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The “Re-creation” of Recreation

The Many Benefits of Transformational Travel By Dr. Katherine T. Kelly Travel feeds me. Nothing else transforms

days to a couple weeks, while focusing on

my life, inspires my soul, or restores my

a particular theme that might include vary-

mind and body in the way that a

ing periods of self-reflection and relaxa-

transformational journey does. We all fan-

tion. These might include spiritual geta-

tasize about a favorite vacation spot when

ways which heighten one’s awareness

we need a break from the daily grind, and

about their life path, providing ways that

somehow know we would be transformed

participants can proceed to a new level of

if we could escape for even just a few

understanding about themselves or their

Transformational travel offers three main

current stage of life. A transformational

types of experiences (retreats, journeys,

journey typically includes stays at several

and intensives) as well as endless possibili-

different locations along the way as part of

ties for visiting breathtaking sites around

a progressive travel experience. For exam-

the globe. Retreats are held in one

ple, a journey might include stops at vari-

specific location and range from a few

ous sacred temples, ancient ruins, or

Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond - Issue #6  

Loving The Total You - Mind, Body and Spirit...

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