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Spelling It Out - 4 Tips to Finding & Keeping Great LOVE


Why I Made The Film “Trail By Fire”


TIME FOR CHANGE: Whole Foods For Whole Health!


Energy Healing – A Wonderfully Simple Process Eliminate Negative Outcomes


Yes Women Lift


Celebrating Love


Intuition Mastery


Transforming Your Wellness by Learning to Love the Simplicity of Life


7 Secrets for Business Professionals and Solo-Prenuers


A Heart Healthy Diet - What does it mean?




What Every Woman Needs to Have After 40


Food Therapy for Women over 40


Self-Discovery Radio Network


Loving Your Time With You


LovingYour Body - 10 ways to Prevent Winter Weight Gain


A Healthy Dose of Sex


3 Tips To Embark On Your Journey


6 Yoga Poses to Enhance Your Spirit and Love Yourself!


7 Reasons to Love Your Breakfast with “Moatmeal”


Quinesence and the Q-Factor


Affirmations Affirmations to Increase Love

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From The Editor Whew! What a rollercoaster life can be!  I love life!! So full of surprises, challenges and ultimately victories.  In fact, that is how I feel about this particular issue of Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond E-Magazine…VICTORIOUS!  Why? Well … The year 2015 was quite a year.  I had the wonderful experience of having two grandchildren in one year!  I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to be at both births and to care for my daughters and their newborns.  It was such a blessing to spend this time with them but I had to make some difficult choices.  One of the choices involved not publishing this magazine for a year.  I finally had to admit to myself that it was just too much and I need a break to care for my daughters and myself.    Now in 2016, I am back with a new issue of Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond E-Magazine.  I wanted this issue to be about love and the importance of how a healthy mind, body and spirit can contribute to the ability to truly love ourselves.   I have learned a powerful lesson about the importance of taking good care of me so that I can continue to be there for everyone else.   I hope you love this issue as much as I have loved putting it together.  The contributors have my undying appreciation and love for writing such informative yet fun articles.  Many thanks to Lisa Ryan, Nancy Ferrari and Dr. Ro our Wellness Women, for allowing me to get a glimpse of their greatness and share the results of our talk with you.  I am also forever grateful to Paul Jones, my brother from another mother, who painstakingly laid out this magazine graphics and all.  Also, thank you to the wonderful team at Self Discovery Radio Net-

work who joined Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond to offer the creative and affordable Pursuit of Wholeness advertising packages. This magazine would not have been possible without the unconditional love of my husband Michael, my beautiful daughters, family and close friends who continually encourage me and tell me “I can do it” even when I fee I can’t. Thank you dear ones, I love you all. This year promises to be a fantastic and eventful year.  I can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring.  I pray you will continue to read Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond and support our efforts as we continue to provide you with information on how to stay well in your mind, body and spirit. Health and Blessings, Lynnis

The “Re-creation” of Recreation

The Many Benefits of Transformational Travel By Dr. Katherine T. Kelly Travel feeds me. Nothing else transforms

days to a couple weeks, while focusing on

my life, inspires my soul, or restores my

a particular theme that might include vary-

mind and body in the way that a

ing periods of self-reflection and relaxa-

transformational journey does. We all fan-

tion. These might include spiritual geta-

tasize about a favorite vacation spot when

ways which heighten one’s awareness

we need a break from the daily grind, and

about their life path, providing ways that

somehow know we would be transformed

participants can proceed to a new level of

if we could escape for even just a few

understanding about themselves or their

Transformational travel offers three main

current stage of life. A transformational

types of experiences (retreats, journeys,

journey typically includes stays at several

and intensives) as well as endless possibili-

different locations along the way as part of

ties for visiting breathtaking sites around

a progressive travel experience. For exam-

the globe. Retreats are held in one

ple, a journey might include stops at vari-

specific location and range from a few

ous sacred temples, ancient ruins, or

natural wonders that hold metaphorical

self-care, or perhaps how to make a par-

meaning to concepts such as building con-

ticular lifestyle change.

fidence, finding one’s life purpose, or healing from a major life transition. Travel intensives are learning vacations that have a concentrated focus on one specific area of life, such as how to become a better leader, how to create better life-balance or

Finding the right transformational travel experience is essential in making your trip a success. Here are a few things to consider as you decide which journey is right for you: 1) Consider your current life situation and examine how you would like to learn and grow. Find a trip that will help you explore this area of life. 2) Think about a particular place you’ve always wanted to visit. Transformational travel leaders are often experts on the areas in which they lead trips, so not only will you visit that desired spot, you’ll also have an expert along to help you transform your life. 3) Afraid to travel alone? The beauty of a pre-planned journey is that your travel leader will have everything taken care of for you so you can fully immerse yourself in your self-development or healing experience and be among others who are doing


the same. 4) Learn about the location and explore what you want out of your trip. Although transformational travel is specifically de-

signed to enhance your life, it is up to you

evolve and enhance overall well-being. As

to co-create your successful outcome.

the author of Soul Health: Aligning with

5) Enjoy your journey and remain open to all of the possibilities for growth and evolution. Personally, I have attended many retreats,

Spirit for Radiant Living, I’m now excited and honored to offer transformational journeys for others, and I can’t wait to cocreate amazing experiences in amazing places for you!

journeys, and intensives both throughout the United States and in other countries. Each time, I have found that these experience offer invaluable opportunities to

Dr. Katherine T. Kelly Dr. Katherine T. Kelly is a holistic health psychologist, author, speaker, and transformational travel leader. Her office is in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, but she practices around the world. For more information, go to www.drkatherinetkelly.com or to www.soulhealthtravel.com.

To learn more: http://selfdiscoveryradio.com/2016/02/02/the-re-creation-of-recreation-dr-kathleen-kelly/

Energy Healing A Wonderfully Simple Process to Eliminate Negative Outcomes

By Jen Poulson My name is Jen Poulson, creator and founder of Jen Poulson Consulting. My team and I are passionate about helping business owners, entrepreneurs and network marketing professionals make more money, be more productive, feel more confident, and attract team builders and clients with ease. Lynnis Woods-Mullins, owner of this emagazine and a successful, award winning entrepreneur, invited me to share this exciting work with you because she has experienced the powerful impact that energy

Our team is trained and certified in a pow-

coaching makes in her own life and

erful energy coaching method called Sim-


ply Healed™. Energy Coaching has helped me improve my life and

Energy Coaching is the simple process of

relationships in profound ways. I want eve-

identifying and eliminating negative sub-

ryone to find the joy, success, and healing

conscious thoughts, emotions, and beliefs

that is available right now!

that affect how you feel, think, and react.

• Do you feel like you run around in circles, setting goals that you never accomplish? • Do you want to build a big business this year…one that supports you and brings you joy? • Do you wish you could get more done in a day? • Would you like to have more confidence like the leaders you admire? • Do you feel mentally and physically overwhelmed and need more energy? • Do you notice that as you move toward success, you have setback after setback getting in your way? • Are you ready to increase the amount of time that you feel good and have your life and business go well?

• How to feel more relaxed when you meet and talk to new people. • How to feel more confident when you present and offer products, train team members, and lead others. • How to build financial freedom with an income that helps you increase your savings, and spend more time with your family. • How to attract high-quality team builders and clients so you can grow your business faster. Testimony Within one month of working with Jen, our team's production jumped 240 per-

If you said yes to any of these questions,

cent! This was our best month ever and we

then I personally invite you to join me for a

anticipate more record breaking success. I

free, special 1-hour call that will help you

personally have had an increase of inner

get on the path to what you really want: a

peace and this helps me lead and commu-

successful life and business that supports

nicate with my team in a more clear and

your dreams and brings you joy.

positive way. Our team feels more connected to each other, our customers and

It is called: Energy Breakthrough for Team

the community. Each time I speak with


Jen, the world seems to slow down and be-

On the call we will release energetic blocks

come much more clear. Thank you Jen!


- Luke Billman, Academy Mortgage

• How to be more productive so you can get more done every day, in far less

I LOVE my sessions with Jen. I LOVE the


shift and transformation in my life, my relationships, my attitudes, my thoughts,

my business and my connection to God.Â

sionals who are looking to increase suc-

Positive energy is real. The work Jen and

cess, build a bigger business, and still

her team does is such a powerful tool to

have energy at the end of the day!

connect you to success at levels I never knew existed. Thank you, Jen!

To learn more:

- Kimberly Cooper Fodrie, Essential Oil



eliminate-negative-subconscious-thoughts -jen-poulson/

Click on this link today  http://www.jenpoulson.com/#!wellness-w oman-ad/c1ksg to reserve your place on this powerful success call. I am looking forward to meeting you! -Jen Click here to hear more about my great products and services. http://www.jenpoulson.com P.S. This Energy Breakthrough for Team Builders call is completely free to you. There is no obligation. It comes highly recommended by Lynnis, especially for network marketing and other business profes-


Dr. Rovenia M. Brock aka Dr “Ro” Exceptional, Extraordinary, Exquisite

I always say that I love social media. It has put me in touch with wonderful people, especially women who care about wellness for women as much as I do. But, that is not how I met Dr “Ro”. I actually received a call from Dr “Ro”. I was so surprised!. Of course I had heard of her. Dr “Ro” is the well-known and accomplished nutrition coach, author, speaker, and television personality. I was thrilled that she had called me. But here is the funny thing, she called me because I had gone to college with her husband, Dr. Murray Riggins, over 30 years ago! (I always say there is actually much less than 7 degrees of separation more like 2 degrees these days) We proceeded to have a wonderful conversation.. She has a passion for wellness

and getting the message out there for all women. She understands the importance of educating women in mid-life about the importance of taking good care of their bodies. At the age of 60, Dr Ro is not only beautiful and gracious, she is seasoned and experienced. She knows that as women, we need to be inspired and understood. She realizes that many of us are feeling hopeless and not motivated to make the changes in our lifestyle that will improve our health. Most importantly Dr. Ro understands what it takes to inspire, edu-

Acceptance is important because we

cate and motivate women to make that

spend a lot of time in judgment of our-

change. Dr. Ro is a gift to all of us. She

selves and others. We live in a world where

personifies the true meaning of what a

acceptance is needed. We have to accept

Wellness Woman truly is.

ourselves for who we are. We always want

What three things do you think are important for a Wellness Woman to know as we move forward along our journey to wellness?

There are three things I think women must know and be aware of along their journey to wellness. Women need to understand the importance of love, acceptance, and surrender. Women need to know and understand the importance of love. From love comes everything else.

things to be different than what they are. Sometimes we are swimming upstream always trying to make life different than what it is. We need to learn to accept our lives as they are, and be grateful Surrender is also important. We must surrender to the spirit. That is the walk I am on right now. I just turned 60 not long ago and it wasn’t until about a month ago I totally understood that ultimately we don’t control anything but our choices. There is so much of life that is out of our control. It is left up to a being higher than us. Life is so intricate and we are truly unaware of its deep intricacies. I had to learn this

through death. I lost a family member and

About Dr Ro

I realized in a moment that I had no control

Author of Dr. Ro’s Ten Secrets To Livin’

over it. But here is the thing…I considered

Healthy and an award-winning health jour-

myself a Type A personality, and I am do-

nalist and television personality known for

ing better at not getting in my way as

her easy-to-apply diet, fitness, and health

much. When I finally stopped getting out

advice for women and families. As a lead-

of my way, I realized that I was not the one

ing nutrition coach for over 2 decades, she

ultimately in control of my life. . As I get

was named by More and Consumer Health

older wisdom comes. I was driving down

Magazines as one of the nation’s top 5 nu-

the street one morning and I decided to

tritionists. She pens a health Column Amer-

stop praying for “stuff” and decided to put

ica’s Nutrition Coach, for the National

it all in God’s hands. I said out loud ‘What-

Newspaper Publishers Association that is

ever it is you want me to do. What I want is

distributed to 200 African American news-

what you want for me’ Once that hap-

papers nationwide. Dr Ro has been on nu-

pened I felt less stress, a sense of light-

merous television shows such as Dr. Oz,

ness. God has already given me so

The Meredith Vieira Show”; “Anderson

much. I realized that God actually didn’t

Live” with Anderson Cooper; The Today

create me to be just on a television show.

Show, The CBS Early Show, Good Morn-

I now know he has bigger plans for me.

ing America, and to National Public Radio.

This epiphany came from surrender. It

She has also hosted her own show “Livin’

came from surrendering everything to God

Healthy with Dr Ro”. Dr Ro has been fea-

just recently. After that I got a “gift”. It is

tured in O Magazine, Quick & Simple, Self,

one of several such gifts that I have re-

Ebony, Essence, and numerous national

ceived in the course of my life. I am not

publications. Dr. Ro has served as the resi-

stressed about getting my own television

dent nutritionist and blogger for

show. I recognize my purpose is greater

iVillage.com, the leading health source for

than just being a talk show host. I am

women and families online, and joins Presi-

grateful for the gift to be an inspiration to

dent Barack and First Lady Michelle

anyone. I am so grateful to be able to put

Obama and Oprah Winfrey on the Ebony

my expertise in books. I am grateful for the

Power 100 List of the Most Influential Afri-

opportunity to make a difference and be a

can Americans (2010 and 2011). Dr. Ro

blessing to others.

holds a PhD in Nutritional Sciences, a MS

Degree in Community Nutrition and Broadcast Journalism from Howard University, and a BS degree in Foods and Nutrition from Virginia State University. As an award winning nutritionist she has received many awards, including the from The National Medical Association, The American Heart Association, The American Cancer Society, and is the recipient of Howard University’s Most Distinguished PhD alumnae award (1998 and 2002). Dr. Ro is Nutrition Director at Dr. Riggins’ Medical Aesthetic Skin Care (MASC) in Gadsden, Alabama, a medical aesthetic practice she co-owns with her husband, Dr. Murray Riggins. Click here http://bit.ly/InterviewWithDrRo to hear her interview on “The Wellness Journey Podcast Series” Website – www.everythingro.com Twitter – www.twitter.com/everythingro Facebook – www.facebook.com/drrobrock

YES WOMEN LIFT By Laticia “Action”Jackson Have you ever thought about starting a weight lifting or resistance training fitness program, but you were afraid that building muscle would cause you to appear less feminine, or “manly”? If this is you, you are not alone! For years, women have been led to believe that if they lift weights then they will become muscular and manly looking. Have you bought into this myth? If you have, allow me to put this misconception to rest, and explain why you will not appear manly if and when you add weight lifting to your fitness program.

You WON’T Look Like a MAN Women naturally have lower levels of a masculine hormone called testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone that gives men their manly features such as facial hair, deep voices and dense muscle tissues. Most women possess small amounts of this hormone in their bodies, therefore they do not produce large manly muscles from lifting weights. Therefore if or when you see women with large muscles, typically they are athletes or female bodybuilders who intentionally use heavy weight to progressively build their muscles. Their muscular growth is built to perform at optimal levels for their particular sport or built to perform on the bodybuilding stage. Therefore the chances of a women getting bulky muscles from lifting light to moderate amounts of weight is slim to none. Now that we have put that myth to rest allow me to tell you about the many benefits of lifting weights. The Benefits are Many!

ing your metabolism, and even burning calories while at rest! With so many benefits to your health, I’d encourage you to slowly incorporate resistance training into your fitness program at least three days per week, using light weights (8-10lbs) with a repetition range of

According to the American College of

12-15. If you feel uncomfortable with lift-

Sports Medicine (ACSM), weight training

ing weights, hire a qualified personal

should be an integral part of a healthy

trainer to assist you. In my new women’s

adult’s fitness training program. Weight

fitness training book “Yes Women Lift- A

training can assist you in burning more

Woman’s Guide to Lifting Weights and

body fat, building stronger bones, increas-

Feeling Great” (available on Amazon) I provide you with step-by-step information on

how to identify your body type and how it responds to exercise, how to set realistic fitness training goals, how to lift weights properly and so much more! I promise you, lifting weights will make you feel fit, empowered and unstoppable! That’s how I’ve felt for the last 15 years and I desire you to feel the same way too! Laticia “Action” Jackson, Fitness Olympian, Health and Fitness Expert, Speaker, and Author Fitness Expert / I.F.B.B. (International Federation of Body Building and Fitness) Professional /Author Laticia “Action” Jackson has over 12 years of experience in the health and fitness field. She holds a B.S. Degree in Exercise Science (UWF), A.A. Degree in Human Performance, is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Lifestyle and

ally recognized fitness publications

Weight Management Specialists and c

(Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness Hers, Flex,

Masters Degree in Public Health from

Ironman, Muscular Development) and has

American Pacific University. She’s the

made multiply television appearances

author of several books. Her latest book is “Yes Women Lift dispels the myth that women who lift weights are manly and less

www.laticiactionjackson.com To learn more:

feminne. Her book also helps you identify your unique body type and how to create a


personalized resistance training program.


She is a 3-Time NPC National Fitness Champ, 2008 I.F.B.B. Fitness Olympian and top-level I.F.B.B. fitness professional. She has been featured in over 11 nation-

A Heart Healthy Diet What does it mean? By Ramona Fasula, Certified Holistic Health Heart disease-the elephant in the room

that we must pay attention to, it is diet that

that we know exists, but yet no one wants

some researchers believe is the most criti-

to talk about. If you have a heart, which

cal. A comparison between a heart

we all do, heart disease should be a con-

healthy diet and the typical diet of some-

cern, especially if you are a woman. Heart

one living in the developed world shows a

disease continues to be the number one

73% reduction in the risk of cardiac events

killer of women in this country. That’s the

in the former. This is great news because

bad news. The good news is that heart dis-

we have 100% control over our diet.

ease is 80% preventable. Yes, you read correctly-80%.

So what does it mean to eat a heart

Consider these statistics:

to eat a diet low in saturated fat, sodium,

• A woman dies every minute from heart disease • Out of 1,000 women, 351 die from heart disease each year. • One in three women will die from heart disease • More women die from heart disease than men; this has been true since 1984

cholesterol, and sugar, and plenty of fruits,

This doesn’t have to be. If heart disease is 80% preventable, then let’s prevent it. So how do we do it- through diet and lifestyle changes. While there are several factors

healthy diet? While it is true that we need

vegetables, and whole grains, we also need to focus on eating foods that contain

critical nutrients for heart health. The problem is that most people don’t know what these nutrients are, let alone why they are good for us. Here is a list of 5 nutrients that are the key to a healthy heart: • Omega 3’s are a one-two punch. They are found in foods such as salmon and sardines plus flax and chia seeds, and support your heart by decreasing inflammation (an underlying cause of heart disease), preventing clot formation , and helping to maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. • Quercetin-Quercetin is a plant-derived flavanoid that contains natural antiinflammatory properties that can help to prevent blood clots. Apples are a natural source of quercetin. When they say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, they mean it. • Folate-Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, and swiss chard and romaine lettuce contain high amounts of folate, which helps to maintain healthy levels of homocysteine. Homocysteine is an amino acid and people with higher levels are found to be at higher risk of heart attacks, vascular disease, and strokes. • Lycopene-Lycopene is what gives tomatoes its red color. It is an anti-oxidant that

has been associated with a reduced risk of heart disease. Ironically, if you cut a tomato in half, it has four chambers. What else has four chambers? That’s right, your heart. • Magnesium Every organ in our body needs magnesium, especially our heart. It is essential for a normal heartbeat. Magnesium has also been shown to reduce blood pressure in several large studies and may help those recovering from heart attacks as well. Walnuts and spinach are a great source of magnesium. Next time you go to the supermarket, make sure you are loading up on foods that contain these critical nutrients and don’t forget to read labels to ensure that you are eating foods that are low in saturated fat, sodium, cholesterol, and sugar. This is what a heart healthy diet is all about. You’re heart will certainly thank you for it.

Ramona Fasula

Ramona Fasula is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and CEO of Wellness by Ramona. She helps busy professionals to feel confident, secure, and in control of their health by designing customized wellness programs that help them to reach their health goals. She is a natural health expert, and has dedicated her life to helping others enjoy a better quality of life. With a host of various certifications in the health and wellness field, she will be pursuing a Doctorate in Holistic Nutrition in the near future. She is also a first time author of “A Health Coach’s Guide to Heart - Health.”  She has made several guest appearances on such radio shows and television. She has also written for various publications. In her spare time, she is a volunteer for the American Heart Association and serves as the lead in the DreamViolet Healthy Lifestyle Initiative.  With so much passion and knowledge, it is easy to see why she has achieved the level of success that she has had with her clients.


GO: http://bit.ly/TheWellnessJourneyPodcast

7 Secrets for Business Professionals and Solo-Prenuers Taking Loving Care of Your Mind, Body and Spirit By Sam Rafoss, RHN Many women over 40 in business both

wanted pounds. Spending a lot of time at

love and dread the approaching of a new

networking and attending these functions

year in their business. It is fun to spend

is fun but it does take time and can lead to

time at wonderful networking sessions, par-

making less money (initially) which can ulti-

ties and other business functions. Yet on

mately lead to making less money. This

the other hand there’s the rich foods, alco-

causes a lot of stress for many female en-

hol, lack of sleep, weight gain and for solo-

trepreneurs over 40 who are the sole pro-

preneurs, and this can lead to a lot of un-

viders for them and their families.

As a seasoned entrepreneur and net-

rie foods with little nutrition. Aim for two or

worker, I’ve been to my fair share of net-

three healthy choices and one indulgence

working events and beginning of the year

if you really want to have it. Include a

gatherings. I’ve learned a few critical se-

handful of vegetables for their vitamins

crets that help keep me healthy and

and minerals and to help keep you full. If

stress-free during the holiday season and

you choose to drink a glass of wine or


stronger alcohol, decide how much first.

As with all success, it starts with a plan. That’s why it is the first of seven secrets to help you stay health and on track with your wellness when having a heavy social/ business calendar. #1 Plan: Review your schedule and decide how many networking and business events you are going to attend and add them to your calendar. Next, plan ahead for each event. Eat a snack with protein before you go to help prevent overeating and overindulging. Know the time you want to arrive and leave and do your best to stick to it. Remind yourself it’s about “work” not just a party and you schedule your work so this is part of it. Pace your-

Alcohol is full of sugar and empty calories. Five pounds can be gained in one week from two extra daily drinks. I sometimes switch from a straight glass of wine to a wine spritzer (this cuts down on the alcohol by adding soda water and ice to a splash of wine – often I add a lime squeeze for extra taste and Vitamin C). #3 Sleep: Combine unhealthy foods and alcohol with a lack of sleep and it is one of the fastest ways to get run down, stressed and sick. Make sure you get enough sleep throughout the year. Only you know how much sleep you need to stay healthy. Do your best to listen to your body and get the rest and relaxation you need.

self for the season to balance fun and

#4 Breathe: Make a point every day to

work to keep the money flowing and re-

take a few minutes to consciously breathe

duce your stress.

deeply. Many women don’t realize they

#2 Balance Your Food & Beverage Choices: Review your food and beverage choices before you start eating and drinking. You can better choose a good balance of nutrient-dense foods to high calo-

hold their breath or shallow breath when they are feeling overloaded and stressed. Deep breathing can relieve stress and reenergize you. If you can step outside on the grass with bare feet and breathe deeply for a few minutes, even better. The

energetic connection to the earth called

Get your copy of “The 4 Fundamentals of

“grounding” may be just what you need on

a Booming Holistic Business” at

an especially hectic day.


#5 Exercise: It can be hard to keep up to

Sam Rafoss, RHN

your regular routine after during an espe-

Sam Rafoss, RHN is a speaker, author and Marketing Strategist for Nutrition and Holistic Practices. She is a member of CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) Calgary, has Diplomas in Social Work and Natural Nutrition and is a Registered Karuna Reiki Master. Sam understands first-hand how gifted healers struggle with marketing themselves and their services. As a healer and a marketer, she has made it her mission to share her unique combination of spiritual & holistic marketing expertise to help the healers of the world attract their ideal clients and make money doing what they love to do.

cially busy time for your business. Commit to doing something active daily. Write it down and post it where you can see it or find an activity partner so you keep each other accountable. Take a 10 minute brisk walk to energize yourself. Take the stairs, park at the end parking lots. Whatever you can do to add activity into your day, do it. #6 Follow Up: If you meet someone that could be a potential client or referral, kindly request their card and ask if you can follow up via email or phone at a specific date and time and then do it.

This is a

good way for you to develop new business. #7 Laughter & Fun: Make a point to laugh each day. Laughter releases stress. Complete your work and other priorities and then allow yourself time to celebrate too. By having a plan, staying healthy and following through with business, you can still eat, drink and have a wonderful time throughout the year!

Go: https://blab.im/PraiseWorks

Quinesence and the Q-Factor Definition

Quinesence “The life journey taken in disco vering, embracingand actualizing of S-E-L-F. The Soul Enabled Life Force that guides one in how to live life in order to be more purposeful, meaningful and productive in serving the betterment of humanity.” 

By Bill “Smok’n DAWG” Join show host Bill Mackie for his brand new talk show on SELF Discovery Radio called “Quinesence”. On this weekly series Bill will introduce you to people from around the world who have taken the life journey of discovering, embracing and actualizing their Soul Enabled Life Force that has lead them to do the work they now do in helping others live life with greater, purpose, meaning and dignity. Be sure to tune in and listen to the shows premier shows where Bill Mackie shares his own story of how Quinesence came into being as a result of helping his close friend Sara Troy, realize her own greater purpose in life by creating the PLV Radio Station which is now called SELF Discovery Radio.

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About Bill Mackie  ”I am a humble man who embarked on a life long journey with god at my side. There to guide and teach me on how to live life with true purpose, meaning and dignity.”  This is one of the many profound statements you may encounter Bill making during a casual conversation with him because Bill does not consider himself to be a religious person nor does he follow any prescribed faith. His belief is that god deeply is embedded into the very genetic code we are made from and it is though the relationship with S.E.L.F. (Soul Enabled Life Force) that one discovers their true purpose and meaning in life. 

Bill latest business venture is developing a software program called the Q-Factor that can be downloaded and run on any mobile device or computer. The program will enable you to live a more purposeful, meaningful and productive life by being able to quickly assess how events in world around you are effecting your ability to progress forward in life. Be sure to listen to Bill’s show to learn more about this incredible software program sue to be released July 2016. To learn more about these and other projects Bill is working on, be sure to visit his websites… 

http://www.Quinesence.com and http://www.LivingFractals.com

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ACTIVATE THE LIFE YOU IMAGINED! Empower Your Life with Your Sense-Abilities By Nancy Ferrari Are you living your life as you imagined?

The measurement of time, or the lack of

Along the journey through the chapters of

enough time, within our lives leave us feel-

our life, beginning at an early age, when

ing that time isn’t our ally, as we can’t find

our imagination was vivid, we lived fear-

the time to enjoy a morning meditation, let

lessly and were creative without effort.

alone write our thoughts into a journal,

Every day was an adventure as we lived in

which is a vital process for self-care.

the present moment with a carefree state

Whether you’re a woman racing the clock

of mind. As the years progressed, we

to get to work, using spare time to run er-

shifted into what was structured for us, de-

rands, possibly working 12 hours a day or

signed for us, all with expectations that

racing home to prepare dinner and then

were either placed on us, or what we

spend the rest of the day getting ready for

chose to do in life. What I have observed

tomorrow is daunting at best. As a mother

within the chapters of my life, as well as

of 3 active children, I can relate to moth-

others, that questions surfaced as to who

ers, and career women, who share their

we really are, what are we here to do and

frustrations as they truly have lost their

we wonder how to release the invisible

sense of self. What I know to be true, is

shackles that have bound us from living in

setting our intention and commitment is vi-

our true potential and discovering our pur-

tal to carve out time for ourselves, no mat-

pose in life.

ter what stage in life we are experiencing.

Excuses could fill pages as to why we can’t find the time to focus on ourselves and I’m here to share that we have the power of choice to live an empowered life! Self-love is the greatest gift to yourself and as I share some tips to activate or reactivate our senses, you will find that you’ll feel a renewed awakening, vibrancy and sense of purpose. When you shift into that state of allowing yourself to receive, you’ll be astounded as to how all your senses .. touch, taste, smell, hear, sight and your intuition will be heightened. When we give ourselves permission to step into the essence of you, you will find that negativity and disempowering thoughts and energy drainers will dissolve as you replace them with more empowering thoughts. For example, when you look at the flowers instead of the weeds, it’s quite clear which vision is appealing. Being in gratitude for the sight to see the beauty of a rose bush, smell the fragrance of a rose, feeling the velvety coating of a rose, even hearing the breeze within the rose bushes will elevate your consciousness. Taking it one step further, tapping into your intuition as to the significance of the flower will provide an analogy to your life … if a flower can bloom from a tight bud, so can you. Your life is intended to be in full bloom! There are times when we feel very isolated and

that we’re the only one who is going through difficult and challenging days. Good news! I’m here to share that you are never alone! Regardless of your beliefs, there is the spirit within, the light in your heart that is with you always, supporting you and if you take the time to hear the calling, you will tune into the remembrance that you are always supported. When you shift into a state of radiating love, without expectation, more of what you send out, comes your way. Pay attention to your thoughts and keep them positive. Once again, more abundance will come your way which is truly how the Universe works as we are all energy. In summary, when you take positive steps to discovering the beauty in life, setting aside time just for you, making time for physical activity, as it’s well known that when things get emotional, it’s time to get physical, you will discover your empowered sense of self, living a life of clarity and your purpose in life. We

have 86,400 seconds in a day and when you are intentional to set some of those seconds for you, infinite possibilities await you. Embrace the gift of you as the world is waiting to receive your brilliance!

Nancy Ferrari Nancy Ferrari shares her messages of inspiration and positivity as the host of her radio show, The Nancy Ferrari Show, on W4CY Radio and K4HD Radio within Talk 4 Media Network and also on iHeartRadio. Nancy is a speaker, author of Discover the Essence of You, and contributing writer for many online publications, as well as a coauthor within the best-selling books, Selling With Synchronicity and Contagious Optimism. Nancy’s mission is to help women connect with their core essence and discover their true calling within her signature coaching programs to connect, evolve and discover infinite possibilities. www.nancyferrari.com

Transforming Your Wellness by Learning to Love the Simplicity of Life

By Jen Poulson The older I get, the more value I place on

muscle testing affirmations that indicate

time making memories and connection.

where subconscious blocks are causing

The "stuff" just doesn't excite me

stress and fear. We had an awkward mo-

anymore. It feels heavy and creates physi-

ment when the following affirmation came

cal and emotional clutter. I lean towards

up: "I let go of childhood trauma." I

wanting to simplify everything.

paused. Every mistake I've ever made as a

My son recently asked me to do a session for him to help clear stress and fear as he begins college life.  I, of course, was excited because I know how powerful energy healing sessions are for people, and to have my children ask for a session makes my heart happy!  Part of the session is

mother came rushing to my mind.  I took a breath and said, "Um, sorry, that's probably my fault."  Yes, awkward for me, but this child of mine just chuckled. I realized in that moment that there wasn't anger or blame towards me, just an openness to the moment, and a desire to clear limiting beliefs blocking his success.

I have thought about that moment several

or for things not working out. I take re-

times since. I realized that the best gifts I

sponsibility for how I want to show up in

can offer my children are:

my life and for what I want to create. And

#1 cleaning up my own emotional clut-

most of all, I rely on God. A lot.  I hope my children are watching me...even if they

ter (so it's not spilling onto them as fear,

don't understand me yet. One day, they

lack of patience, or negativity of any

will have a moment where they know that


they have a choice. A choice of how to

#2 recognizing my worth (because after all, we all see ourselves in our parents, and if I value myself, they are going to know they are worth valuing as well)  #3 discovering my purpose and dreams and living in alignment and integrity of that understanding (if they see me going for it, they will know they can dream big, go for it, create whatever they want, know they have something to offer and have an important place in the world) Am I a perfect parent? Nope!  Not even close.  I mess up all the time. I try to be better every day though.  I say sorry when I need to.  I ask forgiveness when I need to.  I don't blame others for how I feel

show up in their lives. A choice to be happy or blame someone else for whatever.  And in that moment, I hope they think to themselves... "if mom can do it, I can do it!"  And in that moment I hope they will choose to go have a great life, because they know they are worth it and they know that the truth is, they really can have a great life! (Cont’d next page...)

I'll never forget the gift I received the day of that session with my son - a deeper understanding of the best gifts I can give my children.

Jen Poulson Jen Poulson holds a Bachelor's degree in Family Psychology, is a Certified SimplyHealed™ Energy Coach, speaker, Giving Game Mentor, contributing author in Wellness Woman magazine as well as a frequent guest speaker on "The Wellness Journey!"  blog talk radio show.   She works with individuals and business owners to release underlying negative emotions that block happiness and success.  Through SimplyHealed™ energy coaching, you will experience quick and lasting relief from emotions and false beliefs that trigger fear, low self-esteem, anxiety, de-

scious beliefs so you can be your best,

pression, health issues, money issues, and

quicker and easier than you can imagine!

much more.  Jen is passionate about helping you release your negative subcon-


Intuition Mastery By Dr. Toni Luisa Rivera, Doctor of Chiropractic

Intuition Mastery is dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing workshop environment that allows each participant to enhance and develop their natural intuitive ability. Each workshop provides specific content for skill building and application. The natural progression in the workshop series allows people to build their skill and ability for application in their personal and professional lives. Those attending have reported increased satisfaction and success in their work, improved personal relationships and an increase in their income.


Dr. Toni Luisa Rivera Toni Luisa Rivera, Doctor of Chiropractic, and Certified Rubenfeld Synergist, started her first private practice in Puerto Rico after graduating from Life Chiropractic College in 1985. Her fascination with the body/mind/emotion/spirit connection grew as she provided service to thousands of people in rural PR. Dr. Toni saw how recurring mental/emotional states resulted in physical conditions that were unique in each person. On discovering the Rubenfeld Synergy Method in 1993, she began to study and then work closely with Ilana Rubenfeld, the founder of the method. Toni learned to listen to the body’s wisdom through her hands and intuitive insight. While increasing awareness of the client to themselves and their inner body wisdom, she facilitates the healing of their body/mind/emotions/spirit. Dr. Toni founded Intuition Mastery to provide training, to both the general public and other healthcare practitioners, on accessing the intuitive wisdom within themselves and those they care for. http://www.ToniLuisaRivera.com To learn more: http://selfdiscoveryradio.com/2016/02/02/intuition-mastery-dr-toni-l-rivera/ ---------------ADVERTISEMENT---------------

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What Every Woman Needs to Have After 40 5 Essential Oils to Enhance Your Wellness By Lynnis Woods-Mullins After 40 your body starts doing it's own

the potency of 12 tea bags of herbal

thing. Every woman has a different experi-

peppermint tea.

ence with their body changing after 40.

Most of you will agree with me that there

These are the oils I have been using to

are definitely some changes we all have ex-

help me with my "over 40 symptoms"


These essential oils really have changed

• weight gain and bloating

my life.

• moodiness

Lavender - one of my favorite oils is won-

• lack of energy

derful for relaxation and sleep. Put two

• sleeplessness

drops on the bottom of each foot and rub in. Put two drops of the oil in a bottle with

I have talked to many women over that last

distilled water and spray on your pillow at

7 years about their various symptoms and

night. You can also burn in a diffuser and

many have tried all kinds of methods to try

the entire room will smell like lavender!

to either get rid of the symptoms or at

When you walk in the room you will imme-

least minimize the symptoms.

diately feel relaxed. One more way you

can use the lavender is to put a couple of I have tried herbs, vitamins, working out,

drops in water and drink at bed time. All

diet changes, and counseling. While all of

of these methods are effective and will not

these methods have had an impact, I find

only relax you but will lull you to sleep be-

that essential oils have had the most signifi-

fore you know it!

cant and lasting impact. I love my herbs 

but essential oils can be 50 to 70 times

Clary Calm - is a must have oil for me. I

more powerful. For instance, one drop of

have been using this blend for many years.

100% organic peppermint essential oil has

It helps enhance my mood, PMS symp-

toms (when I had PMS) and menopausal

in my palm to rub across the back of my

symptoms. It definitely helps with cramps

oil. Lemon oil and any Citrus oil is a great

and helps to balance my hormones. Apply

wake up in the morning. I like to diffuse

to the lower back or bottom feet using Car-

the citrus oils. My office and home smell

rier Oil. Our you can use a diffuser. The

refreshing and invigorating. Going into my

Grounding Blend is also wonderful for

office and smelling that wonderful citrus

bouts with anxiety, nervousness, and helps

smell in the morning is a great way to start

the whole body to relax. 

the day.

 Clary Sage - is a wonderful oil for women to use. It helps with enhance your mood and occasional menopausal symptoms. Use on the bottom of the feet, ankles and lower black.  It too is great when diffused or just taking a sniff from the bottle.
 Metabolic Blend - is a wonderful blend of oils help to manage your appetite, increase your metabolism and enhance your mood.  Just use a 8 of drops of oil in 16 ounces of water and sip throughout the day (some use less drops for a different taste and still find it effective. You just have to be consistent to get the best results).  Basil, Lavender, Cypress and Grapefruit can also help to burn fat.  Patchouli, Grapefruit and Dill can also help to curb your appetite. 
 Peppermint, Lemon, and Citrus Oil - all of these oils help increase my energy in different ways.  Peppermint is a great afternoon pick me up.  Just a couple of drops

Spelling It Out 4 Tips to Finding & Keeping Great LOVE “Love begins with self-worth, an open heart, and a desire for the journey into selfdiscovery.” –Julieanne-ism By Julieanne O’Connor Love is often made out to be terribly complex. Yet, the simplicity lies within the four letter word itself, LOVE. To complicate it is a sin. All love begins with SELF. Without love for oneself, there is no great love. Whether it’s keeping love or discovering love, greatness begins with the lover. Love yourself such that you know the capacity for which others can also love you. The more you open your heart, the more love will be available to you.

4 Tips to Finding & Keeping Great Love 1. Love “love” for the sake of it. 2. Open your heart into loving yourself completely, with all your imperfections. 3. Value the journey itself. 4. Enter into love with acceptance. LOVE is not selfish, nor is it demanding. Love is honouring yourself first, then honouring others. When people suggest that LOVE is all “giving” what they neglect to tell you is that the “giving” needs to begin with yourself. Only then will you be full or complete enough to give endlessly to others. To further explore this topic, discover why 9 out of 10 people complained in their relationships while only 1 in 10 is truly having fun. For an easy to read guide, pick up a copy of Spelling It Out for Your Man, Insider Secrets to Sex, Love & Attraction. Spelling It

Out for Your Man spells out straight forward, candid and often funny secrets to creating and keeping love. This book is as accurate and inspiring as a book can be. A must-have for anyone seeking self-improvement in the area of LOVE.

Julieanne’s Story… Julieanne O'Connor is the author of the highly rated book, Spelling It Out for Your Man, Insider Secrets to Sex, Love and Attraction (for Men and Women). This book is the first in the SPELLING IT OUT series. Having set out on her journey to learn the secrets to a happy relationship, Julieanne began her study by interviewing hundreds of couples about their trials, tribulations and successes in their partnerships. Her book is based on the findings from years of research and she has dedicated her work to putting “Relate” back into Relationships while helping people expand their expression and experience of love. http://www.spellingitout.com

Spelling It Out for Your Man has been featured on countless shows and continues to grow in popularity. The book features quotes by great thinkers, other authors and famous comedians and is categorized as NONFICTION - MAINSTREAM - INSPIRATIONAL - PHILOSOPHY - SELF-HELP.

Julieanne is the host of the show Transforming Relationships, a wife, mom, and philanthropist. She is the founder of the SIO Dream Fund, a scholarship fund available to anyone with a dream. Website: www.spellingitout.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/spellingitout Twitter: www.twitter.com/spellingit To learn more: http://selfdiscoveryradio.com/2016/02/02/your-re lationships-julieanne-oconner/


Learn more: http://praiseworks.biz/wellness-journey-live-radio-show

Food Therapy for Women over 40 By Milan Perry, HHP, MH I love everything about the change of the

level but more so internally on a cellular

seasons.. How the weather begins to cool,

level. We have to recognize that our body

leaves begin turning beautiful shades of

is changing, to adapt our mindset and ac-

red, brown and orange hues. The wind

cept it as being okay. We can’t always ex-

blows them from the trees to the earth.

pect to feel like we are in our 20’s no more

When I was a young child I longed for the

than we can expect the weather to remain

days of running and falling in the leaves.

the same. Even in hot climates there are

Now, as an adult I can’t help admiring the

variations in temperature. However, we

beauty up and close. Just like the seasons

can make it a goal to feel fabulous at 40

our body goes through changes as well.

and beyond.

As the short lived summer ended, I embraced my life, my body and the journey of what fall has in store for me. With each passing day, I age on a physical, spiritual

Hippocrates, in teaching the doctors of his day, said, “Consider the seasons of the year and what each of them produces.”

During the winter, we should be consuming foods that are designed to nourish and strengthen the body. Some animals have stored their food for winter, and we humans have a similar instinct to slow down. No matter where you live and what the climate is like, towards the summer, fall and winter season, our body and minds naturally go inward. It is a time to allow for stillness and JUST BE. If you live in a location with 4 seasons focus on the warmth of the chestnuts, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, saffron and cumin. Each of these spices has their own unique medicinal and culinary property. From anti-inflammatory, lowering blood pressure, blood purifier and anticancer properties. Each season our food can nourish a dierent organ, emotion, and allow cleansing or provide the environment for cleansing the body. As the season cools o, in Chinese medicine the organs within our body which

give us energy, life, and vitality are honored, these are the kidneys and adrenal glands. The element associated with these organs is water, and by eating seasonally and honoring the seasonal elements, we intuitively bring our bodies back into balance. Give yourself permission to consume soups of Butternut Squash, Pumpkin, Lentil Soup, and Carrot Orange Spice Soup, Parsnip Cream Soup made with a diary substitute or delicious Apple Squash Carrot Soup. All designed to nourish the body while not starving you, which provides energy because your body always know how to use real foods. Our body is constantly changing and looking to find balance. The best way that we can assist it in doing so, is using Food therapy. Most of the time food therapy can help sedate excess, tonify deficiencies, cool o heat problems, warm up cold prob-

lems, moisten dry problems and dry up excess dampness in the body. This provides a powerful tool for correcting disharmonies and when used in conjunction with herbal therapy, a healthful balanced diet can restore balance to the cells, organ systems and channels.

Milan Perry HHP, MH Milan Perry HHP, MH is a Health Wellness Coach, Herbalist, Personal Chef and Writer in Chicago, Illinois. She graduated “with honors” from The International Culinary School of The Art Institute (ILIC Chicago Campus) in 2010, with a specialization in Nutritional Cuisines. She went on to further her studies in Nutrition, Holistic Herbalism and Naturopathic Wellness— where she received professional credentials as an (HHP) Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Herbalist, Nutritional Counseling certification, and maintains board membership through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). She consults a diverse clientele, but primarily works with women over

40 to empower them to make appropriate health and nutritional choices for their own unique situations www.sonaturelle.com

Wellness Woman

Grateful, Appreciative and Wise “You truly do feel better when your focused on the positive and not the negative.” Lisa Ryan is a doer! Just talking with her that very first time on the phone; I could feel that, “can do” energy that is always contagious. Having a chance to speak with Lisa and interview her was such a pleasure and an inspiration. Her philosophy of gratitude and appreciation, “grategy” is infectious. You can’t help but want to give living a life of gratitude a try. Her enthusiasm and belief in what she does

What brought you to do what you do?

has a powerful impact on all those who

In 2009 I started keeping a gratitude jour-

have heard her speak or who have partici-

nal. I attended a full day seminar with An-

pated in her gratitude challenges. Lisa has

thony Robbins and the energy there was

mastered how to live a life of gratitude and

so high! I was greatly impacted by what I

appreciation. She has found that living a

experienced at that seminar. I was very

life with gratitude is something we all need

excited and knew that within a short pe-

to do in order to be well along our journey

riod of time all of us who attend this semi-

to wellness.

nar could go back to the status quo or

make some changes in our lives. We

cause I had been practicing gratitude for a

opened a Facebook group to talk about

year I decided it was a no brainer to start a

three things we were grateful for every day.

business talking about gratitude.

The changes in my life were so dramatic I decided to do research to find out if there

What did you do to get the word out

was more to gratitude than just the feel

about gratitude and its effect?

good piece. After reading 1000’s of re-

In 2010 I started publishing gratitude of

ports, white papers, articles and five years

the week. It is an email that goes out that

of research on gratitude I knew the rest of

is about 250 words. The email is

the world needed this information. The

inspirational and short. It contains a quote

world needed to know about the impor-

on gratitude, or perhaps a story from my

tance of gratitude and what it can do for

life, lessons I’ve learned and action steps.

their health and their lives.

For the last four years every week I get wonderful letters and messages from peo-

In what ways did your life begin to

ple saying that they needed just that

change once you began to practice

quote. It has really been affirming because


it is making a difference.

At the time I was in medical sales. There were three facilities I serviced and within three months they all closed. I began to think about other ways I could make a living . The relationship with my husband changed. He was more verbally appreciative. Four years later our marriage is stronger than ever. I still feel like a newlywed. I felt better overall. I attracted more good into my life. I was invited to join the movie that was called the “Gratitude Experiment”. I was invited to be in the cast of “The Keeper of the Keys” starring Jack Canfield and Rick Warren. In the meantime my job was completely eliminated. Be-

Why does gratitude make a difference in our health? There was lady at one of our seminars. Everything in her life was going haywire. Her life was a comedy of errors. At the end of the program, this lady came up to me crying. She said she wasn’t going to come to the seminar because things in her life were so bad. But, something told her she should come. She had received horrible medical news that day and she was glad she came. Her diagnosis was Parkinson’s disease. After going to the seminar she decided to take the 30 day gratitude challenge. She made up her mind that she

was going to beat Parkinson’s disease.

normally take for granted. Study shows

It has been said that people who have a

that people who have a standard practice

constant gratitude practice feel better and

of gratitude affect the people around them.

heal better, especially when they have auto

Dr. Robert Emmons of the University of

immune disease. Parkinson’s disease is

California, Davis conducted a study of

an auto immune disease. I realized this

three groups, one wrote what they are

was the reason she was at the seminar.

grateful for, the other group wrote down

Through practicing gratitude she was able

what bugged them, and the third group

to minimize the symptoms of Parkinson’s

just went on throughout the day with no

disease! You truly do feel better when you

particular instructions. At the end 10

focused on the positive and not the nega-

weeks the first group was 25% happier.


This group worked out more during the

What is the difference between gratitude, affirmations and positive think-

day, was nice to be around, and was more emotionally available. Gratitude really does affect every area of our life.

ing? Napoleon Hill talked about in “Think and

How does one get started living a life

Grow Rich” that our subconscious mind

of gratitude?

can’t tell a truth from a lie. So if we are

You get started where you are. Some of

positively affirming ourselves our subcon-

you might say “Oh Lisa, you just don’t

scious mind looks for ways to make this

know how bad things are!” Well I ask

true. In gratitude, we forget to really appre-

them did you wake up in a warm bed, do

ciate the mundane the everyday. When

you have electricity, was the sun shining,

you wake up in the morning in a warm

was the rush hour shorter? Start getting in

bed, your toilet flushes, your shower

the habit of looking for the good things

works, we have miracles at our finger tips

and you will begin realize how incredibly

that we just don’t take the time to express

blessed you are. It can start with the small

or appreciate. We really don’t think about

little things; it can start with nail polish.

the miraculous age of technology and how it makes our lives so much easier. Having gratitude is about beginning to look around at all the things we have and having gratitude for those things we might

In my life the fact that I had this gratitude practice for a year helped me deal with losing my medical sales job. When I was laid off it was devastating, it felt horrible. But

within an hour I was able to sit down think

that I am grateful for. I usually drift off to

about I could find to be grateful about in

sleep before the 7th letter.

this situation. Approaching getting laid off in this way was like having a physical

We have tragedy in our lives how can

weight lifted off my shoulders. It was not a

gratitude help us?

hardship it was a blessing.

Gratitude is not about being happy and joyful all the time. When a tragedy happens it

What do you do in your gratitude

does hurt and it sucks. Experience the


rawness and pain of the emotion and then

I have three different practices. I write in

begin to think of one good thing. One tiny

my gratitude journal every morning before

little thing and then it gets a little bit easier

my feet touch the ground. I write five grati-

to find something else to be grateful for. If

tude statements. Many times she is grate-

one of your parents is ill and dying to be

ful in advance. Before I go to bed at

grateful for the memories and the time you

night, I journal in my WINS journal. This

spent is always something positive to think

journal is all about the five positive things

about. If we look back at our lives five

that happened to me during the day. This

years ago or so if something really bad

is sometimes more difficult than the grati-

happened, we can look at who we became

tude journal. There are some days when

as a result and we generally find we are

you have had a difficult day. You just feel

grateful for where we are in the present.

like the world hates you. On those days it

So if you put yourself in the future during

is tough but I still find five things positive

the tragedy you can ask yourself who will I

to say about that day. I find that when I

be five years from now; who do I want to

write down those five things I always sleep

be. If you are already practicing gratitude

better. The third practice, happens as I am

you will find it is easier to get back to be-

drifting off to sleep. You know how when

ing grateful when tragedy does happen. .

you are drifting off to sleep you start listing all the things you have to do the next day?

What do you want our readers to do

Well, instead of doing that I a couple of

when it comes to gratitude?

years ago I started the ABC’s of gratitude.

Take a 30 day gratitude challenge. Make

I take the alphabet and use each letter to

the commitment that in 30 days you will

name that thing that starts with the letter

write down five things you are grateful for. On day 31 you will be amazed at what you

see. You will see results in your relation-

they can apply immediately. Lisa is a Pro-

ship, career, health, and emotions. Your

fessional member of the National Speakers

life will be better. Just do it!!

Association and Toastmasters

What is your Definition of a Wellness Woman?

International. She holds an undergraduate degree and MBA from Cleveland State University.  The Keeper of the Keys is now

A wellness woman is comfortable in her

available on DVD at

own skin. She loves herself for who she is


where she is at no matter what she is going through and she is okay with that!!

You can find out more about Lisa’s programs at:

Keynote speaker and author, Lisa Ryan is a nationally recognized gratitude expert and founder of Grategy®. She is a dynamic presenter who teaches corporations, associations, and non-profits the immense power of gratitude in the workplace, and helps her clients translate soft skills into hard profits.  She focuses on employee productivity, customer retention and growth, and how these affect the bottom line. Ms. Ryan is a featured expert in two films, “The Keeper of the Keys” with Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul, and “The Gratitude Experiment” with several experts from the smash hit book and movie The Secret.  She is the author of five books including: The Upside of Down Times: Discovering the Power of Gratitude, From Afraid to Speak to Paid to Speak, and With Excellence. Her audiences love her passion and humor, and the fact that they leave with specific ideas that


Affirmations to Increase Love For Your Mind, Body and Spirit

I am in charge of my own happiness. I let go of the belief that I need someone to “make” me happy I don’t have to wait until I feel “ready” to take action on my goals. The timing will never be perfect. I am ready now. I embrace this opportunity to be better than I was yesterday. I take responsibility for my choices today and always. I embrace my full potential, even if it makes others uncomfortable. I refuse to play small. I’m meant to do GREAT things. I am willing to forgive. Forgiving myself and others releases me from the pain of the past. I forgive and I am free

Loving Your Time With You Attaining Spiritual Wellness Through Meditation By Mary Ellen Ciganovich Your spiritual wellness is built upon accep-

Taking a few quiet moments to bask in the

tance of your blessings with overflowing

contentment you have in your life will give

thoughts of hope and gratitude. Meditation

you a more hopeful and optimistic attitude

is a powerful tool that guides you toward

toward your future. At times it is difficult to

seeing your “hidden blessings” because

focus on meditation because your atten-

for most of us “humans” it is easier to see

tion is pulled in so many different direc-

blessings in others and ignore the bless-

tions. When this happens take a deep

ings that are right in front of us.

cleansing breath – counting to at least ten

– casting all thoughts aside and MAKE

Meditation has been seen as unproductive

TIME for a short meditation. This will allow

or a “waste of time.” The truth is it is one

you to focus on the rest of your day.

of the most powerful “Wellness Tools” you

Seek a sanctuary – within your home or outside – where you are far from the activity of the world. Peaceful surroundings allow for a calm, clear mind where you will

have at your disposal. It connects you to your “knowings” which is your connection to your Higher Power/God/The Universe creating your own unique path.

begin to feel serene - more accepting of

Meditation is a powerful tool that will give

yourself and others.

you a better grasp on the life challenges

During meditation call upon the inner wisdom you already possess. No issue you encounter throughout your day is outside the range of your capabilities. Keep your most pressing question inside allowing it to fall away. This makes it easier for you to listen to the wisdom that comes from your quiet connection to God.

Mary Ellen Ciganovich Mary Ellen Ciganovich is an educator, speaker and writer on the topics of Awareness, Spirituality and how these affect our life situations. She conducts a popular seminar called “Live, Love, and Learn” that teaches people how to take charge of their lives and control their health through the use of medical and alternative choices. http://maryellenciganovich.com

you face. The gentle rhythm of your breath releases thoughts providing you with the key to unlock the wisdom you have inside of you. Your blessings and thoughts of gratitude will come easier now allowing your soul to “Fall into Wellness”!

Celebrating Love By Rev. Kimberly Braun, M.A. Deep within their lies an infinite Source unceasingly seeking to inspire us to new levels of personal happiness, peace and expression as the Divine in the world. 
 My life is all about living from that place and being a friend to others that they may live such a life of freedom as well. What is your word for this Source? Or do you believe it is so? It is natural to wrestle or play with these questions as a way to experience our personal truth. 
 Love is my word. We are Loved into existence. We live and move and have our being in this ever enduring Love. And we will transition in the arms of this Love. Awakening to this is our calling, our greatest consolation and continually leads to our realization http://www.kimberlybraun.com 

of personal potential. 

While our lives are our own, we

spiring keynotes,

live in Divine partnership, we are

writing articles

never truly alone. 

and books and

leading retreats. Let’s celebrate this gift! If you

Her TEDx talk

wish to do so with me, I have re-

gives a taste of

treats every year. This year will

what can happen

be in the Galapagos, in Mexico,

when we surren-

and in San Diego. Or we can

der Spirit and

even have sessions together via

step into the un-

skype or in person. If you want,

known that lies

bring me to your home town, to

within each of

cherished friends and we can un-

us. This talk is

pack the Divine story of your life!

the inspiration

for books two Kimberly’s contemplative lean-

and three in her trilogy of insights. Presently you can

ings began around the age of

purchase book 1, Love Calls, Insights of a former

five as Spirit pulled back the

Carmelite nun.

veils of the world to reveal Divine

She is meditation faculty at Omega Institute, has nu-

Presence within all. A deep love

merous retreats you can attend this year and is a fel-

affair ensued, leading her to im-

low seeker and friend on the path to living freely.

merse herself for over ten years as a Carmelite nun living in a monastery. The Divine Lover had an unexpected plan of her rejoining society to share the joy she experienced and help others to live from this place. Her Masters

Check out her CDs, videos, articles and more: www.kimberlybraun.com, www.EssenceMeditation.net. Email her at kimberly@kimberlybraun.com To learn more:

in theology (seminary training) was completed in 2001 and is


concentrated upon the adult


spiritual journey. She enjoys officiating ritual, offering playful in-

Self-Discovery Radio Network By Sara Troy We are all in the Pursuit of Wholeness so

LOVE. We believe in Unity through collabo-

we may live more meaningful and purpose-

rations with all the amazing people we in-

ful lives. Self -Discovery Radio Network is

terview. SELF Discovery Radio has built a

dedicated to helping people connect and

family where we advocate and support

build a healthy relationship with

one another globally. You can

SELF- Soul Enabled Life Force.

down load your favorite

Soul Enabled Life Force is

shows for free so that

the force that exists

you can listen to

within which enables

them any time you

you to live a purpose-

want a “Pick me

ful, meaningful and ac-

up” to help you

complished life.

on your life’s journey.

Join us on SELF Discovery Radio where

To get you started

we have over 1300+ audio shows in our library. New shows added every week for your enlightenment. Each show features people from all

here is a link to a show on SELF Discovery Radio called “The Pursuit of Wholeness”. Tune in and listen to the stories of

walks of life, sharing their incredible

the authors appearing in the February/

journey towards the embracement of self

March issue of Wellness Woman 40 and

and their true purpose in life through the

Beyond; Different Backgrounds, Same

discovery and empowerment of SELF

Journey E-Magazine.

http://selfdiscoveryradio.com/2016/01/05/t he-pursuit-of-wholeness/ For more inspirational stories be sure to visit… http://www.SELFDiscoveryRadio.com

Sara’s Story… I am Sara Troy. My journey as a radio blog broadcaster started almost 4 years ago. At that time, I was dealing with ongoing depression and seeking a new path in life. I was invited to host LIVE shows on Authentic You network. I knew this was “it” and I saw my purpose come into view. Knowing I wanted to take it further, my friend Bill

up and giving back to society by investing

Mackie built me my own radio station so I

in the forgotten people of this world. I host

could reach more people, share more in-

5 shows a week, each one focused on de-

spiring stories of courage, compassion,

livering to the listener a unique experience.

self- development and personal achieve-

To listen to my latest shows and those of

ments. For the first 2 years it was called

the other wonderful hosts appearing on

PLV Radio. As the station grew and

SELF Discovery Radio visit:

evolved we came to the realization that


PLV radio station needed a new identity. As a result, SELF Discovery Radio was born with a new look, new genres, and new hosts. The network shares stories of those who inspire, invite, and liberate us to become the best we can be in our own lives. I love what I do. My station celebrates people who are living in their authenticity. I celebrate those who are stepping

To learn more: http://selfdiscoveryradio.com/2016/02/02/ self-discovery-radio-by-sara-troy/

LovingYour Body 10 Ways To Prevent Winter Weight Gain By Lisa Magoulas Fall is over and Winter has arrived. For those of us here in New England, that means cold weather and big, bulky, comfy clothes. That makes it way too easy to cover up any added pounds. With daylight being shorter, it makes it difficult for outdoor activities. Let’s not forget about how cold it gets, and unless you like to ice skate or ski, it’s more than likely that you become a hermit. Before you know it, the

mind alert and keep you away from idle

holidays are here, along with all our favor-


ite comfort food. With all of these factors

3. Focus on all the in season fruits and

into play, no wonder the average person

vegetables. I love fresh apples this time of

packs on some extra pounds. Not you

year and the varieties of winter squash

and not this year.

make delicious soup.

10 tips to prevent weight gain as we

4. Search Pinterest for healthier versions of

go through the Winter season.

your favorite recipes

1. Buy a workout DVD, something fun that you will actually use. Schedule time to

5. Stay hydrated. If it’s cooler, you may not

workout every day. Morning is best be-

recognize you’re thirsty. If you get to the

cause it will get your endorphins kicking,

point where you are thirsty, you’ve already

you’ll be in a better mood and you don’t

started to become dehydrated.

have any excuses when one of life’s unexpected moments get in the way.

6. De-clutter; your closets, house, refrigera-

2. Take a class, join a Meet Up group, start

tor, you name it. Cleaning up, de-cluttering

a new hobby. Keeping busy will keep your

and organizing are a cleansing process. Think about how good it feels when you ac-

complish a really big task. You feel

9. Start a journal. You’ll be amazed at how

really good about yourself, right? Well

cleansing journaling can be. Write all your

that’s what de-cluttering will do. You’ll

thoughts down, no matter what they are. It’s

feel good about yourself and be re-

like having your own, private counselor.

energized. If you feel good about yourself, you’ll take better care of yourself.

10. Engage in your spiritual being. Whether you pray, meditate, play an instrument or

7. Eat out less and cook at home more.

paint; whatever brings you closer to your

I know some of you love this; some of

higher being, just do it.

you will loathe this. Not only is it health-

I’m going to share one of my all time favorite

ier for you, it’s more cost effective. You

recipes that I make all fall and winter long. You

can control what goes in your food. If

can do this with any type of winter squash you

you really don’t like to cook, take a

like; butternut, acorn, pumpkin, delicate or

cooking class that offers quick, simple

your favorite will work.

recipes. If you can find a class that teaches you to cook in big batches, that’s even better. That’s what I do. I love cooking big batches of things that I can freeze so I can grab and go when I’m busy or tired. If you have healthy food ready, you’re less likely to grab junk food. 8. Do something that makes you happy. Really focus on you and your time. Fall and winter can be tough on people and depression can kick in.

Grilled Butternut Squash Soup Ingredients

- 2 butternut squash cored and cubed in 1/2 inch slices - 1medium red onion, cut crosswise into 1/2 inch slices - 1section fresh ginger, about 1 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches, peeled - Vegetable oil - Himalayan sea salt

When you become depressed and/or

- Freshly ground black pepper

lonely, you’ll turn to something for com-

- 6cup(s) low-sodium chicken or vegetable

fort; food, alcohol, shopping, etc. Find


one thing that truly makes you happy

- 1/4teaspoon(s) ground allspice

and engage in that every day.

- 1/8teaspoon(s) ground cayenne pepper

- 2tablespoon(s) Finely chopped fresh Italian parsley - 1tablespoon(s) fresh lime juice Directions:

Place the squash, onion slices, and ginger in a large bowl and lightly toss with oil, making sure each side is coated. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Grill over Direct Medium heat until the vegetables are well marked, about 10 minutes, turning once. Finely chop the ginger. In a large saucepan, combine the sweet potatoes, onion, ginger, chicken stock, allspice, and cayenne. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover, and simmer for 30 minutes.

and all the hurt and embarrassment that goes with it. She is married to her best friend and soul mate; Spiro and mom to 2 crazy, adorable dogs. She’s an animal

Allow the soup to cool for 10 to 15 min-

lover, foodie, gardener, and professional

utes. In a blender or food processor and in

cook and is currently dabbling in therapeu-

at least two batches, carefully puree the

tic grade essential oils. She loves her

soup. (Be careful not to burn yourself. If

wine, martinis, good music, good food and

your blender cover has a removable center

spending time with friends. (Not

piece, remove it and hold the top with a

necessarily in that order).

clean kitchen towel.) Return the soup to the pan. Add the parsley and lime juice, and heat to serving temperature. Taste and season with salt and pepper, if necessary. Serve hot. Makes about 8 cups

Lisa Magoulas Lisa Magoulas is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner who has made a commitment to help end the trend of obesity. She knows what it’s like to be overweight


3 Tips To Embark On Your Journey To Loving The Total You; Mind, Body and Spirit By Dina Proctor There is always a time to take stock,

tion to improve our self-care habits, it is

reflect and set new goals for the next few

sometimes difficult stay on course.

months. There is no time like the present to review where you are so far in 2016 and shift your energy and focus to taking better

But what if you could jump start your need to create positive new habits that could

care of your mind, body, spirit connection.

keep you going for the rest of the year?

As women, we have a tendency to take of

I’d like to share with you three tips to help

our families, to provide comfort and nurturing. It is important to remember to take care of ourselves as well. After perhaps starting the year off strong with out inten-

you along your journey to wellness!

1. Be Present Overwhelm and busy schedules are the biggest culprits keeping us from being pre-

sent in the moment. Make a commitment

need our attention every day. As you culti-

at the start of the season to be more mind-

vate more presence and mindfulness, you

ful and present - whether you’re in a meet-

will have better access to your inner, intui-

ing, spending time with your kids, or enjoy-

tive guidance. The little inner nudge can

ing dinner out, increasing your mindfulness

guide our choices on everything from food

will enhance your experience and you’ll dis-

to difficult conversations to enhancing our

pel that feeling of overwhelm. Consider

physical wellness. Take time for a few min-

adding a simple meditation practice into

utes every day, and every time you need to

your routine - one that works best for me

make a decision, to tune into what your in-

is something I call 3x3 Meditation (just 3

tuitive voice is guiding you towards.

minutes, 3 times a day). Touching into that space of inner peace a few times a day can help you remain grounded, mindful

Dina Proctor Dina Proctor is

and present throughout your day.


2. Be in Touch with Your Body

Chasing Peace:

Treat temptations are always just around

How I Went From

the corner! There is nothing wrong with an

Hell to Happy in

occasional indulgence - in fact I think it’s a

Nine Minutes a

good thing! - but when we are stressed

Day and a life

and eating mindlessly or to self-soothe

and business

emotions of overwhelm or anxiety, it can

coach.. She is

get out of control. Make an effort to tune

the creator of a

into the cells of your body and practice

process called 3x3 Meditation (3 minutes,

eating intuitively - following your body’s

3 times a day) that enabled her to trans-

natural inner wisdom as to when and how

form every aspect of her life. From weight

much to eat. As you implement this

loss and banishing addictive cravings to re-

practice, you’ll find that cravings begin to

constructing relationships, this simple and

fade and you are drawn toward healthier

yet incredibly effective method has gained

food choices.

the support of Jack Canfield and Dr. Bruce

3. Let Your Intuition Guide You Managing our business lives, raising a family, and keeping our relationships healthy are big commitments that each

author of Madly

Lipton, and is now helping thousands of others improve their lives as well. www.dinaproctor.com

6 Yoga Poses to Enhance Your Spirit and Love Yourself! By Brittney Hiller

During this time of the year we often

enliven a new way of being throughout the

look for ways to curl up, warm up, and

colder months to come.

enjoy the cup of tea within our hands. This sounds like the set up for a perfect evening, yet we may forget one important aspect – movement. Movement is incredibly important. According to India's ancient system of medicine: Ayurveda, during the cooler months we must build an inner fire (known as agni) to help balance the body and keep the blood flowing.  
  We may want to begin the steps for hibernation in a non-hibernating world, we may want to avoid the idea of moving outside altogether - no matter where this issue finds you in the world I would like to offer you a fun way to keep warm, stay lean and strong, and help to avoid the typical ailments Winter may deliver to our immune system.  These 6 Core building and internal warming Yoga Poses will help you


About Brittney Hiller Brittney inspires an awakening to authenticity as the highest expression of faith in oneself on the path of yoga and healing. Her teachings are powerful and creative as she brings her effervescent personality to every event. She is sought out by conferences, retreats, and schools for her knowledge in yoga, laughter therapy and for her gift of teaching in an approachable way.   She maintains a private practice in the beautiful low country setting of Beaufort, SC between her travels.

Why I Made The Film

“Trail By Fire” By Celebrity Chef Charles Mattocks A little over a year ago I lost my father unexpectedly. It made me realize how I could lose my mother as well. I became very aware of how much pain she was in, how she was suffering daily. She had been suffering for a few years, but I, not knowing anything about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, just thought she needed to try harder, maybe push herself a little further, get some exercise. I really didn't understand what she was going through. I decided to research all that I could find about this disease that no one seems to know about and is often referred to as the "suicide disease". In conducting my research I met a fabulous lady, Nancy Cotterman, who works with CRPS and is also affected by it. Nancy invited me into her home and opened many doors to me in the CRPS community, she helped me connect with many other people who are

suffering with this debilitating disease, and

This is obviously devastating to the person

the doctors who are trying to help them. In

who can not move their arm or that their

doing my interviews for the film with the

foot is distorted, as obviously something is

many people suffering from such pain that

wrong but there is not enough information

compares to amputation and childbirth, I

available to doctors and they do not know

made many friends and now consider

how to treat it.There are few doctors that

them family.

are trying some experimental treatments

It was gut wrenching to go into a home and interview a child that has been cut down in the prime of their life with excruciating pain. This disease knows no

and finding some success. I know from taking care of my own mother that this disease is heartbreaking and patients are willing to do anything to find some relief.

prejudice, it affects all walks of life, young

I wanted to create a film that would show

old, rich or poor all can be afflicted at a mo-

the human side of this disease and impact

ments notice. There is no rhyme or reason

everyone that sees it, hopefully creating a

to determine if you are gong to be the un-

global movement of awareness that will

lucky lottery winner that is injured and now

help a cure to be found. I've done inter-

suffers a pain that is rated the highest on

views in homes where there are boxes eve-

the Mcgill scale of pain. From the young

rywhere because the elderly parents who

man who was aspiring to become a fa-

thought they were in their forever home,

mous tennis pro and now struggles to just

now are packing and moving across the

get through each day, to the vibrant profes-

state to be closer to a doctor that offers

sional with a brilliant career who now has

hope with his treatments. I've interviewed

to have her every need provided for by her elderly parents. When I meet these people young and old that are suffering such levels of pain that it compares to childbirth and amputation, I wonder what does the future hold for them? How can I make a difference and at the same time help my own mother? They are repeatedly told that there is nothing wrong with them, that they are just dependent on pain medication.

children that are stronger than most adults and show such bravery while being subjected to many different treatments. I have found that these people are willing to try and do anything for a cure. They are just trying to find some relief from the excruciating pain that is a constant in their lives. This journey impacted me very deeply in many ways, I want my children to know and enjoy their grandmother instead of watching her suffer daily. I hope that I can help create a movement with my film that ranges internationally across the globe to spark awareness and helps to find a cure.

Charles Mattocks Charles Mattocks is best known as a celebrity chef, Emmy-award nominated actor, best-selling author and film and television producer. Chef Mattocks is a tireless

world. Chef Mattocks has appeared on CNN, The Today Show, Anderson Cooper, Good Morning America, Martha Stewart and scores of other TV shows and radio programs across the country. He has been countless print publications and has written for numerous blogs about both Type II Diabetes and CRPS/RSD. Chef Maddox is also the Author of “The Budget Friendly Fresh and Local Diabetes Cookbook” To learn more:

advocate for raising awareness about Type II diabetes. He is now busy raising aware-


ness about a very rare and extremely pain-


ful chronic disease CRPS/RSD. This is also a very personal crusade because Chef Mattocks mother (the famous Reggae singer Bob Marley’s sister) suffers from this horrible disease. Chef Mattocks has just completed a documentary film about this chronic disease Trial By Fire. This film is currently being distributed throughout the

A Healthy Dose of Sex

By Dr. Kat Smith, DHS The circulation and flow of sexual energy

chance for heart disease when he has sex

affects the mind and body as well as our

at least once a month. But Wait! There’s

emotions. It is the most powerful force that


we enjoy and it is available to anyone. It has been proven to help increase life span. Research carried out at Queens University in Belfast, Ireland, having regular sex increases the lifespan in humans. It was found that out of the people of the same age and health, those who had more frequent orgasms faced 50% less death rate than who people who didn’t have frequent orgasms. And sex decrease a man’s

Calorie Burn Sex is a little bit of fun exercise for your brain, heart and entire body. According to a study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine, sex lasts six minutes on average and only burns about 21 calories. However, According to WebMD, 30 minutes of sex can burn in the neighborhood of 85 to 100 calories;

if you feel like you have a pretty vigorous

skip the acrobatics and opt for a subdued

sex life, you're probably on the higher end


of that statistic.

Love/Healing hormones

Burn between 100 and 300 calories per

Sex releases many chemical compounds

half hour when you add your favorite yoga

into the brain. Some of those are hor-



Having sex in the morning is a great idea

What are love hormones? The hormones

for several reasons. A man's testosterone

that bring us closer, like oxytocin which is

levels are the highest between 7 and 8

referred to as the cuddling or bonding hor-

a.m., for one. (Carb-loading the night be-

mone which increases the emotional con-

fore not recommended), and it can serve

nection. It is the same hormone that is ele-

as a warm up to morning exercise.

vated when a mother breastfeeds and their

Sounder Sleep It's downright dreamy how an O can lull you to sleep. That's because the same endorphins that help you de-stress can also relax your mind and body, priming you for slumber, says Cindy M. Meston, Ph.D., director of the Sexual Psychophysiology Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin and coauthor of Why Women Have Sex. Plus, during orgasm, the hormone pro-

partners can experience it also when they are involved with their partners and babies. Oxytocin is also increased with sensual touch and hugs or kisses and then peaks with orgasm. With touching etc it fuels the desire to be touched which releases more oxytocin. But most of all for this segment, it reduces stress and promotes a sense of calm and well-being. The stress was measured in blood pressure and cortisol levels.

lactin is released. "Prolactin levels are natu-

Food that help your sex drive

rally higher when we sleep, which sug-

Figs (for libido), oysters (zink creates tes-

gests a strong relationship between the

tosterone), celery , blueberries, peanuts,

two," she says. But if you're wild in the

bananas (bromoline), garlic (for blood flow/

sack, take note: Highly active sex can

nitric oxide performance) and even choco-

make you feel more energized than sleepy.

late (Valentine’s day staple) have the poten-

Sex should never be a snooze, but if you

tial to boost a man's sexual stamina. Cab-

want to use knocking boots as a sleep aid,

bage helps with blood flow and arousal,

“money shot” in porn but these practices helps both of you reach heightened orgasms. Endorphins have a natural chemical structure similar to morphine. You’ve heard of the runner’s high, well endorphins provide that and you don’t have to run miles to get there. It’s more fun by making love. Celery contains androsterone aa hormone released in a man’s sweat that turns women on.

When a woman orgasms, her uterus contracts and, in the process, rids the body of cramp-causing compounds. The increased

Oxytocin is being tested for treatment of

number of uterine contractions can also

neuropathic and inflammatory pain.

help expel

Learning Tantra Sex which is a meditative

blood and tissue more quickly, helping to

practice that helps you channel all the sex-

end your period faster.

ual energy that would normally leave during an orgasm, and bring it back into your body. Tantra is the exotic art of prolonging your passion play to reach new levels of

Also there are professionals that provide body work services which are techniques handed down by ancient civilizations using

lusty satisfaction. The goal being to build arousal slowly so you both stay below the point of orgasm for as long as possible. Focusing on the full sexual journey — arousal, stimulating your five senses and connecting at all the chakras. The result is an out-of-body bond and ecstatic orgasms. Men can also learn to be multi orgasmic and even have an orgasm without having an ejaculation, which to some is a sign of his manhood. We’ve all seen the

CAUTION! If you are avoiding sex because of pain, then check with your doctor to diagnose what is the issue and they may be able to remedy the problem and you can begin to enjoy sex again. If there is a disability or there are position challenges, there are many toys and apparatuses that will help as well.

massage and reflexology points that will soothe pelvic pain for example.

Chronic Pain and Stress Although when we are in pain sex maybe the least likely thing we seek to engage, but it can actually reduce the intensity of pain. According to Deborah Barrett PhD - in her Book Paintracking she gives all the supporting research and information about serotonin our natural anti-depressant. Phenyl ethylamine which is also found in chocolate activates the brain’s pressure

antibodies help combat diseases and keep

center and endorphins, a natural pain killer.

the body safe from colds and flu.

It reduces pain awareness and generates feelings of elation and euphoria.

Look Younger In a study conducted at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland, a panel of judges viewed participants through a oneway mirror and guessed their ages. Those who were enjoying lots of nookie with a steady partner—four times a week, on average were perceived to be seven to 12 years younger than their actual age.

Fewer Colds People who have sex were found to have higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A (IgA), according to researchers at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania. These

Now that you may have a different perspective on your usual routine, you can now indulge with a healthier state of mind, body and spirit when it comes to sexual activity. America’s Intimacy Expert, Dr. Kat Smith is an Intimalogist, author and speaker. She is located in Dallas, TX and works with couples and individuals with their intimate concerns. For more information visit her site at: www.drkatsmith.com


Whole Foods For Whole Health!

By Danielle Bussone Time For Change is your comprehensive go-to guide for making your transition to a healthy, whole-foods lifestyle easy, affordable and fun! It includes the science behind why you should consider adopting a plant-based diet, (or simply add more fruits and vegetables to your current diet), what obstacles you may encounter along the way and how to address them, how to deal with social situations, new foods you’ll discover and how to use them, useful cooking tools, cooking tips, and lots of delicious recipes to get you started on your journey to vibrant health! Danielle’s Story… “We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”

-Joseph Campbell

Seven years ago I was sick and obese. I was so weak I couldn’t even walk down a grocery store isle hanging onto a shopping cart. During a fairly straightforward procedure, a surgeon mistakenly severed my bile duct, (which I couldn’t live without), sending me on a downward spiral of liver infections, multiple surgeries, complications and neardeath experiences that spanned five years. With the loving


support of an amazing husband, I turned to whole plant-based foods to recover my health. Today I no longer rely on medications to keep me alive, I am free from debilitating gastric pain and I lost 65 pounds without effort eating delicious whole foods. Seven years ago I couldn’t walk down a grocery store isle. Now I am trekking as much as ten miles a day and am enjoying a life of passion, inspiration and discovery. As a graduate of Cornell’s Plant-based Nutrition program and a Certified Wellness

Website: www.vegginoutandabout.com

Coach, I travel the continent doing book-

To learn more:

signings, giving cooking classes, cooking


demonstrations, and presentations on how


easy it is to enjoy a plant-based lifestyle. My second book on Ethiopian cuisine will


be available this spring. I am editor and writer for Veggin’ Out and About!, a blog designed to inspire and educate anyone wishing to improve their lives, the environment and the plight of animals by means of a plant-based lifestyle. It is Time For Change! We don’t have to live half-lives feeling sick, tired, overweight, lethargic and unhappy. Join me in making these the best years of our lives. It is never too late to make a positive change. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Affirmations to Increase Love For Your Mind, Body and Spirit

I release all feelings of jealousy. I know I am enough & have enough. I don’t have to compete with anyone for anything No matter what the circumstances are today, I will remember the truth that I am beautiful, powerful and free I honor my need to rest and recharge. I am committed to finding at least one hour of “me” time today I remember to be grateful for every blessing no matter how small. I live a life full of gratitude. I move my body everyday to stay well in my body, mind and spirit.

7 Reasons to Love Your Breakfast with “Moatmeal” “I think careful cooking is love, don't you? The loveliest thing you can cook for someone who's close to you is about as nice a valentine as you can give.” - Julia Child By Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos and Lori Boyle Do you know that breakfast is back in

such as irritability and fatigue, according to

style? Recent studies have shown break-

Bonnie Spring, Ph.D., University of Health

fast is the most important meal of the day,

Sciences/Chicago Medical School.

yet, it was also the meal most skipped. Not anymore. There is a way to have your breakfast and eat it, too. Lack of time will not be an issue. A shift is happening in the culinary world. Breakfast is back and regaining respect. Have you ever skipped breakfast, because you didn’t have time eat it? Do you wish you had the energy in the mornings to provide your family with a hot nutritious breakfast before sending them to school, or work? What a great way to say, “I love you.” Now you can. This video will show you how to have a hot breakfast waiting for you when you wake up in the morning. In 2013, researchers from the National Weight Control Registry found eating breakfast every day was a weight control strategy for 78% of the people in the study. "Eating breakfast of any kind prevent(s) many of the adverse effects of fasting,"

Here is another fact. Breakfast can be the quickest and easiest meal to prepare. When I was growing up in Europe, one of my favorite breakfasts was Muesli; a hot cereal developed in the 1800’s by a Swiss nutritionist. My other favorite was steel cut Irish Oatmeal. One day, to my distress, only a small amount of each cereal was left in their packages, so I combined them. Delicious and nutritious “Moatmeal” was born. Moatmeal is a wonderful hot breakfast cereal that can help you and your family start the day right. My Moatmeal is cooked overnight on low in a slow cooker, so it is ready in the morning as a hot breakfast. It is a healthy quickie meal that takes fifteen minutes or less to prepare from start to finish and can be refrigerated and reheated(or eaten cold) for up to five days.

4. Is a healthy bowel food. 5. Is an iron rich food for healthy blood cells. 6. Is low in fat and sugar. 7. Is high in calcium for strong bones.

During the cold winter months, Moatmeal can boost your immune system. Add your favorite condiments like cream, soy or rice milk, dried or fresh fruit, peanut butter, maple syrup, or cinnamon and nutmeg to make this a personalized breakfast

So, why should you bother to eat breakfast or take the time out of your busy day to feed it to your family? The answer is chil-


dren and adults who eat a healthy break-

Healthy Cooking Tip:

study from the USDA Agricultural Re-

Nutmeg and cinnamon combined become a natural holistic antibiotic, perfect for chilly days and to fight off colds. Add it to hot and cold foods and drinks. The list of what you can add to Moatmeal’s basic recipe is as long as your imagination and desires. The rule for perfection is 1 to 2; one cup of Moatmeal to 2 cups of water or liquid of your choice. 7 Researched and Proven Health Benefits of Moatmeal: 1. Reduces high blood pressure.

fast perform better at school and work. A search Service consisting of children ages 8 to 11 found those who eat breakfast have an easier time tackling difficult math problems than students who skip breakfast. Eating also has an advantageous effect on late-morning mood swings and cognitive performance. Moatmeal is a brain food. Eating moatmeal for breakfast increases concentration and promotes mental processing for problem solving. What could be better than waking up on a cold morning to a hot breakfast all ready to

2. Reduces cholesterol.

eat? It is like having your own personal

3. Promotes a flat stomach.

butler waiting on you so you can spend

time with your children over a steaming

Pamper yourself. You deserve it. Dish up

bowl of Moatmeal.

a steaming bowl of early morning love to

Why is it important for you to share this time with your family? A recent study from

your family, and start your day the healthy way, with moatmeal.

the University of Agder in Norway, where


muesli is a breakfast staple, found children


who eat breakfast with their parents are


less likely to be overweight or obese than children in families who do not dine together.

Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos and Lori Boyle are TV/Radio Producer/Hosts of Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod™ Lori is CEO of Lori Boyle Media and Kat is the Author/Lecturer of the International award winning bestseller, Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing which promotes guidance through dreams and prayers, contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams & Premonitions. Kat and Lori are Columnists in Women Voices Magazine. Learn more @ https://www.facebook.com/Wicked-Housewives-on-Cape-Cod-280906488772056/?ref=hl

Affirmations to Increase Love For Your Mind, Body and Spirit

I am living a full, happy and joyful life. I look for the good in every situation, everyday. I take the time to be silent and listen to that inner voice that leads me and directs me to my good. I am a vibrant, creative, and beautiful creation of God. I was created to give and receive joy. I embrace my true power, my inner wisdom, and intuition to guide me throughout my day. I have everything I need to fulfill the destiny for which I was created. I am enough!

Nancy Ferrari Insightful, Intuitive, Insprired

“Step out of your comfort zone and see what is possible. Be willing to grow beyond the defined” -Nancy Ferrari

Tell us about you and how you came to help women find their "essence" There came a time in my life when I had to

What do you mean by “self- examina-

examine my true calling. I really needed to


examine the core essence within rather

Self-examination is a “quest” for the truth

than seeking outward for my answers.

of who you truly are. As we all know we

Once I was able to open my heart and

come into this world without a manual, we

mind to accept the teaching of various

have schools, churches, our parents,

practitioners, I knew I was ready to help

friends that all speak into our lives and

other women with their own self- examina-

over the years we get this definition of who

tion…help them to open doors that may

we are. Most of the time the “definition”

have remained closed had they not gone

that is created to define who we are is not

through self-examination.

always complete or accurate. The light

we came into the world with is bright and

tion to guide us to the knowingness that

brilliant. That light can become dim over-

whatever decision we are making in life

time and cause confusion when it come to

that it comes from our ability to use our in-

being who we truly created to be. Part of

tuition. We must learn to activate all our

self-examination is to allow yourself time

sense of self; the vision; the big picture

to go back to when you were born; think

that we want to see for ourselves person-

about what your innate skills are that you

ally and professionally. Once we can trust

may have forgotten. What did you love to

ourselves and know that we are never

do as a child? What brought you joy? Do-

alone that we have a spirit within us that

ing this exercise of self- examination is

guides us (whatever the phrase “spirit

very revealing. We don’t change we just

within” means to you), we can lead a more

get skewed because of all the different

blissful, powerful and peaceful life. I have

messages that we interpret as defining

discovered through my own journey of self

who we are or who we were meant to be.

examination that things truly do happen

For instance I have always loved the out-

when they are supposed to. I have discov-

doors and that that energy was changed

ered that I am never alone and I a more

when I found myself in a situation that I

connected with God. I now understand

wasn’t equipped to handle. I found that

what I was designed to be. I have learned

going back to what brings me joy and

to trust myself.

peace empowers me. Sometimes the darkness in our lives brings out those parts of us that lay dormant and we discover that we are more empowered to live life that is

Do you trust a higher power? Yes! I believe self-examination does start with me but I definitely believe that God is

not only fulfilling but full of joy.

my creator and we work in tandem to-

Why do you feel it is important for

ceive guidance through prayer and medita-

women to be guided by their insights

tion. God did not mean for us to be alone.

to make better and empowered

Many women go without and shy away


from asking for support. I truly believe

I’d like to share that I feel that it is impor-

there is a massive global shift for women

tant for women to allow their intuition to

to be supportive and be collaborative with

guide them to make better and empow-

each other to dispel feelings of insecurity

ered decisions. We need to allow our intui-

and fear. It does start with “you” but the

gether. I believe in the Holy Trinity and re-

truth is that being alone is not what God

times generational things; words can be

meant fro us to be. It is not a gift to your-

very damaging. Go through your child-

self to feel alone and to feel that you don’t

hood and begin to think about when you

matter. Everyone matters, everyone

started to feel bad about yourself. That is

makes a difference, and everyone has a

why I am an advocate of journaling. It is im-


portant to have that courage within us to

What was your ah-ha moment when you realized the importance of you

step into our personal power and explore why we feel the way we feel. Ask yourself questions like “Why do I not feel worthy of

getting out of your own way in order

_____” Going through the journaling

to pursue your passion?

process can be very empowering. We

I realized that after raising my children and

need to stop those thought processes that

leaving a career (my transitional period)

tell us “you are nobody until you become

that I had to get out of my own way. By

somebody”. These kinds of statements or

getting out of my way I quickly learned to

ways of thinking are energy blocks. We

trust that when something doesn’t feel

are all created as gifts from God. As a

right (people, environments) when you sur-

child I loved show and tell. Once the

rounded by energy drainers that are not

teacher didn’t agree with what I was shar-

supporting who you are, I have learned to

ing and I was sent to the principal’s office.

step away. I now look to the light for possi-

My creativity was blocked. But now I have

bilities and to stop trying to figure out why

learned to embrace my creativity. Learn-

something isn’t working. Once I had that

ing how to stop putting value in other peo-

epiphany, that “ah-ha” moment, life really

ple’s opinion is an important part embrac-

started to prosper. I have learned to trust

ing who God created you to be. Know

my heart, soul and intuition and let that

who you are and know what you are capa-

guide me through life.

ble of being. Believe this knowing and rein-

Why do women have a problem trusting intuition? Many times it is childhood reasons that you may not recall (i.e. good girls don’t ask

force this knowing. What others think doesn’t matter. Step out of your comfort zone and see what is possible. Be willing to grow beyond the defined.

questions, are meant to be quiet) a lot of

What are the three things women

dialogue that took away our power. Some-

need to do?

Create a place of solitude a sacred place

What is your definition of a Wellness

to cut out the noise. Even if you are a


young mom you still deserve time for you.

A Wellness Woman is a woman who is bal-

Take time to regenerate and recalibrate

anced within mind, body and spirit. If one

what is going on in your mind so you can

aspect of those three is being diminished

know who you are. Many times we loose

then the other two will suffer. A Wellness

our identity. Get back in touch with who

Woman maintains that balance in her life

you are and what you stand for. Stillness,

with her family, her friends and everyone

meditation, and prayer are essential. Quiet-

that is important to her. When she main-

ing the mind is first and foremost.

tains that balance that is when she feels

Life happens for you not to you. Things happen in the course of the day. We start out with an intention but along the way there are a few stumbling blocks. Ask

whole and complete. When something is pulling her away from that balance she addresses head on so that she can continue to maintain that balance.

yourself, “How can I shift another way”;

About Nancy Ferrari

“What is this telling me?” Be in a state of

Nancy Ferrari shares her messages of inspiration and positivity as the host of her radio show, The Nancy Ferrari Show, on W4CY Radio and K4HD Radio within Talk 4 Media Network and also on iHeartRadio. Nancy is a speaker, author of Discover the Essence of You, and contributing writer for many online publications, as well as a co-author within the best-selling books, Selling With Synchronicity and Contagious Optimism.

awareness even in conversation. You are presenting yourself constantly. Looking for those cues of awareness is very essential. Trust in the process. Today was not designed to just test you…allow yourself to flow to see what comes your way. Embrace who you are. Embracing who you are comes from having that core value of love. Love always prevails. When you love yourself that is what radiates and that is what comes back to you. Love yourself, send it forth and out into the world. Be grounded in that mind set and life will present an abundance of love. What you think about you bring about.

Nancy’s mission is to help women connect with their core essence and discover their true calling within her signature coaching programs to connect, evolve and discover infinite possibilities. Nancy’s website is www.nancyferrari.com.

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Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond - Issue #6  

Loving The Total You - Mind, Body and Spirit...

Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond - Issue #6  

Loving The Total You - Mind, Body and Spirit...