It   contains  either  high  fructose  corn  syrup  or  arTfi-­‐ cial  sweetener  and  caffeine  is  a  problem  for  many   people.  And  the  darker  sodas  are  high  in  phospho-­‐ rus.  We  need  a  small  amount  of  phosphorus,  but   we  are  gemng  a  lot.  And  it  competes  for  absorp-­‐ Ton  with  calcium  and  wins.  So  if  you  are  a  teenage   girl  or  an  older  woman  concerned  about  osteopo-­‐ rosis,  know  that  the  components  in  the  soda  are   probably  leaching  calcium  from  your  bones.  There   are  many  healthier  beverage  choices.   Another  beverage  that  I  recommend  we  eliminate   is  milk.  Cow's  milk  that  is.  Here  are  the  reasons   why.    1.  We're  the  only  species  the  drinks  another   species  milk.    2.  We  are  the  only  species  the  drinks   milk  ager  we  have  been  weaned  from  our  mother.   If  those  aren’t  reason  enough  here  some  more:  3.   Milk  has  been  processed  with  homogenizaTon  and   pasteurizaTon.  During  those  processes  the  milk  is   heated  and  any  vitamins  and  minerals  are  de-­‐ stroyed.  They  then  take  a  handful  of  supplements  

and put  them  in  the  milk.  Are  they  even  usable  to   our  bodies?  4.  Ager  the  age  of  two  many  of  us   lose  the  enzymes  required  to  digest  milk  proteins.   Over  65%  of  the  populaTon  is  lactose  sensiTve.   For  those  people  that  can  sTll  digest  milk,  they  are   actually  the  geneTc  abnormaliTes. 5.  Most  milking  cows  are  tricked  into  thinking   they're  constantly  pregnant  using  high  amounts  of   hormones.  This  leads  to  the  udders  becoming  dam-­‐ aged  or  infected.  Much  of  our  milk  contains  traces   of  pus  and  blood.  STll  want  to  drink  milk?  Here's   the  last  one.  Milk  contains  high  amounts  of  anTbi-­‐ oTcs  and  other  growth  hormones.  We  are  seeing  a   huge  issue  with  anTbioTc  resistant  bacteria  in  our   society.  And  if  they  give  the  cows  hormones  to   make  them  grow  and  get  fat  quicker  what  do  they   think  that's  can  do  to  us?  So,  milk  makes  the  leave   behind  list.   So  you’ve  got  to  give  up  your  milk  so  you  head  to   soymilk.  Sorry,  I  don't  recommend  that  either.  I   think  we  are  very  over  “soyed”  in  this  society.  Soy   is  a  phytoestrogen  and  can  exacerbate  cancer  is-­‐ sues  in  women  who  are  hormone  sensiTve.  Also   soy  is  highly  processed  and  again,  unless  labeled   organic,  been  geneTcally  modified.  Some  soy  is   also  processed  with  hexane,  a  component  of  gaso-­‐ line,  which  makes  it  breakdown  quicker  to  process.   STck  to  almond  milk  or  hemp  milk  if  you  must  put   something  in  your  morning  coffee.

Well that  does  it.  There  are  certainly  other  things  I   recommend  to  add  and  subtract  for  berer  health   but  these  are  my  top  picks.  Do  the  best  you  can  to   make  the  healthiest  choices  in  your  life.  Take  the   best  food  and  the  best  thoughts  into  your  body   and  mind  and  see  the  benefits  the  healthy  lifestyle   can  bring. 104

Woman of Wellness Wellness women know the importance about breast exam and annual pap-smear
 This is something we must do every year
 Vitamins, protein, rest, and exercise is now our new regiment 
 now we are living life as if it’s heaven sent
 Wellness of mind, body, and soul is better than pure gold.
 Wellness is like the morning sun that keep your world brighten
 As you stand tall with strength, meeting each challenge 
 You take life by leaps and bounds
 Never touching the ground
 Wellness Women strike your pose for you are
 the new picture of the fountain of health
 Nurturing your body is your wealth
 Inspiring other women by living by example Is my sample
 Wellness is something you can’t keep a secret 
 Because your results are beaming when you step into the world
 You embrace life with such a glow as you speak your words f low
 You become the champion of your own destiny
 By loving yourself so much
 treating our body
 Like we treat our vehicle
 We keep it tune up and give it all the things
 To keep on running, we take pride in life
 We love the temple of our vessels
 And we thank God by showing him we love ourselves
 By being the Women of Wellness 105

© Luella  Hill-­‐Dudley

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Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond - Issue #4  

The DeTox Issue - The Nations First Mind, Body, Spirit eMagazine for Women 40 and Beyond.

Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond - Issue #4  

The DeTox Issue - The Nations First Mind, Body, Spirit eMagazine for Women 40 and Beyond.